Favourite Original Monster

For the discussion of Toho produced and distributed films or shows released from 1999 to 2015.

Favourite Original Monster

Monster X/Keizer Ghidorah
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Re: Favourite Original Monster

Post by CrimsonBloodX »

Megaguirus. She is fast, aggressive and has a wicked design. Yeah, she dies very easily, but her speed really gave her the advantage against Godzilla.
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Re: Favourite Original Monster

Post by ShinGojira14 »

I'd have to go with Keizer Ghidorah, but I loved all three.
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Re: Favourite Original Monster

Post by godjacob »

Orga for me. The best "clone" Godzilla has ever had with a unique look and characteristics to him. Beyond anything else I enjoyed the build up to him between the UFO and Orga's final reveal.

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Re: Favourite Original Monster

Post by DirektorSplennic »

Monster X specifically. I love his design.
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Re: Favourite Original Monster

Post by edgaguirus »

Megaguirus. I loved the design and the way she is portrayed. She's fast, vicious, and fights dirty.
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Re: Favourite Original Monster

Post by Dinoskell »

Orga. How often do we have a kaiju that's also a mad scientist and a mindhive?

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Re: Favourite Original Monster

Post by Masterofsome01 »

Orga I feel pulled off the Godzilla/Alien hybrid idea way better than SpaceGodzilla ever did (Plus with a less complicated and more engaging origin to boot)
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Re: Favourite Original Monster

Post by ElijahSky »

Monster X is my favorite original Millennium monster, but I really hate Kaizer Ghidorah. Orga I find pretty bland, which is a shame because it had some amazing concept art designs. Megaguirus is the perfect antagonist for a Rodan film that will never be made.

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Re: Favourite Original Monster

Post by GodzillaXGomoraFight »

My vote goes to Monster X. I feel that he is not talked about often but I remember when the design was revealed before the movie was released in 2004 I was hyped. In the movie itself I was pretty impressed by him and how he could go toe for toe with Godzilla for most of the battle. The transformation scene is cool too; however, Kaiser Ghidorah leaves a lot to be desired. Personally, I think the European style dragon design was done better with Desghidorab and tbh Desghidorah might make more sense as an evolution of Monster X than Kaiser Ghidorah himself. I like the size of Kaiser Ghidorah and how he towers over Godzilla along with abilities, but otherwise I was never impressed.

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Re: Favourite Original Monster

Post by Rando Yaguchi »

Orga is my boy. Really cool design and execution.
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Re: Favourite Original Monster

Post by Bob Sherlock »

Orga, really love that dude

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