MultiVersus: Stars Collide. Pies Fly.

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MultiVersus: Stars Collide. Pies Fly.

Post by TitanoGoji16 »

We're coming up on the official launch (relaunch?) of Player First Games' MultiVersus, the Super Smash Bros.-like platform fighter featuring literally everything under the Warner Bros. umbrella... and (potentially) more!

Official Launch Trailer

PvE Rifts Mode Overview

"Get a Load of Me!"

"Send in the Clowns!"

"Welcome to the Bunch"

"Weirdo in a Mask"

Who here enjoyed the open beta from last year? Despite its flaws, I really enjoyed it, and it looks like PFG is really trying to make this a fun game that'll be around for the foreseeable future. Is there anyone you're hoping to see join the roster?
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Re: MultiVersus: Stars Collide. Pies Fly.

Post by John Pannozzi »

I got a whole list of wanted characters: ... sp=sharing
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Re: MultiVersus: Stars Collide. Pies Fly.

Post by Kingu Gojira54 »

Why is Jason so jacked? He is literally built bigger that Superman.

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Re: MultiVersus: Stars Collide. Pies Fly.

Post by Godzillakuj94 »

Any word on Godzilla getting into this after all this time? Or do u think he got canned?

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