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Re: Superhero RPG

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MinorBone Good wrote: Tue Apr 16, 2024 1:15 pm Cider had to suppress a laugh at the whole situation. It felt like a skit right out of a movie. And yet, here it was. Watching Foxtrot tell the thief off was like watching a celebrity signing in a strange way. She had actually got to see Foxtrot in action! Albeit, for a very minor crime, but still a bit of action nonetheless! Watching Foxtrot walk back to her with the stolen items in her hand. Cider's sensitive ears picked up the thief's annoyed snort faintly. It made her smile wider, her buck teeth sticking out.

"Yeah, no worries about the wait. I understand." She rubbed the back of her neck. Being honest with herself, she really didn't plan on getting this far with talking with Foxtrot. She'd always imagined Cider would be fighting in a battle of some sort and Foxtrot would come and help and they could work together. She was just, kinda bad with starting a conversation unless she rambled. Though maybe that would be good in this case? Maybe they could bond over small talk? Or maybe even go on a look out together! That would be awesome!

"Heh, Looks like yeah, you do got everythin' covered! Uhh... I dunno exactly how to put it.. But you inspired me to become a hero after I got my uhm.. bunny powers."
Foxtrot smiled down at Cider. "It's not easy work, but it's rewarding in its own way, isn't it?"

She turned back to look towards the alleyway where the thief had disappeared off to, making sure he was no longer around to overhear them. "I suspect our cute friend back there had powers too. The way he talked; how he mentioned meeting Backdraft before. Don't know what he's capable of, but I'm glad we were able to avoid a scene this time. Be careful around him if you see him again, hon."

Foxtrot motioned to Cider to follow her as she picked up the cash register and began to return the stolen goods back to the store. "So what do you call yourself out on the streets?"
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Re: Superhero RPG

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I don’t want to imagine how things could get any worse. So many people have been hurt or killed already and-” Marina’s speech was cut off by her text jingle going off loudly, followed by a vibration, both of which somewhat startled her.

Oh, hehe…I’m sorry. I must have forgot to mute my phone” she chuckled nervously as she pulled out the device in order to silence it.

However the message notification on her lock screen made her gasp aloud and hold the phone with both hands. She frantically unlocked the device and opened the message: “Franklin’s been sighted alive at the railyards. Engaged the black knight in battle and appears to have been driven off. Current location unknown. Situation has escalated. <>8<>

M..M..Ms. Celine! They spotted Franklin!” she said as she held her phone up for the woman to see.


In Tenmus’s office, discussions between the mayor and Fusillade were interrupted with one of the government agents from before barged in with a sense of urgency.

Valdevera, we have a situation at the railyards. We need you to suit up again and be on site ASAP” said the agent.

What?? What the hell’s going on?” demanded Valdevera

Toxcinder’s been spotted there just minutes ago. It fought a “man in black knight armor” but managed to escape. There’s also been three casualties, but only one of the bodies has been identified

Valdevera cursed and shook his head. He wasn’t expecting to have to go up against Toxcinder so soon, and on such short notice with no time to adequately prepare. Ultimately, an order was an order and he was forced to comply.

Ms Tenmus, it was a pleasure to be able to speak with you and I apologize for needing to leave on such short notice” he said hurriedly as he shuffled out the door.
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Re: Superhero RPG

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Aileen's expression of rage turned to one of confusion and concern as her vision darkened and her nose filled with the smell of burning. What the hell was happening? Was this a fluke? Had she been drugged somehow? Was this... the work of that woman? Was she a super too?!

"You... WHAT DID YOU DO TO ME?!" Aileen screamed in frustration and panic. Her head reflexively turned toward the sound of Heng's voice and the approaching sounds of Alice and Zenogia. Without hesitation, the thoughtform sprung with lightning fast speed at Zenogia and Alice, leaping across the room quick enough to cut off the door for escape and push the two of them away from the door with its several arachnid legs. One of the legs snagged Alice's shirt collar and pushed with enough force to pin her to the nearby wall, while the horror's other legs worked to try and wrestle Zenogia into a position for the horror to bite her with its massive fangs. Simultaneously, Aileen's anxiety manifested as a subconscious psychic pulse that afflicted Alice, Heng, and Zenogia, causing their hearts to race and their stomachs to flutter with crippling anxiety, limbs tingling and head feeling lightheaded from the stress. Aileen hoped such an assault would buy her enough time to escape.

Aileen, visibly disoriented and confused, closed her eyes, before the wall behind her seemed to manifest a new creature - something akin to a giant humanoid formed as a living portion of the wall - before the back room of the clinic was peeled apart by the beast. The creature grabbed the psychic and prepared to haul her out of the building. There was nothing of value for Aileen to gain here; Heng and Lind were dead ends regarding Bloodless. She was on her own finding that bitch from here on out...
Somsak skulked off, cursing to himself under his breath as he passed through the alleyways and back on to the main street. This was bullshit! What should've been a good day had pretty much gone completely tits up. First he wanted to do a basic robbery - nothing major, just some cigarettes and some scratchers - and he just so happened to get spotted by the like ONE person in the area who happened to give a damn. Then of course he got the bad news about the weapon to kill Bloodless, so that's pretty much on hold for the time being. At least he had some kind of a lead on what to do next, but goddamn was this a huge pain in the ass!

Somsak leaned up against the wall of a nearby shop, hearing the sounds of sirens approaching the sight of the battle between the vigilantes and Backdraft. He saw something pop up in his newsfeed that was a little concerning - something about a trainyard in the southern district getting torn the hell up? Always bad news when something like that happens... he hoped that it was just a random explosion and not something else. Clicking his tongue, Somsak continued on his way. Well at the very least, he could grab himself a bite to eat or something, he was already out and about...
Dhriti let out a faux sigh at Gerard's request from her. "Alright. You deserve to know what's going on. Just don't hold it over my head, okay? Girl's allowed to do what she thinks is right."

A smirk crept onto Dhriti's lips. "Yup, pier at four o'clock. See you then."

With a click, Dhriti ended the call, before she took a deep breath in thought. Gerard was gonna be pissed that she got roped into this... but she couldn't just let something like that monster run around unchallenged, even if it was an extreme danger to her. Hopefully he understood... after all, he's a vigilante too.
Maximillian closed his phone as he received the message from the mysterious man. He was certainly going to take the man's advice... he needed a rest. And a shower. And most likely new clothing. Pushing himself off from the side of the ruined roundhouse, Maximillian began to make the long walk home back to his apartment to sleep off his injuries and clean up for the evening...
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Re: Superhero RPG

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Alice couldn't react fast enough. Before she could order her dolls to attack or to intercept, her mind was assaulted with unnatural emotions, with feelings of light headedness and anxiety. She was caught off guard and pinned down to the ground by the strange unnatural creature. Her mind raced as it tried to fight off the unnatural imposed emotions she was feeling. What... What was this woman? What was she doing? All the while Heng continued to scream, and she ran out of the hallway and toward the daycare as fast as she could.

For Zenogia, the imposed anxiety took their toll, but were swiftly countered by a genuine surge of adrenaline and anger that kept it at bay. This was more what she had been wanting to do, not be stuck killing off sewer rats that posed no challenge to her! As the thoughtform tried to wrestle her into a vulnerable position to bite at her, Zenogia matched it force for force and then some, pushing it off of her and Alice and into the back wall. Beakers and crates were crushed as the entity crashed next to where Aileen was.

Now Alice was freed from the pin, and quickly rising up onto her feet and doing her best to push the foreign thoughts away, she commanded her dolls to attack. Six of them darted toward the unnatural creature, ready to run it through with their miniature lances and swords, while the remaining four opened fire at the thoughtform preparing to whisk Aileen away...


Tenmus simply stared as Fusilade and the government agent made their way out of the door. She blinked once, then twice, then it finally dawned onto her the full ramification of what had been said. Her body shuddered as she clenched her jaw tight and took a deep breath. At her side, Goldman realized what was about to happen, and despite wanting nothing more than to get as far away as he possibly could, accepted his fate and instead used what precious little time he had to close the door, press the button on the side to make sure the room was as sound proofed as possible, then covered his ears.


Goldman, whose ears rang from the volume of Tenmus's outburst, grumbled. "W-with any luck, perhaps the Black Knight is-"

"Don't jynx the situation any more than it already is, Goldman." Tenmus's eyes burned into him as she slowly walked toward him, her gaunt figure towering over him. The right side of her face had started to twitch. "If I want something dead, it HAS to be dead! If Toxcinder is alive, then the other problematic blight still remains! Tell Alan to send his men and sweep the railroad tracks and the sewers! Double the security of the ceremony! No vigilante or monster is going to take any more from me than I've already lost! Until I see three bodies deader than dead at my feet, one for Bloodless, one for the Black Knight, and one for Toxcinder, this city is at risk! I cannot allow these freaks of nature to continue to tear Los Diamantes apart!"

Goldman sighed with a nod, then un-soundproofed the room and opened the door to inform Alan. He had a very bad suspicion this was only going to get worse, and he didn't want to be at ground zero for it.


Celine bit her lower lip. The good news was that Franklin truly was still alive as she had hoped. The bad news was, it was only a matter of time before Tenmus realized this as well, and knowing what she had been told of The Crane from Alice and from Father Pius, Tenmus was the person who would use a ton of TNT to blow up a wasp nest.

"We have to hurry, then," Celine said as she stood up after looking at the text, "before things get worse."


Kala didn't know how long she had fled. She was now somewhere on the outskirts of town, hidden within a sewer drain. Despite being in her shadowy form, she still felt cold sweat dripping down her face. What... What was that? That voice she had heard, that sensation of everything wrong... What... What had that-

"Death. That was death you felt, stupid girl," the voice in her head rasped, though she could tell it was just as unnerved and desperate as she was, if not more. "The antithesis of life. If that thing had actually wanted to kill us in that moment, we would have died without any say in the matter."

"A-actually kill me?" Kala muttered. "But... I-I've survived everything thrown at me. No one can kill me, not easily."

"By normal measures, yes. Our power allows us to regenerate from almost all wounds, and the more blood we drink the stronger we become. But against that thing, against what it represents, what authority it was given... It is a sinner we cannot win against. A sinner blessed with power rivaling the divine... or the unholy. Regeneration means nothing if your soul can be extinguished as though the God of Death himself snuffed your life out. Your brother remains in there, but it seems to not care about him, only us."

Kala's eyes widened as she realized what the voice in her head had said. "I... I felt Vinnie there. I have to go back for him! I have to-"

"No you do not! He is safer there without your presence! That thing was only interested in us! For now, he is safe with his... friends. His fellow sinners. For now, our priority should be the monster who survived. It gains more power, it must be stopped. It is not a true treat to us now, but soon it might be! Or... would you rather run the risk of it becoming a danger to your brother?"

Kala shuddered. She wanted nothing more than to dart back toward the cafe and rescue Vinnie from there, but... the voice in her head wasn't wrong about that... that thing she had felt. It had seemed unnatural, hostile when it had touched her, when she had seen those sapphire eyes. The fear she had felt then, it had overwhelmed her. And if the voice was correct about the monster...

She let a weak sigh escape from her. "Fine. We'll go and stop the monster if it is somehow still alive. I'll make sure it isn't alive once I am through with it."

"That's a good girl. Extinguishing sinners in the name of righteousness. King Darius would be proud to witness this."

Kala shrugged off the voice's comments and continued to slither off through the sewers. With any luck, she would be able to track down and locate the monster since she had tasted its blood before and could use that to find it easier.


It was too much for him to eat. Vinnie pushed the plate with the remaining slice of cake and jello away and failed to notice Hoodie taking it for herself to finish off. "I'm full. I can't eat another bite, but it was really good-"

He felt his phone vibrate, and he pulled it out to read the message that had been sent, and his face paled. It was a message from Heng, and it was in all caps: "Emergency! I need you back at the house right now! Call off your hunt for Kala and get back here where it is safe!"

"Oh... I- I have to get going now." Vinnie closed the phone and pocketed it away. "Thank you for the food, Gumps. It was very good."

Gumps gave Vinnie a smile. "Family matters, I take it? It's understandable. I had hoped for us all to be here for a little longer, but I understand."

"You sure you're not just running away to hide from me?" Trident scoffed. "Remember brat. you and your girlfriend against me, on the college campus at 8. You better not run and be a little bitch about it, or-"

"He'll be there!" Hoodie snapped back after finishing off the plate of food. "You're going to learn to give some respect to others who aren't yourself, Trident. Keep that head of yours high enough in the sky, and you'll run out of breath."

"Oh please. I don't need to breath air. And the kid's looking like he's about to pass out or crap himself. He's in no position to fight, which is all the better for me."

"Keep telling yourself that." Hoodie looked over to Vinnie, then back over to Trident and the others. "I'll be leaving with Vinnie. Gotta make sure he makes it back home safe and sound. This city's getting all sorts of messed up."

"Y-you don't have to-"

"It's better to be safe than sorry, and you have someone waiting for you back home." She playfully pushed Vinnie out of the booth seat and slid herself out, before she flipped her crimson hood back over her head. "It was nice having this little meet together with everyone. Racliff and Gumps, if you're not busy tonight, you're all welcome to watch Trident get his head rammed up his ass tonight."

Grumps turned away to avoid letting Trident see the chuckle forming on his face, but Racliff simply burst into laughter. "I'll be there regardless. I have to wheel Little Miss Daisy here around after all-"

"Shut your fucking trap! If you know what's good for you, both of you retards will shut the hell up before I get-"

"Hey, ------ with the cloak!" The double hair-bunned waitress had poked her head back into the room. "Only retards call other people retards! Now shut the fuck up and behave before I kick you out for disrupting the peace!"

Trident briefly glared at the waitress, before she crossed his hands around his chest and huffed. Racliff giggled at this, as did Hoodie as she took Vinnie by the hand and began to make their way out of the cafe.

"Sorry he's being a pain." Hoodie told the waitress. "He's just in a bad mood."

"Then he should learn to act like a fucking adult and stop being a brat in public! I've seen actual infants better behaved than the Kingdom Hearts reject over here!"

"The fuck did you just call me-"

"Keep running your mouth off. No, really keep going ahead. Give me a reason to blacklist you from here and kick you out. The rest of your friends are more than welcome here, but not you."

Gumps sighed. "Trident, you're not in a position to argue with her. Just, please don't."

Hoodie continued to giggle, and even Vinnie felt a small smile crop up on his face as they left the restaurant and the others behind...

The pair's leaving of the cafe did not go unnoticed, though. Seisshia watched on from the bar booth she was seated at, all the while her companion to her side was on her 10th plate of lobster legs. She had to look away from the sight of so much food being devoured by one person. She was thankful she had the money to pay for all of this. Lobster was not cheap considering the market price of 45 dollars a pound, and Sally had eaten 10 pounds already and had no signs of slowing down...

Seisshia's mind drifted back to Sierra and Marina. No matter how many times she saw it play out, she could never get over it. It always felt wrong to her, a bitter pit in her stomach that wouldn't go away. The sight of a loved one, a cherished friend or family member passing away by forces beyond your control... She hated it, she hated it so much. It hit too close to home for her...

"Vous ne pensez pas à faire demi-tour maintenant, n'est-ce pas?" A voice came from her other side. She couldn't bring herself to look over at them, though she knew exactly who it was. "Nous avons encore tellement de travail à faire. N'oubliez pas que tout cela est pour votre bien, ou pensez-vous que cela n'en vaut plus la peine?"

Seisshia sighed. When she spoke out again, her voice was much quieter than before, softer, more fitting for a woman half her size and stature. "Je déteste ça, ces mensonges et ces actes. Je me souviens à peine des faux noms que j'utilise. Mais... Je sais que je dois continuer. Pour mes enfants. Pour tout ce qu'elle m'a pris."

The person beside her put a hand on her shoulder, and she felt a warm smile sent her way. "Je sais que c'est difficile, mais supportez-moi. Rappelez-vous, considérez tout cela comme un acte, un rôle dans une pièce de théâtre. Tous ceux qui vous entourent ne sont que des acteurs dans une chronologie qui n'a pas d'importance. Ils iront et viendront, leur vie n'a finalement aucun sens dans cette ligne temporelle sans issue. Vous retrouverez vos proches, croyez-moi."

"Seisshia, I'm ready for desert!" Sally said from her other side. "Should I ask for three pieces, one for the each of us?"

"S-sure, Sally! That would be much appreciated. Just not the cake. You wouldn't like it."

"Okay." Sally began calling over for one of the waitresses for dessert, and Seisshia leaned back over to her other friend, who continued to speak to her.

"Ecoutez, le prochain morceau de la canne à pêche que nous cherchons est là. Il suffit d'attendre le bon moment pour le récupérer, et nous serons en route vers le prochain."

"Si vous insistez... je peux me forcer à continuer à faire ça un peu plus longtemps. C'est mieux que Marit-"

"Food is here! Everyone dig in!" Sally cut Seisshia off as large plates of dessert were brought out, mounds of jello and fried ice cream for the three of them.

Seisshia took her spoon and took a bite from the ice cream. It was good, but bitter. Hopefully she would feel better after the funeral tonight, but she doubted that. It was all she could do, keep up this facade to keep herself from falling back into the pit she had been in before... She didn't want to go back in there, not again, yet there was no doubt Marina was in that pit as well.. Perhaps... Perhaps she could lend her a hand, a way out of the despair her loss had inflicted upon her... The same way she herself had been helped out of the pit so long ago...
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Re: Superhero RPG

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"Agreed. We should try and search for him near where they last saw him? Maybe...I can pick up on his presence like back at school?" Marina suggested as she stood up, taking her smoothie and putting her water bottle in her hoodie pouch.

In theory, her plan was sound: Back at DRU, she was able to feel Franklin's presence getting closer, so it stood to reason that she'd be able to do so again here in order to track him down. Her main concern was whether or not Franklin was even still within detectable range. Franklin could be anywhere in the city by now, especially by the time her and Celine got there. Then she remembered the dreams she had where she felt the presence of both Franklin and Toxcinder. She could feel them as though they where right next to her, despite the enormous distance between them. It seems that she is capable of sensing Franklin from longer distances while unconscious, but she had yet to master the ability to do so while awake.....yet. In fact, this was the perfect opportunity to develop this ability further. She knew she wasn't going to be successful the first few attempts, but dammit she was going to give it her very best, both for Franklin and to explore her powers further.


By the time Fusillade had arrived, police and fire department vehicles surrounded the place in a show of blinking lights. Most of the fires caused by the battle had been put out, however others remained alight and continued to churn black smoke into the air. Men in hazmat suits carrying Geiger counters combed the debris, indicating the presence of radioactivity in the area. The XM8A9 WAV featured numerous safeguards against radiation, thus Valdevera was not concerned with the radiation in this wartorn battlefield that was once a train yard. The areas that seemed to excite the Geiger counters most were the large impact craters, no doubt created by one of Toxcinder's attacks. The sound of approaching footsteps drew his attention to a police sergeant in a hazmat suit and gas mask who saluted him. Veldevera saluted back, and the sergeant filled him in on their findings.

"We've found 3 bodies, or what was left of them. We've positively identified one as Joey Bancheck, one of the Inferno Brothers. The others are mangled beyond recognition." said the officer.

"Jesus Christ...What about Toxcinder? Do we have a fix on it's location?" replied Valdevera as he looked over at paramedics carrying off two bodybags that looked partially full.

"We're trying to track it via the radiation it leaves behind, but we haven't had any success yet." said the officer.

Valdevera was somewhat relieved that he wouldn't have to fight Toxcinder just yet. Having seen firsthand the aftermath of a battle between this thing and another super, there's no way he'd last more than a few minutes in the ring with the mutant before it pried him open like can of tuna. Even with Puppeteer backing him up, but he didn't like their chances. Still, orders were orders and he'd have to plan as the situation developed.

"Alright. I'll assist with search and rescue efforts in the meantime, report any findings directly to me. Understood?" Valdevera ordered, to which the police sergeant saluted, nodded and briskly walked off.
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