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Re: Make Your Own Version/Incarnation(s) of Kaiju

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Spider Uros

Height: 100 meters
Weight: 45,000 tons

Many of the Terro-Beasts that afflicted Earth were unable to be properly cataloged, due to a variety of factors. Every able body on the planet was in combat, which includes kaiju who were nowhere near any civilization. Though we do know some names and basic descriptions, the likes of Jellar, Goram, and Needlar were neutralized by beasts who cannot inform us of their capabilities, nor would care too, in deserted pockets of the Earth that humanity can no longer inhabit.

One that could have been like this, had the problem he presented not been so grand, was Spider Uros. Landing on a Skull Island who’s human inhabitants had been evacuated to the underground, the Venom Terro-Beast attacked the great apes who stood guard. With Kiko away at the time, facing other threats to the world, they were left to their own devices. And while they were not something to be taken lightly, Spider Uros was beyond their capabilities.

Twisting dozens of the Kongs into grotesque abominations, he drove the rest away to swim for their lives in an ocean that was growing poisoned from the efforts of the invaders. He fired upon them as they fled, sent their brothers and sisters after them and into the hollows of the Earth to wreak havoc within.

Kiko, sensing the turmoil of his land and his people, rushed back to Skull Island with a righteous fury. He killed the mutated Kongs without hesitation, for it was clear they were already gone the moment the transformation had begun. Spider Uros attempted to mutate him, but his divine power resisted it alongside the standard venom leaking off the spider’s spikes, leaving the vile fiend to fight.

The red rays and silk of the arachnid-esque monstrosity failed to halt the son of King Kong from driving his fist through the invader’s chest, pulling out the black heart and crushing it. Calling his kind back to their home, he looked to the sky. The distant light of Gorath was growing ever closer.

Physical Description
Spider Uros was a garish menagerie of colors, bright red, yellow, and black splotched across his exoskeleton like a madman had painted him. Great tufts of messy fur coated his eight limbs, thick limbs like a humanoid despite being arrayed like a spider’s legs. Grasping claws of crimson stood at their ends, supporting his bulk as he moved like an arachnid despite bearing a humanoid torso and head. Yet, the bloated abdomen of a spider still protruded from the bottom of the torso. A chitinous face like a man’s, but with compound, yellow eyes and gnashing mandibles dripping with poison. A cluster of gray spikes protruded from the top of Spider Uros’ head, each one slick with a red venom.

Spider Uros was a cruel, conniving monstrosity. He took joy in twisting the Kongs into horrible mutants, and even more in forcing them to attack their former friends and family. He was also cowardly, attempting to flee from Kiko once the battle’s outcome was clear.

Terrorizing Venom: The red fluid spilling from Spider Uros’ horns was a mutagenic chemical that was fast acting and brutal. When used on Kongs, their fur fell out as their muscles bulged to the point of splitting skin. Their eyes grew blank as their flesh brightened in color. Every bit of sanity and life was lost, replaced with only a madness that Spider Uros directed.

Necrotizer: The venom of the Terro-Beast’s jaws, this compound caused instant tissue decay and cell death. To the Kongs bitten, it was lethal. Fortunately, Kiko’s connection to the Warrior Spirit rendered him immune to such poison.

Spider-Shot: A red ray resembling eight coiling bolts of thin lightning, this beam was not immensely powerful, only burning standard Kongs and failing to harm Kiko.

Silver String of Superiority: Spider Uros could spit out webbing that was silver in color and harder than space titanium. It was able to restrain normal great apes easily, however Kiko burned it away with his electrical prowess after using it to pull his foe close.



Height: Varies
Weight: Varies

Godzilla II began to move, ignoring nearby threats and letting others face them. He walked with purpose, looking towards the approaching Gorath the entire time. Meanwhile, a Terro-Beast missile exploded over Zone Fighter, who was moving towards the king of destruction to see just what his purpose actually was. Yet, nothing came forth.

Until Hikaru felt his strength being sapped. Something stirred within his shadow, prompting him to land and look closer.

A pair of rancid jaws erupted from the dark, clamping over his body. He punched at them, forcing them back, but it simply sank back into the dark. Siphoning his life essence all the while.

This Terro-Beast was Shadorah, a special new creation of the Garoga. A lurker of shadows, it latched onto a host and began to drain their lives, being able to switch whenever shadows overlapped. Instead of doubling back, Hikaru continued to move towards Godzilla. If anything could stop this, it would be him.

And it was there he found the great king of colossi, standing still and staring up, spines softly glowing. It was where Gorath would be in a few days time, as close as it could be before gravitational waves ripped the world asunder. Godzilla II was preparing to unleash a great gathering of power in one blast, to wipe it out and save his home.

Shadorah leapt out once more, ripping into Zone Fighter. The hero desperately fought it off, but his strength was too low. He felt his power slipping, if he returned to being small with the parasitic bioweapon upon him, the space hero did not expect to survive. The king of destruction demanded he overlap their shadows, set the Dark Terro-Beast upon him. Hikaru reluctantly did so, letting Shadorah leap forth and assail Godzilla. It would drain the monster king’s life to nothing.

So, the great leviathan granted its wish. With a nuclear pulse, he fed Shadorah a great supply of energy all at once, causing its body to rupture. With the light emanating from Godzilla’s body meaning he had no shadow for a moment, there was no place to escape to, meaning the sudden burst of power was too much. Shadorah died, and Godzilla continued to build up his power.

But the damage was already done to Hikaru. Shrinking down, he called for aid coming back, too worn down by the leaching assault. One wonders how things would have gone had he been able to confront the next foe at full power…

Physical Description
Shadorah was a giant gray round head, with a mouth that stretched so far back that it almost looked like the upper and lower jaws were not connected. Lumps dotted the skull, giving it a coarse texture almost like rock. The maw was filled with suction cups instead of teeth. Shadorah’s eyes were yellow, bulbous orbs that shined brightly. There was no propulsion system, meaning the Terro-Beast seemed to just float on nothing.

Shadorah seemed to lack any higher brain function that consuming energy, given it immediately switched to attacking Godzilla the moment it got a chance.

Shadow Parasitism: Shadorah infested shadows, through methods unknown to Earth science. Once it inhabited someone’s shadow, it would slowly sap their energy from them, even if Shadorah did nothing else but sit in their shade.

Draining Shade: The Dark Terro-Beast could quicken the energy absorption process by biting down on its host. This left Zone Fighter, who had improved his ability to stay in his giant state for far longer than when he first came to Earth, about to drop out of his transformation in short order.



Height: 150 meters
Weight: 115,000 tons

The Terro-Beasts were not just giants under the Garoga’s control, some were individuals of the species that could transform into a kaiju. The deadliest of these was the result of not an individual, but five Garoga merged into one. The Squadron X, the blade of the empire due to their lethality and precision, could combine into a mighty Terro-Beast. Grotogaurus.

When Hikaru was picked up to be escorted back to the GDF’s base, his energy greatly drained thanks to Shadorah, part of that escort unveiled a horrid secret. Five humans turned out to be five Garoga, who cast off their false skins to reveal themselves. The Zone Family, still in their human-sized forms, were swiftly being overwhelmed even with the help of the rest of the escort. Hikaru’s children had come along to see their dad out of fear for his life, and now they were stuck in the crossfire of a second assassination attempt.

The Garoga hated Zone Fighter. They hated a lot of things, but he in particular birthed a white-hot wrath due to the fact that he was the first being in centuries to break free of their iron grip. He was a revolutionary of their own making, and that made them want him dead, even if it was not the most tactically sound way to go about the war.

Five merged into one, eager to end their foes’ lives. Grotogaurus engaged the now giant Zone Family, spewing vile smoke upon them. Their senses warped, they attacked one another, the family seeing each other as monsters. The hallucinogenic was so potent that even their infallible eyesight was tricked.

Zone Fighter was at his breaking point, but he held on. He knew his children were in danger, so even as his body began to fail from the over expenditure of energy, the point where he would normally just revert long past, he fought. His eyesight was tricked, but his heart was not, and so he defeated both of his children non-lethally. Making the survivors of the escort convoy take them away, to their weak protests due to remaining conscious, he turned towards Grotogaurus.

But the Terro-Beast did not fall so easily. The space hero’s arsenal failed to break through its hide, while every blow it landed tore something in his body. The Supreme Meteor took too long to charge, leaving him deprived of options. Desperate, Zone Fighter drove his arm down the beast’s throat, as far as it would go before activating his Meteor Missile Might. Even as jaws crushed the bone into powder, he held strong and fired. Grotogaurus refused to die, even as its organs were mutilated and burnt by the explosions, so it tore Zone Fighter’s arm off. However, refusal did not substitute for actual endurance, and the deadliest Terro-Beast collapsed.

As did Zone Fighter, who could only hope that his children and this world would survive what was coming. Taking one last look at the sky, seeing Gorath careen ever closer, he prayed for his allies. And thus, the Metorians lost their greatest hero, and humanity a great ally.

Physical Description
Grotogaurus was a hideous creature. Grey arms resembled five arms coiled around each other, terminating in a clawed hand like a gnarled human’s. Colossal fins of blood red protruded from the underarms. The legs were similar. Jaws like a piranha’s opened wide to unveil a mess of teeth, uneven rows of triangular blades. Great antennae of dark blue protruded from the top of the fish-like head, curling back and dropping down past the shoulder blades. Five-pupiled eyes stared with immense hatred and cruel glee at their targets. Its body was black, streaks of gray and red running down and across it. A hulking tail trailed through the air behind it, ending in a fin which ran along the top of the twisted limb.

As the Garoga’s most elite task force, they held onto the beliefs of the empire with the utmost fervor.

Grotogaurus was incredibly strong even by the standards of a Terro-Beast.

Mind-Killer Gas: A red fume belched out from Grotogaurus’ mouth that had instant and powerful hallucinogenic effects. Allies morphed into hideous monsters that the brain urged be destroyed even if one knew the truth. Sufficient exposure would permanently damage the brain.
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Re: Make Your Own Version/Incarnation(s) of Kaiju

Post by Voyager »

The Star Knight

Height: 85 metres
Weight: 40,000 tons


“Up next is Akiko Hayata, doing Ultraman.”

What could I possibly say about the Invincible Ultraman? You all know who he is, right? He was literally on the news yesterday! He fought that… uhm, what was its name. Something like Gank-yu? Some weird eye monster. Anyway, Ultraman is legit, like, the coolest! He shows up, kicks kaiju-ass like no one’s business, and just out of the goodness of his heart! He’s, like, my celebrity crush. Don’t even get me started on his brothers, they’re total badasses too! Zoffy, Seven, Jack, Ace, Ta-

“Akiko, on topic please?”

Right, sorry.

So, Ultraman. He first came to Earth in 2006, chasing the intergalactic rogue Bemular across the universe, eventually tracking him down to our little planet. When he landed at Lake Ryugamori, he fought with Bemular, their battle ending in a massive explosion that engulfed the whole area. I’m surprised no one got hurt, considering that there were Science Patrol personnel on the ground at the time. Anyway, after killing Bemular, he decided to stick around! And we can thank God for that because he came just at the right time. Monsters and aliens just coming out of the woodwork to scrap with our new hero it seems. One after another deadly foes came and went. The Baltans, Neronga, Antlar, Red King all slain within a week!

So, we have Ultraman saving the planet on a near daily basis, and obviously, this catches some eyes. Invaders. Some allies, but mostly invaders. That’s when our favourite Alien Bigshots the Kilaaks, and their allies the Mysterians, Xiliens, Nebulans, Garogas and Simians, hatch a plan. King Ghidorah was a bust, so why not send the next best thing? The bio-mechanical weapon of doom, Zetton! So Zetton comes to Earth and does battle with Ultraman, the battle being incredibly ferocious. Sadly, Zetton’s physical strength and fireballs were too powerful for Ultraman, who seemed to have succumbed to his injuries. All hope was lost…

Just as an aside, my dad was watching it live on TV as it happened, he said it was incredibly painful to watch.

Anywho, Zetton was eventually defeated by the Science Patrol, but Ultraman was still dead. We won, but at what cost? He gave his life for us. This is when a second figure appeared out of nowhere. He looked like Ultraman, but a little different, we would eventually learn this to be Zoffy, Ultraman’s superior officer. Anyway, he stood over Ultraman’s body for a while, absolutely silent. That was until he opened his palm, and moments later, Ultraman rose back to life. It’s actually, like, so beautiful. Ultraman was then faced with a choice, returning home or staying on Earth. You already know which one he chose. Ultraman is the world’s greatest hero, still putting his life on the line to this day to defend those who can’t defend themselves.

His acts of bravery and courage eventually inspired more and more of his species to come to Earth, not just his brotherhood. It also inspired heroes in other forms, reawakening the Earth Defensive Force and its various mech programs, as well as being one of the reasons why Godzilla came out of his retirement on Monsterland. Heroes from space as well, like Zone Fighter and Gamera arguably owe their acts of heroism here on Earth due to the influence of Ultraman.

So yeah, I chose Ultraman because he’s what everyone should strive to be. And he’s just awesome!

Appearance: Ultraman is humanoid in figure, slightly buff in build. His skin is silver and red, its appearance almost like a perfect paint job on a vehicle. Whilst being an organic creature, Ultraman looks distinctly mechanical, at least outwardly. His head like a knight’s helmet, a battle-mask perfectly moulded around two bright glowing eyes, somewhat creamy in colour. A ridge runs up the centre of his head, down the back of his head. Ultraman has no nose, nor ears, only slightly familiar rectangular blocks for the latter. Ultraman does have a mouth, an unmoving one, totally still as he speaks or yells in battle. However, it can be covered be a battle-mask, two plates that protrude from his cheeks if things get dicey. His chest is muscular, almost having a plate-armour appearance. His arms and legs also look this way, his feet like boots and his hands like gauntlets. In the centre of his chest is a blue orb, his colour timer. Ultraman occasionally dons a flowing red cape, high-collared and held by silver chain across his chest.

Personality: Ultraman is a deeply kind and compassionate soul, caring deeply for humanity in particular, as well as his friends and family. He is good humoured, often joking around with fellow Ultras and other giant sized allies. Ultraman even playfully taunts foes in battle, mocking them shift their focus. Around immensely dangerous foes however, Ultraman is deeply cautious and serious, knowing full well the consequences of being foolish.


Beta Capsule: Ultraman’s host, SSSP member Shin Hayata is able to transform into the giant hero with the press of the capsule’s button.

Physical Strength and Prowess: Ultraman is very strong, able to throw and lift heavy monsters with ease. He is also very agile, able to jump high, run fast and dodge attacks with ease. Ultraman’s specialty is in throws, chops and kicks.

Spacium Beam: By crossing his arms, Ultraman can unleash a high-power, blue energy beam from his forearm. It is extremely potent, capable of gravely injuring monsters, weaker ones immediately exploding on impact.

Ultra Slash: Ultraman can throw incredibly potent buzzsaws made of energy. Fast moving and infinitely sharp, they’re perfect weapons used to cut foes’ limbs off, decapitate them, or whatever else Ultraman wants to do.

Immobilisation Rings: By spinning at high speeds in the air, Ultraman can fire a multitude of binding rings of yellow energy that ensnare enemies in a tight grip.

Flight: Ultraman can fly very fast in atmosphere, reaching a top speed of Mach 5. In space, he can fly much faster.

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