Voltes V Legacy

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Voltes V Legacy

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Greetings All...

ok so early in the year I saw a trailer for this, and I figured like most *projects" of this type, it was an impressive concept , but it would never come to fruition...

Fast Forward to today, and not only is it a reality, the series is DONE, and there are an impressive 90 episodes! Holy heck! This Philippine production of the classic Toei Super Robot anime is truly impressive! I pondered for years *How could Hollywood do a live action Voltron without making it look or feel like Power Rangers/Super Sentai"... well while Hollywood still hasn't cracked the code on a live Action Voltron, GMA Network in the Philippines not only figured it out, they Crushed it!

Why is nobody talking about this?.... You can watch episodes on YouTube, now, and I encourage anyone who is a fan of Super Robots to check it out. The parts of the heroes and villains are cast perfectly. They were outrageous costumes and play it perfectly straight. The random dialogue between broken English and Tagalog can be a but jarring, but hopefully there will be a legit subbed release someday.

Go watch this now!

To all you dub preservationists, my friends, you have my eternal thanks 8-) . Never stop what you do, you are amazing!

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