Ultraman Tiga vs MV King Ghidorah

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Ultraman Tiga vs MV King Ghidorah

Post by GodzillavsRayquaza »

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Arena: Boston

- Tiga is scaled to 100 meters
- No retreat
- Original series feats only for Tiga

Verdict: Tiga has an uphill climb here. He can definitely hurt Ghidorah, however the trouble is dealing damage that will permanently stick. As well, Ghidorah will be brutal either in melee or at range. While I do think Tiga could defeat Ghidorah with his more powerful attacks, including his standard beam at full power given it destroyed an entire metal island, Ghidorah likely wins most of the time just because Tiga has to do a lot more work to win than vice versa.
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Re: Ultraman Tiga vs MV King Ghidorah

Post by Giratina93 »

If Tiga can pull out one of his one off powers like... whatever he did to Silvagon, he can definitely take down MV Ghidorah... but he's on a timer here, literally. And MV Ghidorah is not going to go down easily in 3 minutes, especially with how much of a menace he is up close. Given than MV Ghidorah was able to withstand a boosted atomic ray from post-nuke Godzilla and only suffer minor burns despite said beam pushing his body back hundreds of meters, Tiga's usual finishers are unlikely to do enough damage before time runs out.
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Re: Ultraman Tiga vs MV King Ghidorah

Post by Kaijuking101 »

Tiga's finisher has feats that blow whatever Godzilla hit MV King Ghidorah with out of the water, which means if it connects King Ghidorah is going to be hating life if not having huge chunks of himself blown to bits or outright kill the three headed dragon, which would force King Ghidorah's regeneration to overwork and give Tiga more openings to finish King Ghidorah off. But, Tiga is on a timer and rarely ever pulls out his Zeperion Ray quickly, meaning that King Ghidorah could theoretically deal enough damage to take Tiga out before a finisher gets pulled out. I still see Tiga winning more often than not, as soon as a Zeperion Ray comes out King Ghidorah is either significantly damaged to the point that Tiga could easily beat him up with follow up beams or attacks, or the Zeperion Ray outright one-shots King Ghidorah, but King Ghidorah is tough enough, strong enough, and armed with regeneration that allows him the chance to beat Tiga.
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Re: Ultraman Tiga vs MV King Ghidorah

Post by edgaguirus »

Tiga is a skilled fighter with powerful attacks, but KG is an absolute beast to deal with. KG is going to win this more often than Tiga because KG is a relentless foe that doesn't mess around. Tiga's tendency to open with physical attack will give KG more than enough chance to blast Tiga and keep him down before Tiga can use a finishing move. When Tiga does use a finisher, it might kill the triple headed dragon or seriously wound him, but time is going to be tight for Tiga. And time is not on Tiga's side. I see KG winning here.
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