My Hero Acadmeia: Let there be Carnage

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My Hero Acadmeia: Let there be Carnage

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Been working on it for over a year, and have been meaning to bring it here. It part of numerous installment of a saga I have planned, part three of it, like the original Star Wars trilogy. Hope everyone enjoy reading this as I did making it. Any comments anyone has, please leave them here.)

My Hero Academia: Let there be Carnage

“Now… Now, it’s your turn.” ... 5ELBO-kt4X

Many believe that was a message, a warning to criminals. A warning that the symbol of peace endured. Some believed the opposite. Little did everyone know that there were those who looked at it much differently, perhaps to their own benefit.
As the crowd cheered in the aftermath of All Might’s battle with All for One, praising the hero and celebrating his victory. The triumph of a hero over his long hated nemesis, and the preservation of peace. However, not everyone shared the same opinion.
Keeping a low profile from the crowds watching the broadcast in the streets, seeing it from an alleyway that prevented himself from being openly exposed to the public, an ruby red haired individual had witnessed the fight from afar. Unlike the crowds of people, this person had nothing but contempt for All Might
This person was trying to avoid being spotted by the public, as he, like All Might. Had a reputation of his own, but not for the sake of nobility, or even a good individual. More like malicious deeds. When he saw All Might pointing at the camera, hearing his statement, followed by the adulation of those who supported him, this individual understood something, something they didn’t.
A hidden meaning.
The ruby red haired individual smirked wickedly, chuckling to himself. Turning away from the sight of the broadcast, away from the crowd, he walked off further into the cover of the alleyway. This person now comprehended that All Might’s declaration, his battle, would be only the beginning of what the red haired individual believed.
“How right you are…” The red haired person said, his voice hinted traits of demented malice. “Ashes to ashes. They all fall down.”
Cletus Kasady walked off further into the darkness, until he was out of sight.

Some time after the Shie Hassaikai Raid…

Sitting in his cell, contemplating, Cletus Kasady didn’t mind spending his time alone in the confines of his imprisonment on Rkyer’s Island Prison. Many believed that someone of his caliber wasn’t worth being kept in a shared cell. The sixteen year old was charged with a number of murders, even though Kasady stated much more than the established number they believed. He didn’t cause anything problematic recently, much to the staff’s relief.
Seeing the sunlight coming through his cell’s window, Cletus reflected on that day All Might defeated All for One, how the people applauded him, how easily they bought that statement, that so-called warning to criminals.
Those fools.
Cletus Kasady smirked wickedly to himself, still casting an eye to the window. Many believed All Might’s statement was a warning to criminals, some believed the opposite. Cletus Kasady himself believed something else, something much greater than warnings, than triumph.
Something much bigger would begin sooner or later, something only Cletus Kasady himself knew.

“Look at all the amazing things that we can do!” A voice said.
Stratfield town, night time. All that was heard was nothing but silence. Nothing except the launching of black webbing, followed by the appearance of a dark shadow that came swooping from high above the streets. The shadow lands on top of a building and runs to the ledge, leaping off and landing on another. Keeping at a vigilance, avoiding any authorities on the way. This creature had been traveling from city to city, town to town, all on the same course.
“Yet, our skills are being underutilized!” the shadow said, “We are wasting our talent!”
It ran off and leaped on the side of another building, like a common insect that crawls on walls. The sound of a car alarm was reason enough for the shadow to glance at the direction and see something taking place below. A trio of thugs were hijacking a red ferrari, plying at the doors with a crowbar. The shadow eyed at them not only with vigilance, but also with glee. The shadow was hoping to encounter something like this, like it did at so many places before then.
“Bad guys!” The shadow said.

One of the thugs opens the door, causing some cosmetic damage in the process. His colleagues eyed the damage with disdain, this was something they hoped to avoid. They had intended to steal the car with little, if not, no damage at all. One of the colleagues entered the chicle and started messing around with the wiring, hoping to jump start the car and make a clean getaway.
“You really got a delicate touch, Levy.” One of them said, “Delicate like a moose.”
“I hate ripping this rich bastard’s crap.” Matthew said, “Why bother selling it when we could rob a bank anyday?”
“And risk getting caught?” The one in the car said, “You wanna end up like Kasady? It’s easy money.”
“Whatever.” Matthew said, “Like you need to compare me to that freak.”
When they were about to make their getaway right after Scott got the car going, a shadow landed right on the hood of the ferrari. It was like this creature brought the shadows along with it, or merely this creature was a demon of darkness itself. It glared at both Matthew and Kyle, a maw of serrated teeth smiling a malicious grin. A serpentine like tongue wagging about from it’s maw, it snarled with glee.
“Hello, idiots!” The shadow said.
“What the hell is that?” Scott said. The three of them eyed the shadow with shock and disdain.
“You could say; your worst nightmare.” The shadow said. It launched a black webbing from a wrist, smashing through the windscreen and grabbing Scott by the face. The creature yanked him out of the car, shattering the windscreen and flinging him into the ground. Using the crowbar that he opened the car door with, Scott tried hitting the creature with it on its leg.
The shadow grabbed the crowbar and tossed it and Scott away. Kyle threw a punch at the shadow’s head, the creature only glancing back at him and barely fazed. The shadow threw a punch of its own, only sending Kyle a few feet away. It looked to see Scott once again using the crowbar at him, it caught the crowbar with its jaws and snapped it in half. It grabbed Scott by the throat, glaring at him face to face.
“What the hell are you?” Scott said.
“We are the Lethal Protector.” The shadow said. It threw Scott to a nearby wall, the latter hitting it with such force. Scott found himself being binded against the same wall with black webbing, launched from the creature’s wrists. The shadow eyed Kyle, crawling away from the brawl. “It would be wise for you not to respond with aggressive.”
The creature was pelted with gun fire before it could finish that sentence, Kyle bringing out his gun and attacking it with desperation. Just when the weapon ran out of bullets, Kyle saw the result of his onslaught with horror. The shadow was barely damaged, no scratches at all. The creature eyed Kyle with narrowed white eye spots, snarling and batting its toothy maw. Kyle had no comprehension of what this creature would do next.
“Well, that’s a shame.” The shadow said, seeing Kyle trying to make a quick getaway. It launched a black webbing at Kyle’s leg and dragged him towards it.
“Leave him. Leave him be.” A voice said, from no one around, but rather only the shadow could hear, “Leave him be! Leave him be!”
The shadow hosted Kyle up, bringing him face to face. It licked its teeth with its tongue, drool dripping from its maw. Kyle tried breaking free, but to no avail. He didn’t like the implication of the creature salivating with a drooling mouth. The shadow looked like it was a flesh eating carnivore, not like the heroes of the world. Kyle originally thought this creature was supposed to be a hero, trying to stop him and the others from stealing the car.
“Eyes, lungs, pancreas.” the shadow said, “So many snacks, so little time.”
“Oh dear, god no.” the voice said. The shadow opened its mouth, revealing the razor, serrated teeth and serpent-like lounge. The voice fearfully crying out to do otherwise. “No head biting! No head biting! No biting heads! We have a deal.”
“You saw we can hurt bad guys.” the shadow said, to no one in particular but to the voice, pulling the criminal away from his maw.
“Hurt bad guys.” the voice said, “Not kill them!”
“But we need to feed on human brains.” the shadow said, “To survive.”
“Hence why we use chocolate.” the voice said, “Let him go!”
“Fine!” the shadow said, flinging Kyle away and back first into an open dumpster. “You can be such a pain.”
The shadow caught a glance at Scott crawling into a nearby oil tanker, bloodied by smashing through the window. Smirking a toothful grin, the shadow lashed out a black webbing at the red Ferrari. Sxott tried hot wiring the truck’s engine to start, but couldn’t do so. He glanced at the window to see the shadow preparing to hoist the car at him, much to his dismay. The shadow had no intention to let any of them go, no matter the cost.
“Oh dear god no!” the voice said.
“No heads!” the shadow said, “then cars will roll, or fly!”
The shadow threw the car at the tanker, Scott leaping out of the truck just when the car smashed into the oil tank. Both the ferrari and the oil tank exploded in a fiery display, illuminating the night sky above. Scot landed on the ground with a terrible force, sent flying by the explosion. The shadow eyed the devastation with satisfaction, hearing the sirens of police cars in the horizon. Knowing that was its cue, the shadow leaped off into the air, launching a black webbing at a nearby building.

Seeing the officers rounding up the trio, a dark browned haired, sixteen year old, dark blue eyed individual watched from the wall of a nearby building. From behind him, a long, serpentine neck with the head of the shadow watching by his side. The calamity beneath them, and the fact that the Ferrari that they were trying to prevent being stolen ended up destroyed. This is not what the individual had in mind.
“Do you think they’ll notice?” Eddie said to Venom.
[Intro starts, with footage from My Hero Academia: Web of Darkness, Venom And the Shie Hassaikai arc show.]
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Re: My Hero Acadmeia: Let there be Carnage

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Chapter 1
Fate and the Fated

“It’s a miracle your ward caught him. He could’ve done a lot more harm had Midoriya not stepped in.”

Sitting at a desk, speaking to another party through the video call was Detective Patrick Mulligan. He had been involved in the case of Cletus Kasady for months to almost years now, for lone he had searched for the serial killer, but not with the new that he was apprehended by Izuku Midoriya, the ward of Toshinori, formerly known as All Might, now retired, the threat of Kasady was at an end. But not to Mulligan, he had his suspicions of the killer.
“Countless lives.” Mulligan said, “With the claim much more was slaughtered by him.”
“No more.” Toshinori said, “Now that Kasady’s behind bars.”
“Don’t confuse my caution with pessimism, but I don’t think it’s that easy” Mulligan said. “It took us years to find him. Kasady had eluded us for that long.”
“You doubt that Kasady will remain at Ryker’s Island?” Toshinori said.
“If he eluded us for that long.” Mulligan said. “I have reason to believe that he will find a way to escape.”
“Surely, this is just an ordinary criminal.” Toshinori said.
“Yes, but Cletus Kasady is far from ordinary. He’s like a phantom.” Mulligan said. “ Two steps ahead of us before we make a move. Island or not, I don’t think Kasady will stay put for long. I recommend we transfer him to Tartarus”
“You know that cannot be done at this time.” Toshinori said, “Not while we finalize the exchange, Collin Tobita is scheduled to be sent there.”
“Then we ship off Kasady next.” Mulligan said, “So he can join All for One in that purgatory.”
“Arrangements will take time.” Toshinori said. “Both Kane and Young Midoriya will have remain in Suncoast for the time being.”
“Let’s hope for the both of us, that it will not take long. I have to interrogate him soon, that I can do without.” Mulligan said, “On a different note, any word on the Life Foundation incident, more to the point, our monster investigation.”
“All searches have been carried out.” Toshinori said, “We are now sweeping all known sites for any connections.”
“Still no sign of monsters matching the descriptions or footage of the two?” Mulligan said.
“None. Other than the testimony of Dora Skirth, any ties to Calrton Drake are dead.” Toshinori said.
“Not quite.” Mulligan said, “You heard the news of last night’s debacle?”
“What about it?” Toshinori said.
“A wrecked Ferrari, a totaled gas tanker, and three criminals speaking about a monster.” Mulligan said. “Kinda like our missing creature.”
“A black creature with a white spider emblem?” Toshinori said.
“The three confirm it.” Mulligan said, “If the rumors are true, then we could be dealing with one back from the dead.”
“The one called Venom.” Toshinori said, “Young Midoriya confirmed his death.”
“With due respect, last night says otherwise.” Mulligan said.
“Any clue of the whereabouts of the creature?” Toshinori said.
“None. Disappeared right after the calamity.” Mulligan said, “But if we connect last night’s fiasco with the recent string of rumors of crime waves collapsing city by city, I think we may have a pattern.”
“You think this creature will reveal itself in the neighboring cities?” Toshinori said.
“If we’re lucky to catch it.” Mulligan said, “I’ve already put out a warrant for that creature.”
Mulligan scoffed at the very notion of the creature roaming about, causing calamity and property damage along the way. Even with Kasady behind bars, Mulligan still had doubts that Kasady was finished with whatever sick, murderous intentions he had in store. Two major nuisances weren’t what Mulligan wanted to deal with.
“If you ask me, Kasady deserves the death penalty.” Mulligan said, ”One less harbinger of insanity to deal with.”
‘You know that’s not for us to decide.”Toshinori said.
Mulligan scoffed, “And letting him live is the sensible thing? You know Kasady will keep on killing without any consideration of any mercy we show him.”
“If we resort to his ways, then what will we become?” Toshinori said.
Again, Mulligan scoffed. “I hate when you’re right.” Mulligan said.
“Just have patience.” Toshinori said. "Our shared turmoil will be sorted.”
“Patience is what I need, when I face that psychopath.” Mulligan said, “The joys of interrogating murderous sociopaths.”

“Oh, the joys of manual labor.” Eddie said.

Edward Brock Jr
Quirk: None
Symbiote Partner: Venom

Eddie was carrying a heavy box off of the truck and into the cargo hold, He was helping unload the cargo to Moonbay’s client. Moonbay was leaning on a wall nearby, supervising. Eddie didn’t like the fact that Moonbay was just standing by and doing nothing while Eddie was doing all the heavy lifting.Eddie was carrying the box while keeping his back straight, best not to injure his spine.
“Keep up the good work.” Moonbay said. “The assignment, not to mention the money, is too good, even for me.”
“A triumph, Moonbay.” Eddie said. He didn’t take the comment with much enthusiasm.
“What can I say? Gotta love the smell of green.” Moonbay said, “Just keep your hair on.”
Eddie placed the box with the others, hoping that all this labor was over. “Is that all of them?” Eddie said.
“Just a few more.” Moonbay said, she pointed to the number of boxes in the trailer.
Eddie was gape mouthed when he saw the boxes, he was getting sick of the job. “Can’t I take a break?” Eddie said, “My back is killing me.”
“The sooner we finish this job, the sooner you can take a break.” Moonbay said.
“I can’t help with deliveries if I have a broken back.” Eddie said. “There are codes of ethics for organizations.”
“Why do you think it’s called work?” Moonbay said, “From what I see, you’re doing none of the sort.”
Eddie snarled. “That’s it.” Eddie said, “I’m taking my break!”
Moonbay brought out a newspaper she bought recently, reading out loud the headlines.”Get a load of this.” Moonbay said. “Priceless ferrari left torn asunder, oil tanker destroyed. Cause: a dark creature says robbers.”
Eddie knew what Moonbay was talking about, he had a feeling Moonbay was up to her tricks.
“Now what do you suppose had anything to do with that?” Moonbay said. She smirked, knowing that she had the upper hand.
Eddie snarled in anger, he stomped back to the trailer. He knew when to concede, blackmail wasn’t the best to deal with. Ever since Moonbay convinced Eddie to helping with her deliveries on the way to Suncoast City, she had been constantly using the same trick whenever Eddie complained about doing the manual labor. Moonbay was shrew. Eddie couldn’t argue his way out of this one.
“Should’ve let her get killed.” Eddie said.
Moonbat was set up by the Life Foundations, they intended to kill her so their activities were left quiet. Their mercenaries were taken out by Venom when Eddie convinced the former to save her, since then, Moonbay blackmailed them with the threat of revealing their association. Not that Moonbay was grateful they saved her. Eddie wanted to get to Suncoast City, and Moonbay was the only one who could help him.
“You’re really taking this crap from her?” Venom said.
“She’s the only one who can help us get to Suncoast City.” Eddie said. “Without her, it’ll take days to get there by foot.”
“Why can’t we bite her head off?” Venom said. "Do both of us a favor.”
“Again, take days to get to Suncoast CIty by foot.” Eddie said. “And keep it quiet, I don’t want anyone to have the impression that I’m crazy.”
“Crazy, no.” Venom said. “A loser, yes.”
"Well, not everything’s about biting off heads, or making me miserable.” Eddie said.
“Tell us Eddie, if we bite her head off, what would you call it?” Venom said. “Murder or charity?”
“Shut up.” Eddie said. “No matter how much I hate this, at least this is killing time.” ... Soundtrack

“♫Total slaughter, Total slaughter. I won’t leave a single man alive. La de da de die, genocide. La de da de die, an ocean of blood. Let’s begin the killing time.♫” Kasady said.
Mulligan sat at the other side of Kasady, irritated like the dickens. Hearing Kasady singing that inane tune wasn’t what he called entertainment, Mulligan knew he wasn’t going to enjoy this interrogation. This was torture, Mulligan wanted to yell at Kasady stupid. It was his job to get any information from Kasady, the reason behind his killing spree. Kasady was as crazy as they say he was.
“Perhaps I should take up singing for a career.” Kasady said. “What do you think?”
“A reflection of yourself.” Mulligan said. “Can’t think of any song that fits your character.”
"Why, thanks.” Kasady said.
“A broken, freaking mess.” Mulligan said. That he kept to himself.
“Shame though Deku isn’t here to visit.” Kasady said. “The least he could do after sending me here.”
“I thought it important to not waste time for him.” Mulligan said. “He wouldn’t waste time speaking to you anyway.”
“Shame.” Kasady said. “Though I’m sure he and everyone of my fans will hear from me once my interview is on the paper tomorrow. At least it’s a kindness for someone who’s buried alive.”
“I’m sure it is.” Mulligan said.
“I worry for Deku’s soul.” Kasady said. “How will he live with the torment of snuffing out a man’s dream?”
“I’m sure you could give a couple of pointers.” Mulligan said.
Kasady chuckled. “Funny guy aren’t you?” Kasady said. “I like you.”
“Now, you know why I’m here.” Mulligan said. “Your reasons, why the bloodshed?”
“What can I say? People love serial killers.” Kasady said. “You know the story, abandoned when I was a baby, left at St Estes until I burned it into the ground.”
“But why?” Mulligan said. “Why all that? Why kill?”
“So many reasons for one question.” Kasady said. “Maybe it’s because I’m ahead of the curb.”
“Okay, new question.” Mulligan said. “How does it feel to kill innocent people?”
“And I have a question for you.” Kasady said, “Do you feel anything when you burn garbage?”
“Nifty answer.” Mulligan said. “Sorry I asked.”
Kasady chuckled. “What do you know about foundations?” Kasady said.
“Excuse me?” Mulligan said.
“Foundations.” Kasady said. “What every structure is built upon. The very support that keeps it standing. But what happens if that foundation is compromised?”
“I don’t follow.” Mulligan said.
“I know. When the foundation is compromised, it fragments over time.” Kasady said. “ Sure nobody sees it, but it’s crumbling. And soon enough, the whole thing falls.”
Mulligan couldn’t make heads or tail what Kasady was referring to, this was all inane stammering. Mulligan couldn’t tell if Kasady was giving clues or riddles to his actions.
“Tell me,it’s been months since Endeavor was named the number 1 hero?” Kasady said.
“What of it?” Mulligan said.
“I thought it was. And everyone believes that’s the way things are.” Kasady said, “But I know better. No matter how many bandages are put on a wound, it won’t heal until you clean it.”
“Speak sense.” Mulligan said. “I don’t understand a single thing from the crap you spewed.”
“I know.” Kasady said. “But you will sooner or later. Question is what part will we play.”
“You know something.” Mulligan said. “What is it you’re so keen about?”
“That would be spoiling things.” Kasady said. “You’re the detective, you figure it out. I’ll keep giving out more pieces to the puzzle.”
“You’re a real hoot.” Mulligan said. He was being sarcastic of course.
“I bet you know of the things that have happened since that day. When All Might retired. So much carnage. So much I’ve missed out. Yet the way things are, everyone thinks there’s hardly any damage.” Kasady said, “ But here’s one clue that will help you with your puzzle. All it takes is for the structure to be compromised by one unforeseen factor. By then when it’s acknowledged, it’s too late. Do you know what that is?”
“No, what is it?” Mulligan said.
“That’s the essence of chaos.” Kasady said. He smirked a wicked grin.
“Right.” Mulligan said. “I appreciate the clues and riddles, but when you’re ready to give real answers and not this crap, let me know.”
“Oh, you will in time.” Kasady said. “A bit of advice, you outta smile once in a while.”
“I will, when you’re shipped off to Taturus.” Mulligan said. He got off his seat and put away his notepad, this interrogation was getting nowhere.He headed for the way out.
“Goodbye.” Kasady said, still smirking a wicked grin. "♫Total slaughter, total slaughter. I won’t leave a single man behind. La de da de die, genocide. Le de da de die, an ocean of blood. Let’s begin the killing time.♫”
Mulligan snarled in annoyance. “Psychopath.” Mulligan said. Only to himself. “What terrible lyrics.”

“So until Kasady provides us more information about his query, we’ve got nothing?” Izuku said.

Izuku Midoriya
Quirk: One for All

“I’m afraid so.” Mulligan said. “All he said was nothing but cryptic crap.”
“In what context?” Toshinori said.
“I don’t know, dribble about foundations and structures falling, calamity and signing like an idiot.” Mulligan said. “If you ask me, Kasady is a freaking psychopath.”
“Cletus Kasady’s ambitions may be an enigma, but all we know is that with the clues he’s provided, he is far from predictable.” Kane said. “It may be some time before we decipher them.”

Kane Jacobs aka Sentinel
Quirk: ???

“Before it’s too late.” Mulligan said, “Kasady could escape by then.”
Mulligan was communicating with Toshinori, Izuku and Kane via face cam, the detective sitting at his desk in front of his laptop. He had been briefing with his interrogation, the sooner the hero society knows, the better they could deal with the matter. Toshinori knew that there was something going on, Kasady was no doubt more than just some serial killer. And these clues proved it.
“I sense something much larger afoot.” Toshinori said. “Kasady apparently has a much more thorough outlook on recent events.”
“Do you believe that he has connections with the League of Villains?” Kane said.
“I doubt it.” Toshinori said, “But given recent events, Kasady may have been inspired by Stain’s resolve,”
“I’ve spoken to the warden of Tarturas, he’s agreed for a transfer.” Mulligan said. "Kasady will join Collin once arrangements are made. My apologies, Kane and Midoriya, but you both will have to remain in Suncoast for the time being. We can’t take any chances.”
“Understood.” Kane said.
“Right.” Izuku said.
“Until then, I’ll keep you both briefed on Kasady’s transfer.” Mulligan said.
The screen for both Izuku and Kane’s feed disappeared, leaving only Toshinori’s. Toshiniori looked at Mulligan, knowing something was amiss.
“You didn’t inform young Midoriya of the rumors regarding the creature?” Toshinori said.
“I thought it important to get confirmation before informing your ward.” Mulligan said, “Rumors or Kasady. They can wait.”
“I understand.” Toshinori said.
“I must apologize for bringing Midoryia into this.” Mulligan said. “No one knows Kasady better than him since he was the only one who apprehended him. Unofficially.”
The needs of the many before the needs of the one.” Tohinori said. “Every hero’s duty.”
“What we need for this.” Mulligan said. “I can’t for the life of me understand what is Kasady’’s game.”
“As you said detective, Kasady is no ordinary criminal.” Toshinori said. “Someone we, nor anyone can understand.”
“Every villain has a resolve, an objective.” Mulligan said. “All for One, power. Chisaki, elimination. Heck, every petty criminal wants money.”
“Some men aren’t looking for anything logical, like money. They can’t be brought, bullied, reasoned or negotiated with.” Toshinori said. “Some men just want to watch the world burn.”

Eddie sat in front of a campfire, both he and Moonbay thought it best to stop for night before making the rest of the journey to Suncoast. Edfdie was fiddling with the flames with a stick, knowing not to keep it in the flames for long. Moonbay had been finishing going through the stock count, seeing if there was any unaccounted for. She sat down at the opposite side of the came fire, newspaper in hand.
“Honestly, Eddie, you need to keep Venom in check.” Moonbay said. “This kind of publicity isn’t good for you, more importantly me.”
“Got it.” Eddie said. He was still fiddling with the flames. “Believe me that is one calamity I can do without.”
“If the authorities pinpoint the trail we’ve been through, they could lead to us.” Moonbay said. “And I don’t want to mess around with them. You know what I’m saying.”
“I know.” Eddie said. He continued to fiddle with the flames.
Moonbay saw the while Eddie was listening, he had his mind on something else. Moonbay did like making fun of Eddie and Venom, getting an advantage over them through blackmail, but she did like them nonetheless. They did save her from being executed by the Life Foundation mercenaries. She never knew why Eddie wanted to go to Suncoast, he never told it to her, nor of its importance.
“So what’s so important about going to Suncoast?” Monbay said. “Got anyone to see there?”
Eddie looked up to Moonbay. “My parents.” Edde said. “I wanted to see them.”
“Your parents live far from you?” Moonbay said.
“Dead.” Eddie said. “They were buried there.”
“Oh,” Moonbay said. She had no clue that Eddie’s parents were not alive. “I’m sorry to hear that.”
“It’s all right.” Eddie said. “They’ve been dead sinceI was still young. Plane crash.”
“And you’ve been on your own?” Moonbay said.
“Friends of my parents.” Edde said. “They pretended to be my parents with the idea of telling me the truth when I was older. I didn’t take it well.”
“So you ran?” Moonbay said.
“Yeah.” Eddie said. “It wasn’t the smart move. Was pissed off back then.”
“And they know where you are now?” Moonbay said.
“No.” Eddie said. “I plan to head back when I visit my real parents.”
“Got to say, that is classic dumb ass decisions.” Moonbay said. “The least you could do is drop a line every now and then.”
“With the authorities tracing our every move.” Eddie said. “Can’t risk it.”
“Right.” Moonbay said. She didn’t count on Eddie using a cue from her. “It would be nice to keep them notified.”
“Every decision I’ve made until San Bowral, I regretted them all.” Eddie said. “I plan to make things right.”
“Not every decision you made was bad.” Venom said. He appeared behind Eddie, his head on a serpentine-like neck. “Meeting us was the best.”
“Can’t argue with that.” Eddie said, “Aside from one horrible mistake and ten billion screaming nightmares.”
Moonbay chuckled, Venom snarled. “Because your fight with your friend?” Moonbay said. “Midoriya?”
“Yeah.” Eddie said. “He trusted me, and I failed him. All because I was paranoid about him playing me for a fool.”
“Everyone makes mistakes.” Moonbay said. “And you can mend things. That’s what friends are for.”
“But you don’t understand.” Eddie said. “I screwed up bad. Midoriya says he still trusts me, but I don’t trust myself.”
“That’s what being human is about.” Moonbay said. “It’s never too late to mend things.”
“You’re right.” Eddie said. “I can’t keep blaming myself. This paranoia eats away at me, but I’ll try.”
“That’s the spirit.” Moonbay said. “At least the difference is you’re willing to make things right, compared with some others. You heard about Cletus Kasady?”
“I’ve heard rumors about him.” Eddie said. “Some bloody reaper or something.”
“Fancy nickname.” Moonbay said. “Says here in the paper that he was apprehended a few days ago. When we started heading for Suncoast. Take a look.”
Eddie walked over to Moonbay’s side, he and Venom glancing at the article covering Kasady’s capture.
“”Notorious serial killer, Cletus Kasady apprehend by Number 1 Hero, Endeavor.”” Moonbay said. She was reading out loud so that Eddie and Venom could hear her. “Charged for several murders and burning down St Estes Orphanage. Kasady was captured and sent into police custody. Currently at Suncoast Prison, Ryker’s Island.”
“Coincidence?’ Venom said. “Bad luck always follows you, Eddie.”
“Like you?” Eddie said. He smirked, knowing how annoyed Venom was.
“Interview with Kasady will be published in the next issue.” Moonbay said.
Eddie looked at the article, at the image of Kasady being escorted into a police car. The quadrio of Endeavor, his son Shoto Totoroki, Kataski Bakugo, much to Eddie’s chagrin, and to Eddie’s surprise, Izuku Midoriya.
“That’s him!” Eddie said, pointing at the picture.
“What? Kasady?” Moonbay said. She pointed at the ruby red haired one being escorted into the police car.
“What? No.” Eddie said. “The green one.”
He pointed at where Izuku was in the picture, Eddie remembered the same attire Izuku wore last time, when he and Venom fought him.
“That’s Izuku Midoriya.” Eddie said. “The friend I told you about.”
“How about that?” Moonbay said. “Your pal having a part of Kasady’s arrest.”
“Knowing Midoriya, he’s definitely played a part in it.” Eddie said. “Always being the hero.”
“You and Midoriya go way back?” Moonbay said.
“Since kindergarten.” Eddie said. “I remember seeing him stand up to Kataski and his pals.”
“And what happened next?” Moonbay said.
“He got creamed.” Eddie said. “Owned the moment the fight began.
Venom scoffed. “What an idiot!” Venom said. “A fool fighting three against one? What idiocy.”
“Reckless, yes.” Eddie said, “Brave, undoubtedly. Had to help him after.”
“Being a friend for him?” Moonbay said.
“A brother.” Eddie said. “Brothers in arms.”
“You sound as if you’re the older brother of the pair.” Moonbay said.
“Had to look out for him.” Eddie said. “Couldn’t just let him get himself killed. The guy’s got guts.”
“If only you let us rip them out.” Venom said.
“Venom, what have we talked about?” Eddie said. “What happened to you wasn’t Midoriya’s fault.”
“Whatever.” Venom said.
“All right you two.” Moonbay said. “We’ve got a long way to go before we reach Suncoast. Let’s get some shuteye till then.”
Moonbay headed back to the truck, Eddie and Venom dosing the fire with dirt. Eddie looked at the article again, Venom withdrawing back into Eddie. He smirked when he saw Izuku in the picture.
“Still living the dream, eh bro?” Eddie said.

Clifford Green was walking through an alleyway, he was hoping to reach the movies and meet Shirl there. He was pressed for time, and decided to take the shorter route and go through the alley ways. Problem was, he didn’t know the alleyways like he originally speculated. Clifford contemplated on which way to go next. He heard about the notarial serial killer, Stain, how he killed dozens of heroes. Even though Stain targeted heroes, the guy crept Clifford out. He was more villain than hero as he claimed, or at least anti hero.
“Now which way to the theaters?” Clifford said.
His problems would be the least of his worries. His contemplation was broken by the sound of a whistling tune. An eerie whistle. Clifford didn’t know where it was coming from, he looked behind him, nothing. In front of him, nothing. Clifford thought it might be Stain. But even though Stain was caught by Endeavor, there was no way that could be Stain. Only when Clifford was privy to what that might be, it was too late to avoid it.
Clifford looked to his side to see, in the darkness, a figure dressed in blue jeans, a white t-shirt, albeit stained in red, stains of blood, and a red, ragged pancho. This figure was making the eerie whistling. The figure looked up to face Clifford, ruby red hair and lime green eyes were among the face that Clifford could see under the red hood. The figure may have been stalking Clifford the whole time.
Clifford eyed the figure with horror, he heard the rumors of a serial killer, as dangerous, but quirkless, as Stain. A nightmare that walks among men. Clifford stumbled for a moment, falling to the ground. He quickly got back up and ran to whatever safety he could find. The hooded figure eyeing his retreat. He smirked a wicked grin, enjoying the fear that the other was expressing. It wasn’t the first time his prey fled in horror, nor would be the last.
“Quarry, Quarry, Amigo.” Kasady said. He spoke in a fluent spanish. Translation: “Run, Run, Amigo.”

Cletus remembered that day very well, how it started. He sat at a cafeteria table, reading a bible. He enjoyed reading about the various contexts of what the bible had recorded of biblical history and lore. How interesting that the devil did not come from below, but rather from above. Just like some of the spanish books Kasady read long before his arrest. He didn’t speak a lot but enough to know some of the basics of the language.
A yellow haired and red eyed individual sat in front of him. Kasady recognized him from the papers a while ago. The one known as Quickstrike, ask Collin Toshiba. At least without his armory. The latter eyed him with caution, knowing very well who Kasady was. Toshiba had heard about the rumors and the stories of Cletus Kasady, how he went from town to town, city to city, leaving numerous deaths in his wake.
“Cletus Cortland Kasady.” Collin said. “So the rumors were true. The bloody reaper, living in our humble abode. Heard quite a lot about you.”
“I figured.” Kasady said, “I could say the same about you.”
“How did such an urban legend like you end up here?’ Collin said.
“Caught in the middle of a hunt.” Kasady said. “Some hero who didn’t bother paying me a visit. How bout you?”
“Same.” Collin said. “That low down varmint, Kane. When I get outta here, I show him why scorpion venom is feared for.”
“You got caught during a bank robbery?” Kasady said. “Seems pretty petty for someone of your talent.”
“Got to start off somewhere. Can’t pull off any big heists without any financial backing.” Collin said. “What about you? Seems pretty pointless if y’all doing is killing.
“Pointless unless you have a reason.” Kasady said. “Life’s more than just about money.”
“And what’s your reason?” Collin said.
“To make a point.” Kasady said. “The only truth that matters.”
“And that is?” Collin said.
“And spoil the surprise?” Kasady said. “Why ruin it when it’s so close? The way things are.”
“The way what is?” Collin said.
“Society.” Kasady said. “You’ll see soon. By the way, did you know the devil was once an angel? Before he was casted down from heaven.”
“And I’m supposed to be interested, why?” Collin said.
“Just giving you a bit of history, you should read your bible now and then.” Kasady said. “Oh, how can I relate to that.”
“It’s true what they say.” Collin said. “You’re crazy as the rumors tell.”
Kasady chuckled, finding that retort humorous. “I’m not. No, I’m not.” Kasady said. “And when the inevitable happens, you’ll see.”
“Kasady!” A voice said. Kasady looked to see one of the guards calling to him. “The interview from the Daily Bugle is here.”
Getting up from his chair, Kasady walked over in the direction of the guard, leaving a confused Collin behind. Collin shook his head in disbelief, not privy to anything that Kasady said. He eyed the bible that Kasady left behind, contemplating the comparison of him to the devil. He then considered what Kasady meant about the inevitable that Kasady was implying. There were more questions than answers, more riddles.
“That guy does talk some odd riddles.” Collin said.
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Re: My Hero Acadmeia: Let there be Carnage

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Chapter 2
Old Resolves and New Beginnings

Eddie stood on the hill that the road arced from, the view of Suncoast City in the horizon. THe truck had pulled over for a quick stop. Moonbay was finishing up setting the route to the next destination. Eddie knew that she had to make a delivery up at the next town. It was part of their deal. Moobay hopped out of the truck cabin and walked over to Eddie’s direction. Eddie eyed the city, knowing that what he was hoping to see, the gravesite of his parents was in that city.
“Thilmere is just a day from here.” Moonbay said. “I’ve lived up to my end of our deal, just as you did yours, both of you.”
“I appreciate your help.” Eddie said. “Albeit it benefitted you more, and was not the best circumstances.”
“Got to have leverage.” Moonbay said. “Besides, I wouldn’t risk revealing your association with Venom anyway, can’t have any ties with felons.”
“Right.” Eddie said. “I appreciate you keeping that a secret.”
“So, I’ll be making my way to Thirlmere, rest for two days and head back the day after.” Moonbay said. “Two days. You better be ready till then, otherwise, I hope you don’t mind long walks.”
“Got it.” Eddie said.
“You’re sure you two can handle staying in the city?” Moonbay said. "You don’t have anyone to go to and stay with this time.”
“I think we can manage.” Eddie said. “Been living on the streets before San Bowral.”
“Yeah, living off scraps like a rat.” Venom said.
Moonbay contemplated Eddie’s reply. Sure, Eddie did live by himself while making his way to San Bowral, but the idea of living off scraps was ludicrous. With Venom having to feed on chocolate, and thankfully, Eddie keeping him from eating brains, the latter would have to find some to keep Venom in check. Moonbay did remember that Venom did threaten to feed on Eddie’s liver if he didn’t have anything to eat. Finding a place to live was one thing, finding food is another.
“Well, best be off.” Eddie said. “I’ll keep you notified for any schedule probs.”
“Hey.” Moonbay said. “Take this.”
Eddie looked back to see Moonbay shucking something at him, catching it in his hand. A roll of cash. Eddie wasn’t privy to what Moonbay had in mind when giving him that. He didn’t ask for any money for the jobs he did for Moonbay, getting to Suncoast was what he asked for.
“What’s this?” Eddie said.
“200.” Moonbay said. “Last thing you need is your pal to feast on your insides. Don’t expect that to cover any hotel bills.”
“Moonbay, you didn’t have to give me this.” Eddie said.
“I know.” Moonbay said. “But that would be a waste of two good assets if one kills the other. Got to look out for my best interests.”
Eddie smirked. He got the implication of what Moonbay was saying, but he knew deep down, Moonbay did care for both of them.
“Thanks.” Eddie said.
“It’s the least I could do.” Moonbay said. “You stay out of trouble. Both of you.”
“You know me.” Eddie said. “Take care.”
“You too.” Moonbay said.
Moonbay got back into the truck and started it, the semi trailer heading off into the road. Eddie eyed the truck until it was out of sight. He looked back at the city ahead, smirking. The end of the road, and the start of a new beginning.
“Well, Sancho, you ready for another whirlwind adventure?’ Eddie said.
“Yippee Kai yay, bitch!” Venom said..
Eddie chose not to bother arguing with Venom, this was too good of a moment to squander.

Walking down the street in Myrtle avenue, Eddie eyed the city. He never knew that his parents would be buried in or near a city like this. It was similar to San Bowral, nothing out of the ordinary in terms of landmarks. It wasn’t busy, quite a fair amount of people walking about here and there, but not crowded. Eddied needed to know where the cemetery is if he was to find his parent’s gravesite. Problem was, he didn’t have a map, nor could he use his phone without attracting attention from the police.
“Definitely not like Suncoast, quaint, has a nice video of the oceanside.” Eddie said. “Could be a nice place to live.”
“Unless you mind living with the riff raff in the deadbeat prison island.” Venom said.
“I’m sure that they’ve got top of the class security there. Not Tartarus, but still.” Eddie said. “Besides, it’s not always about the filth, this world is made after all”
“We know!” Venom said. “Love and peace, and all that crap. Do you ever get tired of saying that?”
“I don’t know.” Eddie said. “Do you ever get tired of insulting me like the dickens?”
“Point taken.” Venom said. “So what’s the plan? We have to avoid the police.”
“I’ve got a plan or two for that.” Eddie said.
“What’s that?” Venom said.
“Counter measure number.1: Temporary swipe off a phone and provide the police with a false lead.” Eddie said.
“Won’t work.” Venom said.
“Number 2 then: Send everyone into a mad panic by shouting: Earthquake!” Eddie said.
“Even worse, dumbass.” Venom said.
“Well then, what do you suggest?” Eddie said.
“Simple, bite their heads off.” Venom said.
“Can we please not resort to killing?” Eddie said. “There are better ways in handling that.”
“And why’s that?” Venom said.
“Because cops are good guys like us.” Eddie said. “They try to do the right thing, like we are. Well, not always from the beginning.”
“Because your guilt keeps pestering you?” Venom said. “Get over it.”
“Not just our fight with Midoriya. I used to steal toys when I was a kid. Not that I wanted to keep them, no, I didn’t want to keep them.” Eddie said. He glanced around to see if anyone was eyeing him, he didn’t want to cause a commotion that made him look like he was talking to himself. “ I just wanted to be the guy who founded them, who gave them back. lIke you know, “Here you go.” I just wanted to be a superhero like I always did.”
“Give us a break.” Venom said. “Might I imbue you with 6 hundred, million years of alien wisdom.”
“Try harder not to be a pussy?” Eddie said.
“Not that.” Venom said. “Try.”
“Try.” Eddie said. Repeating Venom’s words, seeing what Venom was implying.
“Harder.” Venom said.
“Yeah?” Eddie said.
“Not.” Venom said. He paused. “To be a bastard.”
Eddie felt like an idiot, he walked into that one. Considering what he told Venom, he was not in any position to argue. He really didn’t want to argue, so he’ll let Venom have his victory.
“Let’s find the local library.” Eddie said. “Maybe that could help us find the cemetery.”
Eddie wasn’t sure how to find the library, but knowing the circumstances, he’s bound to run into it sooner or later. Eddie caught a glimpse of someone walking on the opposite street, one of green hair. Eddie stopped to look in the direction, only to find the person having walked around the corner of a building and out of sight. Eddie wasn’t sure, but he recognized that person. Venom wasn’t sure what Eddie was gawking at.
“What is it, Eddie?” Venom said.
Eddie didn’t know how to answer, he didn’t know if that person was who he knew, or someone else.
“I thought I saw someone.” Eddie said. “Someone I know.”
Eddie contemplated it for a moment, but decided to not bother to regard it.
“Probably no one.” Eddie said.

Clifford ran as hard as he could, trying to get away from the specter of death he saw. It wasn’t no freaking grim reaper, but it was as close as he could see. The idea of Cletus Kasady being in the city was nothing he heard of. Clfford heard about the stories of the bloody reaper who left countless murders in his wake, even an orphanage burned to the ground. This guy was just as worse, if not, worse than Stain himself.
Kasady was known for his indiscriminate killings. He didn’t kill specific targets like Stain with heroes, everyone was a victim. And apparently, Clifford had been chosen as Kasady’s next victim. They say that no one had escaped Kasady before, and Clifford was hoping that this would be an exception. He was in no mood to take his chances, life over freaking ego or death. It wasn’t a rhetorical answer.
His search for salvation was cut short when a steel knife came swooping in front of him, barely missing his face. Clifford landed backwards to see the hooded figure of Cletus Kasady, chuckling wickedly and smirking. Clifford got back up and ran like the dickens, screaming in horror. Kasady eyed his prey fleeing, he was enjoying the chase.
“Go ahead, run for safety.” Kasady said. “Make the chase more fun.”
Kasady ran right after his target, flick knife in hand.

Cletus Kasady remembered that day very well, enjoying the chase through the alley ways. He loved it when they ran. Nobody bothered to stand up to him or fight, they all ran like always. All the same, they all falled. Start a killing or two, and the rumors start going from town to town. The whole world starts talking about his doings, and he became an urban legend.
He fiddled with a severed bar, cutting his finger to draw out more blood. He had kept the piece hidden from the guards when they relocated him to another cell, even though he wasn’t trying to escape. He dragged his bloodied finger on the concrete wall and began drawing a picture from his own blood. A building dosed in flames, with the writing: “To thee, the strife was given between the suffering”. Kasady knew the staff would wash away the blood when he would be out for lunch break, but Kasady didn’t care. He glanced at a spider crawling up one of the cell bars, Kasady frowned. He looked at the bible that he read earlier, smirking.
“Yeet!” Kasady said.
He threw the book right at the spider, crushing it with a sickening splatter. The book fell to the floor, the disembodied figure of the spider splayed against the other side of it. Kasady eyed the dead spider with a frown.
“I hate spiders.” Kasady said.

Swiping the photos on his phone, Izuku came upon an old photo of him and Eddie during their childhood. Eddie wrapped his arm around Izku’s neck and his other hand with a victory pose, grinning. A photo taken weeks before Eddie moved away, never to be seen again for years. Even though they fought each other as enemies, they patched things up, only for Eddie to somewhat disappear again, this time, with no implication of where he went or is.
It saddened Izuku, knowing that Eddie is out there, who knows where and maybe in danger. He just couldn’t figure it out, how Eddie somehow disappeared from the hospital with no clues or witnesses. The more Izuku didn’t know how Eddie left, the more it worried him. Since then, he’d searched for him everywhere he could think of. But there was no trace or sign of Eddie or his whereabouts.
“You miss him, don’t you?” A voice said.
Izuku looked at the laptop screen, Toshinori on the face cam. Izuku knew what All Might was talking about.
“It just doesn’t make any sense.” Izuku said. “One day, he was just at the hospital, paralyzed. The next, he was just gone.”
“We’re all as confused as you are, young Midoriya.” Toshinori said. “Nobody saw it coming.”
“But how? There was no recording, it was sabotaged, nobody saw anyone going in or out of the room.” Izuku said. “For all we know, Eddie could’ve been taken, to who knows where. He might be in danger.”
“Young Midoriya.” Toshinori said. He had to interrupt as Izuku was muttering endlessly like before. “We’ve done all we can, and we haven’t given up searching for young Brock Jr. Until anything comes about of his whereabouts, there’s nothing more we can do. We can only hope for the best.”
“But who would do this?” Izuku said. “What would they want with Eddie?”
“Your guess is as good as ours.” Toshinori said. “I see no reason for the capture of young Brock Jr. Perhaps it wasn’t a abduction, but whatever reason of Brck Jr’s absence may be something we are not privy to”
“If only we could find him.” Izuku said.
“We will.” Toshinori said. “For the time being, we must be patient, and not act recklessly. For now, you and Kane have more important matters.”
Izuku didn’t like the idea of putting his search for Eddie aside, but he knew that ensuring Kasady didn’t escape was best for the city. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.
“Understood.” Izuku said.
“I must apologize for pulling you from your work studies.” Toshinori said. “Mulligan recommended that your assistance is important.”
“Having caught Kasady myself?” Izuku said.
“Exactly.” Toshinori said. “Who knows Kasady better than you.”
“Except I don’t know him as Mulligan says.” Izuku said. “I only caught him, didn’t study him. I still remember what he said back then.”
“His vow?” Toshinori said.
“ “There’s gonna be carnage.” “ Izuku said. “It creeped me out back then.”
“A vow that he can’t live up as long as he’s behind bars.” Toshinori said. “It shouldn’t be long until he and Collin are transferred.”
“It took this long to catch him.” Izuku said. “I understand that he has no quirk, but I have to agree with Detective Mulligan. It shouldn’t be this easy.”
“Which is why we can’t take any chances.” Toshinori said.
“What do you think Kasady is after? What does he know?” Izuku said.
“I don’t know. But after what Mulligan said, it implies that Kasady, despite his questionable outlook, has a resolve that is unquestionable.” Toshinori said. “I fear that coming from the mind of Cletus Kasady, it cannot be good.”

The tombstones of Edward Sr and Jamie Brock amongst the several of graves in the cemetery, nearby the cathedral that was on view from the hillside. It was peaceful there, very few, if not, no one there. Flowers placed on both graves by a hand, the hand of Edward Brock Jr. He had brought the flowers after finding the location of the cemetery at the library. He stood before the graves, unsure of what to say. This was the first time he even met his parents. Eddie kneels before them.
“I’d never thought this would be the first time I’d ever had the chance to meet you, both of you. I only hoped that we could’ve seen each other before fate played its hand. Yet here we are.” Eddie said. “I can only say that I am happy and grateful that I’ve finally found you at last. And I can imagine that the feeling is mutual.”
Venom kept silent through this, Ee had asked him sternly to remain respectful, this was not the time for insults or humor. Venom knew how much this means to Eddie, as much as Eddie loved Anne.
“But I can imagine that there have been times when both of you would’ve shown disappointment. Mother, father, I’ve done some things in my life for which I am not very proud of. I am sure that there have been times that I haven’t lived up to your expectations. But I hope you understand the path I am on.” Eddie said. “The deeds I have done out of anger and paranoia, I will not forget, but I hope that you both understand what I must do to repent for my sins. The people who I hurt, who trusted me and cared for me, because of my sins. The wrongs I have done, I will right. And only then, as a family, I hope we can all be at peace. If not, I am ready to serve my penance, and burn in my damnation.”
Eddie felt like he was about to cry, to know how his parents would feel about his misdeed, that he would hurt the ones they knew could care for him. Eddie tried to hold back his tears, he needed to address what he needed to say.
“I will make amends with the ones I hurt. I understand that you had the best intentions of leaving me with the ones you trusted with caring for me, and that I will thank them for. Even in the afterlife, in the grace of heaven, you always have the best intentions for me. For that, I am very thankful for having you both as my parents. And I hope you know this. I have, and will always love you.”
Eddie stood back up and looked at the gravesites, wiping a tear that trickled down from his eye. He can only hope that the path he walks upon would give his parents and himself peace at last. At least now, Eddie had done what he came to Suncoast for. The rest now was recompense for he was not proud of.

Eddie walked down the path that leads back to the entrance of the cemetery, contemplating on his recent encounter with his parents. Eddie wasn’t sure what to do from here on, about making right of the wrongs he did.
“Oh, how sweet.” Venom said. “Been a long time for this.”
Eddie didn’t pay Venom any heed, knowing that this was hardly a time for jokes. Venom could sense how Eddie felt, not bothering to reply or argue. This meant alot to Eddie, meeting his parents for the first time. Venom decided now wasn’t the time to poke fun, time to be a partner for him.
“Eddie, we apologize that we cannot mend the heart.” Venom said. “Emotional pain hits much harder and lasts longer. You just need to pull up your big boy pants and take it.
“Well, that’s easier for you to say.” Eddie said.
“Why?” Venom said.
“Because I never knew my real father, and you chose to run away from yours.” Eddie said.
“That is a valid point.” Venom said. “But don’t worry, buddy, we will help you get through this.”
Eddie contemplated on his reply, Venom was being considerate for once. The fact that Venom chose to leave his kind was the truth, but the way Eddie used it as his answer may have been unfair. Eddie and Venom don’t always see eye to eye with most things, but they have worked together, and are at times on the same page. Perhaps this is one of those times. Eddie deemed that as a reason for him to apologize.
“Sorry.” Eddie said. “That was unfair.”
“Don’t worry about it.” Venom said. “We almost burned to death, that ain’t nothing to sweat.”
“But tell me, what did it felt like?” Eddie said. “Leaving your own kind? Don‘t you have any regrets?”
“It was a choice. An intensely personal decision.” Venom said. “So much negativity, but who wants to live a life full of hate?”
“But a hard choice nonetheless?” Eddie said.
“Yes.” Venom said. “But that’s the past. “We’ve found a place where we can call home.”
Eddie smirked, he appreciated that Venom valued the planet as somewhere he could call home. He recalled that Venom was once part of Riot’s squad, to search for a food source for their civilization. Seeing the Earth as a peaceful place, Venom chose to defect and help Eddie prevent Riot from contacting their homeworld. And the fact that Venom changed his mind because of Eddie himself made him feel grateful to have a friend like him.
“Tell you what, first thing tomorrow, I’ll shout for breakfast.” Eddie said. “Your choice.”
“Oh, will there be chocolate?” Venom said.
“You bet your ass.” Eddie said.

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Re: My Hero Acadmeia: Let there be Carnage

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Chapter 3
For the World to Behold

The sun rose from the ocean, revealing itself to the Suncoast. The light shone and cast out the darkness, onto Eddie’s face. Eddie snorted in annoyance, he wasn’t in the mood to be woken so early. He slumped over to one side, trying to get the sun out of his face. He couldn’t get back to sleep, might as well get up. He sat up, yawning. He leaned his neck side to side, cracking to get ride of some of the fatigue.
Getting out of his sleeping back and tired to comprehend his surroundings, Eddie walked over to one of the location until he found himself falling with a yelp. A few floors down, a terrified Eddie was hanging by the wall with only a hand on it. He looked down to see the streets below, a very long way down. Eddie frowned, knowing the obvious answer to this situation. He should’ve known this from the beginning.
“Right.” Eddie said. “Sleeping on top of a building. Should’ve known.”
He started scaling the wall back up to the rooftop. Eddie had spent the night on top of the Ohlstein building, since he couldn’t afford a hotel room. Eddie was used to sleeping in the streets, since he left for San Bowral. Climbing over the railing, Eddie got back onto the rooftop. He was glad no one saw him falling or scaling the building. Eddie thought this would be a good place to stay, where no one would be able to see or find him.
Eddie was also glad that he was bonded to Venom, otherwise, he wouldn’t crawl on the wall and die a bloody and painful death. Yawning again, Eddie looked at his phone for any news. Nothing new on the debacle a couple of days ago, best not to cause anything stupid while in Suncoast.
“Morning Eddie.” Venom said.
“Morning Venny.” Eddie said. Still getting over the fact that he nearly fell to his death.
"Enjoy your trip?” Venom said.
“Very funny.” Eddie said. Sarcastic. “Nothing new on the oil tanker incident.”
“Bah!” Venom said. “Treat us like villains. They should be thanking us.”
“For what? A totaled ferrari? A destroyed oil tanker? “ Eddie said.“ That wasn’t heroism, that’s collateral damage.”
“Ah, a little wreckage here and there.”Venom said. “Stopping bad guys isn’t easy.”
“Showing a little restraint wouldn’t be hard to ask.”Eddie said. “When every police force in the country is hunting us.”
“Easy for you to say.”Venom said. “This is getting tiresome. We need to be free.”
“Your point?” Eddie said.
“Our point? We need to be free! Feel the wind in our hair and the sand between our toes.” Venom said.
“You don’t have any hair.” Eddie said.
“You’re not getting the point. We cannot live like this anymore! We’re sick of hiding!” Venom said.
“You know why we’re hiding.” Eddie said.
“That doesn’t make this any less tormenting.” Venom said.
“You think this is any easier for me?” Eddie said. “The people I have to avoid getting involved with us. What about my foster parents? What about Moonbay? What about Anne?”
Venom paused, contemplating Eddie’s answer. “Good point.” Venom said.
“Look, you’re sick of hiding, I get it. The additional stress, I do not need.” Eddie said.
“Right, right.” Venom said.
“Someday, we won’t need to hide, if the authorities do not haul my ass to prison.” Eddie said.
“Let us hope that day does not come.“ Venom said. “Until then, breakfast time!”
“First good thing I’ve heard all day.” Eddie said. “So what do you fancy for breakfast?”
“Sausages. And brains!” Venom said.
“Sausages and eggs then.” Eddie said. Knowing what Venom said but chose to ignore it.
He caught a building from his glance, the Ryker’s Island prison. It was built there to keep the most ruthless of prisoners from escaping, inspired by Alcatraz. Under heavy guard, the authorities want to make sure none of them even get close to reach landfall. This was where Cletus Kasady was being held. Makes sense for a prison for the most dangerous. It wasn’t Tartarus, but it was efficient.
“What is it, Eddie?” Venom said.
“It’s funny. In coming here, I never would’ve contemplated the chances of Kasady being here too.” Eddie said.
“You’re worried about Kasady escaping?” Venom said. “The guy’s locked up on an island, under heavy guard. How do you think he’ll escape?”
“I don’t know.” Eddie said. “But they say he’s eluded the authorities for a long time.”
“Not our problem.” Venom said. “Now, let’s eat!”
“Fine.” Eddie said.
“You had the last choice of music.” Venom said. “It’s our turn now.”

Clifford looked back and forth where he was, he was lost. He didn’t know if he was close to the streets or far from them. He didn’t see any sign of Cletus Kasady, it looked like apart from him, there was no one in the alley way. Clifford was just relieved that he lost him. Now the only problem was how to get to the theater, or the police station. He couldn’t just stay here, and risk running into the murderous psychopath again.
A swipe of the knife handle knocks Clifford to the ground, the latter looking up to see the hooded figure of Cletus Kasady duanting over him. Kasady was smirking wickedly, branching his flick knife. He ambled towards Clifford, chuckling an evil laughter. Clifford was trying to back away, but he ran backfirst into a wall. He was trapped. Kasady paused in front of him, leering his head towards Clifford’s.
“Everyone thinks they’d be the one to run away from or defeat me.” Kasady said. “But no one’s escaped me yet.”
Kasady brought the knife close to Clifford’s neck, poised to strike.
“Death comes for us all.” Kasady said. “And it comes for you.”
Kasady brings the knife up, and prepares to strike down at Clfford’s neck. Just before the knife came close to Clifford’s neck, Kasady caught something at the corner of his eye. He dropped backwards to see something rushing past where he once stood, a fist intended to punch him. Kasady back rolls and gets back onto his feet, knife still in hand and glancing at the direction of the attacker. Kasady eyes the savior as someone of his age, dressed in green, black and white. A mask in the same coloring, hiding most of his face except his hair.
‘That’s as far as you’ll go.” The masked savior said.
Kasady chuckled a wicked laughter. “Well, well, well. What do we have here? A hero. My favorite.” Kasady said. “And you are?”
“Deku.” The masked savior said. “And I’m the end of the line for you.”
Kasady again chuckled. “And you can call me by my name. Cletus Kasady.” Kasady said. “But tonight, I’ll be your executioner.”

Cletus Kasady remembered that day very well, not foreseeing the possibility of a hero waltzing in his affairs and standing ready to stop him. Kasady never contemplated himself as the hunted, but always the hunter. Legend or not, there will always be unforeseen matters, such as those foolish enough to play the hero. Or, encountering a hero. Nevertheless, captured or not, the inevitable was coming.
Kasady wasn’t sure, but he had the feeling he was being watched. Not in the prison, but from afar. From the city. It was like he was being watched by a kindred spirit, a soul mate. Someone who understands him. Kasady always had the assumption that he was always alone. No one understood him. Maybe someone was here as an act of providence. But Kasady didn’t care about that, he cared about what is to come.
He heard the mummerings of the prisoners lately, none came to him of it. They considered Kasady untrustworthy to be part of whatever they had in store. He could care less of what they want, Kasady was always a loner. Let them play their games. They could give to the coming storm that will ravage the world. Kasady was content with just sitting around and watch their game implemented.
Kasadt lied on his cell bed, eyeing the window that he looked at. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but he was sure that fate had given him what he wanted; someone who understood him.

No sign of any suspicious activity, so far so good. Izuku had been on patrol, keeping an eye on any criminal activity in the city with Kane. Much like his Hero-Work Study days at the Nighteye Agency with Mirio Togata, Izuku was tasked with patrolling the city with Kane. Now that with Kasady in Ryker’s Island, no chances could be taken until he was transferred to Tartarus. There might be the possibility that Kasady may have help from outside the prison.
He stood by the traffic lights, waiting for the green light for crossing, keeping an eye for anything suspicious. How unlikely it sounded, Kasady had proven time and again that he was capable of eluding the police for such a time. Kasady was resourceful, cunning as he is dangerous. The fact that even in prison, Kasady was as calculating as he was before. He spoke of foundries falling, wounds not healing, but Izuku couldn’t figure what Kasady was implying.It implied that Kasady knew something that no one but Kasady himself about., which was more reason to remain alert.
When the walk sign turned green, something caught Izuku’s surprise. He heard something coming from nearby.
“Smokey’s on my tail!” A voice said.
Izuku didn’t ask what was going on, a figure came flashing by and causing Izuku to fall backwards. He got back up to see a figure black bike helmet. Grey jacket, jeans and roller blade skating on ahead. The skater was too busy singing to even see Izuku.
“♫I say either.♫” The skater said.
“♫ And we say “either”.“ A voice said.
“We say either.” both the skater and the voice said. “ Either “either”, neither, “neither”. Let’s call the whole thing off!”
The skater roller bladed where he was going until he was out of sight, leaving a dumbfounded Izuku behind.
“What the heck was that?” Izuku said.

Eddie skated down the streets, listening to his phone through his headphones. This was picked by Venom, but Edde couldn’t resist singing alongside his partner. It was a rare moment that he and Venom were on the same page aside from fighting. He leaps on the handrail down the steeps, sparks dancing off the blades. Eddie continued to sing with Venom along the way, down the railing.
“♫”Potatoes”” Eddie said. “I like tomatoes.♫” He leaped off the railing and onto the ground, skating on.
“♫And we like “tomatoes.”♫” Venom said. Thet verse he said with menace.
“♫Potatoes, “potatoes”, tomatoes, “tomatoes”♫” Both Eddie and Venom said. “Let’s call the whole thing off!”
Eddie leaps off the ground and grinds his roller blades on the edge of a brick wall, making more sparks dance around his blades. He lands back onto the ground, skating on ahead.
“That’s kicking ass, old pal!” Venom said.
“♫And oh, if we call the whole thing off.♫ Both Eddie and Venom said. “”♫Then we must part!♫” That last verse, Eddie used the brake pads to stop at the cafe. Sitting at the nearest table, Eddie removed his rollerblades and helmet, placing them in his backpack. He eyed the menu, Venom sensing a newspaper stand nearby.
“Eddie.” Venom said. Eddie glanced at the direction of where Venom was telling him. Understanding what Venom was thinking, Eddie allowed Venom to go through with whatever he was planning. When no one was looking, Eddie passed a 5 dollar bill to a black tendril of Venom’s, which Venom went on to sneak to the stand, place the dollar bill and snatch the newspaper. Venom placed the newspaper on the table with no one the wiser. Eddie began reading it while waiting for the cafe service.
“Joy.” Eddie said. “Nothing about the wrecked oil tanker.”
“Still think that we should’ve been thanked for stopping those idiots.” Venom said.
“Agree to disagree.” Eddie said. He eyed something, an article of Cletus Kasady. The heading titled “Ode to the truth, forged from suffering”. “Listen to this. “To all my fans, worldwide, I hereby present to you all my unwavered resolve.”” Eddie said. He was reading out loud so that Venom could hear. “Deemed to forever spend my endless days on this spinning shit wheel that we call Earth.””

“Fools that uphold the laws and constructs of justice are responsible for bringing about the end of Cletus Kasady’s world tour. It’s only right to address them from the hell that they have brought me to. As those before have done long before my name was myth.” Cletus Kasady said. He was addressing what he wanted written down in the article to his interviewer. “Oh, how did my life turn out like this? How did Cletus Kasady become the murderous psychopath everyone deemed me to be? Maybe perhaps my life has been nothing short but a living tragedy since childhood. Everyone has an origin story.”

“Dearest mommy and daddy, ever so heartbroken when sonny boy was labeled passed. So quick to jump to conclusions, so quick to leave him in the trash. What if Kasady was still alive then when they thought otherwise? He would never have been sent to St Este’s Orphanage.”
Izuku read the article, seeing the newspapers with Kasady’s interview. He suspected that Kasady may have left a clue in the article, seeing that he was addressed indirectly by Kasady himself. He’s heard the rumors of Kasady’s childhood before he encountered him, including what travesties he’s committed long after. Whatever Kasady said, it implied to be the truth, at least from Kasady’s point of view.
“Hell on earth, personified. Where I spent my days persecuted and tormented not only by my so-called peers, but the staff that only endorsed the suffering. Why is it that everyone viewed what I did heinous? I only did what anyone else would’ve done in my position. Some things are best left as a memory, or better, as ashes.”
Izulu heard about the tragic fire that burned down St Eetes Orphanage, he never knew the cause of it until the rumors of Kasady connected to that event. There were no survivors from the report. It wasn’t the best of places, from the reputation he’s heard, but no one deserved that fate. The site had been abandoned since that tragic disaster, like a rotting wound. A constant reminder of one of Kasady’s many atrocities.
“Many of us live in a world of blood and pain, yet many of us cannot see the truth behind it. As to why I kill? The answer lies with what you see. And what is to come, is what will answer your question. What part will we play when the truth is revealed? What world would we live in when the time comes? That is the real question. From me to you all.”

“Cletus Cortland Kasady.” Eddie said. Finishing reading the article. “Christ on a bike.”
“What is all this?” Venom said. “Something from a fortune cookie?”
“Looks like a riddle.” Eddie said. “”The answer lies with what you see?” and “What world would we live in when the time comes?””
“Doomsday theory?” Venom said.
“No, more like a premonition.” Eddie said.
“For what?” Venom said.
“I don’t know. You tell me.” Eddie said. “What do you theorize from the ramblings of a madman?”
“Nothing.” Venom said. “Except that Kasady got himself locked up at Ryker’s Island the moment he decided to be a complete psychopath.”
“That’s good enough for me.” Eddie said.
“Uh, Eddie.” Venom said.
“What?” Eddie said.
“Look.” Venom said.
The reason for Venom’s alarm was the waiter, eyeing Eddie with indecision. He contemplated if this person was talking to himself like a mental case. Eddie sweatdropped nervously, seeing the embarrassment mess that he was in. Eddie recovered quickly, laughing nervously.
“Just practicing my replies for a visit.” Eddie said. “Preparing, that’s all.”
“Uh, yes.’ The waiter said. “What would you like for breakfast?”
“Just the eggs and bacon with a side of sausages, please.” Eddie said.
The waiter went off to inform the chiefs of his breakfast order, Eddie wiping the sweat off his head. He waited until the waiter was out of sight.
“I’ll buy a couple of chocolate doughnuts later.” Eddie said. To Venom only. “Just be patient till then.”
“Fine.” Venom said. “But make it quick.”

“”The answer lies with what you see?!?”” Mulligan said. He was reading the same article of Cletus Kasady. “What kind of a half assed clue is that? I interrogated the psychopath yesterday, now he speaks more of the same crap?”
Mulligan was having little if not no patience with dealing with the murderous Kasady, having to put up with his cryptic messages, inane riddles etc. He was reading the newspaper by the news stand in front of the bay. The view of the prison on Rkyer’s Island present in the background, reminding Mulligan of that psychopath, Kasady’s current whereabouts. The sooner that Kasady was transferred, the better. Unbeknownst to him, a person with a black biker helmet and roller blades came skating by to the one of the bay shops, buying a couple of doughnuts.

“Bonjour, je te.” Eddie said, holding the doughnut in hand. “Nothing smells like that smell, a kind of smelly smell. A smelly smell that smells sweet. Nothing better than the smell of a fresh, delish bakery. Well, pass the teeth and over the tongue, look out stomach, here it comes.”
Eddie overheard the loud comments of a person nearby, before he could eat the doughnut. Short cut brown hair and a beard, this mean looks infuriated by the article he was reading. It was the same one Eddie was reading before, about Cletus Kasady. The guy looks like he knew something about what Kasady said. Eddie didn’t care much about Cletus Kasdy, had nothing to do with him. Eddie did like to know what the answer to the clues were, this guy might have the answers. Taking off his helmet, Eddie eyed this guy, ranting on and on about the article.
“You think this guy might know something about Kasady’s riddles?” Eddie said.
“Uh, no. That’s a bad idea.” Venom said. “He might be a cop.”
“Maybe so, but we still have our countermeasures.” Eddie said.
“Countermeasures like shit!” Venom said. “That won’t help!”
“Thought you’d think that way, which is why I came up with another.” Eddie said.
“That is?” Venom said.
“Just trust me.” Eddie said.
“Wait, what?” Venom said.
Eddie chose to ignore Venom, and strolled up to the guy’s location.

“Does that guy think he’s a psychotic Wushu?” Mulligan said. He was still peeved off of the vague answers to his previous questions.
“Quite the headache, isn’t it?” a voice said.
Mulligan looked to see someone standing near him at the opposite end of the news stand. He looked like a young male, 16 years old, short dark brown hair and dark blue eyes. Mulligan didn’t recognize him, he wasn’t in the city records. This one might be a tourist, not a resident. Whatever this one was, he showed an interest in the same topic, the Kasady article. Mulligan eyed him with indecision.
“Excuse me?” Mulligan said.
“That article.” The person said. “Quite the brainbuster. The guy loves his riddles.”
“Tell me about it.” Mulligan said. “Puzzles from a murderous mental case.”
“Safe to assume that you are just as baffled as I am?” The person said.
“Correct.” Mulligan said. “What a minute, why am I telling you that? Who are you?”
“My apologies, allow me to introduce myself.” The person said. “I am known as Todd McFarline Aklanele Elyssee Hakushusi LeBeau Helots.” The person said. He paused for a moment. “Gumby Gobel Blustrataverli Taltrent Perre Andra Chartdehemos Ladavinci Baldose Toiso Kaiser the Third. Don’t hesitate to call.”
Mulligan eyed the person with indignation, not amused by the long, inane name. “Well, Todd.” Mulligan said. “Maybe if you quit wasting my time with your alias’ and be straight with me, I don’t have time to deal with brats.”
“Not about the Kasady debacle?” the person said.
“Take a hint, street rat.” Mulligan said. “Get lost.”

Eddie eyed him with disdain, he didn’t tolerate the fact that this idiot just told him to get lost. Refusing to waste his time with this person, Eddie strolled away on his roller blades. When he was far from ear shot or eye shot, Eddie stuck out his tongue and pulled an eyelid down with his middle finger, flipping off the idiot. Smirking, Eddie went back to sightseeing. He didn’t see Venom appearing from behind him on a serpentine-like neck, reaching out to that idiot and opening his maw at the guy’s head.
Glancing at what Venom was doing from the corner of his eye, Eddie panicked and pulled Venom away. The latter showing his charging, and fortunately, no one even saw what was going on. Eddie backed away as fast as he could to a nearby alleyway, pulling Venom in toe. Looking around for a place to hide, Eddie eyes a dumpster nearby. He heard someone walking his way, Eddie leaped backwards into the dumpster, Venom in toe and pulled down the hatches.

Mulligan wasn’t sure how, but he could’ve sworn he was being watched. Or more accurately, about to be attacked. He whipped around to see no one behind him, much to his indecision. He also could’ve sworn he saw something from the corner of the alleyway ahead. He walked to the direction to see nothing, just a dumpster. Mulligan was so sure he heard snarling right behind him.
He scratched behind his head, contemplating on what happened. “Street rats.” Mulligan said. “Vermin.” He then walked out of the alleyway and away from the bayside. He had more important business than to deal with the local vermin.

Hearing the person leaving the alleyway until all was quiet, Eddie lifted the hatch, obviously sickened by the smell of trash. He was glad to be out of it, it was driving him nuts. “That smell was disturbing.” Eddie said. His tongue hanged out from his mouth. “I never want to go through that again.”
“Says you.” Venom said. He appeared from behind Eddie, chowing on discarded apples. “Should’ve let us eat his head off.”
“What was that?” Eddie said. He couldn’t believe that Venom tried to pull off something so stupid as to eat that guy’s head off in broad daylight, when they could be cops all around the city.
“It was simple.” Venom said. “A man should never consent to crawl when he has the impulse to fly.”
“What does that mean?” Eddie said. He was in no mood for games.
“You are a bottom feeder!’ Venom said. “Taking that abuse like that.”
“Will you listen!?” Eddie said. “How many times have I told you?!? That I want you to hide yourself during daybreak? I am serious. It is important that you show a little bit of respect.”
“Respect?” Venom said.
“Yes!” Eddie said.
“Respect?” Venom said.
“Yes!” Eddie said. “Did I stutter?”
“What is to respect about you?” Venom said. “You were nothing before we found you, do you know how lucky you were that we chose you?”
“You chose me?” Eddie said. “Buddy, I’m the only person who took you in when you left your civilization. I was the only one you could’ve bonded with because I was compatible with you.You said to me and I quote: “On our planet, we are kind of a loser, like you.”, So don’t you lecture me about being a loser, you hypocrite!”
Venom headbuts Eddie, smashing the latter’s nose into a bloody mess. Eddie yelped in pain, he didn’t see that coming. He grasped at his broken nose, trying to ease the pain. Venom panicked, like he didn’t intend for that.
“We’re sorry! We didn’t know what came over us.” Venom said. “Please, let us fix it.”
Eddie‘s nose started to mend back before it was broken, he wiped away the blood that splattered from his nostrils. “Thanks for that.” Eddie said, still holding his nose.
“So we can break it again!!” Venom said. He headbutts Eddie again, again breaking his nose. Eddie shrieked in pain, he should’ve known Venom was joking around, sick humor. Again, Venom helped Eddie’s nose heal. “You are a loser, we are a loser. Without one or the other, we are nothing. If it’s any consolation, our bond with you is what we respect. You’re an idiot, but without you, we are nothing.”
“I’ll accept that.” Eddie said. He was still holding his nose. “But, that was abuse. That was abusive.”
“You’ve been through worse.” Venom said.
“For once, I agree.” Eddie said. He remembered when Riot impaled him right through his torso. Having his nose broken, twice, but not for long was nothing. Better let Venom have his victory, after he saved Eddie’s life. “We’ll call it a draw.”
“Whatever.” Venom said. “Can we have our doughnuts now?”
Eddie eyed the doughnuts he carried, he knew they were contaminated now being in the dumpster. “Go nuts.” Eddie said. He chucked the bag of doughnuts in the dumpster, Venom whipping after them. “But all the same, you have got to get control of your aggression while we’re in volatile territory.”
“All the more reason that be what we are.” Venom said. He spoke from inside the dumpster, eating his doughnuts. “We are the Lethal Protector.”
“All the more reason to set up boundaries.” Eddie said. “You want every police force in the country to go after us.”
“All the more reason to eat brains.” Venom said. “Sorry, bad guy’s brains.”
“Come on now.” Eddie said. “It’s not my fault that you live on the old phenylethla, Laphenylethyla.”
“Phenylethylalanine.” Venom said.
“Yeah, I just said that.” Eddie said.
“We told you about a thousand times.” Venom said. “Because it is only found in brains and chocolate.”
“That’s right. How about this, you live on our planet, you live by our rules. The FBI is still investigating the Life Foundation incident.” Eddie said. “So if one more head goes missing, we will be hauled off into Area 51! They will kill us both, so one of us has to be responsible.”
“Responsibility is for the mediocre.” Venom said.
“You know, it would be nice just to have your support, just for once.” Eddie said.
“You know you always have our support.” Venom said. “Oh, catsup!” He fished around in the dumpster and grabbed a bottle of ketchup with his jaws.
“It’s pronounced “Ketchup.”” Eddie said.
Venom closes his jaws on the bottle, snapping it in two and splattering ketchup over Eddie’s face, much to his dismay. “Yummy.” Venom said.
Eddie wiped the ketchup off of his face, some still splattered over it. He was in no mood for any more embarrassment. “Midoriya, I hope you’re having better luck than I am.” Eddie said.

“There appears to be no sign of suspicious activity.” Izuku said. “Connected to Kasady or otherwise.”
Both Izuku and Kane were standing at the top of the Mulcahy Inc building, the rendezvous places once surveillance was done. Izuku ws just giving his report to Kane that he encountered nothing of the unusual. This added more concern and question to what Kasady’s motives are. If Kasady hadn’t had any help from the outside, then why was he vocal of the inevitable. Kasady seemed to know something was coming, but he wouldn’t explain what, nor was there anything that relates to the revelation.
“Unfortunate. I’m afraid until Kasady provides any more clues or anything will transpire, there is nothing that can be done.” Kane said.
“He spoke of foundries falling.” Izuku said. “And that the answer is where we can see. Do you think we’re missing something?”
“Perhaps the answer may as well be the most obvious one.” Kane said. “One we cannot see. What he calls the essence of chaos.”
“Any word of the timing for the transfer?” Izuku said.
“Two days from now.” Kane said. “I can only pray that other matters do not interfere.”
“What do you mean?” Izuku said.
“You call the Shie Hassaikai organization.” Kane said.
“I do.” Izuku said.
He remembered his part in the raid, stopping Overhaul and saving Eri. He heard of the organization crumbling after the raid, like it was disbanded and ended for good. Izuku wasn’t privy to what Kane was referring to when he brought it up, and involving Kasady’s transfer. Kasady hadn’t had any ties to the Shie Hassaikai nor they him, and it wouldn’t be beneficial to them to have a psychopath in their midst.
“After their downfall, other organizations calmered for its territory and power. The hero society countermanded six incursions this year, each on a different continent.” Kane said. “ Clearly, they were intending to take the organization’s position, but the last encounter was a hired task by Collin himself.”
“Quickstrike?” Izuku said. “He was a hire from another organization?”
“He was hired to steal money from a bank, for whom we do not know.” Kane said. “Perhaps as a means of funding for his clients.”
“And you think that his clients will act on his failure?” Izuku said.
“No doubt.” Kane said. “As to what, I do not know.”
“You think that Kasady knows of their activities?” Izuku said. “Perhaps why he speaks of the coming storm?”
“I do not know.” Kane said. “It is very likely that Kasady knows not of Quickstrike’s clients, or of their activities. But we cannot take any chances in the meantime.”
“You think they might inadvertently sabotage Kasady’s transfer?” Izuku said.
“Precisely.” Kane said. “It is imperative that we uncover the web this organization has woven before it is too late.”
“Right.” Izuku said.
So tell us what’s been bothering you?” Venom said. He saw that Eddie was contemplating on something since their debacle after breakfast. The sun had just set and night was upon the city. Venom decided to play therapy and talk with his partner, no use to terment when he was busy contemplating.”
“You see, Venom.” Eddie said. “It’s been months since our fight with Midoriya.”
“It’s been that long?” Venom said. “We knew it’s been a while, but we weren’t sure how long exactly. And our memory is outstanding.”
“Yes.” Eddie said. “You see, that’s the actual problem. I thought since then, sometime after the Life Foundation incident, I thought the police would stop chasing us. Just like they did after the fire.”
“Please do not mention that incident.” Venom said. “It is a safe place.”
“Yes, sorry Venom’ Eddie said. He should’ve known Venom did not like having to be reminded of that moment when he caught fire. “Well, I just assumed that eventually, over time like before, this endless persecution that the police are giving us would just”
“Die!!!” Both Eddie and Venom said, yelling at each other and in each other’s faces. They both hated it so much that they agreed on the matter.
“But they just persist. I mean, heaven above, they’re relentless!” Eddie said. “No matter where we go, they hunt us down. I just don’t know how much more I can handle.”
“Yes. It seems that the first encounter between human and symbiote has created quite a buzz. Yay for us!” Venom said. “It’s quite a conundrum.”
“Yes.” Eddie said. “At the risk of being an idiot, what is that again?”
“Just a confusing or difficult problem.” Venom said. “You idiot.”
“Yes. Problem.” Eddie said. He had a feeling that Venom was going to say that. “If only we could walk in the streets without the fear of the police persecuting us.”
“Yes. One can hope.” Both Eddie and Venom said.
“So two more days until Moonbay comes back?” Venom said.
“Yep.” Eddie said. “And it’s onwards back home.”
“And what’s the plan from there?” Venom said.
“As I said to my parents.” Eddie said. “Mending old wounds.”
“Even with that idiot?” Venom said.
“Don’t say that.” Eddie said. “You know as much as I do that what happened wasn’t his fault.”
“As well the police.” Venom said.
“They’re just doing what any officer would do.” Eddie said. “Upholding the peace.”
“Even if they torment us?” Venom said.
“Yes.” Eddie said. He didn’t like being persecuted by the police, but they’re doing their job.
“Well, don’t worry buddy.” Venom said. “Some day, they’ll recognize our doings and treat us like the heroes we are.
“Yeah.” Eddie said. “Should’ve remembered when I said that.”
“Yeah, well, time for us to have some shut eye.” Venom said.
“Yeah, good idea.” Eddie said. “Goodnight.”
Venom withdrew back into Eddie, the latter getting into his sleeping bag. Glad that no one had suspected of his whereabouts on top of the Ohlstein building, it was a perfect hideout. Eddie contemplated on what the others were doing at this time. His foster parents, Midoriya and Anne. He hoped they were having better luck than he was. Then again, being on top of a building, sleeping in a sleeping bag and being homeless was what no one would want. So they would be doing better than Eddie was.
“Soundscream reporting. Our asset has been taken into custody and has reached the prison.” Soundscream said.
Soundscream was one of the Mwta Liberation Army, the communications officer and intelligence agent. 21 years old, with dark blue hair and a red visor. He wore a face mask that allowed him to speak with a robotic, vocoded voice. As far as he knew, he spoke with a raspy, low voice that earned the mockery of those around him, like he sounded the same to Dr Claw of Inspector Gadget. He was a loyal subordinate to Re-Destro, until he gave his position of Grand Commander of the army to its new leader: Tomura Shigaraki.
Perched on his arm was a mechanical buzzard, its red eyes glancing at Shigaraki. It was created by Soundscream himself, who was known to be a technological genius. His knowing of electronics allowed Soundscream to create not only his vocoder but his sonic weapons. Re-Destro held him with such high esteem, vauling his usefulness. Soundscream had been part of the cause since the army’s return.
Tomura didn’t have the same view as Re-Destro, and had Soundscream prove his mettle to him and the now Paranormal Liberation Army. So far, Soundscream to Shigaraki was just as Re-Destro said. Competent. The eyes and ears of the Liberation army being everywhere was academic. With the asset that Re-Destro had, the criminal organizations that competed with the Shie Hassakai in league with the army, funding for the army’s cause is assured.
“Good. They’ve taken the bait.” Shigaraki said. “You saved me a lot of trouble tracking his every move.”
“My loyalties are with the Liberation army, Commander.” Soundscream said. “Paranormal Liberation Front: Superior. Hero Society: Inferior.”
“I trust that he knows of his assignment.” Shigaraki said.
“When the time comes, to free Collin and his accomplices from the Charr Gotra.” Soundscream said.
“Good.” Shigaraki said. “Inform the Gotra that if Collin becomes a liability, eliminate all loose ends. If they don’t, it will.”
“Acknowledged.” Soundscream said. He bowed in respect. “Nighthawk, Operation: Observation.”
His minion leaped off of his arm, shrieking and flying off. Nighthawk was Soundscream’s eyes in the sky, and his most faithful assassin. Whenever an asset of the Army was to become a liability to them, Soundscream assured that they wouldn’t become one. A contingency if the Gotra fails. Nighthawk shrieked with malice, flying off into the darkness.
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Chapter 4
Weaving the Chaos

The mechanical figure of Nighthawk sat perched on a far corner of the prison, eyeing what was going inside from a barred window. The winged creation had flowned overnight and remained inconspicuous to any watchful eye. Soundscream had designed it to be based on a buzzard, for being a bird of prey and a watchful asset. It snarled, waiting for the Gotra’s asset to make his move.

Cameron Kenny sat by his cell window, paying no heed to whatever was going on outside his cell. He was a recent arrival, having been caught by the authorities. To them, he was just a petty thug attempting a bank robbery, but there was more to him than meets the eye. Cameron was hiding something, waiting for the right moment. Humming a musical tune helped him pass the time, he was more of a music fan.
Something caught Cameron by the corner of his eye, he glanced at his cell window to see the mechanical figure of Nighthawk watching him. The eyes and ears of his boss’ clients was watching. Good, at least they can have a front row seat to the show that is to come. Cameron as much as he liked music, he did liked to have an audience to his performances. All the more for Cameron to enjoy what he has planned.

“♫I recall the time they found those fossilized mosquitoes, and before long they were cloning DNA.♫” Eddie said. Once again, he was roller skating, listening to his headphones and singing Weird Al Yankovic’sJurassic Park. It was his turn to pick the song. He was on his way to the same cafe as before for breakfast. He was hoping this time there’d be no shenanigans during the day, especially when having post breakfast desert.
“♫Now I’m being chased by some irate Velociraptors.♫” Eddie said. “♫And believe me this is been one lousy day.”
“For you, it has been a lousy lifetime.” Venom said.
“Oh, shut up.” Eddie said. “You better be on your best behavior today.”
“Right, right.” Venom said. “As long as you better give us chocolate.”
“If you behave.” Eddie said.
“Alright. Alright! We said alright!’ Venom said.
“Alright.” Eddie said. “♫I admit it’s kind of eerie, but this proves my chaos theory, and I don’t think I’ll be coming back♫ again!!!”
Eddie saw the steps coming towards him, making him panic and sing off point when screaming in shock. He leapt onto the bar railing, trying to remain balanced without falling over hopefully not onto the steps. He panicked while keeping his balance, leaping off the bar after grinding to the end. Eddie should’ve seen it coming, instead of arguing with Venom. Best to keep his eyes on the road rather than squabble with his partner.
“A little warning next time.” Eddie said.
“You handled it.” Venom said. “No pun intended.”
“Ha Ha.”Eddie said. “Sarcastically.

“Just a few hours till lights out.” A person said. “Made sure all preparations were done before your arrival. Just do your part and get them outta here.”
A security guard was speaking to Carmeron from outside his cell, the latter listening to him. He was on the payroll of the Charr Gotra and entrusted with getting their men and Quickstrike out of the prison. Cameron listened with a smirk on his face, he was more than confident for this job. The gotra needed someone to clear the way from them to escape the prison, and the guard could only shut down the alarms and the cells, any more would cause suspicion.
“After that, finish the job Quickstrike couldn’t do.” The guard said.
“Hey, who do you think you’re talking to babe?” Cameron said. “I got this covered. Just do your part and earn your keep.”
“Just see that you do.” the guard said. He walked off to continue his duties, not wanting to stay around and ruin his cover.
“Just hope I don’t run into you while we’re fleeing.” Cameron said. Only to himself “Hate it if you would one I be hacking babe.”

“Responsible for burning down St Este’s orphanage, Cletus Kasady has wrought upon our society bloodshed and fear.” Eddie said. He was reading an article following Kasady’s interview. “A family lost when his parents were killed in a car crash some time after abandoning him, Kasady was taken under the care of the orphanage.”
Eddie had picked up the newspaper before arriving at the cafe, he wanted to see if there was any more insight of Cletus Kasady. Since his last talk with that idiot didn’t end so well, Eddie thought to take his chances with buying the daily newspaper. Venom wasn’t privy to why Eddie had taken such an interest in Clets Kasady’s backstory, let alone his cryptic messages. He was hardly of any importance to them.
“Years of torment, a lifetime of agony and neglect, Kasady with an act of vengeance, destroyed the orphanage in a literal blaze of glory. No survivors. A life in hell on earth behind him. A nightmare unleashed upon our world.” Eddie said. He continued reading on out loud. “ Driven mad by the abuse at St Eetes, our society has been rocked by the attacks of this murderous madman. His new alias; The Bloody Murderer. Several dead in his wake, with the claims numerous more were done, Kasady remains locked up in Rkyer’s Island, hopefully to spend the rest of his days for his crimes.”
“What is it with you about Kasady?” Venom said. “He’s a nobody. A psychopathic idiot who wasted his life by killing.”
“You’re psychotic, and you would kill if the opportunity comes.” Eddie said.
“Only for a good cause.” Venom said.
“There’s never a good cause.” Eddie said.
“But you said we could eat bad guys!” Venom said.
“I didn’t say anything of the sort.” Eddie said, “So, guess again.”
“Wait, you didn’t?” Venom said.
“Duh.”Eddie said. “I said hurt very, very bad people, but never ever, ever, ever good people.”
“Crapoah!" Venom said. “We need human brains to survive!“
“Why do you think I’ve been feeding you chocolate since reuniting with you?” Eddie said.
“But never heads?” Venom said.
“No heads.” Eddie said. “That would be murder. And we could end up in prison like Kasady. Get it?”
Venom snarled in annoyance. “Fine! But you better not forget that we need to survive on chocolate.” Venom said.
“Believe me, that’s the top priority.” Eddie said. “Wouldn’t like to break the celery stalk on the back of a sea urchin.”
“The celery stalk on the back of a? What?!?” Venom said.
“The straw that broke the camel’s back.”Eddie said. “Get the reference?”
The waiter showed up with Eddie’s meal, the same one that Eddie ordered yesterday. Giving the money to the waiter, Eddie went on to eating it.

“No alias, no backhistory, just surrendered without resistance. Are you saying the only thing we’ve got on this guy is his name?” The warden said. He was reading through the log of Cameron’s recent crime. He was speaking to Detective Mulligan on the phone, he thought the latter would be of help to him with uncovering what was going on. Something was amiss, and they needed to find out what it is.

“I’m doing a search right now for any aliases connecting to Cameron.” Mulligan said. His computer was running a scan of criminals that will hopefully match with Cameron. He was just as baffled as the warden, how Cameron was apprehended, no resistance, with no background. It was like he wasn’t in the records. This sounded more like a conspiracy, something was going on and Mulligan didn’t like it. The computer finished its search, showing the record on Cameron.
Mulligan didn’t understand the alias of Cameron, why someone like him was apprehended so easily. It didn’t make sense.
“Oh crap.” Mulligan said. He had a feeling of what was going on, whatever his hunch was putting the pieces together. “Warden, you need to relocate Camerson to one of your secure cells now!” Mulligan said to his phone.

“What for!?” The warden said. He was not privy to Mulligan’s cautious mood. “What’s going on?”
“It’s a set up!” Mulligan said through the phone. “He allowed himself to get caught. We arrested Scaramouche!”
“Scaramouche?!” The warden said. “The mercenary?”

“Let’s see what Soundscream cooked up for us.” The guard said. He planted a small device on the wall of the prison, somewhere no eye would be able to spot it. A cybernetic device the Gotra had acquired from the Liberation Front. It was designed to wirelessly hack into the prison’s system and unlock the cells. Then allow Scaramouche to dispose of the guards while leading Quickstrike and the Gotra’s men out of the prison.
With the prison trying to deal with the riots, the Gorta’s men would sneak through the chaos and escape by boat that the staff on their payroll had acquired for the jailbreak. A clever ruse for a jailbreak, then they would make it for the bank, steal the money and escape the city. And neither the prison nor the authorities were none the wiser. Now the guard had to play his part and implement the chaos.
The guard pressed a button on the device, the mechanism activating and making a piercing sound. The device was hacking the system now. “Time to play.” the guard said.

“I want every guardsman to head for Cameron’s cell now.” The warden said. “Bring that bastard outta there and search his room for anything he had planned. Get him locked up with Kasady for all I care.”
“Sir, we have a problem.” One of the computer staff said. “Our system’s being hacked.”
“What?!?” The warden said. He ran over to the computer where the staff man was stationed. The computer was acting on itself, beyond the staff’s control. Cell by cell was being opened and the arm system was deactivated. “By who?”
“From inside.” The staff man said. “I think it was smuggled in the prison.”
“All communication to the city has been cut off.” Another staff member said. “Phone lines are dead.”
“What, are we blind!?!” The warden said.
“We’re on our own.” The second staff member said.
The warden can hear the clamoring of the prisoners shouting from up head in the prison, the riots have begun. With no contact to the city, they were on their own. The warden had to think of something fast, otherwise, they’ll be overrun by the prisoners and they could escape to the city with the boats. They had to act fast.
“What about Kasady’s cell?” the warden said.
“Nothing sir.” The first staff member said. “Whoever is responsible for this doesn’t have the codes for Kasady’s cell.”
“Thank god. Get every available guard to block off all paths to the docks, gather any weapons you can. Take them down if you must.” The warden said. “You here get the systems back under control. We need to take back this prison!”

The door to his cell opened, Cameron smirked a wicked grin. The Gotra’s asset had done his part, now it was time for his. Pulling the covering of his cell’s bed off, Cameron eyed the weapon that was hidden from the guard. His scimitar. A favored weapon of Scaramouche himself. Picking up his trusty blade, Scaramouche waltzed out of his cell and off to the direction of his client’s men.
Two guardsman came running out from the corner of the hallway and raised their guns. “Freeze!” One of them said.
“Wrong! Let’s tango!” Scaramouche said. He dashes fright for them, leaping and spinning mid arm to avoid gunfire from the guards.
Still in a fury of whipping around his scimitar, the mercenary slashed the closest one by the shoulder and cleaved the other’s gun in half, kicking him to the ground.He eyed the fallen guards, one of them holding his bloodied wounded and in pain. Scaramouche grinned, loving his handiwork. He was known for his combat style with blades, and his trusty scimitar always was in him in battle.
“As much as I like to leave my calling card, I prefer an active audience to my performances.” Scaramouche said. “Consider yourselves lucky to have seen Scaramouche the Merciless in action, Chao.”
Scaramouche hurried down the corridor to find Quickstrike and the others before ditching the prison for the prisoners to take over. This performance hasn’t even started.

"Cletus Kasady.” Deku said. “The bloody murder. Responsible for multiple murders.”
“My, I’m flattered you did your homework.” Kasady said. “I’m glad my reputation precedes me. I hope that your tendency to study your adversaries will be engraved on your tombstone.”
Kasady threw himself at Deku, whipping his knife right at his throat. Deku barely dodged the blade, Kasady pursued him after. Deku blocked an attack from Kadady, putting his hand on the blade welding arm of Kasady and throwing a punch to Kasady’s body. Kasady stumbled backwards, throwing his blade at Deku who came at him, but dodged barely. Seeing this chance, Kaady threw a punch to his head, sending him backwards before knocking him to the ground with a kick.
Kasady threw himself at Deku, knife in both hands and trying to stab through his head. Deku caught both blades, preventing the fatal blow. Kasady chuckled wickedly, seeing the look of determination to keep the fatal blow on his adversarie’s masked face.
“Oh don’t tell me this is how it turns out?” Kasady said. “RIght after it just started.”
Deku tried to keep the blade from striking through his head, quirkless, this guy was formidable. He knew that Kasady was responsible for numerous murder, hence why he was able to hold his own.
“Had I known the deaths of many would grieve you heroes so much, I would’ve killed more.” Kasady said. “And kill more I shall.”
Deku was angry when he heard Kasady’s declaration, the resolve of a murderous psychopath. He kicks Kasady off of him with both feet, sending the murderer backwards. He knees Kasady in the face when the latter came running back to him with the knife in hand, throwing a punch to his head afterward.
“No more!” Deku said.
Kasady throws the blade at him, Deku blocks the attack like before and throws Kasady into the ground. Kasady tried to get up, grabbing the blade that lied on the ground in front of him. Deku stomps on the blade before Kasady could grab it, picking him up and holding him by the collar of his shirt.
“All the people you’ve murdered.” Deku said. “Why?”
“Wouldn’t you like to know? “ Kasady said. He headbutts Deku in the head, tackling him into the ground. He starts strangling him by the throat. “You’re the researcher, you figure it out.”
Deku punches him in the head and knocks him over with both legs. Kasady got back onto one foot, eyeing his adversary that glared at him, back on both feet.
“Not quite how I imagined it, but at least my world tour can still end on a high note.” Kasady said.
“I could not have allowed this to end otherwise.” Deku said.
Kasady quickly grabbed his knife while Deku didn’t suspect it and threw it at his head. Deku dodged the attack and hit Kasdy with a punch enough to send him flying into the brick wall behind him. Kasady thudded against the wall with such force, collapsing into the ground with his back still on the wall. Deku eyed Kasady, he could hear the sirens of police cars in the background. Kasady heard it too, the police were coming for him. Kasady chuckled a wicked laughter.
“Go ahead. Say this has never happened to you before.” Kasady said.
“Shut up.” Deku said.
“Make me.” Kasady said. “Go on, finish me.”
Kasady waited for the final blow. Nothing. Deku stood there glaring at him, refusing to strike him down. He will not resort himself to Kasdy’s level, no matter how diabolical Kasady is. Kasady eyed him with contempt, seeing that his adversary would not kill him. Kasady snarled in annoyance, the fact that Deku refused to kill him sickened him to no end. Typical heroes and their self righteous beliefs.
“It doesn’t matter. I’ve won. They know of my legacy. And the eyes and ears of the world are at me now.” Kasady said. He chuckled a wicked laughter. “I’ve literally got the whole world in my hands now.”
Deku eyed with indecision, not privy to Kasady’s revelation. Did Kasady kill for the sake of getting attention, so many people died for the eyes and ears of the world. Something wasn’t right about this, Deku wasn’t sure how but it worried him. Kasady knew something that he didn’t.
“Check mate.” Kasady said.

Cletus Kasady remembered that day so well, being apprehended by Deku. One day Kasady knew that he would get caught or die because of his doings. At least his world tour ended with a high note. He had the eyes and ears of the world directed right at him, he told them all of his past and his resolve, no matter how vague his explanation was. Maybe someone would crack his clues and reveal his intentions, doesn’t matter, it would be too late by then. Let them stress over it.
Kasady could hear the sounds of the prisoners escaping their cells and rioting outside, yet his cell remained locked. The warden took great measures as to keep his cell with a different code. Clever. Still, they hardly annoyed Kasady. So what everyone but him escapes, let them tear the guards apart. Perhaps that will get the eyes and ears of the world to take his resolve seriously. Kasady could use that to his advantage. Chaos always has a way of undoing the secured and the prepared suddenly.
Kasady laid back on his cell bed, listening to the riots outside, smirking wickedly. “The essence of chaos.”Kasady said.

Spriting through the crowds of prisoners, Scaramouche leaps right at a guard whom was trying to subdue the rioting. Bringing out his scimitar, Scaramouche brought it down on the guard, slashing through his uniform and drawing out blood in a horrific fashion. The guard collapsed backwards, holding his wound while in pain. The prisoners cheered in adulation, some of them grabbed any weapons that the guard dropped.
“Thank you, you all, you’re a beautiful crowd.” Scaramouche said. “Now what do you all say we ditch this taco stand and make way for freedom on the land?”
The prisoners raised their arms in the air with a cheer of support, some of them holding guns and batons.
“I dig it babe.” Scaramouche said. He leads the charge , hoping to find Quickstrike and the others before this riot gets out of hand. The less guards and mobs to tangle with, the better to ditch this island and make landfall. He had a job to do.

“Why the hell can’t we make contact with the prison?!?” Mulligan said.
“Communications are down, both phone and email wise.” An officer said.
“And you say that this was an inside job.” Mulligan said. “Who’s responsible?”
“We’re looking through the roster right now.” The officer said. “But best guess is that the team may have been compromised.”
Mulligan had a feeling what may be responsible. “Collin’s clients.” Mulligan said. “Scaramouche planned to get caught. He wanted to free Collin and his accomplices out of the prison.”
“Any one of our own was associated with his clients?” The officer said.
“No doubt. It had to be an inside job.” Mulligan said. “Contact Kane and gather all our forces. We have to get to that island and stop them before we have a jailbreak.”

Collin Tobita ran down the hallways, having been freed from his cell. He needed to find his armory and get out of here. He just reached the hallway that leads for the exit when he encountered two guards. They raised their guns at the criminal, hatling him in his tracks. “Halt.” One of them said. Collin raised his hands in the air, he didn’t want to risk getting shot. “Head back to your cell right away.” The same officer said.
One of the guards dropped into the ground to Colin and the other guard’s shock, a scimitar lodged through his chest. They look to see Scaramouch whipping right at the nearest guard, dropping him with a kick to the head. The remaining guard drew his gun at the mercenary, but he was knocked to the ground by a punch from Collin. Collin eyed Scaramouche with shock, seeing several more prisoners running up to him.
“Scaramouche?!?” Collin said. “What the sam hell you’re doing here?”
“Saving your ass.” Scaramouche said. “Appreciate if you drop the sass.”
“He was hired by your clients.” Goce said. “They wanted no loose ends.”
“Appreciate the help.” Collin said. “We need to get my armor so we can get outta here.”
“No can do, Quickie do.” Scaramouche said. “This place is going to hell in a New York minute. Best to ditch this place while we still have our heads. If we don’t, our clients will have them anyway.”
“I can just leave it behind.” Collin said.
“What do you prefer? Your armor or your life?” Gordon said.
“Save it.” Scaramouche said. “Look, we’ve got a job to do. You do your part with the robbery, and they’ll fund you for your armor’s replacement. Deal?”
“Like I have a choice.” Collin said. “Lets bring home the green!”
“That’s music I can dance with.” Scaramouche said. He grabbed the scimitar and drew it from the dead guard. “The stage awaits us!”
They all rushed for the exit, they have a job that awaits them on the mainland.

“I’m just saying that was the same as the straw that broke the camel’s back.” Eddie said. “I got that from Ed Edd n Eddy. Seriously, I can’t believe I’ve been trying to explain that to you for an hour now.”
Eddie was still sitting at the same cafe, irritated that he had been having the same stupid conversation for an hour now. He was starting to regret saying that quote to Venom.
“But a celery stalk doesn’t count. That’s an edible item.” Venom said. “It would be pierced by the urchin’s thorns.
“Oh shaklah!” Eddie said. “It’s just an expression. Can we get over it?”
Eddi heard the sirens of police cars nearby, much to his shock and dismay. Eddie had been so careful lately, there was no way that police couldn’t found him and Venom now.
“What the hell?” Eddie said. He was worried.
“The gig is up!” Venom said.
Just when Eddie was about to stand up, he saw the police cars speeding by, not stopping. Eddie glanced at the speeding cars, they drove off until they were out of sight. Eddie wasn’t privy to what was going on, the police suddenly were out in force, yet they weren’t after him and Venom. Eddie didn’t know whenever to feel glad not to be the target of persecution or baffled with what the police were after.
“What’s going on?” Venom said.
“You tell me.” Eddie said. “For once it ain’t us.”
“Must be something going on up ahead.” Venom said.
“Maybe.” Eddie said. He contemplated for a moment. “You ready for another day of heroism, Sancho?”
“Righto, bandeto.” Venom said.

Nighthawk eyed the Charr Gorta gang making it for the boat off the island. All according to the plan. A guardsman, different from the one before, waited on the boat. He saw Scaramouche leading the others to the docks. “Just in time.” The guardsman said. “The boss was hoping you pulled it off.”
“I said I’d get the job done.” Scaramouche said. “The headliner isn’t one to disappoint.”
“Yeah, well, had to leave my armor behind.” Collin said. “Wasn’t my first choice.”
“I assure you Collin, if you get the funds for us, we’ll be happy to supply you with a replacement. Right now we need to make tracks. Get in.”
They got into the boat with the guardsman starting the engine. In no time, the boat sped off for the main line. Nighthawk observed from afar, making sure that they were getting the job done. Seeing them no longer in sight, the mechanical blizzard took flight, leaving the prison for the mainland.

“I’m surprised how many of you lot are in cahoots with the Gotra.” Collin said. “Never knew.”
“You’d be surprised of the resources we have.” The guardsman said. “Everyone has a price.”
“No argument.” Collin said.
“Speaking of armory, or attire.” The guardsman said. “The boss thought it best you’d be best with your gear when we pull off the heist.” He opened the suitcase, inside it was a long purple coat with a red interior, an orange scarf, red high heel boots and a black straw hat.
“Ah, ol threads and blades.” Scaramouche said. “Even for a short time, I’d missed them ever so much”
“Thought it be best you’d be at your best for the job.” The guardsman said. “I hope for your sake that you’re the right man for the heist.”
“Do you doubt my records?” Scaramouche said. “I told you, we will get the job done.”
“As I said, for your sake.” the guardsman said. “The boss wants no failure.”
“Like I said, we’ll get the job done.” Scaramouche said.
“Hate to interrupt this entertaining chatter.” Stuart said. “But if communications were down for this long, the police would’ve caught on to our little deception by now. They’d be waiting for us at the docks.”
“Not a problem” The guardsman said. “As I said, everyone has a price.”

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Re: My Hero Acadmeia: Let there be Carnage

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Chapter 5
Chasing the Chaos

Mulligan stood among the other officers in a standoff near their vehicles, they’d been waiting at the docks for minutes now. They could see the smoke from the prison on Ryker’s Island, the place must be a mess by now. As much he wanted to send his more to subdue the riots, there were other matters to deal with. He left before any word on contacting Kane. They needed to set up a perimeter at the docks to prevent any more prisoners from reaching the mainland.
Standing before them, not concerned with the guns aimed at him and his colleagues, was Scaramouche. Dressed in his favored attire, he smirked at the police that was before him. He was glad to be back in the threads, now he can carry on with the show in all his splendor.
“Scaramouche, I advise you and your crew to stand down and turn yourselves in.” Mulligan said. “Resist and we will open fire.”
“Dig the bravado, but thing is I don’t plan on handing myself over this time.” Scaramouche said. “Bet you figured out my farce.”
“Yeah, made real fools of us.” Mulligan said. “Bet they paid you real good to get Collin and his men outta there.”
“More than your paygrade, babe.” Scaramouche said.
“Well whatever they paid you for, wasn’t worth the price.” Mulligan said. “Because now, you’re going back to Ryker’s Island. Only this time, you’re staying there.”

Eddie eyed the situation from afar, fortunate to catch the action from the corner of a building at the bayside. This must’ve been what the police were in a rush for. Eddie could see the smoke from the prison at Ryker’s Island. There must’ve been a jailbreak and the whole place was in shambles. Now there was a standoff at the pier, the police and some criminal gang, led by some schmuck dressed in purple and a black straw hat.
“Who the hell is this guy?” Venom said.
“Beats me.” Eddie said. “But he sure has some taste in style.”
“Wonder what his brain must taste like.” Venom said.
“Venom, not the time for jokes.” Eddie said. He kept watch on the situation before, trying not to risk getting caught in the crossfire.

“Last time I’m telling you this.” Mulligan said. “Turn yourselves in, or we’ll open fire.”
“Babe, you don;t seem to understand what you’re getting yourselves into.” Scaramouche said. “Just let us pass, and no one gets shot.”
“By you? The ones without the guns.” Mulligan said. “In case you don’t know, you never bring knives to a gunfight. You have till three to surrender.”
“Well boys, you heard him.” Scaramouche said.
Mulligan eyed him with suspicion, he was privy to what Scaramouche was implying. He wouldn’t be standing there with confidence if he knew they’d be several guns aimed at him and his men. He saw the guardsman standing by the boat, couldn’t be him that Scaramouche was so smug about. It did confirm that there were some men in the prison allied with whatever organization that hired Scaramouche and Quickstrike before him. Collin was there too, which confirmed that they were there for him too.
“Have it your way.” Mulligan said. “One.”
The police prepared to fire, Scaramouche hardly moving from where he stood. The others backed off a step, apprehensive regardless of whatever claim their pal, the guardsman spoke about before. Whatever he was referring to, better now make a move while they were still alive.
“Two.”Mulligan said. His fellow officers remained in their positions, guns still aimed at the criminal gang.
Scaramouche still having that confident smirk on his face, while his colleagues remained skeptical.
Right before Mulligan made the final count, their position was pelted with bullets from nearby, they quickly made cover with their police cars. Mulligan peered over the end of the police car to see two other officers raining bullet fire from theirs. Cops under the payroll of the same criminal organization that Scaramouche and Quickstrike were hired by. Great, more crooked officials in league with those bastards.
Seeing the shoot off before them, Scaramouche’s gang quickly made haste for the police car that their allies were standing by. “Bout time you saved our asses.” Scaramouche said. He hid behind the car while some of the game slipped inside. “You think you could’ve done that a few seconds earlier?”
“You’re alive, that matters.” Corey said. “Just get to the bank and get the loot!”
“Since you asked so nicely.” Scaramouche said. He climbed inside the car, and the vehicle sped off.

Eddie watched with indecision, shocked to see the gunfire transpiring in front of him. What was going on is what he wanted to know. Officers shooting at some of their own. Eddie quickly spotted a police car speeding off and passing him by. Eddie spotted the gang inside, the one with the black straw hat smirking triumphantly. Both Eddie and Venom quickly understood the situation very well.
“Ah. Eddie and Venom both said. “They’re in cahoots.”
Eddie looked back at the shoot off at the docks, the officers still firing back at their former comrades, unable to pursue. Eddie looked back at the prison, smoke still rising from the island in the distance. The officers were still preoccupied with handling the situation in front of Eddie, and already, a criminal gang was on the loose.
“They won’t be able to stop the riots in time.” Eddie said.
“And the gang of bastards on the loose.” Venom said.
Eddie looked back and forth at both the prison and the shoot off, contemplating the situation. There was nothing they could do, but there may be something both Eddie and Venom can do.
“You’re thinking what I’m thinking?” Eddie said.
“Crowd control?” Venom said. “Please say yes!”
“Oh hell yes.” Eddie said. He looked back and forth at the situation, nobody was paying any attention to anywhere other than the shoot off. And Eddie was alone.
“Alright partner.” Eddie said. “Mask!”
“Copy!” Venom said. The Venom symbiote appeared and covered Eddie, Venom now appeared. Snarling, Venom rushed off to the water nearby and leaped into it. As quickly as Venom appeared, Venom swam off to Ryker’s Island. None the wiser the officers were, preoccupied with the treacherous due firing at them.

“Keep me covered.” Mulligan said to a nearby officer, I’ll catch them from their flank.
The officer nodded, keeping firing on the due ahead of them. Sneaking towards the nearest car that had been left behind during the set up, Mulligan peered at the other police car far ahead of them. He could sneak up by more leftover cares if the others kept distracting them. Seeing the duo still distracted, Mulligan sneaked up to another vehicle.
The duo kept shooting, hoping to take down an officer or two before storming their flank. The one on the right of the vehicle was unbeknownst that his partner had been knocked to the ground by a kick to his leg by Mulligan. The moment that he spotted Mulligan, he ducked from an incoming bullet. Mulligan had a gun pointed at his fallen crock, and another officer came up from behind the other crook, gun aiming at his head.
Just as the shoot off began, it was mercifully over. The officers handcuffed the two criminals and hauled them off to the police car while Mulligan grabbed a walkie talkie from the other one.
“I need a squad dispatched to the bank right away, we have incoming.” Mulligan said. “Scaramouche and several of his men are heading there.” Mulligan looked back at the prison, smoke still rising from the interiors. “Whatever is left, dispatch to Ryker’s Island immediately! We must not let anymore reach the city!”

Splashing out of the bay and landing onto soil, Venom eyed the prison in front of him. No one to bother him, he could hear the clamor of the riots inside the prison. Venom licked his teeth with his serpentine-like tongue, snarling with satisfaction. “So many idiots to bash their brains in, where do we start?!?” Venom said. Venom whipped his head back and forth between cell block to another and vice versa. Spotting one that he liked, Venom rushed towards the prison and leaped right at the wall of the cell block.

Chucking his former prison guard shirt off, Craig laid back at the back seat with his colleagues, Quickstrike at the wheel and Scaramouche at the front seat. The stolen police car sped through the streets, no sign of any police interference. They were home free, once they steal the money from the bank. The idea that if they fail they would be eliminated was a concerning factor, not to Scaramouche who was confident in his abilities in pulling off the heist. With the police handling their former colleagues and the riots, there wouldn’t be any much to get in their way.
“Home free baby.”Sacaamouche said. “Once we pull off this heist, we’ll be home free.”
“What about our hero problem?” Gordon said “They’ll be on to our deception.”
“No problemo, Gordondino.” Scaramouche said. “That’s what I’m here for.”
“You?!?” Gordon said. “You’re our answer to Kane?!?
“Did I stutter?” Scaramouche said, he glanced over to Gordion behind him. “Why do you think the Gotra hired me for this job?”
“Whatever it is you have in store for them, better do it quick.”Collin said “We’ve got company! Company with a capital “S”.
Scaramouche looked back in front of him to see a personal with dark brown hair, a red mask that covered much of his face, dressed in a red and blue armored attire. The hero Scaramouche was talking about. Kane Jacobs, aka Sentinel. Scaramouche frowned, he did not foresee this, not this soon. Still, Scaramouche was hardly concerned. This was what he was hired for. He planned for this.
“Looks like that the stage awaits me.” Scaramouche said. He unbuckled his seat beast and placed his hands outside the window. “Keep going, rob the bank and mowsy on back to home. I’ll find my way back.” He crawled out of the car and stood on top of the roof, branching his scimitar.

Sentinel eyed the stolen police vehicle rushing towards him, Scaramouche standing on top branching his scimitar. They were in no mood to stop, rather to run him down like roadkill. He leaps onto the air, from out of ho where a golden, energy like blade appears from one of his arms and swishing right at Scaramouche. Scaramouche, having anticipated this, swings his blade at Kane’s and both weapons collide, sparks dancing from both blades. Scaramouche held his ground, or footing on top of the car, smirking at the determined Sentinel.
“What took you so long, Senti babe.” Scaramouche said. “Been hoping to meet your acquaintance for some time.”
“Pull over!” Sentinel said. He tries forcing Scaramouche back to get an advantage of ground. The car rocked while it sped through the streets, both Scaramouche and Sentinel trying to remain on top of the vehicle. Scaramouche eyed the ground for a moment, looking back at Sentinel. No way he was any help to them if he fell to the ground, with Sentinel still standing on top of the car.
“Perhaps best we continue this on a more appropriate stage.” Scaramouche said. He backflips off the car, and lands on the street behind. Seeing his adversary no longer standing in front of him, Sentinel leaps off to confront his foe in the street. Scaramouche was hoping for this, he would be a better target if he kept Sentinel away from his colleagues. Now he was free to take on Sentinel in the streets of Suncoast. It would be too late for him to act on stopping the robbery after fighting him, still, something about this was amiss.
Scaramouche hardly cared about it, so Sentinel was careless, more it favored his odds.
“Sentinel. Assigned Hero to Suncoast City, Suncoast’s Safeguard.” Scaramouche said. “Heard lots bout you babe.”
“Who hired you?” Sentinel said. He was in no mood for games.
“Sorry babe. Much as I like to perform, this canary ain’t singing babe.” Scaramouche said. “You’d be better off worrying about your life.” Scaramouche branched his scimitar for an attack. “Nothing personal, it’s just business.” Scaramouche kept charging at him, swishing his blade right at Sentinel’s neck.
Sentinel saw his attack and brought his energy blade at Scaramouche’s, the blades clanging and slashing at each other. The two slashed and bashed their weapons at each other, sparks dancing off each other. Scaramouche throwing his attacks with precision and finesse, Sentinel blocking each one with caution and resolve. Scaramouche was an expert at sword combat, to a degree that Scaramouche was fighting with unwavered confidence. Sentinel had heard of Scaramouche before, but never had the chance to fight him in person.
Sentinel forced Scaramouche back a couple of steps, the latter eyeing him with a smug look.
“That’s it. That’s that energy blade I’ve heard about.” Scaramouche said. “What are you waiting for, let’s get at it. Let’s get slicing and dicing! Swinging and bashing! Hacking and slashing babe!” He swung his blade with every sentence, emphasizing his statement.
“One blade is more than enough to apprehend you.” Sentinel said.
“Oh, confident aren’t we?” Scaramouche said. “I can dig it.” The mercenary brought out another blade from the sheath on his belt. “Let’s see if two blades you can handle.”
Scaramouche charged at Sentinel, the latter summoning an energy shield from his other arm and blocking the attack. His adversary hacked away with both blades, with such ferocity. Whenever Sentinel tried to swing his blade at Scaramouche, the latter dodged with such efficiency and attacks right back. Scaramouche had stepped up in his game, Sentinel was holding his own though.

Kane Jacobs aka Sentinel
Quirk: Energy weaponry

Scaramouche swung both blades right at Sentinel, the Safeguard of Suncoast bringing his shield up to block the attacks and shoves him away, sending Scaramouche away. Landing on his feet, Scaramouche eyed his foe with a smirk.
“You know baby, I wasn’t crazy on the shield, but man you haven’t missed a step!” Scaramouche said. “But one thing I don’t get, why bother fighting me when you could’ve stopped my pals? What’s the problemo, babe?”
Sentinel lowered his guard, still eyeing the mercenary with vigilance. “Your clients were well aware of my presence.” Sentinel said. “But their information was not up to date.”

“That guy got guts of chrome steel.” Collin said, looking back. “Taking on Kane by himself.”
“The guy’s got plenty of surprises. “ Craig said. “I wouldn’t worry too much about him.”
“So we head on to the bank? “ Gordon said.
“And then, onwards to freedom.” Collin said. “Talk about a quick dollar right outta prison. Yee-haw!”
“Black Whip!”A voice said.
“Black What?” Collin said, eyeing the crew behind him. Unbeknownst to him, a black strain of energy latched onto the hood of the police car and yanked off the cover.
“Not us.” Goce said. “Look!” He pointed a ginger at the direction of where that voice came from.
Collin looked back in front of him to see a figure dressed in a green, black and white attire leaping towards them from the air. “What in tarnation!?!” Collin said. He was not privy to this.
The figure dressed in green, black and white launched another black whip from his wrists, latching and yanking out the engines of the police car, leaping overhead the vehicle and watching it coming to a stop. Landing on his feet, he eyed the criminal gang exiting the car, the exception being Collin. They brought out their guns and opened fire, the figure in green attire dodging every one of the attacks before launching black whips from both wrists.
Pulling the guns out of the criminal’s hands, the one in green attire leaped to the group, taking them down with a punch or kick, one by one. He eyes the fallen crooks, seeing that they were down for the count. He looked at the direction of the police car when he heard laughter in that direction, a figure climbing on top of the roof of the stolen vehicle. He had a feeling on who it was, since Kane had a previous encounter with the crook.
“Well. What do we have here?” Collin said.
“This is far you go.” The figure in the green attire said.
“Believe me, I haven’t gone far enough.” Collin said. “I never was told about another hero in town.”
“Then you know it’s pointless to fight.” The hero in the green attire said. “Don’t misunderstand confidence with foolishness.”
“The only thing you misunderstand is my need to kick some hero keister!” Collin said.
Collin quickly brings out his gun, only for it to be latched by a black whip from the hero. Collin eyed the latter with indecision. He chuckled a confident laughter, much to the hero’s own indecision.
“Clever move.” Collin said. “How about one of my own.”
Collin, using his free hand, grabbed a mechanical like whip from behind him and lashed out at the hero. It wrapped around the hero’s other arm, much to the hero’s shock. The whip discharged bolts of electricity, shocking the hero and causing the black whip to dissipate. Smirking at his handiwork, Quickstrike pulled the whip and hurled the hero into a nearby wall, the latter smacking against it.
“The Rampage Gauntlet.” Quickstrike said. “My clients thought ahead and gave me this weapon, knowing I wouldn’t recover my armor.”
Sparks still dancing from his body, the hero looked up at Quickstrike. He knew that Collin wouldn’t waste time and attack him while he was down.
“I maybe without my armor.” Quickstrike said. “But I’m not defenseless.”

“All right everyone.” A prisoner said, hosting a shotgun that he confiscated from a dead guard. “The day is still young, we’re free and the city’s ours for the plundering. Who’s ready for some pillaging?!”
The prisoners cheered in agreement, yelling and brandishing their stolen weapons in the air. One of them wasn’t listening, he was listening to a radio that he stole from one of the guards, hearing some commotion that concerned him. He runs up to the ring leader with the radio in hand,
“Uh, boss.” The subordinate said. “Might want to hear this.”
The ring leader listened to the radio, hearing some nonsense about the riots in the neighboring cell block being subdued, prisoners beaten senseless and a black creature. He was indignant, what was going on was new to him. The notion of a creature causing havoc in the prison was idiocy.
“What the hell is this?” The ring leader said. “Our fellows are being taken out and a freaking creature is waltzing in our midst. Who’s the idiot behind this!?”
As if right on cue, a wall breaks apart in a cloud of rubble and ruin, all eyes turn to the direction to see a black and white creature, licking his serrated teeth, glaring at all of them.
“Now you face the Lethal Protector.” Venom said.

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Re: My Hero Acadmeia: Let there be Carnage

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Chapter 5
Dousing the Chaos

Venom throws himself at the nearest prison, snarling while grabbing the prisoner by the throat, and whips around, hurling the prisoner onto several others like a bowling ball through pins. He smacks away a prisoner behind him, sending him flying into the wall behind him. Eyeing another prisoner from the catwalk above, raising a gun at him, Venom snatched a fallen prisoner that laid on the ground and hurled at his assailant, knocking him and the other to the floor of the bridge.
Seeing a prisoner rushing towards him with a baton, Venom smacked him with a fist to his head, knocking straight to the ground head first. The prisoner collapsed to the ground, knocked out. Another prisoner opened fire with bullets at the black creature, the latter hardly injured but annoyed. A launched a black webbing at the prisoner, hurled him towards him and smacked him with a punch that sent him crashing into several more ahead.
Seeing more coming at him, Venom launched another black webbing, this time at a nearby table. He threw it at the group, knocking them all down altogether. Venom’s head was smacked to his right by a baton, a prisoner who had gotten up attacked him when he wasn’t looking. Venom turned to eye the prisoner with serrated teeth bearing at him. That didn’t hurt him at all. He grabbed the prisoner just when the latter tried attacking again by the throat, and tossed him around and into the ground with a chokeslam.
Venom snarled in pain, a gun blasting his shoulder and eviscerating it into pieces, one piece splattering on the wall nearby. His wound regenerating, Venom turned to glare at the source of the attack. The ring leader holding a shotgun in his hands. Snarling, Venom daunted towards the prisoner, who fired again, not causing much damage like before again and again. Grabbing the ring leader by the throat, Venom brought his prey face to face at him. His teeth bared, he snarled with malice and he licked his maw with his tongue.
“Be fortunate that we’re letting you live.” Venom said.
Venom tossed the prisoner away far ahead of the block, the latter hitting the ground and knocking against several fallen others. With the prisoners in the block unable to continue the fight or the rioting, Venom rushes off towards another block.

Sparks still dancing off of him after being electrocuted, Deku got to one knee, eyeing Quickstrike daunting towards him. Quickstrike was whacking the ground with his Rampage gauntlet, taking his time. He was chuckling a wicked laugh.
“I’m clever than you thought, novice.” Quickstrike said. He stands before Deku, raising a gun at his head, smirking a wicked smile. “Lights out time!”
Seeing his chance, Deku kicks the gun out of Quickstrike’s hand and rolls away. He leaps back onto his feet, ready to continue the fight. Quickstrike, snarling, throws the electrical whip at the hero, the latter leaping out of the way, Quickstrike whipping and throwing the whip multiple times after. Quickstrike was becoming frustrated, this hero was more annoying than Sentinel, trying to avoid his attacks.
“Hold still, you welt!” Quickstrike said.
Deku was waiting for a chance to make his move, seeing Quickstrike trying to hit him with the gauntlet. He saw his chance when Quckstrike hit the floor with his gauntlet, about to pick it up again. He leaps forward, ducking the whip when Quickstrike throws it at his head and throws a punch right at the latter’s head. The gauntlet knocked out of his hand, Quickstrike stumbled backwards before he was kicked into a nearby wall by a kick from the hero.
Deku didn’t know what explanation it was when he saw Quickstrike getting back to his feet, albeit battered and barely able to stand.
“I’m still standing, Ombre.” Quickstrike said. As he got back up, Quickstrike collapsed into the ground. “I hope Scaramouche took care of that bastard.”
Deku walked up towards Collin, having heard that last statement. He kneels on one knee, eyeing his defeated foe.
“What do you mean?” Deku said. “What’s Scaramouche up to?”
“Like I’m gonna tell you.” Quickstrike said.
Deku could hear the sirens of approaching police cars, they were near. There wasn’t any time to waste, Sentinel could be in danger knowing that Scaramouche had something planned. Deku launched a black whip to a nearby building and leaps off to where Sentinel may be, leaving the police to apprehend Collin and the others.

“A ward?!? A ward?!? ” Scaramouche said. “You got to be freaking, bleeding kidding me. Nobody told me there was a ward.” He stamps on the ground out of annoyance. “This is why I hate when nobody gives me the script!”
Sentinel eyed Scaramouche with maintained vigilance, not dropping his guard. He didn’t find Scaramouche’s tantrum any worth to reply.
“When did this happen?” Scaramouche said. “I wasn’t informed of this.”
“Apparently, you haven’t been caught up to date with the news.” Sentinel said. "The capture of one serial killer.”
“Serial killer?” Scaramouche said. He contemplated on Sentinel’s statement. He snapped his finger when he figured out the answer. “Oh yeah, Celtus Kasady. To be honest, that hack may be efficient, but he’s got no class, babe.”
“Regardless of your opinion, you will soon be joining him.” Sentinel said. “I ask you again to surrender.”
“Yeah, right. What do you think I am? Beau Co Coo coo, babe?” Scaramouche said. “This performance hasn’t even started.” He throws his scimitar at Sentinel’s head.
Sentinel ducks the blade, the weapon passing over him and hitting the floor. Sentinel whips back to see Scaramouche throwing his hand held blade, once again dodging the attack and hitting his blade with his own energy weapon. The mercenary blocked a blow from Sentinel’s shield and leapt over him, landing back behind the hero.
“We may be equal in sword combat, but there ain’t no equal to musical magic that is me, babe.” Scaramouche said. The mercenary began swinging a scat like song, much to Sentinel’s indecision.
Unbeknownst to the hero, the Scimitar that Scaramouche threw suddenly began to levitate.Not wanting to take his chances with whatever Scaramouche was up to, Sentinel rushes towards him, shield ready to strike. Scaramouche continued to sing the same music, quickly moving out of the way when the Scimitar came flying past him, much to Sentinel’s shock. He rolls out of the way, missing the blade and glancing at Scaramouche from another angle.
Scaramouche continued to sing, the blade swinging back at Sentinel who blocked it with his shield. He fights the blade away with his energy sword, glancing over to see Scaramouche throwing himself, blade in hand, at the hero. Sentinel and Scaramouche slashed blades with each other, the latter still singing. The Scimitar came swinging back towards Sentinel, who dodged it and barely leaped out of the way of Scaramouche’s attack.
Scaramouche whipped around to face Sentinel, drawing out another knife from his belt. “Dig that beautiful song baby.” Scaramouche said. “Let that be your swan song.”
The mercenary throws himself at the hero, both blades in hand.

Cletus Kasady sat at his cell, fiddling his severed cell bar with his finger, cutting a bloody wound. He can still hear the commotion of the rioting going on outside his cell. The guards were clever to keep him isolated from the others in a single cell in a single room. Still, this helped Kasady’s message to the public. A jailbreak that was convinced from the outside world, and the guards, nor the police were none the wiser.
The sounds of bashing were louder than before, the fighting must be near. Kasady was in no position to do anything, either to join the jailbreak or go it on his own. The cell door was still locked, and there were no guards to hold any of the rioters back. The only thing that Kasady had for a defense was the severed bar. He was used to fighting with a blade.
A wall of the room exploded in a cloud of dust and rubble, a prisoner sent flying through and hitting the opposite wall behind him. Kasady eyed the situation with shock. He whipped back to see coming through the hole was a black and white creature, messy white eye spots and serrated teeth. It was snarling, licking its maw with its serpentine-like tongue. It eyed the fallen prisoner, the latter battered to fight, let alone get back up.
The creature eyed Kasady from outside his cell, the latter glancing back at it.

Cletus Kasady, the murderer of countless lives, was standing before him and Eddie inside his cell. The very person that had caught the world by storm, who left a bloody trail in his wake. Venom’s eye spots narrowed, he snarled with indignation. Venom could just snatch him from his cell and bite his head off, save everyone the torment of his inane killings and stupid riddles. Kasady was inside the cell, unable to escape or fight. He was of no problem to him. Eddie had no problems with Venom’s decision.
Snarling, Venom headed out of the room and towards the nearest rioting.

Seeing the creature leave without so much as saying a single word, Kasady eyes the situation with a smirk on his face. That was what the commotion nearby was all about, the prisoners were beaten stupid by that creature. Kasady wasn’t privy of a creature being in the prison, let alone the city. He could tell the creature saw him as no threat, leaving him behind. Now it was just Kasady in his cell, with the prisoner laying outside.
Kasady chuckled with laughter. “And this day started out so peaceful.” Kasady said.

Sentinel blocks blow after blow of Scaramouche’s attacks, the mercenary was striking back with precise yet frightening precision. When he knocks the mercenary back away from him, he finds himself ducking from the flying scimitar, still somehow levitating. The fact that Scaramouche was still singing while fighting made somewhat sense, that must be his quirk. Scaramouche’s quirk must be that his singing allows him to control his blade.
As long as Scaramouche was singing, the blade would still be a factor. Sentinel was fighting against three blades. He had to somehow stop the mercenary from signing, but the latter was proven to be a formidable adversary. Sentinel smacks the flying scimitar away while making a dash to Scaramouche, the latter blocking each of Sentinel’s blade with his own. The hero had to block the scimitar when it came back at him while defending against the two that Scaramouche was throwing at him.
“Why don’t you back off, you’re way outta your league.” Scaramouche said.

Quirk: Blade control

“Perhaps that would be the right move for you, but I have an obligation to this city and its people.” Sentinel said. “I will not abandon them, even at the risk of my own life.”
“Sappy, sappy.” Scaramouche said. “No wonder Quickstrike hates you, you make me nauseous.”
“Your opinions are hardly of concern, Scaramouche.“ Sentinel said.
“But this is.” Scaramouche said. He kicks Sentinel in the face, landing another at his body and knocking him down.
Sentinel tried getting back up, but he was met with one of Scarmouche’s blades, pointed at his face. Scaramouche eyed the fallen hero, cackling a mocking laughter.
“That is why you’ll lose, babe.” Scaramouche said. “You fight for the weak. But I’ll be sure to inform anyone that died as you lived. Like a fool."
Scaramouche raised one of his blades into the air, poised to strike. The moment he throws it down, it was snatched by a black whip, much to the mercenarie’s shock. He whips his head to see the direction of that whip to see someone dressed in green, black and white ahead of him from behind. Scaramouche frowned, that must be the ward Sentinel was talking about. The hero dressed in green, black and white eyed the mercenary.
“You’re the fool.” Deku said. “For what you’ve done.”

A group of prisoners stand ready at the door, guns aimed at it. When they heard the commotion about a creature causing havoc and taking down block after block of prisoners, they had to get ready. All was quiet, the calm before the storm. Whatever would come through that door would deal with a hailfire of gun bullets. They could hear the sounds of fellow prisoners beaten up, getting closer and closer.
The ring leader stood behind them, contemplating what to do if the plan failed. The sound of shrieking was something he never heard of. The rumors must be true, if the entire prison was being ravaged by some creature. All was silent for a moment, the group kept their positions.
What they didn’t plan on was when the wall above them from a floor higher exploded in debris and concrete.
A black webbing shot out from the dust and snatched up one of the group, pulling him to the clawed grasp of the black and white creature. It hurled him away, rolling on the metal floor of the catwalk. The group below opened fire at the creature, the latter swooping and leaping from side to side to avoid the attacks. Launching a black webbing at a cell barring, the creature yanked out and threw it at the group below.
The prisoners dispersed to avoid being crushed, leaping in all directions when the barring came crashing down to the ground. The creature landed on the ground, snatching a leg of one of the prisoners and started throwing him around against the others like a club. One by one, they were bashed and beaten by this creature who used their comrade like a baton. The black and white creature swung around, knocking three more prisoners, hurling the one in its claws away.
“You better back off!” A voice came.
The creature whipped around to see the gang leader holding a guard in one hand, and a confiscated gun in the other. He held it right at the guards head, a contingency if the group failed to stop the creature.
“I don’t know what the hell you are.” The ring leader said. “But you better back off! I’ll kill him.”
The creature eyed the ring leader , snarling and its serrated teeth baring.
“Believe me, I’ll do it!” The ring leader.
He didn’t get the chance when the black creature launched a black webbing at him, latching onto one of his arms and wanking him away. It grabbed him by the throat, glaring at him face to face. It snarled, it’s toothful maw in a sick smile.
“We believe you.” Venom said.
He threw the ring leader away and into a wall, smashing the pavement into pieces.
Venom could hear the voices of gerd from nearby, they were coming this way. The rioting had been subdued, therefore, Venom had no need to stay here. Snarling, he leaps back for the hole he created and making his escape back to the city.

“So you’re the ward who Sentinel spoke about.” Scaramouche said. “I take it that QUickstrike and the others are under police custody?”
Deku didn’t answer, he saw Sentinel lying by Scaramouche. It was lucky that he made it just in time, Sentinel could’ve been killed had Deku not stepped in time. He looked back at the mercenary, still got that confident smile on his face.
“Scaramouche, you’re responsible for the jail break.” Deku said.
“As much as I like to take credit for that, I didn’t do it myself. Must say, I see you did your homework.” Scaramouche said. “ But you forgot one thing. Be-bee-ba-boo-do-da! Scaramouche the merciless! The ambassador of annihilation, the eradicator of all, baby! Also known as the criminal underworld’s no.1 mercenary, babe.”
Deku again didn’t reply, he saw Sentinel trying to get back to his feet.
“You okay, Sentinel?” Deku said.
“I’m fine.” Sentinel said. “Use caution, Scaramouche has a quirk that allows him to.”
“Excuse me, I’m right here.” Scaramouche said. “Really now, it’s one thing that two talk about me while I’m standing here, but having to fight both of you at once, that’s hardly fair.”
“You, one who killed many, now speaks about fairness.” Deku said. “You are in no position to talk about fairness.”
“I expect that courtesy from you.”Scaramouche said. “But to give you fair warning, you may want to take a step away where you stand.”
The mercenary began singing again much to Deku’s indecision. He heard something swinging towards him, catching a glimpse of the scimitar boomeranging at him. Deku leaps out of the way, the scimitar swinging over him and swinging back. He leaps to avoid the weapon again, eyeing Scaramouche who continues to sing. It was clear that Scaramouche’s quirk was controlling bladed weaponry with singing.
He would have to take him, he waited for an opportunity to make his attack. He rolls out of the way of the scimitar that came swinging at him, getting back up and running towards Scaramouche. The mercenary didn’t have enough to swing either of his blades avoiding Deku’s roundhouse kick. Deku ducked one of Scaramouche’s blades, throwing a punch at the mercenary, but the latter leapt back. Deku narrowly avoids the scimitar that came lunging at him, but was knocked to the ground by a kick from Scaramouche.
“Hey, I told you. I’m the criminal underworld’s favorite. Nobody plays the blades like I do.” Scaramouche said. “No one!”
Scaramouche began singing again, his scimitar swinging underneath his arm and towards Deku’s head. Deku avoided the blade, the weapon grazing the ground and swinging back into the air. Just when he got back up, Deku backed away from a swipe of Scaramouche’s blade. He managed to kick one of them out of the mercenaries’ hand and sent it flying to a nearby wall, the weapon piercing it. Scaramouche didn’t pay it much heed, having already two weapons at his disposal.
“Well, it’s been fun, but I gotta move on> Au revoir.” Scaramouche siad. “That’s french for, you’re dead bitch!”
He swung the last one he had in his hand, Deku avoided it again and again. He was waiting for another opportunity to attack, avoiding the blade the time being. When Deku heard the scimitar come swinging at him, he kicked Scaramouche away and launched a black whip from his wrist, latching onto the weapon and swinging it to the opposite wall. The weapon pierced the wall, unable to alleviate now being embalmed in the brick.
Deku eyed the weapon before glaring at Scaramouche, the latter shocked to see his secret weapon disposed of.
“Well, time for me to shuffle off stage.” Scaramouche said. He was becoming nervous, and trying to figure out a plan to escape. “Looks like you two are the headliners now.” He chuckled nervously, backing off a step away.
The mercenary was unbeknownst that Sentinel had gotten back up to his feet and was standing behind him. The moment Scaramouche glanced at the hero behind him, he was sent flying to the wall by a whack of Sentinel’s energy shield. Standing but dazed and battered, Scaramouche eyed both Sentinel and Deku.
“Beda-boop-doooo.” Scaramouche said. Disorientated. “That’s all babe.”
The mercenary collapsed into the ground back first, finally beaten. Sentinel and Deku walked up to the fallen Scaramouche, thankful this was over. They heard the sirens of the Ryker’s Island prison from ahead of them, they could see the smoke rising from there in the distance. Deku hoped that the rioting was subdued, knowing the police had to stop Scaramouche and the gang.
07. Laserbeak Chernobyl Attack (Transformers: Dark of the Moon Expanded Score)
Unbeknownst to both of them, far from the area and watching was Nighthawk. It hung from the bottom of a gutterway like a bat. The mechanical buzzard snarled in anger, seeing Scaramouche being defeated, and knowing that his gang as well.
“Leave them.” Soundscream said, he was speaking to Nighthawk through the in-built com. “We will deal with them later. Continue observation.”
Nighthawk acknowledged his master’s order, waiting patiently in the darkness of the alley way. It eyed the two heroes from the building, knowing that attacking them would risk creating suspicion of the Liberation Front’s actions.

Leaping out of the bay and onto the docks, far from there the gunfight took place, Venom eyed back at the prison at Ryker’s Island. He could see two police boats, knowing that there were officers on board, heading for the island right now. With any hope, the criminal gang were subdued as well. The Venom symbiote withdrew back into Eddie, and Venom’s head appeared from behind Eddie’s own.
“A little messy, I must admit.” Eddie said.
“All in all.”Venom said. “A job well done.”
Eddie couldn’t argue with that. Sure there was collateral damage here and there, but nothing that can’t be fixed. So Eddie agreed with that.
“What do you say we have ourselves a congratulatory doughnut snack?” Eddie said.
“Woo hoo! Please get chocolate!” Venom said. “We’re starving!

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Re: My Hero Acadmeia: Let there be Carnage

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Chapter 6
Assessing the Chaos

Deku stood by Endeavor, his son Shoto and Bakugo, going through the details of the situation and Kasady’s arrest. John had been escorted out of the area, his friend Shirl having been informed of what happened. He would have no trouble dealing with a thug or bank robber, but quirk or no quirk, this was what he never would encounter. The notorious serial killer, Cletus Kasady. He was able to hold his own for a moment, perhaps with all the years killing and being on the run. He could see Kasady being escorted to the nearest police car, the latter eyeing him back.
“One moment.” Kasady said. “I’d like a few words with Deks.” The officers allowed him that courtesy, Deku eyeing him with suspicion. Endeavor and Shoto watched nearby, Bakugo didn’t care about what some psychopath wanted to say. “Bet you’re enjoying this aren’t you? The one to end it all.”
“I can care less what you think.” Deku said. “It’s over, Kasady.”
“Over?” Kasady said. He chucked a wicked laughter, “It hasn’t even begun. When I get out, and I will, there’s gonna be carnage.”
Kasady eyes Deku with a wicked smile, the latter shocked to see that Kasady was hardly bothered by being caught at all. Kasady whistled the same tune he sang earlier before chasing John, escorted into the police car. The vehicle sped off to the station, leaving a confused, yet alarmed Deku behind.

Izuku remembered that day so well, the declaration that Kasady had made before he was hauled off to police custody. He couldn’t determine what was Kasady’s game, the fact that he wanted the eyes and ears of the world at him, then he made a threat of unfurling more death in his wake if he escaped. Now he was leaving riddles and none of them gave any insight to what is his endgame.
Sentinel Mulligan and the Warden were speaking in the meantime outside the city police station, addressing the situation that happened hours ago. Izuku thought it be best to leave Kasady for now and attend to the more important matter. None of this adds up, it was clear whoever hired Collin had Scaramouche break them out, but one mercenary couldn’t get it done by himself. The fact that he had help from not only those in the police force, but also the prison staff too. The records on Scaramouche had been erased as well from the city police station.
“Whatever happened, was a coordinated plan orchestrated by the Gotra.” Mulligan said. “Whoever hired Collin clearly had their own men in our own ranks.”
Mulligan was clearly furious by this recent breach of security, that his own men were part of whatever gang Scaramouche was hired by. Clearly, the warden was of the same opinion as well. Rkyer’s Island was designed to keep the lowest of the low from the city, where they could never escape. Despite the fact that the prisoners were rounded up, and that Scaramouche was now imprisoned with Collin and the others, with no weapons at his disposal, this was still a brutal blow.
“I’m conducting an investigation with my own staff, hopefully they’ll uncover the source of this catastrophe.” The warden said. “This is an outrage! How could this have happened, my prison was state of the art.”
“To Scarmouche’s clients, was is the word.” Sentinel said.
“But how can their clients provide them with the means of hacking into our systems?” The warden said. “Let alone provide Collin with that gauntlet.
“Perhaps there is more to this than meets the eye.” Sentinel said. “That the gotra may have more allies than those in our midst.”
“You mean whoever put Scaramouche and Quickstrike up to this is working for someone else?” Mulligan said.
“It is the only logical theory I can come up with.” Sentinel said. “A means to hack into the prison security system gives reason to validate that theory.”
“And what reason would they have to break them out of prison again.” The warden said.
“A means to prevent compromising the identities of their clients.” Sentinel said. “They would not risk their operations exposed to save any who failed them before.”
“So what, until then, we’re in the dark?” The warden said.
"Perhaps with the investigations, the identities of the criminal organization would be brought to the light.” Sentinel said.
“Until then, our hands are tied.” Mulligan said. “Thank god that Kasady wasn’t among those who escaped. We need to ensure security isn’t compromised for the transfer tomorrow.”
“Kasady is just part of our problems.” The warden said. “What about the rumors of a creature stomping around in my prison?”
“What do you mean?” Sentinel said.
“The prisoners spoke about some sort of black and white creature beating the holy hell out of them.” The warden said.
Izuku was not privy to that, the idea of a creature in the prison, let alone the city, was unheard of. For a moment, he remembered something of that description, the creature called Venom. Izuku doubted that Venom was still alive, having seen him burned to ashes in person. Still, this was new to him.
“Reason or not for the prison riot being subdued, I will not tolerate vigilantes in my watch.” Mulligan said. “I’ve already have some of my men searching the city for this creature. Wherever it came from, it shouldn’t be far.”
“In the meantime, our focus is to maintain stability and affect repairs to the prison.” The warden said. “I trust you’ll uncover the source of this?”
“I do whatever I can.” Mulligan said. “In the meantime, best to keep security a priority.”
The warden headed off back to the prison, knowing the situation is best to tend to in person, leaving Mulligan, Kane and Izuku behind.
“I’m afraid that this is much more than a simple bank robbery.” Mulligan said. “If what you said is true, whoever Scaramouche and Quickstrike are working for, has to have something big planned if they would go through all this trouble.”
“A means for a larger plot.” Sentinel said. “Perhaps funding for whoever their client's they are working for.”
“If that’s true, then we need to hit them hard before that becomes a much larger problem.” Mulligan said.
“In the meantime, I suggest that you tend to uncover the conspirators to this plot.” Sentinel said.
“And I trust you both will remain until Kasady’s transfer is complete.” Mulligan said. “Lord help us all if he would escape.”
“You can count on us to ensure the transfer will go on as planned.” Sentinel said.
“Until then, I’ve got a lot of work to do here.” Mulligan said. “See you in the morning.” He headed inside the station.
Sentinel saw that Izuku was deep in contemplation about something, something other than the prison rioting. “Your thoughts are on other matters than our current situation?” Sentinel said.
Izuku heard Sentinel’s question, replying to it right away. “It’s Kasady. When I last saw him, he spoke about bringing carnage if he escaped.” Izuku said. “I can’t help but think about what he meant by that.”
“I don’t know myself. But what we can see that today’s events was not of Kasady’s knowing.” Sentinel said.
“But it may help his message?” Izuku said. “Use today’s riots to his advantage.”
“Perhaps. Until Kasady is transferred to Tartarus, it is vital that he remains behind bars.” Sentinel said.
“But he spoke about the answers is where we see.” Izuku said. “With what has happened, Kasady may have an insight to something we can’t see.”
“It is an enigma of what Kasady’s endgame is.” Sentinel said. “He is not like Quickstrike or Scaramouche, but Kasady has proven time and time again that he is as dangerous as them.”
“Even in prison, Kasady is a threat.” Izuku said.
“I agree. Even when not using blades to fight, Kasady has shown that his mind is a sharp tool.” Sentinel said.
“I must admit, as much of an urban legend Kasady is, there is so little I know of him.” Izuku said. “Even without a quirk, he was dangerous to face. And a resolve like Kasady’s, I haven’t seen such conviction since Stain.”
“You are wise, and modest. There will be times when we encounter those we don’t fully understand or know.” Sentinel said. “But I understand why All Might has such high praise of you. I know that you are capable of carrying on the legacy that those before us have left, do not doubt yourself.”
“I’ll try. Thank you.” Izuku said. “Excuse me, one question. Why did you yourself want to be a hero?”
Sentinel contemplated that question for a moment. “Perhaps it is my creed that I wanted to inspire to those.” Sentinel said. “There may be those who strive to uphold the same values heroes like All Might have forged, but there are those who do not share the same values.”
“And what is that?” Izuku said. “What do you value?”
“That despite what everyone believes, I believe that however unlikely the scenario is, everyone deserves an opportunity for redemption.” Sentinel said. “And while I understand there will be those Kasady that do not deserve forgiveness, without that hope, we may never achieve lasting peace.”
“I can understand what you mean.”Izuku said. “If we are to fight on the villain’s terms, then what will we become?”
“Exactly.” Sentinel said. “There will come days when people will lose hope in what we value, but it is for us to remain true to our beliefs and show them why they matter.”
“You can count on my support.” Izuku said.
“Thank you. And rest assured, the same can be said to you.”Sentinel said. “We have an important task ahead of us, best we rest until then.”
While Sentinel headed off, Izuku couldn’t help but contemplate on the whereabouts of Eddie, hoping that he was doing well wherever he is.
Nearby the police station, on top of the Ohlstein building, Eddie was laying on his back, listening to his headphones, one of his favorites, Cult of personality by Living Colour playing. It was early evening, they had no trouble dealing with any of the police after the prison riot. They were lucky, having heard their actions being the talk of the police. It was best to rest for the time being, there was still a couple of hours until having to rendezvous with Moonbay for the trip back home.
“Ugh, this song.” Venom said. “That is trash.”
“My choice, my song.” Eddie said. He sat up, taking off his headphones. “You chose Eniemen’s Till I collapse on the way back. Why complain about this?”
“That song was released 32 years ago.” Venom said. He appeared from behind Eddie. “That’s a dinosaur, a relic.”
“An oldie but a goldie.” Eddie said. “You just have lousy taste in retro songs.”
“We have good taste in what we eat.” Venom said.
“Again, lousy taste.” Eddie said.
“And what do you have that is considered good in taste?” Eddie said.
“Well, choice of friends.” Eddie said.
“That idiot, Midoriya?” Venom said. “Don’t make us laugh.”
“What about Anne?” Eddie said. “You like her too?”
Venom contemplated that answer. “All right, you don’t always have shit taste in everything.” Venom said.
“Damn right.” Eddie said. “I have to say, you have shit taste in terms of caution, those bullets could’ve killed me had I not been bonded with you.”
“Only blades could do real damage, even then, you would recover.” Venom said. “As long as you don’t lose an arm or a leg.”
“Let’s hope that never happens.” Eddie said. He got to his feet and looked at the view of the city, the sun was starting to set in the horizon. “It’s beautiful, isn’t it?”
“Yes.” Venom said. “Peaceful, we love it.”
“It shows you that if you destroy wherever you see in front of you, you’ll never appreciate the value of what is in front of you.” Eddie said.
“Except our home.” Venom said. “Never appreciated that shit hole. Dark and desolate.”
“Compared to here?” Eddie said.
“Here, it is paradise.” Venom said.
“See? Do you know how lucky you are coming here? Meeting me?” Eddie said.
“It wasn’t luck that we came here, we were here because of our father, he wanted us to scout this world for him to ravage.” Venom said. “They may call us a reject, a pariah, but that is our choice to stay here, so “Ha ha!” you ass kissing bastards!”
“You ran away from your home.” Eddie said. “That’s one thing we have in common. We’re both runaways, fleeing from our problems.”
“But at least you can go back home.” Venom said.
“That I can, but you should know this is your home now.” Eddie said.
“Oh, that is kind. Did you ever have anyone in your family aside from your parents?” Venom said. “Or your foster parents?”
“No.” Eddie said. “I’m an only child. No brothers or sisters. Just my real and foster parents.”
“One is the loneliest number.” Venom said.
“Yeah.” Eddie said. “Two can be as bad as one.”
“Ain’t that the truth!” Venom said.
Eddie’s phone rang, much to his shock. Eddie tried grabbing the phone, catching it like it was a hot potato.
“It is Anne!” Venom said. “Anne is on the phone, Eddie!!!”
Eddie lost his grip on the phone when he was spooked by Venom’s abrupt declaration, accidentally dropping the phone over the edge of the building. A black tendril lashed out from behind Eddie and grabbed the phone. It pulled up to Eddie, Venom’s work. Eddie grabbed the phone and answered it.
“Hey, Anne.” Eddie said.
“Be nice to her.” Venom said. Eddie held a hand to Venom, implying him to hush when he’s speaking on the phone.
“Hey Eddie. You sound out of breath, I’m not catching you at a bad time. Am I?” Anne said, through the phone.
“No, not at all.” Eddie said. “I’m just hanging around.”

“I’ve heard what’s happened at Suncoast and thought I check up on you to see if you were doing okay.” Anne said.
She was speaking on his mobile phone back at her home in San Bowral. She had seen the news of the prison riot and the dilemma in the city, knowing that Eddie was there at the time.
“I’m fine, wasn’t involved in any of the debacle earlier today.” Eddie said. Answering through the phone.
“That’s good.” Anne said. “I understand that you wanted to keep contact a minimum, after the calamity here month ago.”

“Ah, the good old days.” Venom said, back at Suncoast City. Eddie again gestured a hand to tell him to shut up.
“I trust that you’ve met your parents?” Anne said, through the phone.
“Yeah, a day before the prison riot.” Eddie said. “Been keeping out of trouble since coming here.”
“I certainly hope so.” Anne said. “Now that your friend is sadly dead.”
“Believe me, I am.” Eddie said.
“I am, I’m playing dead right now.” Venom said. Eddie glared at him, hoping that he would shut up.
“I’m here for the rest of the day, tomorrow, I’ll be heading back.” Eddie said. “Got lots of fixing to do to.”
“I understand. No offense, you have a knack for messing things up.” Anne said.
“That’s hard to argue against.” Eddie said. He sweatdropped nervously, it was a blunt fact, even if Anne didn’t mean to upset him.
“But you have a knack for making things right.” Anne said.
“Ah, that is sweet.” Venom said.
“Thanks.’ Eddie said. “Hope things are okay for you.”
“Appreciate it Eddie.” Anne said.

“I know things may be hard for you now.” Anne said, back at San Bowral. “But I know that they’ll work out. Just have hope.”
“I’ll try.” Eddie said, through the phone. “But I can say my paranoia will agree.”
Anne chuckled, seeing the joke in Eddie’s reply. “I’m sure it’ll manage.“ Anne said. “You have people waiting for you back home, Eddie. They’ll be there for you.”
“Like you?” Eddie said.
“You know we’re miles apart.” Anne said.
“But you care about me as I you?” Eddie said.
Anne chuckled again. “You know that I’ve been there for you since we were kids.” Anne said. “That didn’t change.”
“I can tell.” Eddie said.

“Wooshu says: When you love someone, you accept the whole person with all of their defects.” Venom said.
Eddie was losing patience, he was getting tired of Venom constantly talking while he was on the phone, knowing that Anne didn’t know that Venom is still alive.
“I appreciate you calling to check up on me.” Eddie said. “If things work out, I’ll be sure to drop a line.”
“Thanks. Take care and don’t mess everything up.” Anne said, through the phone.
“I won’t. You take care too.” Eddie said. He hung up the line.

Anne contemplated on her phone call with Eddie, she liked teasing him there and then, but she never meant to hurt him. Regardless of any differences they have, they were there for each other. It was a while since the Life Foundation incident, and she knew that Eddie had to keep a low profile. She did receive a few text messages a day or two, just to keep her informed of what has happened since. Anne didn’t knew how Eddie even got to Suncoast, probably walked there like he did to San Bowral.
Anne didn’t admit it, but she did have feelings for Eddie, they knew each other since Eddie moved to her old district when they were kids. Sure, Eddie has a habit of being paranoid, but he does come from a good place. She was glad that he was doing okay.

Eddie was glad that Anne was doing okay, at least he was kept in contact with her. He didn’t admit it, but he had feelings for her. Since they’ve meet when they were kids, they always looked out for each other. He never wanted to be a burden to her since reuniting with her after he ran away, knowing that he was involved he didn’t want her to get caught up in it. At least this time, she was far from where he is.
“Ah, true love!” Venom said. “That was the voice of a women that doesn’t want to get brutally dumped!”
“Will you shut up!?” Eddie said. “Seriously, do you enjoy heckling me?”
“Who do you think you’re talking to?” Venom said. “There’s never an awkward moment with you.”
“It would’ve been an awkward moment had Anne heard you.” Eddie said.
“Maybe she would’ve been glad that we’re alive.” Venom said.
“Maybe things would be nice if you could, for five minutes stop whining to me, all the time about eating bad guys.” Eddie said. “Or like, nagging me about Anne, or making my life any more awkward.”
“Isn’t that what family is for?” Venom said.
“What do you mean?” Eddie said.
“Having someone to share your life with.” Venom said. “Like a brother or sister.”
Eddie contemplated Venom’s answer. “All right, that’s a fair point.” Eddie said. “Never thought it that way, but fair point.”
“See? You’re lucky that we found you so that we can keep in check of what you mess up.” Venom said.
“Or vice versa.” Eddie said. “All right, we’ll call it a draw. Just try not to make a nuisance of yourself next time.”
“Don’t worry, you know we do that very well when you’re not on the phone.” Venom said. “Besides, unlike us, you ruin everything.”
“That, I can’t argue with.“ Eddie said.

“So that’s all blocks covered?”” The warden said. “No problems with the security system, no prisoner unchecked, everything’s cleared?”
“Aside from still going through the staff, everything is checked.” One of the staff said.
“The only other problem is repairing the damage that whatever stormed through this place did?” The warden said.
“I’m afraid so.“ The staff member said. “It’ll have to wait until after the transfer.”
“Wonderful.” The warden said. “Just what exactly caused all of this?”
“That we don’t know.” The staff member said. “From what the prisoners have said, it was a black and white creature.”
“Thank you for establishing the bleeding obvious.” The warden said. “That was what I already knew.”
He looked at the security monitors, seeing the prison back at operating stability.
“First, our staff had been compromised by some criminal ragtag gang of bastards, now we have a creature on the loose.” The warden said. “I want security at full alert, until Kasady, along with those bastards are transferred off the island, I want us to ensure they stay put.”
“All security are at their posts and informed of their duties.” The security staff said. “So far, we’ve had no visitors from outside the prison, and there hasn’t been anything suspicious. Until morning sir, nothing goes in or out.”
“See that it remains that way.” The warden said.

A guard walks by several cells, on patrol to ensure that nothing happens on his watch. Unbeknownst to him, when he turned to head for the next black, a small, living black matter crawled out of hiding and into view. None of the prisoners could see it, but this living black organism had been in hiding for some time. It peered from side to side, checking to see if the coast was clear.
With no one around, the creature crawled across the floor, coming up on one of the support beams and onto the catwalk. It scurried around, it was searching for something. Whatever it was looking for, it wasn’t here. But it could sense something nearby, something that drew its attention. It needed to find what it sensed, nothing else in the prison was of what it searched for. When it knew that the coast was clear, it scurried off to the direction of where it needed to go.
It needed to survive, and it had lived for hours so it needed to act fast.

Kasady laid on his cell bed, sleeping. Since the rioting had stopped, things have gotten dull around here. He thought it was best to take a nap since he was bored out of his mind. He’d already picked his finger wound enough, still cut from the severed bar. A shame that the rioting had ended not long after they started, things were looking good. It was the first thing that was exciting since he came to Ryker’s Island.
Still, that could be something to use for messages. Kasady could play the role of profit, and spread his message to the world, knowing that what happened wasn’t what was planned. He could do a lot here than he did outside the prison.

“It is my belief that whoever put up Scaramouche to free his associates has connections to a much larger scenario.” Kane said.
He was addressing the recent situation to Toshiniri and Tsukachi via face cam. Something about the recent prison break didn;t make any sense, and it was imperative to seek their counsel. Mulligan was still busy with investigating any leads to whoever was responsible for the breach of security.
“This prison riot wasn’t not caused by the organization alone.” Sentinel said. “It stands to reason that another party was at play, in association with Scarmouche’s clients.”
“I am inclined to agree.” Tsukachi said. “This attack was much more coordinated. The means to hack into the prison system isn’t the style of some criminal organization.”
“You’re implying that this organization is in league with another?” Toshinori said. “An alliance?”
“I have my doubts that this organization is part of an alliance to resort to such measures.” Kane said. “This maybe an act out of fear of retaliation from their clients.”
“Fear of what?” Toshinori said.
“Consequences.” Kane said. “Consequences of failing them in the past. Because this organization may have been providing funds to this party in the past, and the risk of compromising their operations and risk exposing the identities of their clients.”
“And you believe this party provided Scaramouche’s clients the means to hack into the prison security system.” Tsukachi said.
“It is the only logical theory I can come up with.” Kane said. “A criminal organization providing the funds to an outside party, with the threat of elimination as an alternative.”
“I see.” Toshinori said. “And has there been anything from Scaramouche or his colleagues?”
“None, I’m afraid.” Kane said. “Detective Mulligan is currently preoccupied with his investigations. My best guess would be that this organization is in collusion with the League of Villains.”
“A valid opinion, but an assumption nonetheless.” Tsukachi said.
“I agree.” Toshinori said. “Still, this does have merit to look into. Perhaps after Kasady’s transfer is complete that we shall focus our attention on Scaramouche’s clients.
“I understand, Kasady may use this breach of security as a means to further his intentions.” Kane said. “An opportunist like him would not squander such an opportunity to spread his message to the world.”
“Agreed.”Toshinori said. “Perhaps with further investigations on security would shed some light on these mysterious conspirators.”

Kasady slept on his cell bed, the guards having to assist with assessing the damage of the prison. Knowing that Kasady wouldn’t be able to escape, they thought it best to help with other matters. There was nothing he could do to cause alarm, the security codes were still separate from the others, and there hasn’t been anything suspicious since the riots earlier. It was a miracle that Kasady wasn’t among those who had escaped during the riot.
Unbeknownst to Kasady, or to anyone, a mysterious black matter came crawling underneath the door and into view. It surveyed the scenery for any threats, none around. The creature scurried onwards, towards the thing that it sensed. Kasady was the one that creature had been searching for, from the beginning. It scurried inside Kasady’s cell, crawling onto his bed. It crawled onto Kasady’s hand and bonded with the serial killer by the wound on his finger.
Kasady none the wiser, just slept, none aware of the creature’s existence.

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Re: My Hero Acadmeia: Let there be Carnage

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Chapter 7
Savage Genesis

“Dippity-do-dang, babe.” Scaramouche said, standing in front of the bars of the cell.
He wasn’t enthusiastic about his disposition. He came to this prison with the intention of freeing his client’s men, never did he think about ending up as a prisoner himself. The fact that a star like him ending up as a jail bird was outrageous.
“This is beneath me, I’m supposed to be the criminal underworld’s no.1, babe.” Scaramouche said. “I shouldn’t be here with the riff-raff.”
“Oh, shut up will ya.” Collin said.
Scaramouche leaned his head out to look at the cell next to his, seeing that Collin was addressing him.
“Being back here is sickening enough.” Collin said. “I don’t need the commentary.”
“After all I’ve done.” Scaramouche said. “I risked life and neck for you.”
“And look where that’s gotten us.” Collin said. “You couldn’t handle Sentinel.”
“At least I did better than you.” Scaramouche said. “You got owned by some punk.”
The guard whacked his baton at both sell bars, spooking both Scaramouche and Quickstrike. “Keep it down you two.” The guard said. He went on to check the rest of the block.
Scaramouche slumped onto his cell bed. “Talk about bow-wow heartbreaker, babe.” Scaramouche said. “I have come down in the world.”
“Your status is the least of your worries.” Gordon said. He was speaking to the mercenary from inside Collin’s cell, a cellmate. “When word gets out to the Gotra, it’ll be more than your status that ends up dead.”
“Yeah, babe. Light out, curtain calling for the white paradise up in the sky.” Scaramouche said. “Isn’t there anyway we can escape?”
“At the moment, no.” Gordon said. “Our assets are tired with the investigations these idiots are doing. Unless you want to risk compromising our client’s operations, our hands are tied.”
“Or send someone to silence us.” Collin said. “Looks like this is our last round-up.”
Kasady laid on his cell bed, still sleeping for hours now. The serial killer was still sleeping since the rioting had been subdued. If he got the chance to do another interview, he would address the prison riot to the public, adding more meaning to his messages. The fact these fools weren’t prepared for some outside party to infiltrate the prison would give cause to show the inadequacy of their security.
They could question the efficiency of the prison staff, maybe the police in general. Nothing like causing more trouble for Kasady, he lived for wroughting calamity. It was his specialty, since he burned St Etes to the ground. He reveled being the one who caused so many deaths in his wake, the source of worry and panic to everywhere he went. Many towns, dozens of cities, he’s been through them all.
He was used to being hunted down by the police, used to evading them and continuing his work. Sooner or later, the truth behind his actions will be revealed to the world, either by his hand or someone else’s. Kasady did enjoy being the prophet of what is to come. And when that time comes, he would be there to say “I told you so.”. They would understand his creed. And he will enjoy seeing his opposers fail.
Kasady’s eyes opened, something was amiss. Nothing from his cell, but a painful sensation. It was like he was being stabbed from the inside, his organs being eviscerated. This was pain unlike he ever felt, more so than the abuse at St Estes. Kasady tried clawing to rid himself of the pain, a futile gesture. He shrieked in pain, rolling out of his bed while scratching at his flesh. He scraped and sliced at himself bloody, still the pain was unbearable.
To his shock, multiple red and black tendrils appeared from his body, like bloody thorns that severed everything nearby. Kasady again tried clawing the pain away, scratching his face bloody, again a futile gesture. He shrieked into the air, a cry of agony to the heavens. A red and black clawed hand swung at the bar and sliced it to pieces.
Eddie’s eyes opened, Venom sensed something. Something urgent, something of dread. He took off his headphones and stood up. Eddie didn’t know how, but something was amiss. A familiar presence, yet all too new. It was like Venom or even Riot, but this felt far more malevolent. It was like a creature that seeks nothing but destruction and unmeasured carnage in its wake. A psychotic enigma.
“Eddie.” Venom said. He appeared from behind Eddie. “Do you sense that?”
“Yeah.” Eddie said. He was still shocked by this revelation. “Is it?”
“Another.” Venom said. “Another one.”
“But how?” Eddie said.

“Is everything checked?” The warden said. He was looking down at a staff member who was working at the computer, checking the security.
“Everything is back to working order.” The staff member said. “All systems are clear and in working condition.”
“Good.” The warden said. “Now all that is left is to find the mole in our midst. Any word from Detective Mulligan?”
“Nothing yet sir.” The staff member said.
“Lovely.” The warden said. Sarcastic. “As soon as that psychopath, Kasady is outta here, get those bastards Scaramouche and Collin to the interrogation room. I want answers.”
“Right away, sir.” The staff member said.
“Sir.’ Another staff member said. He was stationed at the other side of the security room. “Something’s happened.”
“Heaven above, what now?” The warden said. He walked over to the other’s position.
“Kasady’s cell, we’ve lost visual feed.” The other staff member said. He pointed at the security screen that was supposed to be at Kasady’s cell. It was nothing but static now, the camera had been destroyed.
“Don’t tell me.” The warden said. “Get a squad up there now, I want that psychopath in his cell.”
The staff member went ahead to inform any nearby squads to head for Kasady/s cell right away. He understands the severity of this situation.
“We just took back the prison and now some murderous psychopath is on the loose.” The warden said.

A squad of three guards came rushing towards the door to Kasady’s cell room, bringing out their guns. They knew Kasady is a dangerous threat, best to be prepared. When they came around the corner and saw the door to Kasady’s cell in front of them, the same door exploded in front of them into pieces. They stopped to see in the darkness, silhouettes of many bladed tendrils revealed by the flashes of the destroyed lightbulb.
They raised their weapons at the room, shocked to see what was going on. They were supposed to detain Kasady, now all that was in front of them was some mysterious, yet eerie shit. Two of the bladed tendrils lashed out of the darkness and snared two of the guards, pulling them in while they shrieked in horror. The next thing the remaining guard saw was the silhouette of some creature biting off one of the guards head, and the splatter of blood on the nearby wall.
He could hear the sound of the other guard being impaled by some bladed weapon, his body casted out of the room and to his feet. Out of the darkness, a red and black clawed hand grabbed and scraped at one edge of the door, another at the opposite side. It pulled the frame into the darkness like it was tearing apart some sea crustacean.
All was silent after, the guard still having his gun aimed at the direction of the room. What was once a task to detain a prisoner was now a nightmare. He could hear the sounds of footsteps approaching toward him, the light inside the room still flickering, revealing something. And when the light revealed the creature waltzing towards the guard, only then would there be light.
The nightmare revealed.
The silhouette shrieked a horrifying cry that pierced the heavens, the guard tried to fire at the creature, but he was ensnared by a clawed hand. The creature brought him up to his face, it snarled a terrible clamor, its messy white eye spots eyeing the guard like he was some snack. The creature smirked a wicked, sadistic grin, opening its toothed maw to bite off the guard’s head. It’s teethed dripped with blood, no doubt the blood of the victim that it fed off of.
The creature shrieked a cry of agony when the security alarm went off, dropping the guard. Whatever the alarm was doing, it was causing great pain to this creature. It snarled in annoyance, whipping around to the alarm and throwing a bladed tendril at it, smashing it into pieces and silencing it. The guard scurried back to his feet and ran off to the corner, passing by another guard that came to see what was going on. He was not so lucky, the creature lashed out a bladed tendril at the newcomer’s head, blood splattering the wall behind.
Let the hell raising begin.

“What is going on there?” The warden said. “Why did the sensors detect an intruder and why can’t we contact the squad?”
“We’re trying sir.” One of the staff members said. “Something must’ve happened.”
“Like what?” The warden said. “More electrical problems.”
“No, sir.” The same staff member said. "Our systems are working.”
“Come in!” A voice said. It was coming from the intercom. “Anyone there!?”
“Gavin, this is security center.” The staff member said. “What is going on?”
“I need assistance immediately!” Gavin said. “We are under attack!”
“It’s just one prisoner!” The warden said. “Get back there and detain him!”
“It’s a freaking monster!” Gavin said. “It tore my men apart!”
“The same creature from before?” The warden said.
“How should I know?!” Gavin said. “It was a freaking red and black nightmare! I need backup now!”
The warden eyed the security monitors, seeing more guards from one place and another being taken down or even eviscerated by some nightmarish creature. He didn’t get a good look at what this creature looked like, it was moving too fast. Gavin wasn’t joking around, there was a monster on the loose, this time, it was a different one than the last. This one was targeting the guards and not the prisoners.
This wasn’t the work of the same criminal organization, this was something all too different. This monster was slaughtering his men in its path. It was clear that they were going to need all the help they can get.
“Call the station right away, get Sentinel down here if you have to!” The warden said. “I want every available guard to that block right away! Shoot to kill if you have to. I will not have my prison torn apart by these creatures!”
“Right away, sir.” One of the staff members said. This situation was dire for the warden to call for help from the city station right away, even including Sentinel. He dialed the number right away. The warden grabbed a gun from the weapons cache, making his way to the block, much to the staff member’s shock.
“Where are you going, sir?!” One of them said.
“To take back prison.” The warden said. “It’s open season on nightmares.”

“If we managed to get out of here and steal the money, what’s to say our clients will still not kill us?” Collin said.
“But they hired us to get the money.” Scaramouche said. “What point is it to kill us even if we get them the loot?”
“No tolerance for failure.” Gordon said. “That they don’t want to risk us telling the police about them.”
“No way, no how.” Scaramouche said. “This canary ain’t no stool pigeon.”
“Doesn’t matter what you do.” Gordon said. “Failure is still failure, and you know the price for failure.”
“But I wasn’t informed of two heroes.” Scaramouche said. “My intel was outdated.”
“And you think they would care?” Gordon said. “What do you expect when dealing with the Charr Gotra? You work for them, you succeed, they reward you. Fail them, and you’ll suffer. A difficult concept?”
“But that’s no fair!” Scaramouche said. “I’m the mercenary with the efficiency. I can’t go down like this!”
The mercenary’s complaining was cut short when he heard the clamoring of guards, even the warden rushing down the block, past his cell.
“What is the problemo, babe?” Scaramouche said.
The guards in the direction of the door ahead of them, it opened when Gavin came rushing out. The moment he tried warning them of the nightmare behind him, the wall above and behind him exploded in debris. The dismemberment of concrete knocked the guard to the ground, to the squad’s shock, the very creature leaped out of the hole and right behind him. One of the six bladed tendrils ensnared one of Gavin’s legs and threw to one of the higher floors behind it.
“Jesus Christ.” The warden said, having seen the nightmare in person.
The silhouette shrieked an inhuman cry, it waltzed towards the squad, any nearby guard that was in his way was flung aside by its tendrils, broken and beaten by the creature’s merciless onslaught. The squad except the warden fire their guns at the nightmare, but to no effect, the creature just ambled towards them with a sick toothful smile. The creature forged bladed weapons from is wrists and stabbed the closest two, hurling them away to the floors above.The warden was apprehensive of joining the firefight, seeing the massacre that creature left and was still unfurling.
“Don’t move!” A guard said behind the nightmare.
The creature simply replied by snatching the guard with one of its back tendrils and hurled him not only through three of the poles that held up the upper floor, but smashing through a cell door in brutal fashion. The nightmare shrieked into the heavens, leaping onto the next floor with its tendrils, scaling floors at an insane speed, leaping onto the opposite side. It ripped out several cell doors before leaping back to the opposite floor.
The warden dropped his gun and without any of his staff knowing, he ran for his life. He didn’t want to risk getting himself killed by some aberration. The creature spotted the warden fleeing, it smirked a sinister grin. It gave pursuit from above, leaping from one side to another, ripping out more cell doors and grabbing a nearby guard. It leaped off the floor with the guard still held by its back tendrils, throwing him to his death.
Another guard stood in its way, shooting at the nightmare with his gun but was caught by a clawed hand and pinned against a nearby wall. All six of its tendrils were poised to stab the guard, the creature snarled menacingly.
“Please.” The guard said. Seeing the nightmare holding him by throat and moments before killing him was horrifying.
The creature eyed him with apparent acknowledgment, seeing how petrified the guard was.
“I got a family.“ The guard said.
The nightmare leered its head towards the guards, it snarled and grinned a sick smile. “I’ll give them my regards.” The nightmare said. Its voice was a dual vocalization, but of menace and insanity. The creature lunged its head and with much horror, ripped apart the guard’s head and feasted upon it. The nightmare threw what was left of the guard onto two others that came rushing at it.
Several of the prisoners that were freed by the creature’s rampage applauded the nightmare, but the creature only took heed of the warden making his escape. The nightmare lashed out one of its tendrils and caught the warden by one of his legs. The warden shrieked in horror when he was pulled up by the creature, the nightmare pulling itself up to a catwalk on the higher floors. It grabbed the warden by the throat and eyed him with evil intent.
“Warden Joseph Layfield.” The nightmare said. “Any last words?”
“Don’t!” The warden said. “Please!”
Those were the last words the warden said. Like knives, the nightmare’s claws stabbed through the warden, blood gushing out from the wounds. Scaramouche and Collin tried watching what was going on above, but couldn’t tell what was happening. To their horror, as with everyone, what came crashing down was a headless body, and a severed head. Blood splattering the pavement and a horrifying shriek came from above. Everyone eyed the nightmare that stood on the catwalk bridge, blood dripping from its clawed hands.
It was clear to everyone that the creature ripped off the head of the warden and flung it and the body to the ground. The prisoners couldn’t decide whether to feel enthusiastic to be free, or be disgusted to the point of vomiting of the warden’s gruesome fate. The nightmare eyed at the many prisoners that stood below, near and above it, snarling.
“My friends.” The nightmare said. “Soon, the world will be remade.”
Some of the prisoners eyed each other for answers, not privy to what this creature was saying.
“And in the chaos we will unfurl we will seize what was denied.” The creature said. “For a long time, many of us have suffered under oppression, or endured torment ushered by the laws that many have referred to and revered as “Justice”.”
The prisoners were still baffled by the proclamations this murderous nightmare was saying.
“Long have you all languished under that fallacy, a lie forged by the scared and the foolish." The creature said. “All because they fear you for what you are, and not what they want you to pretend to be.”
The prisoners started mummering to each other, seeing the nightmare’s point. Scaramouche eyed the creature with indecision.
“What is he talking about?” Scaramouche said.
“Let it speak.” Collin said.
“Long have the people been lied to of the truth, and because of that, many have crippled these so-called “heroes” and revealed the fools and liars of what they are.” The creature said. “The ones who are among those who have denied us of our freedom. And do you accept the fallacies these fools have ushered?
The prisoners cheered loudly in disagreement.
“Do you accept the termination of all of these liars!?” The creature said. “Of all the corrupt?!”
This time, they cheered in agreement.
“It is not the way for you to live your lives here in the gutters.” The creature said. “If you die, I promise you it will be on the field of freedom. And if you die, you will die forging a purpose. The one true purpose.”
“And, what is it you want us to do?” Scaramouche said. That brought the cheering to an awkward stop, all eyes at the mercenary who lowered his head in embarrassment.
The creature smirked a wicked grin. “Simple.” The nightmare said. “Be who you are. Rob, pillage, kill, destroy, taint this city red if you have to. Tonight, Suncoast, then the world, belongs to us!”
Again, the prisoners cheered loudly in support of the creature’s creed.
“But with what has happened, the police will try to stop us.” Collin said. “As we speak, they may be sending their forces here.”
“They will be giving us the means of taking this city.” The creature said. “Let them come.”

A squad of police officers patrolled the cell block, it was dark and the cell was empty. They had received a distress call from the prison, but the call was cut short. They spoke of a creature that was slaughtering the guards, only they received a call for help. To their shock, the prison looked deserted. They originally thought that this was only a task to apprehend the creature, whatever it was.
To their indecision and shock, when the lights turned on, they looked up to see most of the prisoners, smirking down with contempt for the police below. And to their horror, they found out the cause of the distress call. Only then they knew that this was something that more than three officers were needed for. They found out the call was intended for Sentinel as well.
Shrieking, the nightmare let go of the catwalk its tendrils were latched onto, and came crashing down right on top of the squad. A splatter of blood stained the concrete ground.

“Oh right. Those police schmucks confiscated my scimitar.” Scaramouche said. “Dangarama, babe.”
He had been searching the weapons cache for his scimitar, only to remember that the police had taken his weapons before he was imprisoned. Still, his crew can make do with the guns and batons that they got when they took the prison. Scaramouche was glad to be free, but the idea of answering to an homicidal nightmare that had no class but loved to wreck gruesome havoc wasn’t the idea he called comforting.
Sure, the mercenary had killed a guard, and many before here and there, but he did it with style. This creature is psychotic. It was indiscriminate, it had no finanse. He didn’t want to mess with the creature and end up like the warden. So the plan was to heed the creature’s plan, follow it through, rob the bank and get the hell out of the city while he and the others still can. Let that creature deal with the police and the heroes, saves him and the others the trouble of dealing with them.
He saw Collin fishing around for something, no doubt his armor. Scaramouche frown, knowing the futile search was.
“Baby, if your armor was here, it would be stashed somewhere else than here.” Scaramouche said. “More likely at the police station.”
“I know it’s here.” Collin said. “I saw them relocating it.”
“We don’t have time for this.” Scaramouche said. “We got a bank to rob and make up for our blunder, so we can save our necks.”
“And what good would I be if I don’t have my armor?” Collin said. “The sooner we can find it, the better odds we have to rob the bank.”
“Let that creature deal with the police and those heroes.” Scaramouche said. “We can just rob the bank while that psychopath does all the hard work.”
“And what if our clients still intend to kill us?” Collin said. “They won’t tolerate having failure in their midst.”
“You honestly believe they will still kill us if we still give them the money?” Scaramouche said. “You’re beaucoup-coo-coo.”
“It’s not just them I’m worried about. You think we’re working for just the Charr Gotra? They have friends, friends in high places, friends who want to eliminate loose ends.” Colin said. “It’s the Gotra’s job to help fund their operations, and it is us who provides the Gotra with the funds. Do you understand?”
Scaramouche shook his head in disbelief, he couldn’t understand the notion that his clients would still kill him even if he gets the job done. “Fine, whatever. The boss says there’s two boats waiting at the docks right now.” Scaramouche said. “The plan is to head for isolated parts of the city, then return back to the island for more to bring to the mainland etc. Me and the others will head for the mainland in the first boats, you stay here and find your armor, then rendezvous at the bank. Get it?“
“Got it.” Collin said. “The plan is to ransack the city and eliminate the cops? Right?”
“Right? We’re gonna take this city as we did this prison. Suncoast is ours for the night, then we bunny hop our way to freedom.” Scaramouche said. “Hippity hop, baby!”
“Sounds like a plan.”Collin said. “Nothing like a little pillaging along with some robbing. Yippee Kai yay!’”

“The police don’t suspect a thing, we were able to take out the staff before Sentinel was informed.” A prisoner ring leader.
He was addressing the current situation to the nightmare that sat in what was once Cletus Kasady’s cell, ravaged by the events that lead to this point. The monster was sitting on the bed like it was some desolated throne. The creature’s bladed tendrils bobbled and waved about, the ring leader was terrified whether the creature would dispose of him as it did to the prison staff and the warden before.
“Good. The plan is simple, bring as much here to the mainland and wait for the time to strike.” The nightmare said.
“And what of you?” The ring leader said. “What will you do?”
“Why, light the fires of course.” The nightmare said. “If you’ve seen what I’m capable of back then, wait till we reach the mainland.”
“And when will we make our move?” The ring leader said.
“Simple, when you hear the screams.” The nightmare said. It smirked a wicked, toothful grin.
“Right. And you’ll lead the attack?” The ring leader said.
“My intentions lie elsewhere, other matters I must attend to.” The nightmare said. “Business before pleasure.”
“And, that is?” The ring leader said.
The nightmare grabbed him by the throat and brought him to his face, before his serrated teeth. “None of your concern.” The nightmare said. “Interfere, and you’ll become a permanent resident of Suncoast. Do you understand?”
“Yes! I got it!” The ring leader said.
The nightmare threw the ring leader to the ground, the latter holding his throat and glad to be alive. It wasn’t beneficial to take orders from a homicidal creature, but as long as it keeps him alive, what does it matter.
“And what of the heroes? They will surely get in our way.” The ring leader said.
The nightmare smiled an evil smirk. “They are of no concern. They won’t suspect a thing until it’s too late.” The creature pointed a finger. “Now go, head for the city and wait until the onslaught begins.” The nightmare said.
The ring leader made his way out of the room and to inform the rest to implement the plan, leaving the nightmare to brood. He was contemplating on other matters that it was privy to.
“Those fools have lived a false state of grace for far too long.” The nightmare said. “Time for them to wake up and see reality.”

An elevator door opens, walking out of it and into the now empty cell block was Cletus Kasday. He smirked a wicked grin, enjoying how these fools have fallen, unprepared for the unexpected to happen from the inside. Numerous bodies of the guard that once fought for the prison, now littered among the block. And the ravaged corpse of the warden, Kasady never liked the guy. So arrogant and contemptible. A fitting end for such a wretched fool.
Kasady potted a mobile phone that was dropped during the slaughter, he picked it up and began searching for something. Seeing the video was searched for, Kasady played it.
Hearing the song playing, Kasady immediately began dancing to it. The tune of anarchy, the very sight of sweet freedom. Kasady swung around like some dancer, enjoying to dance to the song and reveling in the fact that he was once again free. Grabbing a baton that was dropped earlier, Kasdy banged the nearest cell bars like a drummer, adding to the tune. Caught in the moment, Kasady threw the phone away accidently, the device hitting the floor that shattered the screen and ended the song.
Kasady paused when he heard the phone breaking, embarrassed that he made such a stupid mistake. Frowning, Kasady stomped towards the nearest dead guard and grabbed another phone. Once again, he searched for the same song, playing it when he found it. Banging the cell bars on his way out, Kasady relished this moment of triumph. Stepping outside, he held the baton like it was a guitar, gesturing like he was playing it.
Prancing his way out of the gateway, Kasady strikes a pose before swinging the baton at the sight of Suncoast City, like he was hacking or slicing it to pieces. Unbeknownst to him, while Kasady was dancing a robot-like dance, Scaramouche and Gordon were eyeing him with indecision. Kasady shrieked in shock when he saw the duo watching him, dropping the baton and the phone.
“You’re gonna join us for the ride?” Gordon said.
“How many times must I repeat myself?” Kasady said. “Never, never, never interrupt me when I’m dancing!!!”
“Hey man, we were just asking.” Scaramouche said.
Kasady scoffed, this was no to get angry over trivial matters. “I’ll catch up with you.” Kasady said. “This is just too good a night to lose my temper.”
“Whatever you say.” Scaramouche said. “Crazy man, but great dancer.” He whispered to Gordon on the way to the boat, Kasady having heard the chatter. He looked back at Suncoast City, smirking a wicked grin. He started making his way to the docks, singing.
“♫May this wretched city rot and burn in hell. As it all falls down, may I live to tell. I walk out a wiser, stronger man.♫” Kasady said. “♫And those fools sure tasted just like ham.♫”
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Chapter 8
The Fires of Chaos

“How is it that you can no longer sense it?” Eddie said. “You just sensed it a few moments ago.”
“It kept appearing and disappearing numerous times!” Venom said. “How are we supposed to track something that just keeps showing up in random places?”
Eddie had been conversing with Venom on the recent events, sensing another like Venom himself. Now, it was no longer under the radar, anywhere in the city by now. This newcomer was apparently at Ryker’s Island for a while, but now it was easier said than done to track this creature. It was like finding a needle in a haystack, or a thread instead. Eddie didn’t understand why needles were always the case.
“Why can’t we just head for Ryker’s Island right now and investigate?” Venom said.
“They know what happened earlier.” Eddie said. “We make ourselves known, the police will hunt us down as well this creature.”
“Then what do you suggest we do?” Venom said. “Walk?”
“Until the need for us to play our hand,” Eddie said. “This is a “me” thing, not a “we”thing.”
“Fine.” Venom said. He was annoyed at the fact that Eddie was being cautious to the point that Venom wouldn’t be needed. “

A patrol of police officers waited by the docks, knowing of the situation at the prison, but not of the cause. It was quiet at the docks, no word from the squad that headed up to the island. Two of the officers stood at the edge of the port, another by the police car. They were only there to set up a perimeter, to avoid a repeat of earlier today. There wasn’t any word to alert the public, knowing that it was just a minor prison riot so far.
One of the officers caught something approaching the bay. It was heading for it at such a speed, but it was underwater. Just when the officer looked down at the speeding enigma, it vanished further underneath. All was silent again, the officer still eyeing the bay water beneath him. Suddenly, a bladed tendril lashed out of the waiter, ensnaring the officer and dragged him into the bay. The officer that once stood by his side looked down at where the officer was pulled into, an object sliced through the water and right at the officer’s head.
“Officer Fleischer?” The head officer said.
There was no answer. What happened afterward was the severed head of Flesicher dropped to the wooden dock and the rest of his body collapsing into the water. The head officer panicked and quickly went for the walkie talkie in the car.
“This is Officer Serkis.” The head officer said. “We are encountering a hostile threat, requesting immediate assistance.”
The moment when the commissioner replied, Serkis felt a horrifying stabbing pain in his body. He looked down to see a bloody, red and black scythe like blade slashed through his body. His blood dripping from the blade’s tip, behind him, Serkis heard the snarling of a creature. A serrated maw leering by his head, smirking wickedly.
“This is Commissioner Neave reporting.” The Commissioner said. Speaking through the walkie talkie. ”Pull back and wait for orders.”
“By all means, come and get me” The nightmare said.
Serkis screamed, his body silenced in half by the nightmare and his blood splattering the wind shield. Withdrawing his blade, the nightmare lifted the car with two of his bladed tendrils and hoisted aside. He then lashed out another one from his six tendrils and hoisted himself up, scaling the wall and waltzing further into the city.

“Why can’t we contact the prison?” Mulligan said. “Commissioner Neave requests a status update.”
“We’re trying our best, but no word from any of the staff.” One of the officers said. “It’s like a total blackout at the prison.”
“And nothing from the squad there?” Mulligan said.
“Nothing.” The officer said.
Mulligan couldn’t comprehend what was going on. First the prison broke down in a riot due to some criminal organization playing their hand, now there was another breaking down, this time, now contact from any of the staff or the squad there. Scaramouche was imprisoned there, with no weapons so there couldn’t be anything from his clients at play. This was more frustrating, not knowing who or what is responsible for this.
“I think we need to contact Kane.” Mulligan said. “With what is going on, we can’t take any chances.”
One of the other officers came running to Mulligan. “Sir, we’ve just received word from the docks.” The newcomer said. “The perimeter has been breached, and we’ve just lost contact.”
Mulligan eyed the newcomer with indecision. “Lost them?” Mulligan said. “Who or what are we dealing with?”
“I don’t know. But the report was interrupted by someone, or something by the sound of it.” The officer.”
“Something?” Mulligan said. “The creature from before? That subdued the riot earlier?”
“I don’t know.” The newcomer said. “Whatever it was, I’m afraid we can assume that Serkis and his squad didn’t make it.”
Mulligan contemplated on what to do. A creature was on the loose, three officers were now dead, and the city may be in peril with this creature on the warpath. Something had to be done and quickly.
“Get Kane on the line right now.” Mulligan said. “And dispatch every available officer to the streets now! Get any of the neighboring forces mobilized if you have to.”

The ring leader waited by the boat, several of his mates were doing the same on board. A dull couple of minutes, half an hour by now. Some of the others had stolen nearby boats to bring in more prisoners. Scaramouche, Gordon and the rest of their associates were bored as well. The mercenary was humming a tune to pass the time, nuch to the annoyance of the others around him.
“Could you shut it?” One of them said. “It’s annoying enough having to wait for the boss’ okay.”
“Just passing the tie.” Scaramouche said. “I’m bored stupid.”
“Don’t you think we aren;t the same about this?” The same prisoner said.
“Fine.” Scaramouche said. “Anyone up for I spy?”
“No!” Everyone of the prisoners said. Shouting at Scaramouche.
“Alright, babe.” Scaramouche said.
The ring leader was none too thrilled of having to wait for the nightmare’s attack. He began to hear the sounds of calamity going on further in the city. He could hear the sounds of explosions, civilians screaming, and he could also see flashes of fire from up ahead. The ring leader grabbed a binoculars that he swiped from the prison guards back at the island. From where he could see, the flashes were indeed explosions. Fire was starting to break out from inside the city. The ring leader smirked.
“Just follow the screams.” The ring leader said. Everyone in the boat cheered and rushed out into the city.

Eddie roller skated down the street, investigating the situation. So far, he nor Venom were privy of the creature’s whereabouts. There were moments when they sensed the creature’s whereabouts, but the enigma disappeared from Venom’s senses seconds after. Venom wasn’t sure if this creature was eluding him on purpose or not. It was maddening, how can something more malicious than Riot be playing this game of hide and seek.
Eddie stopped and looked at the direction of the explosions and screaming, flashes of fire could be seen from up ahead. He took off his bike helmet and eyed the situation. Venom could sense it too, the creature had made itself known again, this time in public.
“It’s him” Venom said.
“Yeah.”Eddie said. “I can see that. The fire, the screaming, I daresay the death.”
“Shall we investigate and kick some serious prisoner ass?” Venom said.
“I wholeheartedly agree.” Eddie said. “Let’s move, old chap.”
“Old chap?” Venom said.
“British talk.” Eddie said.”Pay no mind.”
A police car came speeding by Eddie and to the direction of the devastation. The vehicle was mashed and toppled over to the side by an incoming stolen car, much to everyone’s shock. Three prisoners were at the seats, brandishing stolen weapons and cheering. Everyone started to flee from the scene, Eddie just standing there and eying the prisoners. Some more came rushing out from the same direction that car came crashing out from, a mob of them.
It was academic that the prison had once again suffered a jailbreak, this time, the prisoners were out in the streets, causing mayhem and panic. Whatever Venom sensed, it caused this riot. It made sense when it first appeared, these prisoners got off the island. It was clear that the police were at the moment, outnumbered and outmatched. It was that time again that Eddie and Venom to play their hand again.
“Well, sancho.” Eddie said. “you’re ready for more crowd control?”
“Hell yeah!” Venom said. “It’s fightin’ time!”
Eddie, before he could do anything, felt a severe blow to the head, kicked to the ground by one prisoner that came up from behind. When feeling his head, Eddie was oblivious when the prisoner picked up the biker helmet that Eddie dropped.
“Maybe I can get a buck or two from ebay for this.” The prisoner said. He eyed the helmet.
Eddie eyed the prisoner, snarling in anger. Nobody cheap shots him like that and gets away with it. He spots a baseball bat that had been dropped during the rioting. Venom knew what Eddie was thinking, a black tendril lashed out from behind Eddie and grabbed the bat. It handed the bat over to Eddie, he got back onto one foot.
“Cursed swine.” Eddie said. “Consider yourself no.1 on my shit list!”
The prisoner whipped around when hearing Eddie’s retort, he was smashed in the head by the ball bat. He hit the floor, clutching his head, Eddie eyeing him with anger. His temper was getting the better of him again. The prisoner snarled in anger, getting back onto one foot.
“You little rat bastard!” The prisoner said.
A black tendril lashed out from behind Eddie and pulled one of the prisoner’s legs, the latter not knowing and falling backwards. The prisoner after clutching his head looked at see Eddie glaring at him, bat above his head.
“Do you think this is party time for 1999?” Eddie said. “No!”
Eddie smashed the bat at the prisoner’s head, knocking him unconscious.Th prisoner laid on the ground dazed and tongue sticking out of his mouth. Seeing what he did, Eddie checked the prisoner’s pulse, yep, he was still alive. Eddie tossed the bat away and eyed the rioting going on ahead of them. Eddie glared at them, now this was personal.
“The prisoners think they have played this city for Tony Baloneys.” Eddie said. “But they have yet to feel the wrath of this Battlefront 2 player!!”
“And Venom” Venom said. “Wait to show that bastard who’s boss.”
With none watching him, Eddie snuck to the corner of the street, Venom’s head appearing behind him.
“‘We’ll take care of these idiots on our way to our wayward friend.” Eddie said. We’ll have this prison riot on a spit by morning!”

“The whole prison was compromised?” Izuku said. He was speaking to Sentinel via phone. They had spit up to help deal with the isolated incidents taking place in the city. The police had informed them that something had happened at Ryker’s Island, yet they’ve lost contact with any of the staff and the police squad. Now there were mass riotings in various parts of the city. Mulligan had called for reinforcements from the neighboring towns, but they weren’t going to be enough. Sentinel would deal with the rioting in the north, while Izuku would assist in dealing with the rioting in the south. He stood on the rooftop of a building, speaking to Kane.
“Everyone of them is loose?” Izuku said.
“I’m afraid so.” Sentinel said. “Multiple boats are arrïving at the docks bringing in more prisoners into the city.”
“And the police are preoccupied with holding the riots back?” Izuku said.
“That is why we must do what we can to assist them.” Sentinel said. “We cannot allow this city to suffer the same fate as Kamino.”
Izuku remembered when All Might fought against All for One, innocent civilians caught in the conflict. Now this city was under siege by numerous prisoners.
“Understood.” Izuku said. “Take care.”
“You too. Sentinel out.” Sentinel said. He hung up the call.
“Every prisoner from Ryker’s Island.” Izuku thought. “Now on the streets creating havoc. Scaramouche, Quickstrike, even Kasady.”
This was not good, the idea that the same mercenaries and criminals like Scaramouche and Quickstrike were free and part of the rioting was bad enough, but Cletus Kasady, the very murder that had haunted so many for so long, was with them as well. He could escape the city and wreak more indiscriminate murders, after it took so long to catch him. It was important to find and apprehend him as quickly as possible.

An explosion rocked the city far ahead, Izuku looked in the direction to see far from where he was, flames illuminating a district. More explosions could be seen at the same location, the cause of it was moving.
“No way.” Izuku said. "What the heck is going on?”

Several cars were flung into the air, several civilians barely managed to avoid the vehicles that came crashing down near them. They could see more being thrown into the air, flames ravaging the city behind them. More and more cars crashed down in their direction, and the source of the chaos was waltzing towards the crowd. It continued the onslaught, chucking cars with either its claws hands or bladed tendrils.
One of the last two cars exploded in a ball of fire, the nightmare shrieks an haunting cry at the fleeing crowd. A police siren was heard from its side, the police car came speeding towards the creature. The nightmare launched a red and black webbing at the vehicle, ensnaring and throwing the car off the ground and sending it smashing into a nearby building. The creature smirked a wicked grin at its handy work.
Several bullets struck the nightmare’s head, the creature, barely annoyed, whipped to see two groups of three police officers firing their guns at the creature. Amused by their futile efforts, the nightmare waltzes towards them, the bullets barely damaging it. To the officer’s shock, one of the creaturés hands becomes a red and black scythe-like weapon. Throwing the weapon at them, the nightmare slashed through three of them, some of them were lucky enough to dodge.
What was left of the other three, collapsed into the ground, both halves of them.
One of the cars they were hiding behind was yanked away by the creaturés webbing, the nightmare shrieked a terrifying cry and lunged at one of them. It slices through the officer and rushes through in a bloody display, grabbing the other officer that was behind him by his throat. The nightmare snarls at his captive, its claws dug deep into the officer’s neck, and throws his body at the remaining officer, the head of the former in the clutches of the creature, the severed neck dripping blood.
The remaining officer tried getting back to his feet, but the moment he was on both feet, he was impaled by one of the nightmare’s bladed tendrils and brought towards the creature’s face.
“Such blind devotion.” The nightmare said. “Yet such a tasty snack.”
The nightmare’s jaws lunged at the officer’s head, biting it off in a bloody display. It hurled the headless body into a nearby building, smashing through one of the windows.
“Well, that was fun, but it was over too soon.” The creature said. “Oh, I can’t wait until we rebaptize this world in a bloodbath!!”
“Relax, we still got a job to do, remember?” A voice said. “They will come for us, and he is one of them.”
“Yes, I remember.” The nightmare said. “I assume he remembers you so well?”
“Yes.” The voice said. “Until the time comes, it would be best to hide and make him come to us on our terms.”
“Can we kill some more poor idiots on the way?” The nightmare said.
“Only a few.” The voice said.
“Only a few?” The nightmare said. “Too bad.” The creature cackled a wicked laughter.

“I want two groups of you to head for the police station.” The ring leader said to a stolen phone. “We’ll cut off their advance from the starting line. We’ll forward our offense into the heart of this city and spread out, cover more ground. We’ll have this city by sunrise.”
“Right.” The prisoner on the other line said. “We’ll have hogtied at their own headquarters. You can count on that, Hamil. Robinson out.” He hung up the line.
“All right you lot.” Hamil said. “We got all night to ransack this dump. Who’s up for some pillaging!”
The group of six prisoners cheered in agreement with the ring leader, raising their fist in the air.
“Enough talk, let’s mash those officials into meat pies! Yeah!” One of the prisoners said.
“In due time.” The ring leader said. “As long as we follow our orders, the plan will succeed. You want to answer to the freak if we fail?”
“Speaking.” A voice said.
They all looked up to see a black webbing shooting down and ensnaring the ring leader by the leg. It pulled Hamil up until he was dangling by the top of a lamppost. The one responsible for that landed in the middle of the group, knocking one of them with a fist and grabbing two more with both clawed hands. It leaped into the air, whipping around and throwing both prisoners into both opposing buildings, each of them smashing through windows.
Landing back on his feet, Venom snarled, his eyes narrowed and his tongue swinging from his toothy maw. He launches a black webbing at one of the other prisoner’s face, yanking him right at him and hitting him with a punch that sends him flying into another. Grabbing one of the remaining prisoners while leaping in mid air, Venom tossed him right through the glass window of a nearby building. Pulling one of the last two by the leg, Venom smashed the last one with his comrade like he was a club.
Eyeing his handiwork, Venom turns to eye the ring leader who was dangling from above. Hamil was trying to claw his way out of the webbing, but this proved to be a futile gesture.
“We are the only freaks around here.” Venom said. “And to think you would’ve learned that by now.”
“Aw, crap!” Hamil said. “Should’ve known you’d be here.”
“The duties of the Lethal Protector, our sad idiot.” Venom said. “Tell us, where can we find your leader?”
“Like I’m gonna tell you?” Hamil said. “He’ll kill me if I say anything.”
Before Venom could threaten him, he turns to see a flash of fire appearing from further ahead in the city. Venom had an idea of what may have caused it. Venom looks back at Hamil.
“Consider yourself lucky.” Venom said.
The Lethal Protector leaps off and scales up a building, launching a black webbing and swings off to the calamity ahead of him.

The fires aged around them, the prisoners were ransacking and pillaging every store, every civilian robbed, and nearly everything was smashed to pieces, lit on fire, or stolen. The district was in total chaos. The police were busy halting the other groups that had entered the city, or were slain by this creature responsible for all this. Until then, the district was beyond saving. Most of the civilians had fled when the rioting came upon their streets, only the prisoners remained.
Ambling down the road, Cletus Kasady was revealing the calamity taking place around. Hearing the shatter of glass and seeing the numerous pillaging his fellow prisoners were committing, Kasady was loving all of this. Since his days at St Estes, this was how he saw it. The world in chaos. Enjoying this senseless destruction, Kasady twirled around like a ballerina, dancing amidst the devastation.
The police are in disarray, the heroes on the way, and neither of them knew that it was already too late. The plan had been implemented, they were taken by surprise and were losing, and it had been this way for a long time. Neither of them knew of it. Kasady was loving this. Since his days murdering countless civilians, he was winning. He had won this before it even began, and his hand had yet to be played.
Kasady would love nothing more than to join his comrades in the destruction, but first, he had to find a change of clothes, and perhaps a sandwich while he’s at it. Maybe some grey poupon if he’s lucky.

“Please tell us that we can eat bad guys.” Venom said. “There’s too many of them, who’s going to take note of any missing?”
Venom was standing at the edge of a building, eyeing his handiwork, several prisoners brutalized and lying on the ground. He could hear the sirens of police cars coming from the distance ahead, now to head on to more bad guys. Already, Venom was irritated by the fact that he couldn’t eat anyone’s heads off.
“No.” Eddie said. “Under no circumstances are you to eat anyone. No exceptions.”
“But we need human brains to survive.” Venom said. “We’re getting sick of this.”
“And you can survive on chocolate too.” Eddie said. “Our planet, our rules.”
“That’s not fair!”We need food!” Venom said.
“And you need to follow the rules.” Eddie said.
“Food!” Venom said.
“Rules!”Eddie said.
“Food!” Venom said.
“Rules I say!” Eddie said.
“Food! Food!”Venom said. “Food!!”
“We take care of this, and if the bakery store is till standing, I’ll get you some chocolate doughnuts!” Eddie said. “How’s that?”
Venom snarled. “Fine!” Venom said. He leaped off to another direction in the city.

This was a total slaughter by the looks of it. Bodies everywhere, some eviscerated and even heads missing. The road was stained with the splatter of blood, several buildings burning down in flames and devastation as far as the eye can see. Izuku had known those capable of such slaughter, Overhaul was known to be ruthless and All for One was capable of murder on a great scale. This however, was brutal and horrific. This was not done by the hands of a man, but a monster.
Even Cletus Kasady was not capable of brutality in this manner. These officers were sadly torn apart. Izuku remembered the rumors of a creature in the city since the riots earlier, but only the prisoners were apprehended by this enigma. It didn’t make sense for some unsung creature to suddenly target officers, unless this was something of no sound intention. Whatever it was, it was imperative that they find and stop this menace.
Izuku heard his phone ringing, it was Sentinel. No doubt he wanted a status report. Izuku answered the call.
“Everything okay, Sentinel?” Izuku said.
“The police and I have managed to subdue the northern docks, but I fear that more are on the way.” Sentinel said. “What about you?”
“From where I am, I’m afraid the damage is much worse than I predicted.” Izuku said. “Pain, sorrow and death is all I see.”
“The menace responsible for this?” Sentinel said.
“It looks that way.” Izuku said. “Whatever it is, it looks like it went up ahead.”
“I understand the need to stop this harbinger of destruction.” Sentinel said. “But use caution. We know not of what we face, but for now, civilian protection is the highest priority. Maintain vigilance when tracking down the creature and inform me of any update.”
“Understood.” Izuku said. “I’ll call you if I uncover anything.”
“And I you if I find anything.” Sentinel said. “Take care. Sentinel out.” Sentinel ended the call.
Izuku looked back at the devastation, appalled by the brutality woven by the menace that now haunts the city. Horror in all of its horrific purity.
“Who or what could’ve done this?” Izuku said.

Trying on a new attire, Kasady was now dressed with a T-shirt of various reds,black jacket and pants and a metal necklace with a silver skull chained to it. Kasady was enjoying this new attire, better than the prison garb he had to wear. No one else was inside the clothes store, knowing that the rest of the people were fleeing for their lives. The police were too caught up with stopping his mates, so Kasady was free to take whatever he want. With the choice of clothes now picked, Kasady ambled his way for the exit.
“Keep the change.” Kasady said. He picked out a dollar coin and flicked it over the counter, exiting the store.
Lying at the other side of the check counter, the bloodied headless corpse of the cashier. The coin landed by the side of his bleeding stump of a neck. Kasady walked the street, smirking a wicked grin. The sounds of glass shattering and fires burning in the distance. An opportunity to leave a mark on this world, so indelible, his name along with others will be history itself. All who stand in their way are pestilence, fools to be eviscerated. This city will burn down to the ground as St Este’s Orphanage so many years ago.
“Change of attire: check. City under siege: check.” Kasady said. “Setting up our reunion: checko! Have to get a few things first, and where can I find a goddamn sandwich with some freaking grey poupon!?”

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Re: My Hero Acadmeia: Let there be Carnage

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Chapter 9
Soon come Chaos

A mother was trying to pack her things, she and her son along with everyone in the building were told to evacuate with the rioting nearby. She had just finished packing her suitcase, and was just about to leave her bedroom.
“Alright, that’s everything.” The mother said. “Let’s get going. We can make it out of the city while they’re still time.”
Her son didn’t reply. When she got to the living room where her son was waiting, she saw that he was frozen with fear. Just when she was about to ask why, a knife was drawn to her neck, much to her shock. See cautiously looked to her side to see a ruby red haired teenager holding the knife, smirking wickedly.
“By all means, please stay.” Kasady said. “Could you do me a favor, make me a sandwich, and do you have any grey poupon?”

Sentinel battered a prisoner with his energy shield, another came charging at him with a gun raised to fire. Sentinel whipped around and cleaved the weapon in half with his energy axe and kicked him down to the ground. One more prisoner wiped a bat with nails piercing through at Sentinel’s head, but the latter dodged the attack and threw a punch right at his face. The prisoner dropped the bat while he crashed into the ground, unconscious. One of the other prisoners tried getting up, but Sentinel caught him before the former could catch him by surprise.
“Stay down!” Sentinel said. He threw a punch that downed the prisoner.
Just in the nick of time, police cars arrived at the scene, police officers brandishing cuffs and batons. Some of them went to handcuff the downed prisoners. The one in charge walked up to Sentinel’s side.
“Nice work.” The officer said. “That clears this sector for now.
“Now all we need is a little perseverance, and a lot of luck.” Sentinel said.
One of the others that remained in the cars called out to the lead officer. “Sire we have a call from the coms.” The policeman said “But it isn’t from headquarters, nor the others.”
“Then who?” The lead officer said.
“I think it’s something you may have to behold for yourself.” The policeman said.
The lead officer looked at Sentinel, he didn’t like the sound of that. “Make that all the luck we need.”

Kicking a prisoner in the face, Deku landed on his feet, ducking a prisoner’s axe that swung at his head. He throws a punch to the perionser’s face that makes him drop the axe, another prisoner draws a gun at him, but it was snatched by Deku’s black whip. He whips the weapon around and smacks it against the prisoner’s head, leaving him the only one standing. Now that the sector was clear, Deku was about to head off to aid with stopping the rioting up ahead, still in the trail of the creature.
Deku’s phone rang, he answerd it. “What is it, Sentinel?” Izuku said.
“Midorirya, I’m sorry to say, but the situation has gotten a lot worse.” Sentinel said. “Kasady has taken an entire hotel hostage.”
Deku was afraid of this, Kasady was on the loose, as he thought. The fact that he had numerous people at his mercy shocked him.
“He’s confiscated a police vehicle, and is currently on coms.” Sentinel said. “I fear that this may be something for you to hear.”
Someone else spoke through the line, Deku knew that voice.
“For long, I have languished at Ryker’s Island for some time, but the acts of a hero by the name of Deku. Sure I had quite a time, getting to know my fellow mates, yet it was so boring.” Kasady said.

Kasady stood by the side of the police car, the officer who owned it laid by the side, bleeding from multiple wounds. Kasady was speaking into the walkie talkie of the car itself.
“He never gave me the courtesy of visiting me in my cell.” Kasady said. “Letting me speak to idiot news journalists and clueless detectives. So it’s time for me to return the favor.”

“Let’s let him decide. If Deku doesn’t show up at the Donna hotel in sixty minutes, then I burn it down along with everyone inside, just as I did to St Estes so long ago.” Kasady said. Still speaking through the com.
Izuku was in shock, the fact that Kasady was holding the entire hotel hostage as a means to get to him, but threatening to burn it down like he did to St Estes. Kasady was determined to get back at Izuku for stopping him. Izuku should’ve known that Kasdy held a grudge. He needed to act fast before Kasady did something.
“You leave them out of this, Kasady. “ Izuku said. “It’s me you want, let them go.”
“Deku, no!” Sentinel said. He heard Izuku speaking to Kasady through the line.
“Ah, I see you’re listening. Good.” Kasady said. “Then you know what I got, and you know what I want. They will be let go if you show up, but if you mess up, what’s left of them will be in urns.”
“Kasady, you harm any of them, you’ll answer for every last one of them.” Izuku said.
“Now Deks, is that any way to talk to an old friend? yOu just show up at the hotel in sixty minutes.” Kasady said. “One more thing, come alone. Anyone else that shows up, or interferes, I burn the hotel to the ground.”
“You got it.” Izuku said. “Just don’t harm them”
“Their fates are in your hands. That’s your problem, not mine.” Kasady said. He ended the com.
Izuku couldn’t comprehend what had happened. Kasady is on the loose, and he now has an entire building full of people at his mercy, all just to get to Izuku himself. Now Izuku has the fate of countless people in his hands, otherwise, that psychopath will kill them all. He had to get there and stop him, otherwise, Kasady will burn the building down.
Ït’s a trap, Deku.” Sentinel said. “He will be waiting for you.”
“It’s me that he wants.” Izuku said. “We can’t just let them burn.”
“I understand your concerns, but this is something we must not act recklessly.” Sentinel said. “Kasady will want revenge, and no doubt he’s got something in store.”
“If anyone else shows up, he’ll burn down the hotel.” Izuku said. “I have to go.”
“But Deku, please consider about this.” Sentinel said. “Kasady is not mentally sound, he’ll do something rash and we’ll only risk the people getting killed.”
“Not if I’m there.” Deku said. “He wants payback, and I’m certain that he will not risk killing the people without screwing the chance to face me. Let me negotiate letting the people go first.”
“Deku.” Sentinel said.
“I have to try.” Izuku said. “It’s me he wants. This city needs your help as well the police, I’ll handle Kasady.”
There was no reply for a few moments, Izuku waiting for Sentinel’s answer. He did have a point in acting recklessly, but concerning Kasady, there was no time to waste. Izuku would have to use caution when he deals with the killer.
“Very well.” Sentinel said. “But it would be wise to next take any chances. I’ll inform Mulligan to set up a perimeter in case Kasady escapes.”
“Thank you.” Izuku said. “I promise to use caution.”
“I know you will.”Sentinel said. “But be careful. Kasady is no normal human and is not to be underestimated.”
“I will, and I understand.” Izuku said. “I’ll keep in contact, Deku out.”
Izuku launches a black whip, and leaps into the air, web-slinging to the direction of the Donna Hotel.

“He’s what?” Mulligan said. He was speaking to Sentinel over the phone in the city police station.
“Kasady is holding the Donna hotel hostage, with the intention of burning it down unless Deku confronts him alone.” Sentinel said.
“And what makes you think that Kasady won’t burn it down anyway?” Mulligan said.
“Because he wants vengeance.”Sentinel said. “He will not squander the chance by killing the hostage.”
“But you forgot that Kasady is not normal, Kasady is a monster.” Mulligan said.
“And Deku knows that too.” Sentinel said. “Which is why he has to face him. I can only advise that you set up a perimeter to prevent Kasady from escaping.”
“You get no argument from me.” Mulligan said. “If Kassady flees the city, it would take a long time to capture him again.”
“Which is imperative to ensure that outcome does not happen.” Sentinel said.
“All right, but bear in mind, our forces are spread out containing the rioting.” Mulligan said. “We’ve received word from the neighboring twins, but they’ll be here within an hour.”
“Understood.” Sentinel said. “We’ll do all that we can for the time being.”
“Appreciate it.” Mulligan said. He hung up the phone. It had been sometime since Ryker’s Island had been compromised by some creature, and already Kasady is causing havoc.”God help us if that psychopath escapes the city.”

“We tell you Eddie, whatever it was, we can’t sense it.” Venom said. “It’s no longer there.”
“You’re the bloodhound of symbiotes, Venom.” Eddie said. “How can you lose the trail?”
“It’s just like that, whatever it is, it’s no longer there.” Venom said. “It’s hiding with whoever is bonded to.”
Eddie was standing on the edge of a building, he and Venom taking a temporary break with the search of the missing creature. On the roads below them, cars were burning, sirens were heard nearby, yet there was no sign of any prisoners. Venom’s head was looking at Eddie’s, conversing on the situation. Eddie was just as annoyed of this as Venom, not sensing the whereabouts of this menace.
“We don;t even know who’s bonded to it, let alone what exactly it is we’re dealing with.” Eddie said.
“Another like us.” Venom said. “What are you, stupid?”
“No, I’m tired to the point of insanity having to deal with a psychopathic, head eating alien that I should be locked and wrapped in a straight jacket.” Eddie said. “What do you think?”
“Oh boo hoo.” Venom said. He spots something on the roads, a stolen car speeding down with prisoners at the helm. “Ooh hoo, bad guys! Please Eddie, can we eat their heads?”
“Venom, if I told you once, I’d told you a hundred times.” Eddie said. “No head biting, ever!”
“Aw, but Eddie.” Venom said.
“No but”s!”Eddie said. “Öur world, our rules.
“That’s it!” Venom saif. “We’ve had it with all your rules. You want to stop them, do it yourself.” Venom withdrew back into Eddie, much to the latter’s indecision.
“Where are you going? What are you doing?” Eddie said. “Whe have a job to do.”
“You need our help, you play by our rules!” Venom said. “No heads to pay, cannot play.”
“Venom be serious, there’s people down there that need our help.” Eddie said.
“And so are we.” Venom said. “We need brains to survive.”
“You’ve got the chocolate, what else do you want?” Eddie said.
“Some chocolate for a few days is not good enough.” Venom said.
Eddie started to panic, this was not a good time for a fight. “You need to come out right now. The civilians are extremely vulnerable right now.”
“We aren’t doing shit unless you give us what we want.” Venom said.
Eddie contemplated on what to do, and he had to think fast. “Okay, how about this?” Eddie said. “Two chocolates every two days?”
“Nope!”Venom said.
“Okay, five?” Eddie said.
“Nope!” Eddie said.
“Seriously? Eight for every day, okay?” Eddie said.
“What do you think we are?”Venom said. “A charity?”
“Fifteen then! I’ll give you as much chocolate as you want for the rest of your life!!” Eddie said. He was losing his composure, and panicking that the city was being torn apart and Venom was acting like a child.
“Really?!“ Venom said.
“Yes, really!” Eddie said.
“Promise!” Venom said.
“I promise!” Eddie said. “Now get back out there and eviscerate some criminal ass!”
“Okay!” Venom said. The Venom symbiote appeared and covered Eddie, Venom now glaring at the speeding car ahead of him. “Let’s go kick some prison assholes!”

“You are real.”Kasady said. Hours ago before the rioting, Kasady was standing in front of a glass window, most of the prisoners were gathering at the docks for the trips to the city. Kasady was alone, at least not quite so alone. What he saw at the window screen was something else, something horrifying.
“I am.” The nightmare said. “And once I kill that thing that I originated from, we will be indestructible.”
“I know how to find them, but first, there is unfinished business that I have to deal with.” Kasady said. “Then we can hunt down what you loathed the most.”
“Then this city will be ours for the taking.” The nightmare said.
“Why stop there?” Kasady said. “Why just ravage cities when we can accomplish so much more.”
“Or better yet, why should we have all the fun?” The nightmare said.
“Exactly.” Kasady said. “Help me, and I can help you get along with this planet. It’ll be just as we want.”
“Paradise.” The nightmare said. “Deal.”
“Deal.” Kasadya said. “I can tell, you and me, we’re so much alike. The makings of a good ol friendship.”
“Born from blood.” The nightmare said.

Kasady remembered that conversation so well, having made a friend, he never considered the odds that anyone would want to be his friend. Now, he was just sitting in the hotel owner’s desk in his office, the owner himself lying behind him, his head missing and his stump of a torn neck dripping blood. Kasady was eyeing the security monitors checking to see what was going on.
“You want to know how I got like this? My parents were careless, and friends.” Kasady said. “The moment that I was labeled dead, they cast me aside like unwanted trash, never thinking to wait for a second. I was sent to that hell on earth, St Estes, I endured a lifetime of torment and persecution.”
There was no one in the office except Kasady and the hotel owner’s body. But Kasady knew who he was talking to.
“Everyday, whenever I step out of line, that bastard of a head counselor beats me with a whip. The others were not as forgiving, whenever I tried standing up for myself, they beat me to a bloody mess.” Kasady said. “Then one day, I thought to myself, if that’s how things are, why not put a smile on my face? Since then, I’ve asked myself to all the poor victims of those I killed. “Why so serious?” And.”
Kasady trailed off for a moment, eyeing one of the cameras. He smirked wickedly, the person that was standing in front of the hotel, alone, was Deku.
“Why so serious?” Kasady said.

Izuku stood outside the Donna hotel, seeing the door to the building open. Cautious that Kasady might be up to his tricks, Izuku eyed the interior from outside the open door. Nothing happened. He looked up at the upper floors, nothing going on from there. Seeing that there was no present danger, he walked through the door and stood on the other side. All the rooms of the lower floor were empty, no one inside. Izuku searched the hallway for anything suspicious, nothing.
“All right, Kasady.”: Izuku said. “ I’m here, now let them go.”
There was no reply. Everything was quiet. It was until Izuku heard something through the speakers. It was designed to inform anyone to evacuate during a fire. It was a whistling sound, a familiar whistle. The same whistle Kasady sang when he was hauled off into the police car last time he saw him. Izuku braced himself for anything, nothing happened. This was unusual, Kaasady was known for ambushing him. He was up to something.
"You know, whether anyone hears that whistle.” Kasady said. He was speaking through the intercom. “People die. Think of it as hearing the reaper’s call. No matter how much you run or resist, it’s your time to go.”
Izuku was having none of it.
“You wanted to face me, you got it.” Izuku said. “Now let them go.”
Kasady chuckled through the intercom.
“Let them go?” Kasddy said. “I’ve already done that long before you came here.”
Izuku wasn’t privy to Kasady’s game, Kasady never mentioned letting the people in the hotel go. Kasady was never one to show mercy to anyone, something was out of place. Kasady may be lying. Izuku waited for Kasady to explain himself. Kasady once again spoke through the intercom, more of his game.
“I can care less about those fools.” Kasady said. “ You are the one I want. They were simply the means to an end.”
Izuku continued to heed Kasady’s explanation, maybe he could use Kasady’s monologuing to his advantage. He could find Kasady and take him by surprise when he is speaking to him. The problem is finding him. Kasady didn’t sound like he was close, and the rooms were empty. Izuku decided to check upstairs. Still using caution, Izuku headed for the next floor.
“You and I are two sides of the card.” Kasady said. “I knew the moment you heard my threat, you came with the intention of stopping. After all, who know me better than you?”
Izuku walked to the second floor, Kasady didn’t speak for a while. Izuku eyed the hallway, some doors were opened, some were closed. Izuku cautiously walked forward, checking to see if there was anything suspicious. Again, Kasady spoke. This time, it was close. Izuku could hear that Kasady’s voice was not coming through the intercom, but from the farthest room up ahead.
“Do you know what it is like to be out there?” Kasady said. “To have to leave through hell on earth? Nobody is civil anymore! They tend to hurt those they don’t understand or have any compassion for.”
“Like you when you killed all those people?” Izuku said. He eyed the room he thinks Kasady was in.
“Something I learned a long time ago. Everyone is awful these days. It’s enough to drive anyone crazy.” Kasady said.
“And you’re sane?” Izuku said.
“Yes.” Kasady said. “Spare me the morality lecture, if it was me dying on the streets, nobody would care. You’d walk over me.”
“You think you know me?” Izuku said.
“Not enough, but yes I do.” Kasady said. “You’re the type who doesn’t care about his own wellbeing, but when someone else is in jeopardy, you freak out.”
Izuku eyed the room that Kasady was in, at least he thought he’s in.The sound of Kasady’s voice being louder in the room was academic. Kasady was inside. Izuku allowed Kasady to monologue, waiting for his chance to take him down. Again, Kasasdy spoke, just like Izuku hoped he did.
“Heroism. A toxic notion. History has shown that peace as you know it is fleeting.” Kasady said.”I’m sure you encountered many who are far worse than me. I’m afraid you’re mistaken, you’ve never seen anything like me.”
Izuku stood outside the door, preparing for his chance to take down Kasady. He waited for Kasady to continue his inane bickering.
“One rule of the hunt: sometimes it is preferable to let your prey come to you.” Kasady said. “Take it out of the equation.”
Izuku was privy to what Kasady implied, obviously Kasady wanted him here. Seeing his chance, Izuku knocked down the door, shocked to see no one inside. He walked in to see lying on the ground, was a walkie talkie. Kasady must’ve planned for that. He must’ve known that Izuku would come looking for him.
“Second rule. In warfare.” Kassdy said. To Izuku’s shock, he felt a powerful blow from behind his head. “Know your opponent.” Kasady stood behind him, eyeing his fallen adversary with a baseball bat in his hand. Half of it. The blow shattered the bat in half.
Izuku clutched his head, Kasady played him for a fool. He should’ve known Kasady would have something planned for him. He looked up and glared at him, Kasady smirking wickedly.
“A trick from the Scream movies.” Kasady said. “Never fails. Heroes. Always coming to the rescue. Such foolish ideas by such fools. You should’ve known better.”
“I do know better, better than you.” Izuku said. “As did All Might.”
“And look where that got him.” Kasady said. Izuku glared at him. “So let’s get to the point. I’ve hunted everyone except one, thanks to you. You had me captured and sent to Ryker’s Island and you did not gave me the courtesy of visiting me.”
“I only did my part making sure you stay there.” Izuku said.
“Out of fear.” Kasady said. “You know what I’m capable of, and you fear it. I know what it is like to live in fear, to see everything burn, Left with nothing. Even as a child,I vowed to rise above the fear and live the truth.”
“Then why this? Why resort to taking part in this?” Izuku said.
“Sometimes, you have to do what is necessary to do what needs to be done.” Kasady said. “Even taking part in rioting.”
“Or maybe you need rioting to install fear in people, to get rid of those who don’t agree with you.” Izuku said.
Kasady chuckled. “Clever.” Kasady said. “You know, everyone talked about the infamous Hero Killer, Stain. How much of an impact he made, but nobody talked about CLetus Kasady, how he was murdering people long before Stain showed up. Why is thät?”
“Why you’re asking em for?” Izuku said. “That has nothing to do with me.”
“When it comes to killing people, everyone counts.” Kasady said. Ï mean what is it? Villains showing up after Stain made his declaration, I mean what is it that they like about him? If anything they should acknowledge, if not, fear me.”
“I don’t know.” Izuku said. “You kill people out of fun, he killed people out of some misplaced sense of righteousness. Whatever you have with him, it’s not of my concern.”
“DOn’t think you can pardon yourself with your moral code.” Kasady said. “If anything, you’re just as guilty as Stain, what do you.”
Kasady didn;t finish his question, something coming to his mind that he remembered seeing. That night when Stain made such a challenge that he rendered the heroes frozen in fear. Such conviction, yet such a misplaced sense of bloodshed. Kasady remembered seeing that footage, although he wasn’t moved or intimidated, there was something by Stain’s side. Someone dressed in a green attire, watching in fear. Someone familiar. Then it hit Kasady.
“You.” Kasady said. You were there. The one dressed in green. You were there when Stain made his declaration.” Kasady smirked wickedly. “You experienced fear. You couldn’t do anything because you were frightened to death. You know what it is like to feel fear. But it was misplaced. When you should be afraid of me,”
“Why should I fear you?” Izuku said. “You’re nothing but a common punk.”
“Wrong.” Kasady said. “I’m the true serial killer. I find the very notion of Stain being a true serial killer absurd. He killed for the sake of making society better, I’m the true horror that haunts people at night. Everyone thinks of me as a Stain wannabe, when Stain was nothing more than a Kasady wannabe.”
“It seems like you’re jealous.” Izuku said. “A serial killer is upset that Stain is getting all the attention. Sounds petty.”
“And what are you?” Kasady said. “Some idiot following the footsteps of relics like All Might? For what reason?”
“The world wants peace, And we have the answer.” Izuku said. “Please, let me show you.”
“No!” Kasady said. “Let us show you.”
Kasady throws himself at Deku, the shattered end of the bat going for his head. Deku quickly moves aside as the bat came crashing to the floor, more splinters breaking off the end. Kasady got back up and again and againviolently threw the bat at Deku again, Deku again kept avoiding the attacks. Seeing his chance, Deku kicks Kasady away and out the room.
“Bein.” Kasady said. “Muy Bien.”
Kasady saw Deku throwing a punch at him, but he dodged the attack. Kasady brought out his flick knife and swung at Deku’s head. Deku narrowly avoids the attack, but suffers a knee to his body, he was knocked down by a swipe of the ball bat. Deku looked up to see Kasady throwing the severed end of the bat at him, narrowly dodging it and the knife again and again. Kasady was just as fierce as he was the last time they fought.
Deku floored Kasady with a kick to one of Kasady’s legs, sending him to the floor, the bat falling from his hand. Kasasy tried swiping his flick knife at Deku, but the latter avoided the attack and knocked him away with another punch. Throwing punch after punch at the killer, Deku sent Kasady reeling backwards towards a closed door. His back against the door, Kasady saw Deku throwing a fist at his face, the punch knocking the former through the door and stumbling into the floor. Kasady eyed Deku as the latter entered the room.
“No more running, Kasady.” Izuku said.
“So it seems.” Kasady said. He dragged himself away from Deku.
“Face it, you’ve lost.” Izuku said.
Kasady chuckled, much to Izuku’s indecision. “As much you know about me, there’s so much you need to learn." Kasady said. “Exploit any weakness.” He gets back up and opens a cupboard door, the women he threatened earlier came falling down to the ground, the son still inside watching on in shock.
Izuku himself was shocked as well, seeing Kasady bringing his flick knife to the women’s neck. He must’ve planned this as well in case he was losing.
“And she is your weakness.” Kasady said.

“Let me spell it out for you, I want two squads dispatched to prevent Kasady from escaping.” Commissioner Neave said. He was speaking to an officer on the phone at the city police station, Mulligan standing by. “Send police copters if you have to, we cannot let Kasady escape.” He hung up the phone.
“With all due respect, sir, I should be with them.” Mulligan said. “Nothing would please me that sending that psychopath back to Rkyer’s Island.”
“I understand your reasons, Detective, but our forces can barely maintain the rioting in the city.” Neave said. “We need all the help we can get, can I trust you in assisting them?”
“Yes, sir.” Mulligan said.
“Good.” Neave said. “Once Kasady is apprehended, I’ll let you know. Now, we have a city to save.
“Understood.” Mulligan said. He headed off to join his assigned squad in helping stop the rioting.

Venom hurled the prisoner in his clawed hand, smashing into the vehicle, shattering glass of the windshield. The others were sprawled on the ground, battered and bruised. The stolen care was rendered into a wreck, not exactly what Eddie had in mind. Venom himself was proud of his handy work, another band of criminals apprehended.
“Seriously, again?” Eddie said. “You have to respect public property.”
“Be thankful we didn’t eat any of their heads.” Venom said.
“Believe me, I am thankful.” Eddie said. “Now, which way our wayward creature went?”
“That way.” Venom said. He was looking in the direction of where the creature could be. Way ahead where they are, but in the right direction none the less.
“Then let’s make haste, Aristotle.” Eddie said.
“Excuse me? What?” Venom said.
“Nevermind, just go!” Eddie said.
Venom launched a black webbing at a nearby building and leaped off, web slinging his way down the road.

"Seems like old times, eh. Deks?” Kasady said, “You, me, amid the chaos.” He held the blade to the woman’s neck. Deku not making any moves, refusing to take any risks. This was similar to their first encounter. “Fresh out of prison, and already back to the basics. What better way than doing something you love?”
“Let her go.” Izuku said, “We’ll go easy on you if you hand yourself over.”
“Oh, if only if it was that easy.” Kasady said, “Then every little problem would be solved. You honestly think I’m stupid?”
“I think you’re smart enough to know best to surrender.” Izuku said, “You know it’s going to end the same way.”
“So sure aren’t we?” Kasady said, “You had me sent to Ryker’s Island, and you never given me the courtesy of visiting me? I’m crushed. You know what’s it’s like to crush one’s dreams, and add salt to the wound afterward?”
“I can care less about your feelings.” Izuku said.
“But you should care about the situation you face now. In case you haven’t seen the obvious, Ive got this here tenant, I could carve out her throat, and you can’t do anything without risking her life. So the way I see it, I’m the one making the demands.
“They’ve nothing wrong to you.” Izuku said, “Why target them?”
“No one is innocent, at least to my knowledge. You honestly think these people are kind, selfless saints and believers, don’t you?” Kasady said, “But the truth is, these people are just idiots and liars.Unaware of what’s being kept in the dark, only from what they see, think they are safe or even noble. Only when certain things allow them to be, I just try to show them otherwise.”
Just when Kasady finished that last dialogue, Izuku launched a black whop at Kasdy, latching onto his knife and pulling it away. Surprised, Kasady glanced at his hand where his knife was, looking back to see Deku throwing a punch at him, knocking him down to the ground.
“Get out of here, I’ll hold him off.” Deku said, glancing at the mother and son. They ran for the door, Izuku barely dodged a punch from Kasady. He stumbles into the ground, grabbing the knife that was left on the ground. Chuckling a evil laugh, Kasady glances at Deku.
“Well that was new.” Kasady said, “I honestly did not see it coming. And you sly dog, you got me monologuing. You did your homework”
“I’m asking you again, turn yourself in.” Izuku said, “You know you’re not going to win.”
“When I’m already a few minutes out of prison?” Kasady said, “My dear blind hero, it hasn’t even begun.”
“You should know given our past, it is over.” Izuku said, “Meddling when you don’t need to is the essence of being a hero.”
“Allow me to respond in kind.”Kasady said, hoisting his knife for an attack, “Don’t meddle with things you don’t understand.”
Kasady threw himself at Deku, throwing the knife at his foe’s head. Deku quickly dodged the attack and kicked Kasady’s legs, knocking him down. Kasady headbutted Deku and tackled him to the kitchen, his adversary punching him in the head that sent him stumbling sideways. Seeing a frying pan near him, Kasady grabbed it and whacked Deku in the head. He hit the floor, Kasady looking down at him with an evil emile.
“Out of the pan, and into the fire.”Kasady said, “Not really my style, but how about a skull splitter?
Izuku caught the pan just before Kasady could strike him with it, kicking him away with both of his legs. Catching Kasady’s arm when the latter tried to throw a punch at him, Izuku threw him out of the kitchen and back to the living room. Kasady chuckled a wicked laughter, glancing behind him to see Izuku standing before him. Izuk had no idea what Kasady was cackling about, when he was losing.
“This isn’t going to end the same way it did before.”Kasady said, turning around to face him, “I ain’t going back.”
“It’s over, Kasady. Izuku saud, “Doesn’t matter what you say, you going back at Ryker’s Island.”
“Haven’t you heard? Ryker’s Island is a wreck now.”Kasady said, “Besides, I’ll just escape again like before. I’ll keep on doing what I do best.”
“And I’ll be here to stop you.” Izuku said.
“Then maybe I’ll just have t-o kill you.” Kasady said, “Or maybe, to a more effective approach, those closest to you. It’s who we are after all.”
Izuku knew Kasady would keep on killing if he was to escape, all he could do is just try to stop him. Whatever reason Kasady had for his motives, he was a devoted killer to a cause only he knew. He sees Kasady getting onto one knee, Izuku knew that he would he to make sure he wouldn’t get away if he was to capture him. Kasady glanced up at Deku,he smirked a wicked grin.
“So there really isn’t any other way to end this?” Kasady said.
“There’s always another way.” Izuku said. He raised a fist in the air, and threw it at Kasady. Nothing happened afterward. ... VitorMusic

The look of shock came to Izuku’s face. He couldn’t comprehend what he was he seeing, holding his fist, blocking the attack, was Kasady’s own hand. He easily prevented the blow, much to Izuku’s confusion. This was impossible. Kasady looked up at him, smirking wickedly. He knew something that Deku didn’t, that was what he needed. Not just for an advantage, but to taunt him with such malice.
Getting back to his feet, Kasady eyed Deku face to face, Izuku still not privy to what was going on. Kasady wasn’t like this the last time they met, yet here he is, holding his own.
“How was it you put it last we met, Deku?” Kasady said, “”I could not allow this to end otherwise?””
Kasady punched Deku in the body, sending him stumbling backwards. He then swiftly delivered a roundhouse kick to his face that sent him into the ground. Izku looked up to see Kasady throwing his foot right at his hand, barely dodging the attack and swung a punch at him. Kasady dodged the attack, much to Deku’s shock. Izuku tried throwing another punch, but Kasady caught the blow and threw one of his one at his face.
Izuku tried throwing another punch, but Kasady caught the attack and three two of his own, one to his face, another to his body, and the third being a uppercut that sent him stumbling backwards once again, to the window behind him, not privy to that. Izuku didn’t have time to react when he saw Kasady, smirking a wicked grin, coming right to him and throwing a kick at him.
Izuku was sent smashing through the window and into the ground beneath him, hitting the ground with such force. Izuku can’t comprehend what was going on, the insanity of it. He couldn’t rationalize how Kasady, someone who didn’t stand a chance last time, had now just beaten him to the point that he was sent knocking out of a window and into the ground floors beneath him. Izuku tried getting back up, but he was battered from the fight as well the fall. Kanding near him on both feet was Kasady.
“We’ve got the whole world.” Kasady said, singing, Ïn our hands.”Smirking a wicked grin, Kasady ambled towards his fallen foe. He kicked Deku in the body, sending him rolling away. “We’ve got the whole world, in our hands.”
Izuku wasn’t privy to what Kasady was referring to, it was just the two of them in the alley. He could only speculate that Kasady was referring to him and the prisoners.
“We’ve got the whole world, in our hands.”Kasady said, kicking Deku again, this time in the face. “We’ve got the whole world in our hands.”Kasady said, kneeling down to face the fallen Deku, enjoying his handy work. He grabbed the top of Deku’s mask and pulled it off, seeing his foe’s face. “Now we meet, face to face.”
Deku glared at him, still racked with pain. He didn’t know how Kasady was able to fight back, this wasn’t like the last time. He thought about if Kasady was just holding back the whole time. Now, he was lying on the ground,Kasady looking down on him. Izuku was at his mercy. Kasady looked up ahead when he heard glass shattering nearby, the fire burning nearby. It lit the night sky, Kasady smirked evilly.
Ït’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Kasady said, “Our work, laid bare.”
“Why are you doing this?” Izuku said, “Why kill?”
“Why?” Kasady said, looking down at Deku, “Why indeed. Nobody has asked that to me much. Nobody cept Mulligan.” He looked back at the direction of the chaos ahead, contemplating his explanation. “Well, you see, people see me as a monster, but really, I’m just ähead of the curve.”
Iziuku wasn’t privy to what Kaady was talking about, it didn’t make much sense.
“I’m just ahead of others, knowing what’s to come. Foundries fallings, beliefs crumbling and lies breaking apart.”Kasady said, “And truths revealed. Some people don’t get it, so I thought, ‘you’ve got to do everything yourself’.”
“What are you talking about?”Izuku said, “Do what yourself?
“Sending a message.” Kasady said, “Letting everyone know the truth. And maybe I could send another right now. I haven’t forgotten about what you did. You may think otherwise, but I’m not crazy.” Kasady brought his flick knife out, revealing the blade and slamming it down right next to Deku’s face, “But I am vengeful.”
Izuku watches Kasady pulling back the knife, shocked to see it inches from stabbing right through his head.
“You and I, we’re so much alike. There are differences to be sure. But we’re men of vision, pioneers. It’s our devotion to our beliefs.”Kasady said, “You chose the path of the hero, I simply chose my way for something much more. You see, I can see what you don’t, I can see what’s true and what’s false.”
“And what is it you see? “Izuku said, “What is it you think we can’t see?
“You see these morals, codes that you believe in, good, evil, right, wrong… They’re all constructs, illusions. They’re all a bad joke. Dropped at the first sign of trouble. I’ll show you, when the chips are down, when all the nonsensical tripe are taken away, these so-called “civilized people…” Kasady said, pausing for a moment as he gestured his knife towards the direction of where the ally ends, the implication being the citizens themselves, “They’ll claw at each other. They’ll trample, they’ll even eat each other to survive.”.
Izuku couldn’t believe whatever Cletus was going on about. The notion of his illusions, the true nature of people, Izuku refused to believe it. As much as he wanted to get back onto his feet, Midoriya was still in pain from the blows that Kasady delivered.
How Kasady was able to keep up with him in combat, not to mention to hurt him like that, it didn’t make sense. Maybe in Kasady’s monologuing, Izuku could find out what his plan was. Any wrong move, and Kasady could end this all now.
“You’re wrong.” Izuku said, angered by Kasady’s point of view, “This city, this planet is full of people, ready to believe in good.”.
Cletus scoffed, “They only believe in good as long as the dogma exists.” Kassidy said, he found Izuku’s statement to be humorous. “It is because of these principles that gives them false images of safety and security. No matter how great the danger that is present in front of them, they wouldn’t care less.”
“You know what I noticed?” Kassidy continued on, getting onto his feet and turning away from Midoriya, “Nobody panics when things go according to plan. Even if the plan is horrifying. If I tell the press that a gang banner would get shot, or a truck full of soldiers gets blown up, nobody panics. Because it’ll hardly change the established dogma. But when one Symbol of Peace would fade into obscurity, becoming a memory. Then everyone loses their minds!!!” Kasady said, that last statement had a hint of hysterical behind it, as opposed to Cletus’ natural calm demeanor.
Cletus kneels down on one leg to Izuku. “Introduce a little anarchy. Upset the established order, and everything becomes… Chaos.”. Cletus said. “That is the one true reality of this world. And the truth about Chaos is that it is unbiased, fair.”.
Cletus had gotten to the point of his monologuing, of his reasons for unwarranted murder, of his beliefs. All for the sake of Chaos. Izuku was sickened, the whole reason behind Kasady’s actions, fallacies and illusions of right and wrong, all sourced from Chaos itself.
“Fair?” Izuku asked, “You think taking the lives of innocent people is fair? You think that justifies what you have done?!?”. Izuku was furious, the idea of Kasady committing the slaughter of many people all for the sake of an unbiased, yet insane principle, a dogma that was without reason, it was disgusting.
“Nothing has any right to give you reason to take their lives.” Izuku said, “No one can or will understand you because it’s all wrong. Your beliefs, your actions, your goals. No one will understand because these aren’t the actions of an unbiased reality, these are the actions of a lunatic.”
Even though Izuku spoke with a calm tone whereas many in his position would yell their lungs out, there was a layer of anger behind his voice. He had nothing but contempt for Kasady’s ideals.
Again, Cletus scoffed, finding Izuku’s response humorous.”Only because your dogmatic, narrow view blinds you from the truth. Nature is never fair to those who see it, I mean, there have been more than a dozen extinction level events before the dinosaurs got theirs. When the Earth starts to settle, God throws a stone at it, and he’s been winding up for a while these days. It is unfair to those who sees it, but in the long run, it is not without a rightful cause.”.
“Nothing right comes from murder!” Izuku shouted, that restrained demeanor was worn out.
“Nature isn’t biased when it comes to it’s acts, hardly any difference.” Kasady said, still not buying into Midoriya’s point of view.
“And the one thing nature appalls is a vacuum. When All Might announced his retirement last year, he left his throne unseated, vacated. And any opportunist would try to take it for themselves. That day, when All Might defeated All for One, I noticed that even in triumph, there was a hint of defeat. That day, I realized it was the moment that I embraced my destiny.”

“I will take All Might’s place as an everlasting symbol.” Cletus said, his voice now with a sense of conviction, “I will break down all these false ideologies, these constructs of lies, and reveal the true reality of this world.” Cletus now doubt had the undisputed belief that whatever moment he had been waiting for, that he had been planning for was at hand, the moment where Kasady would take All Might’s throne, and establish what he saw as the one and only true reality back to the world.
“You asked what I wanted? What could Cletus Kasady get from all this?” Cletus asked, standing back to both of his feet. “It’s quite simple. All I ever want from this world… is Carnage.”
Appearing from parts of his arms, his legs, his body, multiple red and black tendrils started to cover Kasady’s body. The look of anger and contempt on Izuku’s face quickly was replaced by that of shock, even horror.
Something about this was hardly what he expected, yet, this seems familiar. The unknown phenomena that was appearing from Kassidy’s hands, covering them completely and forming fingers like razor talons, claws that looked of daggers. Tendrils shooting out from Kassidy’s back, forming into bladed tips of red and black. Cletus’ head became fully covered and a pair of messy white eye spots appeared.

Venom sensed something, both he and Eddie felt the same thing that occurred before the prison break out, a foul presence. This time, it was within the city. Venom, who had been scouring the city for any more loose prisoners, had been leaping from building wall to another, turned his sights towards the source of this wicked enigma. The cityview in his point of view was much the same, fires breaking, police sirens wailing in the background.
“It’s here…” Eddie said to Venom, his voice carrying the essence of caution, and dread.
“Yeah.” Venom said, much like Brock Jr, he spoke with the weight of realization and vigilance. This was nothing to belittle or make lightly of, whatever they were hunting for was right on their turf.

Izuku, still on the ground, feeling the pain from his earlier fight with Kasady, looks up at the towering, monstrous silhouette standing before him. Six blade tipped tendrils manifested from its back, and two, messy white eye spots looking down at him, snarling like a primal creature.
“Behold…” the humanoid horror said, its voice spoken with clear English, but it carried a dual vocalization. Haunting, yet with traits of a high pitched fueled by unrestrained insanity.
“The Symbol… of Chaos.”

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Re: My Hero Acadmeia: Let there be Carnage

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Chapter 11
Chaos soon come

Midoriya looked at the horror, a being in black and, evidently, blood that was standing before him, an atrocity like nothing he’d encountered, yet, there was something about it Izuku knew all too well. He fought something like this before. The revelation dawned on him, shock and dread. This creature reminded him of Venom, the monster that was once bonded to Eddie Brock Jr. Izuku understood something about this monster, something that didn’t add up.
Unlike Venom, this creature was a chaotic mix of black and red, talon-like claws that resembled knives, and its face was entirely different. Its face was covered mostly in black, even its teeth were black, like its mouth was a twisted, sadistic cutout grin. Its messy white eyespots looked down at him, with the essence of malice and madness from its countenance. Unlike Venom, it had blade tipped tendrils from its back and was coloured red and black.
Was this creature hiding all this time? and bonded with Kasady after his last encounter? There was no doubt that this made everything clear, how Kasady was not only able to fend him off, but to deal painful blows to him. The Jailbreak, the city plunged into mass destruction, the revelation was now apparent. Kasady was behind all of it.
“That’s the thing about ideals.” the creature said, its dual voice tainted with nothing but lunacy and contempt, “Everything you believed in, your devotion to your principles, your entire life has been nothing but a sick joke. A total waste.”
Izuku got onto one leg, starting to recuperate from his previous fight, he was starting to presume that this monster in red and black was dispensing with the monologuing, and planning to end it.

”Now we’re gonna show the world the truth.” the being in black and red said, he reeled a clawed hand back for what Midoriya anticipated the finishing blow, “And the truth is… CHAOS!!!”
Izuku leaped out of the striking palm that cleaved the ground into pieces, landing on the ground away from the creature, hoping to get some distance. The attack happened in a split second, even though Midoriya expected it.
Just before he could get a chance to consider his next move, one of the monster’s tendrils lashed out at him. Midoriya dodged underneath it before spotting another one slashing at him. Izuku had activated One for All: Full Cowling, he jumped out of the way of the second tendrils, soon all six of the monsters lashed out at him. Midoriya kept on dodging them as he got closer to the creature, using the walls as a means of dodging the attacks and momentum.
Before Izuku could deliver a Detroit smash, the monster in black and red swiftly swiped a clawed hand at him. Midoriya decided that the attack was not worth being dealt a critical blow, dodging the creature’s swipe and leaping to a wall, right before a bladed tendril struck the ground where he once stood.
The monster swiped a hand in the direction of where Izuku was, its clawed fingers detached from its palm and launched toward him like projectiles. Again, Midoriya leaped out of the way, shocked to see that the monster can even fire bladed weapons by removing its own fingers. Venom couldn’t do that.
Luckily, dodging that last attack allowed Midoriya to get above the monster. Using the wall that he landed on, Izuku leaped at the creature before it could see where he was. “A five percent Detroit…”Izuku said, preparing to deliver the attack as the monster in black and crimson looked up to where Midoriya was, too late to make a move to either attack or dodge his attack. “Smash!” Izuku shouted as he landed the blow onto the creature’s head, the attack slamming it so hard that it sended it hitting the ground head first.
This was the same way Izuku did in his clash with Stain, hitting him with a Detroit smash from on top of him. Izuku landed on the ground, turning to see the creature starting to land on the ground back first. “Did that worked?” Izuku thought to himself.
In a split second, all six of the monster’s tendris hit the ground and lifted it back up in a cartwheel like fashion, the monster shrieked an inhuman scream as one of the tendrils lashed out at Izuku, whipping around one of his legs. A shocked Izuku had no time to react as the creature threw him into a wall, impacting onto it with terrible force.
Izuku yelled in pain before he was thrown into the air, and into the ground ahead of the monster, again with terrible force. Just as Midoriya got to one knee, he hardly had any time to react when he saw the monster in red and black leaping at him, one of its clawed hands shape-shifiting into a red and black axe.
Izuku managed to jump back and out of the way, missing the blade as it slammed into the ground, shattering the ground upon impact. Landing on the ground, Izuku tried to regain his breath.
This was insane, not only did the creature recovered from his attack so quickly, but responded in kind in an instant, let alone almost dealing a killing blow. And shape-shifting its hand into a weapon. This was tougher than he thought, even more so than his battle with Venom.He would have to try a similar tactic if he was to try to attack him again, but dodging the tendrils, let alone bladed projectiles made from its own claws was easier said than done. Already, it had regenerated the claws it detached, while the other that had shape-shifted back to its natural shape after the failed attack.
“YOU SHOULD’VE KNOWN BETTER THAN TO DEAL WITH A RAVING LUNATIC!!!” the monster yelled, this was an obvious, opposite mannerism to Kasady’s tranquil demeanour. Midioriya deduced that Kassidy’s lunacity was more apparent, especially that he called himself a raving lunatic.
If this monster was anything like Venom, it could share the same weaknesses too, maybe he could separate whatever Kassidy from whatever this creature was. The only problem is, there was nothing he could use to create sounds loud enough to separate them.
This was bad, not only can find anything to his advantage, but he couldn’t keep up using One for All: Full Cowling for long. He would have to try to defeat the creature in his next attack. His chance came quicker than he thought, the monster in black and blood lashed out all six of it’s bladed tendrils simultaneously at Izuku.
He quickly dogged them, spotting an opening right after the attack. Seizing the opportunity , Midioriya leaped towards the creature, delivering a kick to its body before hitting it with a devastating punch. “Smash!” Izuku said, uppercutting the monster in red and black. To Midioriya’s shock, the creature recovered, it’s maw still having that twist-ed, sadistic grin.
The being in black and red kicked Midoriya the same way he did, Izuku yelled in pain as he was sent flying into the air. The monster grabbed him by his head and violently slammed him into the ground, as painful as the last blow. It lifted Midoriya off the ground, holding him by the head.
Seeing the red and black horror looking at him, Izuku was in pain to try to fight back. This was much more dangerous than his fight with Stain, this creature seemed to recuperate right away after each attack.
The creature cackled an inhuman laugh, it found the situation humorous, throwing Midoriya at the wall, plunging him head first across it while it continued to laugh.Izuku’s body crashed against the wall, suffering from the creature’s onslaught as it threw him into the ground, sending him flying away like a ragdoll.
The last attack caused damage to the wall that it was shattered by the impact of the creature’s attack, like a long impact crater that was made by a meteor. Izuku suffering the worst of the previous onslaught, the creature still laughing, hysterically and manically, as it ended with a shrieking cry, an horrifying scream that would only originate from a nightmare.
Midoriya could deduce the essence that this monster carried, malevolence, malice, a lack of morality. Izuku tried to get back to his feet, but with with the pain he felt, he could only get to one knee.
“The warden of Ryker’s Island is dead.” the monster in black and red said, catching Midoriya’s attention, “We took his throne.”. Izuku could hear the madness in its voice as it went on with its monologuing, the creature walking towards him while dragging a clawed finger on the wall, slicing it through. “His guards, we slaughtered. His subordinates, I devoured, like a wolf among sheep.” Izuku was shocked, devoured? Did this creature, did Kasady eat them?
“We kill whoever we want, when we want.” the creature said,”I mean, Kasady killed a guy merely because he picked his name out of a phone book.”.
Izuku got to his feet, uncertain of what to do, any more hits with All for One would take a toll on his body. “You heroes should know how to deal with monsters like me.” the creature said, “How can you save anyone when you can’t save yourself?”.
The monster in black and crimson whipped its hand off the wall, not only hurling shrapnel of brick at Midoriya, but once again detaching its blade like claws and throwing them at Midoriya too. Still in pain, Izuku could only dodge them by jumping out of the way before he landed on the ground nearby.
The ground beneath him exploded as two bladed tendrils appeared, Izuku barely had enough time to jump into the air to avoid being hit. It must’ve sent them underground and tried using its claw projectiles as a distraction.
Hearing the monster’s shrieking, Izuku saw one of its bladed tendrils lashing out at him, wrapping around one of his legs and hurling him into a wall. Midoriya yelled in pain, his body was sent throwing into the other wall by the creature’s tendril with the same force.
“SUCH FLAWED BELIEFS!” the creature shouted, it hurled Izuku from the wall and into the ground, throwing him like a rag doll.
Izuku tried to get back up, but the amount of damage was too much. He could hear the monster walking towards him, he had to act fast. No matter what he did, this creature could either recover quickly, or barely would be damaged. It was fast too.
Just as Izuku got up to his feet, the monster grabbed him by the neck and threw him into a wall, pinning him with its clawed hand. Midioriya could see the creature staring at him, that sadistic grin on its chaotic red and black head, growling like an alligator, or a dinosaur while its eye spots narrowed.
“There’s an old saying.” the monster said, “You live by the sword, you die by the sword.” It was clear that it was once again mocking Midoroya’s principles, taunting him that his beliefs would get him killed.
Izuku tried to break free of the monster’s hold, to no avail.
“Now…” the creature in red and black said, “What was it Kasady said?”. It frowned as it thought of what it had stated while one of its eye spots narrowed, like lifting an eyebrow in question.
“Oh I know!” the monster said while its eye spots widened in realization, “He told you that when he got out, there would be carnage.”.
Izuku did remember that statement, the day he caught Cletus Kasady. “A newfound status deserves the right for a new name.” the monster said, “Call me… Carnage.”.
That was it. Now there was a name to refer to this monster, this horror in red and black. Cletus Kasady now had given himself a title that now reflects his actions, the terror that he had become. Carnage.
Izuku was at his mercy, opposite to when he caught Kasady. A reversal of fortune. This time, it looked very likely that the outcome would end up with Izuku dieing. As much as he tried to escape, as much as he wanted to fight and stop him, he was still in pain from the fight. There was nothing he could do, not that he was accepting defeat, nor surrendering.
“You had him sent to the hoose gal.” Carnage said, “We should return the favor right now.”.
Now his intentions were clear, Carnage planned on delivering the final blow, and Izuku couldn’t do anything to escape or to fight back.
“But we’re in such a good mood, so consider this your lucky day.” Carnage said, much to Midioriya’s surprise, was he letting him live? After all that? Something like this didn’t seem right, mercy was not what Cletus was known for
“We’re going to celebrate our new found status by painting this city, this whole dang world red.” Carnage said, Izuku was horrified by that statement. That was his plan, mass genocide.
“Never.” Izuku said, trying his best to break free of Carnage’s hold, especially now knowing his objective, “I’ll stop you.”
Carnage chuckled a dark laugh, he expected Deku to want to stop him no matter how much pain he was in, it wouldn’t matter. “We’re counting on that.” Carnage said, that was the last thing Midoriya heard before he saw a red and black fist thrown right at him, knocking him unconscious.
Letting Deku go from his grip as he collapses into the ground, Carnage walks off through the alley, the red and black symbiote withdrawing back into Kasady along the way. Cletus expected nothing less from Deku, wanting to stop him despite being reduced to a wretch agonizing in pain.
True, Cletus did let him live, but not without purpose. Kasady loathed Deku for catching him and having him sent to Ryker’s Island prison, he wanted to return the favor, and what way to do so was to live up to his word. Kasady was going to slaughter countless lives not only because he originally planned to, but as revenge for what Deku did to him. Cletus did say when he gets out, there’s gonna be carnage, and if anything, he is a man of his word.

Wherever this foul presence was, it was gone. Once scouring one of the alleyways of the city, Venom no longer could sense the whereabouts of the symbiote that had appeared twice in the same night, much to his and Eddie’s chagrin.
“What do you mean it’s gone? I thought you knew where it was?” Eddie asked, much like Venom, speaks to him telepathically via their bond.
“We mean it’s gone, as in we cannot sense where it is.” Venom replied, “It’s not like we’re psychic. Haven’t you learned anything from our experience with Riot?”.
“When the symbiote reveals itself? Or the part where he impaled me? Because honestly I’m not one to consider them what you called the “good old days.” Brock replied, in contrast to Venom’s earlier recollection of the Life Foundation debacle.
As much as Venom wanted to argue otherwise, this wasn't the best time.
“At least we know where it was, that narrows down our search right?” Eddie asked, trying to look on the bright side.
“For the moment.” Venom replied, “Unless a couple more of these idiots slows us down.”.
To their bad luck, from outside the alley, a gang of escaped prisoners had spotted Venom, bearing clubs and rifles. One of them a familiar face, the same prisoner who had once shot Venom with a shotgun.
Venom snarled in annoyance, “Didn’t we just leave this party?!?” he asked Eddie.
“It was a prison breakout Venom, didn’t you learn anything from our experience with the prison riot earlier?” Eddie asked, as if being smart about it.
“Shut it, nobody likes a smartass.” Venom replied. “Looks like we’ll have to deal with them before our missing symbiote.” Brock Jr said, knowing that with the city in chaos, they need to do what they can to help subdue this mass breakout.
“Uggh, this would be so much easier if you let me eat them.” Venom said, irritated that Eddie had reason with him to refrain from eating human brains.

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Re: My Hero Acadmeia: Let there be Carnage

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Chapter 12
Maximum Carnage

Chapter 12
Maximum Carnage

Minutes have passed since his fight with Deku, and by now Kasady was passing through one of the many allies of the city, not that Deku could follow him. Anyone wouldn’t know where exactly he is, that was fine, the element of surprise was on his side. Especially now that he had… whatever it was that was bonded to him. Some sort of alien parasite?
Cletus remembered his last encounter with the creature back during the first riot at Rkyer’s Island prison. He understood there was a connection between it and Carnage, his bond with the red and black monster had given him some traces of knowledge, information he could utilize to his advantage.
Walking out of the alley without any care in the world, Cletus Kasady had no idea that walking out into what seemed to be a deserted street, ahead to him at one side was what he didn’t expected: A whole barricade made of police officers and police cars, many guns aimed right at him. So much for anyone not knowing where he was.
Unless they set up a barricade to prevent any groups of prisoners from advancing, even escaping the city. The latter did make a lot of common sense. This seemed rather overkill to have a whole division of police officers to come after one lowly criminal. Little did they know, this situation on the other hand was an exception.
“Is there a problem officers?” Cletus said, feigning confusion in the face of the police barricade.
“Cletus Kasady.” An officer called out, “You are under arrest for murder and as an accomplice for the Ryker Island prison break out.”.
Cletus chuckled, accomplice? Are they really that dense? They didn’t know the truth of the prison break out, then again, the warden and the staff were slaughtered during the breakout so no one except the prisoners were privy to what truly transpired.

”Put your hands on your head.” the same officer called out. Even though it was just one escaped prisoner, the police weren’t taking any chances, especially when dealing with a mentally unstable serial killer. Feigning confusion once again, Kasady was putting his hands in the air to continue the fallacy.
“Which, Uhmm…. Hands?” Cletus said as the Carnage symbiote appeared, covering Kasady before the surprised officers.
“What the hell is that?!?” an officer shouted as they opened fire, barely doing anything to the red and black monster that appeared before them.
Carnage walked towards them in a mere amble as more bullets pelted him, a sick, sinister smile upon his face. “Requesting backup, we need assistance right away!” one of the officers said, speaking into an intercom, “I repeat: we need assistance right away! We have a visual of the monster that was spotted earlier.”.
“Monster?” Carnage said in a mild confusion as he ambled towards with bullets still blasting at him, “You got that part right. But I’m more than that. I’m the perfect insanity”. The being in black and blood launched both of his arms, punching through two of the police cars that made up the barricade.
“I am CARNAGE!!!” the crimson and black horror screamed, launching the cars into the air with his hands, crushing a few policemen that were unable to get out of the way in time. Those who were trying to get onto the feet then looked at the police car that was launched, standing on top of it was Carnage.
“By the end of this, there won't be enough left of you to fit in a matchbox.” Carnage said, swinging his hand and launching a barrage of bladed projectiles that detached from his fingers, striking them down from their heads, “But we’ll try anyway.”.
Hearing sirens approaching, Carnage looked to see a squad of four police cars coming out from a nearby street and speeding towards him. Shape-shifting his hand into a spiked mace, Carnage launched it at the one that was closest, punching through its hood and hoisting it into the air, flinging it into a building nearby, smashing through glass and concrete.
The horror in black and red shrieked as he punched through another car, one of the two he hurled earlier and threw it and the incoming squad, smashing into the one closest on the hood, flipping it upside down.
Leaping off the grounded car, Carnage launched both of his hands at the two remaining police cars, punching through them like the rest earlier.Lifting them off the ground, Carnage smashed the two of them together and hoisted them away like they were toys, laughing maniacally as he did so.
Carnage’s laughter was interrupted by a voice speaking to him apparently through a speaker, a spotlight casts on him as the red and black creature looked around to see the source of it. “This is SCPD, stand down!” a voice called through the speaker that was on a police helicopter, one of two hovering above with their guns pointed at him.
Carnage shouted a haunting cry at the pair of police copters, leaping onto the same building he hurled a police car into and scaling it with his arms and tendrils, the police helicopters seeking to take him down with blaster fire, but to no avail.
Carnage leaps to the building opposite, smashing through the glass windows, the red and black monster quickly looked up and smashed through the ceiling with his bladed tendrils, climbing through it.
“We’ve lost visual, the creature has fled the vicinity by escaping through a building. Preparing to sweep the area and locate it.” an officer said to the intercom on the helicopter, the rooftop of the same building exploding caught his attention as punching through it, concrete blasting into the air, emerged Carnage, hoisted onto the roof with his tendrils.
“Disregard that last report!” the officer spoke into the intercom, “Target has reappeared on the rooftop! Recommencing pursuit!”.
The Helicopters fired again while Carnage screams a horrifying cry at his pursuers, he leaps towards the one closest to him.
Grabbing and climbing onboard it, the being in black and crimson grabs the nearest police officer onboard, the same one that demanded him to stand down, and throws him out of the helicopter, the police officer crying out in fear and horror as he plummets into the ground below.
Just as they comprehended what was going on behind them, looking back to see the crimson and black horror standing before them, it was too late. Two bladed tendrils lashed out at them, blood staining the control board. The helicopter started swinging out of control, careering into the ground as Carnage stood at the entry way he came into, looking at the second copter still in flight.
With an inhuman shriek, Carnage launches himself out of the copter and right towards the other. Both of his hands shape-shifted into blades, without any effort, the monster in red and black cleaved through the second helicopter, slicing it half way as Carnage, and both halves of the police copter fell into the ground.
Carnage lands on the ground, behind him the two copters plummeted, crashing and exploding in a fiery display. Carnage shrieks as the flames blazed behind him, he looks to see ahead of him, a number of prisoners were clapping and applauding him, having seen the massacre that occurred previously.
“This is gotta be a dream.” a voice said from behind him, Carnage whipped around to the direction. Hiding behind one of the wrecked police cars was a police officer, cowering in fear, “This has got to be some dream.”.
“This ain’t no dream!” another voice said, this time it was calling out to the officer. He looks up in horror to see Carnage standing on top of the same car, peering down at him with the same sick, sadistic grin on his face.
The being in black and red grabs the officer by the neck before he could try to fire his gun or run away, leaping off the ground and looking at the officer face to face.
“Would you like to know why you’re gonna die?” Carnage asked him, his voice giving off traces of lunacy and menace.
“It’s quite simple. The reason why I’m killin’you…” Carnage said, his voice still carrying the maddening sense of insanity and terror. “... Cause I can!”.
Those were the last words the police man heard, the last sight he saw was the monster lunging at him with its black, pointed teeth filled maw. The next thing that happened was the splatter of blood staining the ground, followed by a headless corpse collapsing onto the ground.
Standing before the headless body, in the midst of the devastation, hearing the flames of the downed helicopters and the applause of the prisoners, was the self proclaimed Symbol of Chaos. Leaping onto the same downed car, Carnage looks upon the crowd of prisoners giving him their adulation.
“Thank you, you’re a beautiful crowd.” Carnage said, taking a bow to the crowd, turning around and launching a red and black web from his wrist and leaping off, heading off by scaling from one building to another.
Knowing the city’s authorities had other forces stationed and barricades set up, might as well take them down as well. Carnage wasn’t down yet, there was more chaos to unfurl upon this city.

Piles of unconscious bodies lie around Venom, he holds one of them by the throat, the same one who shot him with a shotgun. The prisoner tried his best to break free, but it was no use. Venom had dispatched the rest of the group, not that it was hard to deal with. Annoying, but not hard to deal with, especially that Eddie had reasoned with him not to eat anyone.
“We are going to bite your head off.” Venom said, the prisoner panicked upon hearing that and tried to break free of this apparent death hold once again, no avail once again.
“OH GOD NO!” Eddie yelled in shock, even panicked hysteria.
“We are going to bite all your heads off and pile up your wretched corpses in a corner.” Venom continued, his voice carrying a taint of intimidation.
“No, we won’t!!!” Eddie interjected telepathically trying to reason with his symbiote partner, panicking just like the shotgun prisoner.
“Unless you tell us what we want to know.” Venom finished.
“Oh…Thank god.” Eddie said, understanding Venom’s statement was not without a reason.
“Now, if you value having a head, we suggest you tell us everything you know about your boss, head huncho, whatever you call him.” Venom said, once again his voice carrying a hint of anger.
“Please!” Eddie said, even though he knew the shotgun prisoner couldn’t hear him, “For the love of god, tell him!”.
“How should I know?!?” the shotgun prisoner said, still panicking at the thought of his head being bitten off, “It just came out of nowhere and wrecked up the place. Tore the warden and the guards to pieces.”.
Venom snarled in annoyance, Eddie felt sickened at the thought of the staff’s fate.
“Not about what happened at Rkyer’s Island!” Venom shouted, he didn’t have any patience for what happened, “Who or what is your boss?!?”.
“It didn’t say anything about having a name.” the prisoner said, “All I know is he looks like you, only red and black.”.
Like him? Like Venom? Then that meant the symbiote that they sensed was the one responsible for the prison breakout .
“It told us to tear this city apart.” the prisoner continued, “Don’t know why though, didn’t want to mess with the freak that tore the warden’s head off.”.
Now the goal was clear, utter devastation. No clear objective behind it, but it was academic of the prison break out, this symbiote wanted the prisoners to break down this city.
“Thank you for your cooperation.” Venom said, “Be thankful to even be alive, as we’ve been meaning to return the favor for what you did back at the prison.”.
Before the prisoner could even question Venom’s statement, Venom headbutted him, knocking him unconscious and dropping him to the floor with the others.
“The authorities can handle this.” Eddie said.
“Only if they can finish dealing with these idiots!” Venom replied, not sharing Eddie’s point of view of the current situation, “There are mass riots throughout this city.”.
Eddie, despite being annoyed by Venom’s quick dismissal, is not blind to the obvious. “Right. First things first, we
go after our missing symbiote?” Eddie asked, getting to the original intention.
“Right. It just showed itself again.” Venom said, in agreement this time, “Shouldn’t be long to locate it, so we’ll shut up before we could jinx ourselves. When this is over, we better get chocolate for the rest of our lives!”.
“Right…” Eddie said he remembered when trying to reason with Venom that he would give him all the chocolate he wanted, “A deal is a deal.”. Eddie Brock Jr wasn’t sure how exactly he would get them, but it was better than the alternative.
“Right! Better hurry before heads will roll.” Venom said before leaping and scaling building to building, in pursuit.
“Please don’t say that.” Eddie said in disgust.

A squad of police officers, standing behind a barricade of police cars, fired away at the red and black monstrosity that was ambling towards them. Carnage had located another blockade, although intentional than the last encounter. The bullets did nothing to the horror that was right before the officer’s eyes.
“Didn’t I just left this party?” Carnage asked himself, “Nah! I wanted to see if you idiots set up your idiotic gates.”.
The lunatic found it humorous of their attempts to take him down. “Normally, someone in my position would make knife puns or something.” Carnage said, in somewhat a less than amused mannerism, “So I'mma gonna cut it out.”.
Shape-shifting both his hands into red and black blades, the red and black horror swung both of them at the barricade.The police cars, along with some unfortunate police officers, were cleaved in half, their upper halves thrown into the ground.
“Oh dang!” Carnage said in sudden comprehension, his voice giving off hints of disapproval while he frowned, “Accidentally made one already! Not a way to make a good first impression.”
It was clear that Kasady wasn’t planning on souring the slaughter with cheap puns. “Oh well. If anyone asks, we’ll lie! Or kill em!” Carnage said, that sick, sadistic grin appearing again.
One again like before, Carnage was blasted by gunfire as a number of police officers were again attempting to take him down, “They never paid us enough for this. Dealing with monsters!” one of them said to the others.
“I thought protect and serve was your motto?” Carnage said. The red and black horror had been hearing the chatter while being blasted by what was left of the defenses. “Gotta adapt you know. Live a little!”. Carnage lunges two of his bladed tendrils at two of the officers, a splatter of blood painted the ground. “Okay, a very little.”
Withdrawing the tendrils back, Carnage throws another at the remaining officer and wraps his ankle, pulling him away and hurls him afar into a building, smashing through glass.
“We’re going to need a calculator soon.” Carnage said, “I can’t even keep up!”
The horror in black and red stands in the middle of the devastation that he caused, cars wrecked, bodies lying around, beaten, even severed in pieces. Police sirens still wailed, the prisoners were doing their part in the riots. Not even the authorities could maintain the mayhem, not with Carnage taking them out one squad at a time.
“So much to slay! So little time.” Carnage said to no one in particular. “Pretty soon order as we know it in this city will be thrown outta the window. And we’ll be making all the rules!” Carnage cackled an insane laughter into the night sky, a haunting symphony of lunacity.
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Re: My Hero Acadmeia: Let there be Carnage

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Chapter 13
The thrill of the hunt

“Deku!” Sentinel said. He was speaking on the phone. So fear there was no answer. “Deku, where are you?”
It had been some time since he last heard from Izuku, the latter having gone after Cletus Kasady. Izuku hadn’t been answering Kanr’s calls, and now Kane was getting worried. When dealing with Kasady, there was bound to be risks of death. With the area now cleared of rioting, Sentinel decided it was best to go after Kasady, if there was a chance to aid Izuku. Two officers were standing by a police car.
“Contact police headquarters.” Sentinel said. “There are matters that must be attended to.”
“Right away.” One of the officers said. He went inside the vehicle and grabbed a walkie talkie.

“You’ve lost contact with Deku?” Mulligan said. He was speaking to the walkie talkie of his police car. “And you said he went after Kasady?”
“Yes.” Sentinel said. “He isn’t answering his phone. I have every reason to believe that he may be in danger.”
“What did I tell you?” Mulligan said. “Kasady was not to be underestimated. This is a monster we’re dealing with.”
“Perhaps there is more to this than meets the eye.” Sentinel said.
“With Kasady, what can you predict?” Mulligan said.
“I need two squads to accompany me to Kasady’s last known whereabouts.” Sentinel said. “We have to act fast now.”
“All right, but we’re holding off as much as we can.” Mulligan said. “I’ve got rumors our missing creature has made himself known. I’ve already gotten multiple dead, with possibly more on the way.”
“I understand.” Sentinel said. “I’ll move as quickly as I can.”
“Make it faster than that.” Mulligan said.

“I still don’t understand why we let him live.” Carnage said. He was speaking to Kasady, his head eyeing back at Kssady’s. They were talking in an alleyway far from the devastation they caused, no one in sight.“We could’ve eviscerated him, after all he’s done to you.”
“Had I known the death of one innocent would’ve grieved him so much, I would’ve killed more back then.” Kasady said. “And kill more we shall.”
Cranage cackled an evil laughter, “Oo, I like the sound of that.” Carnage said. “But first things first, business before pleasure. We still have the matter of my other. I helped you in dealing with your adversary, now it’s your turn to help me deal with mine.”
“Patience.” Kasady said. “They’ll come soon enough. We just need to provide the bait. There’s Sentinel. He’ll be after us knowing Deku is missing.”
“Use him as bait?” Carnage said.
“More likely his remains.” Kasady said.
“Now you’re talking. Got to admit it though.” Carnage said. “You’re as crazy as I am.”
“No, I’m not.” Kasady said. “No, I am not.”
“Whatever.” Carnage said. “I can tell, we see eye to eye, we’re meant to be friends.”
“Two of a kind, forged from the slaughter of countless others.” Kasady said. “You and me, against the whole world.”
“A whole planet to bathe in blood. A chance to make a name for ourselves on this world so indelible, our names will be history itself.” Carnage said. “ We can create a new world that follows the truth. Why look to god when we can have the fathers of the new world here?”
“That I like.” Kasady said. “Now, shall we get started?”

Eddie eyed the devastation that was wrought earlier ago, this was madness. Eddie knew that they were up against a creature like Venom, but this was just bloodshed for the sake of the namesake. Some corpses were cleaved in half, others were headless. Flames were burning around the desolation. Eddie was disgusted by this, even Riot didn’t leave such death in this manner.
“Talk about making a statement.” Venom said. He was looking around at the ruins.
“By the convictions of a fanatic!” Eddie said. He was pissed off.
“Eddie, now’s the time for anger.” Venom said. “That comes for it later.”
“Sorry, Venom.“ Eddie said. “I just can’t understand. How did we not sense this earlier? It’s another like you, so how come it’s been on here this long?”
“Your answer is as good as ours.” Venom said. “Perhaps a sleeper agent?”
“Then how come it survived this long without a host?” Eddie said. “Symbiotes cannot survive for more than a few hours, let alone days or months.”
“Perhaps this is something that we don’t know about.” Venom said.
“Oh, we’ll know plenty about this bastard soon enough.” Eddie said.
“That’s the plan. They’ll beg for mercy, but we’ll say it hasn’t suffered enough, and we’ll dismantle it piece by piece” Venom said. “After all, we know it is another like us, yet it doesn’t know well about us.”
“Soon, it’ll know that we’re its poison.” Eddie said.
“That we are Venom.” Venom said.

Two police cars raced down the streets, Sentinel in one of them. He was hoping it wasn’t too late, Izuku still hasn’t answered his calls. The more that Izuku didn’t answer, the more Sentinel worried for his well being. When dealing with Kasady, quirk or not quirk, Kasady was as dangerous as they come. Kasady wasn’t just insane, he was cunning to a problematic degree. The fact that he eluded the police for so long was fact enough for that.
“Attention, we’ve just spotted Kasady near the abandoned warehouses.” An officer spoke through the walkie talkie.
Sentinel leaned forward to the walkie talkie. “Any sign of Deku?”
“No, nothing as of yet.” The officer said. “We’ve only got visual of Kasady.”
“On our way.” Sentinel said.
The police cars changed their course, heading down the warehouses. Sentinel was worried that there hasn’t been word of Izuku’s whereabouts. The fact that Kasady eluded him and the police perimeter was baffling, one man against an entire police force was folly. The sooner they find Kasady, the sooner Sentinel could learn the whereabouts of Izuku.

The police cars arrived at the warehouse where Kasady was spotted nearby, Sentinel standing in front of the building where the squads readied themselves for combat. Even for Kasady, one man couldn’t stand against a hero and two police squads. Still, Stinel should remember that same man had eluded Izuku and two perimeters of policemen.
“Use vigilance.” Sentinel said. “Kasady may be outnumbered, but he is still dangerous. Approach with caution”
“Understood. Men!” The lead officer said.
They ambled into the building, the interior was desolate and quiet. The cargo hadn’t been shipped for a long time, the building was nothing more than a skeleton of its former self. A perfect place to hide for a serial killer. The squads moved in a circle, each officer defending the other from the opposing flank. Sentinel leads the groups, eyeing the area.
There was no way out except through the door, the idea of confronting them in such a place didn’t make rhyme or reason. Why would Kasady hide here when he knows it would be a trap for him. Unless Kasady had set up a trap for them. Sentinel was cautious, this seemed to favor Kasady more than them. He could move in the shadows and pick them off one by one. Kasady had done that so many times before.
The squads moved on, oblivious to what was coming down and splattering on the floor, a drop of blood. One of them spotted it, he signaled the others to stop and investigate. Sentinel turned to see the situation. Another drop of blood splattered the ground, it was fresh. A third came. The officers were baffled by this, something was above them,dripping blood. Was it wounded? They all looked up to see the answer.
Right above them, clawed hands baring themselves and held up to the roof by its back tendrils, the nightmare snarled a horrific cry, the blood wasn’t from a wound, but rather from a previous victim. Carnage had made himself known to his helpless prey.
“It’s an ambush!” Sentinel said.
The red and black creature grabbed one of the officers with its tendrils’ and brought him up to his face. Carnage snapped the head off with his jaws, blood gushing out from the officer’s neck. The other officers opened fire with their guns, hitting the creature with all they got. The bullets didn;’t do anything to the creature, Carnage chuckled a wicked laughter. He drops down from the ceiling and lands right in the middle of one of the groups.
Sentinel brings up his energy shield, but the nightmare hurls an officer at him, knocking him down to the ground. Two officers fired at the creature, but Carnage disposed of them with his tendrils, impaling right through them. Carnage grabbed another officer by the foot and threw him away, the officer’s back snapping in half when colliding with the empty containers. Another officer fired a net gun at the creature, trapping it but some of its tendrils were going about, hitting anything nearby.
Carnage slashed through the net, shrieking a horrifying cry, two of his back tendrils swiped two officers away. Carnage lunged forth and sliced the same officer who used the net gun in half. Some of the remaining officers helped drag a downed comrade away from the slaughter, another fired shot after shot of his shotgun. Carnage pretended to be hurt by the bullets, but drawing nearer and nearer, the nightmare shrieked and cleaved through the gun.
Sentinel was getting back up, shocked to see Carnage eating off one of the officer’s heads before tossing the body aside, the others trying to flee from the nightmare. This wasn’t what they were informed of. This must be the creature that caused all this chaos. A nightmare that would leave such slaughter had to be the source of all this horror. Sentinel couldn’t just stand by and let this monster ravage his comrades.
Carnage ambled towards a downed officer, the latter scurrying away as best as he could. “Oh great.” Carnage said. “Desert.” He grabbed the officer by the throat and brought him close to its face. Carnage’s black serrated teeth drooled with saliva, he snarls a horrifying cry. When Carange was about to bite the officer’s head off, he was smacked away with an energy hammer. Sentinel stood between the nightmare and the downed officer.
“Get the officers and head back, this is no ordinary monster.” Sentinel said. “I’ll hold it off.”
The officer agreed and he along with the others fled for safety. The creature cackled an insane laughter, it found that last remark humorous.
“I’m more than ordinary.” Carnage said. “Just the thing to bring in the new world. Call me Carnage.”
“And call me your worst nightmare.” Sentinel said.
He ran towards the red and black creature swinging his hammer at Carnage. Carnage barely dodged the attack and brought a clawed hand onto Sentinel, who blocked it with his energy shield. Carnage swipes Sentinel away with one of his back tendrils, he shen throws tendril after tendril at him, Sentinel barely blocking every one of the bladed attacks. Carnage throws himself at the hero, tackling down and pinning him against the floor.
“My, interrupting me when I was having a meal.” Carnage said. “Aren’t we inhospitable?”
Carnage tries to cleave Sentinel with a bladed scythe that he forged from his own symbiote, but the hero kicks the nightmare away with both his feet.
“This is as far as you go, monster.” Sentinel said. “No longer can I condone casualties of such brutality.”
“Believe me, I haven’t even started.” Carnage said. “And unlike you, I can tolerate world wide homicide!”
Carnage brought his blade to Sentinel , the hero replied with his energy blade. Both weapons clashed with each other, both of them trying to get the upper hand. Carnage snickered a wicked cackle.
“Think your blade is as good as mine?” Carnage said. “Think again.”
Carnage forged another scythe from his other arm, swinging it at Sentinel. Sentinel leaped back from the blade that came swinging at his head, eyeing Carnage while he held both blades. Carnage still had that same toothy smile on his face.
“I’ve got plenty more, more than enough to leave you in pieces.” Carnage said. “Let’s see if you can block these.”
Carnage fired numerous shrapnel from his claws, much to Sentinel’s shock. Sentinel held on as much as he could, deflecting the bladed weaponry that was blocked by his energy shield. This creature was unlike anything Sentinel had ever faced, such malice and ferocity. This creature was psychotic as it is dangerous. Sentinel kept blocking the attacks, none the wiser to Carnage chagrin right at him.
Carnage smacked Sentinel away with a kick to his body, sending back against a wall. Sentinel barely ducked a bladed attack from Carnage, and rolled away when the creature sent a bladed tendril at his head. Carnage shrieked when he sent all his six tendrils into the ground and right under Sentinel. Sentinel leaped away from the bladed tendrils that came slicing thigh the ground. The red and black creature caught one of Sentinel’s legs with a tendril, sending him crashing into the ground.
Sentinel didn’t have enough time to get up when Carnage came kicking at him from the side, sending him flying ahead. Sentinel tried getting back up, he was racked with pain. This creature was fast, insane and deadly. Here it was, eyeing him with a toothy grin. This creature bore a similar look to that of the once that perished long in Venom. Carnage snarled a horribly cry, he wanted to tear Sentinel apart.
“With you out of the way, all the people I can eviscerate.” Carnage said. “Death to all who stand in my way. Your death is nigh.”
“That outcome is inevitable.” Sentinels said. “But not on this day.”
Carnage smirked, seeing Sentinel charge at him with much defiance. The nightmare smacked the hero back against the wall again with a bladed tendril. He once again fired a barrage of shrapnels at the hero, Sentinel barely getting his shield. Battered and in pain, Sentinel couldn’t hold on against this onslaught. Seeing the hero unable to fight back, Carnage halted fire. Carnage ambled towards the beaten hero, smirking all the way.
“This isn’t the first time a hero spoke of such bravado.” Carnage said. “He failed all the same, just as you did.”
“Hero?” Sentinel said. He quickly saw the implication of Carnage’s declaration. “No.”
“Yes.” Carnage said. ”He was brave, at least to the end.”
“You fiend.” Sentinel said. “You will not spill any blood on this day.”
“Relax.”Carnage said. “Deku is alive. I wanted him to live long enough to see the consequences of his actions.”
“Actions?” Sentinel said. He was relieved that Izuku is still alive, but he didn’t comprehend what connection Carnage had with him. “I doubt he did anything to you.” The hero was dealt with a painful punch to his body, the nightmare moving back to see his handy work. Sentinel clutched his body, racked with pain.
“Not me.” Carnage said. “But a friend of mine. One you know very well.”
The Carnage symbiote withdrew back into his host, much to Sentinel’s shock. Sentinel was horrified when he saw the meaning of Carnage’s answer. The one that creature had bonded to was the very thing that he and Izuku want to prevent escaping. Kasady stood in front of him, smirking a wicked grin. He reveled in his triumph, his and Carnage’s.
It all made sense now to Sentinel, why Izuku didn’t answer his calls, about how Kasady eluded both Izuku and the police perimeters. Kasady was bonded with that creature and slaughtered everyone but Izuku. All the deaths were because of those two, they didn’t have any regret or compassion for them.
They were working together the whole time. They were responsible for the city now under siege, every prisoner on the loose. They were pulling the strings, they were doing all the work while Kasady and Carnage were slaughtering everything in their way. With the both of them working together, they can unleash unbridled havoc on this city, even the world. Sentinel laid against the wall, shocked that he didn’t see that coming.
Kasady eyed the hero with a smirk on his face, enjoying how foolish the hero was now. The fact that Sentinel didn’t see Kasady’s connection to Carnage let alone the damage he wrought in his path was hilarious. Kasady chuckled a wicked laughter, the taste of victory is ever so sweet. He sensed Carnage was loving this too, two heroes felled by their hands. And this was just the beginning.
This city would fall, and soon the world.
“Hello, Sentinel.” Kasady said.

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Re: My Hero Acadmeia: Let there be Carnage

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Chapter 14

“It was you.” Sentinel said, “It was always you, from the very beginning.”
“I’m surprised you didn’t guess it.” Kasady said, “I mean bloodshed on a grand scale has always been my forte.”
Kasady leans over towards Sentinel, chuckling a wicked laughter. He was enjoying seeing one of his captors now at his mercy. The fact that Kane had no idea of Kasady’s own doings being responsible for the jailbreak and the riots was more enjoyable. He played around his flick knife, considering whenever he should use it to inflict the final blow. With a smirk on his face, Kasady put the knife back into his pocket.
“You know the thing about using knives?” Kasady said, “The fools show you what they truly are, at the very end. And the one thing I like about knives, gunpowder and gas o line, they’re cheap.”
Before Kane could even ask, he felt sharp pain from his gut. He looks down to see a red and black blade piercing through his body and the wall behind him. And Kasady looking at him with a sinister grin on his face. Kasady had used the Carnage symbiote to create a blade and strike him when he least expected it. Kane looked back to Kasady, blood trickling down from his mouth. Kasady could see that internal injuries were academic.
“Just like you.” Kasady said.
Kane tried to pull the blade out, but the pain of the blow was agonizing him. Kasady pulls back the blade, Kane quickly grabbing hold of his wound, trying to stop the bleeding.
“I’ve been meaning to do that for a long time.” Kasady said. “All that prattle that you, heck even All Might spewed, and look what’s that gotten you to. Your principles, please. Now you know what is real and what is fake.”
Trying to keep the bleeding, Kane attempted to get back up. Kasady watched as Kane collapsed back to the ground again, still clutching his wound.
“Do me a favor.” Kasady said. “Be sure to give Deku this message.”
The Carnage symbiote appeared once again, covering Kasady before Kane. The red and black monster standing before his adversary, his hand shape-shifting into an axe and hoisting into the air. “Written in your own blood.” Carnage said. He smirked a toothful grin when he prepared to show the axe upon Kane.
Kane tried to get up, but the wound was more agonizing than he thought, perhaps even mortal. Just before Carnage threw down his blade, an black web wrapped around his throat and threw him away from Kane, much to the latter’s surprise. Carnage crashes into the ground ahead from Kane, having been hoisted into the air and back into the ground.
“Monstrosity.” A voice said. “We finally found you.”
Having gotten to one leg, Carnage looks back at the direction of the voice. To his and Kane’s surprise, standing between them as a creature similar to Carnage. It was black, a white spider emblem on its body and a toothful grin with a tongue sticking out from it. Its white eye spots narrowed, glaring at Carnage before it. Carnage chuckled, he actually was happy to see this intruder, like he knew it.
“Took you long enough.” Carnage said. “Finally. We meet at last, Venom.”
Kane didn’t believe what he heard, that name sounded familiar. The creature that attacked Midoriya, it was reported dead by a fire caused during the fight. Now not only was this creature still alive, but it was standing right in front of him. Kane couldn’t tell, but it appeared that Venom actually saved him from being dealt a killing blow by Carnage.
“So you know of us?” Venom said. “A survivor from Riot’s squad?”
“Don’t give yourself credit.” Carnage said. The two creatures circled each other, waiting for one or the other to make a move. “I’ve got a cause more meaningful than those nobodies.”
“Perhaps if you could explain how we couldn’t sense you before, we might consider making your death swift and painless.” Venom said. “Not that we can guarantee it.”
“Don’t make me laugh.” Carnage said. “That we can do with all the fools screaming and crying. But until I give you all the spoilers, call me Carnage.”
“Don’t matter.” Venom said. “Deadman don’t need names.”
Venom leaps at Carnage, tackling him into the ground. The monsters clawed and striked punches at each other, a tussle of nightmarish creatures rolling around on the ground. Kane watched on, he couldn’t tell if these monsters were related, they seemed to be on common ground when they spoke of previous situations. Carnage kicks Venom off of him and leaps after him while the latter was on the ground. Venom grabs the red and black monster by the throat before Carnage could strike him, hurling him to the wall ahead of them.
Carnage hit the ground with force, the monster found himself being caught by another black web, wrapped around one of his legs and being hurled into the air again. Venom yeets Carnage into the wall opposite to him with the same force as before, but before Venom could leap after his foe, he found himself knocked against the ground by four red and black balded tendrils. Venom was swiped in the head by Carnage, lunging towards him before Venom could get back up. Venom grabbed a clawed hand that Carnage hurled at him, but the monster lunged and bit Venom’s arm.
Snarling in annoyance, Venom punched Carnage by the throat, sending the monster backwards. Shooting a black again at Carnage, this time wrapping his neck. Venom throws Carnage around numerous times before hurling him through a wall, the red and black monster smashing through. Venom runs to the damaged wall, leaping after Carnage who’d smashed through the wall of the building opposite to the warehouse. Kane watched when the two monsters took their fight elsewhere, trying to get back up to do something, but he was still wounded from Kasady’s strike.
He couldn’t just sit there and do nothing while Carnage was still out there, let alone the returned Venom. Kane wasn’t certain if Venom was on their side, or if Venom was acting out on his own intention, either way, the lesser of two evils.

Venom prowls though the room, the building that he sent Carnage smashing through had been abandoned for some time, so there wasn’t anyone living there by the time Carnage had begun his rampage. Venom didn’t know how, but he couldn’t sense Carnage anymore. When he pursued the monster into the building, Carnage somehow disappeared. Venom had a feeling that Carnage wouldn’t be far, he had to search the building from top to bottom.
“Looking for someone?” a voice said.
Venom turns to see where the voice came from. Standing ahead of him, a familiar figure. Venom recognized him from not too long ago, the same person Eddie read about in the newspaper, the same one he encountered back at Ryker’s Island, Cletus Kasady. He was standing there, a smirk on his face, like he expected Venom to be here. Venom snarled when he saw the smirk on Kasady’s face.
“Should’ve stayed in your cell.” Venom said. “Might’ve saved your life because we’re not tolerant of trash like you right now.”
“Oh I bet you are.” Kasady said. He didn’t seem all too intimidated right now. “I’d guess you would’ve been busy dealing with my pals.”
“Just stay out of our way.” Venom said. “And you’d be wise to behave, otherwise, kill anyone and we’ll smash your brains after we’re done with what’s more important.
“Like you?” Kasady said.
Venom stopped his pursuit for a moment, not privy to what Kasady meant.
“Everyone thought you were dead.” Kasady said. “Yet here you are, alive and well.”
Venom eyed Kasady, snarling. He wasn’t privy that Kasady was informed of Venom’s near death during his fight with Izuku.
“A real sight at was, burning to ashes. The whole world thought it be better that way, yet rumors came about monsters showing up during that whole Life Foundation incident. A rocket up in flames, dear Carlton Drake dead. Multiple bodies left in the wake of the disaster. I’ve seen better, I know because I’ve done them.” Kasady said.
Venom snarled again, “And you think we’ve to do with that?” Venom said. “Rumors and vicious gossip. You’d be better not to stick your nose where it didn’t belong. You never know what monster might crawl out and tear you asunder”
Kasady chuckled wickedly, “Like you?” Kasady said. “One reason I know because I’m one myself. Don’t play coy with me, because I know as much as you do. You’ve had quite a part in the Life Foundation incident, in fact, you’ve never been around here as long as I have.”
Venom glared at Kasady, he was taken aback by this revelation. There was no way this low life would be aware of what happened at the Life Foundation. Something was amiss.
“You came to this planet along with your comrades, to help your civilization find a food source. Until your little encounter with Deku, and almost burned to a crisp. You fought Riot until you sabotaged his rocket, killing him and Drake. And since then, you’ve been going town to town, helping bring down crime rates along the way. You’ve made quite the name of yourself, or should I say yourselves. You and Edward Brock Jr.” Kasady said.
Venom was surprised, Kasady knew about Eddie, his old mission, the fight with Riot.
“How’d I know?” Kasady said, still smirking wickedly. “Because the monsters you talked about, one of them, is closer than you think. You could say we’re quite connected, both of you and I.”
The Carnage symbiote appeared, covering Kasady before a shocked Venom. Carnage, appearing before Venom, snarled. “We’ve bonded.” Carnage said. He smirked a wicked smile.
Venom realized it now, the creature that he and Eddie had been hunting for, the symbiote that was causing all the destruction and riots, had bonded to Kasady the whole time. The Venom symbiote withdrew back into Eddie, but not of Venom’s choice. A shocked Eddie eyed Carnage in horror.
“Bastard.” Eddie said. “It was you the whole time.”
Carnage cackled. Guilty as charged.” Carnage said. “And underneath your nose from the very beginning.”
“There’s no way.” Eddie said. “We would’ve sensed you for a long time.”
“Only those who’d been a part of Riot’s squad that came from Klyntar.” Carnage said. “But I am of a different origin.”
“What are you spewing about?” Eddie said. “There’s no way in hell you could’ve done anything without us not sensing it.
“Oh no.” Carnage said. “But you two had a hand in it.”
Eddie didn’t know what this monster was talking about. The idea that he and Venom had a part in Carnage’s actions made him sick, he’d hoped that it wasn’t true.
“The prison riot.” Carnage said. “What you and Venom came to subdue. When a prisoner shot you with that shotgun.”
Eddie remembered that time when Venom was shot in the back. That hurt like hell, but nothing to sweat about. Still, Eddie couldn’t connect that and with how Carnage’s rampage began.
“A piece of Venom’s symbiote was separated. And with you and Venom none the wiser, that piece searched the entire prison for the perfect host to bond to.” Carnage said.
Eddie looked at Carnage in horror, realization dawned on him. “You don’t mean?” Eddie said.
“And enters Cletus Kasady. While Kasady was unaware of its existence, that piece bonded with him via his bloodstream. The guy really should mind not to play with anything sharp. And the rest itself is history.” Carnage said.
Eddie was riddled with horror, with guilt even. It was all coming together now.
“And all because of you two.” Carnage said. He smirked wickedly. “This is what you chose when you played your hand. My existence, our actions, is because of your doing.”
Eddie didn’t know what to say, he was riddled with horror. He couldn’t believe what Carnage said. It all made sense, the appearance of the symbiote, the prison break, the city under siege. All of that was because he and Venom were reckless. That a piece of Venom’s symbiote was none other than the monster that caused all of it. Carnage was the source of it. And Eddie and Venom were the cause of his existence.
“So allow us the honor of saying thank you, brother Edward Brock Jr.” Carnage said. “Thank you and Venom. Because of you Kasady had found a friend in mie. And allow us to thank you the way we know how.” Carnage said.
Carnage’s hand shape-shifts into an axe, he leaps right at Eddie and shrieks an inhuman cry. Eddie was still shocked to his core about the revelation, the horror of Carnage’s rampage, and how he and Venom were responsible for them even happening. This wasn’t what Eddie wanted, he didn’t want to create a monster that would end several lives. This was all his fault.
“EDDIE!!!” Venom said to him.
Eddie realized that Carnage was leaping at him with his axe poised to strike him. He leaps backwards, away from Carnage as the red and black monster swiped and smashed the wooden floor beneath where Eddie stood. The Venom symbiote appeared, covering Eddie while he backflipped mid air, landing ahead of Carnage, now fully appeared before the monster.
“What the heck were you thinking?” Venom said.
“I’m sorry.” Eddie said. “What he said. It’s all true. It’s our fault that Carnage is even here”
“Now’s not the time for this!” Venom said. “We can deal with the responsibility and emotional bullshit later.”
As much was Eddie wanted to explain his reasons why he was so preoccupied not to pay attention to Carnage, why he and Venom were responsible for Carnage’s existence, that everyone Carnage did was their fault, Eddie knew that Venom was right. Now wasn’t the time to talk about it. There were more important matters to deal with.
“You’re right.” Eddie said. “Let’s kick these bastards’ collective asses.”
“Now you’re talking!” Venom said.
Carnage leaps at Venom, but Venom grabs the monster by the throat and hurls him away. The red and black monster launches four of his bladed tendrils, Venom dodging three of them and grabbing the forth, yanking it his way and bringing Carnage into a punch to his face. Grabbing one of Venom’s legs while on the ground, Carnage used his tendrils to lift himself off the ground and throw Venom into a nearby concrete support beam.
Venom smashed through the beam, tumbling on the ground. Carnage lunges at him while Venom was on the ground, biting at his head. Venom was able to keep Carnage away by using both arms to keep the monster from snapping his jaws at his head. Using both of his legs, Venom kicks Carnage upwards to the ceiling, smashing it with force. Venom quickly launches webbing from both his wrists at Carnage, wrapping around his neck and throwing the monster back to the floor.
Venom snarled when he picked Carnage off the ground with his webbing still around the monster’s neck, throwing him around in circles Carnage smashed right through another of the support beams, hurling away further from Venom when he let the red and black monster go. Venom eyed the monster while he was on the ground. Surely this wasn’t this easy, after all that’s happened all night.
“Your reign of terror is over” Venom said. You’re going to pay for every innocent you killed. So how do you want to die? Rip out your lungs or twist your head loose?”
Carnage cackled a maniacal laughter, much to Venom’s surprise. “Rain?” Carnage said. “There’s none of the sort, we’re talking hail baby!”
Whipping around, Carnage launched from his fingers a barrage of red and black shrapnel at Venom, some of the blades striking Venom’s body. Venom snarls in pain, unaware that while he was ripping them out, Carnage threw himself at him and took Venom into the ground.. The red and black monster grabbed Venom by the throat and strangled him, a wicked smile appearing on Carnage’s face.
“And it’s just getting started.” Carnage said.
Carnage lifts Venom up and throws him right through a nearby support beam, the red and black monster launches a webbing of his own, wrapping around Venom’s neck this time and throws him far away on the opposite side. Chuckling a sinister laughter, Carnage looms towards Venom, kicking his foe with such force that sent him rolling away. Venom tired getting back up, but found himself knocked back down when Carnage slams his foot right on his neck.
“Of all the idiots I had to deal with, I think you’re kinda fun.” Carnage said. “But you’ll learn what it means to cross Carnage!”
Carnage picks Venom up by the throat, and throws him right back into the floor, this time Venom smashed through the floor, enough to go through the level beneath. Carnage looks down through the floor, unable to see Venom. He knew that Venom had been giving a beating, he considered why not hurt him even more while he was down.
“Don’t think you can run or hide from us.”Carnage said, “I’ll destroy everything in our path until your death is done by our hands.”

“I want you to call in every officer in the vicinity, tell them to start evac, any prisoner that attempts to interfere, arrest on sight.” Mulligan said to “We can assume that whatever Kae and the others are dealing with, there’s bound to be people caught up in the middle. The priority is civilian safety.”
Mulligan was setting up the next move, since he and the police hadn’t heard back from Kane and the squad that accompanied him. The Detective could assume that something wrong must’ve happened since they haven’t had any radio contact.
“Get everyone out of the district right now.” Mulligan said. “You, you and you, come with me.”
“Where are we going sir?” One of the officers Mulligan spoke to said.
“To give Kane back up.” Mulligan said.

Carnage searched the floor of the building where Venom landed on, the area was dark save for a few windows nearby that were opened. Carnage couldn’t sense Venom as he did him, not that it matters to Carnage. Cletus Kasady was used to the hunt, and Carnage would enjoy having a game of cat and mouse before slaughtering Venom. As to how Venom was hiding from Carnage, the red and black monster had an idea of how.
“You cannot hide forever.”Carnage said, “I know that Venom is doing the same thing I did.”
Far from where Carnage was, Eddie hid behind one of the concrete support beams. He knew as much as Venom that they were caught off guard since Carnage caught them unaware with his blade attacks. Carnage wasn’t anything like Riot, he wasn’t an ordinary symbiote. For now, Eddie and Venom had to wait until they had an idea of fighting against him. That time may come sooner than Eddie and Venom thought, since Carnage trailed them here.
“Doesn’t matter, I always do like being the hunter.”Carnage said, “you two thought of us as the hunted, when all along, the both of you were playing right into our hands.”
Eddie understood what Carnage meant, both he and Kasady planned this. They wanted him and Venom to track them down from the beginning. The slaughter was just a lure to bring them here. Eddie quietly moved from one support beam to another, with Carnage still searching from ahead of him. All Eddie can do is wait for a chance to strike, then he and Venom will have a chance to take both Carnage and Kasady down.
“Do you want to know why we caused all that rioting? All the slaughter?”Carnage said, “It’s because we know the real gospel.”
Eddie didn’t understand what Carnage was talking about, nothing would give reason for unwarranted destruction and murder. Carnage spoke of him and Kasady knowing about the real gospel, but Eddie nor Venom were privy to what gospel Carnage was prattling about.
“You see, no white horse hero’s gonna ride in and save anyone’s butt, nor any rule’s gonna keep anyone from murdering some poor sap.” Carnage said, “And Carnage always sees things clear. You see law’s an illusion, built on lies.”
That was the conviction, the reason behind Carnage and Kasady’s actions. Eddie couldn’t believe that they would cause all that all because of some misplaced sense of belief. Then again, Kasady was a lunatic, so Eddie couldn’t take anything from him as fact. He should’ve known better than to forget about the obvious fact. All Eddie could do was hide from the red and black monster.
“Things like the report shows, newspapers, always spreading lies to the public, really pisses us off.” Carnage said, “Though the one thing we do like what the tabloids dig, and that is reunion battles, grudge bouts. Too bad we’ve got to cut this short by killin’ ya now.”
At least the murderous intention is obvious, Eddie knew that having Venom withdraw into him was the best idea until a better opportunity presented itself. Better to use the same tactic Carnage and Kasady used against them. Carnage prowled around a nearby support beam, no sign of Eddie.
“You know, Kasady always did like playing video games.” Carnage said, “But the one thing he did enjoy more was cheating!”
One of Carnage's hands shape-shifted into an axe like before, to Eddie’s surprise when he saw the red and black monster throwing the detached blade in his direction like a boomerang. Several beams were sliced in half, Eddie throwing himself into the floor when the blade came hurling above him. Eddie turned around to see in shock, Carnage lunging at him with one of his hands shape-shifted into another axe.
Eddie dodged the blade, it smashed through the floor and caused splinters of wood to fly everywhere. The Venom symbiote appeared while Eddie leaped away from Carnage, the monster lunged one of his bladed tendrils at Venom. Venom grabbed the tendril and yanked it and Carnage his way, punching the monster in the face. Carnage lashed another of his tendrils, wrapping it around one of Carnage’s legs and throwing him far away from him.
“All this slaughter.” Venom said, “Just to prove a point?”
“The point.” Carnage said, “The only point that matters.”
“And that is?” Venom said, “That you both are insane?”
“People think that they are safe when they are in control.” Carnage said, “When they try to establish control over the unknown and establish them as order. But when you take away the lies, then you’re truly free.”
“The only thing that should be taken away is your right to live.” Venom said, “Your senseless slaughter of innocence is about to end.”
“Get real.” Carnage said, “Kasady and I almost scrubbed out two heroes, you’ll be joining them in the casualties.”
Carnage throws himself at Venom, taking him down to the ground. When Carnage tried to bite Venom’s face off, Venom lashed out two webbings at two beams from opposite sides. Yanking them, Venom pulled broken pieces of concrete right at Carnage. The concrete smashed Carnage’s head from both sides, Venom seized the opportunity and hit Carnage with a punch.Two blades manifested from Carnage’s wrist while the monster fell to the ground, Carnage recovered and threw them right at Venom’s body.
Venom snarled in pain, the blades stabbing through him, Carnage cackled a maniacal laughter, but Venom elbows him with force, snapping the blades from Carnage. With a kick, Venom knocks the monster away. He goes after Carnage, throwing punch after punch before Carnage could fight back. Grabbing the monster by one of his legs, Venom throws Carnage through another of the support beams, smashing it through.
Venom then starts slamming him to the floor again and again like a rag doll. He throws Carnage with a final toss, this time, throwing the monster through the floor. Carnage could be heard smashing through more floors, Venom watching on from above. Maybe Venom caused enough damage to knock Carnage unconscious, all was quiet. Too quiet. Then again, Venom had fought against Riot, knowing symbiotes were tenacious as they were fierce.
“Do you think we got them?” Eddie said.
To their surprise, several red and black bladed tendrils smashed through the floor, Venom leaping away from them. Venom eyed the tendrils as they withdrew from the room.
“Nope.” Venom said.
Again, more bladed tendrils smashed through the board, intending to strike Venom. Dodging them one by one, sometimes even barely, Venom leaped from one place to another. More and more of the tendrils come lashing at him, slicing nearby beams. Venom thought it best not to stay here and risk getting Eddie mortally wounded, leaping through the hole in the ceiling. Floor by floor, Venom leaped to one after another, the red and black tendrils pursuing them and eviscerating everything in their path.
Smashing through the upper floor, Venom back rolled away to see some of the tendrils slicing through. Venom eyed them, coming up through the hole, hoisted by his tendrils, was Carnage. The red and black monster chuckled, Venom snarled.
“Didn’t think it was going to be that easy?” Carnage said.
“Snapping your neck is always easy.” Venom said.
Carnage lunges at Venom, tackling him to the ground. The red and black monster then grabs Venom by the throat and hurls him away from him. Using two of his bladed tendrils, Carnage slashes a nearby concrete beam, grabbing it with his hands. Venom leaps at Carnage, but was swatted away when Carnage smacked Venom with the severed beam. Carnage leaps at Venom, but Venom shape-shifted one of his hands to a riot shield, keeping Carnage from clawing or biting at him.
Venom throws Carnage off of him with the shield, getting back to his feet, while the red and black monster throws himself at Venom again. Carnage tried battering the shield with his claws to pieces, Venom keeping the monster at bay with the riot shield. Carnage shrieks, shape-shifting one of his hands into a blade, slicing through the shield and barely missing Venom’s head. Carnage slashed the shield in half, forcing Venom to stumble backwards.
One of Venom’s legs was wrapped by one of Carnage’s bladed tendrils, the red and black monster throws Venom towards the nearest wall. Carnage came lunging at Venom, bladed weapon poised to slice through his head. Venom dodged the attack and kicked the red and black monster away from him, Carnage landing on his feet. Before the monsters could even attack each other, cracks formed on the floor between them.
The building’s integrity had been severed by the fighting, as well Carnage’s bladed tendrils when he pursued Venom. The floor was being ripped apart, the building was about to break in half. Venom tried to make it to the other side, but Carnage smacked Venom away with a red and black hammer that he made by shape-shifting one of his hands. Venom tried to get back up, but when he did, Carnage launched two red and black webbing at Venom, both of them keeping him at the wall by the neck.
Carnage walked towards the end of the severed end, a sick smile on his face, Venom snarled in anger at him.
“You can never destroy me.” Carnage said, “You never even stood a chance.”
The other end collapsed, taking Venom with it. Venom tried to tear the webbing apart, but couldn’t do it in time, snarling in anger. Venom disappeared in a cloud of debris and brick, the building crashing into the ground, and smashing into pieces. Carnage looks down at the destruction, the cloud of dust subsided, revealing nothing but piles of debris. No sign of Venom.
“Ashes to Ashes.”Carnage said, “They all fall down.”
The sounds of police sirens echoed nearby, Carnage looked over at the direction to see news copters surveying the situation. The red and black monster smirks an evil grin.
“Time to make myself known to the world.” Carnage said.

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Re: My Hero Acadmeia: Let there be Carnage

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Chapter 15
Savage Veracity

“Evacuation at 65%, requiring assistance. “ A police officer said to his walkie talkie, “I repeat, requesting assistance.”
The street was crowded with the civilians that were trying to leave the district, and the police that were overlooking and overseeing the evacuation.Since they’ve lost contact with Kane’s group, the police overlooking the evacuations had to accelerate the operations, fearing that the monster that they were sent after may be near. The civilians were frantic and fearful, they heard about the rumors of a monster running about and slaughtering civilians and police alike.
“Any word from Kane and the others?” The officer said to his walkie talkie.
“Nothing.” The officer that was on the other line said, “Nothing but radio silence. We’ve tried contacting them, but no answer.”
“What about reinforcements? The districts overrunned.” The officer in the district said.
“All of the city’s forces, riot cops, SWAT, are preoccupied with holding back the prisoners. There’s nobody left to send in.” The officer on the other line said.
The sounds of crashing, and shrieking caught the officer’s attention, everyone’s attention. All was silent until screaming was heard, fear ahead from them, the very edge of the crowd, several cars were sent flying to them, the crowd running and jumping out of the way. The cars came crashing down, piling on top of each other in front of the crowd. All was silent again, the crowd approached cautiously. They stopped when they heard a terrifying shriek, frozen in fear.
A red and black clawed hand came into view, grabbing and scraping the top of the downed car. The entire of the people, civilians and police alike, looked to see rising from behind the pile of ruination, numerous red and black bladed tendrils, and a monstrous creature of the same coloring that they were connected to. The creature had a sick smile on its cutout like mouth, cackling a sinister chuckle. The newcopter was filming the situation from above, recording it for the world.
“All shall fear.” The creature said, “Because we are here.”
The people somewhat knew the meaning of those words, not for the intention, but for what it relates to. A direct opposite to All Might’s debut. This creature was desecrating that very moment, and making public appearance to the world by mirroring that moment. Seeing that copter filming his every move, the creature smirked wickedly. He turns his attention to the people.
“People of Suncoast City, eyes of the world.” The creature said, “What you see before you, stands the harbinger of truth. One of many thousand men who have languished under the name of one such truth; justice.”
The people immediately began speaking of the creature as one of the escaped convicts, a super villain no doubt. They were riddled with confusion about the creature’s proclamation of being a harbinger of truth; they’ve heard rumors of a monster killing several others in the city. They no doubt looked at that creature as the very same monster.
“Truths uttered by so-called heroes who have been held up to you as the shining example of justice and peace.” The creature said, “It has my duty to inform you that you all have been supplied with false words to prevent you from tearing apart this fake doctrine.”

Everyone at U.A Academy was watching the entire event, the red and black monster that was standing in front of the whole world. The creature speaking it’s speech before it’s world-wide audience, some inane tripe of false ideologies forged by heroes. Ilda could tell something about this creature reminded him of Stain, the Hero Killer. The same lunatic who crippled his brother and forced him to retire. Something about this monster made him sick, this creature was more demented than The Hero Killer, this creature was pure evil as opposed to Stain’s twisted sense of self righteousness.
“Many years ago, a child was left to rot at St Estes Home for Boys, where he suffered and endured the torment of persecuting anguished committed by those around him. Whereas the heroes who have been revered as champions upheld the laws governed by fools.” the creature said on the tv, “Until matters had to be taken to save himself from the despair that he was casted into.”

Bakugo, Shoto and Endeavor were watching the creature’s declaration on the television as well at the Endeavor Agency, news of a monster on a murderous rampage had spread like wildfire.Now this red and black creature was right before the world to see, similar to the monster that was once known as Venom, until his demise.
“The people of the world praise the heroes who failed to save or even acknowledge the child’s suffering. For that, no longer can I live with this lie. To live with the laws the have failed this child” the creature said on the tv, “It is time to trust the people of the world with the truth. And it is time for these beloved doctrines to be put aside, or more accurately, put down.”
The idea of bringing down everything that they and those before worked so hard to uphold, to ensure the protection of everyone on this world made them sick, such tripe coming from a sadistic monster infuriate them.This freak caused the death of innocent people and now proclaims to break down society.

“Heroes who strove to maintain the order that keeps the people safe, yet they failed to acknowledge the suffering of one child. Nor the existence of a monster among them.” the creature said, “One that will bring down the corrupt, the rich, the oppressors of many generations who have kept you all down with false laws of protection, fallacies of ideals and myths of opportunity.”
The people were not privy to what the creature was saying, some inane ramblings of a monster that will purge the corrupted, and establish truth. The creature smirked a toothful grin, he knew of the truth. The world had heard the truth of what St Estes had wrought, now was the time to spread his message.
“As you obviously guessed, I am that monster.” The creature said, “The cold whom society had abandoned and left to rot at St Estes, the notorious serial killer; Cletus Kasady, is one half. One half, an organism that has never been seen since the monster you all know as Venom. One hidden, but now, no more.”
The people instantly remembered the creature known as Venom, now that it looks that way, this red and black monster bears a similar appearance. But more chaotic. And worst, the mention of Cletus Kasady being a part of this creature. The one who burned down St Estes and went on to become one of the worst, if not, the worst serial killer of all time. Some of them panicked, knowing Kasady was standing before them.
“The perfect bond of human and symbiote.” the creature said, “We are the Symbol of Chaos! Call me Carnage!”
So now, there were no more rumors, no more conspiracy, it was fact. The Symbol of Chaos was now world known, Carnage had made himself to the world.
“It is time for you all to bring down these false ideologies, to eviscerate the laws that have failed to safeguard the innocent time and time again, and to bring the one truth to this world, the one that many have tried to govern.” the creature said, “And the one truth of this world is chaos! The only way to establish it is to have the guys to do it! The powerful, the corrupted will be ripped from their decadent nests and cast out into the cold world that we know and have endured.”
Several of the police came forth and drew their guns at Carnage, they’ve had enough. The fact that Kasady was one half of the monster was proof enough to warrant an arrest. Now, this was making them sick. This tirade had to stop, even if they have to shoot at the monster.
“Speech time is over.” One of the officers said, “You’re under arrest, Cletus Kasady. Turn yourself in or we will fire.”
Carnage smirked an evil grin, more officers wanting to stop him. And in front of a public audience too. They weren’t privy to how Carnage slaughtered their fallen comrades. Carnage couldn’t tell if these fools were stupid or crazy.
“Allow me to show you how.” Carnage said. One of his hands shape-shifted into a red and black axe. “Once you take away these false beliefs and laws, Only then you’re truly free.”
Carnage leaps off the pile of wreckage and towards the officers, shrieking and throwing his axe. One of the officers collapsed in two pieces, the monster landing beside the severed body. The civilians flee, many screaming in horror and panic.The monster whipped to the police, smirking an evil grin.
“With it, justice will be had.” Carnage said, he lunged at a nearby officer with his axe.

Endeavor, Shoto and Bakgo watch in horror, the head of an officer separated from the rest of the body. Carnage standing over it, what was once a public address was now becoming a blood bath. The police fired their guns at the monster, but to no effect. Carnage turns to look at them, his axe poised to strike.
“Spoils will be enjoyed!” Carnage said, he rushed towards another officer.

Everyone watching at U.A Academy were disgusted, horrified by what was happening at Suncoast City. Another officer sliced in half, with Carnage standing over it. Now, few officers were let and were being taken down one by one, each one more horrific than the last. And the monster was addressing his speech as he slaughtered them. This was like something out of a horror movie.
“Blood will be shed!” Carnage said, the monster lunged at another officer with his weapon.

“Jesus Christ.” Denki Kaminara said. He along with Hanta Sero, Minoru Mineta and Ibara Shiozaki were watching the massacre from a tv, seeing a red and black nightmare that identified itself as Carnage sliced and diced several policemen. They too were harried by the bloodbath that was taking place at Suncoast.
“Death will be wrought!” Carnage said. The nightmare went to slash an officer in half.
“This guy’s outta his mind!” Mineta said, horrified by the lunatic’s actions.

Another officer falls to the ground, separated from the other half of his body. Carnage stands over the many bodies littering around him, the civilians had fled from the massacre. He eyes the newscopter above him, the reporters unable to say anything. They were sickened by the warpath Carnage had wrought. Carnage smirks a sinister grin, he was delighted by the public performance he was giving.
“Only then, will true freedom be yours.” Carnage said, “That is the one and only truth.”

Lying in the wreckage and rumination, Venom lays unconscious. The fall and the damage he took from half a building being thrown at him thrashed him. The devastation was academic, debris was scattered everywhere in the district. No police to investigate the area, no prisoners to savage the area for loot. The area was quiet. The sounds of police sirens were gone as well, Carnage having ravaged the forces at the area. A white eye spot opens up.

A bullet hits Carnage in the head, no effect. The red and black monster turns around to see four officers and a man in a brown coat aiming their guns at him. Carnage smirks an evil grin, he found the stupidity of the police having to resort to the same action humorous. They would meet the same fate as their comrades did, Carnage never got tired of slaughtering police officers. More proof for his revelation.
“Cute.” Carnage said, finding their attempts funny.
“Best for you to surrender.” Mulligan said, “You are outnumbered.”
“But not outmatched.” Carnage said, “Yet you persist. For what? Safeguarding the innocence? Redemption? Even sacrifice? All meaningless.”
The officers open fire at the monster, Carnage lunges at them. One of Carnage’s hands shape-shifts into a lance like blade, impaling the closest officer through his body. Carnage throws the body away a dn lashes out one of his tendrils through a nearby officer, killing him too. The monster swipes Mulligan away with a hand and grabs the last officer by the neck, throwing him into the ground and slamming a foot onto his body.
“False ideologies. Worthless words. Weak actions!” Carnage said, “We have forever known what you all fail to understand. Chaos always prevails!”

Toshinori watched the situation from the screen, sickened by the slaughter left at the hands of Carnage, but now seeing Mulligan’s squad being annihilated. He was helpless to watch Mulligan and the others at the mercy of the red and black monster, and was thinking where Kane and Midoriya were, hoping that they were okay. It infuriated him that he couldn’t do anything to stop this monster.

The officer cried out in pain, Carnage still keeping his food on the man. The red and black monster looked around to see the newscopter still filming. Carnage smirked, they had served their purpose. Carnage launches a red and black webbing at the landing skiit of the vehicle, the crew screaming in horror. They realized that they were next on the monster’s path of destruction.
“Now this is a real photo oft.” Carnage said.
He red and black monster cackled an maniacal laughter, pulling the copter towards him. A bullet hits the monster at the head, Carnage looks to see Mulligan on his feet, having already fired his gun. Carnage smirks a toothful grin, letting go of the copter.
“Detective Mulligan.” Carnage said, “adding you to my list of casualties will really make my day."
Carnage chuckles a sinister laughter, Mulligan fires more bullets at the monster’s head. Sadly, they did nothing to harm the monster. Carnage rushes to him, grabbing the detective by the neck and hoisting him into the air. Mulligan tries hitting the monster with the butt of his gun, but Carnage wasn’t at least bothered by it.
“Oh, Mulligan.” Carnage said, “You really should smile once in a while.”
Mulligan stopped, something about what the monster said sounded familiar. To his shock and horror, Mulligan realized the truth.
“Kasady?” Mulligan said.
“And on the first guess too?:” Carnage said, “You really should’ve been here during the whole public address, really would’ve saved a lot of time trying to guess the obvious.”
Mulligan tries to escape, but Carnage’s hold prevents him from doing so. Carnage smirks, seeing Kasad’s old prison visitor within his grasp, like a rat in a trap. Carnage could always slice into his neck and rip out his head and spine like he did with the warden. Nah, Carnage prefered to eat his head off.
“A shame that you won’t be here to see the world we’ll bring.” Carnage said, “But we’ll always look back to remind us how funny you were.”
Before Carnage could bite off Mulligan’s head, a black web wraps around Carnage’s neck and pulls him back. Mulligan falls to the ground, Carnage is thrown into the air and through a nearby car. Carnage tries to get up, he thinks to himself, didn’t he went something like that before. He looks in ahead of him, a familiar figure. Mulligan looks on in shock, surprised to see the figure standing between him and Carnage.
Venom had returned.
“Didn’t think it was going to be that easy?” Venom said.
Carnage shrieks at him, leaping onto Venom. The two monsters thrashed about on the ground, clawing and swapping punches at each other. Mulligan watched on in shock two freaks, one Carnage, the other looked very much like Venom. Instead, this creature was alive, and fighting against Carnage. Mulligan didn’t believe it. Venom kicks Carnage away with both of his feet, smashing through a nearby car.
Picking the car up with both hands, Carnage plans on throwing it at Venom. Venom launches a black web at the monster’s face, pulling him away and the car Carnage held crashed into the ground. Venom swung Carnage around until he threw him right through a nearby building, the monster smashing through the glass windows.
“What are you gawking at!?” Venom said, he eyed Mulligan, “Don’t stand around like some half-assed idiot, get the heck out of here!”
“I take no orders from freaks!” Mulligan said.
Carnage appeared from the hole in the building, shrieking at Venom below.
“You’d rather take your chances with him?” Venom said.
Mulligan eyed Carnage, and then back at Venom. He hated this, he didn’t like Venom as much as he hated Carnage. Mulligan didn’t want to admit it, but Venom was right, he looked back at the remaining officer, still on the ground and in pain. Glancing back at Venom for a moment, Mulligan rushes off to help the officer and get out of here.Venom looks back to see Carnage leaping off the hole and on top an abandoned truck.
“You are a persistent one.” Carnage said.
“Yep, we’re all kinds of stubborn and annoying.” Venom said.
Venom leaps at Carnage, tackling him before the monster could lash out his bladed tendrils at him. Carnage kicks Venom away the moment after they hit the ground, grabbing a nearby post box with a red and black webbing and hurling it at Venom. The post box smashes Venom in the head, but he was barely hurt by it. Venom eyes Carnage with a narrowed eye spot, launching two black webbing not at Carnage, but at a car behind him.
Venom yanks the car and throws at Carnage, smashing the monster to the other side of the street. Slicing the car in half, Carnage breaks through the vehicle, glaring at Venom.
“You’re right.” Carnage said, “That was pitiful.”
Carnage launches red and black webbings, this time to the truck behind Venom. Venom looks back to see the truck being pulled right at him, smashing him and crushing him underneath. Carnage leaps on top of the truck, he was enjoying this. His moment of triumph was interrupted when Venom clawed through the truck and bites onto Carnage’s neck. Carnage shrieks in annoyance, punching Venom off of him and into the ground. Venom snarls in disgust, he had bitten off a piece of Carnage’s symbiote. He spits the piece out of his mouth, retching quickly after.
“That was disgusting!” Venom said, “Foul too!”
Carnage smirks a toothful grin, he recalls Venom’s fight with Riot. Riot attempted to devour Venom, but Venom rebonded with Eddie before Riot had the chance. Now Venom found Carnage itself disgusting, this Carnage liked. A pleasure to disappoint. Carnage chuckles, Venom glares at him in anger.
“Angry that you can’t stomach me as Riot was willing to do you?” Carriage said, “I’m surprised that he had the courage to even want digesting a loser like you.”
“We don’t have to eat you to end you.” Venom said.
Venom leaps at Carnage, knocking him off the truck and smashing him into the ground. Carnage lashed out a web at a nearby light pole, yanking it off the ground into his hand. Carnage smacks Venom away like a baseball bat to a ball, chucking at Venom right after he hits the ground. Venom smacks the pole with a fist, backflipping away when he sees Carnage throwing himself at him.
Venom tries throwing a punch at Carnage while he was still on the ground, but the monster hits Venom with a punch of his own. Carnage seizes the opportunity and launches a barrage of red and black spiked balls at Venom, stabbing at him with each hit. Venom was knocked back by each attack, but after Carnage ceased firing, Venom didn’t seem impressed despite still having numerous spiked balls stabbed into him.
“What are those supposed to do?” Venom said.
“To kill you, obviously.” Carnage said.
“For once, bright idea.” Venom said, “Wrong calibur!”
Venom launches black balls from his wrists like Carnage, Carnage dodges the first attack. The ball smashed against the ground, shattering it. It was like a bowling ball. Carnage wasn’t ab;e to dodge the second attack, sent flying away when the ball struck him in his body. Using his back tendrils, Carnage pulls himself back at Venom and launches a kick that sends him into the wall of a nearby building. Venom moves his head from a clawed hand of Carnage, slicing through the wall behind his head.
Venom kicks Carnage away from him and into the wall of the opposing building, launching two webs at opposite ends of where Carnage was and propelling himself at the monster. Venom kicks Carnage not only through the wall, but through the other side of the building. The newscopter were filing this, to them, both creatures were willing to tear this city apart in the process of ending one or the other.
“In a stunning development, another creature, similar to one identifying himself as Carnage, has challenged the fiend in Mortal Combat.” The reporter said.

“The very streets of Suncoast City have become the battlegrounds for those monsters.”” The reporter said. “I pray for not only the wellbeing of the civilians, but that there will be anything left in their wake.”
Toshinori watched in shock, not only because two creatures battling out in fierce warfare, but the arriving combatant bore a very familiar appearence. A black monster with white eye spots, a toothed maw with a long tongue and a white spider emblem on its body. One factor was now academic.
Venom is still alive.
Toshinoiri couldn’t deduce how, Izuku told him that he saw Venom perish in the fire that was caused by their fight. There was nothing left at the construction site to give reason to believe that Venom was going to return. Now Venom was back, and he was fighting Carnage in the streets of Suncoast City. Toshinori never believed that his investigation with these creatures, starting with Venom’s first appearance, would lead him and those involved to this shocking revelation.

Carnage smashes through another building, crashing into the ground of the floor. Venom crawled out of the hole he made and stared down at Carnage from the wall. Not letting Carnage get the chance to get back to his feet, Venom throws himself at the monster, smashing through the floor with Carnage. After hitting the ground together, Venom grabbs Carnage by the throat and hurls him back up at the ceiling. Lashing a back and webbing at Carnage, Venom ensnares him and throws him through the floor.
Again and again, Carnage smashed through one floor after another. The red and black monster crashed through one last floor and hit the ground, shattering it. Before Carnage saw it coming, Venom came crashing down onto him, hitting him in the face. Getting back to his feet, Venom glares at Carnage, the monster not even getting back up, let alone move. Maybe the fall and the punch was enough to knock Kasady unconscious, and the Carnage symbiote is needing to heal him.
Before Venom could leave, Carnage’s back tendrils latched onto nearby walls, pulling the monster back up. Venom snarls when he sees Carnage smirking a toothful grin at him. Venom lunges at Carnage, but is sent knocking back to the wall by two of Carnage’s tendrils. Venom was then sent through the wall when Carnage came lunging at him. The two of them find themselves at a parking lot nearby an electrical plant, Venom launching a black web at a car and hurling it at Carnage.
Shape-shifting a hand into a red and black axe, Carnage hacks the car in half and throws himself at Venom. Venom dodges the blade and throws a punch at Carnage’s face, but the red and black monster wraps one of his tendrils around a nearby leg and hurls Venom away into nearby cars. Smashing through them, Venom picks himself back up from the demolition. Seeing Carnage lunging at him, Venom throws a punch at the monster. Carnage ducks the attack and throws one of his bladed tendrils at Venom, knocking him back and sending him flying with two blows from his back bladed tendrils.
Venom was stunned, how can this manic keep going. He’s been thrown through building after building, hit with fists, kicks and even cars, and sent crashing to the bottom from floors far above, and still he keeps on fighting. It was like this monster was too insane to be defeated, let alone be killed. Venom threw everything he got at him, but Carnage persisted. Venom got back to his feet, behind him were the power generators. Carnage was more dangerous than Riot, and more tenacious. Venom had to come up wit departs the devastation, his back tendrils hoisting him up and scaling the nearby building.

The fire roared below, the devastation laid bare to see. The surrounding area in total blackout. The city was in chaos. Watching the ruin before him, Cletus Kasady gazes at the handy work he and Carnage left. Kasady was searching the wreckage from atop of the nearby building, looking for something. Wherever he was looking for, wasn’t in the flaming ruin. He wanted to make sure there was nothing left.
“Did they survive?” Kasady said.
“No sign.” Carnage said. He was speaking to him telepathically like Venom and Eddie to each other before. “And if they did?”
“We’ll finish them.” Kasadsy said, “Either way, they’re hardly a threat to us.”
“Tonight, this city is ours.” Carnage said.
Smirking wickedly, Kasady leaves the area, no doubt onto his and Carnage’s rampage. They wanted to get as far away before the police arrived and bother them some more.

Lying in the wreckage, Eddie was unconscious. The blast had knocked both Venom and Carnage away in separate directions. Venom had withdrawn into Eddie before the blast could incinerate him, and Eddie was far from being set on fire. The blast had sent him into the main building, but the building was damaged by the explosion and was coming down.
Regaining consciousness, Eddie sat up to see the wreckage. The place was ablaze with fire, the building in ruin and coming down. There was no sign of Carnage. Eddie remembered the monster throwing himself at him and Venom, right into a generator, then the explosion. Now it was academic that the plant had been destroyed. Eddie was lucky that he and Venom had survived the explosion.
Knowing the building coming down above him, Eddie knew he had to get out of there right away. Getting back onto his feet despite the pain. Hobbling to a door nearby, much to Eddie’s fortune, he throws himself at the door and lands on the ground outside. Eddie did what he could to get away from the collapsing building, crawling on the ground. He turns back to observe the plant coming down to the ground, flames still blazing.
Hearing the police sirens approaching, Eddie tried getting back to his feet and hobbled off to a nearby alley. Eddie hobbles into the alley until he was far from sight, slumping into the ground and back first against a wall. Eddie was ravaged, beaten and battered. He managed to recover any wounds because of his bond with Venom, but he couldn’t fight with Venom for the time being.
“You okay?” Eddie said.
“What do you think, shitface?” Venom said.
Eddie, peeved at the retort, saw that Venom was okay.
“Yes, I’m fine too.” Eddie said. Sarcastic, Venom didn’t care to ask. “Why wasn’t he incinerated? How come Carnage wasn’t burnt to a crisp?”
“He must be immune to fire.” Venom said, “A rare occurrence among symbiotes.”
“So what? We can’t use fire against him to do shit?” Eddie said.
“Brilliant deduction, Kreskin.” Venom said, “Now you’re catching on.”
Eddie snarled in frustration. Not only was Carnage and Kasady on the loose again, but Carnage was immune to fire. And on top of that, there was nothing to utilize in terms of sound. That’s if Carnage was weak against sound. It would be a disaster if that was the case. They had their asses handed to them. Fighting against Riot was one thing, but Carnage and Kasady were alike, they were insane.
“Eddie.” Venom said, “We’re afraid that the both of us cannot beat them.”
“I hate to say it, but you’re right.” Eddie said, “We’re way out of our league.”
“We can’t just let them tear this city apart.” Venom said.
“No shit, Kreskin.” Eddie said, “But we threw everything we got at them.”
“The police can’t help us.” Venom said, “They can’t find them. And they are hunting us down too, now that they know we’re alive.”
“Just add that to the shitlist.” Eddie said.
Eddie was frustrated, not only did he and Venom didn’t stand a chance against Carnage and Kasady, but it appears that they were invincible. The Police were no help, and there was nothing of sound to use against them. Eddie remembered something, what Carnage spoke about before. He hadn’t thought about it until now, it may be of help.
“Carnage spoke about snuffing out two heroes, right?” Eddie said.
“Your point?” Venom said.
“There has to be a hero somewhere that was assigned to the city.” Eddie said. “And Carnage said two.”
“Two that he killed.” Venom said.
“But what if they’re still alive?” Eddie said.
“What’s your point?” Venom said.
“You said it yourself.” Eddie said, “We can’t beat them on our own. We need help.”
“Uh, no.” Venom said, “That’s a bad idea.”
“We can’t beat them by ourselves.” Eddie said.
“The police are hunting us.” Venom said, “Any hero has connections to the police, they will hunt us down too.”
“This is bigger than both of us.” Eddie said, “What’s more important to take down? The monster that’s killing people? Or the one that’s actually saving them?”
“You mean the monster that’s on the wanted list?" Venom said.
“Just answer the question!” Eddie said.
“Fine.” Venom said, “The monster that’s killing people.”
“Damn right.” Eddie said, “And what better to help them catch both Carnage and Kasady than a monster like them?”
“Fine.” Venom said, “But let it not be said that we didn’t oppose this.”
“I won’t.” Eddie said, “And if I’m wrong, may we flee like cowards.”
“If you’re wrong.” Venom said, “We’ll ditch you for the cops.”
“And let yourself die without bonding to anyone else? I think not.” Eddie said.
“Just shut up and get going.” Venom said, “We don’t even know where they are, let alone if they’re still alive.”
“Keep yapping and they may die.” Eddie said, “I’ll take over from here, you need to recover.”
“It’s not that bad.” Venom said, “We didn’t get burned much.”
“Just for a while, and if anyone tries to get in our way, prisoner wise.” Eddie said.
“We stomp their brains into mush.” Venom said.
“Right.” Eddie said, “You can take over when you’re recovered.”
Eddie hobbled off to wherever he thought was the safest path, trying to avoid both prisoner and police alike. Now that the world knows of Venom’s survival, the police are hunting him and Carnage. And the best bet in defeating Carnage lies in an alliance with any hero Eddie and Venom could find. Venom had a point, it was risky to ally with a hero who could report them to the authorities. But when dealing with Carnage something to get the advantage.
Carnage shrieks at Venom, Venom whips around to see the monster throwing himself at him.
Eddie and Venom saw Carnage lunging at them.
Carnage throws himself onto Venom, the booth of them smashing through the fence and right into a power generator. The booth of them disappeared by a frightening display of sparks, electricity until the generator, damaged by the two monsters, went up in an explosion of fiery devastation. The blaze lit up the night sky, several blocks around the plant went out in a widespread blackout. This was no accident, Carnage deliberately threw himself onto Venom and tackled him into the generator, like he had no regard for himself.

Seeing the explosion from afar, Mulligan grabbed a walkie talkie from his police car.
“I want four units to head for Coast Electrical right away, an explosion has happened in the vicinity and I have no doubts our two monsters are right in the middle of it.” Mulligan said, I want a full sweep of the area. I want no stone unturned until we find them dead or alive.”
He turned off the walkie-talkie to look back at the explosion, the blazing cloud had subsided, but the fire was still visible from where he was.
“What the actual hell?” Mulligan said.

The fire road, the entire area was ablaze with flame. Some of the generators have been destroyed, some in-operational. There was no sign of either Venom or Carnage. Most of the staff had evacuated before the fight between Venom and Carnage was brought to the plant. It would take some time to get rid of the flames before restoring power. Even longer for the fire department to arrive with all the riots going on.
Pushing aside some of the rubble and standing onto his feet, the menacing figure of Carnage. The red and black monster surveyed the wreckage, unfazed by the fire blazing. There was no sign of Venom. With a wicked grin, Carnage and Kasady, the ends justifies the means.

Walking with the pain, Izuku had regained consciousness and was trying to go after Carnage. He held his body with an arm, feeling the pain from his previous fight. Knowing that Carnage intended to bring about slaughter, Izuku couldn’t just stand by and do nothing. He underestimated Kasady, now that he knew that he bonded to that creature, he had to be careful when confronting him.Venom was dangerous, but Carnage was insane.

Standing on top of a building and overlooking the r90ts below, Carnage was enjoying his handiwork. The city was under siege, the prisoners were tearing it apart and the police couldn’t hold them back with Carnage on the loose. Carnage smirks an evil grin, three heroes dealt with, two alive and probably unable to stop him and Kasady.
“We are Chaos.” Carnage said, referring to him and Kasady, “We are death.”
Carnage leaps off the building and lashes out a red and blacking webbing a nearby building below. The red and black monster web slinged from building to building, off to cause more destruction and death.

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Re: My Hero Acadmeia: Let there be Carnage

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Chapter 15

Shock and Horror was what Izuku felt when he saw the massacre that littered the street. In his pursuit of Carnage, Izuku had walked upon what was left after Carnage’s encounter with the police. Bodies lied everywhere, beaten, even mangled and eviscerated, bloodied and some even beheaded. There was even wreckage of not only cars, but two police helicopters burning in ravaged messes.

Shock and Horror was what Eddie felt when he saw the blazing inferno and devastation that littered the streets below. Eddie had stopped on top of a building and looked down from the edge, seeing Carnage’s handiwork. Death and ruin, some bodies bloodied, there were even some that were still alive, trying to help those who were caught in the monster’s rampage. Eddie heard the cry from nearby, a person was trapped in a wrecked car, near the flames.
Eddie paused for Venom’s reply, they needed to find help in stopping Carnage, but there were innocent civilians down there who needed help. Venom gave no response, he knew Eddie wanted to help them, and voiced no adversity to it. Eddie leaped off the building in the direction of the wrecked car.

A police officer is smacked into the ground, standing before him was a prisoner with a baseball bat. He is one of the few that was lingering amongst the devastation that Carnage left behind. Two others joined his side, smirking and chuckling at the fallen officer.”Should’ve chosen the right side.” The Prisoner said, “At least you wou;d’ve been alive to see it to the end. Tonight, Carnage rules.”
The officer didn’t have his riddle or his baton to defend himself, seeing the prisoner hoisting his bat into the air. To the officer’s surprise, he saw the prisoner being knocked into the ground by a kick to his body. The other prisoners turned to see someone younger than they are and dressed in green being the one that struck down their companion, before they could attack, one of them was pulled by some sort of black web.
Deku used his blackwhip to pull the prisoner towards him, punching him in the face and sending him to the ground. He looks behind him to see the last prisoner throwing a baton at him, one that he grabbed from the dead policeman earlier. Deku dodges the weapon and elbows the prisoner in his body, swiping a punch to his face and knocking the prisoner down.
The officer got back to his feet, after seeing this youngster take down that trio. “You’re the ward that Kane mentioned?” The officer said, “Thanks, I owe you.”
Izuku looked back to see the officer talking to him. “Just doing what needed to be done.” He looked back to the prisoners, he made sure he held back when taking them down. “You know where Kane is?”
“He went after that monster.” The officer said, “The one that caused all this.”
“Carnage.” Izuku said. He remembered the red and black creature that was bonded to Cletus Kasady. He assumed the officer didn’t know Kane’s whereabouts, and he looked like that he was out for a while. He wouldn’t know where Carnage went.
The petitioner who once held the baseball bat looked up to see both Deki and the officer looking down at him, Deku kneeling down to him.
“Where did Carnage go?” Deku said.
“Uh, he just left right after he butchered the police.” The prisoner said, “That way.” He pointed at the direction Carnage went, up ahead in front of them.
Izuku looked at the direction the prisoner spoke of, that has got to be where Kane was heading. If he hurried, there’s still a chance he could help Kane in stopping Kasady and Carnage. “You stay here and help anyone you can.” Iuzuku said, “If there’s any officers left, they can round up any criminal left in the area. I’ll go and aid Kane.”
“You can’t be serious.” The officer said, “That monster tore down the whole force here. You can’t fight against that thing.”
“Whether I can or not, I can’t just stand by and do nothing.” Izuku said. He dashes off in the direction where Carnage was last seen heading off. Izuku was aware that Carnage was as dangerous as the officer said, even more. He fought against the red and black monster and lost easily, The fact that monster was still out there was reason enough to pursue him and Kasady, perhaps try and find Kane so that could stop this murderous pair.

Eddie kicked through the glass of the burning car and went inside, he didn’t care about any broken glass or shrapnel wounding him, he grabbed the child that was trapped inside and quickly got out of the car. The child’s mother came running up to her after Eddie helped her out of the car, she was knocked out of the car during Carnage’s initial rampage and was knocked unconscious for a while. After the mother thanked him, Eddie headed off towards the nearest alley he could find, having heard police sirens approaching.
Even though Eddie had helped out with rescuing the child, it wasn’t a good time to draw the attention from the authorities.He was still labeled as missing, as well Venom being the one that attacked Izuku, not to mention the whole Life Foundation debacle. He looked back to see if any policemen were trailing him, no one chasing him. Eddie began strolling down the alley, now that the coast was clear.
“Why not have us save that child?” Venom said.
“We;re trying to save civilians, not traumatizing them.” Eddie said, “First, the police are after us, second, you think it’s wise for a black and white monster with a toothed riddled maw would be a good thing for a child to see at this time?”
“First point, fair enough.” Venom said, “Second point.”
Venom quickly appeared from behind Eddie and smacked his head against Eddie’s, Eddie holding his head in annoyance.
“”Don’t ever insult us like that!” Venom said.
“But I thought you said don’t call you a parasite?” Eddie said.
Venom smacks his head against Eddie’s again.
“That too!” Venom said.
“Can we get back to the task in hand?” Eddie said, “We need to find those heroes Carnage mentioned. How are we supposed to find them?”
“Maybe we can interrogate some of the prisoners?” Venom said, “A good thrashing would help.”
“A good thrashing? Please Venom, be serious.” Eddie said, he then contemplated the suggestion. “That actually sounds like a good idea.”
“See Eddie, even we can come up with good ideas.” Venom said.
“Among several screaming nightmares.” Eddie said, “You recovered yet?” Edie asked that question to avoid Venom’s wrath because of that remark.
“Pretty much, yes.” Venom said.
‘That let us make haste, time is of the essence.” Edie said, “Onwards!”
The Venom symbiote appeared and covered Eddie, “Please don’t talk like that.” Venom said, “You want to be a hero, but not sound like a sappy shitpile.”
“Fair enough,” Eddie said.
Venom launches a black webbing from his web wrist and leaps into the air, web slinging from side to side and onto the next location. To interrogate any prisoner he and Eddie could find.

“What was that?” Izuku said over the phone, “Cletus Kasady is dead?”
“It’s all over the news.” Toshinori said, he was speaking to Izuku by phone. He was able to reach contact since hearing about the monster as well when Izuku apparently didn’t answer for the past minutes, Toshinori feared for Izuku’s safety when Carnage’s partner became public knowledge. “When the emergency crew came to clear out the blaze, there was no sign of either Carnage and Kasady, not of the monster that they fought against.”

“You think they were killed in the explosion?” Izuku said, “If Venom was burned to death in a fire, it could be possible that Carnage would’ve met the same fate.”
Izuku was standing in an alley, still in pursuit of Carnage, no luck in finding the red and black creature. He had to find the monster and Kasady, but with the trail apparently cold now that both Kasady and Carnage are dead. Stain was one thing, but both Kasady and Carnage were indiscriminate with their killings.
"Maybe so.” Toshinori said over the phone, “But when the fires were put out, there was no sign of any bodies. We can’t be sure unless with have confirmation that both Kasady, Carnage and that monster are dead.”
“Right.” Izuku said, “Haven’t heard anything from Kane. He’s not answering his phone.”
“The last I heard from him was that he and four of the authorities went after Carnage.” Toshinori said, “We’ve lost contact from him, no word from him since.”
“You don’t think he’s?” Izuku said, he was fearing the worst.
“I don’t know.” Toshinori said, “Until we have have confirmation of both Kasady and Carnage’s status, the best thing to do is to look for Kane. We can only hope that he’s still alive. Be careful, young Midoriya.”
“Will do.” Izuku said, he hung up.
Izuku was still shocked to hear what happened. First a creature like Venom in Carnage had appeared, now another monster was in the city. How many more of those things were there? Now was not the time for questions, Izuku had to at fast if he was to find Kane, if he is alive.Launching a black whip from his wrist, Izuku leaps into the air and heads off to find Kane.

Carnage shrieks in anger, the red and black monster was strolling through an alley at another part of the city. He was furious, something had caught his senses that caused him to throw a tantrum of outrage. Swiping a red and black clawed hand, Carnage eviscerated the wall nearby him into pieces.Carnage snarled in anger, he wanted to tear someone to pieces.
“I can sense him.” Carnage said, “Venom is still alive.”
“And with him, dearest brother Eddie too.” Kasady said, via telepathically.
“They hunt, but not for us.” Carnage said. The red and black monster looked back and forth, side to side, typing to sense where the pair were. “They go where?”
Carnage cackled a maniacal laughter, he knew they were, and where they were heading, a familiar place. The very notion of what those two were up to was humorous, the red and black creature lashed out a red and black webbing and leaped off into the air.

“You got the wrong guy, I don’t know nothing.” A Prisoner said
The prisoner was slammed against a brick wall, his neck caught in vice by the hand of Venom himself. Several more lie on the ground nearby, thrashed by Venom. Venom snarled in annoyance, he didn’t have time for time. He leered his head closer to the prisoner’s, bearing his toothy maw.
“Wrong answer.” Venom said, “Word has it you’re”the kind that knows this town. Codename: Rattlenap was it?”
“Yeah, yeah, that’s what I specialize in. Doing deals from here to there, thought the criminal underworld my stick.”The prisoner said, “Oh, not to infuriate you or anything, but my codename’s Rattletrap.”
“Then you must’ve known where Carnage went through?” Venom said.
“Oh, that I can’t get ya that.” Rattletrap said, “I don’t make deal that might come at the expense of anyone that will kill me.”
“Then what about any hero that might’ve crossed his path?” Venom said.
“Uh, what hero?” Rattletrap said.
Venom slammed Rattletrap against the wall again, snarling in annoyance.
“What chance will you take? With Carnage? Or us?” Venom said, he swung his tongue in front of Rattletrap. “We are losing patience, and if you don’t stop annoying us with your tripe, we’ll help ourselves to feasting on your head.”
Rattletrap squirmed in fear, trying to break free of Venom’s grip. “You, You wouldn’t dare! Rattletrap said, “Aren’t you supposed to be a hero?”
“That’s the understatement.” Eddie said, “We’re here to interrogate, not kill.”
“Not like the kind you know. Now, you give us what we want.” Venom said, “And we won’t bite your head off.” Venom opened his toothful maw, showing his razor sharp teeth and again swung his tongue.
“Okay! Okay! Okay! You win! I’ll tell you! Just, just back off.”Rattletrap, “What kind of sick freak are you?”
“Good, now spill it!” Venom said.
“Carnage’s trail ain’t hard to find.”Rattletrap said, “Head west, you should find ruin and endless death, then head south. Carnage was prattling about owning some idiot earlier, though I wouldn’t place any bets said idiot is still alive, not after the slaughter I’ve seen.”
“Thank you for your cooperation.” Venom said, “Looks like we both get what we want. We get the intel, and you get to live. Whatever broken bones you’ll get, that’s your problem.”
Much to Rattletraps indignation, Venom throws him far away in the alley, smashing against a nearby wall and falling into an open dumpster underneath. Leaping onto a Venom, begins his pursuit, stopping halfway to talk to Eddie.
“See Eddie, we can be reasonable.” Venom said, “What was to worry about?”
“Whatever injuries that guy would’ve had because of what you did.” Eddie said, “Maybe life threatening.”
“Ah, don’t be such an idiot, shitface.” Venom said, “That wouldn’t kill him, hurt him seriously, but we digress. We have an idiot of our own to find.”
Venom launches a black webbing into a nearby building and web slings off into the distance ahead.

Izuku was searching through an alley, he was hoping to find Kane since following the last known whereabouts of his location. He didn’t know the exact location, but Toshinori had explained the direction Kane was heading before the radio silence. The area was deserted so far, far from the known chaos of the riots. It was quiet, too quiet. Even though he was alone, Izuku couldn’t help but think of the possibility that he was being watched.
He looked behind himself to find himself getting smacked into a nearby wall, confirming his suspicions. Looking up Izuku saw a familiar clad in some green and yellow armor, a scorpion like tail with a stinger poised to strike, ambling towards him with murderous intent.
“Well, howdy partner.” the figure said, speaking in a Texan accent, “Don’t bother gittin’ up, I’ll just kick ya while yer down.”
“Quickstrike.” Izuku said, “I should’ve known you escaped too.”
“Helped myself recover my armory while I was at it.” Quickstrike said, “Heard some heroes were escorting Kasady for a prisoner exchange. I almost got sent to Tarturus because of ya. Allow me to return the favor.”

Quirk: None
Scorpion Armory

Izuku didn’t have time for this, he needed to find Kane, not fight another revenge driven thug. Quickstrike lunged his stinger at Izuku, the latter leaping out of the way and jumping at the criminal. Isuku tried throwing a punch at Quickstrike, the criminal barely dodged it and dealt a strike with his knee and again smacked Izuku away with a tail whip. Izuku hit the wall behind him, the armor allowed Quickstrike to act faster as well attack at the same speed.
Quickstrike laughed, “Here comes poison!” Quickstrike said, lunging a stinger right at Izuku’s head.
Izuku barely ducked the attack, the stinger piercing the wall above him. Seeing the stinger stuck, Izuku took the chance to strike him while he was preoccupied with getting his stinger out, jumping at him and kicking him at his body, sending flying backwards. Quickstrike smacked against the wall behind him, snarling in annoyance. He didn’t like being struck like that, let alone by some brat.
“Nobody cheap shots me like that and gets away with it.” Quickstrike said.
Izuku tried to throw a punch at Quickstrike, but the latter dodge the attack, grabbed his arm and struck him with a punch of his own. Izuku yelled in pain, Quickstrike quickly tossed him into the ground with such force. Before Izuku could get back onto his feet, Quickstrick kicked him enough to send him flying back to the wall behind him. Izuku tried getting back up, but he was racked with pain. He still haven’t recovered from his fight with Carnage, and facing Quickstrike was a stroke of bad luck. He could see Quickstrike ambling towards him.
“So. What’s a hero who can’t save himself, eh?” Quickstrike said.
Izuku tried to get up, but was still in pain. He was about to reply.
“A hero still.” A voice said, much to Izuku’s surprise.
Both Izuku and Quickstrike looked up to see where the voice came from, a black webbing came down and wrapped around Quicktrike’s neck like a noose, much to the latter’s shock and indignation. Izuku looked on in shock, watching Quickstrike being hoisted into the air, the criminal thrashing his legs about in a futile effort to break free. Quickstrike saw creeping out of the darkness above, like it was dragging the darkness with it, a humanoid head with white eye spots and a maw of serrated sharp teeth.
Quckstrike found his neck caught in the clutches of the dark creature’s clawed hand, face to face with this demon. The monster looked back at the criminal, a sick, toothy smile on its face, snarling in enjoyment. It liked seeing that fool at its mercy, Droll trickled down its maw, like it was salivating for a snack. Quickstruike remembered something that stopped the riots back at Ryker’s Prison, but he never knew something like that was responsible.
“You never knew, when you picked on the innocent, you picked your own poison.” The monster said.
The black creature opened its tooth maw and swung its serpentine tongue at the criminal, much to the latter’s chagrin. Izuku watched in shock, seeing the sudden appearance with much to try to make reason out of. The monster, with Quickstrike still in hand, landed on the ground nearby Izuku, the latter watching Quickstrike being thrown away to a dumpster behind the creature itself, smacking it with such force. Quickstrike slumped into the ground, unconscious.
Izuku looked back at the creature, not even glimpsing at him behind. Izuku wasn’t sure, but something about that creature looked familiar, hauntingly familiar. It wasn’t Carnage, but it was something Izuku remembered from before. The creature’s matter seemed to withdraw, and what was standing before Izuku when the creature withdrew into was a male human. Izuku was shocked, another creature like Carnage and Venom? Unless this was the same monster that Toshinori spoke about, the one that fought Carnage.The male looked behind him to see Izuku standing there, the look of realization and shock on his face. Izuku recognized the male standing before him, he couldn’t believe that he was standing right before him.

Eddie looked back at Izuku,the look of guilt yet a longing for a reunion on his face. He didn’t know Izuku was in the city, let alone fighting to save it. The brother in arms that he had wronged, that he left behind in fear and guilt, was standing before him. Eddie had wanted to see him again, but this was too soon. Eddie wanted to prove himself that he was worthy of facing his friend again, after what he did to him.

Izuku looked back at Eddie, the look of shock yet such emotion on his face. Hre didn’t know Eddie was in the city, in the middle of this chaos. The brother in arms that he searched for so long, that he thought was missing, was standing before him. Izuku had wanted to see him again, when he heard Eddie was missing from the hospital, he searched everywhere for him. He’d hoped for one day that he would find him.

The brothers in arms looked at each other, nothing said from either of them. The sounds of police sirens and fire burning echoing. Recognition, guilt, overwhelming emotion, a bond that was forged since kindergarten, and has lasted for so long, was back together.

“Hey bro.”
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Re: My Hero Acadmeia: Let there be Carnage

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Chapter 16

The two stood before each other, the brotherhood thought separated now together again. Izuku stood there in shock, for so long, he looked for Eddie since he disappeared. For months, he hadn’t heard or seen any clue to his whereabouts, adding more to his concerns. Now, Eddie was standing before him, alive and well. Je wanted to ask so many questions, Where has he been? What has happened since he left? What is he doing here?
“Hey bro.” Eddie said, in this emotional reunion, Eddie wanted to break the tension with a simple gesture.
The only answer Eddie got was Izuku running up to Eddie and hugging him, sobbing. Eddie was surprised, he predicted that Izuku would be mad at him for not being in contact with him, let alone disappearing without a trace. Eddie didn’t know what to say or do, he was confused to see Izuku hugging him and crying.
“I’ve looked everywhere for you.” Izuku said. Tears streaking down his face, he was so happy to see his old friend again. “I was worried about you. We all were. Your family has been wanting you to come back.”
Eddie got the meaning of Izuku’s word, everyone back at home was worried sick about his leaving. It’s no wonder why Izuku was bawling like a baby, he had been searching for him since Eddie ran away. Privy to his feelings, Eddie hugged Izuku.
“Sorry.” Eddie said, “I didn’t mean to worry you.”
Izuku lets go of Eddie and backs off a step. “I’m so glad you’re okay.” Izuku said, ‘But where have you been? Why didn’t you contact me?”
“It’s a long story.” Eddie said, “But I needed time to myself. I didn’t deserve to face you after what I did to you.”
Izuku was surprised to hear Eddie’s answer, privy to what his friend was referring to. The Venom incident. “Come on, not that again.” Izuku said. He thought he made that clear to him the first time. “You know that’s in the past, we’ve put it behind us.”
“You already forgiven me.” Eddie said, “But I needed to earn the right to face you again, to earn your forgiveness. I never forgiven myself for what I’ve done.”
“That’s the past.” Izuku said.
“The past always matters.” Eddie said, “The key to the future is learning from the past, otherwise, I’m doomed to repeat it.”
“Eddie.” Izuku said.
“Until I earned the right to face you again, I needed to be alone.” Eddie said, “And to do that was to right some wrongs. I didn’t know I would run into you again so soon, but I heard a hero had fought Carnage.”
“You heard?” Izuku said, “Wait, you were in the city? And you were looking for me? What were you doing in the first place?”
“Trying to stop the rioting.” Eddie said, “Same thing as you are.”
“What?” Izuku said. He didn’t know that Eddie was trying to save the city at the same time. “But you don’t have a quirk. You could’ve gotten yourself killed.”
“Ah, yeah.” Eddie said, he was privy to Izuku’s words. “About that, to put it bluntly, I had help.”
Izuku didn’t know what Eddie was saying until he saw emerging from Eddie’s back was a black, serpentine body with a humanoid head attached to it, with white eye spots and a maw of razor sharp teeth. Izuku recognized that face all too well. He’d forgotten that not long ago, that creature showed up and subdued Quickstrike, but he never would see the day that of all people, Venom would come to his aid.
“You’re alive?” Izuku said.
“You’re welcome.” Venom said, “For saving you.”
“Now that we’ve got the pleasantries out of the way.” Eddie said, trying to break the tension, “We need your help.”

Kasady stood facing Carnage, who’s serpentine body appeared from behind his partner. They were conversing about the recent events that Carnage sensed, now they were plotting their next move. Carnage sensed Venom’s reappearance, as well the whereabouts, knowing what had transpired.
“They’re working together.” Carnage said.
“All three of them.” Kasady said, “Deku. Brother Brock Jr.”
“And Venom.“ Carnage said.
“No doubt they’ll be after us.” Kasady said, “Predictable as always.”
“New alliance, same adversaries.” Carnage said, “Losers.”
“We’ll need to accelerate our plans.” Kasady said, “Initiatie the final phase.”
“Find a base of operations first.” Carnage said.
“I think I know how to find one.” Kasady said, “Only then, we’ll send them an invitation.”
Carnage smirked evilly, “ A bloody finale.” Carnage said.

“That’s how your paralysis was cured?!?” Izuku said, he was shocked to hear Eddie’s explanation.
“That’s right.” Eddie said, “Venom found me in the hospital and rebonded with me, repairing the damage to my spine.”
“And you say that Carnage originated from Venom?” Izuku said.
“Yes.” Eddie said, not too keen to be reminded of that, “Sadly.”
“But bonding to an alien symbiote allows the other to recover any wounds doesn’t make sense to me.” Izuku said, “The fact that kind of a bond would come with that benefit hasn’t been heard before, it’s crazy. Moreso the fact that Symbiotes can propagate more of the same kind, which explains how Carnage appeared without any backstory or any clue of his existence. Then again, starfish are known to multiply when their limbs are severed, but never have any independent traits. Then there’s the fact there were more symbiotes than Venom and Carnage on this planet, a scout squad searching for a food source for their whole civilization.”
Eddie and Venom stood there and stared at Izuku muttering to himself endlessly, Venom was not amused, moreso annoyed. Eddie knew that Izuku was going to overthink about the symbiotes, their missions on Earth, how Carnage came to be etc, scratching his head in embarrassment.
“How on earth did we lose to that idiot?” Venom said, “Shall we naw his head?”
“Allow me.” Eddie said.
Eddie quietly walked behind Izuku while he was still muttering, the latter not knowing his friend was behind. Slowly wrapping an arm around Izuku’s head, Eddie grabbed it quickly and gave Izuku a noogie, much to the latter’s chagrin. Eddie laughed as soon as he let go of Izuku, Izuku rubbing his head to rid the pain, not amused.
“Still the same as always, eh muttermouth?” Eddie said, he jokely smacked Izuku’s head from behind.
“Was that necessary?” Izuku said.
“No, but right now, now’s not the time to overthink.” Eddie said, “We got important matters to deal with.”
“Right.” Izuku said, “Sorry. So we’re clear on this, Carnage and Kasady are still alive?”
“Right.” Eddie said, “Somehow, Carnage is immune to fire. We don’t know if Carnage is still vulnerable to sound.”
“Then that’s what we’ll utilize.” Izuku said, “If we work together, we can take down both Carnage and Kasady. First things first, we need to find Kane, it’s imperative that we locate him if he needs help.”
“Bullshit!” Venom said, much to Izuku and Eddie’s surprise, “We didn’t agree on anything.”
“What are you talking about?” Izuku said.
“Yeah, what are you talking about?” Eddie said.
“ If you think we’re working with this idiot, Eddie, then you are insane.” Venom said, “This idiot is the one that almost burned us to death. By all means, we should return the favor.”
“A fire that was started by accident, by you.” Izuku said.
“You tried to destroy us prior to that.” Venom said.
“Only because you were a threat.” Izuku said, “I didn’t know you were a thinking being, I thought you were like an animal.”
“Can a dog bite your head off?” Venom said.
“Venom, please.” Eddie said, “This is not the time.”
“We’re not doing shit, until he apologizes.” Venom said.
“Apologize?” Izuku said.
“Apologize?” Eddie said, “Venom, be serious.”
“We are serious.” Venom said, “No apology, no alliance.”
“Venom, this is not the time.” Eddie said.
“He’s right.” Izuku said.
“Then again, it might be a good idea so Venom won’t bite your head off later.” Eddie said, thinking to himself.
“He’s right. Wait, what?!?” Izuku said, he wasn’t privy to what Eddie said until remembering it.
“That being said.” Venom said, he whipped his head right at Izuku’s, “Apologize!!!”
Eddie grabbed Venom’s head and pulled it away from Izuku, grinning nervously while Venom thrashed about trying to break free. “Excuse us for a minute.” Eddie said, “I just need to speak with Venom.” Eddie tried to hold Venom as he backed away from Izuku, the latter observing the dysfunctionality in confusion. He remembered Eddie bonded with Venom in the past, but never cooperating in that fashion.
“Take your hands off of us, Eddie!” Venom said, “We should be out there, protecting the innocent, lethally!”
Venom snarled in annoyance, still trying to break free. Eddie let go of the latter when they were out of earshot from Izuku.
“What are you doing?!?” Eddie said.
“You can’t be serious, Eddie!” Venom said, “We for one would not be inconsolable if that idiot would fall into traffic, and lose his head, and his feet, and all of his teeth!”
“All because of a petty grudge for something he didn’t do?!” Eddie said, “Be reasonable, Venom.”
“He almost burned us to death!” Venom said.
“We almost burned you to death.” Eddie said.
“Forget it.” Venom said, “We won’t work with him, not for all the chocolate in the world.”
“People are dying, Venom.” Eddie said, he had enough of Venom’s antics, “You want to save this city, we have to work with Midoriya. You said it yourself.”
“Anyone but him.” Venom said.
“What’s more important? Your grudge? Or the lives of the people in this city?” Eddie said, “And here’s a hint, it’s not a rhetorical question.”
“Venom contemplated the question, his eye spots narrowed in annoyance, privy to Eddie’s words. He had a point, but not one Venom liked.
“Tell you what.” Eddie said, “We take care of Carnage, and we’ll deal with the apology later.”
Venom contemplated the suggestion, “Very well.” Venom said, “We’ll cooperate for now, but don’t forget our deal.”
“Right, right. All the chocolate you can eat.” Eddie said, “Quit reminding me.” He walked back to Izuku. “He’s in.” Eddie said, “But we really need to sort out the whole fire thing later, otherwise, no deal.”
Izuku was annoyed, it was good that Eddie talked Venom into cooperating, but Venom persisted in wanting an apology for something he didn’t do. “Okay.” Izuku said, there was no time to argue, “We’ll deal with that later. Okay?”
“Deal!” Venom said.
Further from them, Quickstrike was coming too, not privy to the conversation ahead of him. Whatever that thing was, he was going to make it pay. Sensing what was going nearby, Eddie looked in the direction of where Quickstrike was, much to Izuku’s confusion. Venom withdrew into Eddie, Eddie gestured a finger to wait for Izuku to wait a minute.
“Uno momento.” Eddie said.
Just before Quciktrike could do anything, a black webbing caught an arm. Much to his horror, ambling towards him was Venom, already covered Eddie. He licked his toothy maw with his tongue, grabbing Quickstrike. The criminal lashed his cybernetic stinger at the creature, but Venom grabbed the tail and crushed it with his hand. Venom snarled, much to Quickstrike’s horror.
“You show yourself here, again.” Venom said, “In fact you go anywhere, preying on innocent people and we will find you, and eat both of your arms and both of your legs, and then we will eat your face off your head. Do you understand?”
Izuku eyed the situation from ahead they were, in complete dismay. The fact that Venom was threatening the criminal, let alone in the name of justice, was ridiculous.
“Yes.” Venom said, he didn’t give Quickstrike enough time to answer the question, “So you’ll be this armless, legless, faceless thing, won’t you? Rolling down the street. Like a turd, in the wind. Got it?”
“Got it.” Quickstrike said, he was complete terror of the creature daunting him with murderous intent, “Just who the hell are you?”
“We are Venom” Venom said, “And be lucky that we’re letting you live.”
Venom quickly headbutted Quickstrike, knocking him unconscious and throwing him back first against the dumpster, lashing and tying him in black webbing against the dumpster so he wouldn’t escape. Walking back to Izuku, Venom withdrew into Eddie and reappeared with the serpentine form like before.
“Taking care of business.” Eddie said, he shrugged, “Did you have to use the same line, Venom?”
“What?” Venom said, “It’s a classic.”
“Whatever.” Eddie said, “So are we cool working with Midoriya?”
“Yes, we’re cool.” Venom said, “But, one thing we need to make clear.” He leered his head to Izuku’s slowly, much to the latter’s confusion. “When dealing with Carnage, you play by our rules. Interfere, and we’ll remove your head.”
“No, you won’t!” Eddie said.
“We will use it for bowling!” Venom said.
“No, you will not!” Eddie said, he can see Izuku’s concern for his well being, nervous as Venom continued to threaten him.
“We will take it to, what is the one place we like Eddie?” Venom said.
“Lucky strike?” Eddie said.
“Yes! Lucky strike!” Venom said, “We will take it to Lucky Strike and score a 300 point game.”
“You won’t!” Eddie said.
“The rest of your maggot riddled corpse will be left here.” Venom said, his head still rearing towards Izuku’s, the latter backing away slowly and fearfully, “Rolling around in dumpster juice. Do you understand?”
Izuku was nervously frightened, he remembered how dangerous Venom was, not as dangerous as Carnage, but dangerous nonetheless. He made it clear that he wasn’t tolerable to him getting in the way.
“Yes.” Izuku said, “I got it.”
“Okay!” Venom said, whipping away from Izuku cheerfully, “Now, let us find our wayward idiot. Then, let’s go eat bad guys!”
“Beat!” Eddie said, trying to correct him, “Beat bad guys.”
“Right, beat bad guys!.” Venom said, “Totally what we meant.”
Venom withdrew back into Eddie, the latter looking back at Izuku, standing there dumbfounded. Eddie shrugged.
“Welcome to my world.” Eddie said, “Now, we’ve got a doings transpiring. Let’s make haste, find Kane and thwart the evil doer’s shenanigans!”
The Venom symbiote appearing and covering Eddie, Venom snarled in annoyance.
“For the last time, Eddie.” Venom said, “Stop talking like that!”
Venom launches a black webbing from his wrist and leaps off, web slinging from one building to another, leaving a dumbfounded Izuku behind. Izuku hadn’t the slightest clue what was going on. First he reunited with his long lost friend, then encountering the same creature he previously viewed as a villain, now the both of them were off as a dysfunctional heroic pair with Izuku tagging along with them.
“I’m confused.” Izuku said, he launches a black whip and leaps off after Venom.

Cletus Kasady sat in front of a computer in the Suncoast City library, searching through the map of the city itself. He now regretted throwing away that mobile phone he took from one of the dead prison guards, he could’ve used the map app. Hardly amused and bored, Kasady was skimming any of the useless locations that were not of use to him and Carnage. He preferred to be out there causing more death.
“Of all of the locations this city has to offer.” Kasady said, “And none of them would suit as base of operations. Useless, useless, useless.”
Looking at the places he hadn’t surveyed, Kasady caught something of interest. Cletus smirked evilly.
“Well, well, well.” Kasady said, “Suncoast Cathedral.”
The place was near the north-east end of the city, a cemetery in fact. A perfect outpost to survey the chaos from afar, and without the police to come barging in to interfere. Printing the exact location from one of the Library’s printers, Kasady strolled his way out of the building. He just passed the librarian that stayed at the counter, frightened of the serial killer. Kasady stopped before the door, knowing of the librarian.
“Thank you for keeping your mouth shut.” Kasady said, “And as promised, I will not kill you.”
Kasady was about to leave the building, stopping when he remembered something.
“Then again.” Kasady said.
Appearing from behind Kasady and lashing at the Librarian, the serpentine form of Carnage lunged his jaws at him, the latter not having the chance to scream. Blood splattered the wall behind him, his body collapsed into the ground with just nothing but a bloodied neck with no head. Carnage drew his back to where Kasady was, blood trickled down from his black toothy maw.
“I didn’t say he won’t.” Kasady said, Smirking evilly.
Carnage chuckled a sinister cackle, enjoying Kasady’s sick sense of humor.

“♫Strangers in the night♫.” Venom said, singing while web slinging from one building to another, with Izuku using hs black whip to follow him. He still can’t comprehend the scope of the situation, despite the means of their alliance.
“This makes sense?” Izuku thought to himself, “Months ago, A villain in Venom tried to wound me, now we’re searching the city as partners?”
Seeing Venom rushing around, web-slinging down the street, Izuku knew that the back creature had no idea of where he was going. This wasn’t the best time to go off without a plan, especially when lives were on the line. If Kasady and Carnage were alive, they couldn’t waste time. He understood that Venom didn’t want him getting in the way, but if they need to stop Carnage, they need to find Kane.
“Stop.” Izuku said, Venom landed on the side of a building while Izuku landed onto the rooftop of the opposing building, “Do you know where we’re going?”
“Of course we do.” Venom said, “Finding that guy you yapped about.”
“But do you know where exactly he is?” Izuku said, “We have to find out where exactly he is.”
“Well maybe if told us what he looked like, maybe we wouldn’ have wasted time on a wild goose chase.“ Venom said, “Honestly, Eddie thinks we need your help. Wait a minute, what the hell was that?!?”
“What?” Izuku said, he wasn’t privy to Venom’s question.
“What you were doing?” Venom said, “Web slinging across the street?”
“Oh, that.” Izuku said, “That was blackwhip?”
“It’s been months since you practically burned us to death, and now you’re ripping us off?!?” Venom said.
“Wait? What?” Izuku said, he sweatdropped nervously.
“First you have All Might’s quirk, now you’re stealing our moves?’ Venom said, “What a phony ass bitch! You’re a walking copyright infringement!”
Izuku blushed in embarrassment. “Well, it’s not like I stole that from you.” Izuku said, “It wasn’t intentional.”
“Spare us!” Venom said, “Try to come up with a original move.”
“Wait a minute, that’s not important!” Izuku said, “We need to find Sentinel.”
“Whatever, copycat.” Venom said, “What did this idiot look like?”
‘Izuku glared at Venom, not approving of insulting Kane, “Long brown hair, dark blue eyes.” Izuku said.
Venom’s eyespots widened, “And a red mask that covered most of his face?”
“Yes.” Izuku said, “Wait, how did you know?”
Venom paused, he knew who Izuku was talking about, but never knew the guy was important until now. “He fought against Carnage before we showed up.” Venom said, “He wasn’t doing well last we saw him, looked like he was wounded pretty badly.”
“What!?” Izuku said, he was horrified when he heard what happened to Kane, “Do know you where he is?”
Venom looked around for a moment, pointing a clawed finger in the direction where he last saw Kane. “That way.” Venom said, “Shouldn’t be far from the plant fire.”
“We got to hurry.” Izuku said, he launched a black whip at a nearby building and leaped off.
“Whatever, copycat.” Venom said, launching a black webbing and went off after Izuku.
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Re: My Hero Acadmeia: Let there be Carnage

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Chapter 17
Death and Resolve

Cletus Kasady dangles his flick knife in his hand, not paying attention to the prisoner caught in his other hand. He knew the prisoner was frightened to death, but not of Kasady himself, but of the serpentine creature that appeared from behind him. The red and black creature with a humanoid head, messy white eyespots and black serrated teeth, smirking a wicked grin. Smirking evilly, Kasdsy eyed the prisoner.
“Now, here’s what you’re going to do.” Kasady said, “You’re going to gather the ring leaders and have them meet the boss at the Mulchay Inc rooftop for a meeting.”
“Right.” The prisoner said, still frightened of the creature eyeing at him behind Kasady.
“And if you mention my partnership with Carny here.” Kasady, “He or me, you’re gonna get gutted like a fish. I would like it if that would remain anonymous. Get it?”
“Right.” The prisoner said, scurrying away like a rat right after Kasady let him go.
Kasady chuckled an evil laughter, Carnage smirking behind him.

Kane tried lifting himself off the floor, placing a bloodied hand on the side of the police car, but he collapsed back to the ground, back against the car. Coughing out blood, Kane was still injured from his fight with Carnage and Kasady. There was no one in the vicinity to adi him, and the police were too caught up with handling the riots, and he couldn’t get far with the injuries he had. There was nothing Kane could do,as much as he loathed to admit it.
“Kane” A voice called.
Kane looked up to see arriving at the scene, landing on his feet after using his Blackwhip to traverse the city, was Izuku. He got down on one knee beside Kane. He had no idea that Izuku was looking for him, let alone still alive; he’d lost contact with him sometime after they split up. No wonder why All Might spoke so highly of him, Kane should’ve expected him to be resilient. At least now, there was still hope.
“Are you okay?” Izuku said.
“The understatement, young Midoriya.” Kane said, he coughed, “I’ve been better.”
“Hang on.” Izuku said, “We’ll get you to a hospital.”
Kane coughed again, “As much as I want to share your enthusiasm.” Kane said, “I’m afraid it’s far too late for me.”
“Don’t say that.” Izuku said, grasping Kane’s hand with his, “It’s not far to the hospital.”
“Never giving up on hope, even when the inevitable is nigh.” Kane said, he chuckled, “But what do you mean we?”
Before Izuku would answer his question, landing in front of them was a black humanoid monster with a white spider emblem on its body white eye spots and a maw of teeth. A creature Kane remembered not long ago.
“Venom?” Kane said, trying to get back on his feet, but he slumped back down against the police car.
“It’s okay.” Izuku said, “He’s with us.”
Kane looked at Izuku with indignation, confused by Izuku’s words. How could Venom be aiding him after their past. Then again, Venom did stop Carnage from landing the killing blow a while ago. There was much that Kane wanted to ask, but now was not the time for pointless chatter.
“Then I owe you my thanks, for what you’ve done.” Kane said.
“Kane, we have to get you to the hospital right away.” Izuku said.
Venom eyed Kane, seeing the wound on his body. There was no doubt this was Carnage’s handy work, and from the blood staining his attire, Kane was bleeding for a while. This was much worse than he and Eddie thought. The fact that Kane had dragged himself to the police car was a miracle, let alone being alive this long. He and Eddie knew the truth as much as Kane did.
“He’s too far gone.” Venom said, “The wounds are fatal. He wouldn’t make it to the hospital.”
“No.” Izuku said, looking back at Venom.
“He’s right.” Kane said, “I’m a goner.” Kane gazed at Venom, “Tell me.” Kane said, "The reports. Have they perished?”
Venom was almost reluctant to answer, “No.” Venom said, “They still live.”
“Then, I fear.” Kane said, “The people are still in grave jeopardy.”
“Deku and we have agreed to an alliance on stopping both Carnage and Kasady.” Venom said, “We will end the slaughter once and for all.”
Kane chuckled, Izuku made an alliance with Venom, now that was something. An unlikely team, but this city needs the help it can get. Venom was deemed a villain for his past actions, but the lesser of two evils would be necessary in stopping the great of the two. And if Izuku trusted Venom, then Kane will trust in his judgment. Again, Venom did confront Carnage a while ago, an action Kane could trust as well.
“Resourceful as well resilient.” Kane said, gazing at Izuku, “It’s no wonder All Might spoke highly of you.”
Izuku smiled by the compliment, but was shocked when he saw Kane coughing out blood.
“Kane, hang in there.” Izuku said.
Kane coughed again, the wounds were too much for him to bear.
“It is no concern. Izuku, my pain does not compare to that of the civilians. Kasady spoke of consequences, that you should’ve killed him when you had the chance.” Kane said, “It is a notion I do not agree. You did what any hero would’ve done, the blame is not yours to bear. I heard Carnage’s declaration by police communications. If anything, the blame is solely on us all.”
Izuku wasn’t privy to what Kane was saying, he wasn’t aware of Carnage’s global speaking. He didn’t know of who Kane was referring to as in us all.
“We the generations of old, failed to acknowledge the suffering of one. And now, his vengeance has been brought upon us.” Kane said. “His pain will burn down the world until he, they are the last ones standing.” Kane gazed at Venom once again, “Carnage revealed himself bonded to Kasady.” Kasne said, “I can assume that the same can be with you. If you could do one last thing for me, I would like to know the one which works alongside with you?”
Venom looked at Eddie for an answer, Eddie gave no answer. Eddie felt that this hero deserves to know at the very end. Venom withdrew back into Eddie, appearing from behind him with his serpentine neck. Kane chucked, he knew the person that was with Izuku and bonded to Venom. If there were any clues back then when Venom first appeared, they were now apparent. He should’ve known.
“Edward Brock Jr.” Kane said, “So you were with Venom the whole time?”
Eddie didn’t answer, he knew that Kane was referring to Venom attacking Izuku in the past, when he was branded a criminal.
“Now it all made sense.” Kane said, “I guess that whatever sense of justice Venom had came from you.”
“You could say that.” Eddie said, joking. He walked over to Kane’s side. “I’m sorry that we couldn’t stop Carnage in time.” Eddie said.
“Don’t grieve. Death comes for us all, but it should not come for those in the city” Kane said, “Edward, you and Venom must help Izuku in stopping both Carnage and Kasady, to be the heroes they need.”
Eddie was shocked, hearing Kane speak of him and Venom to be heroes. Eddie was shameful, he couldn’t overlook the past, how much it hurt him.
“But Kane, you know of what Venom and I have done.” Eddie said, “We, we are not heroes.’
“Nor was I, nor many before in our days of humility.” Kane said, “But we must look past our mistakes, if we are to save the city, as we cannot let them pay for ours alone.”
Kane coughed again, some blood spitting from his mouth. There was not much time, As much Izuku didn’t want to admit it, Eddie and Venom knew Kane didn’t have long.
“We all have our duty to carry. To guard the innocent and the ideals we cherish. Freedom is the right of all sentient beings, and thus ours to safeguard.” Kane said, “That was the oath that I took, and even in death, I refuse to forsake. Now, from hereon, that will be for you three.”
Izuku tried his best not to cry, he was at Kane’s death site. As much as he wanted to not admit it. “We’ll try our best.” Izuku said.
Eddie and Venom didn’t say anything, still gazing at Kane. It was hard not to grieve for the dead, as much Kane wanted to carry on.
“Only you can save this world, to safeguard the ideals that All Might and those before have defended, to prevent them from being undone.” Kane said, “To stop the evil that stands before us, and light our darkest hour.”
Kane’s arm slumps to the ground, Izuku watching in shock. He knew that he was when the end came for one’s life. The day when Kane died. Izuku began to cry, Eddie watching on. He saw how Kane looked, eyes closed the instant his death came. It wasn’t of despair, but rather of peace. Knowing his time had come, knowing one day he would die in duty to the innocent. It was the burden of all heroes, but a noble sacrifice. A tear rolled from one of his eyes, it was hard not to grieve for the dead.
“This is our fight.” Eddie said, “You can count on us.”

Cletus Kasady stood by the edge of the Mulchay Inc building,overlooking the chaos and the fire taking place before him. Standing behind him were three of the ring leaders that had asked to make a state of address with. Smirking wickedly, Kasady glances behind him at the three behind him. He knew something, something that the ring leaders didn’t. The three were impatient, they had more important things to deal with than chat with some psychopath.
“All right Kasady,” One of them said, “You called the meeting, now what’s the slag about prosperity being given to us?”
“Absolutely true, I assure you.” Kasady said, whipping around to face them.
“When knife wielding maniacs talk crap like that,. It gives them time to stab the other in the back.” The same ring leader said.
“Under normal circumstances, Tom. But not this.” Kasady said. "You see, the eyes of the world have beheld Carnage’s declaration, thus, our operations must now not be exclusive to this city alone. As his spokesperson, it’s my duty to inform you that Carnage must attend to matters outside the city. Thus I am bound to my duty to inform you all that from dawn’s light, this city will belong to you.”
Woody Hardy smirked, “And all the money to be had here.” Woody said.
“We’ll be rich.” Tom said, “Consider that our retirement.”
Not that they could see, Kasady frowned a rather irritable scowl. The idea of these idiots talking about robbing banks and jewllery was idiotic, and he needed them to throw this city into chaos. How can they be that stupid, blind to the truth of this world. If Kasady didn’t need their help, he wouldn’t have bothered on freeing them from Rkyer’s Island. It was like he was standing with idiots. Kasady chuckled, to the indignation of the ring leaders.
“The avarice never ends. Tell me I didn’t use that line from that movie?” Kasady said, he whipped back around to face the ring leaders “Small thinkers, that’s what you all are. You just don’t see the bigger picture. If I had a penny for every time I heard something like that, I’d burn down the whole money pile.”
The ringer leaders were not privy to what Kasady was on about, They knew Kasady was insane when they were at Ryker’s Island, that he wasn’t someone to hang around with. Now he’s talking about caring less of being rich, how petty it sounded, that they were small thinkers. Was this guy out of touch, how little money meant to him. They thought it would be best not to waste any time with this guy, knife in hand or not.
“All you people care about is money.” Kasady said, walking up to Woody, “This world deserves better than that, and I’m gonna give it to it. Tell your men, until dawn’s light, they work for me. This is my city.”
Woody scoffed at the notion of working for Kasady, a psychopath who cared little about money. If this idiot never wanted any part of any of his operations in the city, or anywhere else, why should he or any of his men work for him. That wasn’t beneficial to him or his men, and wouldn’t care about how this idiot felt about it. With the gun he confiscated from the guards, he could just shoot Kasady and be done with it..
“They won’t work for a psychopath.” Woody said.
Kasady chuckled, “Oh, will they?”
To the horror of the ring leaders, the Carnage symbiote appeared and covered Kasady. Carnage snarls at the three in front of him, bladed tendrils poised to strike them. They had no idea that Kasady was allied with the red and black creature, the one who killed the warden, ravaged the city and slaughtered countless. Carnage smirked a wicked, toothful grin, chuckling evilly at Woody.
“Will they now?” Carnage said.
Woody didn’t had any time to answer, he felt a stabbing pain. He looked down to see a red and black blade piercing his body. Blood trickling down his mouth, he looked back up to Carnage’s face, seeing the evil smirk on his black toothy maw. Not even having the chance to scream, Carnage threw the blade upwards and sliced Woody and half. Tom and the other ring leader watched in horror, seeing both halves of Woody collapsing to the ground.
“Does anyone else have a problem with our leadership?” Carnage said, brandishing his blade.
“No, we’re fine.” Tom said, throwing his hands in front to show he didn’t want to mess with Carnage.
“Never!’ The other ring leader said.
Carnage smirked wickedly, “Fair, Good, Great.” Carnage said, “Now spread the word. Till dawn’s light, Carnage rules.”
The ring leaders dashed off to the nearest door, Carnage watching until he was alone with the vivisected corpse. The Carnage symbiote withdrew back into Kasady and Carnage reappeared by Kasady’s head with his serpentine neck. Kasady chuckled at Carnage’s handiwork and walked back to the edge of the building, he and Carnage observing the fire blazing in the city before him.
“It’s not about money.” Kasady said, “it’s about sending a message.”
Kasady could hear the flames burning before him, the city, and soon the world as he wanted. In chaos.
“Everything burns. Everything burns.” Kasady said.

Eddie whips around to his left, he and Venom sensed something from far ahead. A familiar presence, Carnage. He narrowed his eyes, he had a feeling that wherever Carnage was around, there would no doubt be death nearby. He glanced at Venom, who was thinking of the same thing. They had to move. They look back at Izuku, the latter had stopped crying, but still grieved over Kane’s death.
“Midoriya.” Eddie said, Izuku turning to face him, “It’s them.”
Izuku had a feeling he knew that Eddie was referring to, there was no doubt.
“Kasady.” Izuku said.
“Carnage.” Venom said.
“I know we had our differences, Venom. But right now, this is bigger than any grudge of the past, than all three of us.” Eddie said, glancing at Venom, “The police are doing all they can, but we know that right now, the three of us are the only hope for this city. No more innocence shall be sacrificed for Kasady and Carnage’s insane ambition.”
“For Kane, consider it done.” Venom said. He looked back to Izuku.
“For Kane.” Izuku said.
With that, Venom withdrew back into Eddie, the Venom symbiote then appeared and covered Eddie. Venom lenching a black webbing a nearby building and leaping off in pursuit. Izuku went after him, but paused before he could launch a black whip. He glanced back at Kane’s dead body. He still grieved for his death, but he knew that the fight was now his along with Eddie and Venom’s. Now was not to grieve.
Izuku launched a black whip and leaped after Venom, following him.
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Re: My Hero Acadmeia: Let there be Carnage

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Chapter 18
Savage Alliance

Peering from the rooftop of a building, Venom watched as policemen rounded up some of the prisoners into the police cars. Venom’s toothful maw bearing his sharp teeth. Carnage had avoided Venom’s senses again, Izuku and Eddie were trying to come up with a plan to locate the deadly pair of Carnage and Kasady. Venom snarled in annoyance, he knew the rules that Eddie placed a while ago, but Venom was insistent with his own intentions.
“A jail break?” Venom said, “It’s more like an all you can eat buffet. Who’s going to care if we polish off a couple of these idiots?”
“Absolutely not!” Izuku said, rushing up by Venom’s side, “Completely out of the question.”
“He’s right.” Eddie said, walking up to the other side of Venom, “We can’t be sure who is not guilty, let alone kill anyway, buddy.” Eddie had to add that last bit at the end, knowing Izuku would not approve.
“Oh please.” Venom said, “They escaped from prison!” Venom whipped his head at Izuku then Eddie, knocking them back.
“Yes, but some people take false confessions.” Eddie said, “You know, they take pleas. We watched Making a Murder.”
“We are a predator Eddie” Venom said, “Tigers do not eat salad.”
“Yes, but you are not a tiger, are you?” Eddie said, “I see you more of a vexatious little pig-dog-house-bat thing.”
“You suck!” Venom said, whipping his head at Eddie’s.
“You suck!” Eddie said, pointing a finger at Venom’s head.
Eddie glanced at Midoriya who was glancing at the two of them bickering at each other with indignation. He knew of his past with Bakugo, but seeing Eddie and Venom but heads with each other he wasn’t privy to. Eddie sweatdrops nervously, dropping the argument with Venom and cleared his through.
“Normal business.” Eddie said, “So, Kasady give you anything that resembles any clues when you first met him?”
“No.” Izuku said, “Nothing to be of use. Other than that, just the ramblings of establishing chaos, and wanting Carnage.”
“Well, that’s the understatement.” Eddie said, “He didn’t leave anything to me of any hideouts.”
“Why not just follow the trail that he left behind?” Venom said, “He appeared in the direction up ahead, why not just chase it?”
“Because he would be long gone by then.” Eddie said, “We need an idea of where he would be hiding out from that position.”
“He could be anywhere at this point.” Izuku said, “He wouldn’t risk revealing himself until he implements his plan, whatever it is.”
“So, murder on a city scale, that’s not hard to guess.” Venom said.
“No, that’s not just it.” Izuku said, “He wanted to bring carnage, he would have a plan to wrought it.”
“There isn’t anyone who can help us?” Eddie said, “None of the hero society?”
“No, it would already be too late by then.” Izuku said, “And the police are too busy holding the riots. Detective Mulligan too.”
“Detective Mulligan?” Eddie said, “The local one?”
“Yes.” Izuku said, “You know him?”
“Detective Asswipe?” Eddie said, “You could say we met.”
“What happened, Eddie?” Izuku said, he had a suspicion that something bad happened that he himself didn’t know.
“Well, we didn’t meet on the best terms.” Eddie said, trying to explain it mildly.
“He stopped us from biting thet shithead’s head off.” Venom said, much to Eddie’s dismay.
“You what?!?” Izuku said, “Does he know about it?”
“No.” Eddie said, “I stopped Venom without Milligan even glancing.”
“What were you thinking?!” Izuu said, “You could’ve become Suncoast enemy no.2.”
“He’s an idiot, treated Eddie like crap.” Venom said, “That right belongs to us.”
“Oh, believe me, I’d love nothing more than to kick that jerk’s teeth so far down his throat, he’d be chewing his ass for pissing me off.” Eddie said, he looked at Izuku who wasn’t amused by that remark, “That being said, we have rules to follow, no matter how much we dislike it.”
“Responsibilities.” Venom said, “Responsibility is for the mediocre.”
“Can we get back to matters?” Eddie said, trying to get back to the more important matter, “As in finding our murderous pair before they render this city into a blood bath.”
“Well smartass, got any ideas?” Venom said.
Eddie looked back at the police relocating the prisoners back to Ryker’s Island, contemplating on the next move. Carnage and Kasady would elude the three of them wherever he goes, and more people would end up dead in the hunt. Even if Carnage would show himself again, it would not last. Carnage and Kasady were too smart to reveal themselves. There was only one recourse.
“I may have an idea.” Eddie said, he glanced at Izuku “But I have to ask you, do you trust me?”
“Of course I do.” Izuku said.
“Do you trust me?” Eddie said, pressing the question.
“Yes.” Izuku said, he looked at Eddie, seeing the look of reluctance, “What are up to?”
“I have an idea, but you’re not going to like it.” Eddie said, “Interrogation, through intimidation.” Eddie said a hand to Venom.
Venom snarled and his maw smirked a toothful grin, “Now you’re talking.” Venom said.
“No eating, no killing.” Eddie said, pointing a finger at Venom’s face. “My rules.” Venom scoffed in annoyance.
“What do you have in mind, Eddie?” Izuku said.
“It’s like a game of chess. The king is protected by the pawns, bishops and knights.” Eddie said, “We can’t get to Carnage and Kasady with them eluding us. So if we can’t get to them, then we’ll have to be one step ahead of them, and the only way to find clues is through them.”

Sneaking through an alleyway, Dan Backslide tries to avoid confrontation from the authorities. He had separated from the mobs to avoid risking his chances of being caught. He was one of the many prisoners that had escaped the prison and made it to land by boat. Now, he was scurrying around the alleys like a common rat, trying to make a get away. He peers at a corner, no one in sight. Dan presses on his way to escape the city.
“Hark.” Dan said, “It’s quiet here. Drat it. Double drat it. Ever since Carnage’s death, the mods have been rounded up one group at a time. And just when I’m preparing my reunion with Dora Standpipe.”
Dan brought out a necklace from his prison pocket, a picture of Dora Standpipe in it. He held it like a loving parent holding her child.
“Dear rich Dora Standpipe, how I love her” Dan said, pausing for a moment. “father’s money.”. He puts the necklace back into his pocket. “Confound it all! Oh how I hate it! I hate those heroes! I hate the police! And I hate this city! They drive me to drink, which isn’t a good time right now. So I say confound them.”
Again Dan sneaks through the alley, continuing his escape.
“With Carnage gone, that leaves the mobs unprotected.” Dan said.
Dan peers around another corner, to his joy, he finds a carpark, and no one in sight.
“A park of runabouts.”Dan said, thinking out loud.
Dan quickly tiptoes towards one he finds a good choice, a silver Mercedes SLS AMG. It had been left there unattended and a door was opened. The owner must’ve left it there when the prisoners began rioting in the city.
“This one. I’ll steal it! No one will ever know!!!” Dan said. Thankfully to him, no one was around to hear his obvious lack of subtlety.
Dan enters the car and tries to jump-start the car by fiddling with the wirings inside, there was no sign of the keys from the interior. While Dan worked about with the wiring, he heard a noise from far ahead. Some sort of racket. He didn’t bother looking what was going on, all the more reason to hurry up and get the car going.

What was going on was that two of the prisoners had been tossed around, one of them was thrown on top of a trash can, the other was concussed stupid on the ground. Landing on the ground by them was Venom.
“We ain’t happy, we’re feeling glad. We got sunshine in a bag, we’re useless, but not for long.” Venom said. He was singing the Gorillaz song, Clint Eastwood. “Well, you two are, for not knowing where Carnage is.”
Landing by his side was Izuku. “Venom, can you be serious?” Izuku said. “And what are you thinking? We need information of where Carnage and Kasady are and to stop the prisoners, not kill them.”
“We know.” Venom said, “But we could always have fun by bashing these idiots’ brains in the dirt?”
Izuku didn’t like the idea of Venom’s retort. “Maybe we just have different ideas of what fun is.” Izuku said.
“So very true.” Eddie said. Not that Izuku could hear him.

Dan worked at the wirings frantically, he didn’t want to stay around and find out what was going on. He was cursing while sorting out which wires to connect to. There wasn’t any time to waste dordolllng about. While working through the wiring, he was electrocuted when one of the cut wires contacted him by the arm. Smoke sizzled off his charred body. Dan snarled in anger, getting back to getting the car started.
“Confound this stupid car!” Dan said, “You think the owner would’ve left the key here?”
He worked at the wires, holding two wires and bringing them together.

“You need to show some restraint.” Izuku said.
“And you need to tackle your duty seriously.” Venom said.
“I do take it seriously.” Izuku said, “I also know that even the lives of crooks like them matter.”
“Responsibility for the mediocre.” Venom said, “Look at us, we’ve never need to consider such tripes as responsibility.”
“You freaking hypocrite.” Eddie said to Venom, “You’ve been fighting by my rules and you know it.”
“And you suck for merely saying that.’ Venom said, “What fun is it not if we can’t even bite off one head of some idiot?”
Eddie didn’t get the chance to reply, a thunderous noise echoed from nearby, causing Venom to recoil in pain. Venom shrieked in agony, Izuku didn’t know what was going on until he looked in the direction to see the car park nearby. It was a car alarm that went off. Venom shrieked in anger and rushed off in the direction of the car alarm.
“Venom, wait!” Izuku said.
“Venom, hold on!” Eddie said. He was trying to reason with Venom, he knew what his partner was thinking, and he didn’t like it. “No! No! No! No!!!”
“Yes! Yes! Definitely Yes!“ Venom said. He rushed towards the source of the noise, a silver Mercedes SLS AMG.

Dan looked up to the car window to see a black and white monster rushing in his direction, with murderous intent. Dan yelped a cowardly scream, dashing frantically to the other end of the car and trying to hide from the monster.

“What was it that idiot always said? Oh, yes! Detroit Smash! Smash! Smash! Pow! Wham! Blam!” Venom said, leaping onto the hood of the car and smashing onto it with both of his feet. He stamped and smashed the vehicle with his hands and feet, causing several damage to the car. Izuku runs up to the side of the hands, frantically waving in protest at Venom.
“For the love of god, no!” Izuku said.
“Yeah!” Venom said.
“No!” Eddie said. He too was in protest of Venom’s actions.
“Yeah!” Venom said. This time to Eddie.
“No!” both Eddie and Izuku said.
“Oh, yeah!” Venom said.
Venom continued to bash and kick the car until wrecked mash, trying to silence the car alarm and seized his agony.

Dan was being thrown about inside the car, all that punching and kicking was rocking the car around like a boat in a storm. Dan at times hit the floor on his head, even yelling out “A,E,I,O,U” out of being bashed about stupid. This was not what he wanted to deal with in this time. First Carnage being killed, and now another monster like him beating the hell out of a car with him inside.
“Confound it!” Dan said.

Leaping off the car, Venom throws it into the air with one arm. Eddie and Izuku panicked, the car smashed hood first into the ground and capsizes onto the roof of another car backwards. Bits of metal and glass flew everywhere, Venom cries a shriek of anger. The car alarm finally stops, much to Venom’s joy.
“Are you out of your mind?!?” Izuku said.
“No! We’re mad!” Venom said, “That was giving us such a migraine of a headache!”
“That car costs thousands of dollars!” Eddie said, “I can’t afford to pay for that!”
“Destroyed by Carnage or the prisoners, Eddie.” Venom said, “Hardly a difference.”
Venom launches a black webbing from his wrists and leaps into the air, web slinging to the next destination to find more answers of Carnage’s whereabouts or stop more riots. Izuku was speechless, seeing Venom smashing a car because of the car alarm. He was privy that Venom were weak against loud sounds, but this was just stupid. Wrecking public property for a mere annoyance.
“Is he going to tear everything in his path until he finds Kasady and Carnage?” Izuku said.
Crawling out from the wreckage, Dan Standpipe, battered, bruised and probably concussed, gets onto his feet before he collapses into the ground. Izuku looked behind him when he heard what happened behind him. He runs towards him, seeing the prison uniform he was wearing. Izuku couldn’t tell if this was an unexpected bonus or an unfortunate victim,
“You’re okay?” Izuku said.
Dan looks up at him, disorientated and beaten stupid, he was just grateful that the ordeal was over.
“Tom? Dick? Larry? I’m ready to go back to Ryker’s Island now, I think I’ve had enough for one day.” Dan said. His head slams back to the ground, too thrashed to even walk. Izuku didn’t know how to handle this, this poor sap is a prisoner, but it looks like he can’t even walk let alone stand.
“Uh, maybe best to lie here.” Izuku said, “The police wouldn’t be far.”
Turning around to the direction Venom went, Izuku launches a black whip and goes after him.

“You are out of control!” Eddie said, Venom swapping around across the street with web-slinging, Izuku trailing behind.
‘We didn’t eat any heads, did we?” Venom said, “That’s an improvement.”
“Any improvement!?” Eddie said, “You wreck a car!”
“Only because it was bothering us.” Venom said, “You know better.”
“I also know better than that.” Eddie said, “You practically made me and Midoriya as accomplices to intergalactic property damage!”
“Yawn!” Venom said, “While we’re wasting time with “responsibility” and all that crap, Kasady and Carnage are doing whatever the heck they want.”
“While we were wasting time with your antics.” Eddie said.
“A comedian, huh?” Venom said, not privy to the fact that Venom was heading towards a building in front of him.
“Uh, Venom?” Eddie said, “You know that we’re heading towards a building, right?”
“Yes.” Venom said.
“Then why?” Eedie said. Not proxy to the Venom symbiote withdrawing into him, and to the building right at his face. Hitting the wall with such force, Eddie smashed against it face first. “Oh.” Eddie said, now privy to Venom’s antics. Sadly, too late.
Landing on the rooftop of a nearby building, Izuku ran up the edge to see his friend still ledged on the wall of the other building. “Are you okay!?” Izuku said.
“Pulling his head off the impact crater, Eddie was disorientated, battered stupid. “Goodnight sweet prince.” Eddie said, to no one in particular, “And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest.”
Eddie fells out of the impact crater and falls to the ground below, much to Izuku’s shock. Launching a black whip at a nearby building, Izuku swoops down from the rooftop and catches Eddie by the leg when he was just floors from the ground.
“Don’t worry, Eddie.” Izuku said, “I’ve got you.”
Izuku and Eddie sadly smashed against the wall of another building, Izuku wasn’t paying attention as he glanced at Eddie when talking to him.
“Should’ve seen that coming.” Izuku said, like Eddie before and now, he was lodged against the wall.
“Narf.” Eddie said, in pain.
The both of them fell off the wall and into the ground, it was closer than they thought. The both of them hit the ground, Eddie landing head first.
“Didt!” Eddie said, the moment his head hit the ground, landing sideways.
“That was embarrassing.” Izuku said, still in pain. “You okay, Eddie?” He picked Eddie up by his shoulders, his friend disorientated like he was having a concussion.
“We will fight them in the malls.” Eddie said, concussed, “We will fight them in the glaciers. ♫Ear-ly in the morning♫, Troz!”
Eddie slumped backgrounds and onto the ground, still disorientated. Izuku thought Eddie was hurt, but not like this. Eddie was bashed stupid. Venom appeared from behind Eddie and looked down at him with his serpentine-like neck. Venom smirked a toothful grin, liking his handy work.
“How’s that for antics?” Venom said.
Venom glanced to his side to see Izuku glaring at him, not approving of Venom’s sense of humor.
“What’s wrong with you?” Izuku said.
“Having a bit of fun.” Venom said.
“Falling from buildings and swooping into walls is your idea of fun?” Izuku said.
“It’s hilarious.” Venom said.
“Do you see me or Eddie laughing?” Izuku said.
“Wasn’t the plan,” Venom said.
Izuku scoffed, “Honestly, Eddie sees you as a friend,’ Izuku said, “I don’t see why since all you do is bully him.”
“Let’s get one thing straight.” Venom said, “We do not approve of bullying!” To emphasize his point, Venom swooped his around and inadvertently smacked Eddie’s, not privy that during his argument with Izuku, Eddie was getting back up. Izuu was surprised to see Eddie back up and was smacked by Venom’s head, picking him back up again.
“You’re okay?” Izuku said, concerned for his friends now that he was bashed again.
“Then the lights went out, all over the world!” Eddie said to no one in particular, still concussed. He slumped back to the ground again.
“Wuss.” Venom said. Izuku glared at him, Venom glancing at him. “What?”

Clawing a piece of his own symbiote from one arm, Carnage holds the severed piece at another while Kasady watches his handy work. The red and black creature chicked the piece into a gutter and went into the sewers. Withdrawing his arms while keeping his head revealed Carnage smirked a sinister grin. They were up to something nobody but them knew, all the better to keep it a secret until the endgame.
“The seeds have been planted.” Carnage said.
“Now we move to our new base.” Kasady said, “While our adversaries try to contain our lower offensive.”
Withdrawing back into Kasady, Carnage had no intention of revealing himself yet to Venom and Eddie again. Kasady smirked, things were going according to plan.

“You are petty beyond belief.” Eddie said, holding his head while it was still racked with pain, “You just can’t help pulling your shenanigans.”
“That’s what you get for being a comedian.” Venom said.
“I wasn’t trying to be funny.” Eddie said, “Because of you, Kasady and Carnage may be further away from where we are.”
“He’s right.” Izuku said, “We’ve wasted too much time, we need to hurry.”
Izuku launched a black whip and leaped off in the direction where Carnage and Kasady last were.
“Can we refrain ourselves from pulling any more crap and deal with the task at hand?” Eddie said, “Priorities here.”
“If you can keep your smartass retorts to yourself, maybe we wouldn’t have wasted time.” Venom said.
“Oh spare me!” Eddie said, throwing his arms in the air out of anger and throwing them back down, one of them launching a black webbing from his wrist the shot passed Izuku, surprising him and Eddie. Eddie glanced at the webbing with shock, this was a surprise. He never knew this was a thing. He looked at Venom, seeing if his partner had any answer to this new technique.
“What was that?!” Eddie said.
“Black webbing.” Venom said, “What the hell do you think it is?”
“Wait, you’re saying that I can web sling like you?” Eddie said, “I thought only you could do it?”
“As you’re bonded to us.” Venom said, “You can crawl on walls, remember?”
“Well, yes, but this is different.” Eddie said, “I suppose you could give me some pointers on the way? Since we’re short on time.”
”Yes.” Venom said, “Don’t fall and die a bloody death.”
“Groovy, that ain’t.” Eddie said.

“What the heck was that about?” Izuku said, heading down the direction he was going, “Was Venom playing some prank again?”
To his surprise, Izuku could hear a cowardly scream coming from behind him. He looked back to see Eddie swinging nearby and launching a black webbing from one of his wrists, swooping at Izuku’s direction. Izuku yelped in panic, narrowly avoiding Eddie’s inadvertent collusion and landed on a building nearby. Izuku glanced to Eddie’s direction, seeing his friend web slinging in chaotic fashion, trying to swoop down the city like Venom before him.
Eddie was screaming, this was not the time to be hindered by his fear of falling from heights. Venom didn’t give him a crash course on web slinging, and as Eddie phrased it, this wasn’t the time for hours of lessons.
“You can web sling?” Izuku said, “Since when?”
“Apparently, now!” Eddie said, “And apparently, I am new to this, if the near collusion wasn’t obvious enough!”
“Didn’t Venom give you any advice on it?’ Izuku said.
“Yes, don’t die a horrible, agonizing death!” Eddie said.
“Well, that was helpful.” Izuku said, sarcastic.
Eddie tried to get the hang of web slinging, after a try or two. He was still having a problem with it, before he apparently got the hang of it, to Eddie’s relief.
“Hey, you see that?” Eddie said to Izuku behind him, “I think I got the hang of this crap!”
Eddie’s triumph was sadly cut short when he rammed into a flag pole that sent him flying in a cartwheel, smacking into a wall of a nearby building with such force.
“Not again.” Eddie said, he should’ve kept his eyes on what was in front of him.
Izuku landed on the building opposite to where Eddie was. “You’re okay?” Izuku said, he remembered this situation too well.
Eddie pulled himself out of the wall crater, holding onto the side and waving out to Izuku. “It’s cake, I’m fine, I’m fine.” Eddie said, he turned away so Izuku couldn’t see his fearful look on his face. “I’m gonna die pitifully and helplessly.
Launching a black webbing from his wrist again, Eddie leaped off the wall and swooped down the street, with Izuku following behind, hoping his friend would get the hang of it. Again. Eddie was having trouble trying to web sling properly.
“Okay, how did I do that?” Eddie said, “Down, up? No, right then up? Nah, Backwards and nose dive? Heck no?”
Eddie shrieked a cowardly scream when he saw the wall coming up towards him, landing his feet quickly to avoid another collusion. He ran as best as he could, trying not to fall into the ground and fearfully launched another black webbing at a nearby building. Using his feet, he leaped off the other building and launched another black webbing.
“Okay” Eddie said, “So it’s Right, then swoop left, Left then swoop right?”
Doing as he suggested to himself, Eddie swung opposite the direction he launched his black webbing. With no pathetic collisions, Eddie went with going through with the idea. To Eddie’s relief, the plan went through with no pain.
“Okay, now we’re talking.” Eddie said, Now this is podracing! I mean, web slinging!”
To break his arrogance, Eddie forgot to launch another web sling, dropping a few floors before he fearfully launched another black webbing.
“Okay, let’s try that again.” Eddie said, “Right, left. Left, right. Right, left.”
Eddie kept thinking out loud, trying not to drop to his death again, panicking whenever he fouled up again. Izuku trailed behind him, hoping his friend wouldn’t repeat the same mistake again.

A police officer smashes against the ground, head busted open and bleeding from the scalp from a recent wound and unconscious. A wooden baseball bat, split at the sop and rendered a spiked tip, placed against the wounded officer. Holding the bat, a ringleader of a group of prisoners. He smirked a wicked grin, liking his work. They had beaten the officer to a bloody pulp in a street, with no one to come to his aid.
“Didn’t you get the memo?” the ringleader said, “All night, Carnage rules.”
He shoved the tip of the bat against the head, threatening to stab him with it. Some of the crooks chuckled.
“Which means, open season on all authority bastards.” the ringleader said, “Prosperity with riches ain’t for free.”
Nearby from the situation, Izuku, Eddie and Venom watched from an alley. Izuku didn’t like the idea, watching while doing nothing. They had to do something, otherwise thet officer would end up being killed. Apparently, Carnage was making the rules now, starting with the slaughter of the police. It was academic that Carnage and Kasady were starting their endgame, more the reason to find them and end it.
“That officer is injured.” Izuku said, “If we act now, the ring leader might take him as a hostage. We have to even the odds.”
“Can’t we not just waste the whole lot of them?” Venom said.
“Didn’t you hear what I said?” Izuku said, “that prisoner might take him hostage. We make a move, he’ll kill him.”
“There’s one other factor. Everyone knows of our quarrel in the past.” Eddie said, “ If the authorities see us working together, that would raise questions.”
“Then what do you suppose we do?” Venom said, “Have you distract them yourself?”
“Oh gee, what didn’t I think of that?” Eddie said sarcastically, “It’s not like I can walk up to them and say” He looked at a nearby rubbish bin and grabbed something from it, an old tennis racket. “Anyone for tennis?”
Venom grabbed the racket from Eddie’s hand with his teeth and smashed it through Eddie’s head, much to Izuku’s surprise.
“Nice game.” Eddie said, battered and disorientated. The racket hung from Eddie’s neck.
“You’re welcome.” Venom said.
Izuku looked at the situation again, trying to figure out a plan. It’s true, if the police found out of his alliance with Eddie and Venom, Eddie’s part in the past battle will be revealed. They can’t risk taking the chance. They needed to get the officer away from harm, or remove the weapon from the ring leader or the ring leader himself. He looked at the rooftop of the building behind them, contemplating.
“Venom, how good is your aim?” Izuku said.
Venom glanced at Izuku, “Impeccable. Why?”
“I think I have an idea.” Izuku said, “But I need you to follow it through.”

The ring leader held the officer up with one arm, and held the bat with the other. He glanced at the other prisoners.
“So what’s the verdict?” The ring leader said, “Stabbed through the head? Or impaled through the heart?”
“Mashed brains!” the prisoners said.
“Well, the ayes have it.” the ring leader said. He raises the bat, tip aimed at the officer’s head. “Nothing personal, but Carnage will have my head if I don’t have yours bloodied.”
“Stop!” A voice called, the ringleader and the rest of the prisoners glanced back to where it came from.
Standing ahead of them and in front of the alley, stood Izuku.
The ringleader chuckled, amused that his group was confronted by a brat. “Ain’t this night full of surprises?” The ringleader said to his comrades.
“Let him go.” Izuku said.
“Oh, things would be easy if it worked that way.” the ringleader said, “But you should know better we’re not that stupid.”
“Let him go and turn yourselves in.” Izuku said, “Maybe you’ll be treated better than the alternative.”
The prisoners cackled, humored by the offer. “Better than the alternative? Well, this Andy McFarline ain’t that kind of idiot to fall for that” the ringleader said, “The way I see it, there’s seven of us, and only one, ol lonesome you. Plus, make a move, and we’ll see through this officer quite literally.”
Izuku was counting on that, he knew the ring leader would use him as a hostage. “Like you said, this night is full of surprises.” Izuku said.
Much to Andy’s indignation, a black webbing came from above and snagged him off the ground. The prisoners looked up to see where their leader went, one of them knocked to the ground by a kick from Izuku, he whipped around while on the ground and took down two more with another kick. He dodged a lead pipe that threw at him, and hit the prisoner holding it with a blow from his elbow. He elbowed another prisoner that came up behind him, throwing a punch to his face after. Izuku leaps into the air and kicks another prisoner that came charging at him, knocking him into the same prisoner that once held the pipe.
“Oh, you little!” the sixth prisoner said, hosting the same pipe in the air, stopping when he saw something that shocked him stupid, “What the hell?”
Izuku glanced at the direction of what the prisoner saw, confused. He quickly got the point as he fearfully ducked from an incoming light pole, hurled right at the prisoner and knocked him along with the rest of the group into the ground. Shocked and confused, Izuku looked at the downed prisoners, glancing behind to see Venom ambling towards him.
“Good bye bad cop, hello good cop.” Venom said, “Yes.”
“What were you thinking?!?” Izuku said, “Are you trying to kill them, let alone me?”
“You ducked.” Venom said, “Isn’t that enough to prove otherwise? Look, they’re still moving. That counts as being careful.”
Izuku looked at the prisoners, they were still alive, but battered to get up or get away. Izuku was still not convinced of Venom’s proof. Annoyed, Izuku glanced back at Venom, now wasn’t the time to argue.
“The ringleader?” Izuku said.
“Ready for interrogation.” Venom said.
“I was afraid you would say that.” Izuku said.

Andy tried his best to break out of the black webbing, but he couldn’t claw out of it. Venom had made sure he would make a getaway while he helped Izuku in subduing the prisoners. There was no way he would flee. Izuku kneeled down in front of Andy, he didn’t approve of this, but there were important matters to deal with, and he couldn’t waste time. He needed the answers to find both Carnage and Kasady.
“You’re one of the gang ringleaders Carnage trusted in carrying out his plan.” Izuku said, “You must know a couple of things about his partner.”
“Sure do.” Andy said, “That he’s a psychopath.”
“He has explained some of his plan to you, or a base of operations.” Izuku said, “Surely he would’ve told you that.”
“How should I know?” Andy said , “The idiot bag about money being the important factor, bringing something better to this world. The guy’s a freaking sideshow, he’s mad as a march hare.”
“Look, people are dying.” Izuku said, “I need to know where he and his partner are.”
“And end up on his shit list.” Andy said, “Screw that.”
“If you comply, the police will guarantee your safety.” Izuku said.
“The police? Hah!” Andy said, “They can’t do anything. I ain’t risking my neck for them, let alone anyone.”
This was getting nowhere, as much as Izuku didn’t want to accept. He got back up and walked away from Andy, much to the latter’s indignation. Andy wasn’t privy to what was going on, he saw that his interrogator had a defeated look on his face, like he really didn’t want to resort to other measures. He didn’t like the looks of that looks of this, he had to get away. Still, the webbing was too hard to claw out of.
“What’s this?” Andy said, “The good cop, bad cop routine?”
“Believe me.” Izuku said, he looked behind him, “I hoped otherwise.”
Much to Andy’s shock, he was grabbed by one of his feet and hoisted into the air by a black humanoid creature. Andy remembered the same creature from the prison riot long ago, the one that was called Venom. Venom ambled towards the edge of the building, and positioned Andy right over the edge. Andy squirmed in fight, guessing of the creature’s intention. He could see the creature smirking a grin.
“Hold it! That's not what we agreed on!” Izuku said, He ran up to Venom, but only to get a swipe from Venom’s clawed hand.
“Our rules.” Venom said, “Our deal.” He held Andy off the ground several floors below. “Now, tell us where Kasady is.”
“I don’t know! I swear I don’t know!” Andy said.
“Not good enough. And don’t bother lying, you can take your chances with Carnage or us.” Venom said.
“If I was lying to a freak like you, I’d be insane!” Andy said, “For the love of all that’s sweet and good, but me back on the roof!”
“He’d must’ve talked about something that would be a base to him.” Venom said., “A clue. Anything. Spit it. Otherwise, we’ll feed off the littered with the splattered remains of your idiotic brain of the street!”
“Don’t do it!” Izuku said, “He obviously doesn’t know anything. It’s not for us to decide the fate of his life.”
“Don’t interfere!” Venom said, “He knows something that we don’t. The fearful always does.”
Izuku didn’t like this, threatening a man’s life for information. He get that Venom knew about Carnage’s game, and that he shouldn’t interfere with Venom’s tactics. This was too much, even for a deal. If it means fight him again to stop this, so be it. Izuku got back to his feet, but he was stopped by Andy’s panicking.
“All right! All right! I don’t know much, but there might be something that could be a clue to Kasady’s whereabouts.” Andy said.
“Spill it!” Venom said.
“Back to Ryker’s Island, Kasady prattled about some crap of christianity, religion of something sorts.” Andy said, “He spoke about his learnings of god or whatever. But that’s all I know, I swear!”
“Yes!” Venom said, not privy to the fact that he accidentally let go of Andy, much to his and Izuku’s horror.
Andy shrieked in horror, falling floor after floor helplessly. Venom launched a black webbing from his wrist and caught Andy, luckily still floors from the ground. Izuku was relieved when he saw Venom catching the prisoner.
“Our bad.” Venom said, much to Izuku’s annoyance. The black creature hoisted Andy up until he threw him over the edge and back onto the roof. “Thank you for your cooperation. And as a reward, you have the right to live.”
The black creature headbutted Andy, knocking him unconscious. Venom withdrew into Eddie and reappeared behind him.
“Interrogation successful.” Venom said, he smirked a toothy smile, “Harmless too.”
Izuyku wasn’t amused, he was annoyed. He glared at Venom, Eddie was privy to Izuku’s anger. Izuku wanted to punch Venom stupid, but he knew this wasn’t the time. He had no patience for Venom’s dark humor.
“Harmless?” Izuku said, “You call that harmless?”
“He didn’t die.” Venom said, “Not his head eaten.”
“You threatened to drop him off the roof!” Izuku said, “Matter of fact, you dropped him off the roof anyway!”
“We caught him.” Venom said.
“After you dropped him!” Izuku said.
*“By accident!” Venom said.
“That’s no excuse!” Izuku said, “That is not how heroes solve matters.”
“You forget that we’re dealing with Carnage and Kasady!” Venom said, “these idiots crossed the line when they chose to follow their lead to murder and steal. By our rights, they deserve the death penalty.”
“The lives of humans matter! If we play by Carnage and Ksady’s rules, what will we become?” Izuku said, “We preserve life, even to those who don’t deserve the right. As much you want to think otherwise, Eddie knows that too. I’d thought you would too. ”
Izuku launched a black whip and leaped off into the city. Eddie glanced at Venom with an impatient look., much to Venom’s indignation. Venom knew that Eddie spoke about following the rules and not killing crooks, but he didn’t know that Eddie would think that even those who didn’t deserve chances would have to be saved. Annoyed, Venom wanted to know what was Eddie contemplating about.
“What?” Venom said.
“He isn’t wrong you know.” Eddie said.
“Kasady and Carnage gave up the right to live when they chose to take away countless others.” Venom said.
“Believing me, I know. Just because I prefer them dead, that’s not for us to decide. It never was.” Eddie said, “I’d thought that you’d learned that too.”
Venom didn’t know what to say. He wanted to argue with Eddie, but this wasn’t the time. Not with the murderous pair of Cletus Kasady and Carnage still out there.
“Come on.” Eddie said, “We better catch up.”
Venom withdrew back into Eddie and the Venom symbiote covered him. Launching a black webbing, Venom leaped after Izuku, with much to contemplate about.

Izuku stood at the ledge of a building, waiting for Eddie and Venom to catch up. As much as he hated the idea of working with Venom, he needed all the help he could get in stopping Carnage and Kasady. There were lives at stake. He owed it to Kane too. He thought that Eddie would’ve taught Venom about how heroes would save the day, instead of the unorfadox that Venom utilized.
Eddie landed nearby, walking up to Izuku’s side. “I’m sorry about what happened.” Eddie said.
“You did what you could.” Izuku said, “You didn’t like the interrogation as much as I did.
“I know you’re mad at Venom.” Eddie said, “But cut him some slack, he’s still new to this.”
“He dropped that ringleader, accident or not, that’s not how heroes solve these things.” Izuku said.
“Believe me, I’m just as thankful it didn’t end with a bloody mess as you are.” Eddie said, “But considering what has happened so far, it’s much better than before.”
“How so?” Izuku said.
“You know Venom came to Earth not with the best first impression.” Eddie said, “But since we’ve met, Venom has really toned down his actions. We’re not for me, he’d bitten off that guy’s head.”
“That’s true.” Izuku said.
“He even saved my life.” Eddie said, “He may bully me from time to time, but I know he cares about me, as much as he cares about this planet.”
“But he came as part of an invasion force.” Izuku said.
“Was.” Eddie said, “Now, he’s just a citizen as you and I.”
“But why?” Izuku said, “Why protect this planet after what happened? What changed his mind?”
Venom appeared behind Eddie. “Both of you.” Venom said, “You and Eddie.”
Izuku was surprised to hear Venom’s reasons for defecting from his species and living on Earth. Eddie must’ve convinced Venom of how things work on Earth, even when they were radical and irrational. Venom could’ve bitten off any of the prisoner’s heads, deal or not deal, he agreed to Eddie’s rules and beliefs.Eddie must’ve based his principles on Izuku’s. Eddie had come a long way since they last met. Izuku smiled, privy to Venom’s answer.
“I made mistakes, but you gave me a chance.” Eddie said, “As much as I believe that I still need to earn your forgiveness, please give him a chance too.”
“All right.” Izuku said, “I trust your judgment.”
“So our objective right now is finding whatever matches that idiot’s testimony.” Venom said.
“But where in the city would match said qualities.” Izuku said.
While Izuku contemplated on where exactly Kasady and Carnage would be, Eddie was doing them same. He had an answer that slipped his mind, which was on the top of his tongue. Eddie made sure to note that, it seemed quite confident for Kasady to resort to using a place that matched said testimony. Eddie couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but he knew of the place, but again, it slipped his mind.
“Let’s see, if I were Kasady, where would I go? How would Kasady think?” Eddie thought, “I’m a psychotic, nihilistic idiot, spouting the same stupid crap, nonstop at the.”
The idea struck him, just the same time Izuku came up with the same conclusion.
“Ye gods!” Eddie said.
“The Suncoast Cathedral!” Eddie and Izuku said, both of them facing each other when they figured out the whereabouts of Kasady and Carnage.
“You two figured that out and we didn’t?” Venom siad, “Honestly, that could’ve been an easy answer.”
“I could think of an obvious answer.” Eddie said, contemplating that Venom’s brainpower could be the equivalent of a bucktooth donkey, slacking off while it was pestered by a swarm of flies.
‘We have a lead on where our favorite pair are heading.” Eddie said, “Best to call Detective Asswipe, I mean Mulligan.”
“Already on it.” Izuku said.

Two churchmen stand at the front of the gateway, having heard of the chaos going on in the city. They were on watch in case anything were to happen during the rioting, the police hadn’t arrived to secure the premises.To their surprise, they spotted a ruby red haired individual waltzing up to the gate. Cletus walked up to the gate way, the the churchmen remain unwavered from their positions.
“Sir, the church is closed until further notice.” one of them said, “Please return to your home until curfew has been passed.”
Kasady eyed both of them with unwavered confidence, like they don’t know what he knows, “That’s the thing.” Kasady said, “This is my home now. Under new management.”
The churchmen glanced at each other with puzzlement, not privy to Kasady’s revelation, let alone who this individual is. “Sir, please leave the premises immediately or we will have to inform the authorities.”
Kasayd chuckled an evil cackle, “In case you hadn’t heard.” Kasady said, a red and black bladed weapon stabbed through one of the churchmen, coming from one of Kasady’s arms. “We’re the authority now.”
Pulling back the blade, Kasady watches the churchmen collapsing into the ground, dead. The other backed away in shock and horror, the Carnage symbiote appearing and covering Kasady and the red and black creature now standing before him. Smirking a toothful grin, Carnage lunges at the other churchman, jaws lashing at his head, before he could even scream. A splash of blood stained the ground.

“How long until the police arrive.” The priest said, having heard of the bloodshed at their doorstep.
“Forty minutes.” One of the churchmen said, “We’ll won’t last that long.”
“Get to the bunker, we’ll hide out until then.” the Priest said, he looked back at the statue of Jesus Christ, making a quick preyer before heafing to the safety of the bunker, “Forgive us for our trespass, as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not into temptation, but deliver us”
His prayer was interrupted by the door breaking into splinters and pieces, red and black tendrils came lashing out of the entrance way, and with them, the creature known as Carnage. The churchmen the priest spoke to was stabbed through the body by one of the creature’s tendrils and sent hurling away out the way. Carnage whipped passed the priest and hoisted himself up with his tendrils.
The priest looked up at the creature in fear, standing before him and in front of the statue, like a red and black demonic angel. There were rumors of a creature causing havoc in the city, and they were not aware of the revelation of the creature’s identity. Carnage looked down at the priest, with arrogance and malice, his black teeth baring before him. Snarling, Carnage pointed a clawed finger at him.
“Finish it!” Carnage said, “Finish it!”
“From” The priest said, too fearful to speak. “evil.”
Carnage smirked an evil grin, a red and back axe make-shifting from his hand. “Glady,” Carnage said.

Eddie whipped around to glance at something, not here, but rather further ahead. He and Venom sensed something, something familiar. Izuku was on the phone to Mulligan, explaining everything to him.He’s had to inform the detective about where Kasady might be, but it was easier said than done since it was a theory, rather than proof. It was also hard to explain how he got the information, since it was Venom that got the clue from Andy.

“So let me get this straight?” Mulligan said to his phone, “You believe that Kasady is alive and hiding out in the Cathedral?”
“Yes.” Izuku said, “We have to act fast before many more end up dead.”
“With all due respect,” Mulligan said, “Do you take me for a fool?”
Mulligan didn’t get the chance to hear Izuku’s response, an officer walked up to him.
“We’ve got a call from the church.” the officer said, “Said something about a red and black creature slaughtering the staff. “We’ve lost contact shortly after.”
Mulligan snarled in anger, “What the actual crap.” Mulligan said, only to himself.

“Looks like your intel was correct.” Mulligan said through the phone, “We’ve just got word of a break in at Suncoast Cathedral, of a creature matching Carnage’s description. We’re dispatching few of our forces now. I’ll join you shortly.”
“Okay.” Izuku said, “But it would be best to stay back until it’s over. We can’t afford any more casualties.”
“Don’t have to tell me the bleeding obvious.” Mulligan said. He hung up.
Eddie walked up to Izuku, he knows the truth now.
“It’s them.” Eddie said, “They’re at the cathedral, just as we guessed.:
“Then that’s where we’re going.” Izuku said, “This ends now.”
Izuku launched a black whip and leaped off into the air, Eddie following after with his black webbing.

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