What Is Your Favorite Millenium Godzilla Suit/Design

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Favorite Millenium Suit/Design?

MireGoji- Godzilla 1999/2000
GMKGoji- Godzilla 2001
KiryuGoji- Godzilla 2002/2003
Final Goji-Godzilla 2004
Total votes: 60

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Re: What Is Your Favorite Millenium Godzilla Suit/Design

Post by Major sssspielberg! »

FinalGoji is my personal favorite but I also really like KiryuGoji's fuckin eyes. Still seems like a waste that such a mean looking design was used for the most punk-ass version of the character.
GMK is also amazing, especially on the technical level. It's so big and powerful, and the way he moves is just so great.
G2K/Megaguirus is also fantastic.
Fuck it dawg, I love all Millennium Godzillas equally. It's like choosing between my children.
Kaltes-Herzeleid wrote: Thu Jan 06, 2022 9:44 am I love Final Wars. I praise Final Wars. Simple as.
Gotschiller wrote: Sat Jul 09, 2022 5:28 am The only thing Singular Point related will be the new and exciting Yun Arikawa x Mei Kamino with a hint of Red Dust flavour hot sauce. Limited to 100 bottles!

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Re: What Is Your Favorite Millenium Godzilla Suit/Design

Post by GoldenGoat2000 »

They're all top tier suits. My personal 2 favorites are the Godzilla 2K designs and FW

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Re: What Is Your Favorite Millenium Godzilla Suit/Design

Post by canofhumdingers »

Mire/Gira Goji are easily my favorite. The larger head, big spines (with the largest one lower on the back), and striking spiky-ness all totally work for me.

GMK is also a really good design that is absolutely ferocious onscreen. But the clunky feet, obvious zipper line, and jowls covering the jaw mechanism work against its strengths and hold it back a little.

Kiryu Goji has long been one of my least favorite Godzilla suits. The took all the things that made Mire Goji great and nerfed them. Then they added the weird Gonzo droopy snout. It’s not an *awful* suit, but it’s such a major step down from the design that inspired it I can’t help but find it quite disappointing. Oddly enough it’s one suit I like a lot more as a Bandai vinyl than onscreen.

Added in 1 minute 2 seconds:
Final wars is a solid design that works well for the film. Reminds me of a modern update to the GRA suit, and that’s a compliment not a dig.

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