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Re: Make Your Own Version/Incarnation(s) of Kaiju

Post by FatBaconUnicorn »


Height: 75 Meters
Weight: 45,000 Tons

Length: 90 Meters
Weight: 53,000 Tons

Height: 60 Meters
Weight: 84,000 Tons

Origins: It is not known where this being was born from.

A distant planet light years away, a demon from hell, perhaps a sign of the end of the world. All theories considered by the world's scientists decades from this event…

1970, Faro Island

Amongst the Infant Islands is the island of the Faro people.

A tribe that has not been exposed to most modern technology, the people come to the island to research a series of endangered animals.

During a visit from a team for a research paper on the animals that live there, anomalies had arrived…

Several species of Crustaceans, Cephalopods, and Sea Turtles began to grow at a rapid rate, their eyes and veins glowing blue with power as they increased their mass before turning into full blown Kaiju. Turning the island into a warzone, killing innocents in the hundreds.

That was until The Alpha arrived.

This was the first time he had awoken in the modern world. Sensing the imminent threat that this new world's defenders could not detect. Titanicus Gojira took on the army, managing to wipe out all infected with this threat within. Aiming to stop them before they poisoned the water and Earth's very essence.

YOG attempted to overrun the alpha, only to be met with azule oblivion by his atomic breath.

The ancient King then returned to the sea, resting for when he was needed next.

YOG managed to escape into the stars, never to be seen again. It's astral form seeking a new way to achieve the goal beyond all.

Personality: YOG is unlike other invaders by all accounts. We do know that YOG is highly intelligent and from reports from those that have heard their voice does not have a true goal. Or at least one beyond our understanding.

Physical Description:

Yog: The invader tends to have a ghostly form of blue aura, only having two golden eyes that look feral.

Ganimes: Their hard armor across their form has become slimy and smooth like that of a snail. The shell of the mutated crustacean is replaced with the top half of the human skull, growing alongside their form. Twin pincers that measure 20 meters in length reach out to grab prey and bring them closer and devour them. Gigantic stoke black eyes look to their surroundings, their maw resembles that of most crustaceans. Six legs carry them forward, spikes ending at the tips.

Gezora: Their gigantic body resembles that of a mix of Cuttlefish and Giant Squid. The top of the body resembles that of the Cuttlefish, twin yellow eyes laid on each side of the animal. The tentacles reaching to seventy meters, making up most of the creature's mass. The tentacles are webbed however and resemble that of a Vampire Squid. Suction cups line the bottom of each tentacle, the color across the mutant's form being a translucent, being able to see the brain clearly through their flesh.

Kamoebas: Armor across the turtle's form across their scales resembles bone, the cracks across the armor glowing blue alongside their twin eyes. Their shell is covered in spikes. Four legs that end with four digits carry them forward to exact YOG's desires. A small tail swings back and forth. Their maw opening a gateway to YOG itself, glowing blue with power. Thousands of razor sharp fangs that can easily rip through Kaiju flesh cover the inside of their mouth.



Telepathy: Between all vessels, YOG was able to telepathically connect to humans.

Mutation: This ghostly figure can put their essence into lower life forms, forcing them to evolve to their "perfect state". Can do this on a widespread scale and create an army of their mutated abominations.

Regeneration: When their vessels are wounded, a living blue blob will be exposed to the outside world. Almost acting as another being, the body continues to move until it is burned to ash.


Pressurized Water Gun: The Hermit Crab can unleash a stream of water in a beam like state, being able to push enemies backward.

Acidic Foam: Ganimes can unleash foam from their maw that burns through titanium with ease.


Flight: The Cuttlefish can somehow manipulate their form to take to the sky, though they are incredibly slow. Movement speed is slower than fighter jets by a large margin.

Electric Tentacles: Their tentacles are able to shock opponents, sending thousands of electric volts into their prey.

Liquid Nitrogen Gas: From the maw of the celestial being, Gezora can unleash a gas that freezes victims easily within seconds.

Color Change: Across their flesh, colors will rapidly change to hypnotize prey or even blend in with the environment.


Extendable Limbs: The Snapping Turtle is capable of growing their limbs to thirty five meters.

Beam Reflecting Carapace: Their hard carapace is capable of reflecting beam attacks and sending the energy from its point of origin.

Extendable Shell Spikes: Spikes along the carapace can grow up to 55 meters in length. Forcing enemies to back off or be speared through.

Next: Ghost Gojira

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Re: Make Your Own Version/Incarnation(s) of Kaiju

Post by GodzillavsRayquaza »


Note: This bio has been corrupted somewhat, we are not quite sure what the issue is, yes you do you just haven’t found me yet but we are working to resolve it. aka putting a bullet in my brain For now, please ignore the meaningless text that has cropped up from it.

Height (Up to head): 100 meters
Skullblade Length: 40 meters
Weight: 100,000 tons
Casualties: 50,000, that were found

After the attack of Viras, global fear was at an all-time high. In the past year, life had been turned upside down as everything humanity thought we knew was exposed to be only a fraction of the truth. Nations collapsed without a kaiju ever setting foot in them, such was the upheaval caused by the revelations.

The United Nations demanded stability. And to get it they were willing to do dangerous things.

Like using technology from two different alien species we had barely even figured out the make of to create a monster immune to conventional weaponry. And then acting surprised when it backfired.

Virasian technology was recovered, and with it something else was discovered. They had established contact with something deep under the Earth, within the remains of Theia. Theia was a planetoid that collided with the Earth billions of years ago, the iron cores merging, as the debris that spilled out from the impact coalesced into the Moon overtime.

Using the advanced technology of the aliens, an excavation thousands of kilometers deep uncovered a pocket in one of the colossal remnants of the other planetoid. The corpse of a colossus, surrounded by human-like skeletons and a wellspring of technology were discovered. They had been saved from the impact, but time and isolation had taken their lives and rendered much of the machinery inert. A computer outputting transmissions pleading for help still ran, having been what the Virasians picked up.

God… could you imagine that? Being stranded in a tiny chamber a million feet underground on a planet that doesn’t even have life on it yet? And we just robbed their graves to shoot ourselves in the foot with it.

Analysis of the monstrous corpse revealed machinery inside its body, a cyborg older than life on Earth. The United Nations had their tool for stability, bringing the carcass to the surface. Through combining Human, Virasian, and Theian technology, they revived the cyborg and improved it, creating a colossal superweapon.

Guiron’s first test came when a Gyaos that had survived the initial battle with Gamera re-emerged, now a Super Gyaos. The fight lasted a minute, the alien predator’s beam being redirected back to its own body, carving off one of its wings. With immense savagery, Guiron dismantled the wounded monster, shattering its silicon shell and scattering the pieces all across the landscape.

Too much savagery, for it took nearly an hour to regain control of Guiron as it rampaged around the area, crushing the remains into powder and frantically searching for more Gyaos. Through images recovered from Theian databases, it has been deduced that the space vultures were responsible for great devastation to the world, with Guiron having been created to fight them.

It was more than “great devastation”, they destroyed the damn planet. Whatever the hell controls those things, is responsible for them as a species and is the lord of their interstellar swarm, it… it pushed the planet out of orbit. I know that sounds insane, but I’m telling you, the queen of the legions of Gyaos… She's huge. Not huge like Gamera, huge like an island. They hid those images, because they don’t want you to see what’s actually lurking out there in space, what has its eyes on us. If that thing comes back to this system… we’re fucked. Gamera can’t do shit to save us from that, and they’d rather just hide it from us all than let us try and prepare.

Maybe that part ain’t so bad… I don’t know what we could ever do to that thing, even with a thousand years to prepare. I just feel like I have to reveal that, like I have to make other people aware just so it’s not only in my mind. But I can’t show you the pictures, so my nightmares are still haunted by a sky of ivory white and piercing, desolating blue…

There had been no plans to go after Gamera with Guiron bullshit and you fucking know it, all that focus on how Gamera could go after humanity and you were just going to have your mechanized attack dog join hands and sing with him, sure, but the guardian of Earth descended upon Area 51 with killing intent just a few days after Guiron had been built. The first battle between the two was quick, Gamera being badly wounded and Guiron receiving a brutal head injury that led to the artificial killer guardian’s programming going haywire. Was it just supposed to never get hit in the head in a fight to the death The cyborg began to rampage once more, destroying whatever it came across. Attempts to reassert control were failures, and only seemed to make the attacks worse.

Fortunately, Guiron only destroyed a few small towns, with the military able to evacuate the civilians in time, before passing out. It slept until Gamera returned fully healed, engaging the enhanced colossus in a final battle.

Guiron never passed out, it went on destroying for hours, and the military didn’t help goddamn anybody, you pieces of shit let him trample those people and made sure nobody escaped. If Gamera hadn’t shown back up in time, and Guiron had reached a major city… God, I can’t even imagine it. I oversaw fucked up things, I know it and admit it, but this was too far, someone needed to speak. People need to know, damnit, even if it’s just more people in your organizations. This can’t happen again. I’ll give my life if it means it doesn’t.

Gamera was nearly slain, but eventually he managed to catch Guiron’s blade and blast it off the cyborg’s skull with a supercharged fireball. Grasping the hulking knife, he drove it through the alien beast’s skull, killing it. With its ruined brains spilling out of its head, the alien cyborg was incinerated by the guardian god, ensuring the technology could not be used again. With that, Gamera flew away into the heavens, leaving a great conflagration behind of humanity’s failed attempt to craft our own guardian.

It won’t be the only attempt. I saw these bastards doing experiments with rats before I left, something about a growth hormone. For all your worries about Gamera starting a war with humankind, you sure seem determined to stir shit.

Physical Description
Guiron’s body was a dull grey in coloration, scaly hide like leather. Its build was not quite like anything on Earth, resembling a great lizard twisted into a humanoid posture, with a perpetually hunched stance. Thick, lengthy legs supported its massive bulk, Guiron being a dense creature with immense musculature. Similarly bulky arms protruded from its sides. A lengthy tail dragged on the ground behind it, ending with a point like that which extended out of the beast’s forehead. Milky white eyes with black slits for pupils rested above a short maw filled with knife-like teeth, curved and hellacious blades.

After its enhancement, shiny machinery ran across all its limbs, weaving in and out of the flesh. This continued on the torso, like a web draped across its body. Pistons were embedded into its legs and arms, shifting the flesh with each pump.

From Guiron’s skull now protruded a colossal blade like a knife, forged of alien minerals harder than steel. The neck and skull were reinforced with similar metals to let the cyborg hold its head up. Inside the blade, near the base on each side, ports were present that could retract to reveal shuriken-like projectiles. The tail bore a similar blade, though not quite as large.

Guiron lacked personality, just being a controlled machine or a mindless beast when the control was broken. It showcased savagery against Gyaos, likely a remnant of the mind it had before.

At least show the thing some respect after what you did to it. “Mindless beast”, it was an animal whose rotted brain you stuffed wires into to puppet it around, it was probably a wonderful thing in life. If the Theians had it in the chamber with them, it must have been something they trusted, maybe even loved.

Skullblade: The hulking blade extending out of Guiron’s head, a deadly implement capable of brutalizing a foe. Beams would be reflected off its edge, flying back to their sender.

Powerful Legs:Guiron could leap 10 kilometers with its enhanced legs, often doing so blade first. These legs were also powerful enough to allow Guiron to spin on one, using both head and tail blade at once in a brutal display.

Extraterrestrial Shurikens: The projectiles inside Guiron’s Skullblade, these implements were fired at Mach speeds and could fly at high enough speeds to tear through steel. They also homed in on targets, and returned to their ports afterwards thanks to built in machinery.
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ShinGojira14 wrote: Neither. Hideki Anno wins because he writes a hilarious comedic satire movie where Shin and Legendary have to team up to destroy a grotesque crap-monster created by the constant toxic bickering of Shin fans and Legendary fans.
SoggyNoodles2016 wrote: Yup, my dad works at Legendary, the Nebulans are gonna be in the next movie and they're gonna get beat because Madison throws coffee in the leaders face.

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Re: Make Your Own Version/Incarnation(s) of Kaiju

Post by GodzillavsRayquaza »


Length: 300 meters
Weight: 95,000 tons

There was once a king. He was not a king of any particular prominence, utterly mediocre in his duties and neither harsh enough to be feared or kind enough to be loved. Most of his subjects barely even considered him in their day to day.

But that all changed when an accident nearly cost him his life. He tripped, sending himself down a flight of stairs. He lay there, broken, for hours before someone finally found him. Body wracked with agony, and death a significant likelihood, his mind drifted and stewed in the negativity filling him. It had been a coincidence that he, the king, had been found. No one cared about him. It was not even that they hated him, it was that he was nothing. Hate would at least stay in their hearts and minds, carve the memory of him into history. But as things were, he would fade into oblivion.

He had no offspring, his heir would be a relative. He even lacked a queen, the love of his life having died of sickness before he even took the throne. He was truly alone, and not another soul cared.

Lying in his bed, every breath sending a pulse of anguish through his wracked body as he pondered his worthlessness, the king’s heart turned black as pitch.

And something spoke to him in his sleep.

The next day, the kingdom’s subjects were rounded up. Every able-bodied peasant was to dig, creating a gigantic pit in the ground near the castle. Any who refused had their loved ones threatened by the blade of a soldier’s sword. The king said nothing when asked why, watching the hole in the ground grow ever larger and deeper. Men who died of exhaustion were piled up, left to rot in the sun. When the hole was enough to fit a dozen houses inside, he raised his battered hand and commanded they stop.

Then had a thousand men’s throats slit, spilling their blood into the pit. He chanted words in a foul tongue, unheard of by any mortal present. More blood, it did not matter from where, men, women, children, all that mattered was more ichor fill the chasm. Soldiers who tried to rebel just joined the massacre’s victims. Arrows pierced the bodies of those trying to flee, which were soon rolled into the pool of crimson.

The pit glowed, an unholy luminescence as smoke poured up from cracks in its sides. The king’s general pulled out a snake, then tossed it into the chasm to Hell.

What emerged was a nightmare made manifest, who thanked the king for giving him a body. The smoke flowed over the king, healing his wounds and then some. He looked half his age, and felt better than he had then. Axor whispered something to the king, the secret to committing the ultimate blasphemy to immortalize himself, before departing.

We are still researching what became of king Muba and his kingdom, but Axor’s fate is known to us currently. He spent the next several centuries wandering the Earth, unraveling kingdoms from the inside out to watch the chaos and secure servants. The underground world became his domain, Megalon barely able to keep his people safe from the serpent devil.

In the late 70s, he overtook a remote island and dominated the minds of its inhabitants, alongside anyone who sailed to Storm Island. We only know of this due to the crew of the small research vessel known as the Calico, which survived the horrors of another massacre to construct one of the strange pits which glow and spew revitalizing smoke, same as what the king created. They watched as Axor inhaled the fumes, his decrepit body being renewed and made healthy again as he did so. It is theorized he has done this all across the world in the centuries since his “birth”, this simply being the first time it has been discovered.

Axor’s reign of terror finally ended when, in the mid 90s, he emerged onto Skull Island. To the shock of the ancient island’s inhabitants, he brought mind-controlled servants with him already to begin the domination.

Several other Kongs, male and female, completely under the demon’s thrall. They had lived in the Hollow Earth, a small tribe that survived their species’ devastation aside from the ones who escaped to Skull Island. Axor had discovered them, and used them to lead him to King Kong.

Destroying Mechani-Kong, Ebirah, Frankenstein, Ramarak, and Camazotz over the decades had made King Kong a name revered by all, as had defeating Godzilla in single combat. Axor wanted to conquer this legend and make him his own, spreading fear across the world.

The enthralled Kongs attacked the king of Skull Island, but were swiftly defeated and knocked unconscious by the mighty bearer of the Warrior Spirit. Axor did not engage his target in direct combat yet, having moved towards the villages to mind control the human residents. King Kong could only stand there and withstand a brutal assault from his demonic foe as the serpent held his people hostage, intent on making them slaughter each other in an orgy of violence if the ape made a move to strike him.

Blood spilled from his body like rivers by the time Gorosaurus arrived, using his Kingly Roar to command the beasts of Skull Island to hold the people down. Unable to kill each other now, no matter how much they struggled in the grasps of the animals, the people no longer served as a hostage. But King Kong was unable to fight Axor, his will remaining unbreakable but his body certainly not.

Gorosaurus and Axor collided, the ancient colossus standing proud for his home against the product of Hell. His mind held strong against Axor’s attempts to control it. But the demon’s wrath was too much for his body.

Winds tore his hide away, and bolts of cruel power lacerated his form. Axor ripped away at him and crushed his bones with his mighty coils. Gorosaurus bit down on the serpent and fell upon him, a desperate move to keep him pinned as he knew he was growing too weak to even stand. Kong took up his spear, dragging his way towards his oldest friend and the nightmare that sought his downfall.

Axor, screaming in rage, blasted the dinosaur’s skull apart with his might. The brain was reduced to dust, ending Gorosaurus’ life forever. The control over the people of Skull Island faded with his death cry, the shock of his death that great to the residents of the land. The animals of the lands filled the air with mournful cries, joined by the people’s lamentations.

Kong drove his spear through Axor’s head, then proceeded to drag the serpent’s body through his blade, slicing it in half. The demon was still alive until Kong reached his heart, which split with a fountain of black ichor that tainted the ground where it fell and ensured it would never bear plant life again.

The enslaved Kongs awakened soon afterwards, confused and terrified. King Kong was just silent, sitting over the corpse of Gorosaurus, unable to come up with anything to say to the other members of his kind. They returned to the Hollow Earth, thanking him, to which he did not respond.

He had never even imagined others of his kind still existed, and he was at an utter loss of how to respond to this, everything else about the situation leaving him overwhelmed.

Three days later, the king having secluded himself from contact with any other living things, there was a rumbling. Hundreds of Kongs emerged from the entrance to the Hollow Earth, male and female alike. This was the tribe that Axor had assailed, the rest having escaped from him and eventually rejoined with their lost numbers after they were saved here.

King Kong was cold to them initially, not rejecting them but not welcoming them either. But that would change with time, especially when he found a special connection with one member of the tribe.

Physical Description
Axor was a dark blue snake, most resembling a cobra. A hood stretched over his head bulged upwards in the center, having a tube in the center.

The serpent’s face looked like a human’s stretched out to fit a snake’s head, with piercing eyes of solid yellow and human-like teeth intermingling with a snake’s. Fangs extended out of his upper and lower jaws.

Axor’s sides had bulky, blue human arms erupting out of them, giving him numerous limbs like a centipede. These arms could bend in any direction. They bore sharp, filth-caked nails.

The daemon serpent had no care for life, treating all others as pawns to fulfill its goals. He relished in causing pain and misery, and would watch the massacres he induced to form his Lazarus Wells with anticipation. With great intellect and greater malice, Axor was one of the foulest things to ever live upon the Earth.

He was also swift to wrath if anything got in the way of his plans, reacting to Gorosaurus saving King Kong’s life with a ferocious assault that did not let up until the dinosaur was dead.

Slave Rays: Pale, yellow beams fired from his eyes, these lights would assail the mind of any they struck. If the will was not strong enough, they would be under Axor’s thrall, doing whatever he commanded no matter how horrid.

Daemon Wind: From the sac upon Axor’s head, powerful winds would be discharged. These would batter a foe, or devastate the environment. The serpent could also suck air in, bringing in tidal waves on islands or drawing foes closer.

Blasphemous Bolts: Orange spheres of explosive power launched from Axor’s maw, these attacks were highly potent, tearing down mountains in a few shots.

Lazarus Well: Mystical anomalies created by immense bloodshed into a deep pit in the ground as demonic incantations are chanted, these wounds in the earth spew smoke that revitalizes and empowers any who breathe them in. Axor knew the secret to creating them, and was willing to teach it to others as long as it benefited himself, such as giving his spirit a physical body to inhabit.
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ShinGojira14 wrote: Neither. Hideki Anno wins because he writes a hilarious comedic satire movie where Shin and Legendary have to team up to destroy a grotesque crap-monster created by the constant toxic bickering of Shin fans and Legendary fans.
SoggyNoodles2016 wrote: Yup, my dad works at Legendary, the Nebulans are gonna be in the next movie and they're gonna get beat because Madison throws coffee in the leaders face.

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Re: Make Your Own Version/Incarnation(s) of Kaiju

Post by FatBaconUnicorn »

Ghost Godzilla

Height: 110 Meters
Weight: Astral Form-Immeasurable/Physical Form-60,000 Tons

Origins: Bikini Atoll, 1945

It was a peaceful day. The warm sun hitting the waters and warming them up, the plant life within the pocket to the Hollow Earth flourishing. The many species of ancient life enjoying their grazing…

Then every changed when the Americans tested their nuclear bomb, millions of life forms being wiped from existence with a single action. Some were lucky to survive the blast, mutating into a new form of life.

One of the many species affected by the bomb was the Gojira clan, their entire pack being wiped out except for a small family. The grandfather amongst the family awoke in darkness, its soul slowly making it towards the depths.

Then something changed.

The voices of those he had lost echoed through his mind, his spirit burning with vengeance as he refused death's hand.

Their skeleton quickly reformed, muscle and flesh following suit. They were reborn into a "God of Vengeance, Destruction, & Hatred". And though the passage of time has been mere moments for the soul, decades had passed in the world of the living…

"2001: Yokohama, Japan

Water boiled as the demon made landfall in Japan, going on a rampage as it exacted its vengeance upon the citizens of Japan.

Ghost Gojira attacked with no remorse, quickly managing to destroy military forces with ease. It was only through summoning the Yamato Guardians of ancient times that they were able to push the spectre back.

Balkzardan of Lightning, Bagan of The Earth, Baragon of Fire, Grand King Ghidorah of The Sky, & Varan of The Sea all charged forward. Determined to slay the demon where it stood but they were simply not enough.

While they had succeeded in damaging Ghost Gojira, they simply could not find a more permanent solution.

That was until Gojira Jr arrived on the scene. Sensing another of his kind nearby, he quickly traced the signal to Yokohama. Only to find a warped version of his form.

His grandfather returned to the living with hatred in their heart.

Gojira Jr joined the Yamatos in facing off against him but it was still not enough, Baragon and Balkzardan had been slain while Varan was on the brink of death. The two demi gods' energies quickly were absorbed by Grand King Ghidorah and Bagan, granting them the necessary boost that was needed for the kill blow.

Ghost Gojira's managed corpse being reduced to only a skeleton as their skin melted and bubbled. They were about to declare their victory when another surprise occured.

The demon had taken to its astral form and began to possess Varan. Though the water deity attempted to free himself for Ghost's influence, it was far too late. His holy magic only holding back the process and making it more painful.

Varan's body shifted into Gojira's own, the avatar of the sea's soul swallowed whole in an instant.

Though this postponed the spirit's destruction, the three mighty Kaiju managed to finally put the demon down. Destroying the possessed Varan and then focusing their spiritual energies into the aberration.

The spirit of Varan joining Grand King Ghidorah after finally being released before the two remaining guardians took their separate ways, nodding to Gojira Jr as a sign of respect for aiding them.

All that remained of Ghost Gojira was its skeleton, eventually being cleaned up and moved by the Japanese government."

Report conclusion.-Yuri Tachibana

Physical Description:

Astral Form: "The demon's spiritual form resembles the other members of the Gojira clan. A line of dorsal plates running down the demon's back, muscular legs and arms, fangs and a long tail. The spirit's form is translucent while glowing blue. Their eyes being the only difference in color, glowing a radiant white."

Physical Form: "The demon's resurrected form resembles that of a warped version of the Gojira clan. Flesh melting off of it's tail, showing bone. The dorsal spines being warped and melting off of the demon's form, pointing downward. A pair of muscular legs carried the demon forward, the feet ending with four digits with talons on its feet. Noticeable it's the only part of Ghost Gojira that seems unwarped by the resurrection process. A pair of arms ending with five digits lays on the creature's form, the left arm being muscular except for the thumb and index finger which is revealed bone. The entire right arm is bone, being held together by the soul. The chest cavity is completely revealed, the rib cage pointing out of the chest while melted flesh surrounds it. Behind it a heart that does not beat. The demon's head is split down the middle, the left side having melted flesh and a glowing white eye while the left side is the rest of the skull with a glowing blue eye illuminating the dark pits that gaze upon you."

Personality: "Wrath incarnate. Their hatred for humanity after wiping out their entire family leaving them with only hatred in their heart."


Astral Form:

Body Possession: "The spirit is capable of possessing the body of a nearby victim and forces them to transform into Gojira's body structure."

Levitation: "The spirit is capable of floating in the air and moving freely."

Physical Form:

"Though these powers are within the spirit's Astral form, I believed it was best to have the powers separated to make things less complicated."

Ghostly Atomic Ray: "A misty Atomic Blast can be unleashed from the ghost's maw, the beam of spiritual radiation is capable of hurting those one the astral and physical planes. While charging up and firing the attack, the skeleton will glow a bright blue"

Intangibility: "With its own will, the ghost can make it impossible to strike them, having the attacks phase through him. The demon is also capable of phasing through the environment this way."

Invisibility: "The demon Gojira is capable of becoming invisible to the naked eye. Only those with a strong spiritual connection are capable of seeing the vengeful spirit"

Wrathful Absorption: "Ghost Gojira has the ability to absorb energies around him, the more negative emotions the stronger he becomes. Though he can use this on spiritual beam attacks to gain a power boost."

Hatred Influence: "His presence has been shown to make humans mad, driving them to basic animal instincts of violent acts unless you are very strong willed."

Teleportation: "The demon can freely teleport at will, the only limitation is how far they can see the area."

Healing Factor: "The hide across the demon's form is capable of healing rapidly. Taking the combined might of Grand King Ghidorah, Bagan, & Gojira Jr to land the finishing blow"

Soul Sense: "The demon is capable of sensing the very essence of his targets. Making it impossible to sneak up on him."


Sun/Holy Light: "The Sun's rays or holy magics will burn the spirit, causing great pain to the very soul as the dark within it is purged"

Will: "The consciousness of the possessed body can force Ghost Gojira to release their hold from them or stall their actions if the host as a strong enough will."

Next: Kusomagami

(Going out of character for this trivia. The design for this Ghost Godzilla's physical form was inspired by the Super7 Melting Burning Godzilla)
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Re: Make Your Own Version/Incarnation(s) of Kaiju

Post by GodzillavsRayquaza »


Length: 150 meters
Weight: 45,000 tons

In early 2024, systems designed to monitor space for incoming threats sprang to life, alerting the entire world. The corpse of Viras crashed to the planet in a reentry fireball, the meaning of the event clear.

This visitor acknowledged the defeat of the Virasians, and still descended anyway.

Instead of a fleet, it was a single ship, which moved towards Antarctica. The vessel fired a red beam into the ground, where research indicated that an underground volcano had been laying, then moved away. Hours later, magma burst upwards, violently so, also causing seismic waves to radiate through the area. The ship did this with multiple volcanoes, creating a chain reaction with devastating consequences.

Massive portions of the Antarctic ice melted or was dislodged into the ocean, creating tsunamis and rising global water levels. Millions died and even more were displaced. Perhaps the greatest disaster in modern history had occurred.

Before the effects had fully occurred, very shortly after the attack on Antarctica was concluded, Gamera arrived with killing intent. He dodged the red rays the ship fired upon him, returning the favor with his fireballs. The alien invaders released their master to face the guardian in more even combat, the colossus resembling a shark plummeting into the waters below.

Gamera stayed in the air, raining down projectiles into the water. This attempt to remain untouchable to his foe proved a failure when Zigra launched himself out of the waters at high speeds and with immense force, skewering Gamera and sending him plummeting into the waves.

In the churning waters outside a crumbling Antarctica, Gamera struggled to maintain his balance, but the space shark moved with deadly grace like he was swimming through a still pond. The fire guardian was nearly disemboweled by the razor-sharp fins of his foe, his only option to survive being to flee and fight again, on more advantageous ground. As he began to fly away, Zigra fired a yellow ray from his head. Striking Gamera with it several times as the ancient protector fled, the friend to all children suddenly plummeted from the air like a stone, landing in the waters hundreds of kilometers away. Not knowing how enduring the guardian was, Zigra wrote him off as dead and returned to his spaceship in order to send a message to humanity.

He had come from a world that had experienced much turmoil. It was Earth-like long ago, ruled by a civilization known as the Broomark. That changed when global flooding occurred, the result of climate change caused by their industrial ways. To protect themselves from the monsters living in the waters now drowning their cities, they designed a powerful bioweapon, one that was also highly intelligent.

Too intelligent, for Zigra turned against his masters and devoured most of them, then forced the rest to build a spacecraft and take him to other worlds to feed on civilized lifeforms. Earth was his latest target, and he demanded humanity surrender and let him do as he wished, otherwise he would destroy every last member of the species.

Days later, after humanity had refused the invaders’ terms and begun a long-term battle with him, Gamera returned. Catching Zigra off-guard, the hero grabbed the space shark and brought him onto dry land, fully expecting his foe to be powerless on the terrain. The bioweapon was full of surprises, however, and his body shifted and contorted to walk upon the land. He was slower than in the water, but still moved swiftly and ferociously, also being much more willing to utilize his ranged attacks.

Gamera’s fireballs proved mostly ineffective, but his sustained fire stream was a different story. Not due to dealing any more damage, but due to being far more capable of drying Zigra out. The space shark attempted to flee into the waters, inciting localized earthquakes and even sacrificing his spaceship (and its crew) in a suicide attack, but the guardian only increased the intensity of his fire breath.

Zigra was reduced to ash in the winds, but the damage to the world had still been done.

Physical Description
The alien bioweapon looked like a fish in silhouette, but the true form told a very different story. With a body colored silver in all but the crimson eyes and an organ of a similar color embedded in the top half of his pointed skull, Zigra looked every bit an alien.

A segmented body, each portion coated in colossal spikes and capable of rotating independently of each other, distinguishes Zigra from anything on Earth.

His fins look like curved saws, “teeth” jutting outwards as knife-like blades fill the crook of the limbs. The jaws of the space shark are filled with rows of triangular teeth, capable of moving like chainsaw blades.

When on land, Zigra’s tail shifted to become a squat pair of legs, his body morphing to take a low stance as his fins became a pair of forelegs.

Zigra was cunning and capricious, a highly intelligent planner who conducted all his plots to facilitate living in debaucherous, cruel luxury.

Perfect Swimmer: Zigra could swim at speeds of up to mach 6, moving with absolute agility. He could also propel himself out of the water at high speeds, impaling a target.

Thermal Disruption Beam: A red beam fired from Zigra’s head, this ray would disrupt thermal energy in whatever it struck, often causing a violent detonation. When used on Gamera this resulted in portions of the guardian’s flesh bursting outwards. The ship that carried Zigra had technology that amplified this ray, allowing it global consequences when used on volcanic vents.

Cell Suspension Beam: A yellow beam unleashed from the bioweapon’s skull. This light would cause cells it struck to cease activity, paralyzing organisms if they were exposed to it for long enough.

Space Folding Beam: A green beam capable of warping targets to wherever Zigra desired, usually either onto his ship or into his stomach. Gamera was unaffected by this due to his size, leaving this beam useless for combat against another giant.

Tricolored Beam: A ray of red, yellow, and green, Zigra’s deadliest weapon due to outright erasing matter it struck, leaving horrid wounds on Gamera’s body as his durability was completely bypassed.
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ShinGojira14 wrote: Neither. Hideki Anno wins because he writes a hilarious comedic satire movie where Shin and Legendary have to team up to destroy a grotesque crap-monster created by the constant toxic bickering of Shin fans and Legendary fans.
SoggyNoodles2016 wrote: Yup, my dad works at Legendary, the Nebulans are gonna be in the next movie and they're gonna get beat because Madison throws coffee in the leaders face.

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Re: Make Your Own Version/Incarnation(s) of Kaiju

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Height: 90 Meters
Weight: 60,000 Tons

Origins: 1715, The Yamato Clan

Countless beasts destroyed entire villages in rampages across the countryside, one day the last of the Varanopode came to the Yamato Clan, managing to destroy a massive chunk of the village before they had managed to kill the dinosaur.

The mystics of the clan managed to revive the monster as the elemental of water, a guardian to their clan.

When the second monster, the last of the Baranose Dragons, arrived to their clan the beast was slain and processed just as Varan had, Baragon was reborn as the elemental of fire.

The third came as a storm brewed over the countryside, rain dropping for days as lightning would catch forests on fire. Though Baragon was capable of eating the flames, the one responsible had seen the two elementals undoing their damage. It charged forth and was slain by the pair and then purged like the pair. Balkzardan, the elemental of lightning, had been enslaved.

When the fourth arrived it took all three working together to slay them, a long battle lasting hours until the spawn of the Golden Demise was purged properly.

A Samurai named Ousu had seen that the mystics and the clan had forgotten the suffering that these beasts had caused, instead of sending them to the nether realm, they simply domesticated them. Ousu gathered his things and left the village, seeing that he no longer belonged in his ancestral home.

Days had passed and Ousu found a well in the middle of a forest, when he approached he heard a voice calling out to him. One ancient and violent

"Jump in and you will receive power to exact vengeance upon those that had wronged you."

And without a second thought Ousu jumped into the well, finding himself in Tartarus itself. The ruler of this realm approached the Samurai, his voice echoing in his mind.

"Give me the knowledge of your world and you will receive everything you desire."

The Samurai agreed to the pack and immediately his soul was corrupted. A violent transformation occurred, puking lava onto the ground as his flesh burned, turning into black obsidian.

Ousu had died that day and he was replaced with the Knightmare of Hell


Personality: When Ouso was human, the man was seen as a noble warrior. A man that would protect those within the village even at the cost of his life.

However when he was reborn as the fire demon, Ouso was swallowed whole by rage. The only thing being on his mind was to swiftly cast out those that had forsaken his family.

Physical Description: The Samurai's armor had stuck to his flesh as skin turned into lava rock, the armor resembling that of a typical shogun, the only major difference was that the colors had turned into a pitch black. His eyes became a gateway into the inferno, his armor across his arms grew spikes, along with his hands now being equipped with twin daggers to slice flesh. His feet now had talons at the ends of them, every step causing flames to engulf the area. Smoke and ash rising constantly from their form.


Shape Shifting: The demon can shift his arms into whatever weapons he so desires ranging from a sword to a mace to even a cannon, the material used to fire being his own hatred manifested.

Hellfire Enhancement: Flames can wrap around the demon's weapons and limbs to cause further damage to enemies, even affecting their very souls. Projectiles with this enhancement can detonate upon impact.

Weapon Creation: Though the fallen Samurai can shift his arms into weapons, he prefers to have a sword on his belt or in some cases a gigantic ax.

Next: Bakan

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Re: Make Your Own Version/Incarnation(s) of Kaiju

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Height: 85 meters
Weight: 47,500 tons

After the battle with Axor, Skull Island had gained new residents. New residents in the eyes of all who still lived on it, but had Gorosaurus remained alive, he would have known that they had merely returned to the place of their ancestors. The tribe of Kongs upon the remote island were descended from a group who had, long ago, delved into the Hollow Earth out of fear that Skull Island would not be large enough for their kind to continue. Now they had come back, shown this place that they had forgotten by a daemon incarnated in flesh.

And they were met with another of their kind, a powerful one. King Kong, as had humanity had come to call him, and it was not a title that the tribe was disputing. He was taller and broader than even their hardiest males, and the scars of a lifetime of battle sometimes glowed with mystic power. Not a single of the great apes was “weak” by any means, even a runt of a litter could prove a formidable foe, but King Kong was different.

And for quite a bit of time, he regarded them with coldness. Not out of any malice, but simply due to internal turmoil over Gorosaurus’ death and the overwhelming nature of discovering he was not the only one of his kind. He preferred to stay away from them whenever he could, saying few “words”. Most were willing to oblige, understanding his struggles with a lost comrade and not wanting to aggravate him. Some did not, either males desperate to show their machismo or women desiring a mate as powerful as him. Both were typically driven away with a harsh growl, one that intimidated more than any snarling predator.

But there was one outlier. A female Kong who was not content with leaving their guardian, their potential savior, alone to sulk. She was persistent in trying to communicate with him, to form a bond with him and the tribe. Eventually King Kong relented in avoiding her or trying to drive her away, due to the genuineness of her as opposed to the others. Where they only saw him as a bastion of divine might, she simply saw another member of their kind, one deeply hurt by a lifetime of trials. King Kong finally was able to talk with another member of his species. The walls he had built up crumbled away, and he acclimated himself into the tribe.

And within a year, had become a father to an albino Kong.

Kiko was the child’s name. His albinism was the only real abnormality with him, everything else fine. For the next several years, Kiko lived a peaceful and kind life with loving parents in a close-knit community. The humans of Skull Island were reported to often play with him, loving him just as much as they did their guardian god.

But it was not to last, for in 2004, the Earth changed. King Kong went off one last time, saying his goodbyes, fully expecting to never return as he departed to potentially face Burning Godzilla. He was right, except for the detail of never seeing Burning Godzilla, instead meeting his demise by the apocalyptic might of Destoroyah. Later that day, the world was filled with the thunderous chorus of Armageddon, the heavens blotted out with ash.

Kiko watched the skies with tears in his youthful eyes, witnessing the black crawl across the Sun. In his heart, he knew he would never see his father again. Later in his life, when meeting with Godzilla II, Kiko would at least learn that his father had delayed Destoroyah enough to ensure that the heir to the King of Destruction survived.

His father’s otherworldly powers, the Warrior Spirit, had not transferred to Kiko. So, he spent the next two decades growing as a normal member of his species. By 2024, Kiko had become an adult, the leader of his tribe as they fought all the horrors that found their way to Skull Island. He was strong, brave, and intelligent.

But these things were not enough when it descended. A mountain of foul, blood-red armor and muscle, supported by bone that would not break beneath a tectonic plate. “The Stranger”, a beast that had made itself the enemy of the great apes in the distant past. Kiko and his fellows fought with all they had, but they were like mice trying to bring down a bear. The albino king refused to back down, telling his followers to flee as he held the line. He bought them a few minutes, until the dragon grew bored and shattered the warrior’s ribs like dry wood.

Cast aside, choking as the shrapnel of his ribs deflated his lungs, Kiko could only stare into the bleak skies yet again. Powerless, as he had been on that day. He considered his mother, in the fleeing crowd as the living extinction charged across Skull Island like the specter of death itself. He questioned whether his father would have been proud or not.

He got his answer when a blue light descended. The Warrior Spirit, the one that had empowered his father, joined with him. They became one being, as it had with his father, the torch being passed and the flame intensified. King Kong had not wanted his son to have this power until he was ready, and the embodiment of humanity’s drive to rise and overcome obliged. The holy event healed Kiko’s wounds, allowing him to stand as if he had never been struck.

Kiko and the Stranger battled once more, a battle that shook Skull Island with its ferocity. Even the new might that coursed through the albino king’s body was not enough to overcome the apocalyptic wyrm, so his intellect was needed. Cutting the membranes of its wings, Kiko ensured it was grounded before he drove his fingers into its eyes, firing precise bolts of electricity down the stalks and into its brain. Even then, the Stranger refused to fall, clawing open the new king’s abdomen and spilling great quantities of blood.

His first battle with the Warrior Spirit ended with him using its power to the limit, in a colossal ray which was fired down the dragon’s throat, frying its internal organs and nervous systems. The Stranger fell, dead after eons of tormenting the universe. Kiko fell as well, exhausted and at his limits. His followers carried him to safety, caring for his wounds which healed far faster than they would have for a normal member of his kind. He was victorious, and had never felt better in his short life.

Now, Kiko is one of the three foremost defenders of Earth, alongside Godzilla II and Mothra Leo. His home is still Skull Island, but like his father before him, he will leave when the Earth itself is danger, defending anywhere with the same ferocity as he does for his home.

Physical Description
In build, Kiko greatly resembles his father, albeit slightly more muscular due to the frequency with which he has had to fight.

Kiko’s fur is as white as snow, while his skin beneath is pink. He bears more scars than even his father did, the most notable being the colossal one upon his chest, the result of the Stranger’s nearly fatal blow. These glow just as his father’s did when in battle.

Despite a life of struggle, Kiko is a kind soul. He still plays with the children of Skull Island’s people, and the young of his own tribe as well. He is a strong leader, stern when necessary but willing to forgive. He tries to follow the example of his father, looking up to the former king with great reverence.

Against his foes he is relentless, but unless they truly are irredeemable, he will most often spare them. In his mind there has been enough death in the post G-Day world, so to avoid unnecessary killing is greatly important to him. This has actually lead to Skull Island having more monsters guarding it than the Kongs, both on the surface and under the ground.

What is most notable is his friendship with Godzilla II.

The first Godzilla’s relationship with King Kong was not a pleasant one, starting with the monster king nearly killing the guardian god, and the latter later knocking the reptilian colossus out and sending him to drift into the oceans. From then on they had only reached a tense alliance against greater threats, nothing more.

But Kiko and the grown-up Junior are close allies, fighting by each other’s side without hesitation. A call from one will summon the other at a moment’s notice. Sometimes, Godzilla II will even come to Skull Island just to converse with the albino king. Due to both having lost their fathers upon the same day, to the same nightmare, they share common ground. Perhaps as well, the Warrior Spirit and the Destruction Spirit are drawn to one another, humanity’s desires to rise & overcome and their desires to break & desolate.

Kiko has all of the powers of his father, amplified, as well as some new abilities.

Finger Bolts: Thin rays of electricity fired from the albino king’s fingertips, these attacks are not very powerful individually, but when used on weak points or when all ten are focused at once, it is quite deadly.

Spirit Constructs: Kiko can create weapons out of his energy, shimmering blue implements that crackle with electricity. They are ephemeral, not lasting for more than a few seconds, but Kiko will often just create a new one afterwards. There seems to be no limit to the weaponry that he can create, as long as they are melee-oriented. This has led to him not carrying around a spear like his father did, for he can simply create one at any point.

Aura Wave: The son of King Kong can flare out his aura in an omnidirectional burst, sending opponents grappled onto him flying away.

Steps of a King: By firing powerful waves of energy from his feet, Kiko can propel himself through the air for a brief time, usually only doing so to close the distance between him and a foe quickly. This flight can only be done in a straight line, and if he is not careful it will only lead to him face planting, but when used properly it is a devastating maneuver that few are prepared for.


Mega Kiko
By pushing his power to its limits, Kiko can give himself over to the Warrior Spirit for a brief time, enveloping him in a dark blue aura and increasing his height and muscle mass for a brief time. His power is increased massively, opponents that previously withstood his blows with ease finding their bones cracked and bodies torn. However, he is exhausted after this, to the point of often passing out, and is also unable to call upon any mystic power for quite some time.

Warrior’s Ultimate Strike: A colossal ray of electrical and mystic energies fired from his hands, this azure beam is Kiko’s last resort in a fight. If it does not defeat the foe, then he is powerless. However, this has not been an issue for him yet, as even Godzilla II would be unable to keep fighting after a direct hit from this ray.
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ShinGojira14 wrote: Neither. Hideki Anno wins because he writes a hilarious comedic satire movie where Shin and Legendary have to team up to destroy a grotesque crap-monster created by the constant toxic bickering of Shin fans and Legendary fans.
SoggyNoodles2016 wrote: Yup, my dad works at Legendary, the Nebulans are gonna be in the next movie and they're gonna get beat because Madison throws coffee in the leaders face.

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Re: Make Your Own Version/Incarnation(s) of Kaiju

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Space Gyaos - The creature that should not exist

Height: 75 metres
Weight: 34,000 Tons

“Oh God, oh God, please! End it! End it!” - Last Transmission from exploratory unit GUI-40N

Origin: Nobody knows where it came from. Here it came this far. What it even is. Gyaos is a species native to the Solar System, being found in extensive numbers on Neptune and Mars. Some individuals have even been seen as far out as Pluto and Mercury but nobody could have expected this… thing. While on a recent mission to an uninhabited planet, our team encountered a creature they could vaguely recognise. It was a Gyaos. But it was not like any other. It seemed to… do something to our team. We lost signal, but we were able to recover messages and even images of the beast. We have no further information on the beast. It has not been sighted since, and further missions to that planet have not picked up any sources of life. However, there was a [REDACTED]

Appearance: This ‘Gyaos’, if you could even call it that, was barely recognisable. It was like a walking corpse. A normal Gyaos is black in colour, has bright red irises, powerful wings, and a generally active demeanour. This Gyaos had none of those.

!Warning from the Kaiju Documentative Codex! - The following description may cause extreme discomfort. If you feel you might be at risk of adverse psychological effects, do *not* read this section.

The Gyaos was covered in a silver fungi. It ate at the skin, decomposing it at an incredibly slow pace. It must have been decomposing for a while however, as the body was reported to have a putrid odour and disturbing appearance. This was exacerbated by the body being quite bloated. It was much larger than an average Gyaos. The neck looked as if it would burst, and the creatures’ stomach looked not much different. From pores in the body, purple ooze spilt out, drenching the rotting corpse. The usually white and red eyes were glazed, and a sick yellowish colour. No discernible features of the eye were spotted. The usually straight wings of the Gyaos were sagging downwards as if the bones were broken. The single foot was shrivelled and quite deformed. The other seemed to be sliced off at the knee. A black ooze dribbled from the Gyaos’ mouth, with no relation to the purple ooze. The creature’s posture was also quite different. Whereas a normal and healthy Gyaos is usually hunched, and leaning on all fours. This Gyaos stood straight up, as if going through Rigor Mortis. What was interesting is that this Gyaos [REMOVED FOR SAFETY OF EMPLOYEES: VIEWING THIS IS ILLEGAL. YOU WILL BE PROSECUTED.]

Viewing the creature has proven detrimental to most who have seen it. Effects include “madness”, Self-Harm, and Anxious Paranoia.

We have theories as to what the Gyaos may be.

- Corpse possessed by parasites/virus
- Dying Gyaos affected by disease


We can only assume it has retained the abilities of it’s normal kindred.

Flight (?): Broken wings may say otherwise, but it could also use [REDACTED]

Sonic Cutter: Could be comprimised by the black ooze.

Disturbances: Viewing the creature is an extremely difficult task. It can cause many adverse effects.

[REDACTED]: R̴̰̮͓̺͉̋̈́͗́̈̀ͅȩ̵̧̻͕̩͇̥̳͚̼̦̞̹͙͒̂̏͘͘j̶̡̰̺͈̰̹̟̦̩̦̀̈́͂̃̑ͅo̶̧̢̞̅̇̄̓̍͒͜͝͝i̷̯͇̜̥͓̦͍̭͕͕̊͒̋͛̓̓̈́͐̃͐̑͘c̴̤̜̮̤͉̤͙͙͖͕͚̓̏͋̆̆̍̉̽͊́̍͌͂͜e̷̢̼̫̟̭̱̪̖̫͕͕͇̜͆̉͒̔̉̍͂̑͘.̵̡̺͓̥̺͓̱̜̭͙̭̭̭̪̋̉͛̎̾͘ͅ ̶͕̠̹̳̜̟͉̠͉́̈́̏̐̃̓̋̃̎͐̋͛͘͜͝͠Ḃ̷̛̳̼̱͚̈͊̏͛̔̊̚̚͘͝a̵̡̢̩̜̻̲͚͕̜̦̰̟̔̓̏̏͌͘k̶̝̣͈̓͒̈́́à̷͕̘̜̥̉́̂̂͌̊͌͋͘͝n̸͍̱͈͉̯͊̔͗̚ ̵̨̢̘̺̲̮̯̹̪͖̓̓̔̀̋́̽̕͜͠ͅw̸̢̡̢͍͖̟͙̹̜̖̻͔͖̑̆̎̔̑̐̉̆̈̒̚͝͠͠į̸͕͖̫̜̜̦̫͚̖͉̮̄̾̓̇̓l̸̡̢̩͍̗̲̪̞̅͛̑l̵͈̜̩̅͠ ̶̢̲̣͙̣̦̖̤̺̈́̏̄̈̿͐̄́̑͂̓͛̚͘͜ͅr̶̩̠͙͎̟͇̄̈́̀̔͋̌͋͆͗͑͝e̴͇͉͈̩̝̝̺͌̎́͊̀͋̿͆̍͠t̸͍̲͓͕͚̦̖̽̑̆̔̐̔̅̕̚͠u̵̪͙̾̐́̏̃͠r̶̨͇̟͙̆̏ͅn̴̨͎̳̻̂̍̐͆͊̿͋͆ ̸̻̮̥̋̄̾̀̓͂̒̿̔́̚̕͝s̶̯̺̖̽̾̇́͂͗͋͗̈́̍̚͜ó̵͙͍̺̝̏̾̐̀͘o̶̩̽̄͐ṋ̴̛̖̗͓̱͙̝̇̈́̑̇̀͐͘͜ͅ.̴͖̲͔̣͙̣̃̀̏
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Re: Make Your Own Version/Incarnation(s) of Kaiju

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^ Intriguing. I like it!



Length: 160 meters
Weight: 70,000 tons

With the world in a swirl of chaos after Zigra’s attack, some chose to take the opportunity to do whatever they wanted. For most of them, it was simple looting, all they could accomplish, but one had the means to do something bigger.

A billionaire, whose name has been withheld from this document on request of his estate (and a significant contribution as well), began to steal ancient artifacts that would have been protected by historical preservation laws. With paid mercenaries and unscrupulous experts, his personal collection quickly became gargantuan.

Until he found the Devil’s Whistle.

An enormous statue in the shape of a strange instrument, it was embedded partially into the ground for longer than anyone could remember. The Polynesian natives surrounding it reported that occasionally it would release a hideous shriek, killing anyone nearby.

Despite their warnings, helicopters were brought in to lift it out of the ground. On the other side of the planet, at that exact moment, Gamera took to the air with great haste.

When the Devil’s Whistle was removed, a shocking sight was beheld. Its point was caked in dried blood and desiccated meat, as fresh blood geysered out of the hole it had been inside. The earth began to shake, dirt and rock falling away as an enormous form emerged from below. A kaiju, with a gaping wound in her throat where an ancient flute-dagger the size of a house had been plunged to the hilt.


The ancient texts found in Gamera’s place of hibernation spoke of a Devil’s Whistle being pulled from the Earth in the war that led to the unknown civilization falling. Communications with Gamera have revealed little about Jiger. Only that she is something older than him, and that she was feared by all life on Earth. The latter was plain to see.

What looked like a harpoon shot forth from one of the demon’s nostrils, piercing through both helicopters and sending the Devil’s Whistle falling to the ground. Without hesitation she ran towards it, despite the blood flowing down from her torn throat like a river, shattering the implement that had kept her sealed for eons.

Black scar tissue crawled across the wound in her throat, sealing it shut with what looked like diseased flesh. With a deep breath, she let loose a shrieking song and began to march towards the nearby villages. The workers present dropped dead, even covering their ears, for the chorus split their flesh and ruptured their veins. This madness and massacre continued as she assailed the natives, every lifeform in a several mile radius perishing in agony. Had Gamera not arrived soon after, she would have scoured the island of life.

Their battle was brutal, not a bit of the mutual hatred having dissipated. Songs of desolation and tremendous waves of fire ravaged the landscape, as they had all those millennia ago. Without the Devil’s Whistle, he intended on just executing her, a difficult task but a vital one. However, something unexpected occurred.

Her tail’s stinger pierced Gamera’s stomach, and where before it had merely been a stabbing implement, this time it injected something. The guardian stopped fighting, turning towards the shore and trudging towards it. He dropped, body turning pale as his motion ceased.

Jiger had laid an egg inside him. She was a hermaphrodite, and had developed a fertilized egg in the time between her imprisonment and freedom. Had it not been for some surviving Polynesian villagers, it would have taken weeks for Gamera to be found after Jiger took off to other lands. They contacted the rest of the world, as Jiger began to ravage the mainland of Asia.

The plan of the scientists and military who responded had been to send people inside of Gamera, in order to find and destroy the growing parasite. Not even the children present could hear the ancient god’s voice, such was the depths of his coma. However, before they could have sent someone inside the dormant furnace that was Gamera, a highly risky plan due to the simple fact that the moment he regained functionality anything inside would be fried, they discovered the Devil’s Whistle was not fully broken. Enough was left intact to be studied, revealing that it released a very specific frequency which was presumably poisonous to Jiger. Quickly, they developed a tone that could replicate this, and ran it through numerous high power speakers hooked up around Gamera’s body. It was harmful to people as well, especially at such high volumes, so the entire island needed to be evacuated before it began.

The lord of cleansing fire awakened with a mighty roar, his internal fire incinerating the corpse of the fetal Jiger inside him after it had succumbed to it. Raiding a power plant near the shores when he reached the mainland, an action that no one raised objection to, he took off towards Jiger.

Days had passed, and the death toll was in the millions. A world already wracked by Zigra’s actions, now further afflicted by a demon. Gamera wasted no time in tearing into Jiger, but once again she proved a difficult foe. However, this time, she had no egg to implant inside his gut, meaning it was a contest of power. Soon, the guardian tore the devil’s head from her shoulders, raising it high with a mighty war cry.

Physical Description
Jiger walked upon all fours, like a cat. Her skin was a pale, brownish purple, bumpy and scaled. Grotesque scar tissue decorated her form, like boils. Her jaws opened unnaturally wide, filled with catlike teeth. Horns protruded from her snout and forehead. Sickly-looking slits rested behind her boxy head and upon the soles of her stump-like feet. Yellow eyes rolled in their sockets to gaze over everything in sight. Her throat was bloated like a balloon, to facilitate singing for hours at a time. A wormy tail flicked through the air, tipped with a needle-like stinger.

Jiger seemed to take pleasure in her Devil’s Song killing off life around her, moving far to spread death. The ancient demon also fought brutally with Gamera, making moves that spilled as much blood and caused as much pain as possible. All life feared her for good reason.

Devil’s Song: A loud screaming call that Jiger released from her maw, killing off any life within a several mile radius within moments. It ruptured flesh and popped blood vessels, and could be attuned to do so depending on the resonant frequency of whatever was within its range. This even affected Gamera, causing him great harm.

Hell’s Roar: Jiger could unleash a horrifically potent blast of sonic power from her mouth, so forceful it burned the air. It required filling her throat and lungs to the point that they almost burst, and left her tired afterwards, but it nearly degloved Gamera’s entire body, showing its power was worth the risk.

Massed Mucus Missiles: Jiger could solidify the mucus in her nasal cavity, creating a material harder than steel. She would fire these as blades with high force, sufficient to pierce through Gamera’s bones.

Air Suction and Expulsion: Jiger could absorb high quantities of the air through slits in her throat and feet, as well as fire it out in equally strong bursts. This allowed her to fly by shooting it from her “gills” and feet behind her, and to draw opponents in by sucking in the air with her feet in their direction.

Parasitic Spawn: Jiger could produce fertilized eggs by herself, laying them with her barbed tail. By piercing a foe’s body and injecting the egg inside them, they would be sapped of their energy as it begins to leech off their life force. Had it not been stopped in time, presumably the new Jiger would have burst forth from Gamera’s body in a violent fashion.
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ShinGojira14 wrote: Neither. Hideki Anno wins because he writes a hilarious comedic satire movie where Shin and Legendary have to team up to destroy a grotesque crap-monster created by the constant toxic bickering of Shin fans and Legendary fans.
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Re: Make Your Own Version/Incarnation(s) of Kaiju

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The Stranger

Height: 200 meters
Wingspan: 400 meters
Weight: 175,000 tons

It is unknown where the Stranger comes from. We have very little information on it other than its appearance and capabilities. What is known is that it appeared 74,000 years ago, causing destruction so immense that almost the entirety of the Kong species was wiped out, the survivors being driven to Skull Island. This also caused the human population at the time to be decreased to, at most, a mere 10,000. The Stranger left Earth after this, not returning until the year 2024.

Upon arriving at the desolated planet, the wyrm zeroed in on the remainder of the Kong species. Fortunately so, for had it attacked the world at large it would have wreaked great havoc. The Kong tribe of Skull Island were powerless against its wrath, as they had been all those millennia ago. Had it not been for Kiko’s inheriting of his father’s tremendous power, it would have succeeded in wiping out the species and then begun a campaign of terror across the planet.

Kiko engaged in a tremendous battle with the Stranger, still overwhelmed by his foe’s power. It was only through destroying the wings, sending tendrils of electricity through its eyestalks and into the brain, and using all of his power in a tremendous blast fired down the living nightmare’s throat that the son of King Kong was victorious. Even still, Kiko needed much time to recover, such were his injuries at the beast’s talons.

Physical Description
The Stranger resembled a tremendous serpent, cloaked in interlocking crimson scales as sharp as knives, sat upon two legs filled with tremendous muscle. These hulking limbs were double jointed, ending in an array of hideous, scythe-like claws. Further up the body, four lengthy arms protruded out, ending in similar claws as they contorted through the air with numerous joints throughout them. A tail coated in a thick cluster of spikes and blades swung behind it, bringing absolute devastation when used as a weapon.

Two wings as red as open wounds expanded out of its back, blotting out the light as it soared overhead.

Piercing eyes of yellow, lacking any soul behind them, rested inside a skull that resembled a helm of twisted, bloody metal. Horns rose from all angles of the head, making even initiating contact a difficulty that was sure to result in blood spill. A massive maw filled with unholy teeth went all the way down to the arms of the apocalyptic wyrm, teeth even coming out from the roof of the mouth and from the tongue, all to ensure that anything caught within that cavern of hell could never escape.

The cruel beast was incredibly violent, descending upon any life and ripping it apart with relentless fury. It did not draw out pain or savor screams, instead seeming to find joy in the simple act of tearing apart flesh and shattering bone. This could lead to it not finishing off foes if the opportunity for more carnage was readily available, as seen with leaving Kiko for dead as it pursued the rest of his tribe.

The Stranger lacked any special powers other than flight at speeds of up to mach 2, instead relying on brute force. It was strong enough to easily overwhelm Kiko before he inherited the Warrior Spirit, and even after Kiko gained that mystic might he was still barely able to deal damage without targeting weaknesses. It is theorized that even Godzilla II would have a hard time dealing meaningful damage to The Stranger’s nigh-indestructible hide.
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ShinGojira14 wrote: Neither. Hideki Anno wins because he writes a hilarious comedic satire movie where Shin and Legendary have to team up to destroy a grotesque crap-monster created by the constant toxic bickering of Shin fans and Legendary fans.
SoggyNoodles2016 wrote: Yup, my dad works at Legendary, the Nebulans are gonna be in the next movie and they're gonna get beat because Madison throws coffee in the leaders face.

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Re: Make Your Own Version/Incarnation(s) of Kaiju

Post by Nagoda »

Spacegodzilla: The Destroyer, and The Creator

Height: 3 Meters (Core)/80 meters (Charging State)/120 meters (Destroyer State)/10 Kilometers (Crystal Palace)

Weight: 10 tons (Core)/86,000 tons (Charging State)/ 124,000 tons (Destroyer State)/ 234 billion tons(Crystal Palace)

Origins: Transcripts from the audio journal of Kudo Hajime, Head Scientist of Project DT, provided to the CCI after a distortion opened up past Jupiter, spitting out a space station filled with humans from over a century in the future.

Log Date, December 31st, 2124.

This was all my fault. The others may believe this to have been a freak accident, or blame themselves for the creation of the Dimension Tide but I know the truth. A miscalculation of my math in miniaturization, not considering outside influences on our energy output. I take full responsibility for the devastation caused by my creation, even if it means I must die to repair our home.

When Godzilla reawakened the elementals over a century and a half ago, it led to an arms race to develop anti-elemental weapons. Missiles and tanks did little to stop the more persistent stronger elementals, and a breakthrough in microwave science led to the creation of the microwave amplification by stimulated emission of radiation, or Maser for short, to help ward away others. However, our governments wanted more, stronger weapons to deal with the Apexes.

As a result, I was hired on to the G-Graspers program, A Japan based branch of Crisis Control International, made to search, study, and create statistics on potential elemental attacks and locations. My job was to utilize the power of Plasma Energy, A clean form of energy discovered by studying a shard of Gigantis the Fire Monster, otherwise known as Godzilla in the modern era, to create a new Elemental destroying weapon.

Plasma Energy, a dumb name if you ask me. Probably called that to not trigger people from protesting against it if it went by its actual name of Nuclear Fusion. Nuclear Energy Bad! It will mutate and kill us all despite being one of the safer and more powerful forms of energy! Chernobyl wasn’t just an accident and must be held as the standard of why we shouldn’t use it, despite being a whole different method of nuclear energy!

Tch. Ignorant fools. They were right in the end, but not in the ways they thought it would kill us. My research on the miniaturization of technology combined with my fellow researchers studies on plasma led to the development of Project DT, a miniature black hole gun which simulates the creation and death of a star to create a small black hole, and fire it at an elemental to disintegrate them to nothing.

The first test of the Dimension Tide was thrilling. We managed to erase a small school from existence. Many celebrated, including myself, thrilled at our work being successful. We were hopeful that our creation could end the terror of the elementals. Its first firing was against a rampaging Anguilasaurus, sucking in and ripping apart the fire monster even with the calibrations offsetting the target. We were seen as heroes.

I’m sorry to say we weren’t. We were fools playing with power we didn’t understand. We continued using the Dimension Tide to erase more and more elementals in isolated locations under orders of the CCI, earning the wrath of the Apexes. The Elias denounced the rest of humanity for their bloodshed, sending Mothra and Battra to destroy our weapons and cities for upsetting the balance, disappearing with their entire temple soon after. King Caesar was destroyed when the CCI finally assumed control of the Ancient Elemental Weapon. The Titanosaurus waged a war across the seas until their demise. Then, Gigantis began a warpath across the world. It was decided to utilize the Dimension Tide against the Apex of Fire, despite warnings from one of my fellow researchers about using something based on the energy given off by Godzilla to kill him.

I fired that shot at Gigantis. As a survivor of one of his many attacks on humanity, my anger at him overcame my reasoning. The end result was him firing his ultimate attack into our black hole, fueling its energy and expanding it to engulf both himself and over half of the earth.

Luckily, we had already evacuated most of humanity off the planet to space stations and experimental outposts on other planets as a precaution, but the heavy guilt of responsibility for destroying an entire planet is too much.

Yet, the worst was to come. From the remains of the shattered earth, a large mass of black crystals approached one of the Star cities, revealing the true monster I had created. Gigantis had not died in the black hole, but instead his body had fused with what remained of the planet’s core into a crystalline intergalactic god of destruction, Spacegodzilla. He destroyed the city completely, none of our weapons doing anything against him. He simply absorbed the energy of our weapons and fired them back at us.

Then as if killing the city around Mars wasn’t enough, he descended into the planet itself, covering it with his obsidian crystals and draining the core of the planet into himself. The outposts there were overrun, and the people absorbed into the masses as fuel for his mountain palace. He has since absorbed the other inner planets, converting them into black crystals and draining their energy and molten cores into the core of his palace, almost as though he were trying to make a new planet. With each planet he absorbs, his palace grows larger, the core within growing larger.

I believe the reason he is doing this is to recreate the earth, in the only way he knows how. The Will of the Earth has given birth to one final elemental, whose purpose is to rebuild the very world he was made to protect. He has already created a variety of crystalline elementals, all weak and brittle except for four who have inherited the powers of the four elements.

I will do what I must to preserve human life from being destroyed for my sins. I have located one of these four elementals, one with a powerful plasma core. If my calculations are correct this time, hitting this monster with the Dimension Tide should be enough energy to create a wormhole to the past, and through that humanity can return to when the earth was still alive. I will fly with the Dimension Tide and detonate the black hole myself to atone. I can only hope my plan works, and that whoever hears this will not make the same mistakes as I did. End recording.

Images out past Pluto have shown black crystalline asteroids floating outside our solar system. It is unknown if this Super Elemental has followed, or if this is just the remains of the creature used to create the wormhole. Further research is required.

Physical Description: Images and reports of the creature depict this Black Space Godzilla, as a creature made of black crystals, similar to that of Gigantis himself, but with a molten core held within the crystalline structure. His core has distorted, with two black crystaline offshoots on his shoulders and cracks glowing with unstable plasma energy.

The creature resides in a large black crystal mountain with various caves, glowing with red molten energy coursing through it. Held in the center of the structure is a large throne room like structure, connected to the remains of the Earth’s core. Spacegodzilla himself resides in this chamber, hooked up to various molten vines, acting as the heart keeping the core alive.

The creature’s first form is a heavily armored spiked shell of black crystals, with large vine-like structures covering and feeding molten energy into his body, and back to the core like a heart. The basic structure of his body from when he was Gigantis remains the same, though now his body is covered in black crystal protrusions and armor all across his body. His skin is now made of millions of shards of crystal, showing hints of the core of plasma held within his body, and his back is completely covered in massive protruding crystals unlike his usual appearance. This Charging State remains inside the palace, sending out crystals to absorb the energy of other planets and lifeforms, rarely moving to fight unless needed as he regulates the energy of his palace.

During one recorded instance of combat against the Ancient Elemental Weapon, which had been stored on Mars for repairs, Spacegodzilla had shed his outer armor, revealing a form more recognizable to that of Gigantis as he disconnected from the palace itself. Layers of crystal fell off his hide with molten rock flowing out of his former shell. His inner skin was shown to be several layers of flexible, yet hard, crystal with the glow of his core shining through and leaking molten magma from ports on his body. Protruding from his shoulders are two large black crystals, regulating his power and absorbing energy from nearby crystals to augment his already overpowering strength. Atop his head lies a crown of black obsidian, with white eyes flowing with burning plasma.

His power had ascended beyond that of his prior form, showcasing powers of all four elements as he ripped apart the Ancient Weapon and absorbed the molten beast within through his claws.

Personality: Whereas Gigantis could be calmed down with a sacrifice or reasoned with by other elementals, Spacegodzilla showed no remorse for destroying an entire planet. The rage of his fires were unshackled with the destruction of his home, reaching heights humanity had never seen before. While effortlessly destroying any elementals which came across his path, he seems to care for and protect the remains of the earth’s core held within his throne chamber with a fierce determination. It is unknown whether the sacrificial powers of a maiden could calm this new Cosmic Monster, nor if anything can rival his strength now. He rules his palace and the crystal monsters he creates with an iron fist,


Unstable Core: The Core of Spacegodzilla is a damaged, and distorted core of Gigantis the Fire Monster. His once crimson crystal has turned black from the energy of the black hole, and is cracking and glowing from instability. This core constantly absorbs the plasma which makes up his body's inner flames, protected only by heavy crystal shackles to regulate his power. The main use of his core is to keep his palace and the remnants of the earth’s core alive, regulating the material within through his own body and core to rejuvenate it. Any energy based attack fired at him will be absorbed into his core, or reflected back by his crystals. The damage from absorbing the black hole has left his core unstable, and should he be disconnected from the core of his palace for too long, will explode and release the black hole trapped within.

Palace Core Dependance Spacegodzilla’s lifeforce is connected to the core of his crystal palace, and likewise the palace depends on his connection. As such, he cannot remain in his Destroyer state for long, or else his core will destabilize, releasing all his power and killing him. If the core of his palace dies, he himself will die without a way to regulate his power. Should he spend too much time outside his palace, there is a chance the core within will destabilize and burst like a miniature supernova. Though there is theory proposed by Kudo, that if he gathers enough energy to stabilize the palace’s core, that it can survive without his connection, allowing the former fire monster to release his hold on the palace and leave to die, his duty to his planet served to rebuild it anew.

Throne Shell/Crystalline Hide While in his Charging State, Spacegodzilla cannot move his main body. He is coated in large reflective crystalline armor and hooked up to the core of his palace through molten cords feeding molten magma through his body and back into the palace. As such, the armor serves as a defensive measure for him in case of intruders.

Should the threat be too much for him to face while in his charging state, Spacegodzilla will forcibly break his way out of his Throne Shell, growing in size and transforming into his Destroyer State. His hide has shed the thick and large crystals, leaving behind layers of extremely hard crystal shards which make up his flesh. While less defensive than the thick armor of the Throne Shell, his Crystalline Hide is more flexible and capable of fast movement using his new telekinetic might.

Pyrokinesis While in his Charging State, Spacegodzilla can fire blasts of burning plasma from his maw, and can control them with his hands and mind to target enemies. He can unleash and control the element of fire around him, sending waves of flames or balls of plasma flying at his enemies.

Should he enter his Destroyer State, his control over fire becomes nearly absolute. He can manipulate flames around him, whether they are from himself or his enemies, and concentrate them into powerful blasts.

Aerokinesis Spacegodzilla has complete control of the air within his palace, the domain of the Sky Titans. In his charging state, he uses the power of the air to keep track of anything within his palace.

Upon entering his Destroyer State, he utilizes the power of air to augment his fire attacks, and fly about in the air despite his heavy mass. He can manipulate the air to lift his foes with telekinetic might, or even create massive storms to fill the atmosphere of a planet.

Aquakinesis Spacegodzilla can control the element of water within his palace, the birthright of a Sea Devil, creating various lakes and seas inside his mountain for reasons unknown. He can manipulate the water into tendrils to whip and ensnare his enemies in his charging state, using geysers of water held inside his throne chamber to attack his enemies.

In his Destroyer State, Spacegodzilla can manipulate the element of water freely around him. He can augment or extend his attacks with water, and even freeze an opponent in an iceberg by covering them in water and draining the heat from the liquid.

Crystallokinesis Spacegodzilla has control over all the crystals spawned from himself and his palace, the power of an Earthen Colossi at his fingertips. These crystals absorb energy, whether they be biological or not, by growing outward like a plague. In his Charging state, he sends shards of crystals out to like seeds to various planets, acting as locators for him to target later and absorb their energy. If under attack, he can manipulate crystal shields around him to deflect energy based attacks, and even send shards of crystals from his palace to attack enemies. His most powerful use of this ability however, is the ability to control and create Crystaline Elementals using his power in the shape of other elementals. These Crystal Elementals are completely under his control, and serve only to expand and protect the crystal palace.

Should he exit his shell, and enter his Destroyer state, His control over crystals becomes absolute. He can shift the very palace around him to attack his enemies, growing massive spears of crystals from every surface to spear his enemies or trap them to absorb their essence into the palace itself.

Spacegodzilla uses his control over his crystals to move throughout the void of space. Constantly seeking life or planets to absorb into the core of the earth held inside his palace.

Crystal Elemental Creation Using the power of the Earth’s core, Spacegodzilla can release a seed of crystal onto a planet or planetoid, seeding it and forming a crystalline elemental to do his bidding. Many crystal elementals wander his palace as protective guards. Though weak and brittle compared to true elementals, there are some crystal elementals which prove themselves stronger than the rest, condensing their brittle bodies into true cores, and adapting elemental bodies for themselves in service to Spacegodzilla as his heralds. There have been four new elementals born within his palace as such, inheriting the power of those who have fallen with the remnants of the earth.
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Re: Make Your Own Version/Incarnation(s) of Kaiju

Post by ShinGojira14 »

Finished reading all of these, and as always they're incredibly well done.
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Re: Make Your Own Version/Incarnation(s) of Kaiju

Post by Voyager »

Gabara, the Swamp Demon

Height: 12 Metres
Weight: 70 Tons

Origin: April 15th, 1969, a date that will forever stain the minds of the Brazilian people.

The famous explorers Emmanuel Garcia and Antonio Fontes had made a name for themselves travelling all over Latin America, trying to snuff out beasts of folklore and legend. They’d hunted down the Chupacabra in Mexico, and even slew the Coco in Colombia, so when they heard about a supposed devil in the lush rainforests of the amazon, they were chomping at the bit to find it.

They set out from the relatively new capital, Brasilia, and ventured deep into the amazon. Meeting up at a forked track, local tribesmen had told them that there was a beast lurking in the swamp that resided on the other side of the hill. The locals claimed it was as tall as all the trees, and that it howled like an evil spirit. Garcia and Fontes were weary, but were pleased to hear the description. After asking for directions to the swamp, they once again set out and searched for the beast.

Strolling upon a dark, murky swamp, the two explorers believed they had found the place. The water was a dark green and overhanging trees dipped their branches and foliage into the murky depths. Fog drenched the forest and the croaking of nearby frogs pierced the ears. Resting atop the water were a mass of mosquitoes and flies, which seemed odd. Of course, it was a still body of water, but flies? Fontes felt something drip upon his skin. It was a lukewarm liquid, and it soaked into the explorer's skin. It was that horrible scarlet colour. Looking above them, the two explorers expressions rapidly changed to that of extreme terror. Hanging in the trees above were a collection of corpses, that of Caimans and Anacondas. They had no skin, and were covered in their own blood, almost as if they were left out to dry.

The fear in their eyes only grew once they heard a rumbling from beneath the surface of the water. Huge amounts of bubbles rose up to the surface, and with it, came a hulking mass. The two explores dove into the underbrush, looking on with fear but at the same time, great excitement. As the beast rose up, it's form became clear. It was just as the tribesmen had described. It was massive! About 40 feet tall, and surely as large as whales. The creature, with it's bulbous eyes snapping upward, reached for the bodies in the trees. Grabbing the crocodilian, the massive demon sparked his hands, and came forth a jolt of electricity. It roasted the dead reptile, and made the giant beast extremely pleased. An uncanny laugh-like howl came from the giant Toad. Chomping at the deceased caiman, the demon seemed to notice it had company.

Beating his chest, the Toad charged at the explorers, which began a frantic chase. Dodging logs and overhanging foliage, the explorers were just barely escaping the grasp of the swamp monster. It's eerie cackle rang through their ears, and it's loud footsteps shook the forest around them. The three made it into a clearing, where deforestation efforts had just begun. The elder of the two explorers, Garcia, started to faulter, and eventually was caught by the beast. Fontes could only watch as the demented animal shocked and tortured his long time friend, laughing maniacally while doing so. Fontes looked around, and saw a bundle of explosivesin a crate. It was to be used against a rock face just past the clearing, but it'd have to do.

But it was too late. The giant amphibian made off with Garcia, back into the forest from which it came. Fontes would not let it get away, not after what it did to his friend. Taking the explosives with him, and a gun he'd been carrying, the younger explorer ventured into the rainforest to get his revenge on the devil. It left a path of destruction, with animals hiding in their burrows, not daring to rear their heads. Fontes made it back to the swamp, where the giant toad had dismembered and eaten his friend. A gruesome sight, one only to further motive Fontes.

Screaming at the demon, Fontes yelled, "Tem em mim, satanás! Estou aqui!" The toad reared it's head, only for a bullet to strike it between the eyes. A stream of blood trickled down the bumpy hide of the creature, and it laughed with intent to kill. The monster lurched upwards and launched himself towards to tiny human. Swiping at Fontes with his hands, the monster knocked the explorer to the floor. Seeming all hope was lost, Fontes lugged the entire pack of explosives in the demon's mouth. This caused the toad to stumble backward, giving an opportunity for Fontes to raise his gun, and with a single pull of a trigger...


A fiery explosion engulfed the demon's head, knocking it into the water from which it had risen. The toad was still alive, if barely. It's face had been blown off, it's skin melted, and what had been a terrifying demonic laughter turned into croaky screams of agony and fear. The large amphibian squirmed and wriggled in the water, scratching his own skin off with his hands, inhaling large amounts of water.

There was blood in the stream now, and with blood attracts predators. A horde of Piranhas swarmed the flailing monster, with Caimans and Jaguars appearing to have their bite. The giant toad was eaten alive, devoured by the very creatures he'd tortured for all of his days. Letting out one final cry of pain, so was ended the Swamp Demon of the Amazon.

Fontes returned home, and was worshipped as a hero ordained by God. Vigils were held for the brave Garcia, and the beast was given a name. 'Gabara', which in a local language meant "Laughing Devil".

Appearance: Gabara is a tall, humanoid amphibian with a green, bumpy hide. Warts cover it's entire body, with beige spots of hardened skin on the chest and stomach. Gabara's arms are long but muscular, with large hands. Each finger is extensive in length, tipped with pads. Gabara's feet are much more like a mammal, appearing much like a feline. Large claws tip small toes, and his legs are like pillars, extending upward into his body. Gabara's head is much like a toad, with large eyes that can change colour. His mouth is wide, going across his whole face. It houses a long tongue for which it uses to catch prey. It's neck is stout, with a throat pouch that can inflate like a balloon when it laughs. Above each eye is a brow horn, ivory in colour, and sitting atop it's head as a growth of river algae that takes a reddish-brown appearance.

Personality: From the account of Fontes and local legends, it can be inferred Gabara is a brutal sadist who likes to torture it's prey, taking extremely pleasure in the pain of others. However, Gabara had a crippling sense of overconfidence, as evidenced by his carelessness with Fontes.


Haunting Howl: The laughter of this giant amphibian could bring extreme fear into all who hears it.

Electrical Conduction: Gabara could shock prey through his finger pads. It's enough to kill a large anaconda and caimans, as well as humans.


It's just a huge animal: As proven by Fontes, it didn't display any form of super durability, as it was put on the brink of death by small explosives and was eventually killed by animals.
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Re: Make Your Own Version/Incarnation(s) of Kaiju

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Been blazing through this thread for anything i should know - and i think i'm well caught up, so here's the first of my stuff i'll be posting here, it's probably terrible - but I thought i'd give it a shot.

Godzilla, The Unmaking.

Height: 80 meters.
Weight: 50,000 metric tons.



The beast first appeared, hundreds of thousands of treasured lives disappeared in minutes, Kaiju had never appeared before - this was the first of an endless pit of monsters crawling out of the darkness. and this first one only emerged from the darkness of humanity's desire to fight itself.

In desperation - the Oxygen Destroyer was employed, originating from research for something to help humanity. that had found something that would destroy humanity if it's secret was shared. The engineer of such a weapon sacrificing himself to prevent both the disaster of humanity killing itself with Micro-Oxygen and the disaster of Godzilla.

This would ultimately fail.

Godzilla rose from the oceans - broken and bleeding, both of his eyes gone - his bumpy skin replaced with his flesh torn asunder by a weapon he didn't understand, before once more sinking, his fate unknown for years after - any attempts at finding him ending up with completely nothing other than the now useless wreck that was the Oxygen Destroyer, a diving suit, and the occasional shard of bone from the monster.

In preparation for further tragedies like Godzilla, a machine named the Super-X was designed, armed with Cadmium missiles and other weaponry.


Anguirus appeared, rising from the ocean much like Godzilla and terrorizing Japan, its roars so powerful it tore apart the city much like the incandescent light of the previous monster, Humanity was seemingly defenseless once more.

And then he surfaced again, swiftly killing the other giant monster by biting down onto it's neck, and firing an even more powerful Incandescent Light from it's mouth, shredding apart Anguirus and leaving only a scarred body with a maimed lump where its head once was, Godzilla returning to the ocean.

Although since the Anguillasaurus was non-radioactive, the Super-X - even if deployed. wouldn't be able to do much, it would be like all other jets attempting to make a difference in the unbreakable hide of a monster. but it stood a chance against Godzilla - Thus, with great effort and many casualties. Godzilla was sealed beneath ice in Operation: Burial, he remained there for several decades. and very few monsters would appear after.

He was not dead however - and it is more likely than unlikely that the atomic creature would tear out of it's icy tomb.

And with the appearance of a giant of light, his mind pulsed with revenge once more - He would be free.

Physical Appearance:

I'm not good with cinematically describing designs and I want to be as clear as possible, so i'll just describe it simply.

The Godzilla design from Godzilla Raids Again with longer arms and 2014's spines.


Incandescent Light/Atomic Breath: During his first attack on Japan, Godzilla's Atomic Breath was imperfect - coming out as a weak mist without much power behind it. although it was still able to melt metal and cause fires that reached across the landscape, After his appearance in 1962 - it developed into a much stronger concentrated beam of blue atomic energy known as the Atomic Breath.

Regeneration: The sole reason Godzilla survived the Oxygen Destroyer, The creature has an incredible healing factor - even managing to completely replace one of its limbs after Anguirus tore it off in combat in seconds.

sorry if this is bad or anything - Im not as talented as everyone else in this thread haha

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First post of the year! Hope me essentially posting twice in a row isn't breaking any rules - just been kinda excited to write more of this haha

Ultraman, Hope given Form.

Height: 65 meters
Weight: 10,000 t
Origin: Space, made landing in Antarctica.


A giant defying physics itself - Ultraman appeared in the Antarctic far above ground, completely defying all of humanity's ways of detecting extraterrestrial entities and promptly making landing and simply observing the landscape, a far cry from most other Kaiju simply tearing apart everything around them, clearly curious of the environment of such a species like Homo sapiens.

Communications, against previous assumptions - were very easy to set up with the giant, the being taking a human form almost as if it was second nature, and interacting politely and without any negative emotion - in fact, he spoke much like a machine, leaving some uneased but still listening on.

The giant - accepting his tentative name as Ultraman once told of it - spoke that he was sent to scout the planet Earth in order to prevent a device known as a Plasma Spark from being made from nuclear fusion, noting that this was not his personal view - only the orders he was given.

Only a few hours later - Godzilla finally awoke after decades, tearing out of his icy tomb and making his way to land to terrorize it once more, Ultraman - after getting word of this information, swiftly returned to his original form, leaping into the sky and somehow flying through it without any form of locomotion.

After making landfall in the area the atomic monster had arrived, Ultraman and Godzilla fought tirelessly for hours, both of them neck-and-neck with neither of them being able to outpace the other for long, until Ultraman's energy was completely expended, forcing him to take a smaller easier to maintain form - although the being managed to damage Godzilla enough to somehow - someway - make him return to the ocean swiftly after that, limping in agony even with healed wounds back to the crashing waves, Ultraman's current location is unknown, and beliefs if he is dead or alive are varied, though Godzilla is still believed to be alive.

Physical Appearance:

The frame Ultraman's more recognizable traits form upon is made of scarlet intertwining wire that forms out of energy, swirling around and connecting into a humanoid shape when manifesting with the metallic "armor" of sorts manifesting over it, some have even likened him to a real-life superhero due to such an appearance, although it is perplexing how the giant functions when the body holds no organs of sight, hearing, or smell, perhaps the armor has the purpose of sensing things?

The armor itself is simple enough, with a blue orb forming over the middle of his upper body and an odd face without a nose and oddly shaped eyes - ears - and mouth, perhaps due to how simple it is for him to turn into a human form, perhaps they were once human-esque lifeforms and evolved to such a state?


Specium: The energy Ultraman manipulates to use his attacks, how it works is completely unknown, and it is being heavily researched as to how it even functions, and ways to recreate it are highly sought after.

Ultra Slash: Ultraman can create a buzzsaw of energy with one hand to use to damage foes up close or to throw as a projectile, and Ultraman is even capable of firing multiple that act and aim at specific spots on their own independent from the giant of light - even defying logic via changing their directory without making any movement in its form, How this is possible is unknown.

Specium Ray: Via placing his hands into a + position after channeling energy into his forearms, Ultraman can fire an incredibly powerful beam of Specium which completely overpowered Godzilla's Atomic Breath in half a second, tearing apart the creature's jaw and clearly leaving a mark after its regeneration, Studies into how this process works and how to replicate it have all lead to dead ends - perhaps it is concentrated in a way we have yet to even invent before firing as to prevent surrounding damages.

Flight: Ultraman is somehow capable of flight without a single method of propulsion, and even outspeeding mankind's fastest creations, much like his previous attributes - how this even works is unknown.

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Re: Make Your Own Version/Incarnation(s) of Kaiju

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Here's the last post i'm going to be making for a while, don't want to flood the thread with solely my ideas, but enough talk i suppose!

Togera, Yog's Eldest Spawn.

Height: 45m - 80m
Weight: Unmeasured.


Togera is a twisted creature, its appearance as if something small and pathetic like a frog was forced into the shape of a daunting beast. the creature adorned with sickly green skin frequently dotted with warts. it's scarlet glowing eyes that contrast with it's body are disproportionally small, it's warped head crudely made to resemble a reptilian snout - it is barely able to see, and relies on scent and hearing over sight. It's ears have large golden bull-like horns piercing out of them. Although despite this, Togera retains it's hearing. running down the creature's back are many small golden spines that slowly fade to beneath the creature's skin as it's tail begins.

The horrid abomination's tail is thick yet disproportionate, changing in thickness several times over it's length, and ending with a mace-like end not too different from but not too alike anything humanity has created. Togera's claws are the most proportionate and orderly part of it's body, with normal hands splitting at their tips to reveal yellow claws. it's wrist can even part to reveal blades longer than any of it's fingers.

The almost crystal-esque bone blades that emerge from many points of it's body is likened by some to gold. but the makeup of this material is unknown, and Togera was too hostile for any samples to be retrieved without unnecessary casualties.


1970, Reports about a monster of folklore around the islands of Sergio known as Togera were rising faster and faster. ships sinking en masse and corpses of massive creatures washing ashore. Eventually, forces were sent to investigate, the crew were first met with a washed up corpse of a mutant overgrown cuttlefish, and a large monster swiftly identified as the perpetrator of the incidents, Togera.

Togera was swiftly fired upon with barrages of weaponry from the sky and nearby ocean, all of them doing little damage as it immediately broke into a violent rage. using another overgrown creature named Gezora like a weapon, even managing to down a few passing jets through it's range until it was a useless pile of charred bone. the creature then using it's bare hands to kill everything in sight. not a single man in it's destructive path lived to tell the tale except for those who watched from a distance.

Another attack was launched soon after, attempting to target the monster's lack of hearing with a Full-Metal Missile fired into it's cranial cavity silently - only for it to manage to notice the noise despite it's presumed useless ears. immediately wiping out the surrounding opposition as another giant monster, Ganimes, rose from the water nearby. wiping out even further reinforcements as the creatures broke out into a brawl. the giant mutated crustacean managing to actually land a few hits on the creature and making it bleed, only for the first drop of blood to be met with Togera going completely berserk. it's scarlet eyes turning into a blinding green hue as it's maw swung open as a beam of green energy barreled outward like a flamethrower, the beam even burning away at the Togera's jaws and melting down the entirety of Ganimes into a white-hot paste.

Consuming this paste to regain it's energy, It was figured out what had even caused such a spike in monsters to appear on these islands - Yog, an endangered yet incredibly dangerous lifeform that latches onto other lifeforms and "supercharges" them. causing them to grow heavily in size, this making sense of the conflict quickly. Togera was a mutant frog, Gezora was a mutant cuttlefish, Ganimes was a mutant crab. but just 3 of them wouldn't make sense, for the Yog to be committing to seemingly making Togera into an incredibly strong lifeform, just two wouldn't cut it.

And then, two monsters surfaced on the island as Togera finished it's meal, another Ganimes and a Kamoebas, although the three monsters fought brutally, but focus was placed on the mysterious source of energy beneath the surface that rapidly approached, appearing right after the monster killed the second Ganimes and Kamoebas, the ground ripping in two as it appeared.

The Guardian Monster of Fire, Megalon.

Togera's fate was sealed, it's body completely immolated by Megalon, and the Yog assumed to have been eliminated, for it has not appeared for decades on end. No samples were able to be retrieved from the site.


Bone Blades: Togera's body is armed with many blades that can extend and retract, such as it's claws, wrist-blades, and all the spikes running down it's back, It even extended it's horns to grab Kamoebas' neck and choke it to death, although if any other spikes on it's body could do the same is completely unknown.

"Atomic Breath": A stream of high-temperature green flames from Togera's mouth, some have even likened it to the Atomic Breath that Godzilla used in his attack in 1962. although it's composition seems to be much different compared to Godzilla's heat ray, since it was less concentrated compared to that attack and resembled his earlier Incandescent Light much more.

Growth: Togera appeared to grow in size after consuming enough biological matter, during when it was feeding on Gezora. it was only 45 meters tall, but when Megalon appeared, it had reached an 80 meter size.

Destoroyah, Demons born from the Destroyer. :Destoroyah:

Height: 6-10 ft, Likely higher if left unchecked.
Weight: Too dangerous to measure.

Appearance: Destoroyah are something that would never happen in natural selection, Their bodies are covered in a scarlet red. their heads are perched onto a snake-like neck. and the sides of their head is a crest resembling some sort of frill converted into chitin. their "chest" is adorned with a floral pattern and 4 sharp and bloodied legs adorn each side of it's body, a tail similar to Godzilla's own extends off of it's back. ending with a four-pronged pincer that occasionally lets out a red mist - in fact, it's entire body lets out this odd red mist, disabling electric equipment it comes into contact with and dissolving flesh like an acid when in contact with it.

Their head is adorned with two glowing yellow eyes absent of any pupils, as if it is a crustacean imitating a insect imitating a reptilian. the floral pattern on it's chest occasionally expands and retracts like the chest of a breathing human, it's chitinous armor is segmented yet whole. almost like it is somewhat malleable compared to the rest of it's body such as it's crest. it's face ends with gross mandibles resembling horizontal human jaws with 4 sharp needle-esque teeth on each respective side of the mandible. Their bodies are usually flat against the ground, their bodies tough as steel making little to no noise on most surfaces it drags under.


The first attempt to kill Godzilla - the Oxygen Destroyer, did not solely just cause nothing but the death of the man who activated it and the severe maiming of Godzilla.

Deep within the stone caverns, some sort of colony of ancient creatures was awakened once more and mutated. Most of them died, but others twisted in form into something disgusting, something that would soon rise to the surface - their crude "colony" growing as they began tunneling outward to grow space for them to live in such a cramped area. This would eventually cross paths with humanity's infrastructure. and from their clear great hostility and hunger for their hive to grow, Death was not a matter of when in this situation, only how.

Not to mention, keeping the public unaware of the Destoroyah is a challenge requiring and demanding sacrifice. Entire underwater disasters had to be fabricated for the sake of keeping the demons out of the surface, Some people determined to figure it out were driven insane by social engineering - Eventually. this unwilling job became just as usual as any other job - The consequences became just a unfortunate thing that could not be avoided. But even with such constraining orders to keep them from surfacing - Sometimes, it is unavoidable.

And when they do surface, it is a slaughter, nothing done by anyone kills them. Bullets bounce off of their toughened skin. They break through any walls their prey hide behind in desperation, Anyone in their way die in agony to the Micro-Oxygen they radiate - grasping at their throats and desperately hanging onto life. There is no other choice to make when they appear other than to abandon ship.


Micro-Oxygen: Destoroyah always emit a red mist from their body - the same element used in the Oxygen Destroyer, It kills anything that breaths it in, and causes nearby electrical equipment to malfunction, it can spray this mist out of its mouth in a concentrated form to practically instantly kill something weak like a human, What effects it has on Kaiju other than Godzilla are unknown.

Burrowing: Destoroyah are incredibly proficient at burrowing, tearing through anything in their way with ease towards wherever they seek to go or whatever they seek to do.

Evolution: Considering they developed to use and generate Micro-Oxygen, it is far from an impossibility that they can evolve further to handle larger threats. Theoretically - they could kill Godzilla.

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