Godzilla vs Kong But It's That Fan Theory People Used To Have

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Godzilla vs Kong But It's That Fan Theory People Used To Have

Post by Kiryu2012 »

Fake Godzilla vs Kong (GvK)

Arena: Hong Kong

-Kong has his Fin Breaker
-Fake Godzilla can shed his disguise

Verdict: Kong should be able to take on Fake Godzilla well enough, especially since he has his axe. Fake Godzilla's strong, but he's gonna be outclassed by Kong's superior mobility and fighting skills. His axe will also scrape up Fake Godzilla even if he can't charge it. It's if Fake Godzilla manages to shed his disguise do things get more interesting. If Mechagodzilla can get off an all out assault quickly enough, he might win this, but Kong could possibly prevent this by rushing in to attack MG before that happens.
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Re: Godzilla vs Kong But It's That Fan Theory People Used To Have

Post by HillyHulk »

Fake Godzilla shouldn't be too hard to deal with. The skin shedding makes things hard, but still manageable. Getting shot spells disaster for Kong despite having a defense for the Space Beams, but he should be both fast and agile enough to dodge them long enough to get in close. Once he does so, he can slice it up something fierce assuming he catches him before he flies away. Taking too long will trigger the All Out Assault and it's all over then and there, but otherwise Kong can win.
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Re: Godzilla vs Kong But It's That Fan Theory People Used To Have

Post by Zasraniec »

haha good match. I am giving this to Fake Godzilla because of his flamethrower. Being an alien weapon it is not going to be bound by Kong's axe. Kong would win if this were just a straight up melee fight without beams, but even if I pretend Fake Godzilla somehow gets crushed by Kong he will just turn into Mechagodzilla and the real slaughter will begin. Showa Mechagodzilla is no slouch in melee. In fact I would say he is probably the most balanced of all the Mechagodzillas so far. He has good melee. Great firepower and unlike MV Mechagodzilla, a defense against attacks with his forcefield. No to mention flight. He seems to have all fields covered for a well balanced and deadly space opponent. If Mechagodzilla takes to the air it is curtains for Kong. If he could make Showa Godzilla bleed like a geyser then Kong is in for a rude awakening.

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Re: Godzilla vs Kong But It's That Fan Theory People Used To Have

Post by GodzillavsRayquaza »

Depends on how close Kong is to Mechagodzilla when he sheds the disguise. If Kong can immediately start wailing on him he’ll win, but if Mechagodzilla can start getting hits in things go downhill for Kong. The Space Beams have no charge time, which means Kong ain’t blocking them with the axe. So I’ll abstain because it’s a real coin-flip.
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