K.W.C.E Match 67: Gohan (Oozaru) and Gamera (Heisei) vs. Gyaos (Heisei) vs. Godzilla (2001)

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K.W.C.E Match 67: Gohan (Oozaru) and Gamera (Heisei) vs. Gyaos (Heisei) vs. Godzilla (2001)

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By: shippersdreamer
Wordcount: 10,003 Words


Peace often came at a price, even if those prices had been forgotten to time. Despite seemingly giving up his evil ambitions, Piccolo Junior still had a keen sense of how evil worked, having carried the memories of his father, Demon King Piccolo with him. He couldn’t even begin to sift through how many people his father had killed, he still had the memories of the old man howling with laughter as he blew up a random village for no other reason than he felt like it. But he still could sense great evil like nobody else, and that was why he was at Kami’s Lookout at the elderly God’s request.

He stood at the edge of the lookout, watching the clouds roll across the skyline below him as the elderly God approached him from behind, a tea try floating just besides him.

“Tea, Piccolo?” Kami asked politely, although they both knew that Piccolo likely wouldn’t drink anything. He waved his arm slightly. “Perhaps something to eat, you did travel a long way to get here-”

“Cut with the niceties old man,” Piccolo interrupted bluntly, folding his arms over his chest. “We both know why you called me up here. There’s something evil stirring on the Earth isn’t there? You wouldn’t have called me up here for idle chit chat.”

Kami gave an exasperated sigh, but nodded his head nonetheless. “Direct as always Piccolo, I’m afraid you’re right. Something evil is stirring and I’m afraid it’s going to get worse. I’m sure you remember what happened when the Tree of Might was planted on the Earth?”

Piccolo snorted at that. “How could I forget? Turles and his stupid Crusher Corps nearly wiped us all out.”

It was an incident Piccolo wasn’t likely to forget. He remembered the massive tree, as big as a continent and towering over everything in its wake. The miles and miles of dead forests and animals as the tree absorbed the planet’s energy. “Something happened because of the tree, hasn’t it?” Piccolo guessed.

Kami nodded again, his features turning grave. “The Tree of Might absorbed a lot of the planet’s Mana, and in doing so made it possible for the forces of darkness to gain a stronger foothold on the Earth than ever before. Hordes of beings known as Gyaos are going to start appearing all over the planet.”

Turning away from Kami, Piccolo closed his eyes in contemplation. “I’ve heard of these Gyaos before, thanks to my father’s memories. Isn’t there some creature that’s supposed to deal with them?”

“Yes, that creature’s name is Gamera. I believe Muten Roshi has an infant of the species as an ally, but it’s been a long time since Gamera’s presence was needed…”

Piccolo harrumphed slightly. “This wouldn’t have happened if the Tree had been dealt with sooner. Still, even I would have thought Gamera was a myth if it wasn’t for the fact it was coming from you.” He began walking towards the ledge, standing on the precipice. “All I know is that Gamera better not get in my way, I can already see some Gyaos swarming from here.” He watched impassively as a massive black cloud seemed to be making its way towards one of the cities.

Kami began to move forward, frowning. “Wait, there’s more-”

“It can wait.” Piccolo stated bluntly, before taking off and flying back down towards the planet’s surface and increasing his energy so he flew faster down.

Stepping towards the ledge, Kami watched Piccolo disappear into the distance, growing small and smaller until his darker half was out of sight. He sighed wearily, feeling every day of his age in that moment. “I pray it can, Piccolo. I pray it can.”

Far beneath Kami’s Lookout, a small gathering was taking place on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean. The Turtle Hermit’s home was usually never so busy, and indeed all of the commotion and camaraderie made the old martial art’s master remember when two of his best students were in their training with Launch. He sighed wistfully, standing outside on the beach and watching the seagulls fly across the horizon. “Those were happier times.” He said to himself.

A teasing, cocky voice interrupted the old man’s musings. “Talking to yourself, Master Roshi? They say that’s the first sign of insanity.” Turning, Roshi saw one of his newer students, Yamcha, standing there and offering a drink in his hand, the other occupied with his own. “Have something to drink, you’ve been standing there all day.”

Roshi took it, taking a long gulp before sighing to himself. “I’ve got a bad feeling, Yamcha. I may not be able to sense energy like you young’uns can, but something in these old bones can tell that something isn’t quite right.” He took another sip of his drink, before turning to his attention back towards Yamcha. “But, I suppose there’s no point in worrying about it now. Not much I can do based on a gut feeling. Let’s party!” With a loud whoop, Roshi eagerly ran towards his small little house, failing to see a faint little figure spinning rapidly in the air towards it.

Yamcha watched his master join the party with a small chuckle. Sipping his own drink, he joined his friends in the small festivities. “Hey! Save something for me!” He called out.

Piccolo grunted in surprise as he swerved out of the way of a sonic blast from one of the Gyaos, the blast cleaving his cape neatly in two. With a sigh, he threw it and his turban off, swiveling around and delivering a swift kick to an approaching Gyaos and sending it squawking backwards. “Gotta be on my guard, can’t predict their movements easily.” He murmured to himself, flexing his arm and shooting it outwards like a spring to grab another Gyaos by the neck and with a grunt of effort he blew the thing’s head off with a blast of ki.

Retracting his arm, he immediately dove down to avoid another sonic blast and rose back up, roaring defiantly and punching his arm through the torso of another Gyaos. The wild, chaotic ki flared for a moment before the creature died and fell off of his arm, and he kicked out behind him as another Gyaos dove in, only to grunt in surprise when his leg was grabbed by the creature and he was thrown wildly into the air, a couple more Gyaos swarming onto him. He covered himself as his skin was pecked and bit at by their sharp, ravenous beaks. With a loud roar, a large wave of ki exploded out of his mouth and blasted the Gyaos in front of him apart and he tore out of the swarm just as another voice rang out.

DODONPA!” A thin yellow beam of energy pierced one of the Gyaos’ chest and it crumpled in on itself, the body not even landing as its fellows picked it apart and ate the remains. “Ghastly things, aren’t they?” Tien Shinhan commented, his three eyes watching the spectacle impassively. “I thought you could do with some help.”

Piccolo nodded firmly, joining Tien as the two warriors watched the swarm dive down onto the other corpses that Piccolo had made. “I’ve never felt anything like them before,” Tien said, slipping easily into the Crane Style stance. “It’s like raw chaotic energy turned to flesh.”

“This is the result of when the Earth’s mana is low,” Piccolo said, and gave a dismissive wave at Tien’s confused look. “I’ll explain later, right now we have to deal with these creatures before they cause any more harm.”

“You’re right, it looks like we’ll be here for a while though-” He paused as a sudden burst of energy behind him made him whip around. His jaw opened in amazement as a giant spinning shell thundered over him and with an ear-splitting roar, dove into the swarm of Gyaos and began spewing fireballs everywhere, burning them to ashes within seconds. “What on Earth…”

“So, Gamera’s decided to show up after all,” Piccolo commented. With a grunt, he flared his power and rocketed off towards the heated battle as Gamera landed on his feet and bellowed another angry cry at the Gyaos. “Don’t dawdle, this swarm is big enough that even Gamera could be overwhelmed!”

Shaken out of his stupor by Piccolo’s words, Tien wordlessly nodded and flew off to join his comrade, only for a smaller voice to shout “DODONPA!” and flinched when the yellow beam flew right past him.

“Chiaotzu! I told you to stay behind!” Tien barked, watching as his best friend effortlessly tossed the corpse aside with his telekinesis.

Chiaotzu sniffed dismissively, waving his hand slightly. “I can handle myself just fine Tien, besides. You need all the help you can get right? Now come on, we have to help!” With that, he flew past Tien and into the fray of flailing Gyaos limbs and Gamera’s outraged shrieking.

Shaking his head a little, Tien smiled and joined his companion, pointing out his finger and shooting another Gyaos out of the sky with a Dodonpa. “I wonder where Goku is in all of this?” He thought to himself, dodging the flailing talons of another of the creatures.


Soaring above the air towards Kame House was a yellow cloud. On it were two figures, one clad in all orange and the other wearing a dark purple outfit. Son Goku and Son Gohan were on their way to Master Roshi’s house, brows furrowed. “Dad… what are we sensing?” Gohan asked his father tentatively, clinging onto his leg as the Nimbus raced over the clouds and over the sparkling ocean.

“I don’t know Gohan, but whatever it is I don’t like it. It’s… growing too.” Goku didn’t want to show how shaken he was about this raw, feral ki in front of his son. He had never felt anything so wild and bestial in his life.

He had seen one of the creatures near Mt. Paozu and he had taken it out before Gohan or Chi-Chi had noticed, but had insisted that Chi-Chi stay with her father for a while after realizing there could be more out there. He hated the idea of Chi-Chi being alone with those things out in the world.

“Will Mom be okay with Grandpa?” Gohan asked again, clutching his father’s leg tighter as the wind whipped his long hair. His tail was curled around Goku’s leg.

“Oh I wouldn’t worry about your mom Gohan, she’s tougher than I am!” Goku laughed despite his nerves. “If anything, Chi-Chi’s gonna be protecting your grandpa more than anything else!” He laughed again, putting a bit too much emphasis on it to come across as genuine.

Gohan looked up skeptically at his father, but accepted his words anyways and peered out from behind his father. “Look Dad, we’re nearly there!”

Flying over the sands of the beach, Gohan and Goku jumped down, landing neatly on their feet. Gohan glanced around, frowning in confusion when he saw a strange looking turtle talking to Turtle. “Dad? Who’s that?”

Goku blinked for a moment, then scrunched his face to try and remember. “I think… it’s something Master Roshi used once. I can’t remember it’s name though. Hey Turtle! Who’s your friend?”

Both turtles jumped slightly at Goku’s cheerful voice, but Turtle sighed in relief when he saw who it was. “Oh, Goku. You’re just in time. Could you get Master Roshi for me? This is rather urgent…”

Frowning, Goku looked out towards the house. “You couldn’t get him yourself Turtle? I know you’re a bit slow but…”

Turtle shook his head, pointing a flipper towards the house. “It’s not that but he’s… well…” He paused, trying to figure out the best way to put it, before seemingly resigning himself to the truth. “He’s drunk.”

Oh. Goku nodded slightly, then beamed widely. “Oh I know how to deal with this, I’ll be right back!” With that, he happily jogged into the house. “Heya Master Roshi, Krillin, Yamcha! Scuse me a moment…”

Gohan sat next to Turtle and the other strange looking turtle as his father and his friends all bustled out of the house, the old martial arts master slung over Goku’s shoulder and flailed his limbs to try and get free of his pupil’s grip. With a small ‘hup!’, Goku tossed his master a few feet into the ocean as Gohan reached out an anxious hand towards the other turtle, who happily let Gohan pet him.

Bursting out of the water, Master Roshi spit some out and waved his arm angrily at Goku. “What the heck’s the big idea Goku?! Throwing a poor defenseless old man into the ocean..” He grumbled, swimming back to shore and taking off his shirt to wring it out.

Goku grinned apologetically, rubbing the back of his head. “Sorry Master Roshi, but Turtle said it was urgent. He’s got another turtle with him that he needs to talk to you about.”

Still angry, Roshi turned towards Turtle and looked ready to berate him until he saw who he was with. All of a sudden, the old Master’s demeanor changed in an instant, and slowly he walked towards the two. “Baby Gamera, I take it you’re not here on a social call.” He said wearily.

Baby Gamera shook his head. “Fraid not Boss, my pops is awake and you know what that means.”

“Yes, I do.” Roshi said, and rubbed his chin thoughtfully. “It means that the Earth’s mana is critically low. No wonder I had such a bad feeling earlier today. And if Gamera himself is awake then…” He turned towards Goku, lowering his sunglasses a little to give him a serious look. “Goku, did you encounter any strange creatures on your way over to the house?”

Goku shifted uncomfortably under his Master’s sudden gaze, but he nodded his head anyways. “Yeah, I did. It was near my house. I’ve never felt anything like it in my life Master Roshi, it was… chaotic.”

Roshi hummed, and waved his hand towards his house. “I’m not surprised, everyone inside. I’ll tell you all I know about the situation.”

Everyone shared confused looks at each other as they all filed into the old master’s house and settled down comfortably, Gohan hopping into his father’s lap as Krillin and Yamcha sat down on the couch. Roshi shut the door quietly and made his way over towards the kitchen, pottering around to make some herbal tea. “Mana, boys, is the life force of the Earth. Think of it as the planet’s own natural ki. Your life force can manifest itself into powerful energy, and so too can the Earth’s into Mana. Very rarely can any creature harness the power of Mana, but it plays a vital role into everything on this planet.”

He poured the tea slowly, the steam rising as his students were captivated by his words. He put the cups on a tray and walked out, handing a cup to Gohan first before handing the rest out. “I suspect that the Tree of Might disaster drained the Earth of her mana, and when it’s low… horrific creatures called Gyaos rise up. The creature you saw Goku was likely one of them, and be lucky son. They usually come in swarms. Big swarms, I mean.”

Goku’s brow furrowed, thinking about a whole swarm of the Gyaos near his home, attacking Chi-Chi and Gohan. He held onto Gohan a little tighter, ignoring his son’s confused look.

“Is there anything we can do Master Roshi?” Krillin asked, setting his mug down. “How can we help the Earth recover its Mana? The Dragon Balls?”

Roshi shook his head, sitting down wearily. “It’s not that easy Krillin. The Dragon balls can’t be your only way to solve the problem, and the only way to help restore the Earth’s mana is to get out there and fight those creatures back with everything you had.. There’s a creature, a large and powerful creature named Gamera that can harness its power to help heal it. But I fear with how much mana that blasted tree took, even he could be overwhelmed.”

It was Yamcha who leaned forward, cradling his own mug of tea. “Then the solution is obvious right? We have to go out there and fight the Gyaos wherever we can. We can’t just let them tear the world apart, right?”

There was a general muttering of agreement from the Kame students and Krillin stood up suddenly, fist clenched and a determined smile on his face. “Yamcha’s right! We can’t just stand here and let some evil monsters destroy our homes!”

They all rose up, giving each other words of encouragement and pats on the back as they prepared to head out until they all stopped dead in their tracks, freezing solid as a massive wave of raw hatred washed over them. They all tensed up, clenching involuntarily and stared up at the ceiling as the pool of hatred grew bigger and viler.

“What the hell is that?” Krillin gasped, nearly on his knees from the force of such an evil energy. “What could make something that evil?”

Goku’s fists were clenched tightly. He remembered feeling a similar energy to this when he was a boy. The thick, black murderous energy of Demon King Piccolo, an evil blight in a peaceful world. Sweat was trickling down his forehead and he realized with a start that his legs were trembling-no, that he was trembling. Goku was scared and he knew it.

“It reminds me of King Piccolo’s energy,” Goku said quietly, taking his friends by surprise. “But this… this is worse. It’s as if all of the evil in the universe converged onto one spot and became real. I’ve never felt anything so wicked in my life. It…” He swallowed thickly, trying to force himself to calm down a little. “It frightens me.”

Gohan was shaking like a leaf, clinging onto his father as the evil sensation threatened to overwhelm him. “W-What do we do dad?” He asked, trying to put on a brave face in front of his father. “Can we ignore the Gyaos to go deal with this?”

The adults all looked at each other in a fearful realization, but none made a sound and remained rooted on the spot as the overwhelming chaotic energy of the Gyaos clashed with the vile filth of the evil energy around them. It was at that moment that everyone, even Goku, realized they had no idea what to do.

Near the outskirts of East City, the fighting had temporarily stopped. Everyone, including the Gyaos, were staring open mouthed as the vile energy pooled and rose far into the distance. Even Piccolo seemed shaken by the wicked energy he sensed.

“Tien?” Chiaotzu’s voice cut across the silence. “I’m scared.”

“Me too Chiaotzu,” Tien replied evenly. “Me too.”

Then all at once, everything exploded into action again. The Gyaos all shrieked and began flying about and firing their sonic blasts even wilder than before, seemingly driven into a frenzy by the evil energy far into the distance. Gamera shrieked in rage, flames licking at his maw and swatting down a Gyaos and stamping on it before unleashing a massive fireball that exploded around him, sending smoke and heat billowing everywhere.

Piccolo dove into the fray, slamming his feet into one of the Gyaos and with a grunt ripped its wings off, kicking the writing thing to the ground before he extended his arm and braced it with the other. “Explosive Demon Wave!” He bellowed, a gigantic explosion of energy shotgunned out of his arm and pushed him back slightly as at least 4 Gyaos were all reduced to atoms by the blast.

Quickly joining their allies, Chiaotzu and Tien fought back to back as the Gyaos surrounded them. Chiaotzu thrust his hands out and paralyzed one of the Gyaos in mid air, swirling his hands before thrusting them downwards to throw it like a stone into its comrades, sending a gigantic mass of flailing limbs and sonic blasts tumbling down below. “Now, Tien!”

Rising up above the chaotic din, Tian cupped his hands together in a triangular shape. He sucked in a deep breath, gathering his energy into one spot, his muscles surging and veins appearing across his arms and head. “KIKOHO!” He roared, sending a massive square-shaped wave of energy slamming into the Gyaos below him. The ground beneath detonated and a gigantic explosion of light and power surrounded him, but even through the harsh light he could see more Gyaos barreling towards Chiaotzu. “KIKOHO!” He roared again, sending another square blast of energy into the swarm and obliterating them in a gargantuan display of raw power.

He breathed heavily, taking a moment to catch himself as he surveyed the landscape. The Gyaos horde had noticeably thinned after the attack. Those that weren’t being taken care of by the others were flying off towards the direction of the evil energy still rising in the distance.

Gamera shrieked angrily and retracted back into his shell, the roar of fire sending clouds of dust everywhere as he took off, following the Gyaos as fast as he could fly. Tien still wasn’t sure what to make of the giant turtle, and turned to see Piccolo rising upwards. He glanced down, and grunted. “Follow them, there’s bound to be more out there.”

“And where are you headed?” Tien asked, nodding towards Chiaotzu who took off after Gamera.

“To get some answers.” Piccolo responded, and tore off into the sky back towards Kami’s Lookout.

Spurred on by the flare of Tien’s ki in the distance, the Turtle Students all gathered their resolve and began to head out. Master Roshi watched his students prepare for another grueling battle with a mixture of pride and remorse. He wished he could join them, but he could only slow them down against the aggressive hordes like the Gyaos.

He could start training again, he mused to himself, sitting down in front of his television and turning it on. Roshi flicked over to the news, wanting to see the latest reports from the Gyaos when his eyes widened in fear at what he saw before him. A creature from the ancient past attacking West City. “No… that can’t be possible!”

With speed that belied his age, Master Roshi burst out of his house. “Goku!” He yelled, only to see too late that his pupils were nothing but distant specks in the horizon towards West City. ”GOKU!!” He bellowed loudly, praying that he could catch his student’s attention before it was too late.

“Is something wrong Master Roshi?” Turtle inched over to him, noting that the old master was staring hard over the horizon at the west.

“Oh Turtle, I’m afraid something is very wrong. I fear that my pupils lives will be in terrible danger.”

High above the sparkling oceans and the clouds, the Kame Students were discussing their battle strategy. The afternoon sun was setting, coloring the whole skyline a dark blood orange. “The Gyaos seem to be headed towards West City,” Goku commented, reaching out his senses to feel the wild feral ki of the animals. “And… it looks like that evil presence is there as well. There’s also a third presence, but I don’t recognize that one.”

They all paused for a moment, reaching out for the third energy source. A warmth spread over them, as if they had just entered a nice relaxing bath and sank into the soapy waters. A sense of courage filled their hearts and made them feel lighter, despite their weighted training clothes.

“It must be Gamera,” Krillin concluded, twirling through the air a little and laughing a little. “I can feel it all too, it sounds like a giant mess over there. I sure hope Bulma made it out okay.”

“Trust me Krillin, if anyone made it out of the city in one piece, it’d be Bulma.” Yamcha said, causing the adults to chuckle amongst themselves. “I think I can sense Tien and Chiaotzu’s energy there too, they must’ve followed the Gyaos to the city.” He continued, brow furrowing as he saw thick curls of black smoke rising into the sky. “That can’t be good.”

“Come on! Let’s hurry before the whole city is destroyed!” Goku urged, and as one they dove down into the smoke and emerged out the other end, scattering immediately as a giant blue beam of energy nearly hit Yamcha and collided with a ruined building, the top half of the structure exploding outwards in a giant force of energy and power.

Yamcha gulped, and flinched when he heard the enraged shriek of Gamera followed by the deep, unnerving roar of another creature. “W-What the hell was that?” He asked, watching as a few of the Gyaos creatures flew overhead, swerving at just the last moment as a massive fireball launched itself from deep inside the city and exploded high above in the air.

“Only one way to find out, stay on your guard everyone.” Goku said, and together they charged headfirst into the heat of the battle.

Before they could make any more headway, the same deep roar boomed throughout the air, a thick grey tail sweeping through the smoke and slamming into Krillin, sending him crashing down onto the ground. “Krillin!” Goku shouted, swerving backwards as a massive claw swiped out at him.

From the smoke stepped a large, dark grey creature. Standing on its hind legs, it flexed its powerful claws and slammed its tail into the ground. It’s back was coated in gigantic white dorsal plates, and when it opened its mouth to roar at the Dragon Team, it revealed sharp rows of pure white teeth. The thing that unnerved Goku the most though, aside from the raw evil energy pouring from it, was its blank white eyes.

It seemed to stare into Goku as it locked eyes with him, before narrowing slightly and opening its mouth, a blue light pouring out before a giant turtle careened back into view and tackled the other creature with a loud roar of anger.

Gamera growled, slashing his claws against the evil monsters’ face, fire churning in his maw before unleashing a fireball at point blank range against the foul thing. The creature stumbled back, howling in agony before shoulder blocking Gamera and sending him stumbling back.

Immediately, the creature spat out his hellacious blue energy beam and swept it high into the air, incinerating a couple Gyaos in seconds as the creatures swarmed the thing and began attacking it. Roaring angrily, the creature grabbed one of the Gyaos and slammed it down onto the ground, stomping on it and killing it instantly before grabbing another one in his jaws and ripping it to shreds in a manner of seconds, throwing the corpse at Gamera and trying to blast him with another energy ray.

Gamera wheeled around, grunting in pain as the beam slammed into the harder part of his shell and sent him skidding forward, only to screech in pain when a couple sonic blasts pierced into his arms and spilled green blood everywhere. He spat out another fireball at the creature, only for the thing to dodge the blast and set an entire building alight in a roar of flames and plasma.

“MASENKO!” A flash of yellow energy shot out of Gohan’s hands, catching a Gyaos in the stomach and sending it flying backwards into the air. Crying out, Gohan charged forward and kicked out with his leg, a sharp crack filling the air as he broke the thing’s neck and sent it crumpling downwards. He grunted in pain when a sonic blast cut into his side, gasping out and clutching at it. Before he could react against the creature though, he watched in awe as his dad flew in and kicked out with both of his feet, sending the Gyaos crashing into a car and laying still.

“You can’t let your guard down against these things Gohan!” Goku called out, smashing his elbow into the face of another Gyaos and grabbing it by the leg. With a grunt, he twirled around and threw the creature into one of its comrades. He held out his hand and with a loud cry he blasted them to smithereens with a large ki blast. He straightened up, sighing out a little and floating over to Gohan, patting his head. “These things seem pretty weak huh Gohan? But like I said, don’t let your guard down. What these things lack in individual strength they make up for in numbers.”

“What about the evil thing Gamera’s fighting?” Gohan asked, and together the father and son glanced backwards to watch as Gamera shoved the evil creature into a building and it bellowed angrily as the whole thing collapsed on top of it.

“I think it’ll be fine, if not we can always try and lend a hand. Right now we need to make sure these Gyaos things don’t interrupt them, okay son?”

“You got it dad!” Together, they flew off towards a few more Gyaos, joining Krillin and Yamcha in the hectic battle.

Gamera watched the rubble carefully for any sign of movement, fire burning in his throat before a sudden flash of blue and another powerful beam shot out and slammed into his soft undershell. Gamera screamed out in agony as blood spurted everywhere from the wound near his stomach and he was thrown completely onto his back. He flailed around, trying to right himself as the creature marched up towards him.

Retracting his limbs, Gamera fired off his jets and began spinning around rapidly, trying to get away from the creature as he rose into the air, only for the creature to raise his foot and stomp down viciously, forcing Gamera into the ground with a sharp cry of pain, blood seeping from his shell.

Goku turned his head, watching the guardian get mercilessly stomped into the ground. It’s toying with him, he thought, noting how the creature gave a sadistic smile and moved back, only to kick the downed turtle hard and send it skidding away across the streets. Steeling himself, he turned back towards his friends. “Krillin! Do you think you can handle things here for a bit? I’m going to see if I can help Gamera!”

“You can count on us Goku!” Krillin called out, putting his fingers to his forehead. “Close your eyes everybody! SOLAR FLARE!” The small Gyaos horde screeched in agony as their eyes were suddenly assaulted by a blinding flash of sunlight. They wobbled, bumping into each other and flailing wildly as they tried to regain their lost sight. Raising his hand into the air, Krillin formed a thin, razor sharp disc of ki. “KIENZAN!”

Throwing the Kienzan, the blinded Gyaos failed to notice the attack until it sliced through them, carving through them all with ease and forcing the dissected remains to fall messily onto the ground with a wet splatter.

Flying towards Gamera and the evil creature, Goku stopped a few meters behind it. “HEY!!” He shouted loudly, cupping his hands together. The creature ignored him, stomping into Gamera again with sadistic glee as Goku began charging his signature attack.

“Ka… me…” He began, channeling his ki into the familiar attack, feeling the destructive energies build up in his hands. “Ha… me…”

The creature’s dorsal plates began to glow blue again, and his jaws opened wide, aiming down at Gamera.

“Ha… me…”

Goku thrust his hands out just as the creature whirled around, firing his powerful beam at the saiyan. “HA!!!” The Kamehameha roared out of Goku’s hands and slammed into the other creature’s blue beam. Goku grunted as the two beams clashed in the air, filling the area with a bright blue light. He pushed more energy into his hands, thrusting them out more, shaking slightly from the strain. “Come on…” He said through gritted teeth.

The creature took a powerful step forward, pumping his own deadly power into his beam and pushing the kamehameha back towards Goku. He strained harder, although to his horror he saw the creature’s energy beam get bigger than his own, and desperately he cut off the attack and tried to move out of the way, only to cry out in agony as the beam slammed into his side and sent him hurtling through the air.

His vision swam as he landed roughly onto the ground. He could hear his friends calling out for him but he couldn’t quite make out what they were saying. “Ow… that sure did a number on me…” He panted, standing up slowly and looking up at the creature. “You’re a lot stronger than I thought you were… if this wasn’t so scary this’d be exciting!”

Slipping into a different martial arts stance, Goku took a slow, steadying breath. “Alright, time to get serious. KAIOKEN!” With a loud war cry, a red aura overtook Goku and he shot off from the ground like a rocket, slamming his fist into the side of the creature’s face at lightning speeds. The creature reared his head back in alarm as Goku bursted on the other side, ramming his body into its stomach and causing it to double over in pain. With an even louder yell, Goku kicked hard at the creature’s jaw with everything he had, before breaking away and deactivating the kaioken.

Even with the very brief usage, Goku could feel his muscles start to strain thanks to the dangerous technique. He seethed slightly, watching as the creature rubbed his jaw before bellowing angrily at Goku. “Not good, it didn’t even phase him,” He thought to himself, tensing himself as those dorsal spines began to glow a bright blue. Goku sucked in a breath and shut his eyes tight, tensing for the inevitable hit he was going to take.

“HEY! GODZILLA!” The creature stiffened at the noise and whipped around, eyes narrowing as he locked eyes with none other than Piccolo. He growled, fingers pressed to his forehead. “Remember me? SPECIAL BEAM CANNON!” The yellow energy spiraled outwards and speared through the creature’s chest. It shrieked in pain and anger, stumbling backwards and clutching at the wound.

Piccolo folded his arms, sneering at the monster. “What’s the matter? I thought you were supposed to be tougher than that!” He easily dove down as Godzilla gave an enraged howl, firing his atomic ray wildly. While out of sight, Piccolo moved forward as quickly as he could and grabbed Goku by the back of his gi. “Come on,” He grunted, and dragged the protesting saiyan away from the fight.

Goku blew out a breath, feeling the black ki of Godzilla skyrocket as he began tearing through the city to try and find Piccolo. “What the heck’s the big idea Piccolo?”

Turning, he folded his arms. “You need to know what we’re up against. I take it you remember my father, King Piccolo?”

Goku nodded, rolling his shoulder and looking out towards the city. “Of course I do. Your dad was the meanest, evilest guy I’ve ever faced. Why?”

“Because that creature, Godzilla it’s called, is all of the spirits of my father’s victims. The demon clan’s magics meant that their souls could never move onto the afterlife. And thanks to the Earth’s mana being low, they were able to break through into a vessel, an ancient creature.”

Goku grew quiet for a moment, and both warriors watched as Godzilla’s enraged shrieks rang throughout the city. A large explosion ripped into the air, forming a mushroom cloud from the power. “Do you think we’ll be enough to stop it?” He asked.

Piccolo grunted. “I don’t think so. That’s another reason why I wanted to talk to you. If worse comes to it, we’ll need to use Gohan.”

The saiyan threw his friend a quizzical look. “Gohan? I mean, hey I know Gohan’s strong but he’s nowhere near trained enough to fight something like this.. What’d you call it, Godzilla?”

The other warrior shook his head, unfolding his arms. “We won’t need to train him.” He raised his arm, and pointed upwards towards the sky. “Not with that as our last option.”

Following where Piccolo was pointing, Goku gasped out loud as he saw the full moon, rising steadily in the sky. It was almost at its peak, the light from the celestial body casting enough of a light that Goku hadn’t even noticed it until just now. He swallowed, looking down at Piccolo. “Piccolo, I’m not so sure. Gohan’ll be even stronger yeah but…”

He looked outwards again, towards Godzilla. “That Godzilla’s a pretty tough guy, and we both know that Gohan will be completely uncontrollable. He’s just as likely to attack us as he is Godzilla.”

“It’s a chance we’ll have to take.” Piccolo grunted, turning away from Goku. “Gohan is going to be our last option, your kaioken technique won’t be enough before your body wears out to kill Godzilla. Especially with the Gyaos swarm.” His eyes shone briefly in the darkness. “You can tell it’s getting worse.”

Deeper in the city, the rest of the Dragon Team had been herded together and were desperately fighting off the seemingly never-ending number of Gyaos. “How many of these guys are there?!” Yamcha yelled out, ducking a sonic blast only to get slammed in the stomach by a flapping wing.

“Keep fighting!” Tien called back, panting roughly as he fired another dodon ray. Although he had to admit Yamcha had a point, it did seem like this would never end.

Gohan shrunk back, trying to keep himself from getting picked as more sonic blasts ripped through his clothes and made him cry out in pain. He was getting overwhelmed and he knew it, firing off ki blasts wildly and barely hitting their mark. “Dad!” He cried out, hoping that his father would swoop in and save him.

“We’ll only do it as a last resort Piccolo!” Goku cried, before charging up his energy and racing off to go save his son. “Hang on Gohan!” With a loud cry, he burst through the cloud of Gyaos and spun around, firing blasts of ki at each Gyaos he could see to thin their numbers. He grabbed one by the leg, twirling around in the air before hurtling it at its comrades. “Is everyone alright?!”

“Dad!” Gohan called, and he hugged his father’s leg happily. “I’m fine, just a few cuts…” He smiled, although Goku noted that it seemed more forced than usual.

He pat his son on the head, prying him away gently. “That’s great Gohan. Now then, let’-”

Goku froze, as a wave of chaotic energy slammed into him. They all turned, gaping in horror as a black cloud began rising up into the sky. It blocked out the moonlight completely as the cloud began to grow thicker as the largest swarm of Gyaos imaginable were diving down towards West City. Their feral eyes hungry and screaming for blood as they dove down as one, forcing the Dragon Team to scatter as the wave of ravenous flesh slammed into them.

Godzilla wheeled around, howling angrily as the swarm engulfed him. His entire upper half was completely gone in a whirlwind of sonic blasts, frantic wings and loud hungry yells. A beam of blue atomic energy cut through the swarm but more quickly swarmed in, trying to devour Godzilla whole.

RIsing from his position, Gamera gave a loud shriek of anger and opened his jaws. Fire boiled out of his mouth before he unleashed a titanic fireball at the swarm, the whole city was briefly lit by the light of the explosion as dozens of burnt Gyaos fell down onto the streets below. Furiously, Gamera charged forwards towards the swarm and towards Godzilla, firing another fireball that blew a chunk of the Gyaos away and he dove in, his hands nearly a blur as he began swatting and swiping at Gyaos as fast as possible.

“Come on everyone!” Goku called, and as one the Dragon Team raced forward, slamming into the massive horde of Gyaos with everything they got. With a loud yell, Goku thrust his hands out and a gigantic kamehameha shredded through the horde with a blight flash of energy.

Krillin pulled back, thrusting his hands out and firing a massive yellow ki wave. “Take a load of this!” He yelled, directing the Scatter Kamehameha up and letting it explode in the air, raining down death as the yellow blasts of energy ripped into the horde from above.

“Are you ready Chiaotzu?!” Tien bellowed, and together they formed a triangle with their hands. “KIKOHO!” They both yelled, the massive square of energy slamming into the horde amidst the chaos and forcing even more Gyaos to drop by the dozens.

At the epicenter of the storm, Godzilla gave an enraged bellow as sonic blasts cut into his skin. His foul blood splashed everywhere as he reared around, firing his atomic breath wildly again, ignoring the blistering heat as another of Gamera’s fireballs erupted right next to him, but in the brief light he saw him out of the corner of his blank white eyes. The demon that murdered them all. Piccolo.


Surging with hatred and power, Godzilla felt more sonic blasts assault his body but he couldn’t feel them anymore. They began to glance harmlessly off of him as his raw hatred fueled his natural abilities and he began to absorb them into his essence. With a sonic-charged roar, he fired an atomic ray that sliced through the Gyaos horde like butter, wading through the falling corpses and still angry Gyaos to get at the demon who damned them to eternal suffering.

Piccolo barely had enough room to dodge the massive claw of Godzilla as it swept through to try and end his life. He grunted, shielding his arms from another Gyaos before a bright flash of blue nearly blinded him and he forced himself backwards as the Gyaos was dissected in half by the sonic atomic ray. “Goku! He’s getting stronger!” Piccolo yelled over the noise, firing another explosive demon wave in front of him at more Gyaos.

Goku kicked outwards as Gamera’s massive hand appeared next to him and grabbed a Gyaos. With a sickening crack, the large turtle crushed the Gyaos in his hand and a massive wave of heat and energy exploded behind the saiyan as another fireball ripped through the horde. “What do you mean he’s getting stronger?! HAAA!” He fired another Kamehameha, the blue beam lighting the battlefield in glorious light for a brief moment before the swarm reconverged, bearing down on them eagerly.

Godzilla swung around, slamming his tail through the thick horde and onto Piccolo’s position, forcing the former demon out of the horde and spiralling onto the ground with a mighty crash.

He shifted onto his elbows, Piccolo watching in horror as the demonic creature waded through the chaos, evil white eyes illuminated in the darkness and the shadows as his spines glowed blue. He made to stand, only for Godzilla to surge forward out of the swarming mass and stomp on him viciously, howling in pleasure as Piccolo coughed up some blood.

Aiming his foot back, Godzilla roughly kicked Piccolo across the city streets, sending the warrior flailing helplessly as his body bounced across the concrete. Godzilla fired his sonic fueled atomic ray, splitting the ground apart before it collided with Piccolo’s position and exploded in a massive cloud of dust and power.

“Piccolo!” Goku called out, trying to reach his friend through the flailing limbs of the Gyaos. “GOHAN!!” He yelled at the top of his voice. “LOOK AT THE MOON!!”

“I can’t see it Dad!!” Gohan yelled back, fighting desperately against a Gyaos as another swooped overhead and nearly took his head off with his flexing claws. “There’s too many of them!”

“Piccolo needs your help, Gohan! He’s dying out there thanks to Godzilla! If you don’t look at the moon now he’ll never come back!” Goku closed his eyes tight, mentally apologizing to his son before projecting some images into his mind.

“Mr. Piccolo… needs my help?” Gohan’s pupils shrunk a little as he saw the image of his mentor’s broken body, bleeding and shivering on the ground. Godzilla loomed over Piccolo, screaming in murderous anger as his dorsal plates flashed again. “Mr. Piccolo!” Energy began to rise in Gohan’s being as tears welled in his eyes.

“MISTER PICCOLO!!” With a loud howl, Gohan was surrounded in a shell of energy. Screaming his lungs out, the little half saiyan burst through the swarm and rocketed into the air, staring wide-eyed at the full moon. His heart began hammering loudly in his ears as his body convulsed. Hair began to cover Gohan’s body, his features morphing and cracking as his clothes were ripped off when his body began to grow. His eyes turned blood red and his face elongated, his teeth sharpening into rows of deathly white.

With a gigantic crash, Son Gohan had turned into the powerful Oozaru. It beat its chest and roared angrily into the night sky, the sound so loud and powerful that Godzilla and even the Gyaos horde all turned to see what had caused it. Gohan opened his ape-like mouth and fired a massive blast of energy at Godzilla, which exploded against his face and toppled the creature with an ear splitting shriek of pain and rage.

The Gyaos began swarming for Gohan, only for the titanic ape to club them away with his powerful arms before a gigantic stream of fire roared from his mouth and incinerated a chunk of the horde in one powerful burst. The Dragon Team all stared in awe as Gohan’s gigantic ape form rampaged around the city, grabbing Gyaos and slamming them down onto the ground before firing another powerful blast of energy from his mouth. Explosions ripped through the air, and Gohan beat his chest again and howled into the smouldering night air.

Standing to his full height, Godzilla opened his mouth to fire another atomic ray before Gamera slammed into him. The terrapin howled angrily, grappling with the demonic creature to protect Gohan, even as the mighty ape unleashed another wide torrent of fire into the air. Bathed in the light of the flames, Gamera put all his strength into throwing Godzilla down onto the ground and blasting him with a fireball, only for the evil creature’s tail to whip him across the face, forcing him back.

Godzilla rose to his full height, shoulder blocking Gamera before kicking at his soft undershell, nearly knocking the turtle on his back again. With a snarl, Godzilla swung his hand only for Gamera to hold up his own to block the blow and receive a backhand of his own across the face.

He stumbled backwards, arms flailing as Gamera pelted him with another fireball, his skin burning as he fell to the ground with a mighty crash and a loud scream of pain.

Finally noticing the chaos behind him, Gohan turned around just in time to see Godzilla get to his feet again. The Oozaru gave a furious bellow and charged at the evil creature, opening his mouth to rapid fire his mouth beams that exploded around Godzilla’s body. A large hairy fist burst through the smoke and slammed into Godzilla’s jaw, a loud crack echoing around the city as teeth and blood were sent flying.

Godzilla shrieked in pain and fired an atomic blast directly at Gohan’s chest, singing his fur and forcing the great ape back with a howl of pain. Reaching up to his broken jaw, Godzilla grunted and snapped it back into place, before ducking another fireball from Gamera and pushing the still smoking Gohan into the turtle. The two collapsed on each other in a mass of limbs and shrieks into a giant heap.

“Gohan!” Goku yelled in horror, and meant to move forward only for the wounded Piccolo to clap a rough hand on his shoulder. Goku turned, eyes wide with fury. “What the hell do you think you’re doing Piccolo?!”

“What makes you think we’ll be of any help to your son now?” Piccolo asked bluntly, pointing as Gohan fired another beam of energy from his mouth at Godzilla, standing up and beating his chest to roar at the evil creature alongside Gamera. “You need to wait for the right moment.”

Goku clenched his fists angrily, and turned his attention back towards the fight. He knew Piccolo was right on some level, but he wasn’t about to let his son get seriously hurt if he had anything to say about it.

Snarling, Godzilla watched his two opponents and began circling them slowly. His tail writhed behind him, flicking into the air as he waited for one of them to make the next move. He tensed, bellowing out a challenge that Gohan quickly answered back, the ape charged forward, barreling through a building to reach Godzilla only for the evil creature to grab Gohan by the arm and haul him over his shoulder, slamming him onto his back.

Whirling around, Godzilla fired a sonic charged atomic blast at Gamera, piercing the terrapin’s shell completely and eliciting a massive shriek of pain. Gamera moved forward to fight regardless of his pain, only for Godzilla to shove his hand in the open wound and force Gamera in front of him as Gohan reared his head up and fired a powerful blast of energy.

The beam collided with Gamera’s shell, Godzilla howling in sadistic glee as his opponent writhed in agony. Once the beam subsided, Godzilla tossed Gamera away like a toy and fired another atomic ray at Gohan, catching the ape in the stomach and forcing him onto the ground with a high pitched shriek of pain.

Godzilla howled again, raising his foot and roughly stomping on Gohan’s chest, using his tail to slam down on Gamera’s head and force the turtle to stay down. He stomped on Gohan again, reveling in the hybrid’s cries of pain.

Shaking with rage, Goku watched on as his son was beaten into the ground by Godzilla. “He’s… he’s enjoying it! That bastard is enjoying every time he inflicts pain on him!” His vision began to turn red, his body shaking even harder. “He’s killing my son.. And enjoying it… I WON’T FORGIVE HIM!! KAIOKEN TIMES FOUR!!”

Blowing his friends back with the flare of crimson red aura, Goku launched himself towards Godzilla with a vicious scream. He slammed into the evil monster, forcing him off of his son before screaming off into the sky again. “KAMEHAMEHA!!!”

A massive blue beam of energy engulfed the city and Godzilla, slamming shrieking off into the sky as the gigantic kamehameha seemed to be getting smaller as Goku pushed his body. “Wh-What’s going on?! My energy, it feels..”

Abruptly, the gigantic Kaioken Kamehameha stopped. Goku stood there, sweat and blood pouring down his face as the kaioken’s toll was felt all over his body. “I don’t.. Understand…” He panted out, staring upwards at the motionless Godzilla.

Then, Godzilla’s lip curled into a sneer, and he reared his head back and gave a thunderous roar. His black, demonic ki skyrocketed and Goku watched in horrified fascination as Godzilla opened his mouth wide and fired a massive ki-infused atomic blast. “I can’t believe it…” He said quietly, watching as Gohan was thrown across the city by the blast and landing in a crumpled heap, groaning weakly in pain. “He absorbed… my energy…”

Gamera stood back up, roaring at Godzilla and charging forward. Godzilla snorted, easily moving around the injured turtle and kicking at him viciously, sending the turtle careening away in a cry of pain. “He’s even stronger now…” Goku murmured.

“I guess I have no choice then.”

Raising his arms, he sucked in a breath and reached out with his mind. “Gamera… Gohan… I know I’m asking a lot from you two, but I need you both to buy me some time. This is a long shot, but it’s the only choice I have!”

Gohan, of course, didn’t really understand his father’s words in his mind as the Great Ape stood up, snarling angrily. Gamera though, looked over at Goku and locked eyes with him. The two stared at one another, and Gamera slowly nodded. Pushing himself to his feet, Gamera gave a powerful challenge at Godzilla and charged forward.

“Gamera… thank you!” Goku closed his eyes, focusing his entire being into this one last attack. “Beings of the Earth. The plants, the rivers, the animals. Everything that you can, please, lend me your energy again.”

Gohan howled angrily and charged forward, jumping onto Godzilla’s back and grabbing at his face with his powerful hands. Godzilla thrashed around, shrieking and trying to throw Gohan off of him as the two were brought down to the ground.

Standing up, Gohan began slamming his fists down on the downed Godzilla, hitting him over and over again in a blind frenzied rage. Blood began flying as Godzilla’s keen senses suddenly screamed at him and he began thrashing wildly.

“I know that you’ve done it once already… but I’m afraid I’ll need to ask for your help again!” Goku kept focusing, feeling the planet’s energy respond to his call once again. A white aura surrounded him as he kept gathering the energy for this one final attack. “Thank you… nearly there…”

Godzilla threw Gohan off of him in a similar frenzied rage, sensing the danger off in the distance. His eyes zeroed on the small form of Goku and he began marching forwards, his dorsal plates glowing a near white blue until Gamera crashed into him again with a vicious cry. He began pushing Godzilla away with all of his might, but in his injured state he couldn’t do much as Godzilla hurled him away like a toy and kept moving forward.

“Come on everyone!” Krillin yelled, and with a loud cry the Dragon Team moved forward to protect one of their dearest friends. As one, they all fired their most powerful beams at Godzilla, explosions littering the area as they poured all of their remaining power into trying to stop their foe from advancing. Godzilla snorted, still moving forward and completely ignoring the exhausted Dragon Team’s efforts. With a lazy flick of his tail, he swatted them away easily.

Goku opened his eyes and raised his fist, smiling to himself. “It’s ready…” He said, and looked up to see the looming form of Godzilla above him. “Heh… but it’s a bit too late, isn’t it?” He asked out loud. As if to answer his question, Godzilla fired a power atomic ray down at Goku. The saiyan was caught in the epicenter of a massive, powerful explosion and thrown across the city, landing in a bloody heap near the downed Gamera.

“G...Gamera…” Goku gasped out, his whole body aching with pain. In his hand, he still held the Spirit Bomb. “I.. I can’t do it. Gohan’s too out of control… please…”

Godzilla tilted his head, glaring down at the wounded Piccolo. He snarled, and began to move forward again. The spirits inside of him were screaming loudly to avenge their murder, avenge their deaths. Godzilla howled angrily, their rage fuelling his own as he began to charge up an atomic ray one final time.

“You have to be the one to do it… I think you can, hah…”

Gamera opened his weary eyes, and locked onto Goku’s again. They looked at each other for a long moment, until slowly, Gamera reached out his palm and Goku placed his smaller one on top of the turtle’s. “Thank you…” Goku gasped out.

Gohan, bleeding and wounded, stood up slowly and gave a weakened roar at Godzilla. He opened his mouth and fired a weaker beam of energy from his mouth, the attack not even phasing Godzilla as the evil creature turned towards him.

Power surged through Gamera as he stood up to his full height and the energies of the Spirit Bomb flowed through him. He began fuelling the Spirit Bomb in his hand with the Earth’s own natural mana and his own, the white energy surrounding his hand glowing even brighter with raw spiritual intensity as he lined his shot.

Godzilla slowly moved towards Gohan, who was still firing weaker and weaker blasts of energy at him. He grunted, flicking his tail and hitting Gohan lazily across the face, forcing the injured Oozaru down to the ground. He was about to fire another atomic ray when a shining light caught his eye behind him.

Swaying slightly, Gamera watched as Godzilla froze solid and saw his chance. With a loud, powerful roar he thrust his hand out and threw the Spirit Bomb at Godzilla as hard as he could, willing the energy to fly as fast as possible towards its target.

Turning around in shock, Godzilla was too slow to avoid the Spirit Bomb, and it hit him dead on. Godzilla screamed in pain as the pure energies of the Earth coursed through his wicked bloodstream, attacking every organ and every cell all at once.

He began twitching, throwing his head as foam began spilling out of his mouth as the Spirit Bomb’s energy consumed him. A blinding white light surrounded Godzilla as his body was cleansed of the evil spirits that had resurrected him. All of the Gyaos in the city began shrieking in fear and pain as the Spirit Bomb’s holy energies were felt to them and most of them tore off into the sky in droves, frantically trying to get away from the cleansing aura from the Spirit Bomb.

Everyone watched in awe as Godzilla’s form began to shrink slightly, the spirits screaming in agony as they were exorcised from his body. Godzilla, the original Godzilla, opened his mouth one final time and let out a deep, bassy roar of gratitude before he too faded away in the Spirit Bomb’s light.

Silence came down on West City after the blast. The remaining Gyaos were too busy focusing on picking at the carcasses of their fallen brothers to pay the Dragon Team any attention as they swept through and cleaned it up. Piccolo, using the last dregs of his energy, made sure to cut Gohan’s tail before he caused any more havoc, leaving a naked little boy sitting in the ruins of a city in confusion before he was quickly clothed by another blast from Piccolo.

Goku lay there, his whole body aching as Gamera approached him. He tried to look up, but even moving his head those small inches caused him to cry out in pain. “W-We… we did it!” He laughed out, wheezing in pain at the effort.

Gamera gave a low grunt of agreement, and let loose a powerful cry of victory before tucking his limbs into his shell and flying off into the distance. His job wasn’t over just yet. Goku watched him go, silently wishing Gamera good luck in his future battles. Somehow, he got the sensation that Gamera returned those sentiments.

Being supported by Krillin and Yamcha, Goku coughed slightly and chuckled. “Sorry you guys… I don’t think I’m going to be able to walk for a while.” He chuckled again, but reached out and patted his son’s head. “You did well Gohan, I’m proud of you. Just… don’t tell your mom about this, okay?

Helping carry his dad, Gohan and the Dragon Team headed off at a slow, steady pace back towards Master Roshi’s house, laughing all the while and sharing war stories of the day. Piccolo watched them go for a moment, before turning and heading off to Kami’s Lookout for a relaxing cup of tea.

At the lookout, Kami poured Piccolo a steaming cup and handed it to him. “Perhaps now King Piccolo’s victims can find some peace.”

Piccolo hummed, and sipped his tea. “Perhaps.” He agreed.


Gamera (Heisei) and Oozaru (Kid Gohan)
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Re: K.W.C.E Match 67: Gohan (Oozaru) and Gamera (Heisei) vs. Gyaos (Heisei) vs. Godzilla (2001)

Post by kaijufanforever »

Spirit Bomb for the win, This was a really fun match, even though I'm admirably not big on DB

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Re: K.W.C.E Match 67: Gohan (Oozaru) and Gamera (Heisei) vs. Gyaos (Heisei) vs. Godzilla (2001)

Post by GodzillavsRayquaza »

An excellent debut for Dragon Ball in the KWCE. Loved the blending of lores for the varying worlds and thought it was done in a very natural way that made them all go together quite well. Felt like I was reading a DBZ movie, a very good one, not Broly: Second Coming :lol:. Real good character writing, badass action, GMK Godzilla felt like a proper menacing threat, and one hell of a finisher!
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Re: K.W.C.E Match 67: Gohan (Oozaru) and Gamera (Heisei) vs. Gyaos (Heisei) vs. Godzilla (2001)

Post by ShinGojira14 »

This match was absolutely spectacular. 10/10. Great job, shipper! :huge:
It’s heartwarming to see the original Godzilla be set free from the enraged spirits’ possession. It’s sad that he had to die, but at least now the original Godzilla can Rest In Peace.
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Re: K.W.C.E Match 67: Gohan (Oozaru) and Gamera (Heisei) vs. Gyaos (Heisei) vs. Godzilla (2001)

Post by GodzillavsJason »

A really stellar match!

Was a little hard trying to figure out some of the characters and setting, but that's more or less me not being familiar with DBZ. Nonetheless, despite those issues on my end, I really enjoyed this! The fights were fun, really like Gamera's dynamic with the the DBZ characters and the Gyaos were nasty as ever.

Great work as always, Shippers!
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Re: K.W.C.E Match 67: Gohan (Oozaru) and Gamera (Heisei) vs. Gyaos (Heisei) vs. Godzilla (2001)

Post by ShinGojira14 »

Side note: I’m not into Dragon Ball Z, so this match was a tad hard for me personally to follow, but I do not regard that as a flaw on the match’s part at all. This match was great.
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Re: K.W.C.E Match 67: Gohan (Oozaru) and Gamera (Heisei) vs. Gyaos (Heisei) vs. Godzilla (2001)

Post by FatBaconUnicorn »

This match is what the KWCE was made for. This was an excellent read. 10/10.

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Re: K.W.C.E Match 67: Gohan (Oozaru) and Gamera (Heisei) vs. Gyaos (Heisei) vs. Godzilla (2001)

Post by godjacob »

This was fantastic. The seamless way to work the lore of DBZ into the Kaiju world makes for an excellent debut and a fun match all around.

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Re: K.W.C.E Match 67: Gohan (Oozaru) and Gamera (Heisei) vs. Gyaos (Heisei) vs. Godzilla (2001)

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Even as somebody who doesn't really care about Dragonball, this is a good one.

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Re: K.W.C.E Match 67: Gohan (Oozaru) and Gamera (Heisei) vs. Gyaos (Heisei) vs. Godzilla (2001)

Post by HillyHulk »

This feels like it could've been a movie if pitched. Exciting battle packed with high octane energy, great characterization, and smart ways of integrating the kaiju into the DBZ universe. Potential match of the year, but let's see what it has in store before we call this that.
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Re: K.W.C.E Match 67: Gohan (Oozaru) and Gamera (Heisei) vs. Gyaos (Heisei) vs. Godzilla (2001)

Post by KaijuX »

This very much strikes me as a true and tried DBZ movie in the written form. Definitely from how it just drops into the DBZ universe in a "you know who these guys are" sense and getting straight to the meat of it. Which I must say--that meat was mighty tasty! The integration of the respective kaiju into the Dragon World was a lot of fun, and was very curious on how that would go about. Gamera and Gyaos made sense, and having it set after Turles / the Tree of Might is a great touch! That said, I think Godzilla's implementation was the biggest surprise for me.
Godzilla being the restless souls from King Piccolo is a fantastic implementation of the character and justifies its place in the match. That was one I didn't see coming, but makes total sense for being the DB world. I'd also like to say, I'm kinda happy we're in a pre-Super Saiyan time period; just feels refreshing to hold back the insanity that is DB power levels into something manageable, but believable. ALSO, GAMERA SPIRIT BOMB FOR THE WIN! Easily the biggest highlight of the fight!

If I did have one gripe, I think there were a lot of times where Gamera did a lot of shoving Godzilla around... Moreso in a repetitive fashion. It's the only stinger that strikes me, as I think everything else is relatively fine (though I think some of the descriptions go by a little too quickly, but that's just me).
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