KWCE #65: Gorosaurus vs. Stegorus

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KWCE #65: Gorosaurus vs. Stegorus

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by UltimateDitto

Word Count: 2587
Near the tropical island of Mondo, deep in the depths of the cool, clear blue waters, many stone structures were laying along the ocean floor. They gently swayed with the water as large schools of fish passed by. Suddenly, one rock formation began to move, followed by many more shifting in the water. These rocks weren't rocks at all, but armored plates running down the spine of a living creature, and it was waking up from its slumber.

Two rows of almond shaped plates shook off debris and unwanted sea life as their owner rose to full height. The creature was reptilian, a massive dinosaur that had escaped extinction and had hibernated to the modern day, Stegorus. Opening his eyes that were illuminated in the depths, he saw the abundance of life before him and eyed them hungrily.

The upright stegosaurus yawned as he saw swarms of fish around him. He lashed out at a school of fish that swam a bit too close to him, his muscular, long neck allowing him to reach out and snap his jaws at dozens of fish, causing the school to dart away from the predator. Stegorus gulped down his fishy snack, however the dinosaur was still hungry, and so he decided to check what prey might be dwelling on the surface.

Meanwhile, on the island of Mondo itself, trees were knocked over as birds hastily flew into the sky and shrieked, wanting to avoid the incoming threat. The ground shook as large reptilian feet sunk into the ground, the sun's ray warmed the bumpy, grayish blue skin of the creature. The bipedal lizard was massive in size, yet another dinosaur that had escaped extinction. The powder blue theropod snarled as he held the carcass of a giant, silver sea serpent in his jaws.

The mighty allosaurus marched through the dense jungle before reaching a small clearing by a mountain, his home. He put the dead serpent down, before promptly wrapping his jaws around the fresh kill, tearing chunks of flesh off the dead snake. The theropod, most commonly known as Gorosaurus, growled happily as warm, bloody meat slid down his throat.

Gorosaurus continued to feast on his kill, until a loud, unfamiliar roar reached his ears. The allosaur stood upright, scanning the area for anything unusual. Although he didn't see anything, he could smell something off. Another predator in his territory. An intruder.

Biting one more strip of flesh off the fresh carcass, Gorosaurus left his home, marching through the thick foliage, following the scent with his powerful nostrils. The powder blue theropod carefully eyed his surroundings, before marching onto the beach where the scent was at its strongest.

Gorosaurus sighed in content as he felt the morning sun warm him up before he marched along the beach, hoping to not run into any unwanted apes in the process. Gorosaurus walked for minutes, before hearing the blaring roar, now closer than ever. Finally, he found what he was searching for.

Along the tropical trees that separated the beach from the jungle, Gorosaurus saw a large brown stegosaurus-like dinosaur, stripping the leaves off of the trees. Stegorus chewed on the leafy greens happily, unaware of the allosaur stalking him. The omnivorous dinosaur could not find suitable prey on the island, so the greens would have to suffice, the copper brown saurian knowing he would slink back into the ocean to find more fish when his meal was done.

Gorosaurus rose to his full height and let out a powerful, bassy roar to let himself be known. Stegorus turned around in surprise, the plated dinosaur letting out a roar that told the allosaur he was uninterested in a conflict. The predatory dinosaur snarled before letting out another roar, demanding the stegosaur leave his territory.

Stegorus grunted, a smaller dinosaur like that was trying to tell him what to do? He may have been a peaceful lizard, but even he wasn't one to be pushed around like that. Stegorus roared back at Gorosaurus, not in the least intimidated, telling the smaller allosaur to mind his own business. The carnivore felt his blood boil, he was determined to keep any unwanted visitors off his cut of land and he wouldn't abide by this intruder's blase attitude.

Gorosaurus sprinted along the beach towards the long neck dinosaur, kicking up sand in his wake. Stegorus, seeing the charging allosaurus, was surprised to see the smaller lizard throw itself at him so vigorously. The stegosaur flexed his claws as he too charged towards the smaller dinosaur. Prehistoric muscle collided as the two ancient reptiles clashed with one another. Stegorus used his muscular arms to punch and swipe at Gorosaurus, who used his powerful jaws to snap at the copper brown dinosaur.

Stegorus knocked over Gorosaurus, sending the theropod crashing onto his stomach and into the sand, screeching and kicking. The plated dinosaur leapt into the air, landing on the downed allosaur. Stegorus began to smash his fists down on the blue dinosaur, Gorosaurus screeched as he felt the strong blows pelt his bumpy hide.

Squirming under the larger dinosaur's weight, Gorosaurus raised his spiked tail and stabbed it into Stegorus' thigh and got a roar of pain from the omnivore. The carnivore twisted his body around and clamped on the arm of the armored beast, the long necked dinosaur screeching in agony as Gorosaurus' fangs dug into his leathery skin, blood streaming from the wounds.

Gorosaurus growled, the taste of blood only fuelling his rage. Stegorus roared in pain as Gorosaurus shook his head like a wild dog, the bipedal stegosaurus looked down on the allosaurus and opened his mouth, unleashing a stream of fire that washed over Gorosaurus' face. The dinosaur released his bite as he screeched in a combination of surprise and agony, allowing the stegosaur to quickly get away from the carnivore and recover a little.

Gorosaurus tore off towards the water and threw himself into the calm ocean to subdue the flames licking at his body. Steam hissed into the air and the allosaurus groaned as the cool water washed over him. Stegorus cradled his arm, trying to stifle the bleeding.

The two dinosaurs stood up to full height, eyeing down each other, not wanting to back down from the other but unwilling to be the first to attack. Finally, Stegorus roared as he charged at the allosaur, Gorosaurus responding in kind and kicked up seaspray and sand. Stegorus stopped and breathed another round of flames at his opponent. Gorosaurus leapt out of the way as he flopped on the ground, pushing himself back up to try and charge at the armored colossus, but was stopped by another stream of fire.

Gorosaurus snarled, unable to close the gap between himself and the intruder. Stegorus egged on the theropod, daring him to get closer and be burnt. Gorosaurus looked for anything that could be of use, before laying his eyes on a hefty boulder. The allosaur carefully crept up beside the large stone, keeping his eyes on the stegosaur, who allowed small wisps of fire to dance in his maw in a taunting manner. He didn't seem to know what the radioactive allosaur was planning.

The plated dinosaur spewed another stream of flames towards Gorosaurus, hoping to drive the predator away. The primeval predator roared as he turned and swung his tail like a bat, striking the large boulder and sending it flying towards Stegorus. The flames washed over the boulder harmlessly and the omnivore went wide eyed as the boulder struck him in the face, cutting off the flow of fire.

Screeching in pain, Stegorus clutched his snout as blood began to seep from it. The boulder bounced away as he whimpered, keeping a grasp on his face. When the bipedal stegosaurus opened his eyes, he was shocked to see Gorosaurus right in front of him and balancing himself on his own tail, with his feet aimed towards the long necked omnivore.

With his legs retracted, the powder blue allosaur shot his legs forward like spring coils, swiftly striking the scaly chest of Stegorus, violently knocking over the larger stegosaur with ease. The copper dinosaur could only wheeze and gasp as the air was knocked from his lungs and he slammed into the ground. Gorosaurus fell back to his feet and ran up to the stegosaur that struggled to rise.

Powerful jaws clamped on the long muscular neck of Stegorus, the allosaur swiping at the shoulder and arms of the stegosaur with his tiny claws, leaving small gashes in his leathery skin. Stegorus let out a strained cry as he felt the blood running down his neck, he felt his vision fade and knew that if he was going to survive, he would have to pull out one final attack.

Letting out a warbling cry, Stegorus tried desperately to beat and strike Gorosaurus, hoping the allosaur would rear back to no avail. Gorosaurus roared as he celebrated his soon to be victory, however, a strange crackling sound filled his ears. Confused, he looked to see electricity dance across Stegorus' dorsal plates.

Before he could realize what was going to happen, Gorosaurus suddenly felt bolts of electricity surge through his body. The allosaur released his bite on Stegorus, finally allowing him a moment of relief. Gorosaurus spasmed as he tried to move, but he only opened his mouth with an agonized shriek of pain. The predator felt a thick tail wrap around his own neck, and felt even more electricity being pumped throughout his body. Gorosaurus let out another agonized roar as he saw smoke curling from his hide.

Stegorus wheezed as he poured as much energy into the allosaur as possible, but the omnivore ceased his assault on Gorosaurus suddenly and doubled over, clutching his chest in pain. How much damage did his opponent do to him with that kick? The copper brown dino flung Gorosaurus away before he could properly take advantage of the sudden distraction, and the blue dinosaur groaned as his body radiated with pain.

The two mighty dinosaurs growled at one another, neither unwilling to back down from this fight. Stegorus clenched his fists as he rose to his full height, ignoring the pain that ate at his body. Gorosaurus slowly rose up as he shook his head, the pain he felt was intense but he wasn't about to allow this intruder to his territory to win.

Storm clouds began to roll in as the sky went from a lovely blue to a dark grey, with rays of light piercing through the clouds. Gorosaurus felt the light drizzle sprinkle his bumpy hide, somewhat soothing his wounds as Stegorus let out a blaring roar that heralded the thunder booming in the distance.

He barreled towards the allosaur, who responded in kind and the two dinosaurs exchanged blows once again. Gorosaurus snapped his jaws at the stegosaur, but Stegorus quickly clamped his hands around the allosaur's mouth. The two dinosaurs wrestled for a moment before Stegorus threw Gorosaurus on the ground and began stomping on him.

The rival of Kong cried out in pain as each kick sent the dinosaur rolling, the allosaur tried to rise but the stegosaur was upon him each time, stomping on his triangular head. When Stegorus raised his foot for another vicious kick, Gorosaurus saw the small opening and lunged desperately at the clawed foot, biting into the flesh of the omnivore. Stegorus howled in pain before bending down and dowsing the allosaur in searing hot flames.

Gorosaurus groaned in pain at the flames, the rain causing steam to rise off his bumpy flesh. The allosaur used the pain to fuel his desperation however, sinking his fangs deeper into the foot and shaking violently to rip away flesh. The bipedal stegosaurus cut the flames as he let out a raspy cry of agony. Gorosaurus released his bite as he felt the crimson blood drip on his tongue, giving him another boost of adrenaline.

Hastily clambering up, Gorosaurus lunged forward and headbutted the distracted stegosaur in the groin, the attack making his opponent collapse to the ground. The almond shaped plates dug into the sand as Stegorus clawed at the air frantically, screeching in distress as he tried to right himself. Gorosaurus leaped atop the downed omnivore, clawing and scratching at the copper brown skin, streams of blood flowed from the fresh cuts.

Stegorus tried to shove off the allosaur, but his broken ribs made it difficult to concentrate, let alone keep his opponents at bay. Gorosaurus knocked away the lazy strikes with his head, lashing forward and clamping his jaws around Stegorus' neck. More blood was drawn from the dagger like teeth piercing the muscular neck. He was eager for the kill.

His vision was blurring and despite his best efforts to survive, Stegorus could feel his body weakening. He still tried to fight, but eventually his movements ceased. Gorosaurus released his bite on the stegosaur, panting as the rain trickled down his hide. Seeing his foe motionless, he planted his foot on the gut to see if he was still alive, before opening his powerful jaws and letting out a booming roar of victory. The explosion of thunder accompanied it.

The allosaur bent down to the carcass, inspecting it before deciding to take his kill home and rest for the day. Gorosaurus clamped his maw around the stegosaurus' tail and began dragging his fresh kill away before he let out a shriek of pain.

Flames erupted from the maw of Stegorus, cauterizing the neck wounds and spooking Gorosaurus back as a jolt of electricity shot into his mouth. Despite his wounds, the pain from his tail and the fear of death had given Stegorus one last surge of desperate energy he needed to keep fighting. He rose up and bathed Gorosaurus in flames, not giving up despite the aching in his chest. He knew that if he stopped, he would be dead.

The primeval predator howled in agony as he was bathed in fire. Stegorus turned and smacked Gorosaurus down to the ground with his tail, the allsosaur groaning as he collapsed. Seeing his foe down, the armored saurian bolted for the ocean, leaping into the water as he propelled himself through the rough waves, feeling his energy rapidly draining. He had to get away before his opponent recovered.

Pushing himself against the sand, Gorosaurus groaned as he felt his charred skin send waves of pain throughout his body, every move was agonizing. The Allosaur breathed raggedly as he stared at the ocean and looked around for his opponent. Realizing his opponent had fled, the theropod grunted before he slowly marched inland, his scorched hide barely soothed by the rain. Reaching his home, the Allosaur dragged the sea serpent carcass from earlier and lay inside a shallow cave he dug out, watching the rain pour outside. Nestling down, he began to eat and rest from his hard fought battle.

Meanwhile in the bustling ocean, Stegorus found his own cave and laid himself to rest. Unsure if he would survive the night or not, the saurian could only close his eyes and rest his weary body. He hadn't intended on fighting so viciously when he only wanted to feast. He would have to be more careful the next time he rose to the surface.

Both dinosaurs had fought with everything, and nearly killed each other. Despite the ferocity and the viciousness of the battle, the two had grown an unspoken respect for their opponent.
Stegorus, Gorosaurus
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Re: KWCE #65: Gorosaurus vs. Stegorus

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A fun start to the year, nice fight, not much more for me to say.

Here’s a banner I made for this one at Ditto’s request. Image
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Re: KWCE #65: Gorosaurus vs. Stegorus

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A pretty solid match, and a great parallel to the real-life rivalry between Allosaurus and Stegosaurus.
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Re: KWCE #65: Gorosaurus vs. Stegorus

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This was pretty good with an ending that was sort of surprising.

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Re: KWCE #65: Gorosaurus vs. Stegorus

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A pretty nice match! I know legit nothing about Stegorus but he put up a pretty good fight.

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Re: KWCE #65: Gorosaurus vs. Stegorus

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Great match, Ditto. I'm not familiar with Stegorus at all, but it was a good, brutal fight between the two of them, and I didn't see the end coming. And that's an awesome banner, GvR.
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Re: KWCE #65: Gorosaurus vs. Stegorus

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A good fight, but to me, it feels like Gorosaurus won.

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