Should we seperate Showa Goji and ZF Goji?

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Should we seperate Showa Goji and ZF Goji?

Post by Voyager »

I feel like since they’re so different in power we should seperate them and have ZF Goji be like a powered Showa Goji. In the same vein as Keizer Godzilla, Burning Godzilla (19, 95), Red Spiral Godzilla, etc.

Does anyone wanna second this? Have them be seperate versions? Have ZF be a powered form?
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Re: Should we seperate Showa Goji and ZF Goji?

Post by GodzillavsRayquaza »

Less separation, more so it needs to be specified in the rules of an FM if ZF feats are being allowed or not, and the assumption if they are not mentioned is that they are simply not allowed.
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