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Respect Kiryu (IDW)

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In the IDW Comic series, “Godzilla: The Half-Century War”, Kiryu is an updated version of the previous Mechagodzilla (which resembled the Heisei incarnation) made after studying Godzilla’s skeletal structure, with bits of Godzilla's skin built into his armor.

In the comics “Godzilla: Ongoing” and “Godzilla: Rulers Of Earth”, Kiryu is an updated model of the Mechagodzilla built by the American and Japanese governments (which also resembled the Heisei version) created by wealthy industrialist Daniel Malmon. Eventually the machine was commandeered by the Counter-Kaiju Reaction forces and used alongside their other mecha MOGUERA to control the appearance of kaiju around the world.

Credit for the listed feats goes to this respect thread on Reddit.
Half-Century War
-Rammed into King Ghidorah so hard he made him drop Godzilla
-Grabbed Gigan and threw him at King Ghidorah

-Spun around quickly to attack Ghidorah with missiles

-Pelted Ghidorah's back with missiles and got a prompt reaction out of him
-Used a combination of his missiles, railguns, and maser cannon to blast Ghidorah off his feet

Ongoing and Rulers of Earth
-Lifted Godzilla into the air when the latter started biting his neck and dropped him onto a building
-Could carry Kumonga on his back for long distances
-Carried Baragon all the way to one of the Monster Islands
-Carried Anguirus with ease

-Dodged Hedorah's acidic sludge

-Tanked getting Kumonga being thrown into him by Monster X
-Tanked Baragon's flame breath, scratches, and bites
-Was shot down by Mechagodzilla units, and suffered only a damaged Back Unit and claw marks from Anguirus
-Tanked Baragon Trilopod's flame breath and survived being knocked over by Rodan Trilopod

Back Unit
-Stunned Baragon with missiles long enough to punch him unconscious

Maser Cannon
-Matched Godzilla's Atomic Ray alongside his Absolute Zero Cannon
-Seemingly blasted away a Rodan Trilopod

Absolute Zero Cannon
-Knocked Godzilla to the ground
-Slightly hindered Monster X before getting launched into the bay by the latter's Destroyed Thunder beams
-Severaly weakened Spacegodzilla, allowing Godzilla to defeat and seemingly kill him
-One-shotted Destoroyah
-Easily killed a Baragon Trilopod, shattering it with a punch
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