Respect Giratina (Pokemon)

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Respect Giratina (Pokemon)

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The Renegade Pokemon

Height: 14'09'' in Altered form, 22'08'' in Origin form
Weight: 1,653.5 pounds in Altered form, 1,433 pounds in Origin form
Type: Ghost/Dragon
Weaknesses: Ice, Ghost, Dragon, Dark, Fairy
Resistances: Poison, Bug, Grass, Water, Fire, Electric

Giratina is the Pokemon that maintains balance between space and time within its home of the Reverse World, and is one of the most powerful Pokemon in existence. It is a member of the Creation Trio, alongside Dialga (who rules over time) and Palkia (who rules over space).

Note: This respect thread covers the Sinnoh movie trilogy and the Hoopa movie.

Credit to the listed feats goes to this respect thread on Reddit.
Giratina actually has two different forms, the form it automatically takes depending on the gravity of the world it's in. It appears in its Altered form when in the main Pokemon universe, and its Origin form when in its home of the Reverse World.

Move Set
Shadow Force: Vanishes entirely, then reappears to attack its foe
-(Origin) Dodged an energy ball from Shaymin via Shadow Force
Will-O-Wisp: Forms a ball of fire in its mouth that it then launches at its foe
-(Origin) Created an explosion that launched back Dialga
-(Altered) Created a large blast when attacking Dialga
-(Origin) An indirect hit shattered rock
-(Altered) Clashed with a Will-O-Wisp from Mecha Giratina, creating a big explosion
-(Origin) Knocked back Mecha Giratina and seemed to have disabled Zero's control
Aura Sphere: Forms a ball of energy in its mouth that it then launches at its foe
-(Origin) An indirect hit created a blast that sent Shaymin flying
-(Origin) Clashed with an Aura Sphere from Mecha Giratina, creating a big explosion
-(Altered) Launched Aura Sphere across a city
Dragon Claw: Its claw glows, which it then uses to strike its foe

-(Altered/Origin) Dragged Dialga into the Reverse World and slammed it into the ground
--Dialga is potentially strong enough that its clashes create tremors in other dimensions
-(Origin) Ensnared Dialga by the neck and lifted it up
-(Origin) Stopped Dialga from escaping the Reverse World and dragged it back down
-(Origin) Held down Mecha Giratina (a machine that had absorbed almost all of Giratina's power), even when its engines are at full power
-(Altered) Knocked back Dialga
-(Altered) Repeatedly slammed Dialga into a lake

-(Altered) Intercepted a flamethrower from Arceus
-(Altered) Dodged his own reflected attack

-(Origin) Doesn't even react to a bubblebeam from Piplup
-(Origin) Doesn't react to a thunder bolt from Pikachu
-(Origin) Unharmed by Shaymin's energy ball attack
--Shaymin's energy ball is more powerful than Pikachu's thunder bolt and Piplup's bubblebeam
-(Origin) Overpowered by Mecha Giratina and slammed into a Reverse World ice pillar hard enough to leave a crater
-(Origin) Hit by an Aura Sphere from Mecha Giratina, then pelted by large ice chunks, and doesn't seem really harmed by it
-(Altered) Blocked a flamethrower from Arceus
-(Altered) Survived a super effective blizzard attack from Arceus
-(Altered) Took two attacks from Arceus, one of which sent him flying into a lake
-(Altered) Hit by a flamethrower by Arceus and sent flying into a cliffside, though this does seem to KO it
-(Altered) Shrugged off a blast from Mega Latias
-(Altered) Survived a super effective Dragon Ascent from Mega Rayquaza that slammed him into the side of a building
--A Dragon Ascent from a different Mega Rayquaza created a huge explosion that knocked Kyogre and Groudon out of their Primal forms
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