Respect Todd Ziller (Marvel Comics)

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Respect Todd Ziller (Marvel Comics)

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Todd Ziller was a soldier with an unknown backstory who was selected to be apart of a new super soldier experiment. Unable to replicate the original formula created by Erskine, the US Army instead elected to inject Todd with a combination of the mutant growth hormone, Pym particles, gamma radiation, and the Connor's formula, the result being the American Kaiju, a giant reptile standing at over thirty stories tall. But the American Kaiju was not a long lived weapon. After just a single battle he was transformed back into a human, seemingly unable to revert to normal.

Through unknown means, Todd later came across Victor Vandoom, a scientist in Lichtenbad. After being injected with a serum of Vandoom's creation, Todd transformed once again into a kaiju. This form appeared smaller and more T-rex like than his original form, and was quickly defeated by the efforts of the Red Hulk.

Credit to the listed feats goes to this respect thread on Reddit.

-Slamming his fists in the waters near an island caused what felt like an earthquake
-Took several punches from Avenger Five, a thirty story tall mech
-Dented the armor of Avenger Five with his punches
-His second transformation survived being thrown into a distant castle by the Robert Maverick Red Hulk

-He could be transformed back into a regular human by being blasted with large amounts of gamma radiation
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