Respect Tyrantis (Tyrantis Walks Among Us)

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Respect Tyrantis (Tyrantis Walks Among Us)

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Tyrantis is a member of the Retrosaur family, a group of reptiles descended from a crocodilian ancestor that ruled the earth throughout the Mesozoic era. Discovered in a Hollow Mountain after an immense earthquake felt around the world, Tyrantis would go on to be known as a protector of mankind, battling a wide variety of other kaiju.

Note: As Tyrantis hails from a book, the following feats will instead have citations of the pages where they occurred.

-Dug his way through a caved-in tunnel (pg. 45)
-Endured multiple fly-bys from Ahuul that knocked him over repeatedly (pg. 51)
-Tackled Ahuul out of the air, before wrestling with him and pinning him to the ground with his foot on his chest (pg. 52)
-Kicked a worker Myrmidant hard enough to send it flying hundreds of feet into the air, before falling back down ten seconds later (pg. 88)
-Battled with swarms of Myrmidants, moving faster than them and knocking the first two waves off their feet with his tail (pg. 90 - 91)
-Withstood getting swarmed by Myrmidants, before rolling around to crush and dislodge them (pg. 91)
-Withstood bites to his back and shin by a pair of warrior Myrmidants (pg. 92)
-Survived being blown back a few hundred feet by the explosion of a bomb that detonated within the Myrmidants’ colony (pg. 93)
-Dragged Girtabane by her tail with his jaws (pg. 94 - 95)
-Repeatedly dodged the rapid swipes of Girtabane’s claws, which were described as moving with the speed of a boxing champion (pg. 95)
-Withstood getting injected through the shoulder by Girtabane’s stinger, her venom being described as feeling like white-hot flames, while Girtabane was crushing his legs with her claws and biting into his stomach (pg. 95)
-Swung his tail from beneath Girtabane’s feet, knocking her onto her belly (pg. 95)
-Repeatedly side-stepped every one of Girtabane’s blows (pg. 96)
-Crushed Girtabane’s stinger with his jaws (pg. 96)
-Swung Girtabane around repeatedly by her tail with his jaws, before tossing her a few hundred feet away (pg. 96)
-Leapt into the air landed hard on Girtabane’s back, pinning her to the ground before stomping on her head until he beat the fight out of her (pg. 96)
-Withstood getting bitten on the shoulder by Tyranta, before the latter threw him into a nearby tree and proceeded to stomp on him and lash him with her tail (pg. 113)
-Repeatedly dodged Tricerak’s attacks, hopping, running, and sometimes leaping to safety to avoid his offenses (pg. 126)
-His struggle with Tricerak was tearing open the ground, as well as gouging chunks out of nearby trees (pg. 126)
--These particular trees are described as being 500 feet tall (pg. 118)
-Was gored in the belly at one point by Tricerak during their battle and kept fighting (pg. 128)
-Jumped on top of Tricerak, knocking the wind out of his lungs despite cutting his feet a bit on the latter’s spikes (pg. 128)
-Kicked Tricerak over, before ramming his head into the latter’s stomach and driving him into a tree (pg. 128)
-Stepped on and smothered the resulting flames created by the Terror’s fireball without harm (pg. 148)
-While chasing Terror, was moving so fast that the surrounding trees, roots, rocks, and vines all became a blur of color (pg. 149)
-Whilst trying to get away from the avalanche of thousands of boulders falling down around him, he barely avoided a barrage of boulders by leaping to a nearby chasm ledge, and repeatedly withstood getting struck on the legs by rolling boulders, bruising his flesh and hammering his bones (pg. 150)
-Pounced on Gorgolisk, raking her skin with his talons while pushing her coils into the sand below the ocean, before getting tossed off her back into the sea (pg. 191 - 192)
-Withstood getting his throat gouged into by Gorgolisk’s thick tusks (pg. 201)
-Hopped back and forth over Gorgolisk’s flailing body, dodging her thrashing coils, before pulling his head back in time to barely avoid Gorgolisk’s striking lunge, described as having the speed of a cracking whip (pg. 201)
-Took a forceful slap from Mothmanud’s wing, sending him reeling backwards across the beach (pg. 212)
-Caught a vehicle flying through the air (pg. 212)
-Withstood getting bludgeoned by Mothmanud’s wings (pg. 213)
-Quickly recovered from getting battered to submission by Mothmanud (pg. 213)
-Swung Gorgolisk around three times by her tail before tossing her through the air at Mothmanud (pg. 214)
-Bit Mothmanud’s ankle and dragged him and Gorgolisk towards the shore (pg. 214)
-Withstood a volley of bazooka rockets to the head, and was relatively unharmed (pg. 214 - 215)
-Pinned Mothmanud to the ground with one foot to allow Gorgolisk to coil it up (pg. 216)
-Withstood having his tail be clamped on by Crustakra, before dislocating the latter’s many jaws with his legs and lashing its head with its tail (pg. 235)
-Reached one of the jagged rocks of a nearby shoreline that was less than a couple thousand feet away at full speed within seconds (pg. 235)
-Withstood Crustakra’s pincers digging into his sides and dragging him back out of sea (pg. 236)
-Sliced through Bobo’s thick silk strand with one of his arm spikes (pg. 241)
-Withstood getting raked by a flurry of blows from Mantiresia (pg. 272)
-Slapped Mantiresia’s head with his tail, before bringing it down hard on her head, pounding her into the ground (pg. 272)
-Fought with Tricerak ‘off-screen’, getting covered in scrapes, scratches, and more serious lacerations (pg. 316)
-Bit into Ahuul’s leg, trying (and failing) to wrench it off (pg. 316 - 317)
-Took a bite to his right thigh from Crocogon, before biting his tail and swinging him around, beating him against the ground for 40 seconds before tossing him aside (pg. 317)
-Knocked over MechaTyrantis with a headbutt, before biting his right arm and trying to wrench it off, only to be knocked off by a shot from MechaTyrantis’ hip cannon (pg. 328)
-Bashed MechTyrantis with his head before taking another bite at his armor, and withstood getting knocked back again by MechaTyrantis’ cannon blast (pg. 328)
-Survived a direct shot of both of MechaTyrantis’ cannons at once (pg. 328)
--MechaTyrantis’ cannons tore through Ahuul’s wings (pg. 321) and can grant him flight (pg. 303)
-Withstood being bitten in the throat by MechaTyrantis while being carried through the sky by him, before managing to cut the cable that connected MechaTyrantis’ hip cannons to their fuel source, causing them both to hit the ocean at high speed (pg. 330 - 331)

Fire Breath
-Described as incendiary venom that can ignite (pg. 206)
-A fireball engulfed Ahuul’s neck, knocking him backwards (pg. 49)
-Spat a fireball straight in Ahuul’s face, making him retreat into the sky (pg. 50 - 51)
-Launched himself into the air in a sort of rocket jump by shooting a fireball under his feet as he jumped, allowing him to tackle Ahuul out of the air (pg. 52)
-Unleashed a stream of flames upon Ahuul, igniting him and causing him to crash into a mountain (pg. 52 - 53)
-Bathed a swarm of Myrmidants in a spout of flame (pg. 90 - 91)
-Spat flames right between Girtabane’s eyes, making her recoil from him (pg. 95)
-Spat an enormous fireball beneath himself as he jumped upwards, creating an explosion that launched him out of the cavern that was collapsing around him (pg. 151)
-Shot Mothmanud out of the sky, causing it to crash into the sea (pg. 206)
-Knocked Mothmanud to the ground with a large fireball (pg. 216)
-Spat a large fireball that exploded upon impact with Mantiresia’s face, setting her head and neck ablaze (pg. 272)
-Spat a vast river of flame in Ahuul’s face (pg. 316)
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