Respect Mechagodzilla (Ready Player One)

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Respect Mechagodzilla (Ready Player One)

Post by Kiryu2012 »

In the final battle of the alright film adaptation of the book Ready Player One, Spielberg pulled through and actually gave me a super hype, Hollywood budget Mechagodzilla appearance-- with an original design, no less!

Used by the villain as his secret weapon, Mechagodzilla easily tore through the heroes' forces until it was stopped by the only force strong enough to do so-- Madballs.

Credit for the listed feats goes to this respect thread on Reddit.
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Re: Respect Mechagodzilla (Ready Player One)

Post by ShinGojira14 »

In my perspective, RPO Mecha G was no joke. One helluva melee fighter and had some decent ranged weapons to boot.
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Re: Respect Mechagodzilla (Ready Player One)

Post by Voyager »

Weakest on-screen MG from my view.
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