Mothra (1961)

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Re: Mothra (1961)

Post by edgaguirus »

Mahara Mothra does refer to Mothra as a guardian angel, and she's the only Toho kaiju with a strong connection to humanity. However, she is very protective of her priestess.
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Re: Mothra (1961)

Post by GodzillaBurgh »

Props to both Frankie Sakai and Jerry Ito. Sakai as Fukuda is shown a bit of a comic relief, at least it was toned back to not being annoying or cringe. Manage to be very likable that he is willing to help the Shobijin over getting a big story for his newspaper. Jerry Ito as Clark Nelson, proves to be, in my opinion, the best human Toho villain/asshole. No remorse, greedy, willing to endanger the lives of not only in the populace of Japan but also his own home country of Rolisica.
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Re: Mothra (1961)

Post by Jermobooka »

Fantastic film and monster. Easily up there with GMK, GFW (yes, i unironically love it), Shin Gojira, and the Heisei Gamera trilogy for me. Really hoping Mothra can get another solo outing, whether it be the Monsterverse or a TOHO film soon!
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Re: Mothra (1961)

Post by JAGzilla »

Just got done watching my Mill Creek Blu-ray; this was about the third time I've seen Mothra, last viewing was on TCM in 2013. Excellent movie, easily one of the genre's best. Assorted thoughts:

- The effects, camera work, and cinematography were top-tier. Mothra's rampage through Tokyo was among the best destruction/military assault sequences out there, with a lot of great shots throughout. I particularly liked the low-to-the-ground shots where you could just make out Mothra's head above the rooftops, or just see the smoke and fire in her wake, and the overhead shots while the jets were strafing were also cool. Her destruction of Tokyo Tower might be my favorite... well, 'destruction of Tokyo Tower' scene. The attack on New Kirk City felt a bit bland and repetitive by comparison, though the novelty of the anti-aircraft guns firing up at her (why weren't those used on other flying monsters?) saved the sequence.

- The only weakness of the action was the lack of an Ifukube score. Yuji Koseki did well enough, but there just wasn't quite enough musical oomph to really drive it all home. Even some Godzilla rampages that are comparatively weak visually are salvaged just because Ifukube is thundering in the background. The Shobijin songs, however, totally make up for any musical shortcomings elsewhere. Having them communicate with Mothra through song like that was a stroke of genius, and just makes the whole movie, and Mothra in general.

- It's a shame Frankie Sakai didn't appear in more kaiju/tokusatsu films. He really did a good job, made for a very charismatic, likeable, memorable lead. Nelson filled the role as the slimy, greed-driven businessman villain, though for my money Kumayama and Torahata did it better in Mothra vs. Godzilla.

- Simple as they were, I liked the Atomic Heat Cannons a lot. The little bit of buildup to them, the drama of the countdown and the observers wearing protective glasses and all, was all that was needed to make them feel special, even if ultimately they didn't matter. I wish KOTM '19 would've at least put this much effort into its Oxygen Destroyer. That would've made a lot of difference.
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Re: Mothra (1961)

Post by GODZILLA2877 »

Anybody here own the steelbook for Mothra 61?

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Re: Mothra (1961)

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Yes, what about it?

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