Diablo (Primal Rage) vs Black Diablos

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Diablo (Primal Rage) vs Black Diablos

Post by Kiryu2012 »

Diablo (Primal Rage) vs Black Diablos

Diablo respect thread

Arena: Desert (Monster Hunter Movie)


Verdict: Diablo's fire breath and teleportation can make him an annoying opponent, but Black Diablos' durability and weaponry make me feel inclined to side with her. Diablo can possibly win this if he can go for a throat bite and use his fire simultaneously like what he did on Sauron, but I doubt Black Diablos is gonna be giving him the chance. One wrong move on Diablo's part, and he might end up getting skewered on her horns.
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Re: Diablo (Primal Rage) vs Black Diablos

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Comic Diablo is kinda a big disappointment considering how he is in the game, Black Diablos’ sheer durability will keep her alive well enough and her horns and strength should put Diablo down.
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