Mei (Pacific Rim: The Black) vs Rodan (Singular Point)

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Mei (Pacific Rim: The Black) vs Rodan (Singular Point)

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Rules: One Juvenile Rodan; Three adult Rodans; Mei starts out with a bazooka, her pistols and a machine gun; bazooka has only one shot; once the weapons run out of ammo they cannot be reloaded.

Battleground: Meridian, Australia.

Verdict: This battle comes down to which Rodan Mei decides to use her bazooka shot on, and whether or not the remaining pterosaurs will be able to withstand the firepower she has left. Mei is shown to be a very agile shooter and she uses it to her maximum advantage; but the Rodans are capable of flight, something Mei (as far as we know) has never dealt with in an opponent before. The Rodans are vicious and incredibly strong physical combatants, but their durability is lacking and Mei might be able to shoot at them long enough to put them down for good (that, and the juvenile Rodan is pretty clumsy despite his strnegth--something Mei will take full advantage of). Furthermore, Mei might be able to avoid them long enough for their biggest weakness to come into effect: as SoggyNoodles brilliantly put it, "their free one-minute trial of life expiring."

Abstaining for now; leaning towards Mei.
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