Ghidorah, The Thre- Wait, something’s off...

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Ghidorah, The Thre- Wait, something’s off...

Post by Voyager »

The year is... 1970 (?) and the Futurians have unleashed their beast, King Ghidorah upon the world. This alarms three creatures, who will stand by the earth to protect it from the mutant menace.

Godzilla, who’s just been taking a nap, Rodan, who’s awakened on Isle De Mara, and Mothra, who’s just been chilling.

Can these three misfits stop the Futurians from destroying Japan?

Rules: Ghidorah is under control.
This is Godzilla (68-72)
Mothra, at 5 minutes into the battle, will be joined by 2 Larvae
Standard Showa Scale

Arena: Yokohama

Verdict: I believe the team can pull this off. First of all, I’d like to acknowledge that KG will be a tough opponent that will give one hell of a fight. First of all, we have Rodan, who will be using his agility to claw and ram at KG, distracting him. Godzilla, even at this stage, can lift far above his class, with notable feats including the 30k ton Ghidorah and 48k ton Hedorah lifts. This means that it’s likely he’ll easily be able to shove, push, and even throw KG around, and his atomic breath is no joke either. It can knock kaiju out of the sky (see Gigan), and can melt huge boulders. Then, we have Mothra, who’ll be able to reflect KG’s beams back at him, creating a huge explosion. Then, the larvae join, and start to web KG up.

This team is too much to handle for KG.
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Re: Ghidorah, The Thre- Wait, something’s off...

Post by Giratina93 »

Heisei Ghidorah's dead, he's so very much dead.

As I've mentioned before, Showa Godzilla even by this point was strong enough to hurl Showa Ghidorah's 30,000 ton ass over his head, and do the same with the even heavier Hedorah. Ghidorah's gravity bolt spam at the start won't be enough to deter Godzilla from rushing in and immediately pummeling him to the ground, and if Ghidorah does take to the skies? Well, that's what Rodan's there for, to utterly humiliate him there. Mothra's just there for moral support.
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Re: Ghidorah, The Thre- Wait, something’s off...

Post by ShinGojira14 »

MonsterVerse Rodan is the weakest player here, and will go down from a single gravity beam. He’s out of the match before it even begins.

Mothra will be a tougher cookie to crumble, as she’s fast and agile and will use her reflective scales to great effect.

But Godzilla alone has this in the bag himself. Ghidorah’s just gonna get lifted and hurled around, stomped and blasted repeatedly until he either bugs out and calls it even or Big G just straight up kills him.
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Re: Ghidorah, The Thre- Wait, something’s off...

Post by Zasraniec »

I wouldn't say Showa Godzilla could solo Ghidorah himself but I would say the team definitely takes this. Mothra won't be much except a distraction but Rodan has some decent offensive attacks to offset his mediocre durability. Showa Godzilla will definitely be the tip of the spear and should be able to hold his ground long enough for Rodan and Mothra to give some support and eventually bring it down.

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