Ultraman vs Gigan (Showa)

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Ultraman vs Gigan (Showa)

Post by GodzillavsRayquaza »

Ultraman vs Gigan (Showa)

Arena: Tokyo

Rules: Only original series feats for Ultraman.
Ultraman’s time limit extended to five minutes.

Verdict: This is tough. Gigan is quite more lethal than the typical monster of the week, meaning Ultraman is immediately going to be in for the fight of his life. Ultraman should have the durability to withstand what Gigan will be dishing out, and be able to fight back with his own impressive strength and hurt Gigan quite well. Unlike Godzilla, Ultraman will be able to take the fight to Gigan if the alien cyborg takes off into the air, eliminating Gigan’s one major advantage against Godzilla.

What ultimately makes me give this to Ultraman is Gigan’s lack of resistance to beams. Once Ultraman’s timer gets close to its limit, he’s gonna start dishing out Specium Rays and Cutting Halos and who knows what else (if anything is gonna make Ultraman start busting out his less used attacks, it’ll be a foe as rough as Gigan), and Gigan will not be able to withstand them after the slug-fest he’ll have been in.
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Re: Ultraman vs Gigan (Showa)

Post by ShinGojira14 »

I think this battle is evenly matched. 50/50 on both sides.
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Re: Ultraman vs Gigan (Showa)

Post by UltimateDitto »

If Ultraman uses his cutting disks then he could win, but seeing as how he doesn't always use it, the chances of him using it against Gigan is up in the air, If Ultraman realizes the severity of the situation like with Zetton, then he could pull out a win here.

In melee Gigan would probably give Ultraman a good fight and the buzzsaw would probably be a pain for Ultraman to deal with. The specium ray I think would have to be used a few times before blowing up Gigan. I would have to say that Ultraman wins if he busts out the Cutting disks, his restraing ability and having two extra minutes to work with.
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Re: Ultraman vs Gigan (Showa)

Post by LamangoKaijura »

His cutting disc has become his more go to attack, UltimateDitto.
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Re: Ultraman vs Gigan (Showa)

Post by Mac Daddy MM »

Ultraman loses because time limit. The end. The Godzilla kaiju are on a whole different level than what the Ultras typically deal with, especially the Showa Ultras. Ultraman may get some good hits in here and there, but he's never going to deliver the type of damage to Gigan that Godzilla couldn't do in order to slay him. His best moves are stuff like his cutter disk, but we've seen that fail before on monsters with pointy limbs (Gubira). And even then, he rarely uses it when it'd be best used. And his one-off powers are just that.

Yeah, Ultraman HAS the tools to win almost every fight. But he simply does not use them unless plot dictates it. IE: If Gigan swallowed a nuke, he might just levitate him into the air and cut him in half to remove the nuke.

Just standard Ultra attacks? Not going to win here. Not with just five minutes to play.

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