Team Earth Defenders vs Team Ghidorah

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Team Earth Defenders vs Team Ghidorah

Post by ShinGojira14 »

Gipsy Danger: ... r_(Jaeger)


King Ghidorah:
Mecha King Ghidorah:


Stats: Gipsy Danger is Heisei weight scaled; Adult Skullcrawler is Heisei scaled; Godzilla is supercharged; At nine minutes into the fight, Godzilla will enter burning mode.

Battleground: Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.

Verdict: I'd give this one to Team Earth Defenders in the end. Godzilla and Gipsy Danger are badasses in melee and the former is impressively durable, Mothra has a wide assortment of tricks up her sleeve that will give both Ghidorahs hell, and Rodan is both incredibly fast and decently strong and his sonic booms were powerful enough to wipe out an Anti-Kaiju Warship designed to combat him in one strike. The Skullcrawler will be going down no matter who he fights, and while MonsterVerse King Ghidorah is a beastly melee fighter neither he nor Mecha King Ghidorah are the most durable Ghidorahs in the roster and in the face of four effective fighters with different ranges of attack, they're gonna find themselves on the ropes pretty soon.

And once Godzilla goes burning, the battle is more or less over for Team Ghidorah.
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Re: Team Earth Defenders vs Team Ghidorah

Post by Zasraniec »

Since Godzilla is supercharged and will go nuclear then the Ghidorahs don't have a chance. The Skull Crawler is just fodder and will die within seconds. Gipsy Danger will probably fall too but could probably injure the Ghidorahs a bit. Godzilla has the durability and melee ability to be the tip of the spear while Mothra lays down some nasty beams. Rodan probably can't do much in melee except distract but since this is a team fight that can buy precious time. Plus his sonic flight could probably inflict some damage on the Ghidorahs. The only hope for Team Ghidorah is if Monsterverse Ghidorah roids up fast on electricity. However even if that happens I am confident that Mothra and Rodan will be able to hold the line until Godzilla goes nuclear.

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