MV Ghidorah and MG vs Team Millenia Era

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MV Ghidorah and MG vs Team Millenia Era

Post by Giratina93 » ... verse.html ... verse.html


Rules: Scaled

Arena: San Francisco

Ghidorah's reign is brought to a swift halt by four Godzillas rising to stop him and his mechanical self. Desoite being far better fighters overall, Ghidorah and MG are going to have their hands full with four seperate foes, two which pack especially dangerous beam weapons. A shot from the AZC or G2000's beam is going to hurt and likely mangle wgoever is struck. I'm leaning the Godzilla team here.
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Re: MV Ghidorah and MG vs Team Millenia Era

Post by Voyager »

Honestly, this is tough. The Godzilla’s and Kiryu will make the Ghidorah’s fight for it, and it will test their limits. Ultimately, for Team goji, it rests on G2K’s shoulders. His beam will be very hurt-y to whoever it hits, and his regen is very good.
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Re: MV Ghidorah and MG vs Team Millenia Era

Post by GodzillavsRayquaza »

I’m picturing King Ghidorah trying to do the space drop on G2000, only for the Inner Radiation to go off while KG’s wrapped around him.

This is pretty difficult. I actually gotta lean King Ghidorah and Mechagodzilla. What’s going to give them the advantage in addition to their better fighting capability is the lack of durability of their opponents. None of the Godzillas have the ability to take punishment nearly as well as MV, which means the triple Gravity Bolt and especially the Proton Scream are gonna be brutal, alongside just a general melee ass-beating from either.
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Re: MV Ghidorah and MG vs Team Millenia Era

Post by ShinGojira14 »

Kiryu Saga Godzilla is sort of a glass cannon; he can undertake a lot of punishment and his atomic breath packs a lot of kinetic force, but he's easily one of the most unintelligent Kaiju on the entire roster and will get slugged pretty easily once either combatant gets in close.

King Ghidorah is an effective melee fighter both on land and in air, and his gravity beams are also packed with extreme kinetic force capable of knocking a 99,600 short-ton Godzilla off his @$$, but his durability is not high on the Kaiju scale and his opponent's beams are going to absolutely mess him up--especially G1999 and G2000's beams. If Ghidorah gets his teeth on any electrical generators, then he could heal his wounds and let loose that lightning overload which will give all four of his foes hell; however, G1999 and G2000 would heal from it in short order. However, if the King of Terror bites any one of his foes and begins draining them, they're in definite trouble--especially Kiryu and his respective Godzilla.

MechaGodzilla is going to be an absolute beast here; his melee is nothing to scoff at and his Mega Buster/Proton Scream-whatever you call it is going to knock anyone it hits on their @$$.
However, here he's fighting two foes with healing factors and extremely potent atomic rays, which are going to be detrimental to his health.

Kiryu, like his respective Godzilla, is a glass cannon; he packs a lot of firepower, including the Absolute Zero Cannon which will decimate either one of the two combatants should it actually land a hit. However, if a single beam hits him at all, he's all but done for, to say nothing if either Ghidorah or MV Mecha G gets in close and just straight up brutalizes him in melee combat.

Godzilla (1999) is a decent melee fighter, nothing too special, but he packs a lethally explosive atomic ray which will absolutely matter to either opponent it hits. And if his opponents get in close, his nuclear pulse is gonna absolutely skreeonk them up if it doesn't kill them outright.

Godzilla (2000) has the same explosive atomic breath (one powerful enough to detonate a skreeonking wormhole/black hole), but lacks a nuclear pulse. However, he makes up for it with quick reflexes and faster melee combat. Out of the four Millennium combatants here, he and G1999 will be the two most difficult to deal with here.

Overall, I think team Millennium has this by just a small margin.
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Re: MV Ghidorah and MG vs Team Millenia Era

Post by EmperorGhidorah »

The problem for Team Millenia is they use their beams far too sparingly, oftentimes only in retaliation to being attacked. They’re not beam spammers. The bulk of their combat strategy is engaging in melee, and that’s a death sentence against something like Mechagodzilla, a machine that outright eclipses them in physical combat. Like, one or two well-placed plasma punches are going to put Kiryu out of commission and send the Godzillas crashing to the dirt. Probably concussed as well and in no position to even properly retaliate with their Atomic Breathes.

Mechagodzilla, by his lonesome, could take on all four of his adversaries here and do extremely well. Giving him an ally like Ghidorah, who could also take on multiple members of Team Millenia and do rather well, makes this a pretty definitive win for Team Monsterverse. If all the Godzillas unleashed their atomic weapons at the start of the match, they could definitely mow down the MV villains before things get dicey. Unfortunately for them, that’s not how they fight.
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Re: MV Ghidorah and MG vs Team Millenia Era

Post by Breakdown »

Is Kiryu being controlled remotely or manually by Akane? If he's piloted manually, that significantly improves his chances in melee against Ghidorah or MechaGodzilla. It likely won't be enough to save the team on it's own, but it may give one of his teammates an opening to use their beams.

Gonna lean team Monsterverse either way though.

Also I want you all to imagine Mecha-Kevin sprinting up to Ghidorah all like "Hey guys, it's me! Im baaaaack!!"
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Re: MV Ghidorah and MG vs Team Millenia Era

Post by Zasraniec »

Giving this to the Millzillas. I actually think the 4v2 is overkill. Kiryu and maybe even 02 Godzilla might fall since they don't take strong hits well but I think they'd be fine if the other two Godzillas are the tip of the spear. However I think the first two Millzillas could duo this. Monsterverse Godzilla's beam sucks and is really only powerful when he has a lot of time to prep and charge like he did with Hollow Earth. While he is better than either of our Godzillas at melee here, they have far better beams and regeneration. In fact I will say they are more durable than Monsterverse Godzilla in that regard which is really overrated anyway. I just can't see those Godzillas still limping from an axe wound inflicted hours earlier. I see Mechagodzilla falling first because he has no beam defense other than a beam lock. It is going to be hard to gauge who would win the beam lock but I am going with both Godzillas. Especially since Godzilla was battered and drained while fighting Mechagodzilla in GvK. Even if I am wrong they are intelligent enough to briefly 2v1 beam the machine when given the chance. Ghidorah will be tougher but I don't think that's nothing either of these Godzillas could handle if it were 1v1. Millzilla #2's melee should be just good enough to keep Ghidorah occupied and #1 deals a nasty beam hit. Ghidorah might be able to overpower Millzilla#1 in melee but that will likely result in a nasty counter attack from a beam or even a pulse.

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