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Showa Heroes vs SpaceGodzilla

Posted: Wed May 12, 2021 7:15 pm
by GodzillavsRayquaza
Godzilla (Showa 70s), Zone Fighter, Rodan (Showa 2nd Gen), King Kong (Showa), and King Caesar (Showa) VS SpaceGodzilla

Arena: Fukuoka

Rules: King Kong is supercharged.
Zone Fighter’s siblings are present in the Smokey to aid him.
SpaceGodzilla’s crystal fortress is set up with conduction tower.

Verdict: Gotta go with SpaceGodzilla here. Even so outmatched in terms of numbers, his beams will rip his enemies apart here, and he’s more than durable enough to withstand everything they’ll be throwing at him. He’s got plenty of ways to handle being outmatched in melee, so the one major advantage his foes have here is lost.

Re: Showa Heroes vs SpaceGodzilla

Posted: Wed May 12, 2021 8:21 pm
by ShinGojira14
Unfortunately I've never seen Zone Fighter, so I'm not certain how he would fare here.

King Caesar is hella strong in melee, but he's not the brightest Kaiju of them all and that would probably be his downfall if he were fighting on his own. King Kong, who is jacked on electricity no less, would be bigger trouble if he got in close, but he doesn't fare well with beams, so he and King Caesar would have a really bad day with SpaceGodzilla's Heisei beam-spamming before they even got close. And King Caesar's eyes may or may not be able to reflect the Corona Beam, but even if they could SpaceGodzilla would be spamming the absolute hell out of them, so Caesar would never get the chance.

That's where the bigger players come into the picture. Now, everyone has their own opinions on Showa Rodan; I see him and his feats as badass material, and I think he'll be the one that really gives the cosmic saurian a hard time. Not only is Rodan the fastest of the bunch, but like Showa Godzilla, Rodan can take an @$$-ton of punishment, and will be tanking the corona beams more than his aforementioned allies while also being fully capable of knocking SpaceGodzilla off his feet. Though, like with King Caesar and Kong, SpaceGodzilla does have two potential counters to Rodan's flight that the Monster of the Skies will need to be wary of: one, his gravity tornado. He gets ensnared in that, and things could change. Two, SpaceGodzilla's Flying Form, in which the cosmic saurian becomes a lot bulkier and a lot more heavily fortified. Rodan will have a lot more trouble landing a meaningful blow if SpaceGodzilla manages to get up in the air in time.

And lastly, there's Showa Godzilla. Like Rodan, he can take a lot of punishment, and like most incarnations of Godzilla he can also heal from it. Like his Heisei counterpart, he's very intelligent and at some point will likely target the conduction tower to sap SpaceGodzilla's energy just as Heisei G did, and there's no reason to believe he wouldn't also target his shoulder crystals in time as the battle progressed. Even worse for SpaceGodzilla, 70's Showa Godzilla is an absolute nightmare in melee and once he gets in close he's gonna slug the cosmic saurian on his @$$ like its his first day on the prison yard.

Beams will be potent here--but SpaceGodzilla has his shield, so Godzilla and Zone Fighter will need to be careful about when they open fire.

For now I'm abstaining; leaning towards the Showa heroes.

Re: Showa Heroes vs SpaceGodzilla

Posted: Fri May 14, 2021 6:54 pm
by Zasraniec
If Spacegodzilla is smart enough, which I think he is, he will not mess around knowing he is outnumbered like this and will take to the air and corona spam. Once that happens everyone but Godzilla and Rodan are probably dead with the survivors being weakened. Then SG will probably tone it back and toy around with them a bit. SG is outclassed big time in melee but I think he will quickly realize this once they thrash him a bit in melee before going back to his armory of weapons. Rodan's speed will be negated with SG's telekinesis and Godzilla will eventually fall to the Corona beam and swarms of crystals. If SG somehow is dumb at the beginning and doesn't take his opponents seriously they are all definitely all smart enough to figure out to destroy his crystal fortress and then probably end up losing because he loses a good chunk of his power. However I see the first scenario being more likely.