Yamato Guardians vs Fake Godzilla

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Yamato Guardians vs Fake Godzilla

Post by ShinGojira14 »

Baragon: https://www.tohokingdom.com/kaiju/baragon_mill.htm
Mothra: https://www.tohokingdom.com/kaiju/mothra_mill.htm#i
Ghidorah: https://www.tohokingdom.com/kaiju/king_ ... mill.htm#g


Fake Godzilla: https://www.tohokingdom.com/kaiju/mecha ... howa.htm#f


Stats: Sizes are unchanged; if Mothra dies, Ghidorah will become King Ghidorah; if Baragon dies, he will grant Ghidorah his gravity beams; Fake Godzilla can shed his disguise.

Battleground: Yokohama.

Verdict: This’ll be a tough one. Fake Godzilla is already a merciless bastard in melee, and will probably treat Baragon the same way he treated Anguirus in even quicker succession. Mothra’s stingers will do little if anything to the Mecha before he burns her out of existence, leaving just Ghidorah as the last man standing. Ghidorah’s Thunder Spark Bite and his Gravity Beams could spell potential trouble for Fake Godzilla should he get in close, and if he manages to score a direct hit flinging that shield of his at the mech, the robot is in for a world of hurt, regardless of whether or not he has shed his disguise by now. However, GMK Ghidorah is not gonna fare well if MechaGodzilla sheds his disguise; the missiles alone are gonna skreeonk him up, to say nothing of his space beams and Cross Attack Beam.

Abstaining for the time being; leaning barely towards MechaGodzilla.
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Re: Yamato Guardians vs Fake Godzilla

Post by Giratina93 »

The Yamato Trio have no chance in hell. If the lumbering slow GMK was pushing their poop in, what do you think the far faster, far more fighting capable, stronger Fake Godzilla is going to do? And if he sheds his disguise? That is the exact moment they are dead, as MG is going to blast holes through them, with firepower that turned Showa Godzilla into a blood sprinkler. Ghidorah is just a big target to get blown open.
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Re: Yamato Guardians vs Fake Godzilla

Post by Zasraniec »

I say this could go either way. I don't think it will be as one sided as Giratina93 makes it out to be because Mechagodzilla was very vulnerable to Godzilla's beam unless his force field was up. I do see this being a close fight and it will hinge on whether Mechagodzilla is intelligent enough with his force field. Since Baragon and Mothra are certainly gonna die Ghidorah is going to get his beams which will make or break this fight. The problem is it is hard to tell if Mechagodzilla will use his forcefield intelligently because he only used it once against a Godzilla that doesn't even beam that often. If Mechagodzilla is limited in his forcefield capabilities or just isn't smart in using it then Ghidorah's beams should be his destruction. However if there are no limits to the forcefield and Mechagodzilla pops it whenever Ghidorah begins zapping then the machine will win because he negates the only hope Ghidorah has.

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