Apex vs Orga

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Apex vs Orga

Post by ShinGojira14 »

Apex: https://pacificrim.fandom.com/wiki/Apex




Stats: Standard Heisei Scaling.

Battleground: Clayton, Australia.

Verdict: Apex will definitely dominate Orga in melee, but given how Apex is a cyborg and not a full-on mecha Orga could potentially bite him and absorb his DNA or even fully eat him and take on his characteristics--if Apex allows him to get close enough to do so. However, Orga does have his regeneration which will heal any and all wounds Apex inflicts upon him, and if his destructive motion beam scores a direct him Apex is in trouble. But Orga does seem to have one particular weakness that will not heal if destroyed in any way shape or form: his head. If Apex beheads him or just downright tears his skull apart until its just a bloody paste, it's very possible Orga may be dead right then and there.

Abstaining for now, leaning towards Apex.
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Re: Apex vs Orga

Post by GodzillavsRayquaza »

Given Apex’s constant battles with Anteverse kaiju, he should be used to dealing with creatures that require a massive amount of punishment to bring down. His only major concern is the shoulder cannon, but he should still be capable of surviving it, which means Apex is definitely tearing Orga’s head off its shoulders.
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