Godzilla (MV) vs Utsuno Ikusagami

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Godzilla (MV) vs Utsuno Ikusagami

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The champion of the gods faces the Alpha Titan in a battle to determine who’s kind shall rule over the Earth.

Godzilla (MV) VS Utsuno Ikusagami

Arena: Hollow Earth

Rules: Standard Heisei scaling.
GvK Godzilla.
30 minutes after the battle begins, Godzilla will become Burning.

Verdict: I’ve gotta abstain, this is really difficult to tell. Godzilla will hold an advantage in melee, but Utsuno can dish out his own punishment in melee given his sheer strength and conductive touch, and if he gets overwhelmed he can bust out the pulse. Said pulse shoved Orochi, who weighs five times that of Utsuno, back with ease, so it’s hurling MV away like a ragdoll. Yes, Utsuno is weakened after using this pulse due to its energy drain, so that is something in the alpha’s favor. Godzilla’s beam should be able to damage Utsuno, but I don’t see it exactly melting him. Once Utsuno’s sword comes out, Godzilla’s in for a world of hurt that’ll make him wish he was fighting the ape with an axe again. As well, Utsuno’s energy attacks are gonna be brutal to endure, especially the Devil-Crushing Amaterasu Light

However, Utsuno is rather light weight, which means Godzilla will be able hurl him around with ease. As well, it’s MV Godzilla, if anyone can tank through divine punishment to dish out some pain, it’s him. When Utsuno pushes him to the point of wanting to kill instead of just making his opponent submit, the Space Warfare God is getting ragdolled.

Ultimately, it comes down to if Godzilla can last 30 minutes. And I truly don’t know if he can.
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Re: Godzilla (MV) vs Utsuno Ikusagami

Post by Gigantis »

Yes Godzilla can dish out some real punishment if he can get close, but the real question is if even get close to Utsuno at all. Sun deity makes most Heisei Godzilla monsters beam spamming powers look like child's play. And not to mention he's going to have to watch out for Ikusagami's lightsaber, which can easily slice off his arms if he isn't careful.

So yeah, going for the Space Warfare God.

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