Titans of Earth vs Magatano Orochi

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Titans of Earth vs Magatano Orochi

Post by GodzillavsRayquaza »

Godzilla (MV), Kong (MV), Rodan (MV), and Mothra (MV) vs Magatano Orochi

Arena: Tokyo

Rules: Standard MV scaling.
GvK Godzilla and Kong.
Kong has the Royal Axe.
Mothra can transfer her life energy to Godzilla upon death, and it will take 3 minutes for him to go Burning.
Magatano has the weak spot near his jaw that he does in the show.

Verdict: I have to go with Magatano here. Godzilla and Kong are going to be struggling hard to accomplish anything against him, even Kong’s supercharged axe won’t likely to much to the main body. It could carve away the Magatanthor tentacles, but that won’t do much. Yes, if Kong is able to figure out Magatano’s weak spot he could hit it directly with the axe, but given what It took to that weakspot to destroy Magatano... I don’t see it doing enough. If anything, running in with the charged axe will just make Magatano bite the weapon and drain it of energy, leaving Kong up poop creek without a paddle. Godzilla’s beam is potent, but Magatano can just open his mouth and eat it with no harm done to him. The only real chance team Titans has is Burning Godzilla, and while Mothra is definitely going to die quickly, I can’t fully say Burning is a guaranteed win. Magatano’s onslaught, especially the perforation beam, might be too much for Godzilla to handle long enough. And secondly, Burning isn’t exactly precise, which means it won’t be targeting Magatano’s weak spot, it’ll have to just melt through his armor, and... I don’t know if even Burning can do that.
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Re: Titans of Earth vs Magatano Orochi

Post by Gigantis »

The best thing the Titans have going for them is the fact Magatano can't move too well, while all three of them are super versatile in their actions, leaving the drake a sitting duck.. other than that, it took all of Orb's power to take Maganato down, and i would consider most Next Generation Ultra's beyond what most of the Godzilla franchise has to offer. And even Burning mode can't do too much considering how durable the dragon is.

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Re: Titans of Earth vs Magatano Orochi

Post by Giratina93 »

Yeah... the Titans don't have the firepower to take down Magatano. They just don't. NOTHING Orb was doing to it was working, and then there's the fact he can just straight up eat beams, so Godzilla's main weapon is kinda worthless, and Kong ain't doing anything either. Rodan and Mothra ain't lasting against all the spam that Magatano has to offer, and I don't think even Burning is going to be enough, or that Godzilla can even make it there until he gets a Maga Grand King beam through the chest.
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