Fantasy Matches Are Now A Usergroup

For the discussion of all fantasy matches, Toho or otherwise. To post, you must join the FM Usergroup.
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Fantasy Matches Are Now A Usergroup

Post by CaptainStarbird »

So more recently in light of the changes made to this section, I've seen threads that ask about why people can't post in here and posts revolving around the same subject matter after the vote made to make a usergroup came fully through.
That said, if anyone wonders why they can't post in here, then it's because of this and you not being a member of the usergroup.
To those that want to be in the usergroup, just PM a Mod or an Admin to ask if you can join.
I'm not doing initiations myself, but I'm sure there's someone among the reds and greens that would let you join the usergroup.
It's in the description to do just that, too.

To those that want to be in the usergroup, figure it out yourself. It's not hard if you just look around a bit. PMs to the mods or admins asking to join the usergroup will be ignored. Think of this as a competancy test.
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