Servum vs SP Rodan

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Servum vs SP Rodan

Post by GodzillavsRayquaza »

Servum VS SP Rodan

Arena: Red Dust Tokyo

- Flying-type Servum
- Three Rodans, each equivalent to the one that fought Jet Jaguar in episode 2. Assume there is enough Red Dust present to nullify the time limit on their life.

Verdict: Leaning the Servum here. Its size-advantage and greater durability will be very difficult for the Rodans to break through, ensuring its victory.
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Re: Servum vs SP Rodan

Post by Voyager »

The bigger and bulkier Servum should win here. Can’t forget they’re made of the same stuff as the plants and Godzilla.
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Re: Servum vs SP Rodan

Post by ShinGojira14 »

I think one 1st form Rodan would be an even match for a Servum. Against three of them, one solitary Servum is gonna get torn to pieces.
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Re: Servum vs SP Rodan

Post by Mac Daddy MM »

I was wondering when this match would happen. And I'm going with Servum. Armored and faster in every regard. And a lot more vicious.
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