Ultraman vs. Zone Fighter

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Ultraman vs. Zone Fighter

Post by HillyHulk »

Ultraman vs. Zone Fighter

The Moon

Showa Ultraman
One outlasting the timer of the other also means victory

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Ultraman and Zone Fighter have a similar kind of fighting style, wrestling and outmaneuvering opponents. Zone Fighter is more willing to use abilities like the Uzi punches and his shields. Ultraman does possibly have the land advantage since being on the moon could mean he can replenish health. Due to the moves that could cut him off being reserved for finishing battles (similar to Ultraman), there is a chance. Combine that with an experience of fighting stronger opponents solo such as Gomora while Zone Fighter needed help more often than not when things got rough, Ultraman could win this.
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Re: Ultraman vs. Zone Fighter

Post by Kaijuking101 »

Since this is on the Moon, Ultraman no longer has his time limit. While I know nothing about Zone's timer, it probably is still here, so Ultraman could win this simply by outlasting Zone. Plus, Ultraman's stronger foes are above what Zone needs help to fight with, and without a color timer Ultras start spamming their finishers in a melee fight as well, so the sheer amount of finishers and Ultraman's own brute strength nets him the win.
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Re: Ultraman vs. Zone Fighter

Post by Nagoda »

Zone Fighter can’t go one fight without having his timer recharged by Smokey or his siblings to bail him out. Ultraman meanwhile, is outside Earth’s Atmosphere where he basically has unlimited energy and can spam energy attacks all he wants.
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