Monster Discussion: Trilopods/Magita

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Monster Discussion: Trilopods/Magita

Post by GodzillavsRayquaza »

With the recent string of main site updates being the bios of the Trilopods and their queen, figured a thread to discuss the IDW original creation would be a good call.

I absolutely adore the Trilopods. Their base design is sick, and their main power of absorbing and using the powers of other kaiju is used super well. They feel damn dangerous all throughout their time on “screen”.

Magita does feel kinda slapped on to an ending that feels rushed, but I still really like her even if she should have gotten more screentime and buildup. Seeing a kaiju that skreeonking massive is a trip, especially in the Godzilla series, and her fight with the group and then “Crimson” Godzilla is still a dope conclusion.
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Re: Monster Discussion: Trilopods/Magita

Post by LSD Jellyfish »

I think they're great, but I wish we got to see more of them in their base forms prior to transforming into the hybrids. Additionally, and I'm sure there's some reason for this, it annoys me that the comics don't outright say the Trilopods were augmented by Orga's DNA.

To me, it's annoying how Orga appears and is a big deal in issue 6, only for him to disappear and vanish from the series. While I still would've liked to see Orga more in the series, it's believable to assume that Organization is just Godzilla DNA+whatever alien life the Cryogs have. Likewise, then the Trilopods are the Insect Creature+Orga Hybrid as the article discusses.
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Re: Monster Discussion: Trilopods/Magita

Post by ShinGojira14 »

While they're not my absolute favorite monsters in the entire franchise, I freaking love the Trilopods. It's a risk to go out of your way to create a new Kaiju to add to the 60+ year old roster, but Matt did exactly that and blew it out of the water.

Magita is cool, but definitely falls way too fast to feel like a genuinely threatening final antagonist.
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Re: Monster Discussion: Trilopods/Magita

Post by Dinoskell »

I was really disappointed Magita was taken down solely by Godzilla rather than a team effort.

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