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Re: Fan-comics from G-fan magazine

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It's really easy to judge G-fan in this day and age where our access to new information about kaiju (and tokusatsu media in general) is unprecedented. Safe to say we here in the west have lots of things to learn, discover, uncover, etc. The Godzilla series may have been analyzed a great deal, but that's one aspect of a much broader family of material. Even then, I still learn new things about Godzilla every day.

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Re: Fan-comics from G-fan magazine

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Godzilla21 wrote: Mon May 31, 2021 3:15 pm
FlawedCoil82 wrote: Tue May 18, 2021 4:18 pm
Godzilla21 wrote: Wed Jan 20, 2021 10:54 pm

There is still enough interesting articles in each G-Fan to warrant a subscription IMO. John Lemay writes some great articles and stuff like the 2021 calendar along with all the theater advertising loot and posters have been nice extras in the last year. Some of the articles are derivative but what else can you say about King Kong vs Godzilla in an article that hasn't been said 3,000 times? The fact that its been running since the early 90s is quite a feat.
I agree! I have been a subscriber since issue #32 (and since went back and collected all issues from #8 onwards, plus the special collection that includes articles from #s 1-7) and have thoroughly enjoyed every issue. Since it's hard to find up to date English books with pictures, the magazine is the next best thing.
I have sold a few over the years on eBay that I felt didn't have a ton to offer. I definitely have issues 1-30 though. After that is mostly a few here and there through the current issue. Its so fun reading about all the G98 drama back in those early issues.
Yep agreed again. I think it got really interesting in issue #31 when the design was revealed. Of course at the time it was quite depressing, but now going back and rereading it, takes it down an interesting path to say the least. Not every issue is a "winner" but I still enjoy something in every issue and more articles are read in every issue than those that aren't.
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