Monster Discussion: Soran, Inagos, and Kamerus

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Monster Discussion: Soran, Inagos, and Kamerus

Post by TitanoGoji16 »

In this thread, we shall discuss Godzilla's ancient compatriots from the Dark Horse comics, the Disaster Monsters: Soran the Thunderbird, Inagos the Locust-King, and Kamerus... the really big turtle!

While clearly these guys were just stand-ins because Dark Horse didn't have the rights to Rodan, Mothra, and Anguirus and/or Gamera, I do still like them. They have a bit of charm to them. The story probably helps with that a little, as the call of the ancient slab helps provide a reason they're attacking Japan as opposed to just the usual "Well, they're giant monsters, what else are they gonna do?"

Their designs, while slightly generic, are still unique enough to be interesting. I like that Soran is this hideous, almost rotting corpse-looking bird-thing as opposed to a generic pterodactyl monster. I like that Inagos, despite being another insect larva, is not just another caterpillar type. It's too bad that he didn't get to join Godzilla and Soran for the final mad dash for the slab at the end. Kamerus... well, honestly, Kamerus' design is probably the least interesting of the three. That and the poor guy doesn't even get to actually be in the story and is just seen in flashbacks. We wouldn't even find out his name until eight years later.

Considering that their origin is so deeply intertwined with Godzilla's in the Dark Horse universe, it's surprising that they never showed up again, aside from their brief cameo in Issue 12. It would've been nice if the final issue of the series had the four of them teaming up against the Stranger or something.
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Re: Monster Discussion: Soran, Inagos, and Kamerus

Post by GodzillavsRayquaza »

Definitely a case of missing potential, because their designs and origins are intriguing. I’d say Inagos is my favorite of the three, a locust kaiju is a great idea and the idea of it causing these biblical swarms with his presence is downright menacing. Soran’s decrepit and ghoulish appearance makes him a close second.
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Re: Monster Discussion: Soran, Inagos, and Kamerus

Post by Gigantis »

Soran's easily the best of the three, but honestly, beyond the designs, all of them just.. lack charm.

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Re: Monster Discussion: Soran, Inagos, and Kamerus

Post by Major sssspielberg! »

Gigantis wrote: Wed Jul 28, 2021 4:52 pm Soran's easily the best of the three, but honestly, beyond the designs, all of them just.. lack charm.
I disagree, I think they have a distinct Dark Horse/90s indie comic charm. I loved the art for that Godzilla series. Wish they'd do a belated sequel with expanded roles for these guys.
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