Does Alien: Isolation need a Sequel?

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Does Alien: Isolation need a sequel?

Poll ended at Sat Jun 19, 2021 12:48 am

Yes, it need a sequel
No, I think it’s perfectly fine as a solo game
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Does Alien: Isolation need a Sequel?

Post by Thatguy4683 »

Since everybody loves Alien: Isolation I’m going to put up a poll asking the question does it need a sequel. IMO yes it absolutely need a sequel, but it needs to be done perfectly with the right idea, people’s, and time. I know time may be weird but, after I heard about Sega giving developers unrealistic timing schedules, and Sega not being helpful at all

Let me know your thoughts
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Re: Does Alien: Isolation need a Sequel?

Post by CrimsonBloodX »

I still haven't finished the game yet, so I can't really answer this question. But it would be cool if we get another Alien game like Isolation.
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Re: Does Alien: Isolation need a Sequel?

Post by gvamp »

For me it would depend of the story if they have a decent story to go with it sure. I mean the first game does leave it open for a sequel or sequels but I wouldn't be heart broken if they didn't do a sequel. I'd rather see that Alien RPG that Obsidian was developing or another story driven shooter like CM but much better.
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Re: Does Alien: Isolation need a Sequel?

Post by ClandestineCanine9 »

wouldn't mind one, provided they have a good story. I found Isolation ended fairly abruptly.
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