Make your own version of Godzilla In Hell

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Make your own version of Godzilla In Hell

Post by Thatguy4683 »

Demons and Hell has been A fascinating concept to me, and I can thank that to the doom franchise, there’s something about them that interest me and how the media treat them, from fallen angels to mindless abomination. Who’s better to take them on, move out of the way, Doom Slayer, Godzilla is here to Kick some ass

Even though the concept has been done before in comic form, I would like to see
If you were in control of having the concept of Godzilla fighting Demons in your movie, What would you do?
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Re: Make your own version of Godzilla In Hell

Post by Cryptid_Liker »

Replace the demon versions of Toho kaiju with straight-up demons, have a consistant artist, and use a more clear ending.

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Re: Make your own version of Godzilla In Hell

Post by TheRealSpinoRex »

I'd set it in a timeline where Godzilla has defeated all that would oppose him, ala Planet of the Monsters. Godzilla wakes up in hell, but not to be tormented. Godzilla is the punishment. Each level of hell would have one of his past opponents and Godzilla basically would just be tasked with obliterating them over and over again before moving on. At the last level, i'd have the tsunami of dead bodies like the actual comic that Godzilla would have to escape from.

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Re: Make your own version of Godzilla In Hell

Post by H-Man »

As a Christian, I once had an idea for a Godzilla story years and years ago in which he fought a kaiju version of Satan near the walls of Jerusalem on the eve of the Second Coming of Christ. His defeating the Devil would usher in the Millenium.

Not really hell, but kinda the same ballpark.

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Re: Make your own version of Godzilla In Hell

Post by MaxRebo320 »

Jigoku but with Godzilla.

Alternatively, I'd just remake the Hell sequence from Hanuman and the Five Riders, complete with naked ladies being stabbed with pitchforks (Despite it being a children's film).

In all seriousness, everyone here should check out Shintoho's Jigoku if you haven't for October.
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