My theory on the Millennium Godzilla

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My theory on the Millennium Godzilla

Post by Freebleeper »

That the 1954 one never died from the Oxygen Destroyer... he attacked Tokyo and basically walked away until he came back with these movies (Godzilla 2000, Godzilla vs. Megaguirus, Giant Monsters All Out Attack, Godzilla against MechaGodzilla and Godzilla Final Wars) you can't count Tokyo SOS because it's a continuance to the previous film. Megaguirus is a good example!

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Re: My theory on the Millennium Godzilla

Post by GmkGoji »

Mmm...that doesn't QUITE work. Though I do have to say that you COULD make a case for 2000 and megaguirus connecting.
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Re: My theory on the Millennium Godzilla

Post by Chrispy_G »

I always liked the idea of the 'black hole' they try to send Godzilla into being used as some sort of weird timey-wimey inter-dimensional alternate reality plot device to connect multiple Godzilla incarnations/eras....but they didn't really explore that.

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Re: My theory on the Millennium Godzilla

Post by LSD Jellyfish »

....Except for the fact that Godzilla vs. Megagurius explicitly mentions that nuclear power has been banned due to Godzilla's attacks on the Tokai region's nuclear power plants in the 1960's, and one of the first things Katagiri does in Godzilla 2000 is try to shut down a nuclear power plant, in Tokai, -the exact same plant Godzilla destroyed in 1966.

I don't get the hard fascination with trying to connect these films, where even beyond monster designs they have incredibly rigid continuity issues. :roll:
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Re: My theory on the Millennium Godzilla

Post by szmigiel »

Continuity is like "The Da Vinci Code" of Godzilla fandom. The Tomoyuki Tanaka Code if you will. If you correctly peace all the continuities together just right, a new understanding of Godzilla will become apparent.

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Re: My theory on the Millennium Godzilla

Post by eabaker »

A couple of you guys are responding as though the OP said he thought all the Millennium films were connected, which isn't what's being sayid here at all. Freebleeper specifically acknowledges that GxMG and Tokyo SOS are the only Millennium entries that are connected to each other.
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