Opinion of the Millennium Suits

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Re: Opinion of the Millennium Suits

Post by DirektorSplennic »

KiryuGoji is my absolute favorite Godzilla design, but the actual usage of the suit is extremely underwhelming. He seems like he's brain dead throughout the entire Kiryu saga. Also it looks weirdly more rubbery than the other Millennium suits.
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Re: Opinion of the Millennium Suits

Post by Loganrules115 »

MireGoji is my third favorite Godzilla suit of them all, but the Millennium era has top-notch designs altogether.
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Re: Opinion of the Millennium Suits

Post by Anguirus »

Honestly, I really like them all. MireGoji being my favorite. I think every suit from Heisei on has been great actually. All seem threatening.

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Re: Opinion of the Millennium Suits

Post by Oca12 »

MireGoji: Really awesome! This is THE definitive Millennium design IMO. I like the Heisei design more but I'm glad they went for a more out out-there design for Godzilla. Love the dorsal plate shapes and the color choices! Though the limbs and neck look a tad too small IMO. Overall I prefer the concept design used in the SHMA Figure. Solid 8/10

GiraGoji: Godzilla 2000 but with a worse shade of Green. 7/10

GMKGoji: Badass. Straight up. The white eyes and menacing smile just add to it. He's pretty chubby though, and the tail could be a little bit thicker, like the Heisei Godzilla designs. My favorite Millennium design, very solid 9/10

KiryuGoji: A refined Godzilla 2000. I loved the purple and green coloring, but its nice to see more traditional coloring. The tail is so long and thin I love it! And the neck (as weird as it sounds) I always liked how it was shaped. If I had to nitpick, I do think the eyes definitely look too big and cutesy. Though the Rulers of Earth Godzilla did fix that, and made him a lot beefier. I do prefer that design, but this is still a solid 9/10 as well.

FinalGoji: Basically KiryuGoji but with more 1954-like features. The return of the ears and fangs are always nice, and those orange/red eyes are just so imposing and awesome! My one complaint are the dorsal plates. They're about the same size as GareGoji's dorsal plates, and while I do like the shape, the size just doesn't sit right with me (just like GareGoji). Solid 9/10, again

Overall, I really love the Millennium designs! While the Heisei went for a more traditional and basic design, these definately scream "modern" and "cool" a lot more for me. All of these are A tier worthy imo.

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Re: Opinion of the Millennium Suits

Post by ClandestineCanine9 »

I don't like how yellow GiraGoji's teeth are compared to G2K, but aside from that I don't mind it too much

Final Wars' design has always been one of my favorites, and I don't see the rat comparisons people always draw.

my opinions on GMK and KiryuGoji are pretty much the same as everyone elses.
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Re: Opinion of the Millennium Suits

Post by Agent Smith »

All suits are amazing. The least amazing is GFW and even then I still like it. It just looks odd from the front. I also like how streamlined and lean that suit is. The 2K, GvM, and Kiryu suits look wickedly awesome as well. GMK is downright scary. They all have unique charms to them.

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Re: Opinion of the Millennium Suits

Post by godjacob »

Honestly some of the best suits in the series.

The Kiryu Saga suit in particular is the look I default Godzilla to when he first pops in my mind.

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Re: Opinion of the Millennium Suits

Post by Locutus »

Love em all.

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Re: Opinion of the Millennium Suits

Post by Malchik »

Mire is my favorite of the era followed very closely by GMK. I think I like the Gira repaint the most. Kiryu and FW are not very impressive to me.
Terasawa wrote: Thu Jun 18, 2020 5:11 pm
UltramanGoji wrote:
Terasawa wrote:The MireGoji design probably should be an iconic look for the character but I can't get past how poorly constructed the costume is, especially compared to the costumes Wakasa didn't build from the same era (e.g. the Heisei Godzillas and Gameras, the GMK Godzilla).
What do you think the costume got wrong? I thought it looked pretty great (protruding teeth aside) and it moved fairly well, at least more than later suits like the KiryuGoji.
I guess it's less the suit and more the execution of bringing it to life.
I think you mean costume, sir.

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Re: Opinion of the Millennium Suits

Post by King_Joe_Radio »

The suit from GMK looks really good, but I just don't care for the other ones. Design wise they're alright, but the suits look way too plastic-y for me and I remember them being pretty skreeonkin' stiff.
FW Goji comes close to be good, and while it isn't as stiff it's also way too skinny, and it's face looks like a skreeonking rodent's.

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Re: Opinion of the Millennium Suits

Post by Locutus »

Love em all.

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Re: Opinion of the Millennium Suits

Post by GodzillaXGomoraFight »

Here is my ranking of the Millennium suits:

1) Mire/Gira Goji: my favorite Millennium design by far because of how distinct it is. Love the more reptilian look and the color scheme. It has a bit of the post-Heisei chunkiness and some shots like the body slam in Megaguirus are laughable, but still hold a lot of nostalgia for it.

2) GMK Goji: one of the most expressive Godzilla suits despite no pupils. Reminds me the most of a Showa design compared to other Millennium designs. Has some wonky aspects like a potbelly and clown feet, but easily one of the most menacing looks Godzilla has ever had.

3) FW Goji: Ratzilla has grown on me over the years. Having mousey features in the face does distract, but I think it does manage to give Godzilla a mean look. I think the dorsal spines are the most underwhelming compared to the designs before it as well. Reminds me the most of a Heisei look.

4) Kiryu Goji: was a favorite of mine back when I was a kid but no longer. I think the design plays it too safe by being a more reserved take on the MireGoji suit. It takes the old color scheme, puts it on the 2000 suit, and scales back the radical aspects of the design. I think it is too conservative and the character of Godzilla in the movie doesn't do much help either.

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