Young Altered Mercanary Apes(Do Not Post Here)

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Young Altered Mercanary Apes(Do Not Post Here)

Postby ernesth100 » Mon Sep 29, 2014 3:39 pm

Deep in the forests of Africa a large truck drives through the tree's carrying a cage with four captured baby apes. The infant apes cried until one of the drivers yelled at them. They were carrying to things. 4 apes, each a different species. Orangutan, Bonobo, Cross River, and Chimpanzee. They were going to be the test subjects for the other thing the truck was carrying a special gas called Intel-Enhancer imported from Japan. Which would, theoretically speaking, increase the intelligence of any human or animal it was tested on.

"So why did the boss get four different apes?" one driver said.

"I don't know some DNA science crap. Not my job to know." the second driver said.

"Yeah you're probably-holy poop look out!" the first driver said as they almost ran into a small creature.

Accidentally driving off the narrow path they were on and falling of a cliff edge, Both drivers died from the impact but luckily the apes survived thanks to the cage around them. The lock was weakened from the impact allowing the apes to escape but the truck was in a position so that the box containing the Intel-Enhancer nearly dropped on them but missed by just a bit. One of the canisters of the enhancer gas cracked open and effected the apes. They began crying and attracted a pack of Ethiopian wolves, one of them happened to be the creature that the truck almost ran over. While the rest of the pack went for the lifeless bodies of the drivers, a single wolf which was different from the others smelled the young apes and went to feast on them. He walked straight through the leaking canister of gas which was floating into the air around him. He stopped and sneezed.

Then again then again. He ran out of the cloud of smoke. Walking towards the apes slowly he began to widen his jaw. Ready to take the first bite from the defenseless crying babies. But then something happened. All of a sudden the wolf felt something, many things in fact. So many jumbled up feelings and thoughts. All the thoughts were new to him. But one feeling overrided everything else. He felt...sad. The young apes had been stolen from their families and were practically helpless without them. So looking around and acting fast the wolf picked up the apes on his nose while his fellow pack was feeding and found a small hole where he hid them from his pack. He also hid rolling in mud and dirt to mask his scent. His pack was looking for him. They couldn't find him. So the left elsewhere after a while of sniffing around the area. But one picked up a canister of gas in it's mouth curious as to what it was just before it continued with the pack. After a half an hour of waiting to make sure his pack had abandoned him he steeped out of the shadows. The apes were safe. But now what would he do? Take care of what he would usually consider food? Maybe so, in fact that's exactly what he was going to do. For 4 months he brought the apes food and learned to not eat meat so he wouldn't be tempted to eat them.

One day he was scavenging for fruits and vegetation to feed the apes carrying them all in a large leaf as if it were a bag and saw a pack of hyena terrorizing a small gazelle. It was young. It wandered to far away from its mother. So the wolf ran down in between the gazelle and the hyena. The wolf guarded the gazelle. Every time one would step closer the wolf growled.

"What am I doing?" he thought to himself.

But just as quickly he realized he was doing something right. He didn't know why but he knew he was. The front hyena considerably larger than the others took two steps. At that point the wolf didn't even growl. Nor, did he bark he simply stood up on his hind legs and yelled.

"NO!" in a growling tone.

This not on shocked the hyena's but the wolf himself. Slowly the wolf lowered back onto all fours. The Hyena took another step closer. The wolf stood up again with a more fearsome.

"NO!" the wolf didn't go back on all fours. Instead this time the wolf stood up and stayed on his hind legs. Standing like a man.

The hyena's lunged at him and the gazelle ran. The wolf fought the hyenas. There were 5 of them and one of him but he managed to fight them off with superior skills he learned earlier on in his life. The hyena's gave up after a a while and simply walked off. The wolf still standing grabbed the leaf in his hand with the food he had gathered. He stopped to look at himself. He had a scar on his forehead from the brawl. He would deal with it later it would heal. For now his top priority was the apes whom he had safely hidden in a small cave shrouded by a large bush. After feeding them and feeding himself he took a vine from a tree and wrapped it around his steel bleeding forehead. He realized something. He was becoming more intelligent. The gas had effected him. But now he knew he would be even more able to protect the apes. And that made him feel something he hadn't felt in a long time...happy. The wolf realized that the forest was incredibly dangerous for younger creatures. So he decided to train the apes to defend them selves

You see, before he was in the forest. The wolf was an import in a special pets store from Mexico. He's actually a Mexican Wolf. He was bought by a middle age man no older than 31. The wolf had an amazing memory capacity, he was trained properly in a month. The man who bought him went by the name of Derek Hitcher. Derek was into the art of self defense and fighting tactics. He never had anyone else living with him. No son or wife. The wolf filled hat void. Suddenly Derek didn't feel so alone. He would train in front of the wolf talking to the creature as if it was his student. And the wolf would pay complete attention. Silently absorbing the knowledge. Derek named the wolf after a while of calling i buddy he decided to name it Moonlight because of the way his eyes would shine when he light reflected of them. The wolf took comfort to the name fast. Responding to it almost immediately. For 2 straight years Derek trained in front of Moonlight. One day he got a girlfriend. She and Derek both had a thing for defense tactics and learning new ways of attacking and fighting. Ranging from gun training to bows and arrows to bare hand combat they taught Moonlight something new...teamwork.. Derek and his girlfriend were always in perfect sync. For 3 more years they trained. One day the neighbors reported Derek's wolf and so soon he would have to get rid of it. One day on a trip to African plains in Ethiopia they simply let the wolf off the leash. Moonlight ran free but when he came back they were no longer there. He waited for hours and hours but nothing came. Except a Zebra that almost trampled him. The Zebra was being chased by Ethiopian wolves. But they all tripped over Moonlight. Angered, hungry, and unwilling to welcome a different species of wolf into their pack. They engaged in a fight with Moonlight. But Moonlight remembered a lesson from his owner.

"No matter how bad things may seem. Never give up."

So Moonlight fought and fought and fought until all of his energy was gone. Finally when it seemed he was done for the pack leader of the Ethiopian wolves came in. But Moonlight was still snapping at them. Beaten bruised and tired. The other wolves admired this and even though Moonlight was a completely different species they allowed him into their pack. For two more years Moonlight embraced his wild side letting go of any connection he had to civilization or his owner and soon the memories sank into the recesses of his mind...until now.

His memories had fully restored and he would use them to teach the apes. So slowly but surely he carved weapons for them out of sticks. And taught them what he knew. He created new weapons like sling shots as well with vines and Y shaped branches. At this point he already knew the gas had effected the apes too. They learned faster than he could teach them.

At one point while they're aiming with the slingshots at a target piece of wood. And one ape missed the target. When Moonlight called the ape on it the Orangutan responded

"No, I didn't."

The rock bounced off the wall behind the wood and hit another ape in the fore head, the biggest of the children a Cross River Gorilla. They began fighting but Moonlight quickly broke it up by smacking them in the head with a stick. He realized he's been calling them apes. And they've been calling him Father Moonlight. Or just father. He needs names for them. So he sat for hours thinking and remembered looking at books his owner had dropped on the floor. They had names on them. So it was decided that he would name them after those books.

He named the Cross-River Gorilla Edgar. He named the Orangutan Tolkien. The Chimpanzee William and finally the Bonobo Stephen.

They spent the first 15 years of their life in the cave not allowed to leave without Moonlight's permission. And when they did leave they had to follow father moonlight. When the children were 16 he had decided. It was time for them to explore the world alone.

"I am trusting you my children. You are old enough to go around. But do not go too far. Please don't get lost. If you see anything dangerous, WALK THE OTHER WAY!" Moonlight said.

"Uh-huh." Tolkien replied.

Moonlight shook his head.

"Stephen, keep an eye on you're brothers your the leader. Take your weapons and I want you all to look out for each and stay safe my so-" before Moonlight could finish his sons were running out the cave. Jumping from tree to tree, swinging from vine to vine and branch to brach.

"Hey, guys I got an idea!" Tolkien said.

He stopped on a tree branch. The others below him rested on the ground.

"No! We're not going any other way than a straight line. It'll be easier to follow back." Stephen said.

"Actually, anything would be easy to follow back. Father trained us to be very good with memory. I'm especially good with it. In fact among us I have the most vividly photographic-" William was cut off by an annoyed Stephen.

"Okay, we get it! Still there's a lot of danger out their that would-" Stephen was cut off by Edgar.

"Would what? We're smarter, faster, stronger than probably anything out here that could threaten us. Plus I've been itching to put the skills Father taught us to the test since I was ten." Edgar said.

"I don't care how bad you're itching! Just scratch it so we can have some fun in this general area and get back to the cave." Stephen said.

Tolkien jumped down directly in front of Stephen.

"Why are you so anti-fun? Father sent us out here to explore. We haven't done anything fun except run around but your fixated on going home. Why?"

"I...don't want any of you to get hurt. Father called me leader guys! If you come back injured he might never trust me again." Stephen said.

"Hey come on Steph, the best we could get is a couple of scrapes and cuts from tripping over a log or something. Now come on I have an idea." Tolkien said.

Tolkien grabbed a circular rock of the ground.

"Lets play catch." Tolkien smiled.

"Surprising good idea." William said.

The rock hit Williams head.

"What the skreeonk!?" William said,

"Pay attention next time." Tolkien replied.

Tolkien picked up the rock and threw it back at Tolkien whom caught it.

"Let's make this interesting. Whoever misses a catch is out. Last one left wins."Tolkien threw the rock at Edgar.

Edgar caught it and grunted.

"Deal." Edgar said.

And so the game began. Edward pretended he was going to throw the rock to Tolkien but then threw it at William whom failed to see it coming in time to keep it from flying over his head. Tolkien threw it at Stephen whom used his stick as a bat to knock it into the air.

"That's cheati-" the rock came down on Tolkiens head knocking him out.

"Nah, just a little advanced strategy." Stephen said.

Now it was only Stephen and Edgar. Edgar stared for a while then smiled, Stephen smiled back.

"Are you gonna throw it?" Stephen watched as Edgar through it just a bit over Stephens reach.

But Stephen gave chase to the still airborne rock. Stephen ran and jumped as the rock went through a couple of bushes. Landing right under the rock. He caught it and stood up.

"Hey guys! I caught it! The games still on! I'm the best around! Nothings gonna ever keep me dow...oh poop." Stephen looked around and realized he was in the middle of a pack of wolves.

The wolves stared at him.

"poop." Stephen whispered backing away slowly.

His brothers watched from high atop the trees.

"Stephen. Don't make any sudden movements. Just back up slowly." William whispered to his brother.

"What do you think I'm doing!" Stephen exclaimed loudly.

"I...dude seriously?" William said slapping his face and rubbing his hand down it as well as giving a sigh.

"One wolf tried to jump on Stephen. But Edgar shot it in the face with his slingshot then jumped down and landed on it's back.

Likely breaking it's spine because a crack and a whimper were heard.

"Bad dog." Edgar smiled.

Stephen rolled his eyes as he and Edgar were surrounded. Tolkien and William jumped down and joined their brothers.

"So, how do we get out of this one?" Tolkien asked.

"We fight our way out and make a B-Line for the trees straight to the cave." Stephen said.

"Good plan." Edgar said taking the stick off of his back and smacking a wolf that lunged at him upside the head.

One lunged at Stephen. Stephen stabbed the Wolf with the sharp end of his stick. Edgar got scratched in the back. He grabbed the wolf behind him and threw the creature into a tree. Another lunged at him from the side but Edgar grabbed it by the neck.

"Can I snap his neck? He's asking for a snapped neck?" Edgar said.

"Come on Egdar you're classier than that man." Tolkien said.

"Your right." Edgar said.

Instead he simply punched the wolf in the nose and threw it at another wolf coming behind Tolkien. But then three more wolves came in front of Tolkien. He looked at his stick.

"This is kinda unfair when all I have is a stick." Tolkien ran the other way jumping over another wolf that lunged at him.

He then stopped next to his brothers. They all got shoulder to shoulder and back to back in a diamond like formation and began whacking and stabbing every wolf that came their way.

"You remember the dummy practice?" Tolkien said.

"Oh that? Hell yeah." Edgar said.

Tolkien jumped up and Edgar caught him by the hands spinning Tolkien around then letting him go. Tolkien flew into a couple a wolves kicking one in the face and knocking the other two out of the way with his stick.

"Guys! We should get going." Stephen said as Tolkien ran passed him.

"That's what I thought!" the Orangutan said.

The four jumped into the trees and escaped into the forest. The wolves attempted to follow. But someone called them back.

"Yield!" the voice exclaimed.

All the wolves sat. Another wolf walked out of the wolfs den on all fours like his brethren. But something was obviously different about him. He had indeed been effected by the gas. The pack leader of the Ethiopian Wolves. He surveyed the damage to his pack. Some dead. Most simply wounded. Everyone else was fine.

"Apes. You all couldn't handle a bunch of apes." the pack leader said.

One wolf grunted.

"Smart, talking apes? That's impossi-" the leader stopped.

He went back into the den and dug up the empty canister of gas. Standing up he held the canister. Just from the canister he new exactly what had happened and what he had to do.

Meanwhile in the forest the Apes. Arrived back at the cave. Edgar collapsed on the dirt. Moonlight jumped up from his sitting position.

"What happened to you! Where did you go!" Moonlight yelled looking at the gash on Edgars back in shock and worry.

"We...played a game of catch and Edgar full into a thorn bush." Tolkien said.

"No. Honestly Father we were playing catch accidentally stumbled into a wolves den and-" Stephen stopped when Moonlight placed his hand on Stephens shoulder.

"Please tell me you washed before you got back here." Moonlight said.

"" William said.

"Hm. That was a mistake. Wolves have a keen sense of smell. They can track your scent. We have to find a new cave." Moonlight said.

"But first." Moonlight stood up and picked up a bucket he made out of some tree bark and some vines.

He placed it next to Edgar and wet a leaf as if it were a rag. He then proceeded to wipe Edgar's blood off. He then placed a couple of larger leaves on Edgars back and used vines to tie them into place as well. Moonlight took Edgars stick and put it on his back.

"Stephen grab the bucket. Tolkien and William hold all of our gathered food." Moonlight instructed as he helped Edgar up.

Edgar stood up by himself with some difficulty.

"It's a small small injury. I can walk just...exhausted. But, thank you father." Edgar stated.

Moonlight nodded. Him and his children walked out of the cave. During their journey they managed to take a swim in a small river. Getting rid of the scent trail. With that done they crossed to the other side and eventually found a new cave. Bigger than the original and it actually had a few other tunnels inside it leading to small inner caves. Possibly an abandoned bear cave. Or maybe something completely different, Either way Moonlight used a sheet of moss like a curtain to cover the cave entrance.

The apes rested with Moonlight after the long travel. Meanwhile the Ethiopian Wolf Pack Leader brought his pack to the area where car crashed. Conveniently the car was still their. The bodies weren't, they were eaten years ago. The canisters however were luckily not tampered with. All these years the Pack Leader though he could simply be the only intelligent wolf and simply train the no matter how well trained the other wolves would always simply be wild beasts. He had to change that. So he began smashing canisters of the mind enhancing gas on the ground thus releasing their essence onto his pack and creating a more intelligent army. He would not look for the he would wait for the apes to come to him. They were bound to cross paths again one day.

In the night Moonlight realized something. He had acquired a sent from the apes when they first returned. Now he knew what it was. An old enemy. An advisory they had never faced before, but he has. It was Moonlight's old pack. His children are lucky the survived for the pack leader knows most if not all of Moonlights tactics. It would be even worse if he got the gas...then Moonlight thought, what if he did? What if the whole pack did? The apes would not be ready to face them all and this scared Moonlight. The next day Moonlight awoke his children with a fury. Smacking them each awake.

"Get up children. It is time to train!" Moonlight exclaimed.

They all jumped up saluting their Father like soldiers. William yawned and spoke cautiously as not to anger Moonlight.

"Father with all do respect it's not even dawn yet so..."

"Shush! You boys almost died out there! You encountered a deadly man yesterday and it is clear you are not trained well enough yet!" Moonlight exclaimed.

"So, I got a little scratch, its not that big of a problem. At least we got out there ali-" Edgar was halted quickly.

Moonlight ran towards the large gorilla and grabbed his arm bending it into a painful position and forcing Edgar onto his knees.

"OW! STOP IT! I GIVE UP! UNCLE! MERCY! I GET IT WE'RE NOT READY!" Edgar cried out in pain.

Moonlight let go.

"Now, on your feet. We have to do some exercises." Moonlight stated.

He had the apes go through several exercises. He had them do laps around a track he traced with a stick. He had them do push ups on each others backs. He had them do pull ups on a tree branch hanging on to each others feet. But then the branch snapped so he made them start over. And finally he had them spar with him where he collectively kicked their asses 11 times before realizing they've had enough.

Finally it was time to rest. The apes had never been happier. They instantly fell to the ground inside the cave.

"That was pretty brutal." Tolkien stated.

"Yeah, wonder what got into Father?" Stephen questioned.

"He worried. We could've died out there when we faced those wolves. Edgar getting injured was only further proving that." William said.

"But I'm fine now. He shouldn't worry so much. We can take care of our selves." Edgar replied.

"It doesn't matter. He's our father it's his responsibility to worry and want us to be ready for whatever life throws at us." Stephen stated.

"Like Stephen said he's our dad. This is only natural father behavior I guess. A little tough love never hurt anyone. Especially in our condition. Since his tough love makes us stronger. We can't really complain." Tolkien said.

"Well, that was the most relevant thing to come out of your mouth this day." Edgar laughed.

Tolkien rushed to tackle his brother but tripped and face planted into the ground. He got up and all the brothers including him started laughing. Meanwhile in the inner cave the apes Father smiled.

Meanwhile Tolkien woke up in the middle of the night. He quietly snuck out of the cave and onto the to of the small hill where the cave resided. He saw in the distance a glimmer of light. He looked around to make sure no one was watching and began walking meanwhile something began following him. All that was visible was a shadow. But Tolkien didn't notice. He kept walking for what seemed like miles. Eventually taking to the tree's for singing. He came up on a brightly lit town.

"Well isn't that interesting." Tolkien said.

Suddenly a hand covered his mouth and pulled him back. It was his brother Edgar. Accompanied by Stephen and William.

"Shh. It's just me." Edgar said letting go of Tolkien's mouth.

"You followed me?" Tolkien said.

"Of course I did. I saw you tip toeing you're way out of the cave. I just didn't say anything because I wanted to see what you'd do." Edgar said.

"Ugh. Okay, hey guys. I think I found a town! It looks kind of cool. We should-" Tolkien was interrupted by Stephen grabbing his arm.

"NO! WE'RE GOING HOME! I mean seriously, we better hope Father didn't hear us or wake up because if he did we're screwed." Stephen said.

Just then a loud scream was heard. A female voice obviously.

"What the hell is that? Get down!" Stephen said.

He and his brothers ducked behind the wall like bush that hid them from the civilians. The saw a girl. She was being harassed by a man with a gun pointed to her head.

"This is your second offense I gotta make an example. You stole twice from the The Malign. I'm not gonna kill you yet. I'm gonna injure you. Then again. I might as well kill you anyways. We have enough scum in this village." the gun wielding man said.

"I have a family! They need food-" she was stunned with fear when the gun was pointed to her knee.

"Lets see you provide for them as a cripple skreeonk." the gun wielding man said.

Meanwhile behind the bushes the apes conversed.

"We have to help her!" Tolkien whispered.

"I don't know man this looks pretty serio-" Stephen was interrupted when Edgar stood up and used his slingshot to knock out the light on the lamp post over the area where the girl was about to be shot.

"I'm not waiting." Edgar jumped over the bush and in the dark he ambushed and beat the gunman senseless grabbing the gun and throwing it far out of distance over the grass wall.

He used his stick as a club to knock out the gunman and then turned around to the lady. His dark fur coupled with the shadow made only his eyes seem visible.

"Run." he said.

"Who are-" the lady was scared off when Edgar roared practically forcing her to run.

Edgar disappeared into the dark sneaking back over the ledge where his brothers watched. Edgar smiled.

"Sorry, you were all just to slow." Edgar said.


"No, it was stupid." Stephen said.

Everyone looked at Stephen with a smirk.

"Fine, it was kind of cool." Stephen mumbled.

"You're damn right it was!" William exclaimed.

The apes began moving back towards the cave. Once they got back they snuck back into the cave quietly they layed down. But couldn't sleep.

"Edgar, did you even think before rushing in there like that?" Stephen asked.

"Hey, I just wanted to do what was right. Adrenaline kind of took over the rest for me." Edgar replied.

"We could all learn a thing or two from Edgar. We should go back to that town and help them again. We could be heroes!" Tolkien said.

"How about no? We're lucky Father is still sleeping. If he caught us who knows what kind of trouble we may have been in." Stephen said.

"You can do what you want. But me and Tolkien are going out again." Edgar said.

"Damn right we are!" Tolkien stated in excitement.

"Count me in as well. It'll be a nice way to get out of the cave." William added.

"Okay...I'll just come for...supervision. I am the leader." Stephen said.

The next day the apes woke to a remorseful Father Moonlight.

"I understand yesterday I may have worked you all to hard in training. I was simply afraid and you children mean everything to m-" Edgar raised his hand.

Moonlight went silent. Edgar lowered his hand and spoke.

"We know. We love you to dad." Edgar said.

He hugged his children.

"How about today we all rest? You all deserve it." Moonlight said.

The apes smiled and nodded.

"That would be nice father." Edgar said.

And so the apes relaxed. Not in the cave though. At the very top of the tree's outside of the cave. They stared on into the distance where the town was.

"So are we gonna all go only at night?" Tolkien asked.

"Yep. Best way to not be spotted speaking logically. Our fur would blend into the darkness as long as we stay in the shadows." William said.

"I still think this is stupid but if we really are doing this we should all set a straight curfew. No matter what we have to get back before dawn. If father wakes up and catches us...we're dead." Stephen said.

Meanwhile, inside the cave Moonlight ate some apples he had picked from a tree. Blissfully unaware of his children's intentions. The next night they went to the town and managed to save a man from being killed by another gun wielding criminal. The next night something slightly more serious happened.

There were three men each with large guns stealing from an old mans shop and harassing the man.

"It seems we'll have to plan this more cautiously." William stated.

Stephen was silent for a bit. He looked through the window of the shop then backed away out of view with his brothers, then spoke.

"Alright, Tolkien you flick that switch over there on the left side of the room. Should knock out the lights." Stephen said.

"How do you know?" Tolkien said.

"Because there's a label that says lights on the switch. Anyways after the lights are off. We all rush in. Tolkien you guard the old man. William you take the guy in the middle. Egar you take the one on the right. I got the left. Is everyone ready?" Stephen was silent waiting for response.

His brother all responded at once.

"Hell yeah."

And so Edgar found away to sneak in through the vents and came down on behind a shelf. He began to sneak towards the light switch quickly switching it off. Now, there was just darkness.

"The hell is going on." one of the gunmen asked squinting.

Tolkien cupped his hands around his mouth.

"Let the games begin."

He jumped on top of one of the shelves and went from shelf to shelf. Until he landed in front of the old man. He took the stick off his back.

"Hello? Who's there?" the old man asked.

"No one important just trying to help." Tolkien said as his brother jumper through the window and began their fight.

Edgar tripped one gunman with his stick then he jumped on the mans stomach and punched the man in the face thus knocking the criminal out. One gunman could barely see Stephen move back and forth. So he just shot around the entire area. But Stephen came up behind the man and twisted his arm grabbing the gun and using it to club the man on the head. William simply knocked a shelf on the last criminal.

"That was easy." William said.

Just then the light flicked on. The apes stood still as the old man stared at them.

"Who's there?" the old man said.

Tolkien was standing right in front of the old man. Yet the man didn't seem to notice him.

"Oh crap. He's blind." Tolkien said.

"Hello?!" the man said stumbling back into the wall.

"Er, we are...people! We came to help you and get rid of those criminals." Tolkien said.

"You're heroes?" the old man said.

"Yes, we're um...The Hairy Heroes!" Tolkien said.

He and his brothers all face palmed at once. It was a horrible name. But it was better than saying their talking apes.

"Well. Hairy Heroes, I must extend my gratitude. Please, take anything you want from the shelves." the old man said.

"We don't really want to-" Stephen was interrupted by the old man.

"I insist. I may have to shut down shop after this anyway. Everyone has been much to afraid to even come outside since the Malign arrived." the old man stated.

"Oh yeah. The Malign. What is that? Are they a gang?" Stephen asked.

"No, they are a foreign army of thieves. They originally came here to find something they lost long ago here. Years ago, but they gave up search and instead turned our town into and industry. Raising a factory and putting most of us out of business thus forcing us to work for them. Not only that but they're criminals. One man runs them all his name is Jerry Mullen. They threaten us and take our hard earned money. We tried to overthrow the industry years ago but we couldn't. Too many of us were scared and so we had to learn to just except it." the old man explained.

"Wow, is there anyway we can help?" Tolkien asked?

"I don't think so. These men mean business. They have a secret weapons storage in one of these buildings. They kill anyone who tries to steal from them. They've turned our way of life into a baseball game with a three strike system. The first two strikes aren't bad. A verbal warning on the first. Then an injury on the second. Then you get you're third can guess what happens." the old man said.

"Listen. We'll drive them out of you're city if it's the last thing we do. We promise." Stephen said.

"I appreciate the thought. Say, do you have a favorite food?" the old man asked.

"We like fruit." the apes all said together.

"Very well then. Lets see." the man reached for his pocket feeling.

He grabbed a stick and it extended into a white cane. He walked to the side of the room were a freezer lied and grabbed a large tub of fruit ice cream. Meanwhile the man whom the shelf fell on began regaining consciousness only to be knocked out once more by Edgar who bashed his head against the floor. The old man brought the ice cream to the apes.

"Some ice-cream, a gift. Thank you for helping me." the old man said.

Tolkien took the ice cream.

" Well, thank you. We should probably get going though so...bye." Tolkien said.

He and his brothers then jumped through the window onto the roof and off into the night. They got back to the cave just in time.

"Okay Moonlight is still sleep." Edgar said.

"Should we open this now?" Tolkien said holding up the ice cream bucket.

"Sure, why not." Stephen said.

Tolkien opened it and took a hand full of ice cream and ate it.

"Mmm, this is delicious!" Tolkien exclaimed in a whispering voice careful not to wake Moonlight.

"Really? Well don't hog it all!" Edgar snatched it and took a hand full.

"Mmm. He's right for once! This stuff is great." Edgar stated.

Soon Stephen and William were also eating the ice cream. But nothing would prepare them for what came next. The apes all put their hands on their heads as a headache hit each of them like a brick.

"My head it's freezing!" Tolkien said.

"It would seem eating the cold substance may have stimulated our brains sensory nerves." William said as he rubbed his head.

"I'm sorry, what?" Edgar asked.

"We're having some sort of Brain Freeze, if you will. I think it's passing. My head feels better now." William said.

The apes were silent. But then once more began eating ice cream.

"Too good to resist man." Tolkien stated.

Soon the apes fell asleep. Moonlight awoke in the middle of the night and came to check on his children. He found them unconscious with the ice-cream bucket. He picked up the ice cream bucket shook his head.

Soon the apes woke up in the morning to Moonlight licking his fingers of what was left of the ice-cream.

"That was a good snack. So...would you mind telling me. Where you got it?" Moonlight asked.

"There were bullets, and we were trying to help a blind guy, the man gave us ice cream, hairy heroes!" Tolkien exclaimed.

Moonlight turned his head to the side.

"We were trying to help a town last night. Their being terrorized by a company. We saved an old blind man and he gave us that bucket of ice cream as a thank you gift." Stephen explained.

"Stand up." Moonlight said.

The four apes did exactly that.

"I could punish you. But I know you were only trying to do the right thing. Also, I want you to show me the town." Moonlight asked.

"Okay, so wait. Does that mean we're not in trouble?" Tolkien asked.

"Whatever gave you that impression? You're in massive trouble! I just haven't thought of a brutal enough punishment yet." Moonlight said.

The apes led their father to the city. Stopping behind the ledge. Just then they heard a loud shot. They poked their head over the bushes and traveled towards the sound. The saw a man falling down on stage in the middle of the town infront of a crowd of people. They were watching from a near by roof.

"Ya see that? The dead guy? That's what happens next time someone keeps a secret from us. These, Hairy Heroes as that old man said are attempting to help you slobs. But you don't realize we're the real heroes because we let you all live here." a man said.

He was holding a gun. He had white slicked back hair but appeared young and wore circular shades. He had black suit on with a bow tie and alligator skin shoes. The apes squinted to see the face of the dead man next to him. It was the old blind man from the shop they saved. The expressions on their face convoyed a shock that could easily become the definition of the word. They had realized something. By saving the man's shop they only ensured his death. They should've just minded their own business. Even Father Moonlight who, though he had no actual connection with the old man was still quite surprised himself.

"That old man, he won't be missed. His family moved outta town a while ago. But like a little dumbass he stayed behind and now look where that got him. Well actually that isn't what killed him. I asked him one simple question. Who knocked out my men? Because God knows a 60 year old blind man couldn't possibly beat 3 younger more agile men with guns. But-" the man stopped and he laughed.

But the towns folk didn't laugh with him.

"I'm sorry it's just funny how he actually thought he had to keep a secret! He had nothing, no the only thing he had to loose was literally his own life! He could've lived if he just told me what he knows. But all he said was Hairy Heroes. Now, that hero name is literally pathetic to which ever one of you came up with it, it actually made me a bit angry. Then I realized. He's a blind old man! What else could he possibly serve as, his shop was failing and his family was gone. So what would I do with him you may ask?" Jerry stopped and put his gun inside his Blazer.

"Make him a lesson. THIS IS YOU'RE LESSON. NEVER KEEP SECRETS FROM ME! IF YOU KNOW SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING!" Jerry snapped his fingers and two more people were brought unto him.

"Now this beautiful woman and this handsome man were both saved by the Hairy Heroes I suppose? I don't know they keep telling me they don't know anything. But I think they do. I'm not entirely heartless. These people have families. But they also already have two strikes. I can't really kill them if they get a third because of they're family. But that doesn't mean I can't put them away either. So the situation is quite simple. Either they tell me what they know. Or better yet the heroes step forward. Or else, I will not hesitate to arrest these two. I practically own this town. You all now I have the power." Jerry put his hands in his pockets and waited.

Several minutes passed and with it came not one word. No one knew anything. But Jerry didn't believe that. Soon he grew tired.

"To jail it is I guess." Jerry nodded at his men whom took the woman and the man away.

"Let's hope your families get along well without you!" Jerry smiled.

The apes had enough. They looked at Moonlight. Needless to say he knew they wanted to help. But not in front of all these witnesses in such a visible area. It was night but the area of the town was very well lit. Moonlight shook his head no. The apes sighed and watched as the woman and the man were taken away along with the effort the apes had put into saving them.

"Oh, and I almost forgot! Due to the acts of these Hairy Heroes, I'm putting the entire town under house arrest. Anyone caught leaving their homes before the period of house arrest is over will be arrested and later on...disposed of." Jerry turned around and walked away.

The crowd was quickly driven back to their homes. Moonlight saw this all as a major advantage point. The fewer people out the better.

"What now Father?" Stephen asked.

"They have a building where they keep all of their weaponry, correct?" Moonlight said?

"Yes." William answered.

"I suggest it's time we get an upgrade. You can't protect your selves with sticks and a slingshot, maybe in the forest but not here." Moonlight said.

"Upgrade? I'm all for it." Tolkien smiled.

And so from the rooftops the apes traveled. At one point they came up on a building with two guards at the front.

"Alright, how are we gonna-" Edgar was cut off by Moonlight whom took Edgar's stick and slingshot.

Moonlight aimed and hit one guard in the eye, causing him to look away. Then he threw Edgars stick at another guard impaling his arm. The guard would've howled out in pain had Moonlight not jumped down and knocked him out then pulled the stick out of the unconscious guards arm and hit the other guard, whom was rubbing his eye, over the head thus knocking that guard out as well. He then ripped off a piece of the guards sleeve and cleaned the blood off Edgars stick. The four apes jumped off the roof and landed behind their father, Moonlight handed Edgar his stick and smiled.

"That's how you get the job done." Moonlight stated.

His sons smiled and then began laughing.

"Shh! We must stay quiet." Moonlight whispered to his sons. They tried to open the door but it was locked.

William took they keys from one of the guards belts. He opened the door. The apes went in and closed the door behind them while their father stayed and kept guard. It was dark.

"Look for the light-" Stephen stopped when suddenly the light turned on.

There a man was holding a gun up at Stephen. Without a doubt one of Jerry's men. He was was absolutely terrified. But he was trying his best to hide it. The wave of sweat on his forehead gave it away though.

"Now, now. I know what you're thinking. Talking apes? What? That's impossible! Well don't worry. We're actually real and very nice people, er, apes." Tolkien said.

The man was silent. He simply stood there holding up the gun.

"Uh, buddy? You gonna talk anytime soon?" Edgar asked.

"What are you?" the man asked.

"We're talking apes. I thought I made that clear. Didn't I make that clear?" Tolkien said.

"Excuse my brothers attitude. We're all actually only young apes. We know better but he doesn't quite grasp the concept of politeness." William said.

"I heard that!" Tolkien said.

"No, that's not what I meant! How can you talk? Are you monsters?" the man said.

"Nah, our father says we were altered by gas. We're a lot smarter than the average ape." Stephen explains.

"Father? There's another talking ape?" the man said.

"No, he's a talking wolf." Tolkien said.

"WHAT!?" the man said putting down his gun.

"Shh! Yeah, it's crazy we know." Stephen said.

"How did you get past the guards?" the man asked.

"Our father did that for us. We could've taken them out easy. Like assassins or mercenaries. He taught us a lot about hand to hand combat and weapons and stealth." Stephen says smiling.

Tolkien pops up behind the man and takes his gun. The man tries to turn around and grab it but Tolkien throws it to Edgar.

"Yo, Eddy catch!" Tolkien says.

Edgar caught it.

"I'm gonna keep this. If that's okay with you. Not like you have a choice." Edgar laughed.

The man reached for his walkie talkie. Tolkien grabbed it.

"No, bad human." Tolkien laughed.

"Now, if it's okay with you we're gonna takes some weapons. Why am I asking again? We're gonna take them if if it's not okay with you." Edgar says.

So the apes search through the weapons and find something suited for each of them. Tolkien takes a liking to an antique sword placed upon the wall. Stephen finds comfort with a similar weapon, a machete. Edgar liked his gun but he was missing something. He looked around and saw a metal rod on the the floor and grabbed it.

"Well, I guess it's a step up from a wooden stick." Edgar smiled.

William found a bow and arrows. The bow itself was collapsible. Stephen found a box with bullet proof vests in it.

"You can't take those!" the man exclaimed.

"Hey, shh! Why not?" Stephen says.

"Those are brand new Experimental Bullet Proof Vests. They were just shipped here today. Made by Mullen Co. if I loose those Jerry's gonna kill me!" the man said.

"What do you mean experimental?" William asked.

"The vests, there supposed to be made of a brand new non-damageable material that should be able to completely withstand a full on bullet assault and still emerge undamaged." the man said.

"You do realize that only made us want the vests more right?" Tolkien said.

"Yeah, if your gonna take the vests at least take me with you. Please, I don't want to get in trouble for letting someone ransack the weaponry. Plus, I can help you find Jerry, I never liked the guy anyway." the man forced a nervous smile.

Edgar walked up to the man. The two were staring at each other eye to eye. The man's face was practically shining with sweat. Edgar smiled.

"What's your name?" Edgar asked.

"Daniel, Daniel Robins." the man uttered.

"Stephen? Gotta have the leaders approval." Edgar said looking at Stephen.

Stephen smiled and nodded.

"Welcome to the team Daniel." Edgar said.

The apes carefully walked out the door. It was still in the middle of night. Moonlight jumped off the roof landing infront of the apes and scaring the hell out of Daniel.

"Who is this?" Moonlight asked his children.

"That's Daniel. He's gonna help us take down Jerry." Tolkien said.

"Oh, well that's good. New allies are always appreciated Daniel. Let us go to the factory and end this." Moonlight states.

So the Apes, Moonlight and Daniel take off to the factory. The Apes and Moonlight get there and still seem full of energy unlike Daniel whom is completely out of breath.

"One second guys. Just let me take a breather." Daniel says.

The apes notice the place is surrounded by guards on every side. Likely even more inside.

"Okay, I have an idea. Me and Edgar can take out the guards in the front area. William and Tolkien watch the sides. Father you watch the back. Daniel you go in first and create a distraction." Steephen said.

He noticed Moonlight smiling.

"What?" Stephen asked.

"I never thought I'd live to see the day when my child would be leading me into battle. I'm proud of you, all of you." Moonlight said.

"Uh, thanks father. Wouldn't be able to if you hadn't tought us." Stephen said smiling back at his father.

"I will not be helping you my children. There isn't much I can do. All I can say is good luck. I will be waiting for you. I know you can succeed." Moonlight walked away.

The plan had begun. Daniel went inside the gate showing the gaurd at the gate his ID. The guard let him through let him through. Once int the gat Daniel saw two more guards. Not knowing exactly what to do to cause a distraction he simply went up to one of the guards and punched them.

"WHAT THE HELL MAN!" the guard said.

"I'm sorry. It's a problem I have when I get nervous I punch people and-" Daniel was cut off when the guard he showed his ID came to grab Daniel.

"What's going on over here." the guard said.

"He punched me for no reason!" the guard Daniel punched said.

"I just told you it happens when I'm nervous. My arms spasm and I can't control it." Daniel tried to explain.

"That's enough, come with m-" a metallic ding was heard as the guard fell over to reveal Edgar who had knocked him out with.

"What the-" the second guard was cut off as Stephen pulled him to the side and used the flat end of his machete to knock out the guard.

The third guard tried to run but William and Tolkien dropped down and surrounded him. He put up his gun and shot William, the bullet flattened on Williams vest. William responded by impaling the mans hand with and arrow and leg sweeping him onto the ground. The third guard hit his hand and fell unconscious. The Apes entered through the front door. William took out the men at the front with his arrows. Then they looked at a map on the wall. One showed what appeared to be Jerry's office on the main floor.

"Ya know if we do get Jerry to surrender. Whose to say he won't come back another day?" William asked.

The apes and Daniel stopped and wondered for a moment. Daniel noticed a sign that read,


He then spoke.

"Evidence. If my hunch is correct we should be able to find the Surveillance Room and there should be a camera in Jerry's office. If we can get evidence of him doing or at least saying something wrong we could blackmail him and-" Wiliam finished Daniels sentence.

"Force him out of the town. Daniel, you're a genius." William said.

"Good plan. Let's g-g-oh crap." Stephen said as the elevator opened in front of him.

Ten men came out of it, speaking of lunch because apparently it was lunch break time. All with guns. Then 2 more came out of the stair case, not able to take the packed elevator. The men all stopped as they noticed the apes. The apes also froze as well staring at the guards.

"Okay, is it me or is it stupid to have this many guards?" Tolkien asked.

"Hey Daniel. Might wanna get behind the desk." Stephen said.

However Daniel was alrready miles ahead of him.

"What now?" Edgar asked.

"You already know what bro. We fight." Stephen said.

Tolkien jumped up into the air and sliced one of the men in the chest the kicked him down. One man tried to shoot him but Tolkien blocked the bullet with his sword and stabbed the man. Another guard was about to knock Tolkien out from behind but Edgar saved his brother by knocking the guard on the head with his metal rod. Stephen jumped off Edgars head and slashed another man's arm. William collapsed his bow then used it as a staff to beat one of the guards senseless. He then turned around and un-collapsed the bow then used it to shoot an arrow at one man behind him. Edgar bashed two other guards heads together knocking them out. Then he threw another at Stephen whom punched the guard in the face. Tolkien sweep kicked one guard the took the guards gun and used it to knock out not only that guard but he also shot a second guard in the leg. The final guard was left alone. The apes stood up. Edgar walked up to the guard.


The guard ran out the door and the group snuck around to the surveillance room. The knocked out the men at the chair watching the camera and found there was a camera in Jerry's room. However it was on mute. The group supposed it was so no one could get evidence of his wrong doings.

"So what do we do now?" Tolkien asked.

"We could bait Jerry to say something that'll give us the edge to black mail him." William said.

"But who could be the one to-" Daniel stopped as he noticed all his brothers looking at him.

"What? No! Not me why me?" Daniel asked.

"You're human. We can keep both you and Jerry in the camera. Then show the evidence without worry of our existence being made public." Stephen said.

Daniel sighed.

"Fine. I'll do it." Daniel said.

"At this point Jerry probably knows you're coming. So we're gonna let Edgar go with you." Stephen said.

Edgar and Daniel went out the door immediately encountering two guards whom began shooting at them. Daniel ducked. Edgar threw his rod implaling one gaurd against the wall. Then he took the pistol he got from Daniel and shot the other guard in the leg. Taking his rod out the impaled guards arm. Edgar protected Daniel all of the way there taking out two more guards before reaching the stair case. They went to the second floor and got into Jerry's office. Mullen was sipping what appeared to be orange juice.

"Do you know the craziest thing about this all? That the gas I lost years ago actually affected something out there. It's a huge accomplishment for me! In fact I might manufacture more to make an genius army! Brains over brawn I always say. Aint that right Daniel? Whose you're furry friend there? Is he one of the Hairy Heroes?" Mullen asked smiling.

"You know exactly what I am. One of the people tired of you're bullshit." Edgar said.

"He's a friend. We've come to tell you to get out of town and stay out or else." Daniel said.

Mullens smile turned into a blank expression. He stood up and walked over to Daniel. Daniel though looking serious was actually terrified. Mullen was now face to face. The white haired man stood still for a bit then grabbed Daniels head and knee'd him. Daniel fell to his knees his nose now bleeding.

"Daniel, you obviously can't defeat me. That animal over there has you're gun. Which means he took it from you. Now while he's probably and certainly looks a hell of a lot more formidable than you it wouldn't matter if either of you managed to take me out. Another man will come and take my place. Plus-" Mullen nodded.

The noise of guns reloading was heard as several of Mullens men aimed at Edgar and Mullen simply took out his gun and put it to Daniels head.

"You see I could and probably will blow your brains out right now and no one would know or even give a poop. I could make it so you're body is never found. Same for everyone in this town. No one's ever gonna get evidence I'm doing it. I've made sure no one has any sort of photographic or recording devices. As well as completely disabling all modes of transportation outside of this town. You're actually stupid enough to think you can just verbally threaten me and I'd be on my way out? Ha! You're pathetic." Mullen said.

Daniel laughed and Edgar smiled. This confused Jerry.

"What are you giggling about? You realize you're about to die right?" Mullen stated?

"Nothing special. It's just that. You know how earlier you were saying we had no evidence? Have you even looked at the camera?" Daniel asked.

"What about the damn thi-" Mullen stopped.

He realized the light on the side of the camera which was usually off was now green. He looked at the smirking ape and the smiling former guard and became furious. He pistol whipped Daniel.

"You sly bastard." Mullen angrily claimed.

"Best thing is we not only have you claiming you were about to kill me. We have you saying you could do the same with anyone else in this town. Not to mention th entire town as eye wittness's. So you have two choices, You could get out of this town and never come back again or we could show the tape. We have friends outside with the recording right now. Even if you kill us we could easily still make the evidence public. Don't you think Jerry?" Daniel smiled standing up.

Jerry nodded and ordered his men to stand down.

"I'll leave. But you and you're stupid monkey pals."

"Apes." Edgar added.

"Whatever. One day you'll all learn being a hero ain't all its cracked up to be." Mullen said.

And so just like that Mullen and Co promised to leave town forever and did. The apes themselves also had to leave the town before they were seen by everyone in town. They also gave the tape to Daniel whom gave it to the towns people. The towns people obviously shared the tape anyway, Jerry was sent to jail and his entire company was shut down.

"Hey apes. I've decided to stay in town. I mean just because the real evil left doesn't mean that there still won't be some bad people in town right? Maybe we can team up again sometime." Daniel asked.

"That's great Danny. And yeah, maybe we can. But for now I think the town is safe." Stephen said.

With that the apes once more took to the roof tops and back to their cave. Where Moonlight happily awaited to great them. So ends the story of the apes whom fought bravely to end the of an evil money hungry man. But just because this chapter has ended doesn't mean a new one won't soon begin.

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Re: Young Altered Mercanary Apes(Do Not Post Here)

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Young Altered Mercanary Apes: Curse of the Were-Monkey(Halloween Special)

The Apes were enjoying the night in the town. Staying hidden of course on Halloween night.

"Ya know I don't get this Halloween thing. Seem's stupid. Kid's dress up and run around asking for candy? What's the point in that?" Edgar asked.

"Just a bit of childish fun man. Don't blow a fuse. Besides we're not much older than these kids anyways." William said.

"Yeah, it's it's just a bit of harmeless-" Stephen stopped as he and his brothers heard screaming.

"Childs play. Ugh, just when you think its gonna be a regular night." Stephen said.

"We're talking apes man. None of our nights are regular." Edgar said as he and his brothers went towards the screams.

They got to a part of town in the middle of what appeared to be some sort of Halloween Festival. There was a giant hairy beast with a long tail was attacking.

"What.The Hell.Is That." Edgar said.

"I dunno. But I'm gonna go kick it's but." Tolkien said.

The large monster had cleared out the people everyone was gone from the area. The apes would not be seen.

They landed in front of the giant beast who was holding a kid and roaring in the kids face. The creature raised his hand to strike the child. But Tolkien came in and sliced the creatures arm. The creature roared bearing its fangs and dropping the child whom ran shortly after, turning towards Tolkien to reveal that it was actually just some sort of 7 foot tall monkey man.

"Okay what the hell is thi-hur!" Tolkien grunted as he was smacked into the air by the creature.

He got up shortly after landing face first on the ground.

"Okay, guys. This things tough. But it's no where near as tough as us. There's four of us and one of him. So lets show him what we're made o-" Tolkien stopped as he was once again slapped by the large beast.

Tolkien went tumbling back into the arms of Edgar.

"That's a big guy. I thought I was the big guy." Edgar said.

"The creature roared and ran at Edgar and the still recovering Tolkien whom was just opening his eye's. Tolkien screamed but William and Stephen both kicked the creature aside.

"Take that sucka! You don't wanna peice a this! Apes rule!" William said in the hype of the moment.

He stopped when he saw Stephen staring at him with an expression that said;

"Dude. Really?"

Willaim simply took out his bow and aim it at the back of the creatures head. The creature turned and tried to block the with it's hand as William the arrow. But the arrow went straight though and got stuck in the creatures hand. The beast roared in anger. Stephen stabbed it in the back with his machete. The creature grabbed Stephen of it's back with his tail and slamed him onto the ground. Only for Tolkien, Edgar, and William to physically assault it and beat the crap out of the over grown monkey.

Beat and battered the creature was on all fours with scars all over it's body.

"Okay, big guy. Give up so we ca-" Stephen was cut off when the creatures tail reached out and grabbed him by the leg, flinging him into his brothers.

The massive monkey stood up and ran away swinging away on the lampost's..

"And he's gone. Good job team." Stephen said.

Suddenly they heard mumbling. People were coming.

"Alright, let's get going chop chop!" Tolkien said as the Apes took to the roofs as usual.

They got back to the cave where Father Moonlight examined Stephen's wounds. Which were the worst.

"It looks like this...creature gave you a serious beating my child." Moonlight said examining one of Stephens arms which was broken.

"Yes, he did. Especially me." Stephen said.

"Well if you didn't keep rushing in alone like that then I'm not suprised. Aren't you supposed to be the leader?" Edgar stated.

"Yes, I was just trying to lead you. I wasn't rushing in alone. You guys weren't following my lead." Stephen replied.

"Maybe I don't wanna follow your got damn lead!" Edgar exclaimed.

"Enough!" Moonlight exclaimed.

The apes were all silent.

"Stand." Monlight commanded.

The apes stood up next to each other faing there father.

"You are all brothers. I raised you all, together. I trained you all, together. And like it or not you will all fight, together. When I am gone and you know that won't be long from now, you will all have to rely on each other for knowledge and strength." Moonlight said.

Stephen sighed.

"Father, thank you and I know. But now we have to go back out th-"

Moonloight stopped his son.

"You will go nowhere. You have to wait for you arm to heal." Moonlight said.

"That could take days! I'm perfectly capable of fighting!" Stephen took out his machete and attempted to swing it over his head but barely got it up before his a sharp pain jabbed him in the arm. He dropped his machete.

"Okay, but I still have another arm that works perfectly fine and-" Stephen was stopped.

"No. That is final. No one is fighting. You will stay here and rest. You're brothers will not fight either. You will go search the city for the creature but you will not engage it. You will alert me and I will take care of the issue." Moonlight explained.

"Father, with all due respect this thing is too strong and fast. Even the four of us couldn't take it down. You see what it did to Stephen right?" Edgar stated.

"He was not ready. Neither were any of you. I see that now. I have merely taught you a fraction of what I know." Moonlightsaid.

"But-" Tolkien was cut off.

"No buts, at night you will do exactly as I have instructed." Moonlight said.

So at night the apes went out. They searched for 2 hours straight and found no giant monster monkey. But they did find something. In and alley between to shops. They found their old friend Daniel, he was beaten up and bruised. His hand was bleeding. While the rest of the apes went down to help their friend William stood staring at Williams hand. It had a hole in it. The rest of the apes immediately rushed to help their friend.

"Hey buddy you okay." Tolkien asked helping Daniel up.

The man's eyes were wide as if he had been traumatized then he began screaming. Edgar in a desperate attempt to make sure they didn't get caught threw his hand over Daniels mouth.

"Daniel, shh. It's okay you're surrounded by friends." Edgar said.

Edgar took his hand off Daniels mouth. Daniel staggered away.

"Ghost." Daniel said.

"What?" Tolkien asked.

"I saw a ghost. It was...terrifying." Daniel said.

"Yeah, okay. How did you get so injured." William said joining his brothers in helping Daniel.

"I...don't know. I remember seeing the ghost. Then feeling pain then just for a minute everything was black and it was like I was trapped inside a dark room with no doors. Then I woke up here with this hole in my hand and I felt like I just got jumped." Daniel said.

"Sadly, for both of us, I don't think that's the case. How did you get that hole in your hand." William said.

"I said I don't know. I barely remember anything from yesterday." Daniel replied.

"Daniel, you have to remember." William said.

"Yeah Daniel. You better remember." Edgar said.

"I CAN'T!" Daniel excalimed he began tearing up.

"That giant monkey broke my brothers arm."

Edgar grabbed Daniel by the neck and slammed him into the wall.

"How about I knock the memories back into ya?" Edgar said.

"Calm down Edgar, Daniels a frie--" William was cut off by Tolkien.

"Yeah, that friend happens to be turning into a giant Were-Monkey." Tolkien said.

Edgars grip was loosening as Daniels neck widened and his body got more and more hairy. Daniel knocked Edgar aside into a trash can.

"Holy...poop." William said as they watched Daniel turn into a giant monkey.

"Sonnuva-- alright let's do this." Edgar said standing up and taking his gun out.

"DUDE!" William said.

"Right, friend." Edgar took out his metal rod instead.

"Not that Father said we can't fight!" William excalimed.

"What are we supposed to do run? Cause I'm not running." Edgar ran at the ape and immediately got knocked aside face first into a wall.

"Ow." Edgar said as he fell off the wall and to the ground.

"Got dammit. William went to help his brother up but the Monkey's tail grabbed him by the neck and begin tightening.

"Can't breath. Blacking out. Wanted to die eating Ice-Cream." William said.

"Coming through!" Tolkien said as he used his sword to slice of the Monkey's tail.

This ent the creature into a rage.

"poop, ya made it mad." Edgar said.

"It was going to kill me!" William said.

As the creature ran towards the trio Moonlight seemingly came out of no where and slashed the creature in the face.

"Father?" William said.

"I told you not to fight!" Moonlight said as he dodged one of the creatures swings.

"I know! Edgar wouldn't listen!" William said.

"You're blaming me!?" Edgar excaimed.

"Who else would he be blaming?" Tolkien asked.

"Shut up Tolkien." Edgar retorted.

"Enough, you wiill all take Stephen and go home. I will take care of this creature." Moonlight said, Stephen stepped into view on a nearby roof.

He had disobeyed his father's orders to stay home and followed Moonlight. The creature nearly hit him but Moonlight jumped on the creatures arm and kicked it in the face. The claws on Moonlights feet digging into the creature's chin.

"Stephen is here?" William asked.

Stephen waved from the roof.

"I thought I told you to stay home child!" Moonlight said didging more swings.

"I couldn't let you fight alone, I'm sorry." Stephen said jumping down.

"I got this!" Moonlight said he slashed the Were-Monkey's chest.

As the creature fell back Moonlight prepared to deliver the kill blow to the throat.

"STOP!" William said.

"What?" Moonlight inquiried.

"That's Daniel. He's a friend. He can't control himself right now. But that doesn't mean we can kill him we have to find a way to help him. Without violence." William said.

"And how do you suppose we do that?" Moonlight asked.

"I don't kno--" William stopped.

There was a flash of light from the creature's chest and a loud thunderous voice.


From the flash of light came a spectral being out of the creatures chest. LIke a ghost. It looked like a regular small monkey.

"Official, weirdest day ever." Edgar says.

"I am the Monkey Spirit of Ethiopia. Long ago my family was killed by poachers for fur. I was injured and left for dead. As my soul slipped away from my physical form my feeling of rage and sorrow allowed me to stay on Earth long enough to get revenge on humans that use animals for pointless means. I will not rest until all the humans know the pain, fear and sorrow I have felt for years." the Monkey said.

"But we're not Humans. Also you're inside of a human." Stephen said.

"Indeed. I am, so I will need a stronger vessel." The Monkey Spirit said.

On that note the spirit left Daniels body completely reverting the man back to human form.

He then went into Father Moonlights body. The wolf howled in pain as his body began to transform and grow. His wolf face grew darker thicker fur his ears bec ame more rounded, his tail became more thin and lengthy.

"So, now our father's a Wolf-Monkey?" Tolkien said.

"Pretty much." Stephen stated.

"Do we fight him or what?" Edgar said actually hesitant to fight for once.

The beast quickly began fighting the apes. He kicked Stephen into a wall so hard that the ape actually bounced off like a ball before ultimately being knocked back to the ground by the Wolf Monkey. Edgar took his metal rod and prepared to hit the Wolf over the head with it but then some of his Fathers face shone through. He lost focus and was knocked aside by the Wolf Monkey.

"Sorry dad." William aimed an arrow at the Beast but the beast had inherited Moonlights skill by possesing his body. It caught the arrow and snapped it in half.

"Well this won't end we--" Tolkien jumped on the creatures head and began wailing on it.

"GET OUT OF MY FATHER!" Tolkien exclaimed.

The creature eventually managed to grab Tolkien by the leg and throw him at William. All four apes were down. Especially Stephen whom was completely out cold.

"Okay, situation looks grim. Our father is possessed by an evil spirit. One of us is out cold."

Tolkien looked at Daniel.

"Two of us if you count him. But I believe together we can over come this monster. Despite it being in the body of our Father. Whom we don't want to hurt but might have to. But I'm also not even sure if we can given the fact that he taught us everything we know so he knows all our moves. Plus now he's also bigger, stronger, and faster than us. But--" the orangatan was slapped in the back of the head by Edgar.

"Dude, shut up." Edgar said.

The Monkey Beast grabbed Edgars fallen metal weapon and prepared to impale the ape with it. But Edgar jumped out of the way. His brothers also got up.

"Even when things look their worst. Never give up. Show no fear. That's what you told us Father." Edgar said as he, William and Tolkien stood.

Prepared to fight their Father if they had to. The Beast raised it's hand preparing to strike. But then slapped it's own face. It put both hands on it's head howling in pain as it fell to it's knees.

"What's happening?" Tolkien said.

"No clue, for once I'm as confused as you." William said.

"Hey!" Tolkien exclaimed, but then his attention was drawn back to the Wolf Monkey as it began to shrink in size.

It began to look more and more like Moonlight.

"GET. OUT OF. MY BODY." Moonlight stated as the soul was expelled from his body.

The Monkey Spirit, was expelled.

"What the? How?!" the Spirit exclaimed.

"You feast of of Fear, Sorrow, and Anger. My children's bravery showed me that I don't need to feel any of those emotions, your feast is over." Moonlight said.

Daniels body was to damaged. The apes didn't fear him and nor did their Father. He couldn't posses them. Worse yet the Sun was coming up. The Fearlessness and Bravery coupled with the Sun's Light drove the Spirit away. To were? Who knows. But it was clear that it would not be returning for a while.

"Okay, that's over. We should probably get going now." William said.

"Agreed. Oh and one more thing. I am sorry for doubting you my children. You are much braver than I ever would have thought. And I was a fool to think other wise."

"Pretty much." Edgar said.

There was a silence then everyone including Moonlight smiled and laughed, except for Stephen and Daniel who were unconscious. The apes dropped of Daniel at the hospital where he was cared for and nursed back to health. As for Stephen the Apes and Moonlight helped nurse him back to health. The next day Stephen finally woke up.

"What happened? Did we win? Is Daniel okay!" Stephen shot up then fell down.

"Woah there! It's gonna be a while before you already to fight again, let alone stand. Yes, we won and your ally Daniel has been treated and cared for." Moonlight said.

"Good, so that thing, the Spirit. Is it dead?" Stephen said.

"It was always dead. Whether it's at rest or not I do not know. But if we ever encounter it again we can conquer it with Bravery. " Moonlight said.

His son's stood up. Stephen grabbed his machete and used it to prop himself up, working through the pain.

"Yes, Father." they said.

Moonlight smiled.

Meanwhile an Ethiopian Wolf outside listened in on their conversation. Stealthily avoiding making noise. The Wolf reported back to it's Alpha.

"So the apes grow stronger. They train with their father. Very well then, it doesn't matter. They can train all they want. But when I attack they will know fear. Fear of the name...Talon." the Alpha wolf let out a grin as his army of dozens possibly hundreds of wolves howled.

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