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Severe(Do Not Post Here)

Postby ernesth100 » Sun Aug 03, 2014 7:58 am

Part 1-The Figure

There was once a child named Jim with extreme anger management issues. He'd always go too far when he got angry. One day he punched his mother and made her nose bleed. So he ran away. He lived as a homeless person for 10 years. During those years he made a living doing street fights and earned enough money he bought some fresh clothes and volunteered for a job as a housekeeper at the age of 20. Not only did this allow him to make money but he got a place to live as well. The owner of the house had a daughter just a year younger than him. It was only a matter of time before they fell in love. 3 years later the two got married. The housekeep(her father) did not like the him. The got into a fight. But as always Jim took it to far. He beat the housekeeper bloody then grabbed a knife. But his wife walked in and stopped him.
Jim was shocked by what he had done and terrified by what he would've done had his wife never walked in. So 2 weeks later he signed up for an anger management class. The instructor advised him that if he couldn't control his anger "at least let it only on those who deserve it, those who have done wrong to not just you but others as well.". This gave Jim an idea. So one day he bought a customized blue mask with green eyes. He wore green pants and a blue shirt. He also got green shoes and blue gloves. Went out into the town and stopped a girl from being raped he grabbed a bat from the dumpster nearby and bashed the criminals skull in. It was such a rush. He saw how bad he had beaten the criminal and decided to call himself Severe.

He dug a room in the basement below the house and used it as a base. He was sure his wife would never find out with the baby and her father had went into a retirement home. He spent the next two years secretly going out on crime stopping spree's. But he also had more than enough time to spend with his son.

He also managed to improve on his base. Put in camera's. He became a part of the police division. Or at least Severe did. The police used Severe's brutal tactics as a threat to criminals. They armed him with gloves that had built in knuckle dusters. A button in a compartment on his shoes heel that could contact the police if he ever got himself into a jam he could not get out of.

He got a crime alert in his base.Seems its that time again. Severe goes out and stops a bank robbery but when he comes back. His wife see's me take off mask his mask.

"Honey...I..." Severe was cut off by his wife.

"You what? Go outside and parade around in a costume?" she.says

"Its not like that I just."

"Shh! I dont wanna hear it...I can't be around someone who keeps secrets from his wife. I'm leaving for a while and I'm taking the our son." she said leaving the room.

There is a long silence as his wife leaves. Jim looks on monitor in his base, see's criminals shooting car wheels and raiding people inside. He immediately realizes its his wifes car.

Unveiling a motorcycle he got from his alliance with the police force. He drives out on the Motorcycle.

He drives on the highway and jumps down from an overpass and beats up criminals. He saves wife and son.

"Thank you. But this doesn't change anything." his wife says

"It's okay honey. Its for the best you take the kids and leave. Besides I don't want you or them to be harmed. Just keep in touch." Jim says.

He drives along the highway and see's a figure getting closer. He realized its a man in a full body black spandex suit and mask. Severe spins out and crashes narrowly avoiding hitting.

"Hello there." the man says.

"Who are you." Jim asks

"Don't worry about that. I'm here to put an end to,your escapades. You've been thwarting my men for far too long severe and now it is time that you pay." the man said.

"Pay? Sorry, Im fresh out of singles how about a five? Fingers!" Severe exclaimed.

He tried to punch the man but the man dodged Jims punch effortlessly. The man then back kicked Severe.

Several men surround Jim. But he's still confident. He fights back with his baseball bat but gets caught and knocked out. Not before he manages to press the button on his shoe heel thus warning the police.

He wakes up inside a warehouse. Tied to a chair.

" it so hot here." Severe asks.

The man walks up to Severe.

"This is the only place in new york state with a magma directly under it. Im not gonna reveal my plans directly but lets just say it ends with your death and a charred corpse." the man says.

"You'll never,get away with this!" Severe said.

"Oh severe. Don't you see...I already have." the man says.

"Really now have you?" a voice says.

Suddenly several cops burst into the warehouse and start attacking the dark costumed man and his men.

Severe manages to escape and join the police in combat against the men. Severe punches the dark costumed man and knocks him out.

At the state jail Severe interrogates the Figure.

"What is your name?" Severe asks

"Call me The Figure." The Figure says.

"Why are you interested in that lava chamber?"

"Didn't you hear? Magma's the new hot topi-"

Severe punches the Figure. Figure turns his face to the side and spits out some blood.

"I recommend you leave because I'll never tell you." Figure says.

After an hour of attempting to beat the information out of Figure. Severe comes out of interrogation room.

"He wouldn't budge. Dude can take a beating. Hopefully you cops have better luck for now I'll go check down at that warehouse hey trapped me in for now." Severe says.

Severe walked into the warehouse. The heat hits him like a truck. Figure wasn't kidding when he said there was a magma chamber under it. The question was what was the Figure going to do to activate it. Suddenly Severe was trapped inside the building as a bomb emerged from the back wall of the warehouse. The doors were locked and the windows barricaded.

Luckily he finds a ladder in a closet. Using the ladder he climbs into a vent and finds his way out. The bomb goes off and Severe jumps into the water. Severe swims a couple of feet away then surfaces to Lava erupting from the chamber that was underneath the warehouse. It utterly decimates a small part of the city behind it before. Some people escape but not before thousands die.

Severe laments his not being fast enough to stop it.

What will he do next? Find out next time on Severe.
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Re: Severe(Do Not Post Here)

Postby ernesth100 » Sun Aug 24, 2014 9:01 pm

Part 2-Villain Escape, Hero Captured

After his narrow escape Severe comes back to police station. Much to his surprise he see's place destroyed and a hole blasted in the wall.

"My god what happened!" Severe asks in shock.

"Figure...he escaped!" the police chief says.

"Oh crap!" Severe exclaims.

"Police chief sir....I have something to say. The bomb it..."

"Went off...we know you couldn't stop it. Figure talked the moment you left then his goons blew a hole in the wall and broke him out." the chief said.

"Im sorry I wasnt here." Severe said.

"Its fine. But Severe those people out there need you to avenge them. Find the Figure and bring...him to justice!" the chief said limping away.

Severe heads out on his motorbike. He looks in alley where wife was attacked but finds nothing. Next,looks under highway he drove over, finds door.

"Well well, looks like we've found something." Severe says talking to his baseball bat.

Using it he breaks door knob off and the door creaks open revealing a ladder.

"Okay then. Lets hope something useful is down here."

Sever comes down ladder and is surrounded once more.

"Oh look." Severe says as he takes out his bat again.

"More toys to break." Sever says with a smile.

But just then. Severe see's a massive muscled man. The man towers over Severe with a crooked grin.

"Well atleast I can go out swingin...literally." Severe says as he runs at the man with his baseball bat.

Severe was plain speechless when the man grabbed bat and snapped it.

"...What the hell do the feed you supermans blood?" Severe says.

The Figure steps out of the shadow
as he speaks.

Severe! How nice. Welcome to my base. I see you've met James.

A big guy waves muscled arm with a crooked grin.

"I've been thinking. What should I do when you find this place and....its rather simple. Instead of finally unmasking you I'm going to hold you prisoner and make you watch as me and my forces invade the city. Then when all hope seems lost I'll unmask you in front of whatever's left of the population after I'm done and have James here crush you like a grape." Severe explains with a grin just as crooked as James's.

A Shocked look appears on Severe's face. He reaches for the button on his shoe but then James notices and punches him so hard he falls unconscious.

The Figure walks over slowly.

"Won't have your cop buddies to save you this time." Figure remarks.

To Be Continued...
Every fan fic I've made so far ... 48#p624848
My Channel:
I want Kong v Godzilla To Be like BvS but...y'know, better critically received. With Mothra filling the role of Wonder Woman and Ghidorah filling the role of Doomsday. Here's to hoping. :D

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