Minecraft: The Mod Wars(Do Not Post Here)

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Minecraft: The Mod Wars(Do Not Post Here)

Postby ernesth100 » Sun Mar 23, 2014 4:35 pm

Part 1-Mutant Terror
Steve Is cutting through the forest with his sword.

"Dang, these woods are thick." Steve said.

"Maybe we should set up camp here." Abe said.

"Hmm, what do you think Bellow?" Steve said turning to his Enderman.

The creature simply gave a nod of approval.

"Then it's settled." Abe said as he began digging a tunnel into the ground.

All of a sudden a growl was heard. It was Steves stomach.

"Well, I guess nows as good a time as any to eat. Want some Bellow" Steve said handing Bellow some meat.

Bellow however shook his head no.

"Okay, if you get hungry tell me we have plenty more." Steve said as he began eating.

"Guys I found something!" Abe exclaimed bellow ground.

Steve stopped eating and jumped down the hole, Abe made. What he saw was unbelievable, an entire network of tunnels with all sorts of materials. Him and Abe walked forth with the Enderman whom was forced to crouch because of his height but as they walked it became taller. What followed next was just terrifying. A community of Zombies living together in houses made from dirt.
"Okay guys lets just back away slowly...very slowly." Abe said as he and his friends backed up.
One of the zombies looked at him and he froze.
"Aw minecrap." he whispered.
"Don't worry I got this." Steve said, ready to battle.
"Don't you idiot! Look how many they're are." Abe exclaimed but then realized he yelled.
He turned around to find dozens of eyes on him.
At that moment all the Zombies rushed at them.
"Okay now we can run!" Abe said.
"Are you crazy?! This'll be a blast! Bellow attack!" Steve yelled as his Enderman began throwing blocks at the Zombies.
"Got dammit!" Abe said spawning his Iron Golem.
The Golem began bashing and crushing zombies. Steve and Abe joined in as well trying to defeat the seemingly endless horde of Zombies.
"Damn there are too many!" Steve yelled.
"I told you!" Abe exclaimed.
Just then he was tackled by a group of Zombies. He struggled but managed to take out an enchanting book which turned his Golem into a Mecha Iron Golem. Steve did the same thing which turned his Enderman into a Mutant Enderman.
The Mecha Iron Golem crushed the Zombies on Abe. Abe then crawled into the Mech to pilot the Mob.
"Now we're getting serious." Abe said.
Bellow roared and rushed into battle, sending his enemies flying. Steve along side his Mob. But then all of a sudden all the Zombies stopped and ran back.
Steve wasn't sure what happened but then he and Abe turned around to be greated by a huge zombie... a Mutant Zombie.
"Dear God." Abe said as the monster rose it fist.
To be continued.
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