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The Writers Guild

Postby ernesth100 » Sat Feb 22, 2014 3:44 pm

Part 1-Return of Impurest

The Writers Guild , composed of some of the best heroes in the world (who also once a year publish a book based on the adventures they've had). Poet, Josh Might, DNGN, E100, Cbishop, AweSam, 48er, Joygirl, Worm, and Fumonjo. These heroes have been going up against some of the most dangerous villains Wildvine, Black Dog, Pyrogram, Tommy the Hitman, Knight of the Chronicle, Xenon, Prime Power, Spidey Ivy, Bat Kevin, and the sinister wizard Impurest. All watched by Iykopis the all seeing. But Impurest was planning something to evil for Iykopis to just stand by and so he warns the heroes that Impurest is planning something and leaves them. Not wanting to interfere to much with mortal life. The next day The Guild had a meeting about Impurest's intentions.

"Remember when we went against Impurest? I mean the first I mean the first time and almost died." Poet said.

"One Impurest and 10 of us and we still got our *** kicked" E100 stated.

"So what do you think it is this time" DNGN said.

"Yea, we can find that out later after we stop the fire across the street" 48er said.

"Alright then todays team is me, 48er, and Fumonjo"Peot instructed.

"Why is it always you when you pick a team" E100 asked.

"Shut up, you're in charge" Poet said.

The team saw the 11 foot fire wall in front of them and noticed something wasn't moving. 48er broke the side of a water fountain unleashing a burst of water but wasn't shocked when a hole opened in the flame and the water went right through.

"Okay now I know its-" 48er was cut off by a deep voice that said "Impurest!"

As the fire turned into a sort of holographic version of Impurest.

"Well lets get this over with. What's your plan this time?" Poet asked.

"Now now, lets not be in such a rush. How's life going? How about those books? Maybe you can right one from the grave of how I killed The Writers Guild!"Impurest laughed.

"How It sounds like something Dr. Seuss would write." Fumonjo said.

Impurest frowned and pointed at a car behind him. He fired a blast which blew it to pieces. "I'm not even really here! How will you possibly defeat me in person!?" Impurest said as he vanished.

This made the trio think "how would they defeat Impurest?".

The next day The Writers Guild had another meeting.

"So how did we defeat Impurest last time?" Fumonjo asked.

"We didn't we were down nearly dead and he just decided we weren't worth the effort" Poet recalled.

"So why is he back now?"DNGN asked.

"We've been defeating some of the best villains in the world. We're probably worth the effort now." 48er chuckled.

“Yea, except this time he’s gonna finish the jo--"

48er was cut off by E100. “Guys we got a grassy situation outside” E100 said.

Outside vines were growing over everything, cars, buildings, and people. This could only be the work of one villain…Wildvine.

“Alright this time E100 and Worm come with me” Poet said.

The vines stopped in front of the building just a foot away from the trio. Wildvine popped out the middle.

“Hey guys guess what? This time I’m not holding back, this time its for Impurest!” Wildvine said shooting a thorn at Worm who just barely dodged it.

The vines tied up Poet whom struyggle to get free, but to no avail. E100 came up and punched Wildvine with the force of a 100 tons, sending her flying back. She got up and healed, but before she could finish Poet got loose thanks to Worm. Poet took off his gloves and dodging several thorns managed to touch Wildvine causing it to stun the villain. While Wildvine was stunned E100 hit her with 99 tons knocking her out.

“A shame, had 98 tons left.” E100 said cracking his knuckles. They were surprised when the vines shriveled up and Wildvine vanished into smoke.

“Well, that was dramatic” Worm said.

Meanwhile in Impurests lair the wizard was in rage. “You insignificant little weakling! I should finish you here!” Impurest yelled.

“Sorry, I’m just not built to kill though! It’s a work in progress!” Wildvine replied.

“Well I am and if you evoke my wrath again I will!” Impuresrt stated. “Now go make me a grilled cheese. All of this evil stuff is evoking my hunger.” Impurest ordered.

“Yes master!” Wildvine said walking away quickly.

“Note this, The Writers Guild will fall” Impurest said smiling.
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Re: The Writers Guild

Postby ernesth100 » Thu Mar 13, 2014 7:42 am

Part 2- Prime Power

2 weeks after the encounter with Wildvine and Impurest, the Writers Guild are all working on a strategy to defeat the evil wizard Impurest. One of the heroes in the Writers Guild was Josh Might, a guy in a red and orange costume with red shades. He had natural unlimited energy and gets stronger every minute. Due to this ability Poet keeps an eye on him incase he gets out of control. But Josh seems under control of this and very happy.

Outside a man in a trench coat and a hoodie gets out a cab, the driver realizes he didn't pay and asks him to do so. The man walks around to the cab drivers side and punches through the window grabbing the cab driver and pulling him out with one hand. He then proceeds to drain the cab drivers energy. The cab falls to the ground. Afterwards the cab driver falls to the ground. The man in the trench coat takes the coat off and reveals himself to be one of the Writers Guilds most dangerous enemies! Prime Power a being capable a taking ones power through touch. He was naturally unhumanly strong, but he could get even stronger with the amount of power he absorbed

He picked up the car and threw it down the road. Several cars crashed over each other flipping into the air. One car flipped over another and just when it seemed it was about to crush a small child it stopped in mid air. This was because of Joygirl, She saved the kid and set the car down. The kid was terrified crying. But Joygirl simply rubbed his hair and smiled as her eyes glowed the kids tears dried up and he smiled. She then set the kid down and prepared to say something, but instantly while her back was turned Prime Power hit her with a mailbox.

"Run, now!" Joygirl said to the kid.

He obey'd dashing off the scene. Just then Prime Power picked up Joygirl by the hair. She grunted a little in pain.

"Joygirl, still as beautiful as ever. How I wish you'd join me." Prime Power said.

He began absorbing her energy as she grunted more in pain. But then she began to speak;

"That's just about the best horrible idea I've ever heard." Joygirl said.

She spread her arms unleashing a psychic wave of wind that sent Prime Power flying back.
She then used her powers to slam him into the ground repeatedly. Finally she launched him into the air bringing him down with all the force she had slamming him into the ground and making a huge crater.

"Well, that was easier than I thou--oh my god!" Joygirl said in aggravation as she saw Prime Power standing up.

"Oh, thats so cute you thought you gave me a booboo. Allow me to demonstrate real pain using you as an example. " Prime Power said.

He began walking towards Joygirl. She placed a psychic wall between them. Prime Power punched the wall but to no avail. So he stood back and cracked his knuckles. Punching the wall so hard that Joygirl actually felt it. Again and again he punched the wall with all his might. Joygirl dropped to her knees. Right before the final punch he said;

"Joygirl, I'm coming for you."

He punched with a final blow that knocked Joygirl back and shattered the psychic wall. He then walked uo to Joygirl this time picking her up by the neck. He choked her as he absorbed her energy.

"Lets see what'll kill you first." he said smililing.

But just as Joygirl began to loose consciousness from lack of air and loss of energy, 48er jumped out of nowhere and cracked Prime Power in the head with a bat. In this act Prime Power dropped Joygirl.

"Yea, I geuss I gotta foul on that one. But who cares?" 48er said raising his bat.

But as he lowered it to deliver another blow, Prime Power caught the bat and threw it far far out of sight. 48er squinted as the bat disappeared then noticed the very angry Prime Power starring at him.

"Um, home run?" 48er said backing up slowly.

Prime Power grabs the hero and lifts him into the air.

"I could absorb your energy but you seem like a waste of time." Prime Power said.

He then threw 48er into a glass bustop which shattered all over the place.

He then turned around to see E100 coming up behind him. E100 punched Prime Power with the force of 100 gorilla's. Sending Prime Power flying into a building. E100 turned to Joygirl who was just regaining conscieness.

"What happened to Prime Power." Joygirl asked.

"Oh him. I sent him on a vacation to Fist City." E100 said.

"You say that like it's a real thing." Joygirl smiled.

"It is! Located between Knuckle Town and Punch Avenue." E100 replied.

Joygirl looked to the side she saw a figure jump out of a hole in the building. It was Prime Power, and boy was he pissed.

"He's not down yet." Joygirl tried to stand but was still very weak and immediatley fell back to the ground.

"E100 picked her up. Listen I need you to get back to the base and quick. You can do this take 48er with you go now!" E100 said.

Just then Prime Power tackled E100 down into the ground into the sewer. They faught in the sewer exchanging powerful blows but E100 was still outmatched because with every hit Prime Power made contact. E100 slowly weakened. Above ground the street is cracking open as E100 is punched back up through the ground onto the surface. He no longer can spot Joygirl nor 48er so he assumes they've left.

Just then Prime Power burst through the ground landing on E100's chest.

"Mraaagh!!! poop that hurt. Ah it feels like someone shoved a stick into my chest. God, Ethiopians are starving and I'm feeling more pain than all of there stomachs combined crap! Dear god it hurts so much! Why, why! Ahhh!" E100 screams in agony.

"Why was I programmed with pain!" he yelled as he was kicked with such force his artificial rib cage cracked.

"Aha, damn this hurts so much! Bloody hell, it feels like--" E100 was cut off when Prime Power lifted him up by the leg.

"Do you ever shut up!" Prime Power yelled.

"No, but I do shut down...get it...cause I'm an androi, ahh" E100 screamed as he was punched square in the face but almost as immediatley caught by something. No it was someone.

"He's kinda got a point you do never shut up. But you also have a point cause Imma shut him down." the voice said.

It was the only man who rivaled Prime Power in raw strength. The only man who ever beat Prime Power. This man was the only reason Prime Power came here. It was Josh Might of the Writers Guild. Josh Might was the only man capable of resisting Prime Powers absorbing abilities. He set E100 down carefully and walked straight up to Prime Power. Face to face they began to talk.

"What are you doing here." Josh asked.

"I've come to take your energy." Prime Power said straight up.

"Didn't work out so well last time." Josh replied.

"Thats because you keep resisting. If you give in now all of this can stop." Prime Power said.

"Yeah, no way." Josh said punching Prime Power in the face. Immediatley drawing first blood.

"You've gotten alot stronger since our last battle. So have I. Your friends were merely snacks. You see after being broke out of my prison cell by some mysterious force I continued to absorb the energy of every living thing in the building as well as every other living thing that moved. I single handedly drained hundreds of people on my way here. Now as you may already know once I gain power I keep it. It doesn't ware off." Prime Power said smiling.

"Well, yeah. Neither does mine." Josh said throwing another punch.

Prime Power caught it. Josh tried punching with the other hand, but Prime caught that one two. Josh smiled surprising Prime Power. With all of his might Josh pushed down, burying Prime Power in the ground up to his shoulders. Josh smiled and reared his leg back. Kicking Prime Power in the face several times. Primes head leaned forward as Josh walked away thinking the foe was knocked out. But then immediatley turned around when he heard laughing.

"Are we warming up or was that the best you've got?" Prime Power said.

He bursted out of the ground and immediatley tackled Josh far down the road. The two beings of immense power tangled. Delivering devastating blow after blow. Blows so powerful that they created shockwaves. Shattered glass for miles. The force of the winds flipped cars, and derooted fire hydrants. Josh stopped when he felt the water over head. He looked around seeing the destruction he'd caused in the midst of his fued. He stopped and looked at Prime Power who was standing there looking at him smiling. He realized how similar his powers are to Primes, there faces were also similar. It hit him, Prime Power is a reflection of what Josh could've become.

"Oh, look at you. You see I told you giving up right away would be for the best. Now look what you've done. Destroyed your precious city.We're too evenly matched Josh. If you just let me have your power I can end it all." Prime Power said smiling.

Josh dropped to his knees and bowed his head. It was pointless, the only way to stop this was for one of them to end it. But Josh didn't want anymore destruction to be done.

"Take it...take it all!!!" Josh yelled as Prime Power grabbed him.

No longer resisting Prime Power was able to freely absorb Josh's power.

"MY GOD! I JUST STARTED AND I FEEL SO POWERFUL ALREADY! I'VE DONE IT! I'VE GOTTEN ALL THE POWER IN THE WOLD!!!" Prime yelled as he absorbed Josh's energy. But then all of a sudden Josh's energy began flowing back into him rapidly. Both super beings were shocked.

"NO! WHATS HAPPENING! WHY IS IT REVERSING!" Prime yelled in rage and shock.

Josh backed away. A sphere of energy forming in his hand. Which almost as if impulsively he shot at Prime Power. The blast created a LARGE explosion and completely demolished Prime Power.

All Josh could say about his sudden new ability was


Back at the Writers Guild HQ after resting up. The Guild crowded around Josh asking him about his seemingly new ability.

"No, I've never done it before." Josh said.

But as if expertly he made his energy appear in a sphere in his hand and easily made it dissappear.

"How did you do that?" Poet asked.

"Guys. I had a scary thought. I think his body may have directed the energy back into mine because our DNA is similar. So it thought it was absorbing itself. But for our DNA to be the same wouldn't we have to be related in some way?" Josh said.

A shocking realization occurred that surprised the entire Guild. But none more than JoshMight.

To be continued...
Every fan fic I've made so far ... 48#p624848
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I want Kong v Godzilla To Be like BvS but...y'know, better critically received. With Mothra filling the role of Wonder Woman and Ghidorah filling the role of Doomsday. Here's to hoping. :D

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