Mario & Sonic: Marvel Universe(Do Not Post Here)

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Mario & Sonic: Marvel Universe(Do Not Post Here)

Postby ernesth100 » Fri Jan 17, 2014 11:09 pm

Episode 1-Suit Up

Long ago in 2012, heroes Mario and Sonic defeatead rivals Eggman and Bowser in the Olympics. Little did they know there was a secret alliance going on between the two tyrants. Bowser and Eggman were working together to make a machine that would give them the power of the strongest demensions. But Bowser activated the machine before it was ready. This unleashed a wave of energy upon Mario and Sonics realms. On that day came Mario and Sonic's: Marvel Universe.

In the Mushroom Kingdom a wave of energy bursted from Bowser castle hit Mario and Sonics worlds. In Mobius Sonic is blasted off a cliff due to the wave. He emerges from a hole in the ground in a spider themed red and blue suit. "That was an epic fall..woah is it Halloween already?" Sonic questioned. He pushed a button on his wrist accidentally and learned slowly to web swing. He saw something glowing in the distance and decides to swing over to it. In the Mushroom Kingdom Mario is looking for Luigi after the wave and finds a red metal backpack. Mario gets closer to the metal red backpack and notices a glowing circle light in the middle. Mario touches it which activates it as it turns into iron armor on Mario including and iron hat on his head(without the M) covering his real hat(with the M). He uncontrollably blasts off, flying into the air. Meanwhile the wave has buried Luigi under piles of large rocks. As he struggles his eyes turn green and slowly so does his skin. His round, mustached nose becomes a regular small pointy non mustached one as he grows larger and more muscular, practically everything but his pants rip off in the transformation his hat too somehow stays on. He burst out of the rocks angered and goes on a rampage.

Back in Mobius Shadow was blasted into a blizzardy area. A sharp pain hits his hands as 3 metallic claws burst from between his knuckles on both hands. Still in Mobius is Sonic who is web swinging to the glow, but is barely half way there. "Im not as fast as I used to be" Sonic says. In the Mushroom Kingdom Luigi is rampaging and terrozing the Toads demolishing there homes. But suddenly a hammer smacks Luigi in the face sending him flying. Luigi gets up to see Yoshi but he has black pants on and a red cape as well as golden hair and a silver helmet he also has a silver hammer which Luigi recognizes as the one that hit him and in rage roars at the green dinosuar.

Elsewhere in the Mushroom Kingdom it seems as if Mario has gotten the hang of flying in his new suit and is flying over the sea the water splashing up behind him. But suddenly his suit detects a life signal underwater...and its a Toad. Quickly we snap back to the Luigi and Yoshi conflict. Yoshi attempts to calm down the hulking Luigi but, only serves to anger him further. Luigi punches Yoshi into the air, Yoshi realizes he can only stop Luigi one force.

In Mobius, Sonic has finally reached the light which turns out to be emitting from a portal. Curious he pokes his head through. He is shocked to see a giant tower with Mario's name lit up on it and plainly say;

"Well...wave hit here too."

Back to the Yoshi vs Luigi conflict again. Yoshi throws his hammer at Luigi's face again knocking him back. But quickly regaining his balance Luigi roars and prepares to counterattack, unfortunately he's not quick enough and has little time to react to Yoshi coming down on his head with the hammer so hard it drives Luigi into the ground upbto his shoulders.

Yoshi walks up to Luigi;

"You are weak Luigi let me help you." Yoshi says.

The green goliath here's this Yoshi does not know this form of Luigi it takes pride in it strength and to insult its strength makes it angry. Luigi burst out of the ground roaring;

"I am strongest there is!"

Back in Mario's tower, Toad wakes up to find he is significantly taller and slightly more muscular than a normal Toad. Outside of the castle Sonic realizes he's to far to walk and he'll never get there in time running at his now humanized speed. But he see's a bunch of bricks floating almost like a bridge leading to the building. He swings using his webs on the bricks and makes it in near to no time. He then sling shots himself to the top stating;

"Me and Mario got stuff to discuss"

To be continued.

Today's Variants are:

Black Suit Spidey-Hog(like Spidermans venom symboite suit)


Big Bro Armor Mario(like iron mans hulk buster armor)

Thanks for readin!
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Re: Mario & Sonic: Marvel Universe(Do Not Post Here)

Postby ernesth100 » Fri Mar 07, 2014 7:29 pm

Episode 2- Worlds In Danger

"Last thing I remember, the wave hit." Toad said.

"Anything else?" Mario asked.

*Flashback to Toad falling into freezing water in the Ice Land*

"I was traveling thru Ice Land, believe it or not with a friend on vacation. The wave hit and split all the ice. Sending him floating away and me into the water where I froze. Frankly I'm surprised I'm alive. After that I woke up to you." Toad replied.

*Back to Present*

"Thats not all that happened." Mario said holding up a circular shield with a red, white, and blue design and a  Power Star design in the middle.

"Cool. Thats amazing." a very familiar voice said.

Instantly Mario looked up in shock, to see Sonic hanging from the ceiling by a web upside down.

"Sonic?! What the, when did you get here." Mario asked.

"Long story, but not anywhere near as long as it's going to be to explain how the heck you got this tower and all this technology!" Sonic said.

He jumped down landing next the red metallic backpack unknowing that it was Mario's suit.

"This thing it's metal! What use could you possibly have for a metal backpack?!" Sonic said.

He turned around continuing to talk, immersed in his own words. He did not notice the, backpack fly to Mario and turn into his metallic suit until the last minute. He turned back once more to be greated by Mario in his Iron Armor.

"...That is so cool. Still not as cool as me but cool nonetheless." Sonic said.

"You ain't seen nothing yet. T.O.A.D.I.S., turn on all of the lights." Mario commanded.

A robotic voice responded. "Yes, Mr. Mario."

This allowed all of the room to be seen. It was like candy land for nerds. All Sonic could reply was "wow".

*Meanwhile Elsewhere in the Kingdom*

Yoshi was thrown into a mountain. Slowly loosing his battle with the angry, green-skinned, hulk Luigi had become. Yoshi tried to get up but was landed on by Luigi and pushed further down the already deep crater he had made from his original impact into the mountainside.

"Luigi, stop this insanity. Remember who you are!" Yoshi said.

" Lulk Smash!" the monster that was once Luigi said.

"Oh dear." Yoshi replied as he was punched with such force that he literally flew threw the mountain.

He landed creating yet another crater in the hard ground. Though Yoshi knew he had to fight. The sheer force of the beating he had taken rendered him unable to move at the moment. The Lulk raised his fist his muscular form towering over the downed warrior dinosaur. But inside the conscience of the brute was still Luigi. Yelling from with in his conscience managed to over power the rage of the brute as the Lulk quickly in one massive leap left the battle scene. Yoshi simply closed his eyes in relief.

*In Mobius*

Shadow's new metal claws tore through the wall of Eggman base like paper as he quickly bursted in. But was instant tackled to the ground by a robotic arm. That arm was not one of Eggmans robots, but Eggman Nega. Whom appeared to be attached to the mechanical tentacles.

"Oh, Shadow. How nice of you to join me. I'd enjoy it if you...hung around." Eggman Nega said throwing Shadow into the air then catching him by the foot, dangling him above the ground.

"I'm sorry to leave, so abruptly but I have buisness to attend to in another world." Eggman Nega said throwing Shadow to the ground.

He then opened a portal and escaped as the base automatically initiated self destruct. Shadow was not able to get out in time. The base exploded and Shadow went flying landing head first in snow.

*Back in the Mushroom Kingdom*

"Did you build this all." Sonic asked?

"No, but I have a theory." the wave affected certain parts of the landscape both mines and likely yours as well.

"I'm just taking advantage of this. Using the tech to trace the wave back to a point of origin." Mario said.

In almost an instant the source of the wave was discovered. Toad, Sonic, and Mario prepared to assault Bowsers Castle.

*In A Mountain Like Area Of The Mushroom Kingdom*

Lulk roars, shrinking down back to his smaller true form of Luigi. Stressed from the ordeal all Luigi can truly say is;

"That was...incredible" before fainting into the snowy surface of the mountain.

Watching from a monitor what appears to be another Toad gives orders to get the downed Luigi.

*Bowsers Castle*

Mario lands from the air one fist punching the ground. He then stands up and blasts the wall.

"Alright, Bowser come out and no one gets hurt" Mario says.

But somethings wrong. It's dark, and usual...too quiet. Just then Mario is pulled by an electric whip like device. He screams as it shocks him, hearing a familiar voice.

" you even know the meaning of the word." Bowser says as Mario lands infrontnof him still tied by the electric whip. He prepares to hit Mario with the electric whip in his other hand. But just then Bowser was kicked in the face by Sonic whom exclaimed;

"But I do!" as a retort to Bowsers earlier statement about the meaning of hurt.

Bowser skidded back a bit before replying "Sonic, still popping up in unwanted places."

"I have a knack for that." Sonic replied.

"Your telling me." Mario added.

"Oh no. " Sonic said as he felt a tingling sensation in his head.

Something bad was about to happen. He turned to see some sort of orange bomb on the ground behind him. But luckily him and Mario escaped just in time.

"What now, Bowser?" Mario said.

"Bowser?" yet another familiar voice said.

From the smoke rose man on a silver glider in a green colored, goblin like costume. He had yellow eyes and another egg shaped bomb in his hand. An insane smile as well, but the most shocking feature was the egg shaped body.

"Excuse me but I'm Eggman." Eggman said.

The only word Sonic and Mario could utter was "Wow."

*Somewhere Else in The Mushroom Kingdom*

"He's waking up! " a voice said as Luigi opened his eyes.

Instantly he gasped and jumped up. He was laying on a bed in the middle of a large room.

"Don't worry Luigi." a elderly but deep voice said.

Luigi turned to see Toadsworth. He now had darker skin and an eyepatch for some reason.

"Your safe." Toadsworth assured.

"Welcome to the S.H.R.O.O.M. Hellicastle." another Toad said.

*Switch to outside as the Hellicatsle rises from the ocen floating into the air*

"Toadworth...why am I here?" Luigi asked.

"Oh, um. You had a mood swing." Toadsworth replied.

Suddenly Luigi recalled it all. The rage. The terror. The thunder.

"Oh." Luigi said.

"Is that why you have that Toad up there aiming an arrow at me." Luigi said as he saw a Toad with shades aiming at him quiet as a hawk.

Toadsworth replied honestly "You can never be too cautious."

"Yoshi!" Luigi exclaimed.

"We know it seems he left the scene." Toadsworth replied.

"Oh, well guess he must be okay then." Luigi said.

"We know you just woke up. But our scans showed your intelligence increased greatly."
Toadsworth said leading Luigi to door.

"What exactly do you need it for?" Luigi asked.

"To help a friend." Toadsworth said opening the door.

"I'm sorry is that. " Luigi was cut off by the old man.

"Luigi? Welcome friend!" the man said.

It was Professor E.Gadd

"Oh yea!" Luigi replied.

He was so caught up in the excitement of seeing his old buddy that he never even noticed...E.Gadd was missing an arm.

To be Continued....


1. Ultimate Egoblin- Inspired by Ultimate Green Goblin

2. C-Men Shaderine(Costume)-Inspired by Wolverine in his X-Men Costume

Thanks for readin! Hope you liked it!
Every fan fic I've made so far ... 48#p624848
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I want Kong v Godzilla To Be like BvS but...y'know, better critically received. With Mothra filling the role of Wonder Woman and Ghidorah filling the role of Doomsday. Here's to hoping. :D

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