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TKFT(Toho Kingdom Fiction Team)

Postby ernesth100 » Sun Dec 22, 2013 10:22 pm

TKFT(Toho Kingdom Fiction Team)-Part 1- It Started With A Rip

She was so evil. Mirablis Umbra, she would walk amongst the mortals and make them all feel uncomfortable and weak. Little did she know she could instantly be deleted in a second. She was only a string of numbers and letters in the real world of Toho Kingdom Forums. But one day Mirablis figured this out. She ripped a hole in space and time and travelled into Toho Kingdom Forum City(TKFC). It was a string of buildings. Each building was a Thread, each floor a Topic, each room a Post, each person a member. Mirablis terrorized the people and couldn't be deleted in TKFC. But there was one flaw in her plan, she could be killed in TKFC. But no member stood a chance against her. So the Toho Kingdom Staff decided to do something risky. Using there immense coding skills they were able to simulate a rip in space and time in the Fan Fiction Section. They assembled a team of the greatest Fan-Fiction heroes. On that day the Toho Kingdom Fiction Team was born...kinda.

Things weren't going good between them. They automatically didn't like each other.

First through the portal was Russell. He fell through the rip and was greated by the TKFC Staff.

"Hello" said Arbok.

Gesturing to shake Russells hand. But he jumped back when Russell pulled Kap-40 on them.

"Who the hell are you people?!" Russell exclaimed in question.

"Easy Russ. This is Toho Kingdom Forums. But from this perspective in this reality it looks like a city." Arbok explained.

Russell dropped his gun and looked around in awe. Seeing several members walking around him. One waved hi to him and he waved back. But just then another guy came out the portal and landed on him. Russell hit the guy in the head with his gun. As he stood up revealing himself to be Dynomy.

"Dude, what dafuq?!" Russell yelled.

"Ah, I'm sorry I passed a light and couldn't see the end. We should move back" Dynomy said as they saw a bright flash of light getting brighter by the second.

They moved to a safe distance where Arbok, somebody, and Draglord were standing. Just then a beam of light shot out the portal and into the sky. Almost immediately it shot back down fading to reveal a knight in literally shining armor.

"Aw, man but I wanted to make an epic entrance." Dynomy said.

"Mortals, I sensed their was danger. Would you happen to need a gods assistance?" the knight said. He was no other than Emmanuel, Overseer of the Heavens.

"With the threat we're facing? Yea, we're going to nead all six of you." somebody said.

"Six? What the hell I didn't sign up for this!" Russell said.

"Then tell me..." a voice said.

"Why did you come through the portal?" there was a man standing with a hoodie on his hea. He took it off and revealed himself to be the Scholar.

"Same reason anyone would come through." another voice said putting a gun to the Scholars head.

"To find something." he smiled putting the gun down.

"Who are you?" Dynomy asked.

"Shinboi." the man replied flipping his gun into it's holster.

"Okay men. We can discuss this in the Topic. But for now...welcome to the team." somebody said.

Authors Note: Sorry its so short.
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Re: TKFT(Toho Kingdom Fiction Team)

Postby ernesth100 » Wed Dec 25, 2013 11:21 am

Part 2- Surprise of Darkness-

The heroes sit in a room while Russell spins around in his chair. Shinboi and Emmanuel exchange tactics.

"I don't like to kill my enemies so abruptly. Everyone one deserves a second chance." Emmanuel said.

Shinboi looked at Emmanuel blankly and replied;

"Alright. But the way I see it your gonna get stabbed in the back one day." Shinboi said.

"Is that a threat?" Emmanuel replied towering over Shinboi.

"Huh, no!" Shinboi replied.

"Relax friend I kid of course." Emmanuel said luaghing.

Shinboi opened his mouth but then closed it. He then closed his eyes shaking his haed and walked away.

"Guys why are we even here?" Dynomy asked.

Just then a man in shades and a tuxedo burst thru the doors.

"Mirablis Umbra. Aka the Dark Miracle. Unlike you people I took the liberty of staying behind and asking why." he said.

"And just who are you? James Bond?" Russell said.

"HA, no. I'm Misaki...Ultraman Misaki." he said taking off his shades.

"You're late." Russell said smiling.

"Are you just going to be a jerkass all day? There are way bigger problems at hand." Misaki said.

"I.AM.NOT.A.JERKASS!" Russell exclaimed pulling a gun on Misaki.

"Russell don't you dare pull that trigger!" Draglord said coming in with the rest of the staff.

"Fuq you!" Russell pulls the trigger and shoots the wall just above Misaki.

"Nice to see we're all getting along" Arbok said sacastically.

Arboks eyes scanned the room until he saw the Scholar looking out the window.

"Hey, Scholar something interesting you see out their?" Arbok asked.

"It was just High-Light outside 5 minutes ago. Now it's Bold-Dark." the Scholar said.

"What do you mean? It's 12:00 pm. Wait...oh godzilla no. Not now!" Arbok exclaimed worrily.

"What is it?" Dynomy asked.

"When the sky turns dark in the middle of the day, you know Dark Miracle has come to play." Draglord said.

"Wow...thats adorable." Russell said.

"Dude, shut up! This is serious!" Misaki exclaimed at Russell.

Just then a portal opened it the sky and out came Mirablis. A small, blue haired girl with a dragons tail, and a green shirt and jeans roughed up. She looked sorta harmless. But the she assumed her TRUE form... which is like her normal form, only her hands twist into draconic claws, her feet turn into dragons feet, and she grows draconic wings, all of them covered in dark green scales.

"Aw poop." Russell said as they got down stairs just in time to see Mirablis turn into her true form.

"Well, looks like we're going to have to kill it with fire." Dynomy said as a fireball appeared in his hand.

"How power instead?" Russell said taking the AK-47 off his back.

"Sound good to me." Shinboi said taking out his gun and sword.

"Guys, we can't just rush in we need a plan!" the Scholar said as he was ignored by the team.

Russell looked at Mirablis his enhanced eyesight zooming in on her. He emptied a few rounds on her causing her roar in anger. She then attempted to zap Russell with a beam which nearly caught him.

"Ah, crap. Now I officially hate witches." Russell said getting back up.

Mirablis came down from the sky landing in front of Russell.

"Seriously could this day get any worse" Russell said.

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Re: TKFT(Toho Kingdom Fiction Team)

Postby ernesth100 » Fri Dec 27, 2013 10:31 pm

Part 3-Lost to a Girl

As Mirablis walked towards Russell, a shadow in the ground emerged and turned into Shinboi as he slashed Mirablis across the chest causing her to screech and fall back. He took Russell's hand and helped him up. Both turned just in time to see Mirablis healing. She luaghed maniacally as she attempted to blast Russell and Shinboi. But her blast was deflected by the blast of Dynomy's flame blast. Dynomy blew his fist as it smoked.

*Cue TKFT Theme:

"Someone call for a fire man? Wow, that was corny even for me." Dynomy said.

Just the Mirablis used her long dragon like tail to grab Dynomy and constrict him. A crackling sound could be heard as Dynomy struggled. But then Mirablis screeched again as Shinboi planted his sword into her back. She flew into the air Shinboi hanging on for his life. Mirablis used her tail to grab Shinboi and throw him down. She then took his sword and threw it at him. Shinboi spread his legs and arms allowing him to slow down in air and grabbed him sword. He then turned into a shadow in mid-air going down the side of a building and then jumped off turning back to normal as he landed. He saw Mirablis coming at the Scholar and ran towards her.

Mirablis landed and looked up to see the Scholar with a surprised look on his face.

"Wait, no not me I'm not even hurting you!" the Scholar said fumbling back

She reached for him but he wipped out his Kinetic Pencil as it emitted an ear splitting ringing sound. Mirablis covered her ears as she stepped back. She stared at the Scholar now even more determined to kill him. She reached at him but Emmanuel came up and saved the Scholar kicking Mirablis away.

"Mirablis, we have no quarrel with you. Simply leave the citizens of Toho Kingdom be. I do not want to have to resort to violence." Emmanuel said.

"My..." Mirablis said surprising everyone.

"My Dark Miracle. You mortals have no buisness calling me by my true name!" Mirablis said as she lunged at Emmanuel.

*Cue Dark Miracle Theme:

Emmanuel simply opened his hand creating a flash of light that blinded Mirablis temporarily. When it cleared Misaki was standing in his Ultraman form towering over her.

"Listen here. At your current state I could squish you like a bug. But not only am I not that type of person. I do not want to hurt a lady." Ultraman Misaki said looking down at Mirablis.

Mirablis roared and unleashed a stream of electricity that began to shock Misaki. Misaki fell to the ground. The light on his chest slowly turned red as Mirablis shocked him. Emmanuel saved Misaki creating a sword out of light and stabbing Mirablis. He pulled his sword out and before Mirablis's wounds could heal he slashed her up the face.

"My apologies Ms. Umbra , but you provoked this." Emmanuel said.

He unleashed a furious barrage of light arrows which stabbed Mirablis and dissolved into sparkles after words. Mirabis fell to her knees. Emmanuel began walking up to her.

"I do not wish to hurt you any more Mirablis. Please simply come with--" Emmanuel was cut short when Mirablis turned around smacking him with her tail and flew into the air opening the portal back to her demension. Just then Dynomy flew in trying to stop her but was smacked through a building landing in a cater.

When the smoke cleared all Dynomy could say was;

"Owwww...." as he fell unconscious.

With Dark Miracle gone the others gather together. Shinboi grabbed Dynomy. As the Emmanuel grabbed Misaki who hadstrunk back to his human form.

"Well...we lost to a girl." an hurt Misaki said.

*Back In The Thread Building*

"That smack. Emmanuel, you unleashed a barrage on her an she could still do that hit. She sent me through a building!" Dynomy said.

"I was greatly holding back." Emmanuel replied.

The Scholar stood up from his chair.

"Just for the record. None of this would've happened if you would've listen plan!" the Scholar smiled sitting down in his chair.

"You think this is funny smart ass? 2 of our team mates are heavily injured. The rest were near to powerless to doing anything about it!" Russell said walking up to the Scholar.

"Don't you patronize me. You didn't even care when you came here. You just thought you'd get something out of it. I was the original serious one!" the Scholar exclaimed.

"Now listen here you annoying little prick. I've saved people in my life time. I'm a good guy. What exactly are you?" Russell replied.

"Super genius, time-space-demension-traveling, reality saving Scholar." the Scholar shot back.

"Oh it's goin down!" Dynomy said. Earning a stern look from Shinboi.

Russell and the Scholar stared at each other. With intense anger in their eyes. Finally Russel broke the silence.

"Throw a punch." he said surpising the Scholar.

*In Mirablis's Demension*

Mirablis lands in a dark valley in which she is greeted by two dragonic cretures like herself. They looked like reptilian humaniods. They were covered in green scales. With dark purple wings claws on their hands and long green scaled tails. Their eyes were also dark purple and they were slightly shorter than(at least 7 feet tall each) the monstrous Mirablis(who stood at 8'5 in her monstrous form).

"Dark Miracle, are you okay." the creatures inquiried.

The last of Mirablis's wounds healed as she shot up and roared in rage.

"I am fine!" Mirablis replied.

The creatures cowered and stepped back a bit.

"Dark Miracle. We simply wanted to tell you we've finished the spell. It worked your army is ready" one of the creatures said.

Mirablis shot a glance their way scaring them. Then she smiled.

"Tell them I have use for them after all. There are some trouble characters we must...get out of the way." Mirablis replied luaghing maniacally.

*In The Topic Room*

"What?" the Scholar replied in confusion.

"Throw a punch. We all know you want to." Russell said.

"You honestly want me to punch you?" the Scholar asked.

"Yes, I just want to see what ya got. So hit me with your best shot. Fire away!!!" Russel exclaimed.

"No." the Scholar said turning in his chair.

"What? You don't want to punch me?" Russell asked.

"Nope.The last thing we need is more unnecessary conflict amongst the team." the Scholar replied.

"'re a peaceful guy." Russell replied.

"I may seem cold and quite. But I have many dangerous secrets. I'm a time traveler. What I do effects history. Not just in this reality. But in several others as well. I'm always thinking. Worrying, that something I do can destroy life as we know it." the Scholar said.

It was quite in the room for a few seconds as everyone(especially Russell) realized the true nature of the Scholar. A man of burden and secrets. Russell put his hand on the Scholars shoulder and spoke;

"I have a dark past too. We all do. I know your afraid it may hurt the ones you care for. But listen here. Right now what matters is the citizens of TKFC. Not us. The next moment Mirablis attacks. We'll play by the plan." Russell said smiling.

Everyone smiled as they had all found a new respect for each other. Realizing they all have one thing in common. They all share a goal to protect those who the care for.

"Ya know the Staff actually gave us a name for our team we never used." Russell said.

"We have a team name?" Dynomy asked.

"Yep, TKFT. Toho Kingdom Fiction Team." the Scholar replied smiling.

"That actually...sounds nice." Misaki said.

"I'm all for it." Shinboi shrugged.

"Alright next up TKFT vs Dark Miracle! And this time we win!" Dynomy said excitedly.

Meanwhile outside the Thread beyond the border of reality in the Dark Dimension. Mirablis's army waited as she focused her energy and prepared to open the portal and destroy the heroes along with Toho Kingdom Forum City.

To be continued...(PS. Next Part Is The Last Part.)
Every fan fic I've made so far ... 48#p624848
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Re: TKFT(Toho Kingdom Fiction Team)

Postby ernesth100 » Mon Jan 13, 2014 3:26 pm

Part 4-Underground Smackdown

"So where would Mirablis pop up next?" somebody asked.

"Question of the hour her Portals in random locations all the time she could attack from anywhere." Arbok said.

"Wait did you get out ALL the members during evacuation?" the Scholar inquiries.

"No only a couple hundred got out. The majority is still here safely hidden." Draglord said.

"So she's probably going to appear next wherever they are." Emmanuel pointed out.

"Underground...there's an entire beta forum under this one a whole city. We hid them down there buried under a protective firewall. She probably can't detect it." Arbok said.

Just then the building shook. As the ground quaked the group looked out the window to see a massive laser like beam shooting from a portal straight into the ground.

"Okay we gotta get down there quick. Like right now!" Dynomy said.

"I got this." said grabbing a chair and throwing it at the window shattering the glass.

"Hey! They costs 600 bits of code!" somebody said.

"We'll deal with it later. But now just trust me and jump." Misaki said.

"Well, I guess I'm ready to die." Russell said.

The group jumped out the window leaving somebody, Draglord, and Arbok hoping they'd succeed. As the team fell Misaki transformed into Ultraman MIsaki and grabbed them all in his hand. He then teleported to the lower Beta Forum. It resembled the regular Forum City, but was darker. The team turned around to see the hundreds of minions Mirablis had summoned to defeat them.

"! KILL THEM!!! And everyone in this city along with them!" Mirablis said as her army flew up into the air and back down at the team.

" we stand together. We fight together. We are the Toho Kingdom Fiction Team." the Scholar said.

He lifted up his Kinetic Pencil as it extended unleashing a wave of Kinetic energy which distrupted the beasts causing them to scatter.

"Team, take'em down." Russell said loading his gun.

Misaki went through the creatures knocking them aside. He completely smashed and obliterated them. He then turned to face several more running at the horde. Meanwhile Emmanuel spawned two light swords in each hand. He ran at a group slashing one up the chest and flipping over it to stab another in the head. He then connected the end of the light sword and spun around at incredible speeds sending light spikes flying into his enemies killing them. Russell aimed carefully and shot one bullet straight through 3 of the creatures heads. Instantly slinging his arm back to shoot one that rose behind him, and blowing his gun off. Dynomy had his eyes closed as he opened the they appeared a flaming red, he had went into his Kaiju Spirit Mode. His body was covered by an electric current and he had flamming hands. He proceeded to unleash a burst of fire that fried several of the creatures. He ran at them rampaging and knocking them aside like ragdolls. They piled on top of him, but he flew into the air roaring fiercely and beaming flames. Shinboi went from shadow to regular popping out of the ground like a wack-a-mole and slashing his eniemies before they could react. The Scholar simply leaned against a wall and used his Kinetic Pencil set on a certain frequency as a tazer to shock the creatures.

Back to Emmanuel who was being surrounded by the creatures he created a surf board out of light and rode up into the air when he got to a certain height the board dissolved. He back flipped and his fist began to glow he came down in a comet like ball of light unleashing a massive shockwave. When the debre and smoke cleared he was walking out of a crater.

"Not even near a challenge for someone of my ability, especially since I'm a god." he said.

Mirablis smiled. She snapped her fingers as all of her minions mouths began to glow. Dynomy's savage expression turned to one of curiosity. As her minions flew up at him blasting him with purple beams, knocking him clear out of the sky. He fell to the ground and got up being surrounded by the creatures who continued to mercilessly blast him as he roared in agony. Emmanuel made a sheild out of his light and continued to blast the creatures with spikes of light from his hand. It only went so far though, the creatures blasts began overwhelming him breaking his sheild eventually much to his shock. He was beat down and blasted by the creatures and pilled upon by dozens as he screamed. Russell eventually ran out of ammo and before he could reload was smacked across the area hitting a wall as he got up his nose began to bleed and his arm pained him so much he fell right back down.

"Well, this isn't fun any more." Russell said.

Shinboi was halfway into the ground his lower body in shadow mode when one creature grabbed him by the neck and forcibly pulled him out, much to his shock. The creature opened its glowing purple mouth and blasted Shinboi back. Shinboi flew back and was punched head first into the ground by another creature. Misaki turned to see several more creatures coming from the portal.

"Oh my Emmanuel." the Ultra said. As the creature all tackled the titan to the ground.

The Scholar saw this and had changed his frequency to minipulate the code in the firewall creating a dome over the city. Emmanuel had escaped but the creatures were getting more aggresive he couldn't react fast enough to stop them from blasting him. From the looks of everything the team may loose this fight.

"Guys, listen up! Go for Miracle. I scanned her keeping the portal opening and summoning the army has substantially weakened her. Take her down and we win this!" the Scholar stated.

The realization struck not only the team but Mirablis's army as well. Dynomy was lying in a pile of rubble till suddenly his eyes opened. Flaring with intensity. He roared again. The creatures tried to blast him but he flipped over the beam and punched the creatures head caving it in. He dodged another blast and grabbed the creatures arm ripping it of and swinging it around at another creatures head. He flew at Mirablis but was instantly tackled by another creature. Misaki managed to get the creatures off him for a while and crossed his arms. They glowed as he aimed at Mirablis. But was blasted in the head by one of the creatures. Causing the blast to stray majorly missing Mirablis. She smiled as the creatures slashed at the Ultra's head that is until he pulled it off and squished it.

Shinboi grabbed his sword and his gun running through a group of creatures he flipped over they're heads and shot several of them in mid air coming down on the last ones head with his sword splitting it in half. He looked at Mirablis and said;

"You, your nextahh!" Shinboi exclaimed as one of the creatures tackled him. The creature charged a beam but was stabbed through the head by Shinboi.

Emmanuel came up bursting through the creatures in his way in a sphere of light . He was incredibly close to Mirablis but 3 creatures came and blasted the sphere bursting it open and sending Emmanuel flying but he landed on his feet shooting three arrows of light at the creatures. Just when it seemed no one would get to Mirablis. She turned to see the shocking image of Russell with a gun to her head.

"Never leave the back door open." Russell said, wthout hesitation he pulled the trigger blowing a hole in Mirablis's head. She fell to her knees and dissolved into black smoke, as well as her army. The smoke formed a funnel which was sucked back into the portal. All of the team was awe struck.

"Thats how ya get it done." Russell said.

Just then Dynomy landed from the sky in the middle of the group. Still flaming and emmitting electricity and still with a savage look on his face he roared.

"Woah! Calm down buddy!" Russell said.

Dynomy shot a glance at him and growled. But he looked around and closed his eyes. When he opened them they were normal. His look was now calmer.

"So we" Dynomy said smiling.

"Yes, we have and if any dark force should ever arise again we will be there to nuetralize the threat as a team!" Emmanuel said. Raising his fist in victory.

In the end the Members returned to the regular Forum City and everyghing resumed normal...almost its never normal on TK. The Heroes returned to there own respective realities. But something followed each of them back...a slither of dark smoke. But hey the heroes have one and forever will we remember of the Toho Kingdom Fiction Team!


(Of this part just wait for the sequel!)
Every fan fic I've made so far ... 48#p624848
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I want Kong v Godzilla To Be like BvS but...y'know, better critically received. With Mothra filling the role of Wonder Woman and Ghidorah filling the role of Doomsday. Here's to hoping. :D

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