The TKAT(Toho Kingdom Areana Team)

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The TKAT(Toho Kingdom Areana Team)

Postby ernesth100 » Sat Dec 21, 2013 11:53 am

It all started when the second areana opened. In addition to the Shadow Areana. People also now were swarming into the new Mirror Areana. People who had never even knew the areana's existed, heck random noob members were all battling it out.

After a while a single member began to stand out. His name was TitanoGoji . He was constantly battling in both Areana's with anyone who accepted. One day another member had challenged him... Ernesth100. Ernesth lost and something opened inside him that day. A desire to beat Titano at any cost. But then the grudge turned into a friendly rivalry. Eventually one day a new guy played the Areana's. He seemed to never lose. He even beat Titano 5 times in a row. Ernesth also got beat by the guy. His name was Brawlex10. He beat everyone so many times and no one could get back at him. People couldn't even make battles with each other without Brawlex jumping in. Eventually people didn't even go in the Areana's anymore. Except two people Ernesth and TitanoGoji would everyday.

TitanoGoji had lost a total of 14 matches to Brawlex10. Not one ended in a win. Brawlex knew how to fight in the Areana better than anyone else. The Moderators and Administrators descended down upon Brawlex. Taking him on all at once in a special match and loosing. Even Arbok himself could not defeat Brawlex. Eventually Brawlex basically owned the Areana's. Attempts were made to delete him but Brawlex had hacked into The Forum. He coded in Custom Specials and an ability to get more power after each victory. The only way they could stop him was too beat him. But no one could come close anymore. Still though TitanoGoji and Ernesth100 faught in hopes of over coming him but to know avail. One day TitanoGoji went in to do a Shadow Areana Battle. But was utterly annihlated. Critical Hit after Critical Hit. TitanoGoji was dying. Ernesth jumped in against the rules. He tried to help but Titano jumped in his way and sacrificed himself. Ernesth looked at Titano's Loses which had quickly become 42. Something was wrong.

Brawlex did something insane. He coded the Areana so anyone who played lost actual health each time they lost a game. If they lost 60 times in a row. They died for real. These rules did not quite apply to Brawlex. Half of the Areana players died. So it was time for drastic measures. Somebody felt sorry for TitanoGoji and Ernesth. They were killing themselves trying to save TK Forums. Somebody opened up a PM between him and the two. He made his own code to match Brawlex's. But it would only work temporarily, so somebody had only one shot. He gave Ernesth and Titano each costum specials and a special called the Dynamic Do' out which would eliminate Brawlex permanatley but the two would have two be deleted for 2months to reprogram their files and take away the custom specials. News later spread on TKF of the upcoming battle. When the day came, almost every member and hundreds of guests came to see. Brawlex was winning. Brawlex was going to take the entire site under his control. But then the two used the Dynamic Do' out. Brawlex10 became 9,8, and so on to 0. All traces of Brawlex were deleted. Brawlex replied one last thing "**** YOU!" before being permanately deleted. TitanoGoji and Ernesth100 were allowed to keep their specials to teach trolls a lesson and keep evil away. Many stories were made about the events of that day. But this is the original. The story of the Toho Kingdom Areana Team.
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