Scholar in a Locker(Do Not Post Here)

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Scholar in a Locker(Do Not Post Here)

Postby ernesth100 » Thu Nov 21, 2013 2:01 pm

Episode 1-I Come In Pursuit Of Knowledge

"Alternate realities...It's hard to believe that somewhere out there is another Earth where theres another you and everything turned out so different. But it's not hard to imagine and that's all you really need, imagination"
-The Scholar

Atop a building a white light glows as a light blue locker appears almost out of thin air. Out steps a man who looks to be in his 20's with a blue hoodie, with a white dress shirt and black dress pants. He's pulls out what appears to be a silver pencil, encased in some sort of clear plastic tube. The tip of the pencil was covered in a smaller plastic tube that ended flat at the circular top with four small sticking out of the smaller tube. On top of the flat smaller tube was a small blue ring, and in the middle was a white light. At the bottom mysteriously was a silver key-lock inside the outer plastic tube. The Scholar waved the pencil object around all over as it made a humming sound.

"Okay everything seems to be normal. Fear not people, I come in pursuit of knowledge!" the man said.

He went to the streets and explored the city ate a burger, watched a movie(until being chased out by a guard who realized he snuck in), and went to the museum. A few hours later he began walking back to his Locker. When he got back to his Locker it was open.

"Oh no" he said taking out his pencil device again.

"Who's intruding in my box?!" he said running in to see a man taking pictures with his phone and hiding it behind his back.

"Who are you?" he said to the other man.

The other man hesisitated "Well um, I am a--"

"Just answer the question I'm not going to kill you!" the man said to the other annoyed.

"I'm Greg Melen, I'm an airplane pilot Mr.Alien sir!" Greg said.

"Okay one, call me Scholar. As for 2, you know you cant leave this ship right?" the Scholar asked.

"Wait, what why? I have a life to attend to!" Greg exclaimed.

The Scholar walked to the middle of the room where there was a laptop surrounded by a wall of technology and buttons on one side and on the other was a stair case. He quickly typed something, pressed a button and turned around.

“No you don’t, not anymore. Can’t let anyone know I am among them.” the Scholar finally replied.

“This is ridiculous! I’m leaving and if you touch me I’ll hurt you!” Greg said.

“Mm, I wouldn’t go out that door if I were you.” the Scholar said.

“Oh, yea and what’s stopping m-whoa!” Greg said almost falling into space. He looked out the door to see the Sun directly beneath them.

He stammered back “Bu-bu-space. Locker, inside bigger, who are you!” Greg exclaimed confused.

“I’m just a simple Scholar in a Locker. What I find weird is this is just now phasing you.” the Scholar said.

“I thought I was being pranked or something! This is real! Is there anything else this magic box can do?!” Greg asked.

“Time travel, um oh! It can also travel through dimensions so there’s that.” the Scholar chuckled.

“This isn’t funny you just kidnapped me!” Greg yelled.

“Relax, I’ll just take you back to before…wait nope that would cause a paradox, don’t ask what that is. How about instead I just take you anywhere you want except back home until I can figure out how to bring you back without the paradox happening okay? Anywhere at all you name it, time and space are yours for the exploring!” the Scholar said.

“Anywhere you say. Well I have been a fan of the Roman Colosseum.” Greg said.

“I’ll do you one better. I'll show you the beggining and end of time itself!" the Scholar yelled.

"But I want the Colosseum first" Greg said.

"Well of course...and then I'll show you the beggining and end of time itself!" the Scholar yelled again.

This would go on to become the Scholar first Ally in all his travels.

Next Time in Scholar in a Locker:

"The Locker needs a power source other wise it shut down and leaves me stranded"
-The Scholar
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Re: Scholar in a Locker(Do Not Post Here)

Postby ernesth100 » Mon Dec 02, 2013 9:06 am

Episode 2-The Locker

Somewhere in Ancient Rome

"So how was the Colosseum for you?" the scholar asked Greg.

"It was, I can't describe the feeling!" Greg exclaimed shaking with excitement.

"Calm down buddy. There are feelings in this life none of us can quite describe. I find it much rather easier to just enjoy the feeling instead of attempting to give it a name." the Scholar said walking into his Locker.

His eyes widened as he was greeted by the red glow of the laptop in the center.

"Oh no" he said taking out his pencil like scanning device.

"That reminds me what is that thing anyway" Greg asked.

"It's the Kinetic Pencil, a multi-tool I created. Also, before you ask the red glow means the batteries low" the Scholar replied.

"Battery, wait this thing runs on a battery?" Greg asked.

"Everything needs a power source. In this case it's this." the Scholar said pulling a small red gem out his jackets inner pocket.

"Ruby Diamond. As the name implies not only is it a Ruby but a Diamond as well! Very precious and so very powerful." the Scholar said.

He began walking up the steps in the Locker.

"So where is the battery holder where you'll put this Ruby Diamond?" Greg asked.

"It's in the top of the Locker, but you can call it the Attic." the Scholar replied.

"Just out of curiosity what happens if you don't replace the battery in time?" Greg questioned.

"The Locker needs a power source other wise it shut down and leaves me stranded. I know this because...I was stranded once. For an entire year the Locker Solar Re-charges." the Scholar replied.

"Now seems like a good time to get to know each other. How about I go first." Greg said smiling.

"I don't know. I'm not known for my backstories." the Scholar replied.

"Either way it doesn't matter. As you already know my name is Greg Melen. I'm a pilot, and you wanna know why? I always look up at the clouds and think. Is the sky truly the limit? How high can I really go? Because when I'm flying, gliding through the clouds like an eagle. I feel free." Greg said.

The Scholar stopped and looked at Greg.

"My own story isn't as moving, that I can assure you. It all started on my planet Earth. But it was a different Earth. Yours is number 3, mines is number 316. On my Earth we've advanced humans to new beings of incredible intelligence. We call them Mind Kings. I was born a Mind King and selected at a young age to travel the universe in greater search of knowledge. I was raised, educated, and trained to use the Prism's. A Prism's is a rectangular ship, which with our mastery of Demensional Space Time Travel allows us to travel anywhere we want. I got mines and suited it for my needs turning it into The Locker we're in." the Scholar explained.

"What about your name is it really the Scholar? I mean what kind of name is that?" Greg questioned as the two got up the steps and walked down the hallway.

" No my real name is too dangerous to say for it unlocks The Lock." the Scholar replied.

"Is that the thing on the bottom of your...Kinetic Pen?" Greg asked curiously.

"Kinetic Pencil and yes it is. It holds secrets Greg secrets bigger than anything I'm telling you now" the Scholar replied.

"So why are you telling me anyway?" Greg asked.

"Well when you go back there's little chance anyone you tell this story would ever believe you." the Scholar chuckled.

"Good point." Greg said.

Him and the Scholar walked up 3 short steps into the engine of the Locker. It was a golding glowing cylinder, which held a red and white gem. The Scholar replaced the gem in the cylinder with one in a dispenser like tube and crushed the other to dust.

"How did you--" Greg was interrupted by the Scholar.

"When the energy is drained from the gem it turns to dust." the Scholar explained.

Back At The main Level Of The Locker

"Well that was simple. Where to next?" Greg said.

"Not where Greg, but when. Off we go!" the scholar said pressing a button as the Locker flashed away in a white light.

Next Time On Scholar In A Locker:

"The end of your Earth, in 5099"

-The Scholar

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Every fan fic I've made so far ... 48#p624848
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Re: Scholar in a Locker(Do Not Post Here)

Postby ernesth100 » Tue Dec 03, 2013 9:17 am

Episode 3- After 5099

"So now that your Lockers fixed, when do we go next?" Greg asked.

"You mean where do we...oh! You clever man." the Scholar replied.

"I guess I could show you the beggining and end of time itself now. By the way are you a believer of God?" the Scholar asked.

"Yes, I'm Christian." Greg replied.

"Nope, not anymore. Your dimension started in a huge bang. Those scientists were right all along. However your dimension is number 3, number 4 was made by a god." the Scholar explained.

"We're here, the end of your time. This is 5099." the Scholar said.

"But thats only 3086 years from now." Greg stated.
"Thats right. The end of your Earth, Greg is in 5099. Would you like me to explain?" the Scholar said.

He walked with Greg to the Locker door showing the Earth split into 3 pieces.

"Oh my god. What happened?!" Greg exclaimed.

"From the year 300 to 5097 the Earth had uninterrupted peace. In 5098 the world made a new type of weapon and wanted to use it and blow up Mars. Which at this time had humans colonizing it as well .However the Mars humans viewed Earth as a lost cause and tried to persuade the Earthlings to leave it. This angered the Earth, and a war quickly broke out. When Earth launched the new weapon, which was a bomb, it could not break the atmosphere and hit the Earth instead all of these events transpired in 5099. The radiation from the explosion alone ripped whatever was left of the Ozone Layer away. If anyone lived through the bomb, the Sun's radiation probably killed them." the Scholar explained.

"But how did Earth get split into pieces?" Greg asked

"Now being vulnerable to the full effects of the Sun the Earth's magma core, which is actually very magnetic, was thrown completely off balance when a massive Solar Flare occurred. This of course caused the Earth's core to collapse in on itself then burst out, literally ripping the Earth apart. If anyone survived the explosion and the wrath of the Sun there dead now." the Scholar said.

" What about the people on Mars?" Greg asked.

"There's nothing to say about them. There self-centered and egomaniacal. They didn't care when the Earth died. Little did they know without Earth resources they couldn't live. Not much after the earth parised so did the colony of humans on Mars."the Scholar replied.

Greg began to speak "Can't we go back and--"

"No. I've tried. I have seen this before. I tried telling, them showing them, scaring them. But it only quickened the war." The Scholar stated.

"But there has to be a way Earth can't end so soon!" Greg exclaimed.

"Okay Greg. One 3086 years is not soon. You won't even live that long, so what's with all the worry." the Scholar said.

"Yea, your right. Why should I care? We have time, I should just enjoy the mo...ment. Oh, you were trying to show me that instead of being worried about the future I should live in the moment!" Greg said.

"Uh, no I was just trying to show you the end of your Earth. But hey, whatever makes you happy. Now off we go!" the Scholar said smiling and pressing a button.

Greg looked confused but then smiled as the Locker flashed away.

Next Time On Scholar In A Locker:

"It's one of the first alien races I've encountered on my travels. These are the Figorins.
-The Scholar
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Re: Scholar in a Locker(Do Not Post Here)

Postby ernesth100 » Sun Dec 08, 2013 11:59 am

Episode 4- Stick Figure

*A Few Million Miles Away From Earth 3*

"So where are we going now?" Greg asked.

"Earth!" the Scholar said.

"Wait your Earth or mine?" Greg asked confused.

"Of course yours why would I go to mine!?" the Scholar replied.

"Uh, I thought you said I can't go back home?" Greg said.

"Nope, you still can't but that doesn't mean I can't go back to your Earth. I think somethings wrong over there. I'm getting a signal from it, and the scans say it' that's impossible." the Scholar said.

"What? What's impossible!?" Greg exclaimed.

He was ignored by the Scholar who pressed a button causing the Locker to flash away. It soon appeared on Earth which was being attacked by ships shooting lasers. The ships looked like tubes with flat tops that have metal root like tubes sticking out. The Scholar new there was only one explanation.

"Oh no, Figorins." the Scholar said running out of the Locker.

"Figorins, what the heck is going on!?" Greg insists.

"No, time. Earth, danger, invasion!" the Scholar said.

Just at that moment a laser shot the Scholars index finger clean off.

"Well, that was unexpected." the Scholar said looking at the empty space where his finger use to be.

"OH MY--" Greg was stopped by the Scholar who threw his good hand over Greg's mouth.

"Shh, just look behind me." the scholar said.

Greg looked over the Scholars shoulder to see a creature covered in vines. With skin that resembled tree bark. It had a tubular laser attached to it's arm by vines\ and was pointing it at the two.

"Scholar, we were looking for you." it said.

"Oh, me? Sorry I didn't notice all the giant ships shooting lasers in every direction." the Scholar replied sarcastically.

"Scholar, what is that thing!?" Greg said.

"Ugh, its a Figorin. They're incredibly insane and ethnocentric aliens. There I explained, happy?" the Scholar blurted out at Greg.

"Ethnocentric is not the word Scholar. We are vengeful." the Figorin said.

"Vengeful? This isn't vengeance.This is stupidity with a side of ridiculousness." the Scholar replied.

He was backing up slowly closer to the Locker. But just then a laser shot blasted the ground near him, barely missing his foot.

"Scholar, you are wanted dead but mostly alive. But I would have no problem with dead." the Figorin said.

"Wait! I want to show you something. Both you and my ally here. Just look at my hand." the Scholar said.

He held upon his injured hand as blue mist emitted from his missing fingers space. His finger then reappeared healed and good as new and the blue mist ceased. The Figorin alien looked on in awe not noticing the Scholar backing up to his Locker.

"Ah, I see that surprised you. Well here's another!" the Scholar said.

He quickly reached into his jacket and pulled out his Kinetic Pencil. Pointing it at the Figorins arm laser, causing it to blow malfunction and shock the alien. The Scholar then ran into the Locker with Greg. Quickly jumping on the laptop console and making the Locker flash away.

"Aliens, healing, invasions? I can't handle all of this!" Greg exclaimed.

"Relax, the healing is a normal process called Rejuvenation. As for the Figorin invasion I know exactly what to do" the Scholar said still typing on the laptop. He typed for a while . Being incredibly focused and then finally replied.

"Oh yea, is that right? What exactly are you going to do to defeat an alien army!?" Greg yelled.

The Scholar stopped typing and turned around walking towards Greg and said;


This shocked Greg as he stuttered for a little bit.

"Bu-it's-you-WHAT!?" Greg exclaimed.

"Don't worry once I'm on the inside my plan won't be able to fail. Trust me, I am a Scholar." the Scholar said.

The Scholar walked out the Locker and was right on the Figorin ship. The Locker door closed behind him locking Greg in. Immediately alarms went off and he was surrounded by Figorin troops.

"Oh no, my plan didn't work. Well I guess I'm caught." the Scholar said.

One of the troops took the Scholars arm and walked away with him. The others stayed and looked at the Locker curiously. Soon the Scholar was brought right to the Figorin army's leader.

"Let him go. There's nothing much he can do now." the Figorin General said.

"Alright what are gonna do now that you've got me?" the Scholar said.

The Figorin General looked directly at the Scholar with a smirk.

"You are aware that we can travel through space and dimensions. But what you don't know is that we cannot travel through time. We arrive at the equivalent of the time we left. You however can help us with that." the Figorin General said.

"Okay, will you leave the Earth alone?" the Scholar said.

"Hm, you are not in a position to bargain Scholar." the Figorin General said.

"All-righty then. I'll take that as a no. Either way, I would like to explain something to you. The flaws in your plan. Number one!" the Scholar said taking out his Kinetic Pencil and pointing it at the Figorin General.

The Figorin troops raised their weapons, but the Scholar exclaimed;

"Wait! Unless you want your General to end up a smoldering pile of goop then I suggest you listen. Number one, you do not underestimate the Scholar. Nor, should you let his hands free. Second your ships are still firing lasers. However, I was able to easily and almost effortlessly hack into your systems from my Locker. In 30 seconds, your ships will begin blowing each other to smithereens. Unless you agree to leave Earth and never return." the Scholar said.

"I call your bluff Scholar. You would kill yourself in the process." the Figorin General replied.

Just then a laser from one of the ships fired at the Figorin Generals ship causing it to rumble.

"I'm sorry did I say 30? I meant 3. Your call General." the Scholar said as another laser hit the ship causing it to rumble again.

"This is nonsense kill the Scholar and restore our control to the ships.We don't need you we'll just use your Locker as an engineering template." the Figorin General said. But just then the Locker flashed in next to the Scholar. Greg opened the door and walked out.

"Finally! I was sitting in their for hours until the Locker just randomly flashed away and...we're surrounded by Figorins." Greg said.

"Yes, I know they were just about to surrender. Or kill me and kill themselves." the Scholar said.

"Imbeciles what are you waiting for. Shoot the Scholar now!" the Figorin General said.

"Welp, looks like its time to go!" the Scholar said running into the Locker with Greg as the door closed behind them. Lasers attempting to penetrate the Locker.

Inside the Figorin Generals quarters, the Figorin troops attempted to regain control but the lasers were firing so rapidly they couldn't even stand straight.

The Scholar smiled and said;

"Never underestimate the Scholar." as the Figorin ships destroyed each other.

"Well that seemed really planned out." Greg said with a smile.

"It was. I stole a chip from their labs when I first encountered them a while back, before I met you. I thought they would follow me back to my Earth but they must've mistaken your Earth for mine. Either way it's a good thing I had this plan worked out." the Scholar said smiling.

"So do you think they'll be back?" Greg asked.

"Of course they will. But I'll be waiting, watching, and ready. Okay thats over, lets go see something else. Off we go the Scholar said as the Locker flashed away.

Next Time On Scholar In A Locker:

"The Hacker is a Mind King like me. Only difference is he is an evil genius."
-The Scholar
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Re: Scholar in a Locker Christmas Special Teaser(Transcript)

Postby ernesth100 » Fri Dec 13, 2013 9:02 am

Scholar in a Locker: Christmas Special Teaser (Transcript)

*The Locker flashes away as the dark screen turns white and the Scholars voice is heard.*

Scholar: Earth Three is not your normal Earth.

*Screen flash to a picture of the Himalayas and pans over to Mount Everest.*

Scholar: When nothing can save the planet. When the people are desperate a Guardian rises.

*Screen switches to deep space where an army of Figorin ships come into view and the Figorin Generals voice is heard.*

Figorin General: We are going to take all that the Scholar knows. We will not underestimate. We will not show mercy and we will stop at nothing to kill the Scholar.

*Screen panels to the Scholar, his jackets hoodie over his head. Holding his Kinetic Pencil in hand.*

Scholar: This is one of those days. I alone cannot end this onslaught. Today Guardian Everest must awaken.

*The Scholars Kinetic Pencil flashes a bright white light that engulfs the screen. Screen then pans to Mount Everest cracking and crumbling.*

Be here January for the release of the "Scholar in a Locker- Guardian Everest Christmas Special.
(Sorry for the late release)
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Every fan fic I've made so far ... 48#p624848
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I want Kong v Godzilla To Be like BvS but...y'know, better critically received. With Mothra filling the role of Wonder Woman and Ghidorah filling the role of Doomsday. Here's to hoping. :D

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Re: Scholar in a Locker(Do Not Post Here)

Postby ernesth100 » Sun Dec 15, 2013 6:12 pm

Episode 5- Magma

"So Scholar, now where do we go now?" Greg asked excitedly.

"Well, ever heard of a volcano? You know, those mountains that spit flaming molten rock...or magma." the Scholar replied waiting for an answer.

"Uh, yes. Yes I am aware of volcanos. Ooo, are we going to an alien volcano planet!?" Greg exclaimed.

"No, that planets to dangerous. Instead we're going to your Earth again to stop millions from dying in the eruption of Yellowstone!" the Scholar said excitedly.

"Why are you so interested in my Earths history!" Greg exclaimed.

"Greg look at me. I sware this is the last time I'll go back into your planets future, it's not history. But I've noticed something strange about this year." the Scholar said with a serious look on his face.

Gregs angered look turned to that of confusion. As he asked the Scholar;

"Exactly what went on that was so amazing that day?" Greg asked.

"In 3010, a tremor happens in Yellowstone triggering a volcanic eruption. The eruption killed exactly 4,078 innocent people." the Scholar said.

"So what's changed so much that you need to investigate?" Greg asked.

"I don't know why but the Historical Data I stored in the Locker that day has rose. From 4,078 to over 76,000 people." the Scholar said.

"But that's most of their population. How is this possible?" Greg asked curiously.

"I don't know but I have an idea. I think someone from my past may have surfaced to tamper with time. Greg you know what to say." the Scholar replied.

"Off we go?" Greg said staring at the Scholar awkwardly.

"Yea, I do it better." the Scholar smiled.

He pressed a button and the Locker flashed away. He appeared in 3010. 2 days before the Yellowstone eruption. He stepped outside the Locker and looked around.

"Okay, this is when the most changes occurred. Now we can find the source of the change and stop--" the Scholar was interrupted when he heard a familiar voice.

He walked up to a television store and saw the news on the TV.

He looked at the TV to see the news lady interviewing a man. He was shocked. The headline called the man a Hero. But the Scholar knew that was a lie. Greg walked up to the Scholar.

"What's wrong? Do you know them?" Greg asked.

"I know the man their interviewing. He's no hero, he's the Hacker. Another Mind King like myself." the Scholar said.

"The Hacker? Okay, is he evil?" Greg asked.

The Scholar pointed his Kinetic Pencil at the TV's causing them all to go off.

"He's a thief. I can't even begin to tell you what he's stolen. Half of the missing artifacts in history are because of him. He's stolen his own planet. But apparently now he's committing murder." the Scholar said.

"So he's a time traveler like you?" Greg asked.

"He's nothing like me. He has a time travel ship. But he stole it. Everything he has he's stolen." the Scholar said walking away.

"Wait, where are you going." Greg asked following him.

"Think Greg. Where is the Hacker?" the Scholar said.

"The news station? What are we gonna do barge in there and tell them we've come to take down a time traveling thief?" Greg exclaimed sarcastically.

"No we're going to teleport in their and stop a time traveling thief." the Scholar said getting in the Locker.

The Locker flashed away and appeared on the roof of the broadcasting building.

"Huh, wasn't aiming here but okay." the Scholar said stepping out.

"So what's the plan?" Greg asked.

"Eh, I'll just wing it." the Scholar said. Surprising Greg.

"But--" Greg was interrupted by The Scholar.

"Shh!" he ordered. He looked into a vent on the roof.

"We can crawl through here. Besides you have to trust me...I'm The Scholar." the S
cholar smiled.

"You've said that already." Greg pointed out.

"Doesn't hurt to repeat yourself every now and then. Off we gooo!" the Scholar said jumping into the vent with Greg going in after.

They snuck through the vents and came up on the hallway. Alright we can get out here." the Scholar said.

They jumped out of the vent and landed on the floor right in front of a security guard.

"Oh, hi. We're here to see that hero guy. I'm a friend of his." the Scholar said getting up.

" Uh, well then why did you come in through the vent." the security guard said.

"We wanted to surprise him?" Greg said.

"Yea sure nice try. Come on lets go." the guard said.

But just then out of one of the doors came the Hacker.

"Hey, is everything good out here?" he said.

He was short. With straight forward hair. Kind of skinny. He was also wearing a black fedora, a light blue dress shirt with black pants and white sneakers.

"Nothing Hero. These men said they know you." the guard said.

"They do very much know me." the Hacker said smiling at the Scholar.

"Oh, sorry sir I'll let them in." the guard said stepping back.

The Hacker looked at the two and spoke;

"Well, come on in!" the Hacker said.

The Scholar and Greg looked at each other and then back at the Hacker. They then walked into the room with the Hacker closing the door behind them.

"Listen you evil sneaky little thief. I will not stand by why you kill thousands of people." the Scholar said.

"Mha,haha. You seriously think you have any sort of control over what I do? It's happening regardless of what you try to do to stop me. You need to see them squirm Scholar. It's actually a tad humorous." the Hacker smiled.

"Oh dear. As if it wasn't bad enough you're a thief but know your a murder." the Scholar said.

"Murderer, Thief? No, Scholar I'm a hero to these people." the Hacker replied.

"You're actually right on that one. You're just the Hacker and you need to be stopped." the Scholar replied.

The Scholar whipped out his Kinetic Pencil. But the Hacker already had his own version out already before the Scholar could even finish looking up. The Hackers version had a flat red tip and a silver bottom.
"Not such a quick drawer are you? I made this myself. I call it the Static Pen. Hope, you like my trigger finger." the Hacker said as he shot thin electrical current from his Static Pen which caused the Scholar to disappear.
"What....what the hell did you do!" Greg said.
"He's still alive. I just teleported him to my Prism. He'll probably die of dehydration or starvation because he'll be there for the rest of his life. Not only that but his Kinetic Frequencies won't work on my Prism which is outfitted to respond only to only my Static Pen's frequencies. As for you! I think I'll send you to the bottom of the ocean....the deepest point." the Hacker said pointing his Static Pen at Greg. Greg responded by ducking and throwing a near by chair at the Hacker and running out the door. The Hacker gave chase but he was not as fast on his feet as he was on his hands. Greg escaped out the door before the Hacker could catch up to him.
"Dammit!" the Hacker yelled.
"Oh well. Like he'll even try to stop. Nothing but an insignificant speck to my much bigger plans." the Hacker smiled.
*Meanwhile Inside The Hackers Prism*
The Scholar tried time and time again at many different frequencies to emulate a static charge to turn on the PRISM so he could escape however it was a no go. The Hackers PRISM saw past the attempts to copy the static frequencies.
"Think got dam it! One of the smartest beings in the universe and I can't think of a--holy mackerel! Mother of all idea's!" the Scholar exclaimed.

If he couldn't emulate a static charge he'd make his own. Taking the string from his hoodie he was able to tie his Kinetic Pencil to his head and then using his sock he rubbed the area if hair in front of his hair as fast as he could. His Kinetic Pencil would take in the frequency of the energy generated and direct it towards the PRISM's own console. Soon the Kinetic Pencil emitted a humming noise. It got the frequency.
The Scholar pointed the Kinetic device at the PRISM's console. Surely enough it seemed like didn't work at first. But then it turned on!
"I am unstoppable." the Scholar said jumping onto the Hackers console he was floating far far away in space. Luckily he new the exact coordinates to get him back to Earth.
"Oh Hacker. You're in for a rude awakening." the Scholar said typing.
He pressed a final button and off he went back to Earth.
Meanwhile on the news the Hacker prepared to work his trickery on everyone. Just then Greg came bursting through the door.
"Stop! Him he's been lying to you! Don't let him do this!" Greg yelled.

But he was quickly grabbed and restrained by the security.

"Please. Take him out of here!" the Hacker said.
"Yes, sir." the security said taking Greg away.
"And, we're live in 3.2.--" the Hacker stopped as all off a sudden all of the technology went off.
Phones, Cameras, Computers. Nothing around them worked. Then it appeared. In a flash of white light the Hackers PRISM appeared in the middle of the room right in front of where the Hacker was sitting. Out popped the Scholar pointing his Kinetic Pencil at the Hacker.
"Ha! I got you! Best thing about this is now--" the Scholar paused as the building rumbled.
"You can feel the earthquakes. This man has been lying to you. He's manipulated your minds using an advanced technology that I don't quite have time to explain because this volcano's gonna go off in 18 hours. As for you!" the Scholar walked closer to the Hacker.
He was confused when the Hacker began clapping.
"Congratulations. So are you going to kill me?" the Hacker asked.
"Of course not. I'm going to trap you." the Scholar said.
His Kinetic Pen started glowing and the Hacker was quite surprised.
" didn't." the Hacker said.
"I did. Copied your PRISM's static frequency." the Hacker yelled as he was teleported away in a flash of light blue light along with his PRISM.
The Hacker smiled. But then the Earth quaked again.
"17 hours 30 minutes. Get everyone out of this area as far as possible!" the Scholar exclaimed.
The people wasted no time. The technology came back on immediately after the Hacker disappeared. The news went on and everyone was told of the current predicament. Many people escaped just in time. Some stayed just to witness the beauty up close or to die in their home. But enough made it out. The Hackers plan had failed and that was all that mattered to the Scholar. He managed to find Greg and leave in his Locker just in time.
The two watched as Lava engulfed the area.
"Boy oh boy. Was that close or what." Greg said.
"No, not really. I've been closer. Either Way let's go somewhere else. Perhaps the Volcano planet." the Scholar said.
"But I thought you said it was too dangerous?" Greg said.
"You proved well you can handle danger. You deserve it." the Scholar said.
"Off we go!" the Scholar cheerfully exclaimed pressing a button. Then the Locker flashed away.
Next Time on Scholar In A Locker
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