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Unknown (Working Title)

Postby Gojira21 » Sat May 18, 2013 1:17 pm

The Unknown

The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.”

-By Mark Twain

A flash of lighting dances across the dark room. For a moment, the dark abyss is illuminated briefly and in that void is a presence. The presence is that of a man, the lone figure to occupy the otherwise lifeless room. The room itself is an office of some kind, aligned with mahogany bookshelves filled with numerous books. Useless books was the thought that played across the mind of the stranger, who sits quietly in the chair facing towards a massive window. The faint hint of a smile is illuminated by another flash of lightning; it’s gone as fast as it appeared. This person sits with his legs crossed staring out into the ferocious storm outside and he feels a sense of warmth. Like him, a storm can be misunderstood and unpredictable. It’s basically a wrath of Mother Nature which is what this man likes to compare himself with…or more in that fact that it is unpredictable. Another clap of lighting echoes through the room and is soon gone again leaving this man alone in the dark with his thoughts.

Doctor Hans stumbles down the hall in a mess of laughter and alcohol floating on his breath. On his arm dragging behind him, equally as drunk, is a woman clad in clothing barely covering her midriff. But all of that is lost on her as her drunken state makes her oblivious to her current being-which is probably what this doctor wants. That is, of course, he is fully conscious. These two just came back from the office part two stories below them, and it’s obvious the doctor has not stopped bashing about some of his co-workers which is enticing the laughter.

“Those bastards HAVE no idea HOW important…important my work is, my dear!” Drunkenly spouts the doctor, yelling every other word.

“Oh Hans, they are just silly!” replies the woman through another wave of laughter.

“Ah…to, uh, TO hell with ‘em!” says the Doctor as he almost trips over his feet, “Damnit who put that stick there?”

Again the girl laughs and it roars straight in Hans’s ear which makes him flinch and becomes annoyed.

“Ah shut up woman! And fill me up another round!” then the doctor throws his arm out with his empty glass requesting the woman to fill him up. The woman produces a bottle of wine and makes a pouring motion but nothing comes out.

“Uh it’s all gone babe!”

“Damn! Oh well,” mumbles the doctor as he tosses his glass behind him and produces his keys to his office. For a moment he couldn’t hit the key hole as his vision blurs, distorting everything. However he finally achieves his goal and smiles victoriously.

“NOW, my sexy dear, shall we…dabble in extra activities!?” He is answered with only more giggles from his nightingale. Hans just shakes his head and opens the door to his office to an unwelcome surprise.

The stranger in the room smiles again but this time with more passion as his long-awaited friend comes staggering into the office. Slowly the man spins in the chair to face the drunk. His presence is greeted with laughter and mumbling; they are unaware of him but that is to soon change. The stranger lets them fully enter the room and close the door before he makes his presence known.

“Ah it is so good to finally see you again, my dear Doctor Hans” glees the stranger in a soft German accent and with a spark of enthusiasm in his eyes.

For a moment the doctor does not reply; clearly not sure what he just heard but slowly a reply is made.

“Uh who is the…there?” stuttered the doctor.

The stranger merely grunts at his friend’s demeanor in complete distaste at with the doctor’s extra curricular activities.

“Doctor do you not recognize an old friend?” answers the man with curiosity and as if perfect timing another flash of lighting fills the room. The light reveals who the man is to the doctor, who immediately feels sober.

The man before the doctor is dressed in an expensive looking suit draped all black with neat, close cropped hair, a muscular build, and clean shaven chin. But the most significant thing about the stranger was the ominous looking scar that extends down his left side of his face.

You!” yells the doctor as he points at him with an accusing finger. The stranger just inclines his head at the doctor and smiles with mock innocence.

“Well not the warmest of greetings but I guess that will suffice Doctor Hans”

Although the doctor is sober his arm leach is not and she explodes in to a state of laughter.

“Who is it doctor Hansy?”

Becoming annoyed the stranger glares at the woman and says coldly “Unfortunately, Doctor, we need to speak in private. So your guest provides a most unsatisfying problem”

Before the doctor could say anything, a gun filtered with a silencer appears suddenly in the strangers hand and the resulting shot was barely audible over the raging storm. Doctor Hans flinches as he immediately thought he was hit but upon feeling the sudden dead wait on his arm he knew what happened. The woman slumps to the floor dead.

“Why…you shot her! She…she was just an innocent person!” cries the doctor darting glances from the body and to the stranger.

The stranger merely shrugs his shoulders “She was in expendable material and a nuisance to our discussion. Now, shall we get to business?”

The doctor stares at the man with shock and fear. His muscles felt frozen; he can’t believe this man is here! He should be dead.

“What…business do you speak off?” questioned the doctor.

A sigh escapes the stranger and he shoots the doctor in the knee “Come now doctor I do not have time for such foolish questions. Why should I waste my time refreshing your memory?”

Doctor Hans collapse to the ground clutching his destroyed knee.

“Its no more, I destroyed the project,” moans the doctor as the pain becomes overwhelming.

The stranger finally stands up from the chair, holsters his gun, and grabs the seams of his suit jacket cracking his neck.

“How unbelievable Doctor. Someone who has worked as tiredly as you have could not just throw away something as magnificent as Project Helix” replies the stranger.

“What…what do you want with it?” moans the doctor as the blood leaks through his clenched hands.

The stranger smiles and walks around the desk, approaching the doctor slowly.

“That, doctor, is for me to know…and for you to never find out” he says with malice in his voice and steps on his wounded knee applying pressure.

Doctor Hans screams in pain as it becomes unbearable and his spirit wavers.

“OK! Its…it’s in my lab!” screams the doctor.

The stranger kneels beside the wounded doctor, still smiling “Now was that so hard Doctor Hans?”

“…I thought you were dead” the doctor says weakly.

Another chuckle and the stranger answers, “You can’t kill what’s already dead…” and then he quickly snaps the doctor’s neck. Slowly Mr. Heinrich rises, straightens his suit and says quietly to himself.

“Chaos is only the beginning of the fears to come”.
"Monsters are tragic beings; they are born too tall, too strong, too heavy, they are not evil by choice. That is their tragedy"

-Ishiro Honda


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Re: Unknown (Working Title)

Postby Gojira21 » Mon Jun 17, 2013 7:00 pm

Chp. 1

Jack Veers jumps up from his bed as a loud noise fills his ears. It was painful, dreadfully annoying. He immediately claps his hands around his ears in an effort to block out the shrill ringing noise. However, it was a pointless attempt as the sound still managed to leak through his skull. Veers lets out a slow cry as he looks around for the source of the irritating nuisance, which became hard to distinguish between any sounds. For one, the TV was on blaring about some Train accident. Jack only glanced at it briefly and it wasn’t long enough to gather any important details, his pounding head would not allow it. But after what seemed like a long, agonizing second Jack discovers the source of the sound-his cell phone. Jack only stares at it in a daze; not fully understanding what was happening. Then he chuckles to himself and feels foolish for overacting. Although it wasn’t his fault, it was the damn hangover. Yeah, skreeonking hangover mused Jack to himself as he stretches out to reach his phone. Grudgingly he drags the device to his ear and forces a weak ‘yeah’. He was silently praying it was not who thought it was.

“Yea?” says Jack.

On the other end a strong voice answers which belonged to no other than Colonel John Vance. motherskreeonker thought Jack.

“Jack, we need you to come in immediately. We have a developing situation on our hands,” ordered the Colonel.

Jack lets out a long sigh before answering his superior, “Alright john ill be in an hour.”

“Make it 30, and damnit it’s Colonel!” responded the Colonel.

Yea, yea thought Jack but only says, “No problem Colonel” and then the line goes dead, “and a good morning to you too sir.”

Then Jack tosses the phone back on his table, stretches and remembers he has one hell of a hangover. His head felt like it was throbbing inside his skull, ready to burst. Over the intense pounding, his attention was drawn back to the TV and the news report about an incident with a train. For reasons Jack could not understand, he had a sinking feeling that this report was the cause for the rude wake up call. Nevertheless, Jack lets out a long sigh and buries his head in his hands trying to force his brain to re-gather itself. The previous night was…rough to say the least. The long, worrying, drinking his pain away nights were really a skreeonk and taking there toll on him. But it was the only thing he had left that gave him some sense of relief, besides work. It was only the memories that bothered him the most. Those ate away at him like a menacing creature devouring his body which always takes him back down a dark, shadowy road...

Again Jack just sighs and reaches over to his left only to grab nothing but blanket and sheets. He stares at the empty spot where not too long ago it used to be occupied and he feels a tug at the cold hard spot in his chest. The burden of guilt was starting to creep into him once again and he instantly grabs the booze bottle on his desk and takes a long swing. The warm, liquid relief travels down his throat and helps wash away the pain. After a moment of revisiting his favorite past time, Jack finally gets out of his bed and prepares for work; dreading what the day has in store for him.

The drive to the base was not a very long one; it was easily accomplished in 15 minutes. Its just Jack has the tendency too make things longer than they should be…it is what he has become known for the best: procrastination. It is really an amazing thought that the base has not just discharged him with his increasingly growing insubordination. But Jack’s long tenured career has registered two tours in Afghanistan and Iraqi, including a brief stint with Special Forces. The success of Captain Jack A. Veers is no mystery and is the sole factor of him still being around. So after a brief stop at his favorite diner and picking up a bite to eat and not forgetting to leave a little extra tip for the cutie behind the counter, Veers finally manages to pull up to the guard post of Fort Prest. Despite it being a fairly cloudy day with the offshoot chance of rain, Veers is wearing a pair of shades. Something he has become accustomed too, even if it hides the sun from raining down on his hung-over sensitive eyes. Behind his sullen face, he manages a smile to the posted guard as he hands him his ID. After what felt like ages, the guard hands back the ID and waves him through.

“Have a good day Captain Veers.”

Veers cringes at the uniform, unemotional response as he hates it so he doesn’t even bothering responding. Instead he proceeds through the gate and pulls up the long road to the what ever the hell he has to do today.
"Monsters are tragic beings; they are born too tall, too strong, too heavy, they are not evil by choice. That is their tragedy"

-Ishiro Honda


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